Deeper Submission

By atlflirt.

The remnants of sandwiches and iced tea stood in silent testimony to our previous laughter and camaraderie. What had started as a jovial afternoon was now drowned in a thick air of uncertainty and suppressed emotions. The scene from earlier that day played on a loop in my mind–Jackie and Greg lost in each other, with me watching from the periphery.

The complicity of my feelings–jealousy meshed with an odd sense of allure–was baffling. A submissive side, previously unknown, seemed to be revealing itself.

A text from Nancy provided a brief reprieve from my tumultuous thoughts. “At the spa. Figured you’d need some space. Talk later?” Her uncanny knack for reading situations never ceased to amaze me.

My inclination to seek an escape outdoors was strong, but a looming confrontation kept me grounded. I waited, my anxiety heightening with each passing second.

From the floor above, I could hear the muffled footsteps of two individuals. Down the staircase came Greg, his clothes impeccable and aura unchanged. Behind him, in a display of audacious vulnerability, Jackie descended, her body naked, a glow enveloping her. Her unabashed display was equal parts shocking and magnetic.

Upon reaching the ground floor, Jackie gently escorted Greg to our front door. Their pause before he departed was marked by an intensely passionate kiss, deep and prolonged. Silhouetted against the open door, the world outside could easily witness my naked wife locked in a romantic farewell with another man.

The closing door sealed off Greg’s presence, redirecting Jackie’s focus to me. Her gaze was a blend of intensity and vulnerability. “Spencer,” she started, her voice quivering yet assertive, “This is something we need to confront.”

She led me to our living room, urging me to sit. “I know this is challenging. But understand, this journey is as much about us as it is about our individual needs.”

“I’m lost,” I confessed, frustration evident. “It’s like we’ve been thrust into a whirlwind, and I can’t find my bearings.”

Jackie took a moment before responding, “This is a choice you have to make. But it’s definitive. Either we leave all of this behind–Greg, the dynamics, everything–and we never revisit it, or we dive in fully.”

The allure of our earlier life was tempting, but Jackie wasn’t done. “If you decide to continue, things shift dramatically. Your submission won’t just be to me. Greg, too, becomes a part of this equation.”

As she spoke, my gaze inadvertently fell on a subtle but unmistakable trail of Greg’s semen, glistening as it trickled down Jackie’s inner thigh. The realization, coupled with the raw intimacy of the moment, triggered a visceral reaction, manifesting as an undeniable bulge in my shorts.

Jackie’s eyes twinkled, noticing my state. Using her pointer and middle finger, she delicately grasped the material, pressing against the head of my erection. “It seems there’s no hiding what you truly desire,” she teased, massaging the fabric-covered tip. “But I need to hear you say it.”

Flustered, I stumbled over my words, “Jackie, I… I want you to make me your full-time cuckold. I want to submit to you, to Greg, and any other lover you might choose.”

Her smile broadened at my confession, and even more so at the mention of ‘any other lover.’ “Interesting addition there,” she mused.

The weight of my desires, combined with her teasing and the throbbing sensation from her fingers, culminated in an inevitable release. A wet spot quickly formed on my shorts. Jackie’s laugh was melodic, “Guess you really meant it.”

Still, she wanted more. She stepped closer, positioning herself directly in front of me, guiding my face to the junction of her thighs. The lingering scent of their encounter mixed with her natural aroma was intoxicating. I could taste the tanginess of Greg on her, with every lap emphasizing the depth of my submission and our renewed journey.

The chapter concluded with our choices made clear. Through tumultuous feelings and profound decisions, our relationship found a renewed trajectory, underscored by love, trust, and an evolving understanding of our desires.


The atmosphere in the living room was thick with a mixture of anticipation, excitement, and a hint of nervous tension. Only a week had passed since we had settled into this new dynamic, but it felt like a lifetime of emotions had been compressed into those seven days.

When the doorbell chimed, I caught a glimpse of Greg’s silhouette against the frosted glass of the front door. Moments later, Jackie’s giddy laughter filled the air, a joyous prelude to her hurried descent from the bedroom. I watched, a mix of awe and trepidation, as she pranced down the stairs with a vivacity I hadn’t seen in her for a while. The light filtering through the windows accentuated the translucence of her thin sundress. It danced around her, flirtatiously hinting at her braless state, and as she moved, I caught fleeting glimpses that confirmed she wore nothing underneath. Her bare feet made soft patting sounds on the wooden stairs, matching the rhythm of my racing heart. The anticipation in her eyes was unmistakable as she reached the bottom step, poised to greet Greg with unabashed enthusiasm. All I could do was watch, entrapped in a maelstrom of emotions as the boundaries of our relationship continued to evolve before me.

Jackie’s eagerness was undeniable when she flung open the door. Greg stood there, his towering figure framed in the doorway, and she wasted no time. She threw herself into his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck. They kissed with an unrestrained passion that was raw and intense. From my vantage point, it was as if the world outside was witnessing this electric moment against our usual demure household facade.

With Jackie still clinging to him, Greg confidently walked inside, their lips still locked. He moved towards the couch right next to me, making me a direct observer of the spectacle before me. Greg began to lift Jackie’s sundress with a teasing slowness. The fabric slid up, revealing her undeniable arousal right in front of my eyes. He paused for a moment, inhaling her essence deeply, then proceeded with long, languid strokes that had Jackie moaning in response.

Moments later, he stood up, leaving a panting Jackie on the couch. His voice, assertive and commanding, filled the silence, “Cuck, get her ready for me.” Swamped by a mix of desire and the need to submit, I hesitated just briefly before moving to comply. I knelt between Jackie’s legs, tasting her, preparing her for what was about to unfold.

In the middle of the room, Greg began to methodically undress. Each piece of clothing was deliberately discarded. The tension in the air grew thicker with each passing second. His pants dropped, revealing his evident arousal.

Then, Greg reached out, taking Jackie’s hand, urging her closer to the edge of the couch. I felt her shift, her weight adjusting, her hands guiding me. In one smooth motion, she came off the couch, pulling me down with her. Suddenly, I was lying on the floor, the taste of her pressed against my lips. Above me, Jackie took Greg in her mouth, her lips sliding over him with practiced ease.

From where I was positioned, I had an unobstructed view. I could see Jackie’s lips sliding over Greg’s length, the way her cheeks hollowed with each deep take, and Greg’s hands as they tangled in her hair, dictating her rhythm. The visual, combined with the intoxicating scent and taste of Jackie, sent my senses into overdrive, pushing me further into the uncharted territories of my desires.

After they shared a few more moments of raw intimacy just feet away from me, Greg gently pulled away from Jackie’s mouth and stood her up. They left me there on the floor, arousal and disbelief painted across my face. I watched, nearly transfixed, as they engaged in another deep kiss, their bodies melding together. I could feel the electricity between them, a tangible force, even from where I lay.

They began to head towards the staircase, fingers intertwined. Just before they started their ascent, Greg turned to me, his voice thick with authority, “Cuck, stay here. We’ll call when it’s time.” That one word, ‘Cuck’, sent shivers down my spine, reminding me of the role I had come to embrace. The weight of my newfound title settled heavily in me, mixing with my arousal and deepening my sense of submission.

I watched their figures meld into the shadows of the stairs, the sounds of Jackie’s giggles and soft murmurs fading with distance. The house seemed suspended in time, every sound magnified in the stillness. I lay there, trying to gather my thoughts, the gravity of the evening’s events pressing down on me. Apprehension and eagerness surged within me, leaving me in breathless anticipation for whatever came next.


My trance-like state was broken when Greg’s commanding voice echoed from upstairs, “Cuck, come up here! And leave those clothes behind.” His tone was unwavering, demanding.

Swallowing hard, I began to shed my clothing right there in the living room, laying each piece neatly on the couch. I felt a flurry of emotions: embarrassment, anticipation, and undeniable arousal. As I climbed the stairs, every step heightened my sense of vulnerability and the growing realization of the intense scene awaiting me.

Pushing open the bedroom door, I was met with an almost dreamlike tableau. Greg and Jackie were intertwined, lost in their passionate dance. Jackie’s legs encircled Greg, her heels pressing into his muscular back, while his broad shoulders glistened with sweat. This was my first time witnessing their intimacy, and the rawness of it was overpowering.

A whirlwind of envy, desire, arousal, and a stinging sense of submission engulfed me. Their primal connection dwarfed me, and yet I was spellbound, unable to look away.

I took my assigned place on a chair at the foot of the bed. From here, every detail of their union was glaringly evident. I watched as Greg’s thick arousal moved smoothly inside Jackie, coated with her evident excitement with each withdrawal. Beneath the rhythmic motion of Greg’s thrusts, his balls added a gentle sway to their dance.

My attention shifted to Jackie’s intimate area. Every deep thrust from Greg triggered a subtle twitching of her rear entrance, a clear testament to the intensity of her pleasure.

Their lovemaking sounds enveloped the room: the wet slide of their bodies, Jackie’s soft moans, and Greg’s deep grunts. My own arousal was undeniable, straining, threatening to overwhelm me as I took in the fervent scene.

Suddenly, their rhythm halted. Greg pulled out of Jackie, eliciting a soft gasp from her. The sight of her momentarily gaping entrance, a clear marker of Greg’s size, was entrancing.

Greg then reclined, catching his breath, his arousal still prominently erect. Without a pause, Jackie straddled him, positioning herself for a reverse cowgirl. This angle granted me a full view of her front: the moistened curls between her legs shimmered in the room’s dim light, emphasizing her allure.

She began to lower herself onto him, allowing me a clearer view of her breasts. Perfectly proportioned for her frame, they swayed and moved enticingly with her motions.

She began her rhythmic dance atop Greg, slow at first but steadily gaining momentum. Their shared moans filled the room. But then, a slight miscalculation made Greg slip out of her. A fleeting expression of frustration crossed her face before she ordered, not even glancing back, “Put him back in me.”

I was already on an emotional tightrope, reacting instinctively. I rose, approached the couple, and with trembling hands, I guided Greg’s thick shaft back to its desired destination. The sensation of holding another man in such a way was entirely foreign and jarring.

Once Jackie and Greg went back to their intimate dance, I returned to my seat, my mind spinning. The act I’d just done in front of my wife felt deeply personal, and its impact was profound. The touch of another man, especially in that context, confused me. There were feelings of humiliation, duty, and a strange, unexpected undercurrent of excitement. With every second, I grappled with emotions I’d never thought I’d feel.

Jackie soon changed positions. She seductively got on all fours, ensuring she was elevated just right for Greg. As she moved, her moans and gasps got muffled by the soft bedding beneath her.

I was on edge, painfully aroused. The sight of Jackie, her hair flowing with every thrust from Greg, was hypnotic. Every one of Greg’s movements made her react, and the sound of their bodies colliding was all I could hear. That sound, so raw and rhythmic, seemed to align with my own heartbeat, intensifying my internal struggle.

Jackie’s moans intensified. As she tried to match Greg’s pace, she looked at me. Those eyes, which I knew so well, were filled with love, pleasure, and passion. Her gaze was intense, and as she neared her climax, it deepened.

Suddenly, as her expression changed, showing raw ecstasy, I couldn’t hold back any longer. Without any touch, I found myself climaxing, feeling drained both physically and emotionally.

The room went quiet for me, except for the sounds of Jackie’s pleasure. I sat there, dealing with a mix of emotions – guilt, shame, submission, and oddly, satisfaction. The realization that I could be pushed to such a point just by watching them was overwhelming.

Greg soon pulled away, lying down. Jackie moved to straddle him. Instead of continuing, she paused, turning to look at me. There was a playful challenge in her eyes, which then darted to Greg and back to me. The silent message was clear.

I hesitated for a moment before I got up, every step filled with both trepidation and intrigue. My hand, shaky, reached out to grasp Greg’s thick member. Immediately, the difference between us was glaringly evident. My own slender 3.5 inches felt minuscule next to the weight and girth of Greg’s 8 inches. Beyond the act itself, this stark contrast between us evoked in me a whirlwind of humiliation and exhilaration.

Struggling to position it just right, I released him briefly, spat on my hands, and rubbed them together for lubrication. Grasping Greg again, I started to stroke him. With each motion, I was confronted with the truth of my submission, not only to Jackie’s desires but to Greg’s evident superiority as well. It felt oddly intimate, as if we three shared a secret.

Having prepared Greg, I aligned him with Jackie’s entrance, hyper-aware of every detail of him–so different from what I was used to. As Jackie lowered herself onto him, I bent down and kissed her buttock, a silent acknowledgment of my submission, my adoration, and acceptance of my role.

Returning to my spot, I grappled with the mix of emotions. There was a hint of pride in doing as Jackie wished, a surprising thrill from my interaction with Greg, and the inescapable feeling of my own inadequacies. But under it all was a strong current of arousal from submitting not only to Jackie but, in a strange way, to Greg as well.

Jackie’s dance atop Greg was entrancing. Each move and sound she made showed her complete immersion in the pleasure, driven by Greg’s size filling her. She pressed down hard until, with a deep moan, she climaxed, her body shaking from the intensity.

Jackie then shifted to lie between Greg’s legs, pausing to admire him before running her tongue along a prominent vein from base to tip. Taking him into her mouth, her eyes met Greg’s, ensuring he felt every bit of the pleasure she was offering.

The room was charged with an electric sensuality. As Jackie positioned herself beside Greg, I sensed my role. Rising, my hands steady now, I guided Greg to her. An unexpected pride surged within me, a sign that I had fully embraced our dynamic. As I watched Greg enter her, I felt an unmistakable arousal. The act of facilitating this connection, amplified by my total submission, was impacting me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

From my vantage point, I had the perfect view of their intimate joining. I watched as Greg moved with a consistent rhythm, his large balls swinging with each thrust. There was something hypnotically beautiful about it. As time went on, I noticed them contract, signaling what was about to happen. Greg grunted deeply, burying himself within Jackie. It was clear — he was releasing inside her.

Time seemed to stretch endlessly as Greg remained inside Jackie, perhaps reveling in the aftermath of their union. Only when Jackie subtly moved did he pull out. Then, her legs opened in my direction, her eyes locking onto mine with an unmistakable command. My heart raced; I knew what she wanted.

I lowered myself between her inviting legs, greeted by a sight of raw vulnerability. Jackie’s entrance, usually so tight, was now dilated, a testament to Greg’s girth. From that intimate space, I could see the pearly evidence of Greg’s climax contrasting vividly against the rosy pink of her inner flesh. It looked like it might spill out even before I made my first move.

As I neared, there was a soft rustle. Greg was repositioning, and unexpectedly, his semi-erect member, still wet from their recent activity, was dangerously close to my face. In fact, as I tried to better position myself, my cheek brushed against it, leaving a damp streak of their shared moment on my skin.

I began tenderly, my tongue exploring her, tasting and cleansing. Each movement was deliberate, the tangy mixture of them both a constant reminder of what I had just observed. But as I continued, more of Greg’s essence began to flow out, journeying down the soft valley between her cheeks, gathering at her backdoor.

Instinctively, I followed the trail, gathering every last bit, even as it led me to her most private area. Jackie let out a soft moan, signaling her appreciation.

The room was heavy with the aftermath of their passion, and what was unfolding now was deeply intimate. Three of us, bound together in the most exposed of moments, every action carrying deep significance.

Eventually, Jackie cupped my face, urging me to meet her eyes. The connection was electric, a myriad of feelings shared silently. She drew me closer, our lips meeting in a kiss filled with the taste of their mingled desire. Pulling back, she whispered, “I love you.”

Her voice softening further, she added, “Go prepare dinner for us, love. Greg and I need some time alone.” Her words promised more nights like this, a journey we were just beginning.

Walking down the stairs, my mind raced with conflicting emotions, but at the core was a deep sense of submission and an unwavering love for Jackie. Every step was a venture into the unknown, but I embraced this path, hand in hand with Jackie and our evolving relationship’s intricacies.


In the midst of diligently preparing dinner, I heard the soft sound of footsteps descending from the upstairs. Greg emerged from the staircase, still very much nude, his muscles catching the ambient light. Even in his relaxed state, he took my breath away.

“I can’t stay for dinner,” Greg announced, sounding regretful. “I have to get back to Nancy.” As he walked towards the living room, he noticed his neatly folded clothes on the couch. He paused, giving me a knowing look. “Nice touch,” he said with a chuckle, slowly getting dressed.

He gave me a final nod and exited the house, leaving me with my racing thoughts. I needed to check on Jackie, so I headed upstairs. Entering the bedroom, I found her sitting up, her back pressed firmly against the ornate headboard, her eyes glittering with mischief.

I moved closer, positioning myself between her invitingly parted legs. Her delicate fingers reached out, touching my soft, miniature member. With a gentleness only she could muster, Jackie began to coax life into me. I felt my breathing quicken as the sensations began to intensify.

“You know,” she whispered sensually, her lips brushing against my ear, “I absolutely loved watching your delicate hand wrap around Greg’s big cock. Your hand looked so… petite, almost feminine.”

Swallowing hard, I felt a rush of emotions: embarrassment, arousal, and something undefinable. Her fingers moved with intention, and as I began to harden, she whispered, “I’ve ordered something special for you.”

I tried to process her words, searching her face for clues. She gave a subtle hint, “I think it will fit you perfectly, ensuring our newfound dynamics remain… intact.” Even with her sly smile, I was clueless.

And then, just as I felt the build-up, the anticipation of release, she let go. The sensation caught me off guard, leaving me gasping as I climaxed, a jolt of pleasure without her tender touch guiding me to the end.

“So, about dinner?” Jackie asked casually.

I nodded, trying to regain my composure. “It’s almost ready.”

She smiled, standing gracefully. Hand in hand, our bare selves exposed, we descended the stairs. The dining room, bathed in soft light, awaited us. We sat, two souls sharing a meal, marking the end of an intense experience and the start of something new.


The evening was settling in, the dim hue from the streetlights starting to creep through the gaps in the curtains. Jackie was out with Greg tonight. It’s strange, the once familiar routine of our evenings together was now replaced with her spending increasing amounts of time with Greg. Tonight, they were at Greg and Nancy’s house. The thought both worried and intrigued me. I couldn’t shake off the mix of emotions – anxiety, jealousy, excitement, and curiosity that rushed through me every time I pictured them together.

Hoping to find some solace, I turned on the computer and logged back into the cuckolding website I’d explored before. I remember the oddly reassuring conversations I had with clairesHubby, another user who seemed to understand my emotions, my dilemmas. He had been in this lifestyle for years with his wife, Claire, and his insights were enlightening, if not a little unsettling at times.

The site loaded, and I navigated to the chat section. There, highlighted with a green dot, indicating he was online, was clairesHubby’s username.

loveHer: Hey, are you there? It’s been quite the whirlwind since we last spoke. I really need some advice.

A few moments passed before a reply popped up.

clairesHubby: Hey! I was wondering how you’ve been. What’s going on? Tell me everything.

loveHer: Jackie and Greg… their relationship is intensifying. I’ve seen things, done things, felt things that I never thought possible. It’s overwhelming. At times it feels so right, at other times I’m torn apart. We’ve crossed so many lines that I thought were etched in stone.

clairesHubby: That’s how it starts. The lines get blurred, redrawn, or fade altogether. How does Jackie feel about everything?

loveHer: She seems happier than ever, lost in the passion and intensity of it all. And in many ways, seeing her like this fills me with joy, but also a sense of loss. And then there’s Greg… It’s complicated.

clairesHubby: How so?

loveHer: Well, I’ve had to… interact with him in ways that have shaken my own understanding of myself. Holding him, guiding him…

clairesHubby: It’s okay, take your time. You’re exploring new territories. Emotions will be intense. It’s normal. Remember why you started this journey.

loveHer: I do, and that’s what confuses me even more. I want her to be happy, but there are moments where I feel like I’m losing myself, losing us. Then there are moments of immense arousal, of connection, of deepening our bond in unexpected ways.

clairesHubby: I know it’s a lot. Just remember to communicate. Talk with Jackie. Make sure you’re both on the same page. And give yourself time to process everything.

loveHer: Thank you. I really needed to hear that. I hope we chat again soon.

clairesHubby: Anytime, Spencer. Remember, it’s a journey. Navigate it together.

As I logged off, I felt a strange sense of relief. Discussing things, even with a stranger, gave me a renewed perspective. But, there was a lingering tension, an anticipation of what was to come. Whatever lay ahead, I hoped Jackie and I could face it together.

The deafening silence of the house seemed to amplify the myriad of thoughts running through my mind. The weight of knowing Jackie was with Greg, at Greg and Nancy’s home no less, bore down on me. My mind raced with images, speculations, and assumptions about what they might be doing, and how Nancy might fit into the picture.

Perhaps she was merely observing, or maybe she played an active role. I imagined Nancy instructing Jackie, guiding her through various acts with Greg. The thought was unsettling yet undeniably arousing. The lines between jealousy, hurt, and desire became increasingly blurry. My chest tightened; a mix of pain and passion.

With a heavy sigh, I navigated back to the video section of the cuckolding site, desperate for a distraction or, perhaps, seeking a representation of my own twisted fantasies. Among the array of thumbnails, a section labeled “Amateur Interracial Cuckolding” caught my eye. I clicked on it.

The videos portrayed white wives being taken by muscular, confident black men, their husbands relegated to the role of submissive observers. The contrast in size, not just of their bodies but also their manhood, was both glaring and intoxicating. The women’s moans, the men’s dominance, and the palpable tension between them were electrifying.

As I watched, I unconsciously moved my hand towards my groin, wrapping my index finger and thumb around my embarrassingly small penis, using the middle finger to support the base. The act of pleasuring myself this way, the realization of my inadequacy compared to the men in the videos, only heightened my arousal. I thought of Jackie and Greg, of the glaring contrasts and heightened sensations she must be feeling with him. The wave of envy and lust culminated rapidly, and before I knew it, I felt the familiar sensation, the impending release.

With trembling fingers, I stroked faster, eyes glued to the screen. In no time, my tiny member pulsed and throbbed, releasing a small amount of semen onto my stomach. Panting and flushed, I laid back, feeling a mix of relief, shame, and longing.


The sound of the front door opening made my heart race. Jackie had finally returned. I hastily made my way downstairs, my eyes meeting hers. She looked content, glowing almost, with a sly smile on her lips. “Well?” I asked eagerly, my voice trembling slightly with anticipation.

She smirked, taking a moment to savor my visible desperation. “You want details, huh?”

“Please,” I practically begged.

I saw a flash of amusement in her eyes. “There’s nothing left inside for you to clean. But if you want, you can get naked and lick my asshole.”

The offer, or rather command, left me more aroused than I’d like to admit. Without hesitation, I stripped down and got on my knees. I could smell her scent, mixed with a faint musk from her evening with Greg. My tongue ventured to her tight asshole, tasting her, feeling her shiver from the sensation. The entire act was degrading, but in the most intimate and arousing way.

Just as I was losing myself in the act, the sudden ring of the doorbell pulled me out of my daze. Jackie, clearly enjoying my vulnerability, smirked, “Answer it, just like that.”

Nervously, I made my way to the door, my erection painfully obvious. Taking a deep breath, I opened it to find a tall black UPS man, appearing to be in his late forties, holding a package. The box clearly displayed the product’s name, with vibrant pictures of a chastity device. My cheeks burned with humiliation.

His eyes quickly scanned my naked body before settling on my small, erect penis. With a smirk, he said, “It all makes sense now,” letting out a snicker that echoed in my ears.

I took the package, muttered a weak ‘thanks’, and closed the door as quickly as I could. I could feel Jackie’s eyes on me, her amusement clear as day. The weight of the package in my hands felt heavy, like a symbolic representation of what was to come.


There I stood in our bathroom, the weight of the unopened chastity device on the counter next to me, a feeling of anticipation in the air. Jackie, always taking the lead, handed me a razor and some shaving cream.

“Shave,” she commanded, looking pointedly at my pubic hair.

My fingers trembled as I began to apply the shaving cream. My mind raced with thoughts of the impending confinement. The cool touch of the razor blade glided over my skin, every pull removing more hair, leaving my pubes smooth. Jackie watched intently, her gaze moving to my rear. “Everything, Spencer. Your asshole too.”

I hesitated only for a moment before bending over, trying to give her a clear view. The act of shaving that intimate area while she watched was oddly arousing, and my erection was undeniable. Each stroke was met with a growing sense of vulnerability and a strange mix of excitement and dread.

She couldn’t resist commenting. “Look at that little thing trying to stand at attention,” Jackie teased, pointing at my stiffening penis. “It’s honestly cute how small it is. I’ve seen bigger on toddlers.”

Her words stung, yet they had an undeniable effect on me. The mix of humiliation and arousal was overwhelming, causing a droplet of precum to bead at the tip of my penis.

“See? Even your little dick knows it doesn’t deserve freedom. Too small to please any woman. I mean, look at it. How can something so tiny ever satisfy?” Her tone was a mix of mockery and genuine curiosity.

“I… I don’t know,” I stammered, flustered.

Jackie leaned closer, her lips brushing my ear as she whispered, “Your tiny cock is going where it belongs. Locked up, out of the way. The world has no need for something so inadequate.”

My breaths came out shallow, and more precum leaked from my penis, leaving a shiny trail down the shaft. The contradiction between her words and my body’s reaction was maddening.

With the shaving complete, Jackie fetched a bag of frozen peas from the kitchen. “We can’t lock that little thing up while it’s still trying to act big,” she said with a smirk. She pressed the cold pack against my erect penis, causing me to gasp at the sudden chill. It wasn’t long before my erection started to subside, the cold rendering it flaccid.

She opened the chastity package and took out the device, examining it closely. It looked cruel, designed to confine and restrict. Jackie moved behind me, guiding my shrinking penis into the plastic cage. The cold sensation combined with the tight grip of the chastity device was both confining and oddly comforting. She then secured it in place with a lock. The soft click was loud in the silent room, sealing my fate.

“Perfect,” she murmured, her fingers tracing the confined shape of my penis through the chastity cage. “Your little dick is now where it belongs.”

Feeling the locked device around my most intimate part, a rush of emotions flooded through me — fear, excitement, vulnerability, and a deepening sense of submission. My chastised state was a tangible representation of our evolving relationship, and I couldn’t help but wonder what lay ahead for us.


I felt the evening’s anticipation in the air as Jackie and I prepared dinner. Cheryl, Jackie’s close friend, was coming over. Although I had met Cheryl several times before, tonight felt different somehow.

The doorbell rang, signaling Cheryl’s arrival. Jackie welcomed her with a warm embrace, and we all settled down for dinner. Conversation flowed easily at first — recent movies, work, general chit-chat. But as the wine glasses emptied, the conversation took a turn.

“So, Jackie,” Cheryl began, mischief evident in her eyes, “you’ve been keeping me updated on your… new adventures with Greg. But I have to ask, how’s our dear Spencer handling all of it?”

Jackie giggled, shooting me a sly look. “Oh, he’s been a trooper. Very… supportive.”

Cheryl’s eyebrows arched, her curiosity piqued. “Oh, and what has our good host been up to during your escapades?”

Jackie leaned in, a mischievous glint in her eye. “Well, let’s just say Spencer has a new piece of jewelry.”

Cheryl’s laughter filled the room. “You don’t mean…”

“Oh, I absolutely do!” Jackie confirmed. “He’s in chastity. And, between us,” she leaned even closer to Cheryl, whispering loud enough for me to hear, “it’s not like he has much to lock up.”

They both erupted into laughter, the kind of carefree giggles that made my cheeks burn. Cheryl, taking a sip of her wine, leaned back and fixed her gaze on me. “Show me,” she demanded, the tone more playful than serious, but a command nonetheless.

Jackie chimed in, “Go on, Spencer. Show Cheryl your new accessory.”

Swallowing my pride, I stood up and began to strip. The weight of their gazes felt almost tangible, especially when I stood there completely naked, my chastity cage on full display.

Cheryl’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh my! That’s quite the contraption,” she remarked, amusement evident in her voice. “How big is it when it’s, you know… out?”

Jackie snickered, “Oh, not much bigger than it is now.”

Cheryl looked skeptical. “Really? That small?”

I wished the floor would swallow me whole, but Jackie was in her element. “Let’s prove it,” she said, fetching a ruler from a drawer.

She unlocked the cage, freeing me, but the humiliation and the weight of their stares caused a reaction I hadn’t anticipated. My penis began to stiffen.

“There, measure him,” Jackie said, handing Cheryl the ruler.

After a moment of awkward fumbling, Cheryl announced, “Just under four inches.”

They both dissolved into giggles again, with Cheryl adding, “Well, it’s cute, at least.”

Jackie, not missing a beat, said, “Why don’t you give us a show, Spencer? Since you seem so eager.”

Hesitating only for a moment, I began to masturbate, their whispered conversations and occasional laughs forming a humiliating soundtrack. As I reached climax, their chatter stopped, replaced by a fit of giggles as my release caught their attention.

Jackie swiftly re-caged me, sealing away my brief moment of pleasure. The rest of the evening continued in a mix of teasing and casual conversation, blurring the line between humiliation and camaraderie. The complexity of the emotions I felt that night was undeniable.


The ambiance was electric that weekend when Greg and Nancy visited. As we all settled in the living room, sharing wine and catching up, the undercurrent of tension was palpable.

Nancy, ever the inquisitive one, inquired about my new “accessory.” I felt the heat rise in my cheeks as Jackie commanded, “Show them, Spencer.”

I hesitated for a brief moment before complying, standing and stripping, revealing my chastity device for all to see. Nancy’s eyes widened, an appreciative grin forming on her lips. “Well, that is quite something,” she remarked.

The mood grew even more heated as, without warning, Nancy reached over to unzip Greg’s jeans. My eyes locked onto the sight of Greg’s enormous cock, freed from the confines of his pants. Nancy’s teasing voice pulled me back to the moment. “I’ve heard you’re quite the guide, Spencer. Care to lend a hand?” She winked.

Swallowing my nervousness, I got on my knees, positioning myself to hold Greg’s impressive length. Nancy directed me, “Use both hands.” The weight of him was surreal. As I began to move my hands along his shaft, Nancy enveloped the head with her mouth, effectively sharing the task of pleasuring him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Jackie getting visibly excited. She began stripping, casting lustful glances towards Greg. With a sultry look, she headed upstairs, her intentions clear. Greg, feeling the unspoken invitation, gently tapped Nancy, signaling his departure.

Downstairs, the atmosphere grew even more intense as Nancy guided me towards the couch. I found myself positioned between her legs, the sweet aroma of her arousal filling my senses. As my tongue went to work, Nancy’s moans filled the room. The taste of her, combined with the sounds of pleasure coming from upstairs, was almost overwhelming.

After her climax, Nancy, still catching her breath, pulled me up and whispered, “Come upstairs. I think they could use your… services.”

Entering the bedroom, the sight was intoxicating: Greg was taking Jackie from behind, each thrust eliciting deep moans of pleasure. Nancy nudged me towards them, instructing, “Get in there, Spencer.”

Positioning myself under Jackie, I felt her hands reach down, teasingly playing with my locked device. My mouth found her clit, and I fervently licked and sucked, the unmistakable sensation of Greg’s balls occasionally brushing against my face serving as a constant reminder of my place. There were moments when, lost in the rhythm and pleasure of it all, my tongue would inadvertently brush against Greg’s shaft. The combination of tastes — Jackie’s arousal and the salty hint of Greg — was a heady mix.

Time felt suspended until I heard Greg’s groans grow more urgent, signaling his impending climax. As he pulled out, Jackie’s soaked pussy descended onto my face, her essence mingling with Greg’s seed. Obliging her silent command, I began the intimate act of cleaning, my nose pressing against her asshole with each devoted lick.

The room was filled with the heavy scent of sex and satisfaction. The intensity of the moment, the mixture of submission and desire, was an experience I’d never forget.


The End.


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