Cucked in Translation

By Runtz3.

Miri and I have been together for a few years and married just two years ago. She’s a sexy Romani, about 5’5, slim build, firm 32 C’s, with dark wavy hair, beautifully thick but well-shaped eyebrows, and looks like Mila Kunis, but it was her free-spirited way of viewing life that attracted me to her the most. She’s the first in her family to get a formal education, and her background was so different than mine that it felt a bit like a 90s sit-com setup, the bohemian Gypsy woman and the white-bread, upper-middle-class boy.

We’ve had our share of comical cultural moments, sans the laugh track, but we’ve also had a few fundamental issues regarding our backgrounds. The wedding was a nightmare, her parents and my parents just didn’t mix, and in the end, we wound up with a minimal outdoor wedding, and then a month later, we had to have a large celebration at my parent’s church.

But for the most part, it was fun and exciting, and we genuinely loved one another. The most important value we shared was that of family. It took her side of the family a while to accept me, but once they let you in, you’re in and in for life. Almost immediately after our wedding, in fact, at the wedding, her folks were encouraging us to have children, it’s a massive part of their culture, and while I respect that, we weren’t in a hurry – and while her culture somewhat frowned on it, Miri was on birth-control pills. Still, we decided on our first anniversary to go ahead and start trying for a child.

Two years into my job, I was now good benefits, and we were a little more stable. Miri was an art and music teacher at an elementary school. She loved being around the kids and always dreamed of having a family of her own. She told me while we were dating that she wanted six kids and that she had grown up with eight brothers and sisters and wanted to have a “smaller family.” While I had grown up with just one sister, six seemed a little too much, but first, she needed to get pregnant.

Several months passed without getting pregnant, so we went to a fertility specialist. Her eggs were good, her uterus was in good shape, but my sperm was “lazy.” She gave us some suggestions on improving the mobility of my sperm, and we did everything that we were told to do. Three more months went by, and still no pregnancy.

“Will,” Miri said, “I know it’s not your fault.” She comforted me after another month of keeping track of ovulation cycles, another month of vitamins and dieting, cold loose underwear, and doing all the things we were supposed to do.

“Maybe, we need to stop trying so hard and learn just to enjoy one another again,” She offered. We were standing in the bathroom with another negative pregnancy test in the trash. She took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, passionately. Sex had become so mechanical lately, timed just right. It lost its fun factor. I kissed her back and let my hands trail down her back to her lovely ass.

I cupped my hands around her bottom and lifted her, she wrapped her legs around me, and I carried her to the bed.

“No sex,” She whispered, “let’s just have fun.” She reached between us, unfastened my pants, and pushed my shoulders, instructing me to lay back. Miri pulled my pants off and slowly peeled my old-man boxers down. My six-inch cock was barely hard as she took me into her hot mouth, sucking my head and swirling her tongue around me.

“Gosh, that’s good,” I huffed in appreciation. My dick quickly expanded to its full state. I’ve never had any delusions about my size, I am no porn star, and if I could add an inch or two, I would, but I also know I am perfectly normal.

Miri lifted my dick out of the way and pleasured my balls with her mouth and tongue, slowly, playfully toying my dick with her hands. It felt so good to feel her on me like this. We had been so focussed on getting pregnant that she hadn’t blown me in months.

“Oh, Jeez!’ I shouted.

“Oh, Jeez,” She mimicked back with a laugh. Miri always made fun of my alternative cussing. It wasn’t acceptable in my home to swear or use the Lord’s name in vain, so Jeez, Gosh, and dang was about as raunchy as I got.

“I am cumming, Mir!” I warned her. We had been together a long time now, and she didn’t mind me cumming in her mouth, but all of my girlfriends before her hated it, and so I got in the habit of giving a warning – something else she frequently teased me about.

“Patasti,” Was her nonchalant response in Romanian, the best I could understand it meant – “no problem, take it easy or okay whatever,” and pumped my dick harder.

“OH GOSH!” I flooded her mouth. She continued to suck and jerk, allowing me to feel every bit of my orgasm. She swallowed my seed and giggled again.

“Oh Gosh!” She teased with an exaggerated little kid voice. “Seriously, babe, say fuck, just once for me.” She continued.

“Fuck,” I whispered under my breath.

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” She winked.

“Thanks. I think I needed that more than I realized. I know it’s a lot of pressure on both of us, but it is my sperm that’s the problem. I wish we could afford in-vitro or something, but I don’t see how we can make that work.”

“I know, babe. I am so thankful you’ve been doing everything you can. You know my mom cannot mind her own business. She wants us to come over this weekend. She says my Bestemor (grandmother) has some old-world tricks. Can you humor her and just let her do whatever she has in mind? We won’t hear the end of it till we do.” She asked

“I guess, but I am not standing naked in a field drinking some goat blood or something at midnight.” I laughed, but Miri didn’t seem to find it funny.

“Look, I know my family isn’t like yours, but you’d be surprised at what my people know that modern science doesn’t.”

The weekend came, and we packed our overnight bags and headed out. Miri’s family only lives about two hours away, so even on the weekend traffic to get out of town, it doesn’t take long to get there.

We pulled up to their property, a quaint piece of land with large trees, overgrown brush, a little pond I am sure is filled with leaches, and a large old house surrounded by several trailers, campers, old cars, and junk. Most of Mir’s brothers and sisters live on the property, except her oldest brother. Her grandmother also lives in the main house, and there are usually at least a couple of other relatives or friends or people in need staying with them.

The family greeted us as we pulled up, and it was a swarm of people hugging, kissing, and laughing. “Buna, Buna ziua, buna!”

“Buna,” I replied, feeling like I had finally nailed my pronunciation and accent. Miri spoke a little Romani, her mother more Romani than English, and her grandmother spoke very little English. Her Bestemor was her mother’s grandmother and looked as old as dirt.

Mir’s father was a blunt man, you always knew where you stood with him, but he also always seemed to be keeping a secret, like he was sure he was the most brilliant man in the room, even though he never finished high school and never really had a career as far as I could tell.

“William,” He greeted, always using my full name. He gave me a strong embrace and a kiss on each cheek.

We made our way inside, and the women made their way to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner. At the same time, the men stayed outside playing horseshoes, smoking, drinking, and bragging about their latest ventures, schemes, and money-making ways. Mir’s brothers all contributed to the family funds. Even her little 8-year-old spent most of his time collecting cans and finding junk bicycles to restore and sell.

Long after dinner, Mir’s mom called us to the kitchen. Her grandmother sat stoically on a wooden stool and hovered over a bubbling pot, mixing various herbs and liquids.

“I’ve told Bestemor about your infertility issues,” She said with an accent that would suggest growing up speaking another language. “My Miri says you have a problem with your manhood.” She said and reached out, cupping my junk. Startled, I jumped back a bit.

“Mother!” Mir called out, “It’s not like that. It’s his sperm, not his manhood.” She said she was upset by the misunderstanding.

“Well, Bestemor tells me she has a recipe that her grandmother swore by.” She said and spoke to the old woman in Romanian for several minutes. Her frail old voice croaked and screeched as she talked.

“She says that you apply some on the member when she is done and then drink the rest. Both of you. While …” She stopped and talked in Romanian again, “While intertwined as one.” She spoke with her hands, putting her finger inside her fist, suggesting intercourse.

“Mom!” Miri said harshly.

“What, you are married, yes. And want to have children, yes?”

“Yes, mama”

“Then do as she says.” The older woman scooped some of the slimy mixtures into two wooden bowls. We grabbed the potions and turned to head up to our room.

“No. Here.” The old woman coughed. “Here. Words I have.” She motioned her hand over her throat.

“There is a ritual, a blessing, she must say over you.” Miri’s mother said.

“Fine,” Mir said, “Please, Will, just… please.” She begged with her sultry brown eyes highlighted by a metallic green eye shadow. She was wearing a traditional white bohemian top and flowy skirt. She reached under her, pulled her panties down and off, and stood hunched over a kitchen chair with her butt arched up toward the opposite wall waiting for me to come around and enter her, right here in front of her mother and grandmother.

“You owe me,” I shook my head and took my position. I lifted her skirt and licked my fingers, spreading her out. Miri’s mom placed a bowl in front of Miri and handed me the other. I unfastened my pants and pulled my dick out. Being in this awkward situation, I was afraid it would be difficult to get hard, but to my surprise, I quickly inflated. I took a small scoop of the mixture that looked like pesto, rubbed it on my penis, and slid it inside my wife’s pussy.

“Oh!” She muttered, “It’s very warm.”

“Drink. Drink.” The older woman said. Miri and I both drank the solution. It honestly wasn’t bad, with a lemon and honey taste.

“Stay.” Her grandma said. I kept my dick inside my wife, and suddenly I felt a tingling and a warmth washing over my dick. The older woman spoke a rhyme over us, over and over again.

“What are you doing?” I asked Miri. It felt like she was stroking my dick inside her.

“I am not doing anything,”

“Do you feel that?”

“Are you okay?”

“Oh my. Oh no. Mir, I am going to cum.”

“We’re not even moving?” I looked down and verified she was right, but it felt like a hundred little tongues were licking my dick.


“Oh gosh,” She teased back, and her mother giggled. I grabbed Mir’s hips and bucked inside her filling her with my cum.

Her bestemor spewed a flurry of Romanian, but her mother seemed upset at what she said, and the two went back and forth for several minutes while I stayed almost glued to my wife.

“Mother?” Miri asked,

“Oh my Miri, bestemor is very old, and her hearing is not so good.”

“What’s happening, mama?”

“She thought you two were having a problem with infidelity, not infertility. And the potion is meant to stop him from cheating on you.”

“Well, I’ve never cheated on her, so that’s not a problem?” I asked.

“She says that the potion will keep you faithful by making you unwanted.” She turned back and spoke to the old woman, and she responded with something followed by a hand motion of holding her hands out and bringing them closer together.

“Miri and William, I am so sorry. She says your manhood will wither until your wife has been satisfied by another man.” Miri stood up and looked down at my dick, I was still rock hard, but my six-inch prick was now a 3-inch nub sticking out.

The room started spinning, and the last thing I remember was looking into my wife’s teary eyes. I woke up in bed at her parent’s house the next thing I knew. I don’t open my eyes, but I can hear my wife and her two sisters in the room talking.

“Oh, Mir, so will it stay like that?” I heard her sister Lipa ask.

“I don’t think I could live with a small dicked man.” Her other sister, Dacia, spewed, she had never seemed to like me, and it didn’t help that she often caught me staring at her ass and Lipa’s tits. “Honestly, I always thought that you could do better.”

“Bestemor said it will grow back to normal, but only after I sleep with another man, and then he’ll have to cum inside me while I am still full with the other man’s cum.” Mir explained, and my heart beat faster.

“Uh Mir, he’s getting hard,” Lipa said, and then I realized I was naked, lying there in front of my wife and her sisters.

“Are you awake?” Mir asked and nudged me. I pretended to wake up from her touch.

“What?” I said, opening my eyes and acting confused. Miri was sitting on the edge of the bed, Dacia was standing next to her, looking down at me, and Lipa was at the foot of the bed.

Dacia was the younger of them, just over 18. She’s a bit shorter with a broader frame, wide hips with a thick ass. All three of them have dark hair, and they dress in a similar traditional Romani style. While I love my wife, her sister Lipa just edges her out to be the more attractive. Her thicker lips and slightly more prominent breasts make her a bit sexier, in my opinion.

“How long have you been awake?” Mir smiled, calling me out.

“Why am I naked?” I asked, grabbing the pillow beside me and covering my now small hard dick.

“I think it turned him on to hear us talking about his tiny dick.” Dacia teased.

“No, I didn’t hear anything. W-What?” I stammered unconvincingly.

“Well, Will, after the potion did its thing, you passed out and threw up all over yourself. Dacia and Lipa helped me get you up here, undressed and cleaned up. I am so sorry about your penis.” She finally offered sincerely.

“So it wasn’t a dream,” I hung my head down and moved the pillow aside to look at my shrunken dick. And as I did, Dacia grabbed the pillow and pulled it away from me so they could all see it. My tiny dick was sticking up and aroused about the size of my thumb.

“It’s so small!” Dacia laughed, “Like a bald mouse.”

“What happened to my hair?” I asked, realizing I was completely smooth.

“It’s part of the spell,” Mir explained, placing a hand on my upper thigh. “I think it’s cute,” My wife defended, “small and cute like a puppy.” She reached up and slowly traced the size with her fingers.

“Careful, Miri. Small ones don’t last long.” Lipa said, “You remember Stefan, my old boyfriend? He had a tiny 5-inch dick, and he could never last more than a few pumps. I finally asked bestemor for some help, she said the problem is that small dicks have the same number of nerve endings as large ones, but since they’re smaller, they’re closer together and more sensitive. She gave him a potion that made him last longer, but he was still too small for me.” She smiled and sat down beside me on the other side of the bed.

“Well, he’s usually twice this size,” Miri said.

“Well,” Lipa measured my dick with her fingers. “Five or six inches? Still not very big.”

“Is there anything your grandma can do to fix this?” I cried.

“Mama and bestemor are looking for a way to reverse this; they’re going back through some of the old books and have reached out to other witches.”

“Witch! She’s a witch?”

“Not like broom riding and cackling witch, well maybe a little cackling. But, not like you’re thinking.” Miri said and went on to explain that many older Romanian women practice some level of spell casting and potion-making. Usually, it’s just using herbs and roots and some ritual prayers. But, some, like her grandma, have some real power, but the older they get, the weaker they get. It may take time for her to regain strength enough to change this, even if she finds the right potion and spell.

“Or you can just follow the spell,” Lipa added, “Miri, you could have sex with another man and then have sex with Will.” We sat there, letting that sink in for a minute.

“What if it doesn’t work?” Miri asked.

“Will!” Dacia chuckled, and I realized I was playing with my tiny dick tugging on it with a couple of fingers and a thumb.

“Oh Gosh!” I muttered.

“Oh Gosh,” Miri repeated, “Sorry, I shouldn’t tease. What’s it like?” She asked.

“It feels so small, but, like Lipa said, also really sensitive,” I shared. Miri reached over and felt my tiny dick taking it in her hand and closing her fist around it, completely covering it.

“Oh, JEEZ,” I shivered.

“Wow, it is sensitive, isn’t it?”

“I want you so bad, Mir. I want to stick it in you.” I frowned.

“Oh, my little boy,” She pouted sympathetically and then slid over, straddling my lap. She hiked her skirt and sat down, allowing me to slip inside her. “Are you in?”

“Yes,” I grimaced, holding her hips and bunny fucking her loose cunt. “Oh Jeez, Oh JEEZ, UHHH,” I erupted within seconds.

“Oh my god, Will.” Miri laughed and sat down beside me, exposing my tiny damp dick.

“Oh no!” I grunted as a strange tingle shot threw me. I looked down and watched as my dick shrank again, now only about half the size of my thumb and still hard.

“Mama!” Miri called out, and Dacia darted out of the room to find their mother. Moments later, Dacia came back, pulling their mother’s arm and dragging her into the room.

“It shrank again!” Miri said.

“Oh no, did you let him cum?”

“Yes, I just felt so sorry for him,” Miri admitted.

“No, you must not do that. He will shrink in half every time he cums. He must only be allowed to cum in you and with his seed mixing with another man’s.” She warned.

“Oh Jeez, Miri, will this happen every time?”

“I am telling you, follow the spell,” Lipa said again.

“No, we’re trying to get pregnant. She can’t get filled with another man.” I bellowed.

“It’s either that or see how small it can get.” Dacia smiled devilishly. “I think it would be funny to see you with a tiny 1/2 mouse dick.”

“Mama, are you finding anything? Do you think there is any way to reverse this?”

“Oh, my fiica (daughter), we haven’t found anything yet, but we’ll keep searching. But until then, as much as I hate it, Lipa is right. Follow the spell.” She caressed her daughter’s hair and face.

“Mir… I can let you have Petru for the evening.” Dacia sheepishly offered her boyfriend to my wife.

“I… Will? What do you think?” Mir stuttered.

“Maybe we can wait for a little; let’s give your mom and grandma more time to find a solution.”

“Okay, my love,” Miri looked down at my tiny nub. “But, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have made you do this, and if I can fix it, If I have to degrade myself with another man, I’ll do that for you.”

Her mother left, and I grabbed my shorts and tee from my bag, not minding the sisters in the room. They talked about my tiny dick and their experiences with other men.

“So, what’s the biggest you’ve sacked?” Lipa asked the room.

“Oh Fuck, Lipa. Be Sensitive.” Mir said.

“That’s easy, Petru.” Dacia answered proudly, “I’ve never measured or anything, but with both hands on him, he still sticks out a few inches at least, and he’s too thick for me to reach all the way around.

“Frate! (damn)” Miri laughed.

“We’ll my Vali is no slouch,” Lipa interjected. Their parents encouraged dating other Romani boys and keeping the families intermarried. “But still the biggest ever saw,” She smiled and looked around as if afraid someone might hear.

“Jessup,” The three of them belly laughed. Jessup was one of their cousins, he wasn’t really related to them, but he was almost a brother and often considered the 10th child. Jessup was a large man, so believing he had an equally large dick seemed plausible. Lipa danced around with her arm hung to her crotch, flopping it like a giant cock.

“Lipa!” Miri finally snorted

“What? You know it’s true. We’ve all seen that horse cock.” She guffawed.

“Will!” Miri cussed, pointing at my crotch. My tiny thumbnail dick was sticking out, pocking the front of my shorts.

“Oh, Jeez! Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” I snapped.

“Maybe you should take a cold shower before you wind up with a half-inch pecker.” My wife suggested, “We should be more mindful of your unfortunate condition.” She chastised the girls and ushered them out of the room.

I decided to take the advice and took a long cool shower, and I couldn’t help but keep looking at my shrunken dick. Finally, my erection went away, and I was left with an even smaller little flab of skin sticking out just above my balls. I couldn’t believe this was happening. A few hours ago, I had a nice, average six-inch dick and a faithful sexy wife. And now it looks like I will have to choose between having an average dick or a devoted wife.

Miri’s family are night owls, often staying up till 2-3 in the morning, and when there’s a celebration, they might stay up all night and then sleep all day. Just having Miri and me in the house was cause for celebration. And the music was loud, and the laughter even louder. I decided to go down and join the family even though I was sure everyone there was now fully aware of my tiny dick and the only way we knew to fix it.

I looked out the window and watched Lipa and Dacia dancing around the barrel fire. Even late at night, it was a bit muggy, and then the added heat of the fire, the dancing, and the drinking, they were working up a sweat. Lipa’s top had opened up, and the white fabric was nearly see-through, showing off her double d’s, her large dark nipples poked out from the material, and her breasts danced in a direction all their own. Dacia grabbed my wife and pulled her up, and the three of them danced seductively, writhing their hips in a somewhat choreographed Romani dance.

“Dang, my wife was sexy. I am a lucky man,” I thought. But there was no way I’d be able to keep her satisfied with a tiny pecker, no matter how much she loved me.

My wife looked over and saw me standing in the doorway, looking out through the storm door and calling me to her with a wave of her finger and a nod.

I stepped out and made my way to the fire. The family sang, danced, drank, and had a good time. The strangest part about the night was how everyone else reacted to it. Their grandma had cast a spell that shrunk my penis, and no one seemed like it was unusual at all. If my grandmother had burnt the Christmas turkey we’d been talking about for years.

Miri pulled me to her, and we danced as we did at our wedding. Her uncle, Dragos, handed me a bottle of some bottom-shelf scotch, and I chugged about ⅓ of the bottle. Before I knew it, Dacia and Lipa were beside us, dancing with their boyfriends, which began to feel more and more like a thinly veiled incestuous orgy.

The more we danced, the closer we got, Miri turned me around, and I found myself pressed up against Dacia’s back, her thick young ass brushed against my tiny penis, and she bent over, pressing more firmly and gyrating, giving me a standing lap dance, dry humping my sensitive shrinking dick. I felt myself getting close to cumming again and quickly turned to the side.

“I better go cool off for a bit,” I whispered to my wife and found a seat on an old rocking chair a little ways off from the group and the heat of the fire.

“Are you okay,” Lipa asked, strolling towards me, her breasts jiggling with every step. “Jesus Will, you don’t look so good.” She said, leaning over with her hands on the arms of the chair. I tried not to look but couldn’t help it, her shirt gaped open, and her breasts nearly burst out.

“Dang,” I thought, “Even if my dick were back to normal, she would engulf me in her sizable cleavage.

“I will get you some water. Stay right here,” She said, sounding a bit concerned. Moments later, she returned with two glasses of ice water and handed one to me. I sipped on it, feeling the cool water rehydrating my tongue, and realized I hadn’t had much to drink that day other than the goopy potion and alcohol.

“Look at me, Will,” Lipa said and sat on my lap, taking my face in her hand and turning me towards her. She looked down into my eyes as if examining me. They drifted down to the tops of her mounds spilling out of her top. “See something that interests you?” She teased and trailed her nails across her breasts. “It’s so hot tonight, don’t you think?” She took an ice cube and rubbed it on her boobs, pulling her top open and fanning herself.

“How small do you think it is right now?” She asked as she unfastened another button from her top, nearly exposing her nipple to me.

“I don’t know, Lipa, maybe two inches?” I stared at the faint hint of her areola just inches from my face.

“Can I see it? I want to measure it.” She hummed, “Miri won’t care, I promise.”

I knew my wife well enough to know she was probably right, she’s never been the jealous type, and her sisters have always seemed like an extension of herself. I was sure they told each other everything and shared all they had.

Like a dream sequence in a movie, I was suddenly standing in Lipa’s room. The smell of incense was only slightly more pungent than the musky smell of pot. The ceiling fan was on a high, and her window was somewhat open, causing a breeze that gave her a video-girl wave to her hair and slight ballooning to her blouse.

She rummaged around her room and found a small pink tape measure,

“Here it is,” She smiled. “Now, let’s see what we’ve got down there.” She pointed at my crotch.

“Lipa,” I breathed, “Can I see your tits?”

“You’re turning poop into a whip, aren’t ya?” I’ve heard this saying before. I think it’s like making lemonade out of lemons. She unbuttoned her top and slipped it over her shoulders, exposing her large tan breasts.

“This good enough? Now show me your stubby willy.” I tugged my shorts and let them fall to the ground. My tiny dick poked out at her and twitched as she bent over to get a better look, allowing her boobs to hang low.

“Oh my god, it’s so tiny!” She chirped, leaning in and pulling the tape measure out. “Oh!!” She laughed, and just then, her bedroom door opened, and in walked Miri and Dacia.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?” Mir sang out.

“Just taking a little peak,” Lipa responded, “I was just measuring it. You guys want to take a guess?”

“Oh, maybe 2-inches,” Dacia said.

“I’m going with one and a half.” Miri guessed, holding up her finger and thumb.

“Wait, are you sure he’s fully hard?” Dacia asked and walked over and jerked my baby carrot. “Yep, he’s hard.” She chuckled, and I let out a disappointing sigh.

“Jesus Will, are you wanting to have the world’s smallest dick? Maybe you like all the pretty girls laughing at it?” Miri said.

“Well, he’s…” Lipa made a drum roll on her legs, making her tits bounce all over her chest. “1 and a half inches! Winner, Miri!”

“MIRI!” Her mother called out from the kitchen.

“Yes, mama! We’re in Lipa’s room!” She sang.

The two older women came hurrying into the room, me with the three younger women and my shorts still around my ankles, leaving the door wide open the two women talked in Romanian for a bit and then addressed us.

“We found a solution,” Her mom said solemnly. “Miri, the incantation can be broken if you fulfill the spell before sunrise.” She shared with a smile. “But if you don’t, then every time he has an orgasm without being in you and covered in another man’s seed, he will shrink.”

“So, I have to have sex with another man?” Miri asked.

“Yes, have sex, be filled with his seed, and then the same with Will.” She repeated back, “The witches’ council have spoken this.”

“Baby, I am sorry for having to do this to you, but it seems like the only way.” My wife said, looking down at my sad 1.5-inch dick.

“I’ll get Petru,” Dacia said a little too enthusiastically.

“No, sora (sister). Lipa, may I sleep with your iubit (boyfriend)? Vali?” The more she was around her family, the thicker her accent and the more Romanian she used.

“Yes, Miri.” Lipa went to fetch Vali. Miri came over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss.

“I will do this for you because I love you.” She comforted. Lipa came back to the room with Vali in tow. She had explained the situation to him, and he was very eager to help.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Miri directed. I don’t know why I expected anything different, but all the ladies stayed in the room as my sexy slim wife peeled off her top and skirt and laid back on the Lipa’s bed. Vali is a handsome guy, taller than me, more slight in his build but not a tiny guy. He has thick shoulder-length jet black hair and a stubbly face. He took off his shirt, exposing his thin body and six-pack abbs. His pants hung low on his waist, showing his pubic bone like a directional sign pointing down.

Vali unfastened his pants and let them fall, revealing a thick uncut cock. He removed his pants, shoes, and sox in one motion and stood at the edge of the bed. Miri slid over, sitting up and placing her hands on his stomach and sliding them down to his dick. She fondled him, pulled the hood over his head, and licked him. Sucking on his cock and slowly masturbating him, he grew thicker, harder, longer.

My wife took her left hand off his dick and slid it between her legs, smearing her saliva on her pussy and preparing herself for sex.

“I am ready,” Vali announced. Miri pulled away, and I saw his 7-8 inch dick bobbing in front of her face. He was a bit longer than me, but he also seemed thicker. My wife turned around and put her ass in the air, presenting herself to Vali. He rubbed her opening and slid his cock inside.

“Oi, Beton!” Mir sighed, meaning very good, as Vali penetrated her, sinking deeper and deeper inside her. “Lipa, he is very thick.” She smiled, looking back over at her sultry sister, who had just barely put her top back on but still revealed the bulk of her breasts.

Vali picked up the pace driving his long, thick cock in and out of my wife, grinding himself deep inside her with every thrust. He was fucking her, not just depositing his seed, and he seemed intent on making her cum.

Lipa walked over to her man and kissed him, removing her blouse and draping her arm around his back. She took his hand and placed it on her bare breast. He was fucking my wife and making out with Lipa fondling her massive jugs.

“Fuck me! YES!” Miri cried, “FUCK ME, VALI!” He pounded her deep and hard. “Ugh, UGH! OHHH!” She sang out as her body quivered on the bed, sending Vali over the edge. He gripped my wife’s ass and stuck her deep as he shot his cum inside her. I was embarrassed knowing that everyone just watched my wife get fucked, and even more so because I had never made her cum like that before.

“Now, Will,” Miri’s mother said. Vali moved out of the way, and Mir rolled over onto her back with her legs hanging off the bed. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me to her, and sat up, watching as I stuck my little twig inside her stretched cunt.

“Oh, Will, ca babu cu mitaliera,” The room laughed, but I didn’t know what she had said.

“What does that mean, Miri?” I asked.

“It means your little dick is useless,” Dacia said with more laughter.

I pumped my hard little guy inside my wife, but I couldn’t feel much. There wasn’t much friction between her being very wet and stretched open and my tiny dick. I pulled her legs together and slung them over my left shoulder.

“I need you to squeeze down,” I huffed, trying to fuck my wife. Lipa came over and reached between my wife and me and manually pinched her pussy lips around my tiny dick.

“Here, let me help little baiat (boy),” Gosh, she was sexy, looking at me, with those full lips and heavy breasts against my arm. I reached up and groped her breasts.

“Oh, JEEZ!” I yelped.

“Oh, Jeez,” Miri and Lipa both snickered back. But it didn’t matter; I shot my load inside my wife.

“URA!” the women shouted. I pulled out and felt that same tingling sensation on my dick. I looked down and saw my cum coated dick double in size.

“It worked!” Miri’s mother said.

“But I am still half the size I used to be!”

“Yes, you have shrunk in half the first time and half again.” The woman said, “You will need to do it again to get back to your normal size.” She finally said.

“Mama! I thought just once was enough!” Miri sighed.

“If you are okay with a 3-inch penis,” Her mom said.

“Baby, we know it worked. Just one more time, and it will be over!” Miri assured me. “Dacia?” She looked over at her sister, telling her to get Petru. My wife went to the bathroom to clean up as Dacia left before Petru fucked her.

“Lipa, what time is sunrise?” I asked, looking more at her tits than face. She grabbed her phone and looked it up.

“It says 6:33,” I looked over at her clock. It was only 4:50.

Dacia returned with Petru, and Miri came back to the bedroom. Dacia undressed him, pulling off his shirt, and then dropping to her knees, she slowly lowered her boyfriend’s pants.

“You are in for a treat, my sister,” She winked and tugged his pants down over his huge cock. He was already semi-hard and must have been 7-inches. Dacia jacked his cock and sucked, fluffing him to his fullest size, now a solid 8-inches long and so thick Dacia couldn’t wrap her hand around it.

“Pe bune!” Miri bleated, meaning unbelievable.

As Petru crawled on top of my wife, Miri laid back on the bed, her head on the pillow, kissing her stomach and licking her breasts, holding them in his hands and suckling her flesh. Mir reached between them and rubbed his cock against her pussy.

“You’re so big!” She smiled and pulled him inside her. Petru slowly sank his fat log inside my wife, her eyes rolled back, and she sighed and moaned as he stretched her wider and wider.

“Keep going,” She said. Petru worked his dick in and out, going deeper with each stroke.

“Shit Petru!” My wife bellowed and orgasmed beneath him. This encouraged him as he fucked her faster and drilled down to the hilt, giving her all 8-inches of fat Romanian sausage.

“OH FUCK ME!” She panted and came again. She was now bucking up fucking Petru as he stayed buried deep inside her. They rolled over, and she sat up, riding his huge cock, his hands now free to explore my wife’s body. His hands slid up her stomach to her breast and around her ass. He grabbed her cheeks and spread them showing everyone her tight brown hole. He slipped and finger inside her probing her anus.

“PETRU!” She cursed and pounded down his cock, repeatedly cumming a third time.

“Keep going!” Petru urged and grabbed her hips. They fucked each other hard, Miri circling her hips against his cock, reaming her out and bringing him to orgasm.

“UGH!” He filled my wife with his cum and repeatedly jacked his cock inside her until he finally spent.

Miri rolled off Petru, revealing his now soft but still huge cock. She laid on her stomach, catching her breath.

“I need a second.” She breathed deeply. But I mounted her legs and slid my dick up to the opening, she arched, and I slipped right in. I think. I started thrusting, and similar to last time, I felt almost nothing.

“Am I in?” I sheepishly asked.

“No, my love, you’re humping my thigh.” She was so wet and slick, and Petru’s cum was running out of her I was just fucking his cum between her thighs.

“Put it in my ass until you’re about to cum, and then put it inside me.” She offered. And I slipped my cum coated 3-incher inside her ass and humped her furiously.

“He’s like a little rabbit,” Dacia laughed. “Even when you get your full size, she might not feel you. Petru has ruined her for good.” She leaned over and whispered, “You’ll never be enough for her now. Your little six-inch penis will make her horny for a real man.”

“Oh GOSH!” I sighed and pulled out. “Rollover, rollover Miri!” I was about to cum.

She slowly rolled over just in time. I put my dick inside her and immediately exploded. Again the tingling sensation hit. I pulled my dick out of my wife and watched as it doubled in size again, going from three inches back to my usual six.

“There’s my little man,” Miri hummed and wrapped her hand around my pulsing dick.

“Too bad you can’t do it again and make it bigger,” Lipa joked, and the two older women talked in the ancient language again.

“We believe you can,” She finally said. “If you can do it one more time before sunrise, you will increase by half.”

“Will?” Miri looked at me wide-eyed, “You’d be nine inches. How much time do we have?”

“Sunrise is less than 30 minutes,” Lipa said. “Who else do we have that could fuck you?”

“I can’t do Drago or any brothers,” Miri said.

“What about Jessup?” Dacia asked, “He’s not our brother.”

“Okay!” Dacia left to get Jessup.

“You need to know that if you do not finish the spell before sunrise, William will lose half his size again, and this time it will be permanent.” Her mother warned.

“Miri, maybe we should just leave well enough alone.” I urged. “I don’t want to be 3 inches for life.”

“Mama, what are the specifics of the spell,”

“If you start having sex with Jessup and he does not finish in time to allow Will to take you, he will shrink again.” She said.

“What if he fucks one of the sisters until he is close and finishes in me? If he doesn’t get close, I won’t let him inside me.”

“I think that will work,” She said, and then I wondered why we didn’t just do that with Vali and Petru?

Dacia and Jessup returned, and they quickly undressed him and explained what was happening. He would fuck Lipa and Dacia until he was close to cumming and then stick his cock inside my wife to fill her with his cum.

“We have 28 minutes,” Lipa said and pulled off her skirt.

Jessup was a large man, 6’4 and easily 300 pounds, but I was not expecting what I saw when he dropped his pants even on his hoss of a frame. His monstrous cock had to have been almost 10 inches.

“Oh mea!” The sisters sighed in unison. Lipa and Dacia wasted no time. They knelt in front of this mountain of a man and double-teamed his rod with their mouths and hands. Working his fat hog leg until it was fully hard, I was relieved to see he was shower, not a grower, and only got harder and a little thicker but not much longer, if at all. His balls were large and hairy and looked like they could be dangling behind a goat.

“I will need more than that,” Jessup said and lifted Dacia. She pulled her top off, revealing her small B cups, and hiked her skirt up, bending over the bed. What she lacked on top was made up for on the bottom, her thick heart-shaped ass was inviting, and Jessup answered the call. He licked his hand, coating his cock in his spit, and rubbed her vaginal opening.

“I’ve dreamed of this for a long time Dacia,” He smiled, then shoved his cock inside her with a loud gasp from Dacia.

“Hurry,” Miri begged. Jessup grabbed Dacia’s hair and held her hip fucking her fast and hard. Dacia’s smaller breasts hung down and bounced around as Jessup fucked her, quickly bringing to an orgasm, then another, and yet again.

“I can’t do this much longer!” She panted, “Lipa!” She cried out, tagging in her older sister

“Help me,” She looked at me and sat on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and instructing me to lick her, preparing her for Jessup. I quickly ate her pussy, licking, sucking, and drilling her cunt. My dick was rock hard as I ate out my sister-in-law.

“You’re good at this,” She giggled and held my head to her cunt.

“Now, Lipa,” Dacia called out, needing to be rescued from the abuse she was getting. I moved over, and Jessup stepped up and quickly filled Lipa with his meat.

“Holy FUCK, JESS!” She cried out while being hammered.

“Only ten minutes!” Miri called out, “You better be ready, Will,” She reached over and tugged my cock while we watched Lipa get fucked.

Jessup was doing all he could. He was fucking Lipa fast, making her cum on his cock as he groped her massive tits and drilled her.

“I am close!” He snarled, “Almost. Miri, are you ready?” He signaled her to come to him. She sat beside her sister and opened her legs, waiting for him. Seeing both Lipa and Miri splayed out on the bed was incredible. Both sisters are so sexy in their ways. And then Miri put her arm around her sister’s neck and draped her hand on Lipa’s breast, gripping it and shaking her massive globe.

“Here!” Jessup called out, pulled his cock out of Lipa, and plunged it inside my wife. With an animalistic grunt, he fucked my wife. The look on her face was a mix of pain, pleasure, and disbelief at the sheer size of Jessup’s mammoth trunk.

“Fuck!” He sorted and pumped load after load inside my wife.

“OH SHIT!” She bellowed and flung her head back in ecstasy. “Pull out!” She cried and tried to push the large man off, but he kept going.

I jerked my cock, knowing I wouldn’t feel my wife, and then Dacia knelt and sucked me and jacked my dick.

“Two minutes!” Lipa shouted and, using her leg, pushed Jessup away from my wife. His cock was like a firehouse hose still spewing his load. Lipa knelt and took his massive head in her mouth.

“Oh Gosh, Dacia!” I looked down at her and saw an evil look as she refused to let me go. “Please, Dacia, Please don’t do this!” She sucked even harder and gripped me tighter.

“Dacia!” My wife begged. The light from the morning sun was filling the sky outside Lipa’s window.

“No!” I cried out, and I didn’t want to live with a 3-inch dick, especially seeing my sexy wife with these much larger cocks. I’d never be able to keep her satisfied, even if she stayed with me out of guilt. I knew she would be fucking other men due to a translation error. I was going to be a lifelong cuck.

I felt so weak, so exhausted, but filled with fear. I pushed Dacia away.

“Now, Lipa!” Dacia shouted. The busty sister had made her way behind me and locked my arms up over my head, placing her arms under mine and clasping her hands behind my neck. Dacia leaned back in and jerked my dick.

“What are you doing?” My spent wife cried out.

“He’s a cheater Miri. Maybe not yet because he has such an average dick, but if he has a big cock he will cheat on you, we know it.” Lipa snapped. “Believe me. It’s for the best.”

“OH GOSH!” I cried out, feeling the cum bubbling up from my balls.

There was no stopping it. But Dacia did stop and leaned back, watching my dick twitch and finally erupt. She ruined my orgasm. I couldn’t feel the pleasure of cumming, just the pain from my balls.

“No! NO!” I cried out and bucked my hips.

The room was quiet as everyone watched my two sisters-in-law not just ruin this orgasm but ruin my dick and possibly my marriage. Lipa held me in this helpless and exposed position. And then the tingling started.

“Gosh no, it’s happening!”

Dacia clapped her hands and leaned forward, getting a good look as my six-inch dick shrank back down to three inches.

“Look at it!” She smiled and gave my sensitive nub a couple of tugs.

“What have you done!” Miri cried out and pushed Lipa and Dacia off me, cuddling up beside me.

The old women talked more as Miri and her sisters yelled at each other.

“Hush!” Her mother shouted, “there is nothing that can be done now to fix this. But the spell is still true. Every time Will cums without being inside you and mixed with another man’s seed, he will lose half his size until he has nothing but a tiny head, no shaft, and then he won’t be able to cum inside you. He will forever stay that small. But, he can double his size each time the spell is followed.”

“You mean if we do it again, I have sex with another man, and then with Will, he will be back to his normal size?”

“I am afraid that this is his new normal size. He will never be more than three inches.”

“Miri, you can borrow Petru any time you want,” Dacia said.

“Yes, and Vali.” Lipa offered.

“I just don’t get it. Why did you do this?” Miri cried.

“You don’t see what we see, Miri. Will is always looking at us like a predator. He stares at Lipa’s tits and my ass every time he comes over.” Dacia explained, “I promise you, he would cheat on you if given a chance, and now he’ll never have the chance.”

“You idiot! Everyone looks at your ass and Lipa’s tits! Hell, I look at your ass and Lipa’s tits!” My wife growled. She took me by the hand and led me upstairs. We packed our things and left.

Once home, it took me weeks before I would let Miri see me naked. I was so embarrassed by my tiny dick, soft it was barely an inch. I found myself trying to serve her in other ways, doing more chores, cleaning, cooking, and doing a better job as a husband. Oddly this made Miri feel even worse about what had happened.

“Please let me see it,” She finally yelled, “You haven’t touched me in weeks. I need to feel your touch. I need to see your body. I need to feel we are more than roommates.” I let her undress me, and she sat examining my tiny dick.

“Can I please touch it?”

“Miri, I won’t be able to stop myself, and then I’ll be just 1.5 inches.” I sobbed. “I… I want you to find another man to join us. I want to watch you fuck him, fill you, and fuck your loose cunt.”

“Will, your language?”

“I know, Miri, I just want it so bad. I want to see you stretched out by a fat cock. But who?”

“I don’t mean to be crude, but look at me. Do you know how many dads of my students hit on me? Almost all of them. I am certain we can find someone with a big cock.”

“Oh Gosh, Miri, do it, find a man, and let me watch!”

This is how I became a cuck. I lost half my dick and my everyday life through bad interpretation and two sisters with overly active imaginations. Over time, we visited with her family again, and I got to fuck her sisters whenever and however I wanted, and then Miri would fuck their boyfriends and allow me the sloppy seconds till I was back to my full three-inch dick.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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