A Fitting for a Tux Plus



I am a white guy, most people I know say I’m handsome and I’m in pretty good shape. I was a runner in school, so my legs are quite muscular, which in my experience most women seem to like.

My only physical shortcoming is that I have a tiny penis. It’s not just small, it’s barely there – 3 inches hard and 1 inch soft and very thin.

Well, I also have a little fetish. I’m a bit of a sub and I love being humiliated for how small and pathetic my penis is. And once I was able to have the humiliation I’d dreamed about come to life.

This is actually a true story. So no names this time. Enjoy!

I was getting fitted for a tux for a wedding. No big deal. They did the measurements and all and it was fine. Better than that was the girl doing the fitting was absolutely hot. She was probably about 5’6″ (close to my height of 5’8″) very thin and with nice perky breasts and great tan skin. She also was part Chinese (she mentioned in conversation) and part Italian and her features were just a beautiful mix of the two.

During the fitting I was of course just in boxers and a t-shirt while she measured me. And she remarked on my strong legs and arms and we smiled a bit. I caught myself peering down her shirt and she caught me too, and smiled more and was even caressing my thigh for a bit. It was all very arousing, knowing a thin piece of fabric was all that separated her from seeing my tiny pathetic penis.

I was sad to leave actually and was half tempted to ask for her number, but suddenly she had to rush off to another store and I lost my chance. Or so I thought.

Flash forward to the day of the wedding. I get there and the tux doesn’t fit at all. It’s a mess. So we run to the store to do a re-fit but we have 15min or less to get in and out. We were in a hurry.

But that’s what made it all happen. That and the fact that it was a Saturday morning before any other customers were there and that my friend who drove waited in the car.

When I rush in with the tux she’s waiting for me with a smile on her face. “Ok I’m glad you called because I have the tux you ordered but we should do a double check just to be sure.”

So I rush into the fitting room, strip down as before, and before I’m completely undressed she’s there waiting.

And watching.

You see, I had a white tee on as before. But this time I was wearing white briefs. And thin ones at that.

She leans in to do my arms and her breasts brush against me as she adjusts the measuring tape here and there. We are face to face a few times, and I find my eyes staring into hers as she pauses a bit. Her dark eyes are beautiful and her skin just gorgeous. There’s no talk at all because she’s hurrying. So I just watch.

She loses hold of the measuring tape for a second and she braces herself by holding onto my back as she bends down to grab it and her knee barely brushes against my penis through the fabric.

I wince back at it. Not from pain – she didn’t knee me or anything – it’s just a natural reaction.

But seeing that she puts her hand to her mouth, concerned, and bends down. Looking up into my eyes she says, “Shit. Are you all right?”

I stare back into her eyes and for some reason, I guess to show her I’m ok, I tap where my cock is inside my briefs and say “it’s ok, don’t worry, you missed the little guy.”

Then there is a pause. She is kneeling in front of me. I’m in a t-shirt and briefs. She’s in jeans and a tank top. I can see down her shirt very far. I glance down at her tits, and like what I see.

And I glance to her face and see she’s seen me peeking down. And she’s peeking at me too.

I see her eyes work their way down. She’s looking lower, at my chest, arms and stomach, and then at my crotch. She’s staring right at it, and it must be obvious to anyone who knows that the little bit sticking out is my 1 inch flaccid cock.

For a second though she doesn’t know, can’t. She doesn’t know that the bulge is just my balls, with a teeny nub of a dick sticking out straight forward.

But she soon does. With her eyes on my cock area, she says, “Well, I’m glad your little guy is ok.”

And I know most likely she only used the word little because I had, but that was enough.

Within a second my cock pokes out to full attention.

She is watching as the bulge in the thin white fabric of my briefs changes to show the outline now of my bulging balls and the thin outline of my cock sticking straight out and up.

It is very obvious. My cock is tiny. I don’t look but I know from seeing it before that in these briefs you can see my hardon faintly through the fabric.

She’s hot. She’s kneeling there.

She brushes her hair to the side, then grabs the tape measure.

She leans in closer and now her face inches from my hardon she continues to measure me.

My legs. Not my cock. Alas she doesn’t just jump into my fantasy world.

But this isn’t the end fortunately.

She measures my waist, and inseam.

And then as she stands up, she is suddenly very close. Her face comes inches from mine and she says, “well that’s about all.” She glances down again at my cock. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

And I say, “Don’t worry, you missed him by that much,” with my hand up in a gesture showing an inch or so.

She smiles, “That much?” and she mimics my gesture. We both blush because we are very aware that that gesture is also suggesting I have a one inch cock.

Feeling my face very hot, I pause for a second and decide to go with it.

“No,” I say, “more like that much.” And I adjust my fingers for her so it’s showing exactly how long my cock is.

She smiles again into my eyes, looks down again, then looks at me, and I can feel her hesitation.

Then she goes for it. She crouches down again and in a flash has my briefs down. I can’t believe it! It’s really happening! She has just exposed me!

Looking down I can see her examining my little cock. And sure enough I’m hard as a rock and just 3 inches long.

Breathing a little hard now, she watches it. She looks up into my face again, and then back at my cock. Then she puts her hand up to it and measures the length with her fingers.

Smiling again, she stands up and leans in so she’s half whispering in my ears. “That’s about right. That much.” And she shows me her hand now with her fingers showing the length of my tiny cock.

I smile back blushing harder.

Then she leans in and kisses me quickly on the mouth.

“Take care. Don’t you have a wedding to go to?”

“Uh, yeah,” I stammer.

“And take care of your little guy for me,” she says, and very deliberately she grabs my tiny pulsing hard cock.

I am so turned on now, and I think she is, too. She looks back at my face and I can see a bead of sweat on her upper lips. And she’s still holding onto my hardon.

She leans in again and kisses me on the cheek.

And then I feel her hand move. She slides up and down on the shaft of my small penis. While she does this she looks down to watch it. She slides her hand up and down the minuscule cock a few times.

Her fingers on my cock feel wonderful, and within just those short seconds I’m barely able to stop myself from cumming.

She holds onto my little cock at the end and just holds it very hard, her thumb and forefinger wrapped around the thin shaft.

She looks down again, and then into my eyes.

And she’s out of the changing room. It takes me a second to realize the curtain is open and anyone could just walk by and see me. I fumble, almost trip out the small room, and somehow am able to close the curtain and get back inside.

I am incredibly embarrassed and excited. I look down again. My cock is throbbing and hard as a rock.


After a few short moments I have my clothes on and am outside. The other woman who works there, a thin white woman with long blonde hair in her 40s is there to hand me the tux. But her friend, her coworker, the woman who helped me, is standing behind her.

She has a big smile on her face and she says “Come back anytime,” at the same time as the other woman.

And as I leave I look back and she’s still smiling and then she puts her hands up and waves at the same time as her coworker, but as I watch she puts her fingers back into the position showing the measurement of my penis, looks at it, fakes a look of shock on her face, and smiles back at me.


The End.



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