Black Bikers Initiation

By Anon.


The two slightly built men set up camp at the Bikers Campsite. They were particularly attracted to the formidable black women camped next door to them. These were two six-foot-plus women who carried themselves confidently. Stuart and Peter were obsessed with black women. On the first evening, the boys had to shower at the communal facilities, which meant them walking past the neighboring site.

The women, who were sitting out drinking beers noticed the pale wimpish men walking past and clearly made some comments between themselves. Then, having had their showers, they walked back to their tent, both with a flimsy towel wrapped around themselves.

“Come over here and introduce yourselves to your neighbors!” shouted one of the women.

Stuart shouted back that they would get change first.

“No need,” Shaunice replied. “We wanna see those little white butts!”

They laughed out loud, taking another swig of beer. Peter and Stuart were excited at the attention they were getting but a little apprehensive and shy, feeling slightly vulnerable in their flimsy towels. Nevertheless, they timidly ventured over, presenting themselves to the two women.

“You bikers?” Kamica asked.

“No, we just needed a place to camp,” Peter replied

Peter was impressed with both women’s figures. Apart from being tall, both women were extremely voluptuous. It hadn’t escaped the two men’s notice that two huge bras were hanging on their washing line.

“You boys need to be inducted into biker territory!” ventured Shaunice.

Facing these two incredible women, Stuart was horrified to feel a stirring of his small member. He tried desperately hard to suppress it. But slowly and surely, his small member thickened, stiffened, and rose, now tenting the flimsy towel. Peter, sympathetic to his friend’s embarrassment, suggested they go back to get changed.

“No way! We’re just getting to know you guys,” Kamica appealed.

Peter then detected a glance at Stuart’s tent and a knowing smirk at Shaunice. Stuart was now sporting a full 4-inch erection beneath the towel and was understandably very red in the face.

“Now, before you guys go, you can at least help us to collect in the washing,” added Shaunice.

Stuart panicked a little but agreed to help. Whilst trying to maintain some dignity, the two men went about unclipping all the washing from the line. He then found that as he collected up the washing, his little dick bobbed and nodded underneath the towel. The women were somewhat amused but managed to stifle their giggles. Stuart was deliberately avoiding the bras. They were likely to send him over the edge. Peter collected in the bras, but these intimate garments were now affecting him. Particularly when he noted one was 42FF and the other 40GG. It just made him even more aware of the luscious curves of these women.

His 3.5 inches was nearly at full mast and very clearly pushing out his towel, much to his consternation. The women continued to drink their beer, idly watching the men dutifully collect their washing. Within a short time, the women had established their power and dominance over the two frail males, both now sporting small erections which rudely tented their flimsy towels as if saluting the two amused women.

“Thank you, guys,” Shaunice said

“Looks like you enjoyed the job,” added Kamica.

At which point, the women burst out laughing, and the men red-faced and highly embarrassed bid their goodbyes and made their way back to their tent.

“We will have more jobs for you tomorrow, guys, so make sure you come back!” shouted Shaunice.

The two girls had definitely got their numbers, knowing that these little dick boys were born to serve.

“Oh, my days, did you see their little peckers rise? They were ready to bust a load right there on the spot. We should have ordered them to get down on their knees and stroke off for us. That would have been a riot!” Shaunice went on.

“We’ve got plenty of time, Shaunice,” Kamica added. “You know they’ll be back tomorrow! They’re eating out of our hands,” Kamica went on.

“I want those little sissies eating out of our pussies,” at which point both women laughed again.


Peter and Stuart couldn’t get over how gorgeous the two women were. They were so voluptuous and confident, a powerful mix! The following day, at around five in the afternoon, the guys were about to go over when they were startled to find two powerful black men chatting to Shaunice and Kamica. They decided to retreat, but the girls saw them and called them over. Upon closer, these guys were like ballplayers, tall and powerfully built. The girls introduced Stuart and Peter to Aaron and Shawn. Needless to say, both Peter and Stuart felt a little intimidated.

“I understand you boys were doing some work for the ladies yesterday evening,” Aaron said. “Nice to meet you guys.”

“Pleased to meet you, Sir,” Peter and Stuart replied in unison, surprised not only that their words matched but how each of them automatically used ‘Sir’ out of enthusiastic respect for these intimidating black men.

“They really enjoyed working for us,” Shaunice added.

“It was plain for all to see apparently,” Shawn playfully mentioned.

The women and the two black men tried hard to hide their laughter. Peter and Stuart blushed, sensing that not only had the women seen their little tents under their towels, but they had also told these two men. The embarrassment for the two boys was acute, to say the least.

“Shaunice says that you guys haven’t been inducted yet,” Shawn added.

“Inducted? Yeah, I know, we haven’t. Not quite sure what it involves,” Stuart replied, sensing that these guys had some playful ideas.

Stuart and Peter both worried that camping on this site was taking an ugly turn.

“Well, you see, boys, if two white guys with no bikes are going to set up camp here, then they have to get involved in the rituals here, the customs,” Aaron went on.

“Yeah, like running errands and taking care of Biker Chicks,” Kamica added.

“Biker Goddesses, if you don’t mind, Kamica,” Shaunice exclaimed.

Everybody laughed at that, though Stuart and Peter a little less freely, fearing that they were losing a little control over their destinies. These two women were certainly goddesses, though. Shaunice was probably about 6’2 and had her jet-black hair drawn back. She had a very dark complexion and perfect satin-like skin, high cheekbones, and beautiful full lips.

Kamica was slightly lighter-skinned, with her hair up in a bun. She was slightly shorter than Shaunice, a bright face, always ready to laugh. Both had similar figures, luscious thighs, ample waist, and cumbersome breasts. When they stood up, both Stuart and Peter had similar reactions. They had even talked about it. It was like they were suddenly dropping down in an elevator, and they just got butterflies. Such was the effect they had on these slender fellows.

As occurred earlier, their small members would also react even at their greatest attempts to suppress them. They were two heavenly goddesses who just had these men enthralled!

Whilst they were chatting, the boys realized that these two black guys were obviously quite well acquainted with these women. Shaunice was quite openly rubbing her hand along Aaron’s crotch, and it appeared his thick jeans were struggling to confine a foot-long and very thick bar of flesh, which seemed to stretch halfway down his right thigh. Shaunice was clearly playful, and Aaron’s impressive physique was responding familiarly. What wasn’t familiar, to Stuart and Peter at least was the size of the member she was stroking. Regardless of your sexual orientation, it took your breath away.

They start talking about the events held at the site. Apparently, there were all sorts of competitions; Bike races obviously, hottest biker babe, mandingo biker competition, and naked wrestling. Then there was a fancy-dress party. It all sounded a lot of fun.

“You guys have gotta take part,” Kamica said with some authority.

“I don’t know about that. We’re not bikers!” Stuart protested nervously.

“Not a problem. We accept all comers,” Shawn explained. “Anyone on this site.”

“All shapes and sizes,” Shaunice added.

It was getting fairly dark, and to Peter and Stuart’s shock, Shaunice started to lower Aaron’s zipper and pulled out in full view his foot-long dick. Just gently stroking it as it slowly started to rise, lengthen, and thicken. It was jet black and gleamed like a cobalt barrel. Everyone carried on chatting as if it was completely normal for a woman to be stroking a man in full view of everyone.

“I have a feeling my Aaron has a decent chance in the Mandingo Biker competition. Don’t you think so, Kamica?”

“Shaun is no slouch in that department, Shaunice. You know that! He’s just a bit shy. That’s all,” Kamica added.

Peter and Stuart were transfixed by the atmosphere. It was getting a bit steamy. At that moment, Shaunice slowly stripped the thick and generous foreskin back from Aaron’s huge member, revealing an incredibly angry-looking purple dome. Her hand, whilst quite big, still could not completely wrap around its thickness. But as she drew the foreskin back and forth, she extracted a very thick stream of clear pre-cum, which slowly dropped onto the ground, forming a small puddle such was his vitality. She then brazenly licked the remaining pre-cum from his slit and then east him back into his pants and zipped him up.

“Hope I’m not scaring you, boys!” Shaunice enquired.

“No, no,” stammered Peter. “I’m sure he’ll do well in the competition.”

Peter and Stuart then said they were going to catch a bite to eat outside the site but would see them all later, sensing that the couples needed to be left alone and both feel that they were so turned on by what they had seen and heard that although nervous they were very turned on.


They then both went to their tent, spread out a towel, got on their knees, visualized the two women with their studs, and beat off. It was over in a couple of minutes, and they both felt a lot better, calmer, and a little more in control of themselves. Both moments with these women had turned out to be highly erotic.

Shaunice and Kamica decided that they would have some fun with Stuart and Peter as it was the fancy dress party the following night. So they approached the men’s tent, hearing some fumbling as they approached.

“Probably jacking off!” Kamica said.

Shaunice laughed at this. They knew these males better than they thought.

“Peter, Stuart!” they shouted. “Come on out!”

Having only just put on their flimsy boxers, they panicked.

“Come on, guys. Get your little butts out here,” now getting a little bolder with their orders.

The boys, flustered, reluctantly came out in their boxers. Kamica and Shaunice were delighted. The two men, as per usual, looked very vulnerable. They stood outside their tent now, somewhat dwarfed by Shaunice and Kamica. The two women saw their scrawny frames. They were both dressed in cutoff jeans and vest-like tops, showing off plenty of bra and luscious breasts. Stuart and Peter were spellbound, and the two women knew it. They started to talk to the boys about the fancy dress party to be held the following night.

They explained that the party had a sub/Dom theme and suggested the boys went as French Maids. By this time, despite their earlier ejaculations, their small members were determined to display themselves, despite Stuart and Peter’s best efforts to suppress them. Their little dicks had begun the embarrassing rise, twitching, and bobbing and now, much like before, rudely tenting their boxers.

Yet again, their little rods were determined to salute Shaunice & Kamica. Only this time, the thin cotton of their boxers left much less to the imagination. Shaunice and Kamica estimated that there were less than 8 slim inches on display collectively. They were right. The two women smirked and then raised their eyebrows at the two men. The men blushed profusely as if on queue.

“So, French Maids, you guys will be perfect,” Shaunice declared, breaking the uncomfortable silence. Stuart and Peter were dumbfounded.

They hadn’t even had a chance to reply. The girls had decided for them.

“But what are we going to wear?” ventured Peter.

His slim rod quivering as he spoke.

“We’ll sort you out aprons and caps, thigh highs and suspenders. So don’t worry about that, Peter,” Kamica replied.

At that moment, the two black guys approached. Shaun and Aaron both had wry smiles, amused at the sight. Their two gorgeous thick divas were telling these two little white butts where it’s at.

“Wow, you boys in your underwear!” Shaun announced. “You guys better be careful of wedgies!”

It was like Highschool days all over again, Stuart and Peter thought, having been bullied repeatedly in the changing rooms after gym class. No sooner had they thought it, the two men each put a strong right hand round the back of Stuart and Peter respectively, firmly took hold of the waistband and hoisted it up their backs, driving the seat of their boxers into their butt cracks? This was humiliating as it was. But to add insult to injury, the sudden upward movement of the material at the back caused the front fly of the boxers to drop significantly, allowing their previously tented erections to spring free.

What a sight! One 4 incher and a 3.5 incher out on show. Both oozing pre-cum, and as the two strong black men held them securely, literally lifting both boys onto their tippy toes, the accompanied jostling caused two clear strands of pre-cum to drop towards the ground slowly.

Kamica and Shaunice were beside themselves. They let out the sort of strangled laughter, which was surprise and delight balanced with some sympathy. So Stuart and Peter’s little dicks were finally out on the show, and these two formidable and gorgeous black goddesses had a front-row seat! And as Shaun and Aaron continued to jostle their catches, the two little dicks proudly nodded and bobbed before their audience, flicking strands of clear pre-cum here, there and everywhere. Stuart and Peter’s faces were a crimson red, such was their embarrassment.

“My goodness. Those little dicks want to party!” Announced Shaunice.

At this point, even Shaun and Aaron joined in with the laughter. At that moment, a middle-aged and rather fierce-looking biker woman was passing. “Nice show, boys! Hope we’re gonna see those fine specimens at the Mandingo Biker Competition on Wednesday.”

“Sorry, boys. Just a little fun,” added Shaun as they lowered the two men, helping to pull their boxers back into place.

“Now, if you guys are going to be French Maids, you need to be smooth. That means we’re going to have to shave those little fellows!”


Preparing Peter and Stuart for fancy dress, Shaunice and Kamica instructed the guys to come at a specific time to their tent for the shaving. They were both pretty astonished that the women were so intent, not really giving them a choice to decline. They were both to be dressed as French Maids for the Bikers fancy dress party, and they were expected to have their cock and balls shaven clean for the event. It was all a little hard to take in. But surprisingly, both Peter and Stuart felt obliged to comply.

Stuart was to arrive at their tent at 3.00 and Peter at 4.00. They were both pretty apprehensive. However, there was little to hide now. They realized that both women had now seen their meager weapons and that their embarrassment should now be non-existent. Both men were pretty hairless generally but naturally had significant amounts of wispy hair around their manhood.

“I cannot wait to shave those little peckers!” exclaimed Kamica.

Shaunice laughed. “I’m sure they’ll rise to the occasion.”

Then they both fell about laughing.

“We gotta watch that,” Shaun added.

“No problem!” added the women. “We may need you guys to hold them down.”

“I think you girls are managing these guys pretty comfortably,” Aaron added.

Stuart walked over to the tent, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Red-faced and apprehensive, to say the least. When beckoned in by the women, he was astonished that Aaron and Shaun were also present. Kamica was already preparing the razor and had a can of shaving gel. Kamica then instructed Stuart to take off his clothes. He did this till he was standing there in his pants.

“Come on. We can’t do much until those come off,” Shaunice commented rather forcefully.

Stuart dutifully removed his pants only to reveal a reluctant little dick shriveled to about 1.5 inches. Both Stuart and his manhood were clearly far from excited. Finally, the atmosphere went quiet, and Kamica gestured for Stuart to lie back on a pillow on the floor, prostrate, leaving his nether region fully exposed to Kamica’s razor. She then got to work, lathered up cock and balls, and applied the razor-like a pro.

Stuart was transfixed with Kamica’s heavenly orbs, swinging in her sturdy 42EE bra as she bent over Stuart to denude him totally of every hair around his genitals. Shaunice and the two men chatted and enjoyed the show. Kamica was now pinching the bunched foreskin at the tip of his member, stretching it out to run the razor along the shaft base. Stuart suddenly sat up, feeling the pinch. Kamica was thorough but far from gentle.

“You are going to have to keep him still, Shaunice,” shouted Kamica.

With that, as if on cue, Shaunice, dressed in a short robe, swiftly straddled Stuart’s head and lowered herself down onto his face. Stuart was overwhelmed. It all happened so quickly. He was now in complete darkness and now had Shaunice’s muff pressed up hard against his mouth. Almost instinctively, he struggled, but she was a big girl and merely applied her full weight to nullify his feeble efforts to sit up.

Meanwhile, Kamica, smirking at this sudden turn of events, continued to shave the remaining wisps of hair deftly.

To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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