Bumming A Smoke (Gay SPH)

by tinybetacuck

Doug stepped out of his apartment building door, leaving the handle down so he wouldn’t have to use his keys to re-enter. He strolled out on to the sidewalk and looked up and down his urban block. He lived on the edge of a nice neighborhood but close to a few industrial warehouses. Usually nobody passed by during his 10-minute sessions, and he hoped that would be the case tonight.

Doug dug into his pocket and pulled out his battered pack of cigarettes. Flipping open the lid, he saw a good six or seven white filters peering back at him. He slid one out and brought it to his lips, letting it hang there while he crammed the pack back into his pocket. Groping past the keyring in his other pocket, he fished out a lighter.

Doug flicked the starter and drew in a breath, bringing the flame to the cigarette. It caught immediately, and he pulled on it deeply. It had been a long day at work, and since he worked nights, it was almost 2:30 a.m. Doug exhaled a cloud of smoke and watched it drift away.

A few minutes passed. Doug puffed on the cigarette, idly watching the traffic light change down the block, noticing how the colors reflected off the car windshields around him, refracting into shining, twisting stars of light. He shuffled around in his flip-flops, traversing a space that extended about 15 feet to either side of his front door.

A thought about the day at work entered his mind halfway through the smoke. He cocked his head, looking down the block at nothing as he played an interaction over in his head. He didn’t notice the man approaching him from behind until the footsteps shook him from his reverie.

Doug turned around in mild alarm. A man of medium height in a beat-up brown leather jacket and dark jeans stopped in front of him. The man was black with a shaved head and a scraggly beard.

“Hey man, I’m not homeless or anything,” the man said in a gravelly voice, “but do you think I could bum a smoke?”

Doug considered it a moment before reaching into his pocket and grabbing the pack.

“Yeah, sure, man,” he said, his throat catching a bit. He was always a little nervous talking to strangers in late-night situations like this. You never knew who you were talking to.

Doug opened the pack, slid a stick out, and handed it to the man, who took it. The man gestured that he didn’t have a lighter, and Doug pulled his out and handed it to him too. Doug noticed his big, weathered but not unsightly hands. The man lit his cigarette, the light revealing a set of tired but decidedly sane eyes.

He handed the lighter back.

“Oh thanks, man,” he said, sighing and exhaling smoke. Doug drew on his own cigarette; he was reaching the last quarter. “I needed one of these fuckers.”

“Totally, man,” Doug said. The man smiled at him.

“My name is James. I won’t bother you too much man, just gonna suck this down.”

“Hey James, I’m Doug,” Doug nodded toward him.

They stood in silence for a moment as Doug got close to the end of his cigarette. He moved toward the sidewalk and flicked the butt into the street. He walked back to James and started toward his apartment building door.

“All right man, take care, enjoy that,” Doug said amiably enough. “Ok thanks again,” James said. Doug reached for the door handle when he heard James turn around. “I’m sorry to bother you, man, but do you have some change or dollar or something?”

Doug suspected this was coming from their first interaction. He was used to saying “No” to panhandlers and beggars on the streets and the subway, but sometimes he relented, and he would have done so here. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any change on him. It occurred to him that he had about 75 cents in quarters up on the desk in his apartment. Even that bit of exertion would usually result in a “No,” but what the hell. He could run up and better this guy’s night.

“Yeah sure man,” Doug said, turning around to face James. James’ eyes were down, he was clearly embarrassed about asking for handouts. “I don’t have anything on me, but let me run up and grab something. It’s not a lot, but I’m glad to give it to you.”

“Oh thank you,” James said, his face brightening. “Thanks so much.”

“Hang on.” Doug opened the door, closed it behind him with the latch up, and quickly ascended the stairs to his second-story apartment. His roommates were asleep, and Doug ducked into his room, flicked the light on, and snatched the pile of change. A wild concept floated into his mind as he closed his apartment door behind him. By the time he got back to the front door, a more complete, though a crazy idea had formed.

He opened the wooden door, and beckoned James into the brightly lit but grungy lobby of his building. James entered slowly, and Doug saw that he was indeed weathered, but not dirty. His clothes were in decent shape, but it was clear he had fallen on some hard times. Doug took a breath.

“I got about a buck in change here. Do you think you could do me a favor in exchange for it?”

“Yeah man, for sure, what do you need,” James asked.

Doug was not usually smooth or confident, but something about the power dynamic between the two men gave him a surge of adrenaline.

“Could I see your cock?”

“What’d you say?” James exclaimed in surprise. “You fuckin’ kidding me?”

Doug suddenly regretted taking advantage of this man and stuck out his hand to offer the change.

“I’m sorry man, you can just take it,” he said. “Have a good night, I’m sorry.”

James took the change and turned to go but stopped midway.

“Ah fuck it, you wanna see my cock, I’ll show you.”

Doug’s eyes grew wide and his throat got dry. He wasn’t gay, but he watched a lot of porn and had developed a fetish for cock. He loved looking at them, especially the thick, strong, proud ones, and he dreamed of touching one. He’d cum so many times to the countless, nameless whores worshipping and pleasuring themselves on big, beautiful dicks.

James looked behind him at the opaque wooden door and slipped off his leather jacket. He was wearing a black t-shirt underneath. His belt was quickly undone, and he slid his pants down to his knees. He unceremoniously yanked his red boxer briefs halfway down his thighs and pulled his t-shirt up over his flat stomach. James turned so the light shined down on his exposed groin.

Emerging from a small patch of short, curly black hair was a fat, flaccid black cock. It hung out over and below his large, wrinkled scrotum, inside of which clearly dangled two very big balls. The tip, which was circumcised, reached the top of James’ boxers around his thigh. Though his cock was fully limp, James was obviously very well endowed. His scrotum began to tighten in the drafty room, lifting the heavy cock up and to the side.

Doug felt his own cock start to swell up inside his jeans. He stared down at the big penis in front of him for almost a minute before looking up at James’ eyes. The look on his face made it clear that James, the man who had embarrassedly asked for money and a cigarette only moments earlier, was now the one in charge. James smiled softly but confidently.

“Can I please show you mine?” Doug asked. There was no reason not to be honest, there was no hiding anything in this moment. “Mine’s not nearly as big as yours.”

“Look, I’m not gay, but if you want to show me, sure,” James said.

Doug hurriedly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and unzipped his fly. He shoved his jeans and boxers down to his ankles in one fluid motion. He leaned back up, his thick white legs pale in the overhead light, thrown into greater contrast by hundreds of dark brown hairs. He pulled his T-shirt up over his gut, revealing a soft, three-inch cock jutting out above a small ball sack.

Doug knew his penis wasn’t the smallest in the world; he wasn’t abnormal. Just small, just thin and short, just on the low end of the spectrum. Nothing to write home about, nothing to make a woman’s eyes widened excitedly. His scrotum was actually the more noticeably small organ, especially compared to the two chicken eggs hanging in James’ sack.

The two men stood motionless and silent for a few moments, each one’s eyes drinking in the sight before them. Versions of the same thought ran through both minds, though with different tenors: Wow, I can’t imagine life with a cock like that.

James understood on an instinctual level that Doug craved attention on his small cock. When he looked up to meet Doug’s eyes, he found them still fixated on James’ own package. James spoke first.

“That is small, man. I’m sorry.” He added a stifled chuckle for effect. “Girls cum when you fuck them with that?”

Doug snapped out of his reverie and looked up with wide eyes.

“Uh, y-ye — no, not really,” he stammered. He felt airflow past his little penis, tickling his balls. The short-shaft started to unfold from his scrotum as he got hard. “Maybe once or twice. I can never push them over the edge.”

James smiled. “That sucks. I made my last girl cum every time. Usually pretty quickly, right after I slid this guy in.” He grabbed his thick snake at the base and shook it proudly. “She loved riding me. She asked me for pictures.”

Doug gulped, his throat dry. Images swam behind his eyes. The long hours he had scrolled through page after page of man-sized cocks on the Internet while pumping his own thin boner. The dark nights spent yearning for his dick to grow, just a half-inch, just get a little thicker. The realization that he was stuck with what he had, that he’d never, ever know what having a big, sexy dick was like. To hold in his hand. To feel in his pants as he walked around. To fuck with. To watch a woman lose herself on.

“When I fuck, I can’t really move my hips very much because I fall out,” Doug blurted out. “I usually can’t let the woman bounce on it because they move too much. It slides out.”

James stood there with his cock in his hand. On one level he felt bad for the pathetic man before him. But on another, he was disgusted and angered by him. He wanted to make a face and push him away, or maybe shove him till he fell, his pointless little cock bouncing on his boy-sized balls as he careened to the ground.

“You want to hold my cock, boy?”

Doug answered quickly. “Yes, please.” He wanted to feel his weight and power in his hands more than anything.

Doug started forward, but James held up his hand. “No, first pull your fucking pants up and go upstairs. Take me to your room.”

Doug did as he was told. He didn’t understand why he was so turned on. The agony of his inadequacy filled his mind every day, he didn’t realize that he had let things get this far. But those thoughts weren’t in his mind. He didn’t question letting a panhandler up into his apartment. He just hiked his jeans up with one hand, not bothering to zip or button them, and waddled up the stairs.

They entered his bedroom, and Doug closed the door. He turned to face James.

“Take your clothes off.”

Doug got naked. He knew he looked ridiculous. He kept his pubic hair short, and he shaved his scrotum and the base of his penis — he had even shaved his ass crack for the first time the previous week — so there wasn’t anywhere for his stubby offering to hide. It stood out against his pale, bulging body. Doug was tall, just over 6 feet, but his dick didn’t match his frame.

“Damn, you’ve got a bitch little cock. That’s not a man’s cock, boy.” James slipped into a dominant role as if he’d been one all his life. “You’re going to call me ‘Sir’ because you’re a little bitch.”

“Yes, sir,” Doug said quickly.

“Get on your fucking knees, bitch.” James slid out of his pants and removed the rest of his clothing. “Don’t look at me in the face, keep your eyes on my cock. You’re a faggot, right? You like my big cock?”

“Yes, sir,” Doug whined.

“I know you do. ‘Cause, you’re jealous. You don’t know what it’s like to have a cock like this. A cock that women are excited to see when you pull your pants down.”

“No, I don’t, Sir,” Doug said eagerly. “I’ll never know how that feels.” His cock started to harden into its silly little erect state, standing straight out from his body in a ludicrous stubby rod.

“It feels good, bitch,” James said. “It makes me feel like a fucking man. They can’t handle how good it feels when I fuck them. Look at that pathetic little boy-dick. You’re so jealous of my big cock, and it’s making you hard. I’ve never seen such an obvious bitch in my life. I bet you’d suck my cock if I let you.”

Doug’s brain told him not to offer to suck this strange man’s penis, but his brain was not in control. All of Doug’s actions and thoughts flowed through his small boner, and his boner told him to service the alpha in the room.

“Can I please suck your cock, Sir? I need to serve your superior manhood.”

“First, come over here. Stand close to me,” James ordered.

Doug obeyed, striding up in front of James, their incongruous cocks bobbing close to one another. James’ thick hose was still mostly soft, but he had started to elongate and harden into a semi-erect state, its full potential still unseen.

James reached his large black hands and grabbed Doug’s package from under the balls. He held the whole, meager unit in his hand, Doug’s mini testicles splayed on the gruff palm. James’ cock hardened more, reaching at least 7 inches with more room to grow, dwarfing the small white boner in the black hand. Doug stared at the comparison, rapt. He had never felt so inadequate and emasculated before — his heartbeat rapidly in the back of his throat — but at the same time, he felt relaxed, like he had loosened muscles that he had kept tensed his whole life. He had no secrets here. His shame was exposed.

“Ok, now back down on your knees.”

Doug clambered down. The strong, ebony shaft was right in front of his nose now. His own pencil-boner bounced gently between his legs.

“Go ahead, boy-dick.”

Doug opened his mouth wide, wider than he thought he would have to, and wrapped his lips around the veiny hose. His tongue came forward and met the cockhead in his mouth. It felt so big and hard against his lips and cheeks. Doug exhaled, then drew in a deep breath of man-cock smell through his nose. He pushed the cock toward the back of his throat; the thick meat dragged along his slick tongue. He gulped around its girth.

James grasped the back of Doug’s head and moved it back and forth. On his knees, Doug saw James’ thick shaft disappear below his upper lip. He sucked eagerly, thinking about how he could give the best possible blowjob. He carefully ran his tongue underneath the head of the big black cock, licking back and forth. He felt James flex his legs and ass in pleasure.

Doug started jerking James off, marveling slightly that there was still so much meat left to suck after wrapped his hand around the shaft. This is what a man’s cock is like, he mused. This is what women hope for when they let a guy chat them up in a bar. They’re looking ahead to this moment, their sweet, smooth cunts moistening as the alpha hands her the drink he ordered for her. Maybe that’s why I’m so bad at it, because I know I’m going to let them down.

“Mmm, you’re a hungry little bitch aren’t you? You love my big cock, huh?”

Doug nodded. Long strands of saliva grew as he pulled his mouth off the delicious shaft. “Yes, sir.” He lowered his mouth back to his task.

Doug reached for James’ large scrotum. His testicles were plump, filling out the tautened skin impressively. Keeping his head, mouth, and other hand working up and down the thick cock, Doug grasped James’ balls from behind and gently kneaded them. James firmed his grip on the back of Doug’s head, holding it close so his fat cockhead wouldn’t pop out of Doug’s warm mouth when his bobbing head reversed. Doug was instinctively alarmed at losing control of his movements, but quickly realized it didn’t actually bother him. He liked submitting to this man and his amazing cock.

Doug kept sucking, losing himself in time. His own dick was like a little rod of diamond. He was so horny. There was no sound in the room but the smacking of his lips and the hot breath through his nose.

Soon a small jet of salty taste permeated the sloshing saliva in his mouth. James was rock hard in his hands. Doug made sure he didn’t waver in rhythm or movement, doing his best to service every element of the superior package. James’ hips started rocking. Combined with the firm hand on the back of his head, the fat cock was pushing deep into Doug’s mouth. He gagged once or twice but kept sucking and jerking. I could get used to this, he thought.

“You ever swallow cum, boy?” James asked through gritted teeth. He was right on the edge.

“Uh-uh,” Doug managed from around the thick cock, shaking his head slightly.

“Well you’re about to,” James said. “Don’t stop, and keep swallowing.”

Doug steeled himself as the shaft pulsed on top of his tongue. He kept jerking and sucking and massaging James’ balls diligently. A moment later, James groaned loudly, his legs spasming uncontrollably. A flood of a salty liquid filled Doug’s mouth. It worked its way under his tongue and around his teeth. He concentrated on sucking it all down his eager throat, but he couldn’t help coughing a little. There was so much of it. So much more than Doug would cum even if he had stopped jerking off for a month beforehand.

The hot fluid tasted salty and bitter, but like the firm hand on the back of his head, it didn’t bother him. Servicing the superior cock just made sense; he was even a little sad that it was almost over. He gulped more cum down as the flow into his mouth tapered off.

James released his grip on Doug’s head, but Doug didn’t stop working the large cock just yet. He carefully sucked every drop of cum out, even licking the little hole in the cockhead just to be sure. Eventually, he got all he could, and he pulled back and looked up at James obediently.

“Good little bitch. You are a natural cocksucker. I bet you wanna jerk that tiny dick off now, huh?” James said, nodding down to Doug’s rigid boner.

“Yes, sir. Please, sir.” Doug was pathetic in his obsequiousness. There was no denying his ultimate inferiority as a man.

“Lube one finger up with spit and any of my cum that’s still in your mouth, then finger your ass. Then you can cum.”

Doug immediately thrust his index finger into his mouth, working it under his tongue to get up all the goo. Removing the slimy digit, he stood up and lay down on the bed. His hard cock rubbed against his stomach as he contorted his asshole into the air. Once in position, he slowly inserted his finger into his ass. This feeling was new and strange at first. But after a beat, he felt his hole relax, and he slowly started fucking his cunt. James watched, his large cock hanging limp.

Doug kept fucking himself while he picked up his thin boner. He was unbelievably horny, and he wasn’t surprised when a thin stream of cum shot out. His asshole convulsed around his finger while the orgasm subsided. A little pool of cum gathered in the body hair of his lower stomach. Doug looked at James.

“Give me $20 and walk me down to your front door just like that,” James ordered.

Doug pulled the finger from his asshole, removed off his cummy hand from his already softened penis, and stood up while James dressed. Doug wiped the cum on his stomach and opened the bedroom door and led him out of the apartment. They walked down the building stairway, the large, clothed black man following the bulgy white boy with the limp little dick and the matted stomach hair. At the front door, James turned around.

“I’ll be back for some more of that good cocksucking, faggot. Keep your little dick out of trouble.”

And James walked away into the night.

The End.


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