By (name withheld at author’s request).

I’m 21 years old and a student at a university in Colorado. I am involved with the rock climbing club there, and one weekend a large group of people go down to a climbing area in Southern Colorado to spend a night there and climb. The first day we are there, we spend all day rock climbing. I am one of the best climbers in the club. I am about 5′ 10″ and 130 pounds, which makes me the perfect rock climbing size. However, my shoe size is 6-7 men’s, and my penis size is consistent with my shoe size. Making me the perfect size to be wildly insecure. Eventually, we ran into some people from another university in Colorado. I started talking to some of the climbers about climbing and such. They had a large outdoor adventure club trip this weekend. Eventually, the day ended, and we all went back to our campsites.

My group had maybe 15 or so people, and we all ate dinner, started a little fire, and started drinking. It was pretty mellow, we were sitting around the fire talking, but we kept hearing the other university from across the road partying very loudly. Eventually, a few of the people from my group decided to head over to their campsite and see what was up. The mellow (or insecure) people decided to stay around our humble campfire, and we talked politics, drank our beers slowly, and enjoyed the evening. However, the party had only gotten louder, and our friends had yet to come back. So we all decided that we would walk over to the campsite and see what was up.

We could see that there were probably 40 or so people all standing around a massive bonfire from a distance. At first, I thought, ‘Wow, everyone has their shirts off.’ As I got closer, I realized, ‘Wow, everyone is only wearing underwear.’

Everyone was drinking heavily. A massive bottle of Fireball was being passed around loud music was being played. Most people were wearing whatever underwear they had on. But there were two guys completely nude. Both were very well endowed in between 4-6 inches soft. A couple of girls also had their tops off, but none of the attractive ones.

Our group, however more sober and very stunned, decided that we couldn’t hang out with our clothes on, so we decided we would join the festivities and began to undress. I should preface, this was in February, so there was snow on the ground, and we were all wearing many layers. But it was hot around the massive bonfire. As it was winter, I did not expect to be seen in my underwear, so I did not plan accordingly. I was wearing a pair of Calvin Klein white briefs. A sexy pair of tight-fitting briefs meant to highlight my bulge (or lack there off). As many of you likely understand, your bulge is just a little button poking straight out when wearing tight underwear. When fully erect, I am about three and a half inches. When soft, I’m around two inches. However, the temperatures were in the twenties (F), snow was on the ground, and I was very nervous that people would notice the tiny bulge. Consequently, I doubt it would measure much over an inch.

My group quickly intermingled with the group of our friends and students from the other school. We had to catch up, so we drank a lot. The guys, myself included, started jumping over the fire or even wetting our shoes with mud and standing in the middle of it. Some of my close guy friends commented on my underwear and played it off with an, “I like the support,” or, “They are comfortable in a harness.”

There were quite a few beautiful women around the campfire. The hottest one (in my opinion) came from my school. Her name was Lily, and she was probably 5’6, brunette, and very skinny. With an hourglass figure. Her waist was super thin, and she had great abs, but holy shit, did her hips pop. She may have the best ass I have ever seen, big and perky with a perfect shape. She was wearing a black thong that left just enough to the imagination that it was tantalizing. She had great perky tits and was wearing a typical sports bra, but her ass was really a gem. The second hottest girl was from the other school. Her name was Aspen; she was probably around 5’3 and blonde. She had a fantastic body with perky c’s and a nice round ass. A little thicker than Lily but in all the right places. She was wearing black lacy panties and a Calvin Klein sports bra. There were several other hot girls there, but these are the only ones I really remember.

I kept staring at these two girls as it was hard not to, but I kept making eye contact with Aspen. Eventually, I checked out her body, and when I made it up to her face, we locked eyes, and she smiled. This time I didn’t look away because she waved at me. Using some drunk confidence, I decided to go over and talk to her.

We started talking for a little while. I tried to mention how good I am at climbing. Eventually, she says, “I think your undies are cute,” as she is eying up the tiny little nub.

I hope that she can’t tell how small it is, but it was pretty obvious. She then asked me if I wanted to dance, so we started dancing to some silly rap song. Eventually, she starts grinding on me. The skin-to underwear contact was too much for me. I almost immediately got a raging hard-on. It was so hot, her ass rubbing up against my throbbing cock. I was so horny that a little pre-cum leaked out.

She feels my little guy pressing against her ass and turns around and says, “Someone is a little excited.” Then she gets real close and whispers in my ear, “How big is your dick?”

I quickly tell her that it’s six inches when fully hard. She then reaches down and starts rubbing my dick over my underwear.

“It feels pretty hard to me, and no offense feels a lot shorter than six inches.”

I respond by promptly ejaculating straight into my underwear.

“Did you just cum?” she asked as she wipes off some of the creams she got on her hand through the undies.

I told her that I was so sorry and I didn’t mean to.

She responds by again asking me, “How big is your dick, cause that premature little thing sure as hell isn’t six inches.”

With some post nut clarity, I decided to tell her the truth.

“Three and a half inches?” she says excitedly. “That is really small. Can I see it?”

At this point, I had gone back to my flaccid state of maybe one and a half inches. So I really did not want anyone to see. So I told her, “I don’t think so.”

She said, “How about this? I will take off my bra if you take off those little panties. Oops, I mean underwear off. C’mon, I just made you cum. You owe me one, and if anyone sees that cum stain on your underwear, it will be just as embarrassing as them seeing your little Weiner.”

She was right. The cum stain was very noticeable. But I still refused. She calls over the guy with the giant bottle of Fireball, shoves it in my hands, and says, “One-second pull for every inch.”

I figured the drunker I am, the easier the situation will be, so I lift the giant bottle two-handed to start drinking. At about the two-and-a-half-second mark, Aspen grabs my underwear’s waistband and yanks them down, exposing my little dick to the cold air. She started laughing as I tried to pull my underwear back up but ended up falling in the snow. Covering my dicklette in snow and making it shrivel even more. When I stood back up and got my underwear up, they were drenched, and I could see straight through them.

Quite a few other people saw this encounter and laughed and whispered to each other and made the small penis hand gesture to show their friends how small it was.

Aspen then comes up and says, “C’mon, I have already seen it. Just take them off, own that little guy.”

I figured it couldn’t get any worse, and at least id get to see Aspens’ tits, and the wet underwear was really cold, so I told her, “Alright,” and started taking them off.

She stops me and tells me to wait a second. She then yells, “Can I have everyone’s attention?” She didn’t get everyone to look like a lot was going on, but probably twenty people started listening to her. “My friend here has something he wants to show you! Go ahead, take off your panties,” as she turns around to look at me.

All eyes were on me, and I didn’t know what to do, so I said fuck it and dropped my underwear, exposing the head of my penis for the whole campfire to see. Everyone watching applauded loudly and started laughing hysterically. Aspen grabs my underwear and then throws them in the fire to more applause and then comes up to me and says, “I’m so proud of you and your little member, and as a reward…” she takes off her bra, exposing her perfect perky round tits.

At this point, the girl Lily with the amazing ass came over saying, “No offense, but that may be the smallest penis I have ever seen.”

I laugh awkwardly and say something about the boat and size not mattering. She had one of the naked guys on her arm. Apparently, they had been making out cause his dick was semi-hard—a solid seven inches.

“Do you mind if I compare you two?”

I was about to object when Aspens steps in and says, “He’d love to,” and grabs my arm and pulls me next to the guy.

The girls quickly observe that my whole penis is smaller than the head of his dick. The guy looks at me and says (not unkindly), saying, “Sorry, man, she dragged me over here.”

Aspen then points out that the comparison isn’t fair because I was fully soft. So she takes her thumb and forefinger and starts tugging on my nub as lily helps the other guy get to full attention. It takes almost no time for me to get hard. The new observation is that I was less than half the other guy’s size when fully hard.

Aspen compared all kinds of things to my dick, fingers, lighters, beer cans, phones. I started to get really close to cumming again as my dick had not been touched like this since my high school girlfriend pity fucked me. I also was loving the humiliation. So when Aspen grabbed my dick to compare it to the Fireball handle, I blew my load all over her and her hand and the handle. And quickly, it sunk back down to my pathetic soft size.

At this point, the party was starting to go south. Most people were blackout drunk, a couple had fallen in the fire and were requiring medical attention, tons were vomiting, and people started to go to bed. This was when Aspen asked me, “Where are you sleeping?”

I told her I had a bed set up in my car.

She asked me, “Do you have room for one more? I think you owe me a couple of orgasms.”

She grabbed her sleeping bag and came and stayed with me in my car for the night. I ate her out for hours.

The aftermath wasn’t too bad. Most people were so drunk they didn’t notice and didn’t remember what had happened. Those who did remember had enough respect to pretend they didn’t. Except for Lily, who would giggle every time she saw me and then whisper in her friend’s ears until they started giggling.

Aspen and I have started seeing each other, and I am very excited to see where it goes.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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