Daddy’s Girl (Excerpt)

By Max Swan.

Jay came home from his job at a local call center to find his wife Elsa glued to the TV, gin & tonic in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  Elsa is a pretty thirty-year-old with a curvy build, DD breasts, and dirty blonde hair.  Her blue eyes seemed hypnotized by the latest news scandal from the local cable news network.  Jay stands at the door, watching her for a moment, wondering how her mood is today.  The thin white man didn’t go to work that morning on a good note, they had argued over bills and chores.  Yet he knows Elsa doesn’t really care about such things, there’s something else bothering her.  Something is making her unhappy, and Jay cannot figure it out.  Not to mention, she refuses to talk about it too.  Every time he asks, Elsa just brushes him off, saying, “It’s nothing you can fix, so why talk about it.”

“Why talk about it?” Jay would ask wide-eyed.  “Because I love you and wanna help you.”

This would just make Elsa laugh in a most demeaning way that always left Jay feeling as if a truck ran over him.

“Like I said,” she’d say with a sneer, “There’s nothing you can do about it.”

That’s how they ended their argument that morning, and now Jay finds his voluptuous wife plastered in front of the TV and half a bottle of gin already gone.

“Honey, I’m home,” he shouts, as the TV is loud.  Elsa just waves without turning to look at him.  The black-haired man goes to stand beside the couch, saying, “What are you watching?”

On TV, there seem to be many people from their local community, some Jay even recognized, shouting loudly outside the police station.  Many are holding ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs, and they seem to be very angry.  Jay turns to Elsa, who is shaking her head with pursed lips.

“Honey, what’s going on?” Jay asks, and now she glances up at him.

“You know the Jackson boy, the one who works at that seven-eleven over on Duncan Road?” she asks.

“Yeah, what about him?”

“The cops shot him, and everyone is out protesting about it.”

“Why did they shoot him?” Jay asks wide-eyed

“They thought he was selling drugs, he tried to run, and they killed him.  Shot him in the back like some kind of animal.”

Jay thinks about it, trying to put a face to the name.  He remembers the polite teen black boy about sixteen from that seven eleven who always smiled at him when he paid for gas.  ‘What was his name again,’ Jay thought.  ‘Toby, right, yeah, Toby Jackson, that kid wasn’t a drug dealerWhat’s this world coming to?

“Toby was a sweet kid, the last person I’d suspect selling drugs,” Jay said, gazing at his wife, who still had eyes fixed on the TV.

“The cops are racist, paramilitary assholes,” Elsa said and sips her drink.

“Isn’t his father rumored to be a pimp?”

Elsa chortles and rolls her eyes.  “More lies, if you ask me,” she said.  “He’s just a successful businessman, so the racist assholes in this town make up these lies to diminish his achievement.”

Jay frowns.  “But what is his business?  He doesn’t run any businesses here in town I can see.”

Elsa shrugs.  “How the fuck do I know?” she said harshly.  “Maybe its internet-based, this is the twenty-first century you know.  Bricks and mortar businesses are old hat these days.”

“Since when are you an expert on business,” Jay asks with a wry smile.

“I’ve seen people talking about it on TV.”  Elsa suddenly stands, skulls her drink, “I’m going down there to protest with them.  This racist shit has to end.”

“But honey, what about dinner?”

“You’re arms and legs aren’t painted on.  Get your own,” Elsa said, grabbing her coat, purse, and leaving.

As Jay goes to the kitchen to see what he can prepare for dinner, he worries about his wife.  These protests can get out of hand with the police using tear gas and water cannons to clear protestors.  Not to mention the criminals who use these events to loot and pillage local businesses.  It can be a hazardous environment, yet as he opens a tin of stew, his legs feel wobbly, and his hands shake.  Black men have always intimidated him because he’s a wimp.  Barely five foot three, he’s a ninety-pound weakling in every sense of the word.

His arms and legs are like sticks, his hair is black and eyes brown.  Jay has a pointy nose and chin, and barely any body hair.  Even at twenty-eight, he only needs to shave once a week.  Worst of all, his penis is small, and his balls are too.  Deep down, he knows this is the cause of his marriage problems.  Jay just doesn’t satisfy Elsa sexually.  The only way he can make her orgasm is oral, and he doesn’t like doing that because pussy tastes horrible to him.

Their marriage was a way out for Elsa from an abusive father, but maybe she never really loved Jay, not as much as he thought.  Now the woman seems unhappy, and Jay worries she’ll eventually leave him.  The man is under no illusions about himself and knows deep down he’s a small dick beta boy.  Part of him hates the fact, another part likes people bossing him around.  He often wonders if this is why Elsa stays with him, he’s obedient to a fault.  ‘Maybe she’s just taking pity on me,’ he often thought.

By the time Jay went to bed, Elsa still isn’t home, and it’s not until early in the morning he hears and feels her climbing into bed.  He doesn’t talk to her, knowing he’ll hear about it all at breakfast.  When Jay gets up, he finds Elsa is gone.  So, he has to prepare his own breakfast before he heads to work.  There’s a note on the table, it reads: ‘Back out to protest, will call you later.’  Jay goes to work, feeling some pride his wife is making a stand against racism.  ‘I can’t wait to hear all about it,’ he thought, driving to work.


That night, he gets home to find a nice cooked meal ready for him, roast chicken with all the trimmings.  Elsa is positively radiant, dressed in clean clothes, and even some makeup.

“Hi, honey,” Jay said, coming in.  Dinner smells nice.  How’s my little world changer tonight.”

They kiss.  “Oh, Jay,” Elsa gushes.  “It was so exciting, being with all those people fighting for the same thing was terrific.”

“Great, I even saw you on the news with Toby’s dad standing up to some riot police.”

He sits at the table, and Elsa serves him dinner.  “Frank is a real inspiration,” she gushes with a quiver.  “Did you know he runs a community center in the black neighborhood?”

Jay shakes his head.  “No, I didn’t.  That’s impressive.  I thought he was a pimp.”

Elsa sits at the table but doesn’t have any food.  “Go on, eat up before it gets cold,” she said, pointing to his meal.  Jay nods and starts eating.  “Well, Frank’s offered me a job,” she said.

Jay’s eyebrows rise.  “Doing what?” he asks, thinking Frank Jackson is a pimp.

“At his community center,” she said.  “He wants me to tutor there in math and science.  It’ll only be three hours a day, and the pay’s not great, but I’d really be helping these people.”

Jay swallows some chicken, and says, “I’ve always told you you’re a natural teacher, but it’s been a while since you went to college, do you remember any of it?”

“Of course, I do,” she said with a scowl.  “I only got laid off last year at Merrick Pharmaceuticals, so it’s not like college was the last time I used this knowledge.”

He raises his hand in appeasement.  “Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t implying anything.  I think it’s great, and if you wanna do it, then go for it.”

She stands and goes to him, kissing his cheek.  “Thanks, sweetie, but I already said yes,” Elsa said smugly.  “But it’s sweet you approve.  I’m heading back out to the protest, take care.”

He sits there stunned as Elsa grabs her bag and leaves.  ‘This meal was just to soften me up,’ he thought.  ‘I suppose I can’t object, and it might get her interested in resuming her search for a new job.  God knows she’s been in a funk ever since Merrick sacked her.  I just hope Frank Jackson isn’t trying to take advantage of her.  Elsa’s vulnerable at the moment.’


A few months go by, and the protests are well over, Elsa is spending four days a week at the newly renamed ‘Toby Jackson Memorial Community Center.’  One day, Jay gets a message from Frank Jackson, asking him to meet him in his office in a warehouse in the business district of town.  The message said it’s urgent, confidential, and about Elsa.  After he finishes work, he heads to the address provided.  The warehouse is just closing by all appearances, and as he gets out of his car, his stomach knots.

Jay spots a black man in coveralls shutting a big roller door.  “Hey, is Frank in?” he asks.

The man turns and nods.  “Through that door, his office is at the back,” the man said.

Jay enters the door and is amazed to see all kinds of luxury cars parked inside.  Another man approaches and asks, “Who are you?”

“I’m Jay Watkins, I’m here to see Mr. Jackson,” he said meekly.

The man nods.  “Oh, OK, he’s in his office.”

“Hey, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with all these cars?”

“Frank imports luxury and sports cars and sells them here in the US,” the man said.

“Oh, thanks,” Jay said, thinking that explains why Frank is wealthy.

He makes his way through the various sports cars and sees an office.  When he knocks on it, he hears a deep baritone voice say, “Come in, it’s open.”

Jay goes inside, feeling his stomach roil and heart race.  “Ah, Mr. Jackson?” he asks at the big black man sitting behind a desk staring up at him.

“Yeah?  Who’s asking?” Jackson said gruffly.

“I’m Jay Watkins, you asked me to come here tonight?”

Jackson looks Jay up and down and smiles.  “You’re Elsa’s husband?” he asks disbelievingly.

“Um, yeah,”

The man shakes his head and chuckles.  “Take a seat then.”

As Jay sits opposite, he says, “Can I just say how sorry I was to hear about Toby.  I met him a few times and always thought he was a great kid.  You have my deepest condolences for your loss.”

Jackson pauses and considers Jay’s words.  “Thanks,” he said eventually.  “Jay, I’m glad you came to meet me here this evening.  I know the lateness of the hour may be inconvenient, but I think I have something you need to know.”

“Mr. Jackson, I was rather surprised at your text, and especially for you wanting it to be confidential.”

Jackson nods.  “What I’m about to tell you is confidential, but it’s something you need to know.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“Let’s just say, I just found out your wife is cheating on you.”

Jay gasps.  “What the fuck?”

“As you know, I hired your wife as a tutor in my community center.  The people she’s tutoring are mostly young black men in community college.  This project is near and dear to me.  I don’t want it clouded by scandal, especially where one of my tutors is sexually involved with the students.”

“You mean Elsa?”

Jackson nods glumly.  “Yes, I have obtained evidence your wife is sexually involved with several of her students, and I need her to quit,” he said.  “However, my hope is that I can achieve this indirectly, discreetly, and without me having to intervene.  That’s where you come in.”


“Yes, you.  Now I can answer all your questions, but I tell you what, let’s watch this security footage first, and then I can tell you my plan.”

Jackson takes a DVD from his desk drawer and slips it into a TV/DVD combo near his desk.


Moments later, the scene of a room appears on the screen.  Elsa is standing in front of a group of young black men talking about a math problem.  Suddenly, one put’s his hand up and asks, “Where is our kiss today, Mrs. Watkins?”

Elsa smiles.  “You haven’t earned it yet, Rodney.”

“Aw, come on, you promised,” Rodney said with a pout.

“OK, but just a quick one,” Elsa said, and Rodney, a tall black male nineteen-years-old, stands and goes to her.

His hand moves to Elsa’s shoulder, and suddenly he pulls her against him, and one of his hands goes behind her head, and he kisses her savagely.  Rodney’s tongue forces its way between her lips, and Jay sees his hand slide down her back and grips her ass.  The two kissed for a long time, and as he holds Elsa in place with his hand on her ass, the other explores her body.  Jay hears some of the students making crude comments, but most of them are just watching silently as Elsa’s kissed and groped.

The boy eventually breaks the kiss and backs away, still smirking at her.  Jay sighs, thinking it’s over when Rodney takes his hands off of her and steps back.  Before Jay can take a deep breath, another of the group takes Rodney’s place and sticks his tongue in her mouth, squeezing her ass and groping her breasts.  When the last of the boys, Jay counted, seven of them had kissed his wife and groped her.

Rodney came back, reached out, and spread her blouse open, revealing her DD breasts.  He stares for a moment, and then he takes one of her nipples in each hand and squeezes.  Jay hears his wife, moaning.

“Not here, boys,” Elsa whispers.  “If we get caught, we’ll be in big trouble.”

Rodney quietly but firmly said, “We’ll do it wherever and whenever we want, Mrs. Watkins.”

He had never stopped squeezing her nipples.  The problem is, it hurt, but it feels so damned good.  Elsa feels shocks of pleasure travel from her nipples to her crotch each time Rodney squeezes and pulls.  Jay hears noises and sees another student standing beside Elsa, grinning.  The new boy moves behind her and presses his body against her.

“His name is Pete,” Mr. Jackson suddenly said.

Pete said, “Are you cheating on me with my best friend?  Damn, I thought you were a good girl.  I don’t know what to do, Mrs. Watkins.  I’m really hurt.  You’re showing your tits to my friends again and acting like a slut.  Is your pussy all wet again?”

Elsa moans, and said, “Come on, boys.  Enough already, we’ve got a test next week.”

Pete leans and kisses her neck.  “I’ll make you a deal, Mrs. Watkins.  If your pussy isn’t wet, then we’ll go back to studying.  But if your pussy is wet, then I’m gonna have to do something about it.”

Jay sees his hands at the waistband of Elsa’s skirt, and in seconds it’s lying at her feet.  Rodney releases her nipples and unbuttons the remaining buttons on her blouse, taking it off, leaving her in only her purple panties and shoes.

Pete presses his body against Elsa again.  Jay can see his hard cock through his pants as it rubs against his wife’s lower back.  The boy’s big, rough hands reached around her and slid over her belly to the crotch of her underwear.  Jay sees his hand cup her pussy, and Elsa gasp with pleasure.  These two young men are undressing her in front of the class and toying with her body and her mind, and all Elsa can do is stand there and allow it.

Pete shouts, “Mrs. Watkins, I think your panties are soaked.  I’m going to be fair though, and make sure.  I wouldn’t want to misjudge you.”

Elsa closes her eyes.  Jay shakes his head and, under his breath, keeps whispering, “No, no, no.  Oh, God, please stop.”

Then Jay sees Pete’s fingers in the waistband of his wife’s underwear.  The black student squats and gently pulls her panties off.  Elsa doesn’t struggle when he lifts her legs one at a time and pulls her wet panties free.  He stands back and holds them in front of the woman’s face.

“Look at this, Mrs. Watkins,” Pete said with a smirk.  “They’re drenched.  Shit, I could wring these fucking things out and fill a cup.”

Jay sees his hand move back to her pussy, and this time first one and then two long, thick fingers enter her cunt.  Elsa shivers as he slowly finger fucks her.  The man plays with her pussy for several minutes, and Rodney returns to teasing her breasts.  Pete began whispering in her ear again, Jay can’t make out what he’s saying.  While he talks, Pete’s hard cock is pressing against her back again, and Jay can see it throbbing.

“Can you feel my cock?” Pete asks hotly.

Elsa nods.

“Are you any good at sucking cock, Mrs. Watkins?”  She doesn’t answer, and he said, “How about a little pop quiz on cocksucking?  I want you to get on your knees and suck me off.  After you swallow my cum, I’ll give you a grade.”

Pete’s hands move to her shoulders, and he turns her around and pushes her to the floor.  Elsa just let it happen, she’s unable to resist.  The woman comes to rest on her knees with his hard cock pressing against his pants only inches from her face.  Pete unbuckles his belt and unfastens his pants and let them fall open.

“You can take it from here, can’t you, Mrs. Watkins?”

Jay moans in despair.  Yet he can’t take his eyes from the large bulge in Pete’s white jockey shorts.  He just stares for a minute, not even really thinking.

“Mrs. Watkins, the pop quiz has started,” Pete said in a tone implying he’s becoming impatient.

Elsa pulls his pants down.  Then she pinches the waistband of his underwear and pulls them out and down, still mesmerized by the large black cock she’s uncovering.  Pete is dark-skinned, but his cock is much darker.  It’s almost black.  It’s circumcised and about nine inches long, very thick.  Elsa grasps it around the base and pulls it to her mouth.  She doesn’t make love to it, and she doesn’t kiss it or lick it or play with it.  The woman just takes it in her mouth and starts sucking and bobbing her head while her hand jerks off what can’t fit into her mouth.

Pete groans loudly, and his hands caress her blonde hair.  After a few minutes, he said in a strained voice, “You’re a fairly good cocksucker, Mrs. Watkins.  I think you’re going to earn a solid C-plus here.”

Jay ignores his degrading encouragement and watches his wife suck him off, working vigorously on the big cock.  Pete’s highly aroused, Jay can tell from his breathing and the way his body is quivering as Elsa works.  He has surprisingly good stamina, especially for a nineteen-year-old.  Elsa really has to work his cock hard to get him to orgasm, and she seems to enjoy it too.

Jackson suddenly said, “Damn, your wife is a hot piece of ass, Jay.”

Jay said, “Thanks, Mr. Jackson,” then feels humiliated to say that in front of the man while watching Elsa cheat on him.

Eventually, Pete holds her head and fills her mouth with a massive load of semen.  Once Elsa swallows all his jizz, Pete holds her head still as his cock goes soft in her mouth.  When he finally steps back, Jay thought, ‘Thank God, it’s over.’  However, when Pete moves out of the way, Rodney takes his place.  Elsa gazes at Pete as if to ask him not to make her do this.  Jay realizes her mistake as soon as she did it.

Pete just smiled and said, “Make me proud of you, Mrs. Watkins.  Don’t embarrass me in front of my friends.  Show Rod what a good cocksucker you are.”

When Elsa takes Rodney’s cock into her mouth, Jay notices for the first time the other seated boys are filming it with their cell phones.   Elsa spots it too and tries to pull her face away to tell them to stop.

But he holds her tight and said, “Uh-uh, teach.  Suck that cock for me.  I’ve been looking forward to this since Pete told me you’re a slut for black cock.  I can’t wait to coat your tonsils with my cum.  Now get to work.  Don’t worry about those cameras.  We’ll make sure we send it to everyone.”

Elsa gives in, she couldn’t fight them.  The woman turns her attention to sucking Rodney’s large cock, and he had been right.  Jay doubts he lasted five minutes.  When Rodney steps away, the rest of them move forward one at a time, and Elsa sucks all of them off while they record it.  After Pete and Rodney, they make Elsa open her mouth wide when they ejaculate with the phones coming in for an extreme close-up of it.

Jay is aghast at the idea of the very existence of these videos.  There’s no telling where these videos will end up, but he wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already somewhere online.  When Elsa’s finished sucking off all her students, Pete pulls her to her feet, and his hand moves to her pussy.  She gasps at his touch, and he grins as his fingers enter her once more.

Pete smiled smugly and said, “God, you’re a slut, Mrs. Watkins.  Does your husband know you like sucking black cocks?”

“No, of course not,” Elsa said.

“Tell us about him again?” Rodney asks.

“What do you mean?”

“You know…” Rodney said with a leer.

Elsa sighs.  “OK, then can we get back to class?”

They nod.

The woman clears her throat.  “My husband has a tiny dick.”

“How big is it?” one of the boys asks.

“I measured it once, and it comes in at four inches hard and really thin.”

The class starts laughing.

When they settle, Elsa goes to grab her clothes, and Pete shouts, “Teach us naked, Mrs. Watkins.  We like it when you do that.”

“OK, but someone will have to keep watch in case someone comes.”

A boy at the back gets up and goes to the classroom door, and Elsa starts teaching them math, naked.

At this point, Jackson turns off the DVD, and Jay stares at the man wide-eyed and breathing heavily.  The man sits back in his chair, watching Jay with a smirk.


“You see, Jay,” Jackson said coldly.  “This video is pretty damning, maybe even grounds for divorce.  It’s proof of your lovely wife’s adultery and with several men too.”

Jay blushes.  “I thank you for showing it to me, sir.”

“You also could use it to make her more attentive to your needs.”


Jackson nods.  “By holding this over her head, she’d be yours, and so much under your control.  However, there is one small matter I must insist on.”

“Oh, what?”

“I don’t wish my name to come up in this matter, that’s why I’d like you to use this to influence your wife to quit.”

“I understand, sir,” Jay said, nodding.

Jackson leans forward, about to seal the deal to his advantage.  “However, so you don’t make me a party to this, I’ve come up with what I feel is a foolproof way to ensure your silence.  I’m not sure how you’re going to agree with it, though.”

Jay has just learned his wife has made him a cuckold and thinks nothing could be worse.

Jackson cleared his throat and said, “To keep your silence about me, I want you to suck me off.”

Jay almost falls out of his chair.  “What?  Suck you off?”


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