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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


A Bachelor Party exposes this reader’s secret…

I was invited to a bachelor party/house party a number of years ago and the best man had a couple strippers come over and one of the strippers decided to lay me down on the floor and started dry humping me in front of all the other guys to much whooping and hollering. She moved to sit on my face and slowly started unbuckling my pants to pull them down. I was too drunk and too into the fact that a hot girl was sitting on my face to notice that she unzipped me and exposed my soft 2 incher to the other men. I heard a laugh from her and some of the other men and immediately realized what happened and quickly moved to cover up my small dick. She quickly moved on to dance/dry hump another guy, who had a bigger dick than me (I could see his bulge). She didn’t expose the next guy like she did to me, nor with any other guy. I assume she liked my looks and took a chance but after exposing me she didn’t try it again. I felt so embarrassed at my lack of size. Everyone’s attention moved back to the stripper and all the guys acted like nothing happened. Unfortunately, a couple of days later a friend (who was at the party) joked with me about what she did and made a few “small” jokes here and there to me for the next year or so. He was definitely throwing some SPH to me but in as friendly a joking manner as possible. And that is my exposure story.


This reader found workplace dating can make for difficulties when you’re in the club…

So I was dating a girl at work who blatantly told me my dick was small. She went from being crazy about me to losing interest at the drop of a hat. Anyways, she must have told my coworkers, all of whom are cute early twenty-somethings who attend the nearby university. I now have a nickname that refers to my ill endowment. Without giving out my real name, pretend my name is Paul. Several of them now call me “Smalley”.

When I gave one girl orders the other day (I’m a manager), she ignored my instructions, and said, “Whatever, Smalley.”

When I walked into work today, a different girl said, “Hey! It’s Smalley!” so loud that everyone could hear. And to top it all off, after she said, two other girls started joking with one another, “I guess his full name would be Smalley McBalley.”

They were cracking up and assumed I didn’t hear any of it.


Another reader discovers that girl talk often gets around…

My first experience happened when I was 17 and a junior in high school. The girl I was dating at the time, who was my first real girlfriend, had a bit of a reputation for getting around before me, so naturally, when we first hooked up and she saw my below-average dick, I was pretty nervous. I became almost certain she would not only notice, but point it out. To my surprise not only did she not say anything or awkwardly pause, like I was expecting, she almost eagerly started jacking me off and eventually finished me off with a blowjob. It was amazing and eased my fears at least for a bit. We had been dating for a couple of months when a close friend of mine started dating her best friend.

One day while we were eating lunch, my friend and I started talking about what the sex was like with them. I told my friend that I had gotten really good at eating her out, and he blurted out, “Yeah, I’m not surprised,” laughing out loud.

We were sitting with a couple other close friends, and they both stopped eating and looked at me. I knew what he meant but foolishly decided to ask anyway. He was reluctant at first, clearly realizing he should not have said that, and after I became a little annoyed and kept prying. He reluctantly told me that she had told her friend that I have a really small dick and that it was the smallest she had ever been with. There was an uncomfortable silence as I went through embarrassment and arousal at the same time. My friend felt bad and tried to make up for his fuck up by saying, “But, whatever man, she clearly likes you I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Later that day my girlfriend and I were talking on the phone, and I still kind of turned on, decided to confront her about it. She denied it at first, but I was persistent enough so she finally gave in, telling me, “Fine, yes I said you had a small dick, girls talk about that stuff, and your good at other stuff so who cares. It’s not a big deal!”

I remember what she said verbatim because of how turned on I was at the time. I said it was fine I was just curious, after I hung up I immediately started jerking off replaying what she said in my head. I wished I could have recorded it.

I had been dating this girl for about 6 months or so. Now that her true feelings about my little guy were out in the open, she liked to make little jokes about it every now and then. It seemed like it was her cruel way of exerting power over me, she was kind of a freak like that. Even though I hadn’t told her it turned me on, she could probably tell. She only did it few times but every time she did it was such a turn-on. One time that stands out in particular, was one night where she was tripping on acid. It was one of her first times trying it so she wanted me there in case she freaked out.

Before it started to kick in, she decided she wanted to randomly go to Walgreens. While we were there it really started to kick in and she started saying really random and weird things. At one point we walked into the toy section and she started checking out all the toys. There happened to be some talking Barbie doll or something. Anyways part of its gimmick was that it answered questions when you pressed some button. Kind of out of nowhere, my girlfriend picked it up and said, “Does (my name) have a small penis?”

Right on cue, the doll said, “Yes, of course!”

My girlfriend started laughing, and said, “I guess it works.”

Again it was just a harmless joke she didn’t even remember saying because she was tripping, but it was so hot at the time.


While this reader had a one night band…

In high school I was a singer in a shitty band. I basically just did it to hook up with girls, which makes this story even more ironic. We would always look for a different battle of the band’s competitions, and there was one at a pretty respectable venue where semi-famous bands would occasionally play. Even though we knew we weren’t very good we figured we’d sign up anyway for shits and giggles. I decided to buy an outfit specifically for this show. Unfortunately, seeing as how I was very aware of my small problem is surprising that I made this mistake, the new jeans I decided to buy for my outfit were skinny jeans, which were popular among my circle of friends at the time. I tried them on and they seemed fine to me, however, I did not consider that the perspective of the people watching us on stage was not going to do me and my “bulge” any favors. I did not wear the jeans at all until the day of the show.

We played and did okay, I remember actually thinking that was one of our better shows. My confidence was quickly deflated, however. There was another band we knew from our school who also played that day, and they watched our show. They all had really hot girlfriends, who were there as well. Right after we finished our set and were breaking everything down I went to get a drink of water. As I walked past them one of the girls said, “Good show,” while giggling.

I was a little confused and just said thanks. Later that night, one the guys in that band came up to me and said, “Hey, good job, you guys sounded pretty good today.” Right before adding, “I wouldn’t wear those jeans anymore though.”

He told me that you could clearly see the outline of my dick and that the girls were making fun of how small it looked. It immediately clicked why the girl was giggling, and I immediately went to the bathroom to confirm. To my horror/excitement, sure enough, my acorn dick was very evident. It became one of the most erotic sph moments I’ve ever had. Thinking about that girl giggling has been something I have fantasized about many times since.


This reader learns that being small isn’t so bad…

In college, a friend of mine came up one weekend to visit and brought his cousin along. She was a cute little blond, an alternative girl with tattoos and several piercings. We had a great weekend and his cousin ended up getting super drunk one night we went out and although I don’t remember much I do remember having sloppy, drunken sex. The next day we went out again and once again all got pretty hammered. We got back to my apartment and immediately started hooking up again. As I got undressed and took off my clothes she drunkenly started laughing, she tried to quickly cover it up but I noticed it right away. I asked what that was about, and she was brutally honest, the first time a girl had been so blunt about it before.

“I’m sorry man, I’m not trying to be mean, but your dick is kinda small. You’re still pretty hot and I’m having a good time, but it’s just small that’s all,” she said.

I got so turned on and thanks in part to her comment we proceeded to have some of the best sex I’ve ever had. The cherry on the icing afterward came when we were laying in bed, she was still pretty drunk and without really thinking about just said, “Honestly, and again don’t take this the wrong way, but that was pretty good considering how small you are?”

I almost came again right there. I only saw her a few times after that weekend, and she never brought it up, but I thought about it a lot. It ranks up there for me as one of the most erotic moments of my life.


Another reader had a scary movie moment…

One time when me and my then-girlfriend and roommate were watching the movie Scary Movie and the scene where one of the character’s small dick is revealed. We laughed, and our roommate said, “Can you imagine being the extra for that movie and being the designated small dick that they used for the picture?”

I awkwardly laughed, while my girlfriend who had been drinking and was feeling open and honest saying, “(My name) could have easily been the stand-in.”

There was an awkward pause that lasted about ten seconds until I eventually weakly replied, “Not cool. babe!”

My roommate immediately started looking at her phone clearly feeling embarrassed for me and uncomfortable, and that was that. I never brought it up with my girlfriend again as hot as it was, and the next day it was like it never happened.


This reader discovered he was the smallest fish in pond at a nudist camp…

My older 17-year-old sister and I, aged 16, were surprised when our single-parent mum said she had found an affordable holiday but it was in newly opened up Romania and was nudist. It would be our first holiday in years so we agreed to go. My Sister did some research and convinced me that most nudists shave their pubic hair so I shaved in preparation, got carried away, and shaved my legs too – I was totally smooth.

We were in our static caravan with a bedroom each and when we nervously came out of our rooms my sister was also clean-shaven and mum was well-trimmed. I had never realized before that they both had very decent c-cup breasts that were pert and impressive. I didn’t realise how badly I reacted to the breeze coming through the open doors and windows making my balls retract completely and my dick a skinny inch and a half long.

My sister ventured out first and came back saying there was a girl her age next door but the brother was only 12. I then went outside and was stunned to see how beautiful she was… I struck up a conversation with the help of my sister but was surprised by her lack of interest sexually as she said I would be good company for her brother. My sister smiled and made an excuse for us to return to our caravan. Inside she started to laugh and explain that the girl obviously thought I was the same age as her brother! She then said it was probably due to my total lack of hair, balls, and tiny willie! I was shocked by her abruptness and insisted she was wrong.

We went back out and the brother was playing with a basketball. We shouted hello and he stopped and came over. He was a good 6 inches shorter than me but my sister nudged me and nodded towards his groin – he was also small but probably half an inch longer but his dick was resting on a visible pair of marble-sized balls making his package more impressive than mine.

Rather than face the humiliation of admitting to his sister that I was tiny I spent the next week pretending to be 13 years old and hanging around either on my own or with him and his mates aged between 11 and 14… my dick fitted in perfectly with 3 or 4 lads being a similar size but the rest mostly reasonably bigger but 1 or 2 much bigger.

Meanwhile I watched my sister and friend hanging around with the older teens and realised all of the boys were between 4 to 7 inches soft, much thicker than me and all with visible testicles.

My sister started collecting photos of various boys naked but used my small stature as the bait – they grew in confidence posing next to me. To make matters worse my neighbour confided that he had measured his hard dick at 4 inches, I confessed I was only 3.75 inches and he told his and my sister who both laughed. My sexy neighbor giggled that we shouldn’t boast until we were over 6 inches and my sister agreed.

Despite this situation I enjoyed the holiday and was surprised when we got home how turned on I was by mum and my sister giggling over her photos of me and my almost invisible dick stood next to some genuinely impressive big cock and balls. Mum seemed completely unconcerned by my lack of size and said I looked cute but my sister started to tease me rotten.

She even showed the pictures to 2 of her friends when they came round to visit. The laughter was hysterical and they made me wait on them hand and foot whilst totally naked in return for keeping silent. To make matters worse I was strangely excited by the situation and was parading my 3.75-inch boner in front of them dripping in precum while being insulted and laughed at.

The saving grace was one of her friends took pity on me and gave me my first ever handjob!


This reader shows being a late bloomer is blooming hell…

Aged 15 I was tall, skinny, and still pre-pubescent. I entered the bathroom and was shocked to find my twin sister admiring her huge firm breasts in the mirror. She was totally unfazed by me seeing her and started to boast about how all her friends are envious of her body. She then stunned me by saying I bet you’re the envy of your class in the showers with a massive dick.

I blushed and amazed myself by confessing that I was only tiny and didn’t even have any hair. Asked for proof, I dropped my pajama bottoms only to be greeted by a broad grin and, “Omigod, you’ve gotta baby dick!”

She asked about my non-existent sex life (I didn’t even masturbate never mind have a girlfriend) and declared I needed sexual stimulation to kick start some growth. School holidays had just started and over the next 6 weeks she got me in some very embarrassing scenarios. She told her boyfriend I had a tiny dick, made me show him and he laughed as he flopped out a massive long and thick dick with huge low hanging balls. She invited me to her sleepover with two girlfriends but had me dress in her tiny thong. The laughter was hysterical and the teasing was relentless.

She persuaded one friend to measure me with a cloth tape measure and they were crying with laughter when I measured at 3.25 inches hard. I was told their boyfriends measured 7 and 7.5 inches and were much fatter. It soon became common knowledge amongst her friends that I had a tiny dick and they would openly tease me and wave their little fingers at me in the street. I started to get erections at all times of the day and night and began to masturbate – once in front of my sister and her friend while they giggled and asked if it was hard yet.
I don’t know if there was any merit to my sister’s theory but after about 3 months puberty did hit me – first my pubic hair and eventually some growth. I eventually reached a reasonable 5.5 inches with a 5-inch girth and my balls dropped but are only modest


While this reader shows that sometimes SDC members are made, not born…

True story. I am a 53 yr old male. When I was very much younger, I had a 6-3/4 inch long penis when erect. Now I have a 3-inch penis that’s only when a 100mg Viagra is taken. Other than that, usually all there is to see, is the tip of the head sticking out through the pubic hair. I don’t smoke or drink, and yet I am stuck with a limp mini dick. My wife, I feel bad for because I can’t even get hard enough for even the head to go in. If only I could go back in time, I would definitely be bringing back to REAL life now the erection and length I had then.


Meanwhile, this reader gets put in his place by someone he looks down on…

There was a guy called Mike at our athletics club who wasn’t ugly but was nerdish and slightly strange. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and his conversation topics always seemed slightly at odds with those of the group. Having said that, he was pleasant, friendly and always joined our company at the post-training bar sessions although he often ended up the butt of our jokes.

Dave and I had the showers to ourselves thanks to careful planning – soft I was 1.5 inches and Dave maybe 2.5 inches although both dicks were skinny. Dave’s balls were also bigger than my often retracted balls but by no means large. This night, however, we had unexpected company as Mike came running into the showers with a fat 6-inch cock jumping up and down and massive balls. It was too late to cover up, we carried on showering and nothing was said although Dave and I kept raising shocked eyebrows at each other.

In the bar later, the crowd had thinned to me Dave, our wives, and Mike who often got a lift home. My wife asked Mike why she never saw him with girls, and he replied, “I don’t know. They don’t seem to like me, but my dick was bigger than Peter and Dave’s combined in the showers before!”

There was a second’s stunned silence before the girls burst out laughing and asked a red-faced Dave and I if it was true. We admitted he was bigger but not more than double. There was a lot of teasing and innuendo for the rest of the night and then my wife and I left and offered Mike a lift home.

In the car, the subject immediately returned to Mike’s dick size and my wife amazed me by asking Mike, “Peter has a 4.5-inch cock, Dave’s is 5, do you really think you’re bigger than 9.5 inches?”

“I don’t know for sure how big I am, but I think so,” Mike said.

“In that case, you’re coming back to our place for a measurement, and if you are bigger what would you like as a reward?”

“To lose my virginity” came Mike’s surprising reply.

I was panicking and trying to convince my wife this was not a good plan but she was determined and told me to be quiet. Back at our place, we all got naked and both me and my wife gasped as Mike’s huge erect cock waved horizontal to the ground in front of him. It was scary to look at and easily twice my size as my wife took great pleasure in pointing it out. She then took a cloth tape measure to his dick and declared it to be slightly over 9 inches long. Relieved, I pointed out that to win the bet he had to be over 9.5 inches long. My wife was obviously determined to have this monster cock, however, and to Mike’s delight she said size wasn’t just about length and given his huge girth he was definitely bigger than our combined size…

“In fact, he’s about 3 times your size – look at it,” my wife said.

She then made me stand next to Mike and they both laughed as she caressed both our dicks and led us to the bedroom. Once there, my wife undressed and I was amazed to see the top of her thighs glistening she was so wet with anticipation. She raised her legs in the air, and told Mike to: “Get stuck in.”

I was amazed at how easily he plunged the whole fat length into her soaking wet pussy and then delighted as he immediately began to tremble and shot his load. My wife was clearly disappointed but told him not to worry as it was his first time. She said a fit lad like him would soon be ready to go again and meanwhile it was my turn. I spread her legs and was shocked to see how wide her vagina was and sperm and juices were flowing out. I entered anyway feeling only warmth and wetness and no friction and to my horror the new sensations made me come immediately!

My wife laughed but was delighted to see Mike was already hard again and told him to try again. Again his whole fat length entered her with no difficulty but this time he pounded away like a piston and there were slurping noises with all the juices and the sickening sound of his massive baggy balls swinging up and hitting her arse!

My wife was screaming with pleasure as she came several times. I surprised myself by getting hard and joining in as we spit-roasted her. We now have regular threesomes as does Dave and his wife and the 5 of us are inseparable but Dave and I now treat Mike with much more respect as he genuinely is more of a man than both of us combined!


Another reader plays truth or dare with the neighbor…

I was aged 18 but had been feeling under the weather that day and so was having a rare. Saturday night at home. Our parents were out but my 16-year-old sister had 3 friends around. I had somehow got caught up in a game of truth or dare and had just run around the block in nothing but a tight lycra pair of girls’ gym knickers but they wouldn’t let me back in the house. Our mid 20’s neighbor had come to the door to see what the commotion was and so I found myself in her house explaining what had happened.

She looked puzzled, eyed me up and down, and asked what was daring about running in tight pants. I explained it would be embarrassing to be caught and then she hit me with, “Is that because you have a small package?”

I was shocked and my stomach knotted as I asked what did she mean.

“Look at you, the pants are flat, you look like a Ken doll,” she smiled.

I had never really considered my cock size before but looking down at my groin I could see her point. “It’s tight material, it pulls everything in,” I explained.

“Is that right? Well, let’s play our own game of truth and dare. I dare you to take those pants off!”

Not wanting to lose face I dropped them down without any hesitation and stepped out of them. She burst into laughter and said I had the cock and balls of a 12-year-old. Again to save face I did not cover up and said she did not know what she was on about and I was normal for 18.

“Believe me, you’re tiny,” she said, “now for truth, how big are you hard?”

I stammered that I did not know so she ordered me to make myself erect while she got a tape. I nervously tugged at my cock but struggled to get hard. She laughed and said I should get an instant boner at my age and took over. I shivered with excitement as no one had touched my dick before and was soon hard and measured at slightly under 4 inches. She was laughing hysterically now and informed me that her current man measured at 7.5 inches but was also much thicker and had plums as opposed to my grapes. She then got me to admit I was a virgin, made me put my gym knickers back on, and advised me to try and have sex with one of my sister’s friends before they realize what a proper-sized dick should be. She took me to the door, rang the bell, and made my sister let me back in the house.

Once inside, I was still erect and the girls all started giggling and pointing at the bulge so I ran upstairs embarrassed and stayed in my room all night.

*Conditions Apply.

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