Burnt (Gay SPH)


Luke woke to the sun glaring through his bedroom window late morning on a beautiful Saturday. He sat upright to gather his thoughts, noticing he was alone in bed again and he experienced the painful recall of his messy breakup not 6 months ago. Marcia had not wanted to live with him any longer after he came out as gay at the tender age of 29 and Luke supposed he couldn’t blame her. Lucky for him, she had wanted to move back to her parents’ hometown and so, bar financials, Luke had kept the house uncontested. They had lived in their large Australia home for two years before Luke couldn’t bring himself to lie anymore – he’d loved her and didn’t want her to live in his lie or hold her back from having a proper family.

After quick recognition of his single status in his groggy state, he was cheered remembering he didn’t have work today and quickly resolved to have brunch and sit by the pool for most of the day. Sat in the glorious Australian heat with a full belly of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, he realized he’d better quickly put some sunblock on. It didn’t take long for his small 5’3” frame to burn to a crisp especially this early in the season. He carefully slipped a thick layer over his slender unathletic torso and short arms and legs, wiping the excess on top of his size 5 feet.

Before laying back to relax, he used a stronger factor on his face, ears, and neck giving special care to the slowly developing widow’s peak. He sighed remembering how often he ended up with two burnt corners on his forehead at the start of his receding hairline. Secure in the knowledge he’d protected his skin from the harsh sun he accidentally fell asleep…. THUMP! Luke was rudely awakened by a wet beach ball which must have been launched over the fence by his new neighbors’ adult kids.

“SORRY!” came a gruff anonymous shout behind the fence.

Annoyed, but reasonable enough to accept the apology, he blindly threw the beach ball back over the offender’s fence. “Thanks, man!”

He lay back down after checking his phone for the time and saw it was already 1 pm in the afternoon. He promised himself he’d do some house work in another half hour and glanced at the pool to realize the pool needed to be cleaned as a priority and it would be unpleasant to go for a swim beforehand despite the heat on his skin. He quickly lifted his shades and checked himself for any early warnings of burning (or in a vain hope, tanning) and was satisfied another half an hour would do him little harm. THUMP! He had barely been lying back 10 minutes when he was hit by the ball again!

“HEY WATCH IT,” squeaked Luke in his best authoritative shout, he was angrier now.

Unfortunately, his voice had always been a bit light and campy so it didn’t really come off as threatening.

“UHH. Sorry guy pfff, pfff, shhh,” an amused voice replied as if someone in the background was trying to egg him on.

“S’fine,” Luke half muttered and threw the ball over.

After his initial shock and annoyance, he didn’t see the point in getting aggressive. THUMP! Almost immediately the wet ball hit him squarely on the head, the other two having hit him on the foot and leg. He was furious now.


Multiple laughs were clearly audible from over the fence. “No harm no foul guy” came the amused shout from over the fence.

It was clear this had become a game to the anonymous voices behind the fence. Right, thought Luke and he gathered his white tee hanging on the lounger, shoved it on over his board shorts, slipped on his flip-flops and marched in a rage with the ball to apprehend the beach ballers next door. DING DONG DONG DONG DONG DING An elaborate chime played as he waited at the door to give the occupants a piece of his mind. After a couple of minutes, the door began to open and Luke readied himself to launch into a tirade. The door opened and he was cut short by the imposing figure in the doorway. A 6’3” topless chiseled god made eye contact looking down on Luke from above.


“Aw cheers guy but you coulda just thrown it back over yeah?”

The blonde adonis snatched the ball out of his hands before Luke could gather his thoughts so taken was he with the appearance of this handsome young man towering above him.

“Uh well, I wanted to say that uh you can’t keep hitting me, it’s not funny ya know?”

“Aw, sorry man my friends can be dicks. Tell you what come through and I’ll get them to apologize.”


He immediately turned on his heel with the ball, leaving the door open with Luke standing there and disappeared into the house. A tad confused, Luke followed the tall youngster into the house and arrived in their pool area. It was very similar to his own layout – a rectangular mid-sized pool sat behind a well tended tiled sun lounging area with two large sun loungers and a parasol. His eyes quickly saw the back of the other man’s head at the edge of the pool and he was explaining something to two other guys who were shoulder deep in the water.

“Oh, here he is… Sorry, what’s your name?”


“Luke, yeah, he’s my mom and dad’s neighbor next door and he’s pissed at you guys launching the ball over the garden.”

“You hit me,” Luke weakly interrupted in protest.

The two other young guys tried to contain their laughter. “Uh yeah sorry little guy”

“Yeah sorry little dude.”

“Guys,” the neighbor’s son warned.

He turned and walked back towards Luke again and raised his strong arm indicating a handshake. In the background, the other two men went back to passing the ball to each other.

“Sorry about these two idiots, Luke. I’m Will, I’m Sarah and Kurt’s son… don’t think we’ve all met yet only been here like a month? Bad first impression.”

Luke offered his hand and he was embraced in a subtly strong grip and then brought in for a shoulder pat. All Luke’s anger had now completely evaporated by being enamored with Will’s charm and appearance.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I see the funny side, I’m not much older but I guess I was trying to nap and relax ya know? It’s all good, though.”

“Aw, great,”Will’s face lit up with a smile, his blue eyes radiant. “What age are you, man?”


“Aw cool, just inside the 20’s club. haha. I’m 21, same as those guys. Hey, you should stay for a beer! Go on least I can do.”

“I dunno…”

Luke appreciated the offer but didn’t feel comfortable being in prolonged company with these three, he was clearly attracted to Will and didn’t want any awkwardness. “Come on, neighbor. Bud light? Come take a seat here.”

Will motions to one of the lounges. “Yeah, OK, I guess I will”

“Good man.”

Will smiles again and Luke beamed back more intensely than he intended to. He chided himself inside he didn’t know how these guys would be with a homo in their midst. Luke sat and Will passed him a bottle from the cooler box next to the other lounge. Luke looked up at him as he bent over and had to control his thoughts as this sculpted gentleman’s noticeable bulge moved in his Speedos. Luke coughed and forced eye contact.


“You taking that tee off? You must be sweating?”

“Eh, I’m good.”

“Listen, I didn’t just wake up with this body. I’m lucky I get time to workout being at college. Don’t be embarrassed.”

“Uh? OK.”

It was getting unbearably warm so Luke removed his tee and reluctantly revealed his unremarkable skinny swimmers’ physique to Will and the other two men who were still preoccupied with their game. “Cool, just relax.”

“The other two guys?”

“Aw, they’re friends. I made at the college gym – hence the similar builds. Haha. It’s pathetic really to be in the gym as much as we are. Guess we’re just avoiding studying. Eh, that’s Jake,” he pointed to the brown haired, green eyed guy on the left, “and Lance,” he indicated the black haired black eyed boy on the right. “Ha. Yeah, when I was in college I just smoked weed and played play station.”

“Yeah, that works too man! haha.”

Will drops his voice as he looked over at Luke with a serious expression. This startled Luke from taking in Will’s admirable biceps, six pack, legs and… wow, huge feet. Despite feeling a tad inadequate next to him, Luke was enjoying Will’s company. It was like a gay man’s wet dream this guy! He would have to be careful not to give himself away and create an awkwardness.

“Sooooo… you’re, eh, gay right?” Will asked quietly.

“WHA?” Luke replied.

“No, no, no, it’s fine. It’s FINE! Like my mom and dad were talking and they said they’d heard something about your ex leaving recently because you were gay?”

“Uh, yeah,” there was no use denying it.

“Aw, nice one, no, that’s cool. I just wanted to clear the air, you know, the elephant in the room?”

“Oh right, well, I don’t really want to talk ab—”

“Enough said, chill with your beer,” he smiled again.

Luke relaxed before thinking of something else. “Those two?” he nodded his head to the pool.

“Oh no, they won’t know, I suppose… It’s fine, they don’t have to know, it’s all good, yeah?”



“Um… I have one question, though. If that’s OK?”

Luke nodded before Will laughed and said, “like am I the kinda guy you like?”

he winked for comic effect. Luke blushed to a glowing red immediately and broke eye contact completely embarrassed. “Uhh, yeah man, guess the gym look does it for me, haha”

Will lightly punches his arm “Yeeeeahs” before curling his biceps and furling his brow.

“Right, right, modest much?” Luke laughed

“I’m kidding man. I’m kidding,” he winked again in jest. “Listen, I’m going inside for a bag of chips, you want anything?”

“No, no, I’m good,” luke raised his bottle to show his contentedness.

“Cool, back in a moment.”

As Will got up to leave, Luke had to stop himself staring as both Lance and Jake pulled themselves out the pool and the water glistened in the summer sun against their bodies. Will wasn’t exaggerating they were on a par physically – just as chiseled and tall and now as they fixed themselves he saw they both also had bulging speedos. Luke quickly attempted to push all impure thoughts as they walked over towards him.

“Hey, it’s Luke, right?” Lance got to him first and offered a conciliatory handshake from above. He was definitely over 6ft like Will. “Sorry for earlier, dude, guess we were just feeling childish.”

“It’s fine honestly. It’s a lovely day and I have a beer now”

Both men grinned at each other. “You not fancy a dip yourself, Luke?” asked Jake.

Again, he towered over Luke. “Uh, no, I’m good, right now.”

Jake nodded and looked mischievous. “SO, you’re hanging with us today, yeah?”

“I guess so, yeah,” Luke smiled at his luck at being in the company of these three hunky men on a summers day. All thoughts of chores and the past had disappeared.

“Ahem, well, there’s one thing we have to tell you if you’re hanging today,” Jake grinned at Lance.

“Oh yeah,” Lance agreed and grinned back.

“Oh?” asked Luke a tad confused.

“INITIATION!” shouted Lance as he bent down and tugged hard on Lukes untied swimming shorts.

Deep panic overcame Luke as he realized what was happening but too late. No-one had seen him naked since Marcia and even then that was a rarity – and Marcia hadn’t been subtle in telling him of his body issues in anger at his coming out. Jake and Lance both looked at each other in complete shock before bursting into uncontrollable laughter. Luke had tears pricking his eyes as he stood helplessly with his tiny dick on full display to the two giant men a foot taller than himself. He went to lift his shorts to hide his one-inch nub and tiny balls as he noticed Will standing in the porch doorway dumbstruck – he’d witnessed the whole thing. Quickly, Luke pulled his shorts up and went to put his t-shirt on.

“GUYS! WHAT THE FUCK?” shouted Will angrily and he marched over.

“Sorr…haha…sorry…haha…sorry. Will we, eh, haha, it was just a joke. We do it to each other in the lockers all the time. YOU do it. Oh fuck, I’m sorry, Luke.”

Lance’s chiseled features went tight and serious for a second. “Well, I’m sorry for the chicks you date man!”

That was it. Jake and Lance were propping each other up in complete hysterics. Luke wanted to die right there and then. Melt into the concrete. He ran into the house.

“LUKE! Fuck sake, Lance, did you have to make it worse?”

Will went running after Luke.

“Can it be any worse?” Jake joked, which started another round of uncontrolled laughter between the two.

Will put a hand on Luke’s shoulder as he reached the entrance hall to the house to keep him back. “Luke!”

Luke paused for a second at the touch of this man – his savior against the two bullies. “No, Will, I’m going home I’ve never been so humiliated!”

“Aw, Luke it’s not that bad. It’s their brand of humor. Honestly, please wait a moment, sit with me in here.”

He indicated to the sitting room at the front of the house. Luke turned to face Will. “What for? So you can all laugh at me some more?”

“Luke, no, I’m not laughing am I? I like you.”


“I like you, Luke, that’s why I invited you in. Why we had *that* chat earlier.”


“I asked if you liked what you saw?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Come sit with me a while… Please.”

Luke’s resolve evaporated to the news his handsome rescuer had feelings for him. He sighed and followed Will… to be met with a passionate embrace as Will quickly turned round to kiss Luke. Luke broke the kiss. “Will, now what’s this all about… your parents!”

“Don’t know if I’m gay or bi or whatever, I know.”

“No, well, yeah, but I’m thinking about their neighbor with their son.”

“I’m 21, Luke, I’m not a child to be taken advantage of.”

With that reasoning, Luke couldn’t help himself as he launched into another embrace into the crouched down face of Will. Will broke the embrace this time and grabbed his hand as he leads Luke out the room. “The boys, Will”

“It’s fine, they’ll not bother us.”


“Luke, shush.”

He turned and kissed him, this hulking figure on top of a tiny frame, and continued to lead him upstairs. They reached the bedroom with the curtains closed. Will immediately started pressing his huge body against Luke and bent over to kiss Luke harder and harder. Luke was in a lustful passion beyond anything he’d experienced before and he felt himself stiffen as Wills’ hand reached his crotch.

“WILL! No,” he managed to blurt out between lip locking.

“I’ve seen it its fine” came will’s reply.

“But not hard.”

“It’s FINE, Luke, touch me,” he led Luke’s hand to his packed Speedos and Luke made a sharp intake of breath.


Will was till mainly soft but Luke could still make out with his hand a large cock nestled on top of huge balls. And it began to stiffen visibly in the small Speedos. “Luke I have to…” and with that, he broke away and whipped off his speedos in one motion to free his large package to Luke’s amazement. Luke quickly assessed it was much bigger than his own small rod which was almost completely hard. Approximately 6 inches of thick penis bobbed slightly above two massive balls. Luke was dumbfounded as Will came back over to remove Luke’s shirt again.

“Will—you—Will—I’m not—” he breathed between kisses.

“Not what?” answered Will. “As big?” he chuckled “Uh, yeah, I got that,” he rubbed the shorts material over Luke’s small hard cock. “Get it out.”

As if enchanted in a spell, Luke hesitated only for a moment before revealing himself fully to Will. Out popped a humorously fun sized rock solid penis strained and pointing to the ceiling. Luke had measured only three thin inches to his name but he was so aroused he could be pushing a mighty 3.5”. On his cock hitting the cold air, he remembered his situation and looked down to see Will’s half hard eight-inch monster.

“Oh my god,” Luke gasped

“Uh, yeah, I’m lucky down here” Will chuckled and jiggled his cock up and down with his hand.

“I’ll say,” said Luke sheepishly as he held his own piece between thumb and forefinger. It looked ridiculous next to this growing python.

“It’s really cute.”

Will nodded and acknowledged. “Aw, fuck I know.”

“Hey, hey, I’m not making fun” Will chuckled, “but I feel HUGE!”

He straightened himself up to full height and towered over Luke as his cock reached full mast. At least an impressive 10 inches of thick man meat. Luke was so turned on by the comparison of the giant man god facing him to the little boy child body of his own and leaked a little precum.

“Aww, is it enjoying THIS?” will joked as he curled his biceps and twitched his massive boner with his strong abs. He grabbed himself “Well, SUCK IT, BOY”

Luke didn’t have time to answer as the door swung open to reveal Lance and Jake. “Well, well, that didn’t take long even by your standards, Will.”

Jake airily announced. “Oh, he’s loving this aren’t you, boy?” Will asked of Luke

Luke was too enraptured to be bothered by this talk. In fact, he leaked another drop of precum. “Yeeeeess,” he mouthed.

“How about three man mountains round little Lukey?” Lance asked before pulling his Speedos off and revealing an impressive cock which quickly grew to full mast while Jake also obliged beside him.

“Oh god,” mouthed Luke as the three giant men towered around him.

Massive cocks surrounded his tiny 3-inch lipstick.

“That penis isn’t much more impressive hard, huh? Shame, Luke,” Jake taunted. “Now taste a REAL cock.”

He pushed Luke onto his knees and shoved his huge member into his face. Luke couldn’t help himself and began to suck eagerly on Jakes massive cock.

“Ooh yeah aahhh. Got to make up for that non-cock somehow, Luke?”

“Mmm yes,” replied luke as he touched himself but had to keep edging as the intensity was too much for his little cock.

The other two began double-handedly pulling themselves off in Luke’s direction. “MY TURN,” growled Will and Luke moved to suck on him.


Luke spent an hour serving his new friends before they repaid him by covering him in ropes and ropes of sticky hot urgent cum. Luke couldn’t help himself as he leaked a tiny mess of his own onto the carpet of the bedroom. All four men grunted and breathed for a reprieve after the mammoth session.

“So little guy, same time tomorrow? We’d like to try your other hole.”

Luke nervously and excitedly nodded. He’d never been stretched by something like what these men packed before.


The End.



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