Big Max: The Exhibitionist

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By alphafan

Max enjoys being an exhibitionist. In fact, that is what led him to become a body-builder in the first place. At 6′ 5″ and 285 lbs. of solid muscle, men and women both enjoy looking at his body as much as he enjoys showing it off. He also knows that there is no better place for an exhibitionist to be than Fantasy Fest in Key West on Halloween.

Just as they had for the past few years, the Key West Tourism Board paid all of Max’s expenses to come to Fantasy Fest and just wander through the crowd in costume and show his body off. This year Max’s costume consisted only of lace up gladiator sandals, a deep tan, huge muscles, and a leather thong that barely held his large package in place.

Everyone at Fantasy Fest wanted their picture taken with him, gay and straight alike. Max always gave the gay guys a little extra attention; posing, flexing, letting them feel his muscles, and then having their picture taken with him. He is quite a celebrity in the gay community.

But when it comes to straight couples, one thing that has always fascinated Max is the number of men who offer up their wives and girlfriends to have sex with him.

As he was thinking that, he saw a hot couple walking up the street toward him. The guy was about 5′ 8″ and the woman a few inches shorter. They stood out from the crowd. She was naked except for body paint, and he, in addition to body paint, was wearing a colour matching thong to hold his package.

Max could see that the guy’s thong wasn’t as challenged holding in his package as much as Max’s was holding in his. Although the man was a little guy, it was obvious he worked out. Actually it was obvious they both worked out. They both had great bodies.

The guy had a look of recognition when he saw Max. He walked up, looked up at Max, and asked “Max Johnson?”

Max acknowledged that he was and the guy introduced himself as Alan.

Alan called to his wife “Paige, come over, there’s someone I think you’d like to meet.”

She walked over to the two of them. Max was impressed by her very sensual approach.

“Hi” she smiled “I’m Paige.”

“Hi Paige, I’m Max.”

“I thought I recognised you. Alan has shown me pictures of you. In fact, since he has, we often include you in our sexual fantasies, and Alan particularly enjoys it when you are.”

They talked for several minutes, and while they talked, it was very obvious that Paige was checking Max out.

“Max, I’ve told Alan that I think your pictures are photo shopped to show your cock to be bigger than it actually is,” she said.

Max said “Paige, trust me, my cock doesn’t need to be photo enhanced. Actually it’s bigger than a lot of people can handle. But you don’t have to just take my word for it. Maybe the three of us should go up to my room and you can decide for yourself.”

Alan stood quietly aside as this conversation was going on. Max knew that what was about to happen was exactly what Alan had hoped would happen.

Max took Paige’s hand in his and the three of them walked to his hotel a short distance away. As the three of them walked through the crowd, it was clear to many in the crowd that Paige and Alan were about to get a real Fantasy Fest treat.

When they were in his room Max discarded his thong and stood naked before Paige.

He asked “So, do you still think my pictures have been photo shopped?”

“I apologise Max, your cock is awesome. Alan always said you had a huge cock and that what you see in the photos is what you get,” said Paige.

Standing on her toes she looked up at Max and with both hands she began to stroke his cock until it was fully erect, and said “Max I know you’re gay, but I’d really like to feel this real man’s cock inside me.”

With that, Max lifted Paige and impaled her on his huge cock and held her with one arm as he lifted and lowered her with each stroke of his cock. He stretched out her tight pussy with his huge cock touching places Adam’s little dick had never been able to reach.

Max really enjoyed cuckolding straight men and this evening’s fun had just begun.

He looked down at Alan and said “I’m impressed that a little man like you has been able to satisfy such a sensual woman. I just hope for your sake that after I’m done stretching out Paige’s pussy with my big cock she can still be satisfied by your little dick.”

He then laid Paige on the bed, lifted her back onto his cock and took her doggy style. Paige’s pussy lips were stretched to the limit by Max’s massive cock. Max turned Paige every way but loose for the next ten minutes until he shot a huge load and filled her pussy with cum.

Given Max’s thick cock, Paige’s tight pussy, and the massive amount of cum, the cum surged out from between her pussy lips and his cock. When Max was finally done, he laid a limp and satisfied Paige on the bed and laid down beside her.

Alan walked up to the bed and said, “Wow Max, that was quite a performance.”

Alan then straddled Max’s prone body and began to give him a relaxing back and shoulder massage. However, Max soon realised that while Alan was giving him the massage he was also rubbing his hard on up and down Max’s butt crack.

Max said “Little man, it appears that watching me fuck your wife has gotten you more than a little excited. Now let’s say we focus on you. What would you like?”

“Would you let me pretend I’m topping you?” said Alan.

“Sure little man, let’s pretend. You certainly deserve that for being so patient while Paige had her fun,” Max said, as he rolled over, laid on his back, and put his legs in the air.

Alan climbed on top of Max and began to rub his hard dick against Max’s now flaccid cock; pretending that he was the alpha male and Max was the submissive.

Paige looked over, giggled, and said “Oh Alan, you look so little next to Max.”

Alan could tell that Paige was as impressed with Max’s size as he had been the first time he saw a photo of him. Alan continued to rub his little dick against Max’s huge cock. Before long Max was again fully erect. And shortly after that, both hard dick and hard cock erupted. The volume of Max’s cum, even with this being his second orgasm of the evening, was as impressive as the first.

When he was done, Max pulled Paige and Alan to his thick muscular chest. Paige and Alan were exhausted but very content as they laid in the arms of the powerful alpha male of their fantasies.

The End.


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