Chastity Resort: Part 2

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by handyrandy9


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Part 2…


I was awoken in the morning by a sharp, throbbing pain in my groin. Damn! I thought. I guess it wasn’t a dream. I groaned and rolled out of bed. I was surprised to find Anna gone from the bed and nowhere to be found. I had to piss something fierce. I hurried to the bathroom and stood over the toilet. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to pee wearing the chastity device, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plastic had kept me from getting morning wood (even though my body had tried fiercely), and it also forced my penis straight down. I didn’t even need to use my hands.

I hoped that Anna was down at the front desk getting my key. In the meantime, I jumped in the shower. As I was toweling off, I heard voices in the kitchenette of our suite. I walked out to find Anna standing at the breakfast bar talking to none other than nurse Aimee.

“Tim,” Anna said. “You remember Aimee from yesterday’s exam, right? She was just helping me with the issue of your key.”

“Hello…” I said, tying the towel around my waist. “Were you able to find it?”

Aimee looked at me apologetically. “That’s just the thing. The key is nowhere to be found. Normally they’re given to the wife, but it was somehow lost between your exam room and her’s.”

“What?!” My heart sank. I didn’t know if I was more angry or disappointed. I needed to cum!

“Now, I can have another key made from the serial # on your device. Anna, would you please read me the numbers from the bottom of the device?”

Anna crouched in front of me and removed the towel from around my waist. She lifted the device in her hand and read “XSM-2A-3497. Is that some kind of model number?”

“Yes,” Aimee replied. “XSM stands for extra small, 2 is the length in inches, and A refers to the girth measurement. The letters increase as the size goes up, like a bra.”

Anna’s eyes peered up at mine and she had a devious look on her face. “So…do you have a lot of this model?” She asked Aimee mischievously.

“Oh yes, quite a few.” I sighed with relief and my ego rebounded a little at Aimee’s response. I smirked at Anna. Maybe I wasn’t so small after all! But my victory was short-lived as Aimee continued, “We always have a lot left in the office, because we don’t need to use them very often.” My face dropped in defeat and it was Anna’s turn to smirk.

“Oh, really?” Anna faked shock. “I thought my husband always had an average sized cock-er, penis.”

“Well, the numbers don’t lie.” Aimee quickly flipped through the records in her notebook and continued. “In fact, it looks like we only have three of this size in use this week.” She stared right at me and grinned as she said it.

“Wow!” Anna exclaimed. “I always knew Tim was one of a kind, but not in this way.”

Aimee laughed. “Sometimes we don’t have anyone in his size at all. This week it looks like the predominant color this is… blue.” She flipped her notebook shut.

I prayed Anna would just let it drop and not follow her curiosity. I lost.

“And what does that mean exactly?” Anna asked.

“Blue is the ‘large’ size. But we also have a lot of black devices, which is ‘extra-large’. And you’re in luck; we even have some red ones this week.”

I didn’t know what she meant by saying my wife was in luck, but it sounded worrying to me.

“What is red for?” Anna couldn’t help but ask.

Aimee was all too happy to answer. “Red is for ‘oversize’. They fit the opposite end of the spectrum as your husband here.” Anna grinned at that.

I was mortified, but at the same time all this talk was turning me on. It was probably because I was still yet to cum from the previous night’s festivities with Anna.

“OK,” Aimee turned to the door to leave. “I’ll get this ordered and it should be here tomorrow.”

My heart sunk. A whole day!

“What was all that?!” I exclaimed as soon as Aimee had left.

“What was what?” My wife asked innocently.

“Talking about my size in front of her! And prying about the other guests!”

“Oh, I was just making conversation.” She tried to pass it off, but I had seen the glimmer in her eyes when Aimee revealed just how well-endowed everyone else here seemed to be. “Besides, she’s a professional. She sees a lot of cocks, so it stands to reason she’s fully aware of how small yours is.”

“What about the key? I’m dying here!” I slumped onto the couch in disappointment.

“Oh, it’s just one more day! Surely you can wait one more day? For me? For this…?” Anna walked over seductively, straddled her knees across my thighs on the couch, and pulled me in for a long kiss. She pulled my hands to her ass, and I kneaded it hungrily. Breaking the kiss, she leaned back and pulled the bottom of her shirt upward and over her head. She flung it aside and shook her hair back from her face.

I gulped hard. She had still just been wearing her bra-less tank top from last night, so now her bare breasts were on full display. They looked incredibly soft and squeezable. She put her hands on my chest, which pushed her ample cleavage together and made her boobs look even more full and round. Her light pink nipples were fully erect and pointing right at my face.

“I promise,” she whispered in her sexiest voice, “that I’ll make it well worth your wait.” She ground her pussy down onto the plastic of my chastity device. I moaned as she leaned forward and I couldn’t resist taking her nipple into my mouth. I sucked it in deep and twirled my tongue around the fleshy nub. Anna ground her pussy down harder in response. I turned to the other breast and commenced making out with that one next. Anna threw her head back, wrapped her arms around my head, and pulled my face deep into her cleavage as she began really working her pussy against me. I could feel the heat radiating from inside her on my groin, but of course I felt no stimulation. My penis strained against the thin plastic separating it from its desired lodging place. Anna picked up the pace, making her bouncing tits smash against my face rhythmically. I cupped them loosely in my palms, feeling them jiggle and wobble around wildly.

Anna was at full speed now, gyrating her hips and sliding her clit up and down the tube of my trapped penis. Her breathing grew more and more rapid and then suddenly stopped. She sucked in short fast breaths as she orgasmed. She hugged my head tightly to her breasts as she came hard. She yelled out and moaned uncontrollably. Eventually, her movements slowed and her head dropped onto my shoulder. Her body went limp on top of mine as she moaned into my ear, “That was amazing. Again. You’ll get yours, I promise.” Her hips twitched involuntarily a couple more times against my cock before Anna had recovered enough to pull herself off me.

“Whew! I’m going to go wash all this sex and sweat off, then we can get out there and explore the resort!” I fell over on the couch, my penis throbbing, my mind racing. I didn’t know how to process what was going on. Usually when I was this horny there was a release and my hormones would drop. But with no release, and with Anna’s continued teasing, there was no hormone drop. No relief. In fact, it was worse than before. My balls ached with the need to release and my loins burned with pent up desire. I needed to cum!


Anna and I were both eager to get to the beach, so that was our first destination of the day. It was a short 5 minute walk from our suite. We were both a little nervous leaving our room for the first time. There was always an initial shock at these places; it took some time to get reacquainted to the environment. As we approached the beach, we came to a boardwalk several hundred yards long, running parallel to the beach. Along the backside were various booths housing shops, cafes, bars, and the like. It was reminiscent of Atlantic Beach, albeit much smaller, and of course everyone was nude. The water’s edge was about a hundred yards off the front of the boardwalk. There were numerous thatched roof cabanas scattered along the front of the boardwalk, and rows of colorful lounge chairs and umbrellas in the sand beyond that.

“Wow!” Anna squealed, grabbing my arm in excitement. “This place looks great! Let’s set up over there.” She pointed to a section of empty chairs down the beach.

I followed her lead as we made our way down the boardwalk. We passed couples sitting at outdoor cafes enjoying brunch, people playing Frisbee in the sand, friends talking and laughing as they sipped fruity drinks, and others just tanning in the warm late morning sun. The only difference between this resort and most others is that everyone was nude.

As we stepped off the boardwalk, there was an attractive young female employee stationed there next to a large bin of towels.

“Towel?” The woman asked, stepping in front of is slightly.

“No thanks, we have our own.” I replied.

“Actually,” the attendant said. “I was referring to your towel, sir. Just a friendly reminder about our mandatory nudity requirement.”

I glanced down at the beach towel I had wrapped around my waist. “Oh…right.”

I sheepishly removed the towel and threw it over my shoulder. There was nowhere to hide now.

“Enjoy your day!” The woman said as we walked away.

“I forgot about that rule.” Anna teased. “I guess because it doesn’t apply to me.” Anna hung off my arm and playfully patted my caged penis. I could feel the chastity device dangling from my penis, weighing it down somewhat and bouncing around as I walked. It was a weird feeling.

I spread my towel out and sat down on a beach chair. Anna stood next to me and removed the thin, wispy cover-up she had been wearing. She wasn’t wearing a bikini top, so her breasts were immediately exposed. However, she was wearing a small light blue bikini bottom that puckered down the middle in the back, causing it to ride up her ass crack. This had the effect of accentuating her round, ample cheeks, only half of which were covered. She turned away from me as she readied her own chair, bending over and giving me a perfect view of her scantily clad ass. I wanted to avert my eyes, to minimize the intense burning desire for sex, but was unable to turn away from such a captivating sight. The way her ass hung out the bottom of her bikini just inches from my face, begging to be grabbed- finally she turned and sat down. She reached into her bag, produced a bottle of sunscreen, and began to rub some onto her legs. Then she moved to her arms and face.

“Would you mind getting my back, babe?”


She moved over to straddle my chair, sitting between my knees so we were both facing the ocean. I rubbed lotion onto her shoulders, down her back, and across the soft part at the top of her ass. I was pleasantly surprised when Anna scooted backwards and leaned against me, nestling into my arms. She pulled my arms around her, held out my hand and squeezed more lotion out. What she did next nearly blew my mind. She took my hands, guided them to her breasts, and let go. I gulped hard and began massaging the lotion into her pale skin. Each breast was more than a hand full, so her tender flesh moved around fluidly, falling freely from the grasp of my hands as I worked the lotion in. I continued downward and rubbed across her soft stomach. Anna is far from fat, and doesn’t have any sort of flab or belly, but she’s also no fitness model. More of your average, slightly toned girl-next-door type. I had never liked sharp, defined abs on a woman. I preferred soft to the touch.

Anna moaned as I finished, put her head back and nibbling my ear softly. “That was just a taste of what you have in store later.” She leaned back against me with her head on my shoulder, and I rested my hands just under her breasts so I could feel the weight of them on the top of my hands. Anna wiggled her butt against my caged cock. “Mmmm…Don’t you wish you weren’t wearing that plastic cage? Right now your cock would be nice and hard, probably throbbing and resting in the crack of my ass.”

Now it was my turn to moan. “Oh baby, you have no idea. I want you so bad. I can’t wait to get that key!”

We sat and enjoyed the sound of the waves crashing for a while. It was the first chance I had had to look around and take notice of the other beach-goers. I’d say the average age at the resort was early 30’s, with quite a few even younger than us. Anna and I are both 28. There were some couples by themselves, but a lot of people also appeared to be there with small groups of friends.

They say once you’re at a nudist resort, after about 30 minutes you don’t notice anymore that everyone is naked. And that had generally been true during our past visits. Maybe it was my extreme state of arousal recently, but the excitement was not fading for me this time. I couldn’t help but size up every woman in eyesight. Tall, short, thin, thick, young, old. Of course, my eyes always gravitated towards those with the “assets” I found most attractive: younger, average build, round ass, medium/large tits. Boy, there were a lot that fit the bill! As for the guys, well, I’m not bi or anything, but i can safely say there were some fit guys there. And Aimee was right; I was amazed at how many blue and black chastity cages I saw! Was this really an accurate section of the population?? It’s called “average” for a reason, I thought. All of these guys seem to be really packing! I only saw a few of the smaller colors, green and white. And so far no extremes; clear or red. I was beginning to realize that I really was an exception around here, and not in a good way.

After an hour or so of relaxing, we heard a woman exclaim as she walked towards us.

“Anna!? Anna, is that you? I can’t believe it!”

Anna turned, and after a few seconds, responded “Lisa! I don’t believe it!” She jumped up and greeted the woman with a hug. “It’s been so long!” She turned back to me. “Honey, you remember Lisa, my roommate from college.”

“Sure,” I said. “Nice to see you again.” Not that I had ever seen her in quite this way…without clothes, it was obvious how fit and toned she was. She had small to medium breasts, a small waist, and trim hips and legs. She couldn’t have weighed more than 110 pounds at the most.

“Tim, right?” She asked, breaking my train of thought.

“That’s right.”

“It’s so good to see you,” Anna said. “Why don’t you join us?”

“Sure! Let me go get my husband.”

She walked about 10 chairs down to retrieve her husband. She wasn’t wearing bottoms like Anna, so as she walked away I caught sight of her small, tight athletic ass. Not my type really, but there was something still very sexy about her. They grabbed their towels and belongings, and headed back to us. They looked like a perfect couple, both in great shape. She was tan, fit and thin, with a runner’s build and a very pretty face. He was also tan and seemed to be in-shape, although I didn’t get a good look since the way he was carrying their towels obstructed most of his body from the chest down.

“This is my husband, Chad.” Lisa introduced him. Chad dropped the stuff he was carrying onto a chair, and turned to greet us. As he reached out to shake my hand, my eyes inadvertently fell down his chiseled chest, past his 6 pack abs, and to his…NO!!, I panicked. It couldn’t be! Thank god for my dark sunglasses, because I found myself staring down at Chad’s long, thick RED chastity device!

“Nice to meet you,” Chad said in a deep, rugged voice. He pumped my hand firmly as I struggled to regain my composure.

“Uh, yeah, y-you to,” I managed.

Next he turned to Anna. “And Lisa has told me so much about you. All good things, I promise.” He had a very likeable, personable way about him. He was very confident and outgoing, but not in an aggressive way.

Even though Anna didn’t let on to anything, but I was certain she had noticed Chad’s colorful hardware as well. It was hard to miss. “Hello,” she said. “Any friend of Lisa’s is a friend of mine! Are you guys here with anyone?”

“Just us,” Lisa said, taking a seat sideways on the chair next to Anna with her legs crossed, facing her. “You?”

“Same, just us.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind if we join you for a bit.”

“Not at all!” Anna reassured her. “We don’t have any friends that we can bring to this sort of place.”

“Neither do we! Isn’t this place great? We come at least once a year.” Lisa said. She patted the chair next to her, and Chad sat down beside her. Because of the way he sat on the edge of the chair with his feet spread on the sand, I couldn’t help but notice the bright red plastic tube dangling between his legs. In that position, it hung low over the chair edge and looked impossibly large. His bare balls hung down behind the red plastic, also looking equally impressive.

“We’ve been to a few others, but never one so respectful to women.” Anna remarked. “It’s nice to not feel objectified so much, with the men…you know.” She gestured vaguely to her own crotch.

“Oh, yeah. I was surprised about that at first.” Lisa said.

“Yeah,” Chad added. “But it’s not so bad. I’ve worn one before. And at least you can take it off at night in private,” he nudged Lisa suggestively. She blushed and wrapped her hands around his muscular arm.

Hmph, I thought. Not all of us. But tonight…my thoughts trailed off as Anna and Lisa continued to catch up. I couldn’t wait for tonight.


I awoke some time later. Lisa and Chad were gone. Anna was reading a book beside me.

“Nice nap?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I replied groggily.

“Lisa and Chad are going to join us for dinner later if that’s OK. I thought until then we could go back to the room this afternoon.” She said slyly, with a gleam in her eye. “While you were napping, Aimee stopped by with some good news. It seems they found your key.”

“Yes!” I practically shouted. I jumped up and had our things gathered before Anna could even stand.

The walk back to the room took forever. Anna had not bothered to put her cover-up back on, so her beautiful ass was still on display. Somehow, the small bikini bottoms riding up her butt made it look even bigger and more round than wearing nothing at all. It jiggled seductively with each step. I found myself trailing behind her as we walked just so I could enjoy the view. I couldn’t wait to dive in and ravage her.

By the time we arrived at the room, my penis was as erect as it could be in its small confines. The way it pulled on my balls, which were full of pent up fluid, was actually quite painful at this point. I couldn’t wait to be free from this cage and release what had been building for almost a week now…

“OK,” I said impatiently. “Let’s call the office now.”

“Hey! I’ll call when I’m good and ready!” Anna said. “Don’t forget who is in charge here.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

Anna was quiet for a moment, thinking. “You know, I’m not entirely convinced you want to be unlocked. I think you like my being in control, taking charge of your penis and deciding if you get any pleasure.”

My stomach dropped and my throat felt dry. “I-I do like it, honey. You know I love it when we play our little submissive games…but that’s foreplay for both of us, fantasy. Foreplay is over, I’m ready now. Believe me, I need this!”

“That’s just it. If you’re REALLY being submissive and I’m REALLY in control, doesn’t that mean I decide when the game is over?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was beyond anything I had ever expected. Yet the idea of being truly, completely out of control did turn me on. My penis was still throbbing.

“See,” Anna continued. “With you locked up, you’ve been so attentive to my needs. It turns me on to know you want to pleasure me so badly. When I see that desire, that hunger in your eyes, I know you love it too. It’s like you actually get pleasure from MY pleasure. If you were to orgasm, that would all be gone. Your desire to please me would disappear. Your own arousal would disappear. Isn’t it so much better to feel arousal and desire than to NOT feel those things?”

“I-I guess so.” My thoughts were cloudy. I couldn’t think straight. What she was saying was starting to make sense in some weird way.

“This is better for both of us, trust me. It keeps you wanting me, and me wanting you. Isn’t that what sex is all about?”

“Of course I want you. I want you to be happy.” I said with sincerity.

“Then show me.” Anna said in her sexiest voice with large, puppy dog eyes. She had been slowly moving closer to me as she talked. She was now at arm’s reach. My wife looked so beautiful standing before me. Her eyes pleaded with me to kiss her, her naked breasts rose and fell with her quickened breath. I pulled her to me and slowly kissed her soft pouty lips. She returned the kiss, and it gradually built until our lips were locked in a passionate embrace. Her tongue danced against mine. My loins stirred and my cock strained painfully outward; I had never wanted her so badly.

She led me to the bed and gently pushed me back so I was sitting on the edge. I pulled her to me and engulfed her breasts with my mouth. I licked, sucked and teased her nipples as my hands massaged her ample ass. She moaned as my grip moved to the base of butt, my fingers exploring the lips of her pussy through the thin material of her bikini.

I sucked her right breast into my mouth as far as I could, flicking my tongue across her engorged nipple. I lifted it high with my mouth before sharply dropping it and letting it fall beautifully, bouncing and rolling gently as it grazed my face. I peered up at her between the swell of her breasts.

“I love you more than anything. If this is what you want, then it’s what I want, too.”

She smiled reassuringly. She pushed me backwards and I scooted up the bed and lay on my back. Her deep blue eyes locked on mine, she straddled me with her knees and slowly moved up my body. Just before she got to my face, she paused, her pussy inches from my chin. She caressed herself gently through her thin bikini for a few moments before hooking a finger under the material and pulling it aside. Displayed beautifully before me was the object of my affection; the inexplicable new source of my own pleasure. This would be my full desire, my release, my relief.

She moved forward, spreading her lips with her fingers, and gently dropped herself onto me. Our eyes still locked, I moaned as her lips parted and slid along my own. My tongue struck outward, exploring the depths of her sex. I drank her in; her smell, her taste, her texture. I filled my hands with the soft, smooth flesh of her ass, pulling her even deeper into me. She fell forward, her hands on the headboard. Her full breasts swayed rhythmically just inches above me as she moved against my face. She ground her clit against my nose, cutting off my air. She was close; I would bring her there. My tongue, lips, nose and hands worked together in synchrony, driving her closer and closer to the inevitable bliss we both sought. Suddenly she clenched down, drawing my tongue deep inside her as the first waves of her orgasm hit. She gasped and shuddered uncontrollably as the orgasm exploded within her. My mouth flooded with her juices and my nostrils filled with a renewed aroma of her sex. She collapsed on the bed beside me as we both struggled to regain our breath.

Neither of us spoke for 10 minutes. Finally, Anna announced, “That was incredible. You were absolutely amazing! And best of all? It was more than enough for both of us!”

With that she rolled over and was soon sound asleep. I looked down at my pre-cum soaked cock, purple and throbbing desperately locked in its plastic prison and thought to myself, I hope so. I really hope so.


To be continued…




  • bambiegirl

    Written very well. I enjoyed it and I could commiserate with the husband. I’ve been in orgasm denial for seven months now.

  • Great story. Since finding “chastity beach” on tumblr, I have hoped to read stories like this. Developing a cuckolding and maybe bi sissy direction in future chapters would be great.


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