At The Therapist 2: Life with Mommy

By Demderenorwayguy.

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Part 2…

She used to be my therapist, but she told me to find a new one so she could be my Mommy. She has a boyfriend who is Big and strong—and more than once. She has left the door open to her room as they were getting frisky—he is huge—I mean my—Um—pee-pee (she yells at me If I call it a penis or cock or dick). Well, anyway, my pee-pee is not anything compared to his huge cock. She has seen me repeatedly sneaking a peak as he fucks her senseless. She looked me in the eye as he fucked her hard from behind. I tried to hide but could not stop myself from playing with myself—it was so hot. I wonder what it is like to do what he did to her. I just heard him leave, and now I am nervous, is she mad at me?

I lay in the bed pretending to sleep as she entered my room. “Hey, babydick! It is morning, and I am making pancakes. Do you want any?” she asked. I look at her nervously, and she grins. She throws a pair of pink panties and a tank top at me. “Put those on and set the table while I make breakfast, OK, Missy?”

Quietly I do as she told me and sit down to eat.

“Did you like seeing Mommy Get fucked by a real man last night?”

I nodded and blushed.

“I can’t hear a nod, girl. Please answer my questions with your words.”

I was red in the face blushing intensely. “Yes, Mommy, I enjoyed it. Was that bad of me? And please don’t call me girl,” I said.

She looked me straight in the eyes. “Do you have a cock that would melt my brain?” she asked.

“N-no, I guess not.”

“No, you do not. You have a baby pee-pee that you diddle far too much. Men have big, beautiful cocks. Boys have cocks that can get the job done. You have a little clitty, which we will call it from now on.”

I mumbled, “Yes, Mommy,” feeling myself get hard.

She looked me up and down. “Is that little thing hard?”

How could she tell? I was sitting at the table. “Um—how did you know, Mommy?”

She grinned. “Cause you get this cute expression when your panties Get tight.”

I hid my face in my hands.

“OK, get up. We need to do some measurements.” She pulled a tape measure from her pocket. I stood before her, and she yanked my pink panties down. “Aww, cute little clitty is trying to say hello. Well, it will get measured, then you will pull those panties up.”

She measured it and giggled as she said the measurements loudly and wrote them down.

“All done, cute as it is, put it away and clear the table. Once that is done, I want you to join me in my bedroom—and no—that thing is NOT coming near me—2.5 inches hard—pathetic!”

After tidying up the kitchen, I went to her room. She was picking out clothes for her day out, dressed in only black lacy panties and a white tank top. As soon as she had her clothes picked out, she threw the clothes she had on in the laundry hamper and stepped into the bathroom. Her head came into view.

“Don’t just stand there. Come hold my towel ready when I get out of the shower.”

I stood bewildered and turned on as I got to watch her shower. When she came out, I wrapped her in her towel, and she glared at the little bulge that betrayed my erection.

“Do you think Mommy is sexy?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Do you want to fuck Mommy like that man did last night?”

She smirked as I nodded.

“Will you settle for sticking your tongue in Mommy’s ass while she puts on makeup?”

I fell to my knees behind her, and she stuck her ass out.

“You do NOT dare try to touch my beautiful pussy! Now lick my ass, sissy!”

And I worshiped her beautiful ass as she put on her makeup. When she moved, she told me to stay right there. I nodded and waited.

“Would you like to lick Mommy’s pussy?”

I nodded eagerly and almost yelled, “Yes, please, Mommy.”

She smiled. “I have ordered a custom cage for your little clitty. Only with that on will you get to touch my pussy. Is that clear?”

I nodded. “Yes, Mommy.”

“In the meantime, you will lick my beautiful ass whenever I tell you. Yes?”

I nodded.

“And I better never see you diddle your clitty again,” she said sternly.


A few weeks passed, and she had me do chores wearing only girly panties and a matching tank top. One morning I opened my underwear drawer and found that my boxers and briefs from before I moved in were all gone—replaced by panties in soft pinks, purples, yellows, and so on. I ran to her and asked what had happened.

“Oh, I binned them. You don’t need them, little girl.”

I blushed and asked, “What will I wear when I leave the house? It is embarrassing for a man to wear panties in public.”

She nodded. “It certainly would be, but you are a cute little girl, not a man, so you always wear panties.”

I looked at her. “Outside, I am a man.”

She got a confused expression and asked, “Are you a man, or are you trying desperately to hold on to that fiction?”

With a meek voice, I said, “I am a man?”

She shook her head. “First, men are big and strong. You are skinny and weak. Second, men have large, beautiful cocks that make women cum repeatedly. You—well, you have an adorable little clitty dick that is completely useless for sex and would never make a woman cum. Third, men dominate confidently. You enjoy being dominated. You are NOT a man.”

I started to cry. I was hard and humiliated and was crying.

“There, there, little girl, let the tears out. It is OK to be sad at things, even bad things being left behind.” She looked down at my panties. “That proved my point—your little clitty dick is hard at being told the truth.”

She slapped the bulge hard, and I yelped.

“Today, I go pick up your new cage. You will be much happier when that little thing is locked away. Because now it is lying to you, making you think it can maybe please a woman—it can’t. But it screams lies in your ears to make you think you are a man when you are not.”

I looked at her with tears in my eyes. “What happens then?” I asked.

“Well, first, we lock away your little clitty dick. It will only be unlocked for hygiene purposes, and when unlocked, your hands will be cuffed to ensure you get no ideas. We sign a Mommy/daughter contract where formally, that thing takes the name of clitty, and you and it become my property. As you learn your place, you will get privileges like licking my beautiful pussy, not just my asshole. You will get to watch real men fuck me senseless and thank them for what your clitty can’t do.”

I cried and nodded. “If you think that best.”

She smiled. “Good gurl. Learning her place and that her baby pee-pee is useless as anything other than a cute little adorable clitty.”

She flicked the bulge my hard-on made in my panties and smiled.

“That thing barely makes a bulge in panties at all, and it proves how turned on you are about me owning that little useless thing. It is quite cute, though, and I love it. But not for making me feel good—to look at and tease and make you embarrassed,” She smiled. “You are to wear those clothes all day, and when I get home, you will shower and come to the living room naked.”

I looked at her and nodded.

I kept doing my chores all day while she was out, and when I heard her enter and call me by name, I stopped what I was doing, went and took a shower, then walked into the living room. She was NOT alone. Several men in suits and beautifully dressed women sat and looked at me as I entered. I jumped and covered myself. She smiled.

“Let them see all of you, little gurl. They are all part of the BDSM club I belong to. They will all see you repeatedly undressed in the future,” my Mommy said.

I nodded and let my hands drop to my sides. “Yes, Mommy.”

One of them smiled. “So obedient and so small. Chastity is good for her.”

Another voice said, “That pathetic thing should have been locked up long ago. It’s such a tiny babydick.”

Mommy indicates for me to stand at the center of the room. Then she handed me the cage. “Put this on for Mommy.”

I did what I was told but fumbled as this was my first time. Everyone is looking at me. I felt self-conscious.

A man told me, “Now hand your Mommy the key and tell her this…” He handed me a note.

I read it before saying it out loud as I gave her the key. “Mommy, please accept this key as ownership of me, your little girl with a tiny clitty. I trust you and know you know best what is good for me and my tiny pee-pee. Please keep me safe and teach me to be a good girl. I am sorry, I do not have a proper cock and am not a man.”

I was almost crying as I said the words. Mommy smiled at me and said, “Thank you, I promise to keep you safe and teach you to forget about anything remotely masculine as you are not a man.”

They had a party, and Mommy told me to mingle, But I was not allowed to get dressed or to cover myself. Men and women pointed and laughed at my tiny penis and told me I was a lucky girl to have such a good Mommy.

When the party ended, Mommy told me it was time for bed. Since I was such a good girl, she would let me sleep in her bed as a reward. After I crawled into bed, Mommy came in and undressed. Naked, she crawled into bed with me and snuggled close.

“The more you behave, the more you will get to sleep here when there are no men around. Tomorrow you do your chores naked so I can enjoy seeing my property. Your little pee-pee is so cute in that cage.”

I couldn’t sleep that night.


To Be Continued…?


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