Breaking and Making Bonds

By bisquate.

The first thing he noticed was the cold. Then, it was the aches in his joints and muscles – he was not comfortable. Then, the bindings around his ankles. Wrists. Thighs. Torso. And the hard chair against his back and legs. His legs were held apart. Other than the restraints and the chair, he felt nothing. He felt no clothes. He realized he was completely naked. His head hanging down began to open his eyes slowly. A dark floor slowly came into focus, and his feet were wide apart either side, his legs tied to a chair. The chair had an oddly shaped seat that only supported his thighs and an empty gap between them. His manhood was in open space – and very shrunken by the cold, it had all but retracted into his body. His heart started beating so hard he could hear it in his ears.

Trying to distract himself even briefly from his own self-consciousness, he started to look around groggily. The floor around him was dark, but as he scanned upwards, he saw something else. Two more feet – similarly retrained at the ankle. The toenails were painted. His eyes moved slowly upwards along the smooth but robust legs to two bound thighs – in a similar chair to his own. And between them was a neat but unshaven pubic area – two pink labia slightly apart by the position of the thighs. Moving up, he saw a significant yet shapely figure – substantial but elegant – and two voluptuous breasts hanging freely, light pink nipples erect from the cold. Her head hung down, moving side to side slowly as if she was just coming to consciousness. Her arms were tied to the arms of the chair just as his own.

Although he could only see the top of her head – red flowing hair – he was starting to realize. He knew this woman. It was Kelly from the competing company Smithco. They had worked together on numerous occasions, trading clients at trade shows, collaborating on marketing and various campaigns. And he had always had a bit of a crush on her for her feisty and independent attitude.

As she started to awaken, he recognized the phases he had just gone through. She emanated a short gasp – as she realized her own predicament and strained against the bindings. Then, she started to take in her surroundings – just as he had dreaded – scanning him from toe to head.

“What in the fuck is going on,” she said, confused, taking a deep breath.

“Don’t look at me … DON’T.”

She struggled at her restraints, trying to cover herself in any way she could.

He had no words. He just stared into space, hoping to avoid staring at her naked body. But, it being the only lit thing in the room, it was hard not to – there was nothing else to focus on.

“Is this your doing? An idea of a joke?” she asked, eventually, as the thrill of being so exposed raised her adrenaline levels.

He still said nothing. He was burning with embarrassment. He was amazingly aware of how his body looked to her right now – he was out of shape, his penis was basically non-existent from the cold. Not that it was that big at the best of times. And she wasn’t trying to avoid looking at him. She was trying to make eye contact – she was mad – she thought this was his fault.

At least if she were looking at his eyes, she wouldn’t be looking anywhere else.

“No,” he said finally, locking onto her eyes. “This was not my doing. The last I remember was getting into my car to drive home.”

She stared back angrily, then softening slightly. “Yeah,” she said, resigned, “Same.”

She broke her gaze and tried to relax slightly to conserve her energy. “Ahum. You have a tiny penis.”

“HEY!” he replied.

“Look, I’m just saying this now. Let’s get it out there and over with. Like, where even is it?” she said.

“It’s cold! This is what happens when it’s cold,” he said defensively – if he was burning with embarrassment before, he was now being incinerated by it. But the attention was strangely exciting.

He looked at her body to try and find something about her body to criticize in retaliation. It wasn’t effortless – there weren’t many parts of her body that were really observably at fault.

“Oh, well … you … have quite big areolas,” he finally retorted.

“Yes, I do,” she said, a matter of factually. “It can be a problem if I wear a low-cut dress – but they’re quite light too, so nobody notices if they slip out slightly.”

Clearly, she was a lot more confident in her body than he was. After scanning her body carefully for flaws, of which he couldn’t really find any, he had become to be aroused. His penis twitched slightly and began to become slightly erect.

“Ah, there it is,” she said, looking squarely between his legs.


Their exchange was interrupted by a door in the unseen darkness opening.

Several footsteps came towards them – still in the darkness. It was not obvious how many people there were, but it was more than one.

“Stephen, Kelly,” said a gruff voice.

“We have been contracted to punish and correct your behavior. Your companies don’t like that you have been working together in your own personal interests. And that collusion has landed them in some regulatory hot water.”

Stephen tried to interrupt but was quickly prevented from doing so by a bar gag being placed between his teeth from behind. The same had simultaneously been done to Kelly. They both groaned from the new restraint.

“Nope, we’ll have none of that. We don’t need you to talk – not at this stage anyway,” said the voice. They both strained at their bindings fruitlessly.

“We understand that you have been making some inappropriate deals under the table. First, we shall bestow upon you the consequences of those decisions. Then we will ensure that you do not make them again.”

He heard various movements around him, opening boxes and shuffling around. Kelly’s eyebrows expressed the fear he was feeling perfect.

Then, the activity in the darkness stopped. An eerie quiet came over the room. Stephen felt two gloved hands come over his shoulders. He saw the same for Kelly. The hands were shiny with some kind of transparent gel. They moved down his torso to his nipples and deftly rubbed the gel over them. He saw that Kelly’s nipples and large areolas were having the gel applied to them also. As they first made contact, she let out a short gasp. She stared downwards at her chest and made a slight whimper as they rubbed her breasts with the cold gel. Once the gel was completely applied, the hands took hold of the very tips of their nipples between their fingertips and started to massage. Stephen let out a short gasp. The areas where the gel was applied were beginning to tingle. Kelly started tapping one of her feet – and let out a short, gentle moan. Her face and chest were blushing.

Stephen looked around, expecting the voice to explain what was going on. It didn’t come. The hands kept massaging, and flicking, and tweaking his nipples covered in the strange gel. He felt and saw his penis becoming erect. He was painfully aware that he was becoming aroused, surrounded by a room full of people who could see everything. Not least his colleague bound opposite him.

Kelly had shut her eyes and was shuddering slightly. She was trying to control her breathing through her nose – trying to focus and not become aroused. It wasn’t working. He could see her nipples getting more and more erect the more they were touched. Her hips starting to gyrate involuntarily. She watched down at her body, powerless to stop it. Even though she thought she should be getting turned on, she was really starting to get into it.

The fondling kept going without pause. Stephen was now fully erect – penis floating in the air. It was now undeniable that it was only 4 inches long, and he couldn’t blame it on the cold. He was beginning to see a little pre-cum forming around the tip. Kelly’s vagina now had drips emanating from it and falling to the floor.

He had an idea. Maybe they could resist by retaining eye contact. He made a sound through his gag to gain her attention. She looked up. He tried to lock her in a gaze to try and disconnect themselves from their reality of constant stimulation. For a while, it worked. Then, their eyes started to wander. Kelly first to Stephen’s dick. She looked at his manhood, at first with surprise, and then made a look that said to him, “Oh, come on, really?”. Stephen looked down in further shame, which landed his gaze on the small puddle forming on the floor beneath Kelly’s genitalia. He was surprised she was able to produce that much liquid.

The fondling was unending and intensifying. The gel was obviously making the areas more sensitive somehow. Stephen felt like he was buzzing, his penis twitching as it tried to get harder but just couldn’t anymore. Pre-cum was dribbling from the tip. He moaned. He had never been so aroused and yet so frustrated in his life. Opposite him, Kelly was obviously having the same feelings. She tried shaking her chest to stop the constant torment, but that only resulted in the hands cupping her full breasts to continue their work – which, if anything, seemed to make it worse. They added in the occasional gentle squeeze, which seemed to trigger an involuntary moan from deep inside her.

There were no indications of time in the darkroom where they were bound – and this treatment seemed to have been going on for an eternity. Stephen’s nipples had reached peak sensitivity. Every slightest touch was ecstasy – and they wouldn’t stop being touched. The hands started to move away so that the only thing they were touching on their bodies was the very tip of their nipples – the most sensitive part. This was even more frustrating – and both of them tried pushing their bodies into the fondling hands to get some kind of satisfaction. But they were not permitted. The frequency of the touches started to be more spaced out – and less predictable as a result. Each touch was a surprising shock.

And then, finally, it stopped. The hands withdrew. There was quiet again. Stephen looked at Kelly – she was shaking slightly – her whole body blushing with arousal. Her vagina was shiny with wetness, her nipples erect and protruding. Her breathing was heavy, and she stared at one of the few lit spots on the ground. Stephen’s penis throbbed, dripping with pre-cum – his nipples more erect than he had ever seen them.

Kelly looked over at him. Stephen felt so exposed and vulnerable in his aroused state – his head slumped in shame, yet his heart pumped with excitement. Her eyes softened, feeling empathy from his dejected body language.

There was a short bout of shuffling behind them, then the hands reappeared. This time, they moved directly to their genitals – each with a scoop of gel. The hands applied the gel up and down Stephen’s penis and to his scrotum – in a clinical fashion. Another pair of hands applied the gel to Kelly’s outer labia and surrounding area before separating them and applying some directly to her clitoris and a little into her vaginal passage with two fingers.

Then the hands disappeared again. Time passed, and the effect of the gel begins to become apparent. Stephen felt the tingling, and this time, coldness starts to engulf his manhood. It was an overwhelming sensation. Kelly was also evidently feeling the effects – she made a squeaking sound occasionally as she stared at her vagina, feeling the effects of the gel. She was producing more fluid there than ever before and let out a mortified moan as each embarrassing glob fell to the floor.

Stephen had never been so aroused. And yet, there was no prospect of any conclusion to this experience. He felt like he was on the edge of orgasm, yet so far away, like pushing at a door that’s not there. It was the most frustrating experience. Kelly was jiggling one of her legs and curling her toes, looking up and away, trying to distract herself from the same feelings.

And even worse, they had no explanation as to why this was happening to them. What is the purpose of this?

Then the hands came back and went to their nipples once more. Kelly tried to exclaim through her gag, “Oh, no,” and started to squeak at every touch. Stephen likewise felt the explosion of pleasure as the anonymous hands teased at his nipple tips. Stephen could hear his heart pounding in his ears, skipping with each touch. This time, the tingling of his penis from the gel ever focusing his attention on the entirely unsatisfying yet arousing experience he was going through. The gel, mercifully, prevented him from becoming sore – but only at the expense of also not becoming accustomed to the sensation.

Kelly was desperately trying to avoid the touch and trying to cover her wet, tingling, and dripping private parts and grind them against the chair to get some kind of satisfaction – which was fruitless as they were designed without a seat exactly where it was needed.

They sat, looking at each other, for a while. Then after what seemed like the third eternity, the hands went away again. Again, they caught each other’s gaze. They were both sweating now from straining. Kelly’s hair was messy and in her face – and her expression was that of desperation. They were both at an extreme level of arousal, and seeing each other that way was only more arousing.

“Now,” said the gruff voice surprisingly. “We can continue that for some time. It’s been about an hour so far. I have a shift rota that would allow us to continue this continuously, indefinitely.”

Stephen was surprised. Only an hour. It felt like an eternity.

“But, there is a way out – at least for this session. You may be satisfied, but you must satisfy yourself,” said the voice.

They both looked at each other. As if this weren’t humiliating enough as it was, now they’re being asked to do this to themselves? In front of each other? Stephen’s penis throbbed. Despite the embarrassment, he was actually quite turned on by the prospect. He was desperate for release. He felt like a balloon being pricked with a pin but could not burst. He could even feel in his testicles the sperm building up. If it came out, it would be quite explosive.

Kelly was looking at the floor. She made sheepish eye contact with Stephen. She was desperate too. Another glob of liquid dropped from her vagina, and she winced at the sound it made against the floor.

“It’s in your power to end this. Do you want to?” asked the voice. Stephen looked up, and so did Kelly. They looked each other in the eyes. Kelly started to nod, even before Stephen – he was surprised by her sudden eagerness and gained a bit of confidence in himself.

“Okay, then. Lights” said the voice. The whole room came into view. There were actually around twelve people surrounding them, previously in darkness – all of which with full gray overalls and face coverings – some men, some women. It wasn’t obvious which one was the gruff voice. Kelly whimpered slightly, only now appreciating the size of the audience for what was to happen next.

One of the people went to Stephen and Kelly and unbound their right arms carefully and remove their gags.

“Whenever you’re ready,” said the voice.

Kelly looked at Stephen in the eyes – perhaps to try and take her mind back to when they were alone in the darkness together. She moved her hand slowly between her legs, cupping her mound with her fingers. Even at that gentle touch, she slowly blinked her eyes and let a breath escape with pleasure. She paused and gestured her head towards Stephen’s arm – waiting for him to reciprocate. He blinked and moved his hand to cup his testicles. Kelly looked down and gently slid one of her fingers in, closing her eyes as she did so – then locking her gaze back to Stephen as she opened them again. Stephen squeezed his testicles and wrapped his fingers around his dick. Finally, having it touched like this felt amazing – and he let out a slight groan. Involuntarily he started to stroke it. It felt amazing. Kelly looked down as he started to stroke his dick. His pre-cum was going all over it.

Her watching him made him feel even more aroused. She stretched apart her labia and placed two fingers onto her clitoris. She began to rub with her whole hand up and down, side to side, moving her fingers efficiently for maximum stimulation and minimum effort. Stephen kept rubbing his dick and held it tighter, moving faster, lubricated by the gel and his pre-cum. Kelly was getting faster too, and her face was contorted with pleasure. Her activity was not especially elegant or aesthetically pleasing – but more utilitarian in producing the most pleasure as quickly as possible. He imagined this was how she would pleasure herself when she was alone. Although not bound to a strange chair – but instead in a bed or comfortable sofa, maybe with a saucy book or video, lying on her back, legs apart. Stephen thought about that for a moment as he stroked himself.

Despite the built-up pressure, it took a while for Stephen to reach orgasm. He was still anxious about the audience that surrounded him but still desperate to escape another indefinite amount of teasing – his testicles would surely burst. Kelly was now rubbing her clitoris with increased vigor – so much that he got a small splash of juices to his face. She was going so quickly she was becoming out of breath and was sweating – and making a moaning sound which was wavering with every thrust of her palm. She looked at Stephen’s dick again, which was itself being thrust back and forth at increasing speeds. Again, he felt self-conscious, as even fully erect, it was below average size, and it was being observed with scrutiny. But, his desperation overwhelmed this feeling, and he kept going.

Finally, the pressure built up inside Stephen and escaped in an explosion throughout his body. He threw his head back as the involuntary convulsions sent semen spraying out onto the floor. Simultaneously Kelly let out a yelp as she felt her own release, and her vagina contracted to spray her juices all over the floor in front between them. She kept rubbing and repeated this three more times before collapsing back against the backrest of the chair, exhausted. Stephen was also exhausted. They both slumped and looked at each other wearily.

Even post-orgasm, she’s still pretty, thought Stephen. They looked at each other with drained eyes. Kelly blinked slowly and nodded at him. Stephen was still aware of the group of people surrounding them, but the connection of shared relief made him feel like they were the only two people in the world.

“OK, then, that’s enough for now,” said the gruff voice. The room’s outer lights went off again, plunging all but Stephen and Kelly into darkness, and the room shuffled around them. A door opened, then closed, and locked. There was an odd hissing sound, and they looked at each other with confusion. Nothing more happened, and they just sat there – exposed and exhausted. Kelly looked over her shoulder shyly. Now the desperation had faded, she was beginning to realize what she had just done, and a pang of embarrassment – if there was any more of that for there to be – overtook her for a moment. Stephen tried to give her an empathetic smile, as much as possible with the gag between his teeth – and she seemed to notice. Kelly gave a short and nervous chuckle in response to his attempts to comfort her.

The room started to spin and go black around him. Stephen fell unconscious.


Stephen woke up on the floor – a cheap, linoleum floor. Still naked, but not bound to anything, or gagged – which was a relief.

He pulled himself upright and squinted as the room came into full focus around him. He scanned around the room and found Kelly, similarly naked, curled up in the corner, trying to remain as unexposed as possible. There was an army cot-style bed to one side, with no sheets – just a foam mattress. The lighting came from a yellowing fluorescent strip in the center of the room. The walls were bare concrete.

Stephen looked towards Kelly, hoping for acknowledgment. Kelly just stared into space.

There was a door at one side, with a slot at the bottom. Suddenly, the slot opened, and a pizza plate was shoved through it, which slid to a stop in the center.

Stephen realized now that he was ravenous. He had no idea how long it had been since he had last had a meal. The smell was intoxicating. All he wanted to do was lunge for it and devour it whole. But he resisted … it was the only food in the room, and he was not the only person in the room. But Kelly wasn’t moving.

Stephen took the plate and moved it towards Kelly. She flinched, cowering away from the movement in her direction. Then, the smell of the pizza overcame her. She carefully stretched an arm out, without looking away from the imaginary point on which she was focused, and took a slice – and carefully began to eat it.

Stephen did the same.

“Look, it’s okay, I,” started Stephen.

“No,” said Kelly. “We won’t talk about that. That never happened. You didn’t see … anything.”

“Right,” said Stephen.

An awkward silence hung. They both knew that, despite the situation, it was one of the hottest things they had ever experienced – but they weren’t quite ready to admit that to each other. Stephen broke the silence by going to lay down on the bed facing the wall.

Minutes passed. Stephen had analyzed the detail of the concrete wall, including creating a mental catalog of every crack and imperfection in it. Kelly finally moved, standing up, and came to lie behind him on the bed.

“I’m cold,” she said, a matter of factually. She pressed herself up against his back. It was the most genuine and non-threatening human contact he had had for some time. It was a tender moment, until…

“You still have a small dick, though,” she suddenly said.

“Ey, that’s not…” defended Stephen turning around slightly in indignation.

“Shh, I’m just joking. It doesn’t matter,” said Kelly, who put her arms around him in an embrace.

Digesting their meal, they slowly drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, Stephen awoke on the cot alone. If nothing else, he was well-rested. The door opened, and Kelly was thrust through it wearing a towel. “Your turn,” said a voice behind the door.

“They’re going to let you use the bathroom and have a shower,” said Kelly. “They said they wouldn’t be time for it later. You should go.”

Stephen stood up and walked over to the door. It swiftly opened, and his hand was grabbed, and he was yanked out into and then down the dark corridor. He was then deposited into a room containing only a toilet, and the door quickly slammed behind him. He made use of it.

A few moments later, the door opened again. He went to it and again was pulled from the room, down the corridor into another room. This one instead had one person in waterproof overalls and a full face covering standing in it. A burly woman, at a guess by their shape. As the door closed behind him.

“Give me your wrists,” the attendant in the overalls ordered.

They quickly bound them with a strap with an integrated loop, through which a rope was strung. The attendant pulled on the other end, and through a pulley, Stephen’s arms were jerked above his head.

“Stand there,” said the attendant, who walked away to retrieve something from a rack on the wall.

Stephen was already overwhelmed by everything that was happening to him, and then a fairly gentle spray of warm water hit his stomach. It wasn’t that cold or that high pressure, but it was definitely surprising. The spray went up and down his body several times before it stopped.

“Stay still,” repeated the attendant, who now lathered up their gloved hands with liquid soap. They applied the soap to Stephen’s body from fingertip to toe and scrubbed it under his arm and between his legs. Then, the spraying started again to rinse off the soap – the attendant walking around him to make sure all traces of soap were gone. The attendant walked away, stashed something into a rack, grabbed a large white towel, undid the pulley to lower his arms, un-clipped the wrist straps, and finally threw the towel at Stephen, which he wrapped around himself as tightly as he could.

“Go,” said the attendant. The door opened. Stephen looked back as the attendant put some of their equipment away and was again dragged into the corridor, then thrown back into his cell with Kelly.

“When you said ‘have a shower,’ that wasn’t what I was expecting,” said Stephen.

“What do you mean? I had a lovely warm shower with lavender-scented body wash and a scrunchy!” said Kelly

“You did what-?” exclaimed Stephen.

Kelly tried to keep a straight face, then laughed, enjoying her own joke a little too much, “I almost had you there. No, same happened to me.”

Two slices of toast, say on a plate next to her, she offered one to him.

They sat, in their towels, eating toast for a moment. This was the most civilized company they had been in since the start of this experience. Kelly even cracked a slight smile. She was surely stronger than he was.


“Throw your towels under the door,” said a voice from the corridor, “or we’ll take them by gassing you first.”

When they had been gassed, the occasions left them groggy for quite a while, with an unpleasant dry feeling in their mouth. Eager to limit how much that happened again, they complied and placed their towels at the flap by the bottom of the door – again, both standing naked in the middle of the room. The embarrassment of seeing each other naked had started to wear off – although somewhat re-sensitized by the luxury of a towel for the last couple of hours.

“What now?” asked Stephen.

“I can’t imagine,” said Kelly.

She wouldn’t have to imagine for that long. The door opened once again, and they were led from their cell by a group of fully dressed people with full face masks – just like those from before. They didn’t resist. There was little they could do. As they walked down the corridor, Kelly briefly touched Stephen’s hand and looked at him in solidarity.

They were emptied into a room. As they did so, their arms were held behind their back, and they were led into the center of the room – where the two almost seatless chairs from before were set up, facing each other once again. They were sat down in them one at a time – as several people applied the bindings to their ankles, thighs, wrists, and torso quickly and efficiently. Then, the outer lights of the room went off, only leaving Stephen and Kelly illuminated in the center, with their genitals and breasts exposed. This time, though, they had not been gagged.

Shuffling in the darkness ensued for a few moments as they gazed upon each other’s now-familiar bodies.

“We did well yesterday,” said the gruff voice. “I feel like we’ve pretty much destroyed any professional respect that you had for each other – it won’t be easy to have serious business discussions when you can’t help but imagine each other furiously masturbating! Haha!”

Stephen and Kelly looked shyly away from each other again. Neither of them particularly minded imagining that again.

“Now, the next phase,” said the voice ominously. More shuffling happened in the darkness. The dreadful gloved hands emerged from the darkness once again with some kind of gel. This time they were more utilitarian – just applying the gel to the nipples and genital areas before disappearing again. This time, there was no tingling. This must be a different gel, thought Stephen.

It sounded like something was being wheeled around on a trolley.

“Our business is not to damage our client’s targets,” said the gruff voice. “at least not physically. You’ll be assured to know that what’s about to happen will not leave any permanent damage – or indeed evidence. However, it has been optimized to be as effective at its job without doing so,” said the gruff voice, being worryingly vague.

The hands now brought forward some devices – transparent plastic cups around two inches in diameter with a metal ring in the center, with wires emanating from the end. There were loops for points around its circumference, each with a piece of nylon cord attached. These cups were placed over each of their nipples – with the metal ring making contact with the tips. They were adjusted to make good contact, and the nylon cords were placed around their necks and under their arms to hold them in position – a little like a bra. Kelly’s breasts were quite large, and despite their best efforts, the adjustments were insufficient to hold the cups in place over her nipples securely, so they applied a small amount of tape to hold them in place.

“What are you going to do to us?” asked Kelly, voice trembling in alarm. There was no answer.

Next, the shuffling focused around Stephen. The hands produced a stretchy neoprene sleeve, which inside has two metal foil sheets with wires coming off of it. The hands tried to slip this over Stephen’s penis. However, it had once again retraced into his body and was impossible to place anything over. They tried to arouse it by massaging his testicles, but it wasn’t big enough to fit the sleeve even then. The hands retreated, and there was some hushed discussion in the background.

Kelly smirked. Stephen shot her a glare.

Shortly later, the hands came back – this time with a smaller neoprene sleeve and a clip. They again massaged his testicles and even rubbed his penis a few times – then once they had made it as large as they could, they slipped the sleeve over his shaft and applied the clip to his foreskin to prevent the sleeve from coming off.

“It’s so small they don’t even know what to do with it!” Kelly chuckled.

“You’re next,” said Stephen. The activity was now coming from behind her.

Kelly’s smile drained away.

The hands produced two small plastic white objects that looked like clamps with an integrated screw – each with a wire leading away. They placed each one on her labia, stretching them apart to get a good angle. They were clamped down just hard enough not to move but not so hard as to cut off the circulation. Then, a strangely shaped plate with a protruding section was brought around. Each part had a metal foil layer on it and a pair of wires coming from the whole assembly. The device was inserted into her, with the protruding section with two metal contacts going inside her and the flat part containing only a metal section pressed against her clitoris. Nylon cords were attached and strung around her body to hold it in position.

The hands then sprayed each of the locations with a clear spray.

“The gel is an electrolyte. It helps the current flow and prevents burns,” said the voice. It was now obvious what was about to happen.

“Oh no, no no,” said Kelly. “You can’t. No.”

No answer.

The wires were each gathered up, and a box was brought into view. Each wire was connected to a terminal. A switch was thrown on the box, and blue light illuminated. They both flinched, but nothing happened.

“This is a very advanced device. It can either cause pain or pleasure. Both are very low-level currents but carefully modulated to change the sensation. We will use both. First, we must demonstrate,” said the gruff voice.

A yellow light illuminated the box. Immediately, Stephen felt like his penis and nipples and stomach in between were being squeezed harder than anything has ever been squeezed and were hot, being prickled by hot needles. He let out a short cry. So did Kelly. He could imagine she had the same experience he did. The yellow light went out. The squeezing stopped instantly.

Stephen looked up, and Kelly was panting and almost in tears.

Then, almost as suddenly, a green light illuminated the box. He threw his head back, feeling an orgasm growing inside him. This time, he felt like he was being licked gently all over by the most delicate of tongues and his penis being stroked with the perfect grip at the perfect speed. It was the most erotic experience he had ever had.

Then it stopped. He let out a breath. He looked over at Kelly, who was now dripping from her vagina. She rolled her eyes when she spotted that he had noticed the puddle between her legs.

“At least your cock sleeve fits now,” said Kelly, nodding at Stephen’s now engorged penis – which was indeed filling out the dreadful sleeve.

Stephen blushed.

“Now we know how this works. We’re going to play a game. I’m going to tell you something, and if it’s a good thing, you will be given pleasure, and if it’s a bad thing, you will be given pain. The amount of pain or pleasure you endure depends on how quickly you can tell me the answer,” said the voice.

“Right. Er, okay,” said Stephen, still not fully understanding.

“Let’s start. First: if you are at a trade show, a lead asks you to reschedule your appointment because they want to see a competitor first. You let them do this. Good or bad?”

“Erm,” they both say, confused. The yellow light lights up, and they scream as their most sensitive areas are doused in pain.

“BAD BAD, it’s BAD!” yells Kelly.

“Whoa, that hurts my tits, fuck!” she screamed as she shook her breasts, to no avail.

The yellow light goes out.

“Your company has a product launch. You are deciding on a date. You find out that a competitor is going to launch soon too. If they launch first, your equivalent position at the competitor will get a bonus. The person in that position agrees to share the bonus with you if you delay your company’s launch. Good or bad?”

“No, no, not again,” Stephen manages to get out, just before the yellow light illuminates again, and he enters a world of pain. It now feels like his manhood is being grated like a block of cheese.

“BAD. BAD BAD BAD!” yells Kelly. Stephen mimics her, both of them were now yelling, “BAD BAD BAD!” over and over until the yellow light goes out. The pain then stops instantly.

“We’re getting there,” says the voice. They both take deep breaths. And, true to his word, they don’t seem to have any lasting injuries.

“Your company is about to launch a product. Someone from a competing company calls you. You lie and say that you are not planning a product launch. Good or bad?”

“Uh, lying is -?” Stephen says.

“Shh!” says Kelly.

The green light illuminates. As quickly as the pain went, the pleasure sweeps over them. They both convulse involuntarily. Kelly lets out a low-pitched moan.

As they both bask in the waves of pleasure, the voice tells them, “Yes, lying to protect your company is good. Very good.”

Stephen feels the kisses of a million angels across his body. He can imagine that Kelly was feeling the same, too, every part of her sensitive areas being caressed tenderly and touched perfectly. He watches her vagina dripping and contracting her hips gyrate. She makes a range of non-verbal sounds ranging in pitch up and down as she shudders in ecstasy.

Then the light goes out.

“Your company is about to launch a product. Someone from a competing company calls you, and you tell them that you’re planning a launch. You even let slip the date. Good or bad?”

“BAA nooo!” Kelly exclaims as the yellow light illuminates.

This time it’s brief, like a punch between the legs.

“Good. The same situation, but instead, you intentionally give them the wrong date – significantly later than the real one. Hm?”

“It’s still lying, but-?” starts Stephen. The green light interrupts him. He feels like he is buzzing with energy. His testicles feel swollen with built-up pleasure trying to escape. He realizes he’s starting to drool. So is Kelly. She is bouncing up and down in her restraints, breasts bouncing with her. He wishes he could hold them and feel their weight.

The light turns off.

“You’re contacted by a headhunter for a competitor. You take their offer and leave the company and don’t give full notice.”

A pause fills the air. Was that the end of the question?

“It’s bad,” said the gruff voice. The yellow light illuminates. Stephen feels like the tip of his penis is being pulled as hard as it can be pulled whilst he is being hit in the chest with a sledgehammer.

Kelly is now starting to growl.

The light goes out.

“You’re contacted by a headhunter for a competitor. You let your current employer know the full details and take a least 6 months garden leave before starting your new position.”

“YES, that’s the good answer!” Kelly jumps in quickly.

The green light illuminates, and the army of angels descend upon them again. Stephen feels the pressure building up again as the stimulation carries on and on. He lets out a groan.

“Fuck I want to cum!” admits Kelly.

“I want to cum on your tits!” says Stephen, overcome at the moment by the waves of pleasure.

They both start gasping and making indistinct sounds of various pitches.

The green light goes out. They both relax, with the pleasure disappearing. And then suddenly looking away from each other as they regain the ability to think clearly.

“You want to cum, do you?” says the gruff voice.

“Answer me!” it insists.

“Y… yes,” says Kelly hesitantly, now with a clearer head and more control over her impulses.

“I see. No. That won’t happen, I’m afraid,” said the gruff voice, and the yellow light illuminated briefly as they both jumped in their restraints.

“I think we made some progress. Just a few more sessions,” said the voice. Suddenly the room around them starts shuffling, and the various equipment starts being disassembled and unmounted from their bodies. They hear the sounds of various boxes being opened and closed. Once these things subside, they are unbound from their strange seat-less chairs and led from the room back to their cell.


They sit on the bed together, staring into space quietly.

“That … was amazing,” says Kelly quietly.

“Th- wait for what?” replies Stephen, surprised.

“You wouldn’t know, but,” Kelly turned to whisper to him, “I’ve secretly always dreamed of that happening to me. And now I’m really horny.”

“Even though it was so painful?” asked Stephen. He thought it was weird that someone else would have enjoyed it, despite the fact he did – he assumed it was just because he was a pervert. If she’s always wanted that to happen to her, then maybe that’s how she’ll get through this. Maybe she wanted this all along?

“Stephen,” says Kelly, slightly shyly. “Did you mean what you said about cumming on my tits?”

“I, uh, at the moment, I guess, yes,” said Stephen.

“Okay,” she smiled slightly. “I’m really worked up, and I need to get a release. So, I’m going to sit here and touch myself. You are free to join me if you want.”

Stephens’s eyebrows rocketed to the top of his head. Kelly slowly turned herself around to face him, placing a leg on either side of the bed and started to massage her breasts.

“You’ve already seen me do this, so, what’s another time?” she said, trying to justify herself internally.

“But … then you were … uh, okay, sure!” said Stephen, now mesmerized by Kelly’s undulating bosom. He propped himself up against a wall, spreads his legs, and starts to stroke himself.

“Hmmm,” says Kelly. “It’s still small, but I quite like your dick. It’s cute!” says Kelly.

“Hey, that’s … OK, I’ll take it,” says Stephen, stroking what now feels like the tiniest dick in the world.

Kelly takes one hand and puts a finger into herself whilst massaging her breast with the other. She deftly moves the finger in and out and gyrates her hips as she does. She looked so hot when she had full control over her own body.

“The best thing we can do is relax and take advantage of this bond we’ve made. Understand me, and I’m not really interested in you as a partner Stephen.”

“Of course…” said Stephen, trying to shield his slight upset

“I’m just really horny, and I think we’re very comfortable with each other’s bodies by now,” said Kelly as she started to get into it, putting three fingers in and out at a time.

Stephen stroked himself, now at full size. He also indulged in playing with one nipple too.

“You have very sensitive nipples, don’t you?” observed Kelly.

“Yeah, they’re uh … mmmm … really sensitive,” said Stephen as he felt the orgasm building.

Kelly stretched apart her labia, placed her fingers on her clitoris, like she did before, and began to rub.

“Is that your favorite way to touch yourself?” asked Stephen.

“Yeah, it’s … fast and … when I’m fully wet, it feels amazing,” said Kelly as she rapidly moved her arm, rubbing her clitoris.

Stephen squeezed a little harder and jerked a little faster. This was unbearably hot. He hated himself for thinking it, given the weird circumstances. He jerked faster.

“Oh, you like that, huh? Mmmmm!” said Kelly in a strange high pitched voice he hadn’t heard before.

“Come over here. Get that little cock on my tits!” said Kelly, rubbing herself furiously.

Stephen, brain fuzzy with desire, complied without question.

“Mmm, I’m so horny and wet and look at you jerking that little cock. Cum on me. Cum on my tits. Do it!” said Kelly.

“Uhhh, okay,” said Stephen. As requested, he sped up his stroking as fast as he could. Kelly looked up at him expectantly.

“Make that little cock cum for me!” she demanded.

“Uhhhh,” said Stephen, then shot his load all over her torso. Even before he fully ejaculated, pre-cum started spraying everywhere as he jerked over her chest. There was a lot built up, and as the full load came, she was covered in strings of his white spunk, dripping down her chest. Kelly smiled at him, then flopped back onto the bed.

“Good boy,” she said and then wiped up the semen from her body and wiped it onto Stephen’s legs.

“Hey, don’t do that!” he protested.

“Eh, it’s all your stuff. You keep it.”

Kelly rolled over and fell asleep. Stephen, now with a sticky leg, joined her.


It occurred to Stephen that, despite her discomfort initially, Kelly handled this strange and perverted scenario remarkably well. Although being constantly naked around another person, you are eventually desensitized to it. Not only was she comfortable, but she also seemed to enjoy all of the bizarre punishments they were being put through – even if at the time she appeared to protest to them. He pondered whether this might be the sort of thing she fantasied about or even engaged in recreating of her own volition.

Stephen, though, wasn’t so fortunate. For him, the experience had been entirely humiliating and painful. And there wasn’t an end in sight.

He was brought to full consciousness by the fluorescent light switching on. They hadn’t seen sunlight in days, and he was not sure what time it was. But, there seemed to now be a routine. Use the bathroom, be showered, basic breakfast. Today, though, they were also issued with a large glass of orange juice and a coffee. Coffee, he hadn’t tasted coffee in so long – and despite the fact it wasn’t the best quality, it tasted amazing.

“This tastes like catering grade coffee,” Kelly pointed out. “I order a lot of this stuff at work. I don’t know how they make it, but it has a very distinctive taste. Not as good as a proper filter coffee from a coffee shop, of course, but still better than instant.”

Stephen never knew she was such a coffee buff.

A few minutes later, they were retaken from their cell. This time, they were led to a different room – this one was more like a shower room with a grating in the floor and cold textured tiles on the floor and walls. The team of overalls moved around them and revealed that in the center stood two vertical boards with restraints for ankles, waist, wrists, and torso, where they each were bound standing straight upright facing from each other, feet together.

The overall team subsided, and eventually, most of them left the room. They expected the gruff voice to make an appearance, but yet nothing. One of the team turned a valve on the wall and tiny nozzles dotted around the room sprayed them with a mist of warm water all over.

The overall team had seemed to have left the room at this point, just leaving the two of them facing each other, having water sprayed onto their naked bodies, bound upright opposite each other.

Time passes, and nothing changes. The wetness coats everything, and they were both now completely doused. Stephen felt his bladder straining. Now, the coffee was beginning to make sense. Being covered in warm water only made it worse.

They both danced in their restraints, trying desperately to delay the inevitable. Suddenly, Kelly started to blush – and then squeezed her eyes shut. Stephen felt a hot droplet hit his toes, and he looked down to see a pale yellow liquid pouring from between her legs.

The sound of the pee hitting the floor only increased the pressure in Stephen’s bladder. He couldn’t take it anymore and allow himself to release it. Unlike normal, his hands could not be used to direct the flow – so it went wherever it pleased. His penis was mostly pointing towards Kelly’s ankle, so that was where most of it went. He tried to apologize but was unable to make any coherent words.

They both stood there, having both just watch each other pee themselves, in slight disbelief. The water was still coming from the nozzles. Another few minutes pass, and suddenly, and casually, Kelly mumbles something that sounds like, “sorry,” as if she had just bumped into someone in a hallway. She looked away sheepishly as a cascade of pale yellow came from between her legs. She tried to bow her legs apart best she could to direct the flow straight downward, but with only limited success. Stephen still felt the warn droplets on his ankles.

Having synchronized before, Stephen’s seal was now truly broken, and it was his turn again. This time he tried to direct the stream away to the side by shifting his hips. This partly worked, except where it hit Kelly’s hand. She immediately balked.

After a while, the spray from the nozzles suddenly stopped – and a small army of overalls came to quickly unbind them both, wrap them each in a towel and whisk them to another room.

This new room seemed to have a room inside it. Their towels were taken from them as they were thrust into the room inside the room. And immediately, they were hit by the raw, dry heat. The room was small but better lit than anywhere else they had been in the last few days. It had wooden benches. This was a sauna! The door locked behind them.

As they regained their balance from being thrust into the room, they each found a seat on a bench. The heat was comforting and close. Quickly the moisture on their bodies was evaporating. Whilst they acclimatized, they could only focus on themselves and their own bodies – the sudden temperature change was alarming and absorbed their full attention.

Over time, the heat began to become normalized, and they became fully aware of their surroundings again and regained some level of comfort.

“I’m sorry I … you know,” stated Kelly.

“It’s OK, you didn’t have a choice,” replied Stephen, “And besides, I didn’t really mind that much.”

“You… have a thing for that too?” asked Kelly.

“Uh, well, I think they’re trying to compromise our professional relationship by using our shared kinks against us,” said Stephen coyly after a moment of thought.

“I see. Well, I guess it’s kind of working. Now I know what you’re into … I don’t really want to *work* with you anymore,” she concluded.

“No?” said Stephen.

“No. I can think of much more fun things to do together.”

They both stared into space, trying to process what just happened, yet enjoy the reprieve of the drying heat.


The next day, they were taken to yet another room. This time they were bound standing up, wrists behind their backs, ankles shackled together – but free-standing. They each had the electrodes attached to their nipples – cinched tight to ensure a good contact – and genitals, Stephen’s penis sleeve and clip in a slide into place, with the addition of a similar scrotum sleeve this time too. Kelly had her vaginal insert attached, which they ensured making good contact with her clitoris now they were in the standing position, which was a bit harder to achieve.

The machine from before with the yellow – paint – and green – pleasure – lights was wheeled into view, and their various wires were hooked up to it.

“This time, we’ll be using a new function on this machine. It’s called, ‘Sense and reacts,'” said the gruff voice.

“Ordinarily, we would use it to suppress sexual desires, but we’re using it a little differently this time.”

Stephen and Kelly both looked confused.

“The function is as such: once every second, it senses the level of arousal in the subject – either girth of the penis or conductivity of the vagina – and then if it crosses a certain threshold is then administered a pain pulse. The intensity of the pulse is proportional to the level of arousal. It’s a way of suppressing sexual desire to a certain stimulus. This unit has two channels so that we can use it on two subjects simultaneously,” he further explained.

This was the most detailed and horrifying explanation they’d had yet, thought Stephen.

“Now, normally, the sense and react channels are for one person each – you get aroused, you get pulsed. But we thought it might be fun if we crossed the channels over.”

“Wait, so, if *he* gets hard, I…” started Kelly.

“Precisely. It also has a feature that randomly picks between pain and pleasure. We’ve never really had a use for that, so we thought we’d try it out too,” said the gruff voice, betraying genuine curiosity.

As the preparations began to conclude, the room started to empty. A switch was flipped on the machine, and then … nothing.

“Perfect, we have calibrated it correctly. Now, to start things off,” said the gruff voice.

A hand appeared from behind Kelly, holding a vibrator onto her vaginal electrode. She let out a short yelp as the sensation surprised her. She closed her eyes. A few seconds later, Stephen felt a slight jolt, followed by another one second later. Like a painful clock, he was starting to be shocked every second. The pulses were so short to start that they were barely noticeable. But as the vibrator stayed on Kelly’s privates for longer, the pulses got longer each time. It felt like he was having a handful of needles dropped on his sensitive areas over and over again.

Then at once, a brief wave of pleasure. He gasped at the sudden surprise, and he immediately developed a growing erection. Kelly had the vibrator removed. That didn’t stop the shocks, though – she was still aroused. But now, his arousal was causing her to be shocked every second too. Once a second, they’d both flinch briefly and yelp, like a hellish metronome.

After a while, the sharp pains began to suppress their desire and subsequently their arousal, and they both began to fade until they stopped completely.

The room had emptied – they hadn’t noticed as they were too occupied with their punishment. They were still just standing in the room. Stephen was starting to get bored. His eyes began wandering, and the only thing lit in the room was Kelly. He looked up at her, and his gaze rested upon her out-thrust chest for just a moment before …

“Ow, Ow, Ow,” Kelly started saying monotonically. The pain was milder this time but consistent and repetitive.

Stephen was getting an erection again. “Sorry, sorry,” he apologized … and tried to think of something as un-arousing as he could. His Dad always said to think of the washing up. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine the biggest pile of dirty dishes he could. That seemed to be working.

Then Kelly gasped. It had given her a pleasure pulse. The next second ticked around, and Stephen’s scrotum was on fire again. He yelped in pain.

“Sorry! I, ow, can’t help it, ow,” said Kelly between pulses.

“Think of washing up,” said Stephen. “Please! Ouch!”

“Washing, ow, up. OK, wash, ow, -ing up.” The pulses began to subside again, but only a little.

By coincidence, they both were given a pleasure pulse at the same time. They both became hard and wet, and the pulses intensified once more. Kelly started to giggle.

Each pulse, they had stopped saying words, just making pained grunts or gasps. This cycle went on for a long time. The pleasure waves were serving to perpetuate the cycle. Their varying level of arousal kept them from becoming accustomed to the pain pulses, which were constantly varying in length and intensity.

Minutes turned into hours. They stood there, alone, involuntarily and indirectly, causing each other pain and pleasure through their own libidos for at least half a day.

When this was finally over, they were disconnected and taken back to their cell.

Once the commotion outside their cell door had subsided, they each sat in opposite corners of the room.

“I feel so guilty for being aroused,” said Kelly, cheekily, “I didn’t really want to cause you pain.”

“It’s OK. I didn’t mind,” responded Stephen. “Besides, it wasn’t you doing that. It was the machine.”

“I know, but I couldn’t control myself,” said Kelly.

“But neither could I – it was unavoidable.”

“Even now, I’m still aroused,” said Kelly, “I shouldn’t be, but I am.”

Stephen spotted a small wet patch forming under her. She produced the most liquid he had ever seen a woman produce. He felt himself growing.

“I’m sorry, Stephen, I need to get off again,” she said in the form of a faux apology. She knew he liked their evening masturbatory sessions as much as she did. “Even before this, I … you know … several times a day. And all that stimulation, you know?”

“That’s OK. I understand,” said Stephen. He had never before imagined Kelly to be an orgasm addict. But, that’s not something that comes up in professional conversation.

Kelly spread her legs apart began to finger herself, deeply and unashamedly. Stephen figured he might as well tend to his own growing erection too.

On opposite sides of the cell, they both worked themselves to orgasm, lost in their own world together. When they had both reached a climax, silently they assembled themselves on the bed – in a chaste arrangement optimized to share body heat.


That night was the last in that cell. Stephen didn’t remember falling asleep, but he remembered waking up in his own flat, fully clothed for the first time in days.

He looked out of the window. He saw his car in the apartment building car park. The clock read 7 PM. He was home.

He turned on the TV – but wasn’t really watching. He gazed into the distance. He couldn’t quite register what had just happened. He was very thirsty and remembered how to live in his own apartment and took a glass from the cupboard, which, at this point, like a childhood home it was so long ago, and filled it with water.

His phone rang. It was an unknown number. He answered it.

“… hello?” he said.


“Hello? Can I help you?”

“… it’s Kelly, uh, from Smithcorp.”

“… hello,” he responded, dazed. It was definitely Kelly.

“So… did that really just happen?” she asked.

“… I was starting to think it didn’t.”

“I see. Well. Uh. Goodbye then,” she said, hanging up.

That was a confusing conversation. The phone rang again – the same number.

“Sorry, Stephen, is it OK if I come round? I don’t really feel safe here. And I – trust you more than anyone right now.”

“Of course,” said Stephen, texting her his address. “I trust you too.”

“Are you going to leave your job?” she asked.

“God yes, what the actual fuck was that about?” said Stephen, now starting to come to terms with the experience which he was beginning to doubt was real.

“Yeah, me too. I’m thinking of a career break. Maybe move somewhere new. Another town. Country. Planet. Wherever is furthest away from my bat shit crazy employers.”

“Can I come with you?”

“… only if you cum with me.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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