A Tale of Two Sisters


Saturday – Part 1

I woke up early, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Kim was sleeping naked, something she hadn’t done in ages. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and walked into the kitchen to find Steph sitting at the table drinking tea.

“Morning,” I said.

We made brief eye contact. “Morning. Do you want some tea?” she said.

I was about to say I always drank coffee but changed my mind and said “Yes please.” I sat down while she turned the kettle back on and got a mug and a tea bag.

“Anything in it?”

“No thanks.”

She poured the water and brought me the mug. We sat in silence for while. Finally she said, “Have you ever seen The Room?”

I hadn’t. She had it on her computer and we watched about 30 minutes of what is quite possibly the worst movie ever made – I loved it. She knew a Room drinking game and we sipped tea every time someone said, “Oh hi,” or left a door open, or appeared with no introduction.

During a passionate and ridiculous love scene on the stairs she said, “Sorry I freaked out last night.”

“No problem,” I said, trying to sound cool. “It was pretty surreal. Kind of like this crazy movie.”

She laughed, then said, “You know that guy on the beach, Nathan? He has a girlfriend, and she found out about us skinny dipping. She got really mad, and then he got mad, and said it was my idea, which it was, and, I dunno, I saw the way you were looking at me, and I just really don’t want Kim to think that..that I’m trying to seduce you or something.”

“That guy sounds like an asshole,” I said after a long pause.

Steph laughed and it sounded like she was choking back tears. “He is,” she said.

“But I totally get it,” I said. “It’s just that…well, to be honest, me and Kim hadn’t had sex in a long time, and I think we were both really horny, and all that kind of exploded last night.”

“Like when you came after ten seconds?” she said, smiling. “Kim told me.”

“I lasted like an hour when we had sex afterwards!” I said, with mock indignation.

“Suuure,” she said.

We were almost finished The Room when Kim opened the bedroom door. She was wearing pyjamas and had her hands down the front of her pants. “My vagina feels all tingly,” she said. “Is that normal?”

“Only when you’ve had the best,” I said, and took a drawn out sip of tea.

Steph laughed. “Ya, for about a day. I have some cream though.” She got up and Kim followed her to the bathroom.

“My balls feel fine!” I yelled after them. “Also, can I keep watching?”

Steph gave me the thumbs up and Kim closed the door, asking Steph, “What are you two watching?”

I finished the movie and was on Amazon ordering the book The Disaster Artist, about the making of The Room, when Kim finally appeared with Steph in tow. They sat down, and Kim said, “Did you get turned on seeing Steph naked?”

I hesitated. “Ya,” I said, sheepishly.

“I’m cool with it,” Kim said to Steph. “You were naked. He’s a guy. Who cares?”

“Ok,” said Steph. She smiled.

“Good,” said Kim. She put her arm around her sister. “Now can you help me shave my anus?”

I laughed out loud. Steph laughed as well, and the two trooped back to the bathroom. I followed this time. Kim kicked off her bottoms revealing she wasn’t wearing underwear. She took off her shirt, revealing her nude body. She got in the shower.

“Get in!” said Kim. She looked at Steph, then back at me. “Jeff, you gotta go, though.”

I did a sad Charlie Brown walk out of the bathroom and closed the door. I wanted to be in that shower with the two of them more than anywhere in the world.

I ordered the book, and made some coffee. Finally the bathroom door swung open and Kim appeared, completely bare, in every sense of the word. She sauntered over to me. I drank in her shaved pussy, the way both labia protruded, and how the right lip stuck out just a bit more. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her smooth vulva. She spun around and pulled her cheeks apart. “Any hair?” she asked. Her asshole was pink and clean.

“Negative,” I said, and kissed her right butt cheek.

“Kiss ass,” said Steph, watching from the hall. She was wrapped in a towel. Kim went to the bedroom to get dressed, but Steph had her bag in the living room. In full view of me, she found a fresh g-string, and pulled it on. She kept her towel on, but I saw her pussy for a brief moment when the towel fell open before she pulled her underwear all the way up. I noticed she looked smoother than she had before, and figured she must have shaved as well. She selected a black bra, unhooked her towel, exposing her boobs, and put the bra on.

Kim appeared, fully clothed. “We should get going to the cabin,” she said. “Steph, can I share your bag?”

“Roger,” said Steph, and pulled a handful of shirts out of her bag. Something pink fell out, and bounced when it hit the floor. It was a vibrator, with two shafts, one medium-sized and one small. “Oops,” said Steph. She smiled and picked it up.

“What brand is that?” I asked, imagining her rubbing her wet pussy with it.

“The Rabbit,” she said, tossing it in the bag. “It’s the best.”

We packed up our bags, all the beer in the apartment, half a bag of chips, and hit the road.


Saturday – Part 2

By the time we got to the cabin, it was mid-afternoon. We’d grabbed food and more beer from the grocery store 30 minutes down the road. The cabin had a rustic vibe, but had all the amenities you could ever want, including a 52-inch TV and an espresso machine.

We dumped our bags on the hallway floor, put the beer and perishables in the fridge, and walked down to the lake. The lake was large, but our little entrance was quite private, with trees on both sides, going down almost to the water. Steph sprawled out on the warm beach. She kicked off her sandals, and buried her feet in sand.

Kim immediately stripped off all her clothes and ran into the water. “It’s fucking cold!” she screamed, and submerged herself.

“Is she usually this naked?” Steph asked.

“Uh, no. I think you awakened something in her.”

“I am usually the first one naked,” said Steph.

“Come in!” yelled Kim, only her head above the water. “It’s not bad once you get in!”

I looked at Steph and shrugged. We undressed quickly and raced in. It was fucking cold. The drop off of land was steep and upon touching the cold water, my penis and testicles shrunk to a third of their usual size. I dove in, as did Steph, and soon all three of us were up to our necks. Kim swam over to me. She grabbed my practically retracted cock. She felt it for a second. “Oh my god,” she said. “It’s so small!”

“Shrinkage?” said Steph, and did a front flip in the water. Her ass glistened in the sun, and her two small buns looked like tiny mountains. If she’d flipped slower I could have caught a glimpse between her legs. As it was, I just saw a splash before her head reemerged.

“Come look!” said Kim.

“Hey now,” I said, swimming away. “Let’s just enjoy the water.”

“If you go skinny dipping as much as I do, you see quite a few little dicks,” said Steph.She swam after me anyways. I kept swimming but soon gave up.

“Fine,” I said, and turned around. Steph swam over, with Kim not far behind. I could barely see my own dick through the lake water, so I figured she wouldn’t see much.

She swam right up to me, and grabbed my cock. “Yup,” she said. “That’s pretty small. I’ve seen smaller though.” She let go, slowly, running her fingers down my small shaft and shriveled foreskin.

Kim swam over and cupped my penis with her hand. “Hello, tiny peen,” she said. She submerged herself, and kissed it. I swam downwards and kissed her pussy.

We splashed around for a bit longer, then swam back to shore. I realized I had to pee. I turned towards the woods and held my tiny dick. I could feel urine pushing to escape, but the cold seemed to have locked down the whole apparatus. Kim peeked over my wet shoulder. Finally my stream released. Kim cheered.

Steph came over. “I’ve never seen a dick pee before!” she said, watching as my pee slowed to a dribble. “It looks so easy; I’m jealous.”

“Now I have to pee,” said Kim. She squatted down.

I shook off. “Can I see?” I said. “You got to watch me.”

Kim smiled and opened her legs. Her lips spread open. Her pussy had a piece of grass stuck in it. She noticed, and pulled it out. “Ewwwww!” said Steph. She quickly felt in her own lips. Seeing her briefly stick a finger in her slit conjured up all sorts of images of her masturbating and me fingering her.

“It’s just grass,” said Kim. We waited, but nothing happened. “Come on,” she whined, “pee!”

“It’s the cold,” said Steph.

Suddenly a stream of urine burst from Kim’s urethra. It arched a little before dipping down and splashing on the ground. She strained and it went farther. “We used to have pee contests,” she said, smiling at her sister.

“I always won,” said Steph, crossing her arms. The sun was warm, but there was a slight breeze. “I don’t have to pee now though.”

Kim finished peeing. She ran back into the lake, and splashed water on her pussy, then ran back to us. I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see Steph pee. All I wanted was to see what was inside those tight outer lips.

We went inside. I was watching Steph towel off between her legs, trying to catch a glimpse of pink, and she noticed me staring. She pointed at my still miniscule package. “Awwww, he’s still cold.”

I pointed at her tits. “I think your nips are too,” I said. Her little nipples were pointing straight out.

Kim puffed out her chest. Her brown nipples were even harder than Steph’s. “I like it,” she said. She shook her breasts and they bounced back and forth.

“I wish I had your boobs,” said Steph. She cupped her own small breasts.

“I wish I had your vagina,” said Kim. “It’s so tight you can’t even see your piercing. It’s the perfect pussy.” It really was. Kim looked great, and I was really turned on by her newfound confidence in her body, but Steph looked just amazing in the afternoon sunlight. The new knowledge that she had a piercing somewhere in there only turned me on more.

“Can I draw you?” said Kim to Steph.

“Who me?” said Steph, and put on an air of mock naivety that just killed me. “But I don’t have anything to wear!” She barely covered her breasts and crotch with her arm and hand.

“That pose is perfect!” said Kim and, still naked, rooted around in her bag until she found her notebook and a pencil. She pulled up a chair and started to draw. I watched, somewhat aware that my penis was growing at an increasing rate. I covered it with a towel. It took Kim about five minutes to draw her sister, and the likeness was pretty good for a rough sketch. Steph wasn’t quite covering her pussy, and Kim had drawn it exactly right. Her right nipple was exposed, but probably hadn’t been when Kim was drawing Steph’s breasts because it wasn’t visible in the drawing.

Steph came over, and gushed about how good at drawing Kim was. Kim tore out the picture and gave it to Steph. Then Kim asked me, “Can I draw you?”

I was now covering a full hard on with my orange towel. “I’m freezing,” I said. “How about a bit later, after the heat warms up?”

“No way,” said Kim. “I wanna capture that tiny peen.” She yanked my towel away exposing my rock hard penis.

“It’s a miracle!” I said. “I’ve been cured.”

Kim glanced at Steph. “You’d give me a boner too Sis, if I had a dick,” she said. Her smile seemed genuine enough, but her eyes looked a little hurt.

I walked over to where Steph was standing, turned so I was in profile, and stood as stiff as my cock. “Draw me quick,” I said. It really was pretty cold. Kim did, though she drew my penis even smaller than it had been in the lake, which caused Steph to howl with laughter. Kim and I laughed too. Kim seemed ok, but she didn’t grab my erection this time.

We all got dressed. I opened three beers, and we went outside and sat on the porch talking and watching the sun sink lower in the sky, making the lake look like an orange and yellow sea of lava. Kim cuddled up to me, and I held her close. Steph went in to put on a light jacket and Kim kissed me when we were alone. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you too.” I meant it, but an image of Steph, nude, and bathed in sunlight flashed into my mind.


Saturday – Part 3

Steph came back with the aforementioned jacket, three more beers, and a deck of cards. “Drinking game!” she said, moving the dead soldiers off the patio table. The game was Sociables, and we came up with the following rules:

A – Drink One

2 – Drink Two

3 – Drink One, Give Two

4 – Whores (girls drink)

5 – Truth or Dare

6 – Dicks (guys drink)

7 – Fuck You (a number game)

8 – Pick a Mate (they drink for as long as you do)

9 – Rhyme Time (a word game)

10 – Viking Helmet (whoever rows last after you put up viking horns drinks)

J – Categories (a word game)

Q – Make a Rule

K – King’s Cup (take a sip of the swamp-water concoction we’d made from a bunch of alcohol from the liquor cabinet)

The game was fairly uneventful until the first five was drawn. Steph tossed the card into the discard pile. “Truth or Dare?” I asked.

“Dare,” said Steph, grinning. She was pretty tipsy at this point.

“I dare you…” I said, also tipsy, and realized I had no follow-through.

“I dare you,” said Kim, who seemed drunkest of all of us, “to show us your clit piercing.”

“You’ve already seen a picture of it!” Steph said.

“I wanna see it in person,” said Kim.

I didn’t say anything. I was pretty much speechless. “Alright,” said Steph, “but let’s go inside. It’s getting a little chilly to be bottomless.” We moved everything inside. Me and Kim sat on the couch, and Steph remained standing, in front of the TV. She peeled off her pants but kept her thong on. Kim was watching Steph, but also watching me. Steph looked a little shy, but she removed her thong, and stood facing us. She felt her smooth mound.

“Alright,” said Kim. “Spread ’em!”

Steph sat down and spread her legs. Her inner labia came into view, as did her vaginal opening, and clitoral hood. The hood was pierced with a tiny silver stud. I wished this moment could last forever.

“Oh,” I said, trying to sound as casual as possible. “It’s not your actual clit that’s pierced.”

Steph touched the stud. “No that would be awful,” she said. Then she moved the hood up with her finger, exposing her clit. “This way it just rubs my bean.” She seemed to be getting a bit wet. “It feels so fucking good.”

Kim was watching me watch Steph. “Should I get one?” she said.

I looked at her. “I say go for it,” I said. Kim looked down at her crotch. Steph had removed her hand from her pussy, but her outer lips hadn’t closed up completely. She was definitely at least a little turned on. “You two have very similar vaginas,” I blurted out. It was true. With the exception of Kim’s labia minora, the inside of their pussies looked pretty much identical.

“We’re sisters,” said Kim, laughing. “Of course we’re gonna have similar cunts.”

Steph spread her lips again. “Cunt,” she said. “I like that word.”

Then she stood up, put her underwear and pants back on, and we continued playing the game.

The next dare was me. I usually picked “Truth” in these games but I was interested to see where this went.

“I dare you,” said Steph, slurring a little. “To jerk off.”

I was excited but a little nervous. I’d never even jerked off in front of Kim. “Can I look at any stimuli?” I asked. Kim exposed one boob. “Nice,” I said. Kim took off her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. “Nice!”I said again, and waited for Kim to take off her pants.

She waved her finger at me, then squeezed her breasts. “This is all you get buddy.”

Then Steph took off her top and bra. “That seems fair,” she said to me. “But you gotta be topless too.”

I took off my shirt. I decided to stand. I positioned myself in front of Kim; at this point I was getting the hint that she wanted me to pay more attention to her nudity. Then I took off my jeans, and my boxers. I was already rock hard. I started masturbating. Kim was watching me and smiling, and Steph was just watching me. I felt the first twinges of orgasm coming on. Then Kim scooted over to me, and took my shaft in her hand. She started sucking me. She took me deep in her mouth, and after what felt like seconds I was ejaculating. She swallowed.

Steph clapped, causing her breasts to bounce. Kim took a sip of beer, and looked satisfied. I collapsed in her lap, my still erect penis leaking semen onto my leg. Steph grabbed me a paper towel, and I wiped my dick. “That was the best blow job I’ve ever gotten,” I said. Kim leaned down and kissed me, upside-down, Spider-man style.

“I suddenly realized you didn’t have anywhere to cum,” she said, wiping her chin, exaggeratedly.

Steph laughed and drew a card. It was another five. “I dare you to jerk off!” I said confidently.

“Jill off,” said Steph, primly. Then she got up and got her vibrator out of her bag. I lay in Kim’s lap, and Kim stroked my hair. I looked up at her round, bare boobs above me. I reached up and touched her nipple. She pinched my finger, but kept watching Steph.

Steph took off her pants and thong in one go, then sat down with her legs spread. Her pussy was already sopping wet. She turned on the vibrator, and started moving it up and down her lips. She started moaning when the vibrator stopped on her clit. She kept it there, moving it in tiny circles, and moaned louder. Then she inserted the long end into her gaping vagina. This allowed the smaller secondary stub to keep massaging her clit piercing. She moaned louder and louder. She rolled over and got on her knees. Arching her back, she supported her upper body with her left arm. She vigorously thrust the dildo into her juicy pussy, while her ass faced us. Her asshole came into and out of view, and I realized it too looked a lot like Kim’s. Finally she came. Her whole body shuddered once, twice, and stopped. She removed the wet vibrator, and rolled back over. She crawled over to Kim and lay her head on her lap as well. Her head touched mine. Kim stroked her hair.

After over a minute of silence. Kim gently moved our heads off her lap. She took off her pants and panties and sat back down. I kissed her pussy, and tasted that she was wet too. Steph had her head on Kim’s shoulder. I sat back up and Steph leaned over and kissed Kim softly on the lips. Then she kissed me. I kissed her back, then pulled away. Kim kissed me, shoving her tongue in my mouth, then pulled away, and pushed my head gently towards Steph. I bit Steph’s lower lip, and she stuck out her tongue slightly. I nibbled it carefully, then put my lips on hers and let her put her whole tongue in my mouth. I reached over and cupped her small breast. With my other hand, I cupped one of Kim’s breasts. I kissed Kim, and she kissed me back hard. I moved my hand off Kim’s tit and down to her vulva. I stroked her lips, then parted them a little and stroked along her slit. Steph reached down and grabbed my cock, which was already erect again. She started stroking it. Kim and I kept kissing and I kept massaging Steph’s breast. Then I felt Kim’s hand take Steph’s and move it away from my penis. Kim started stroking my cock. I moved my hand away from Kim’s pussy, and onto Steph’s belly. I slowly moved it down, and, upon feeling her buck towards me slightly, started caressing her cunt. I felt around for her stud, and, upon discovery, worked in the same small circle Steph had before. Kim went down on me again. Steph leaned over and we kissed.

Kim stopped sucking and said, “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Ya baby,” I said. “I want to fuck you so fucking bad.”

“Can he fuck me too?” said Steph.

Kim kissed her sister for a couple seconds. “Yes,” she said.

I moved off the couch, and knelt on the floor. Kim lay down, propping herself up a little on the couch pillows. I positioned myself on top of her, and she inserted me inside her warm pussy. I thrust into her, and she gasped and kissed me. I felt Steph rubbing and kissing my back. Me and Kim fucked. I pushed myself all the way into her. I sat up, feeling my abs straining, and watched as my cock pumped all the way into her cunt. Steph had her head on my shoulder and was watching too. She kissed my cheek, and I turned and kissed her. I saw that Kim was watching us kiss, but she didn’t seem to mind. She was moaning and saying “Fuck yes, baby, keep fucking me.”

Steph reached around and stroked my pubic hair. “Can I fuck him now?” she said.

“Just a bit longer,” gasped Kim. I pushed myself completely inside her three more times, then I removed my slick cock. Kim sat up and started rubbing her clit. Steph lay down, with her head close to Kim’s pussy. I lay on top of her, and she maneuvered my cock inside her pussy. It was tighter than Kim’s. I thrust gently at first, then, as her pussy got even wetter, faster. We locked lips and wrestled our tongues together. I pinched her nipples, and she scratched my back. I sat upright, as I’d done with Kim and took in the sight of my shaft halfway in Steph’s perfect pussy.

Kim looked over my shoulder and watched as I pumped in and out of her sister. She pinched my nipple, hard. She kissed my cheek and I kissed her quickly on the lips, but found I had to return my gaze to Steph’s body. She had her eyes closed and was moaning they way she did right before she orgazmed. I felt semen suddenly screaming to escape. I tried to hold it but within seconds ejaculate was leaving my body, and entering Steph’s vagina. I kept pumping for a little bit, then pulled out. I turned around and kissed Kim. She kissed me back. Steph sat up slowly, and I kissed her. Steph and Kim kissed again, then released. We all sat back. Kim cuddled my right side, and Steph my left. I put my arms around both of them, and, almost instantly, fell asleep.

The End.



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