A Harmless Fantasy


I have a lot of kinks, and to my never-ending joy, the woman I married enjoys most of them. She dominates me, locks my cock in a chastity device, occasionally whips me, and allows me to indulge my unending lust for her feet.

So that makes it hard to explain why I have never asked her to erotically humiliate me.

It came up a couple of times, in passing, and she said that she loves me too much to say degrading things to me. She even insists that my cock is a decent size and refuses to let me say its small (which, frankly, it is).

And so, when she is not at home, I find myself watching point-of-view humiliation videos and wondering what it would be like to have my wife do that to me in person. My fantasy has grown, and now I’m going to write it out and share it in a bid to get it out of my system. Enjoy!

(and before you read and say, ‘wow, that’s unrealistic’ at some parts, I repeat, it’s a fantasy!).


The fantasy begins with my wife’s feet, obviously. My wife and I have a big bed, nice and high off the ground. She just needs to lie on it with her feet on the edge and they are perfectly at the right height for my cock as I stand by the bed. She lies there, gorgeous in her nudity, and beckons me close. Instantly excited by the sight of her sexy curves and full tits, I quickly get naked (or maybe I am already, I rarely wear clothes in our apartment) and approach the bed.

“Please, Mistress, may I…?” I ask, looking at her toes.

“Yes, slave, you may,” She replies in a seductively commanding voice that I love. Sometimes I think she could just use that voice and I would cum for her.

At once I bend down, licking and kissing her toes, breathing deep of their sweaty aroma. Within moments my cock is at its full 4 inches (a solid inch below the average) and leaking precum. Without even realising it I have my erection in hand and am idly stroking.

“I didn’t tell you to do that,” Warns my dominant wife.

“Sorry, Mistress!” I gasp, forcing my hand away from my cock. Oh, she loves to tease me, perhaps even to the point of not letting me cum at all! I focus instead on her feet, turning my adoring worship into a massage. My wife loves my foot rubs, and happily takes advantage of my foot fetish to have her sooth her aching feet whenever she feels like it.

After a while I notice her start to moan, that little whimper of anticipation that lets me know that my love is really getting into it. I continue kissing her feet, but now begin to move onto the bed. My head stays down, licking and kissing my way slowly up her leg as I crawl over her. At one point, I ensure that my cock brushes her toes as it moves past her feet, and I shudder at this briefest but sweetest of touches.

Finally, my mouth reaches her pussy, and no commanding Mistress voice has ordered me to stop. I know my role, and eagerly begin to eat her out. Her pussy tastes so damn good, and her immediate gasps of pleasure tell me that I am doing a good job. I just want to pleasure her, and my entire being becomes focused on making my Mistress-wife cum. I lick and lick and tease and tease, for as long as it takes.

Eventually I hear her begin to cry out, a stutter at first, a few sharp gasps of breath, and then her whole body shudders as she cries out with a moan of orgasmic pleasure. I love to see her climax, that wanton look on her face, and wait until it has passed. Finally, my wife’s eyes regain focus and she looks at me, a wicked smile on her lips.

I wonder at her next words. Will I be allowed to jerk off? Will I be allowed to (dare I hope!) stick my cock between her feet and fuck them till I cum? Or will she just say that maybe I can cum tomorrow and then dismiss me?

“I bet you want to touch your cock, don’t you, slave?” She asks.

“Oh yes, Mistress!” I answer at once, voice desperate.

And here, the reality of above (which is a normal day for us) shifts to the fantasy of below, because my wife would never say what comes next.

“Yeah, I know. You love wanking that tiny, pathetic excuse for a cock, don’t you?” She says with a sneer.

I’m stunned by her bluntness, but find myself nodding in agreement. “Yes, Mistress… I love wanking…” I confess.

“Say the whole thing!” She snaps angrily.

“Yes, Mistress! I love wanking… my tiny… pathetic… excuse for a cock…” I say, my 4-inch erection straining as I get so turned on by the admission.

“That thing can’t satisfy me, or any woman,” My wife tells me, pleased by my obedient recitation.

“Yes, Mistress… this thing can’t satisfy you… or any woman…”

“Wankers like you don’t get to have sex,” She says confidently, drilling her words into my mind. “You live only to fap to superior women!”

“Wankers like me… don’t get to have sex…” I say, accepting her words. “I live only… to fap… to superior women…” Oh fuck, I know it’s true! How could my tiny dicklet possibly please a woman like my wife?

“Good slave,” Says my Mistress. “Now, go to the cupboard, fetch your largest butt plug and some lube, and come to the living room.”

With that she rises from the bed, throwing a gown over her glorious nude form, and exits. I too begin to move, but notice that my rock-hard erection is licking pre-cum, so I rub some on my hand and lick it off before it falls on the bed. Then to the cupboard where we keep our sex toys, and I find the butt plug in question. I love having my ass filled as I wank, and I am hoping that this is what Mistress will tell me to do.

To the living area, and my wife is lounged out on our long couch. The table that is usually before it has been shoved aside, creating a space. With a lazy gesture my wife points to the floor before her, and I drop to my knees.

“Such an obedient jerk-off loser,” She says, looking down at me. “I bet you can’t wait to stuff that in your ass and wank yourself stupid, can you?”

“Yes, Mistress!” I say, unable to disguise my excitement, my grip on the butt plug tightening.

“You best get used to it, because you aren’t ever getting pussy again! All you will ever do is jerk and obey me, like the weak loser you are!”

“Yes, Mistress,” I say, so lost to her words and eager to agree. “No pussy… all I will do is jerk and obey… oh fuck, I am such a weak loser!”

“Yes, you are! I only wonder what our friends would say if they could see how truly pathetic you are…” And as she trails off, as if on cue, the door chime rings!

I feel a surge of panic as I hear the front door, apparently left unlocked for this visitor, open. Someone is in our hall and making their way to the living area. Faced away from the door I can’t see who it is, and my heart begins to pound in my chest. Suddenly my dick starts to get even harder, and I realise to my horror that I am getting extra-aroused by the impending exhibitionism. I glance up at my wife, but she smiles calmly. Her eyes remain locked on my naked body, and I know that she intends for me to stay put.

Mere moments later the door to the living area opens, and one of my wife’s female friends is standing there. In my fantasy I don’t care who it is, I really don’t. It’s not a question of which of my wife’s friends I find hot or not, merely a case of who would be disgusted to see me like this and likely to join in the humiliation.

“Oh my god!” She exclaims, seeing me kneeling on the floor, butt plug in one hand and lube in the other, four-inch cock as hard and as erect as it can pathetically get.

“Just in time,” Says my wife, beckoning her friend to join her on the couch. “My slave here is about to show us what a hand-humping loser he really is. Aren’t you, wanker?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I say, casting my eyes from her to our guest, seeing the amusement written on both their faces. “I… I will show you… that I am a hand-humping loser.”

Our guest sneers. “With a cock that tiny, I guess you only use one hand, huh?”

“Yes,” I feel compelled to answer. “I need… only one hand… for my tiny cock…” My words are laboured by my heavy breathing, for I am so hot and excited right now. Please let me wank! Fuck, but I want an audience! As many as possible, I don’t care anymore, pointing at and mocking my pathetic four-inch dicklet as I mindlessly jerk off!

My wife likes my answer. “Oh yes, just beat it with one hand! And use the other to pump that butt plug in and out of your ass! Fuck yourself for us!”

“Yes, Mistress!” I agree at once. “Beat myself off with one hand… fuck myself with the other!”

They laugh at my response, and I feel another heady rush of perverse pleasure at the humiliation. Finally, my wife says, “Begin, slave!”

“Yes, Mistress,” I intone and begin to remove the cap from the bottle of lube. I liberally apply it to the butt plug, giving it a good coating, and then position the object between my parted legs. Already on my knees, I need only lower my ass and gently push it in…

“Ah!” I gasp as it pushes at my entrance. “Oh… oh fuck!” I exclaim as it slides into my ass. “Oh fuck…” I sigh, feeling the pleasure of being filled.

“You like having your ass penetrated, don’t you slave?” Teases my wife.

“Yes, Mistress,” I agree, lost in the sensation.

“Just a little bitch begging to have his ass filled, is that it?” Asks our guest.

“Yes…” I sigh contentedly, “I am a bitch… who needs his ass filled…”

“Good bitch,” Says my wife. “Now, fuck that ass of yours, and then play with that tiny joke of a cock!”

I moan in shameful and inarticulate pleasure as my right hand grabs my cock and begins beating it off. Oh fuck me that feels good! A few moments later my left hand grabs the butt plug, one that I got recently and that has a loop on the base. Grabbing the loop securely, I tug on it, and feel instant gratification as a result. “Fuuuuuckkk!” I exclaim, swaying on my knees as I fuck my ass and my hand simultaneously.

The two women looking down from the couch are loving it. “What a pathetic face!” Declares our guest. “What a hopeless wank-addict!”

“I know!” Agrees my wife. “This is why I can’t fuck him! Could you take that expression seriously?”

“Fuck no!” Her friend agrees. “But then, even if I could, why would I waste time letting such a tiny dicklet near me?”

“Good point!” Agrees my wife. “Think of all the time I wasted on this loser when I could have been out fucking real men!”

“Hey, loser!” Says our guest to me, and I barely register her, so lost am I in a masturbatory daze. “You should apologise for wasting your wife’s time! Apologise to her now for being such a pathetic little wanker!”

“Yes!” I cry, fapping furiously and ramming my ass. “I’m sorry, Mistress!… oh fuck… oh yes… I’m sorry… that you married a loser!… ugh… uh… I’m a pathetic wanker… fuck… I’m sorry I can’t please you… like a real man… fuck… I am such a loser… loser… wanker… wanker…”

I’m barely coherent at this point, babbling my degradation and getting off on every humiliating word I hear and say. I can feel myself approaching orgasm, that tingle that lets me know that my tiny cock it about to spurt its loser-cream. Evidently my wife recognises the signs too, for she suddenly yells, “Stop, slave!”

Shuddering, desperate to cum, I force myself to stop. I slide the butt plug back in to rest in my ass (it feels so good!) and reluctantly release my grip on my cock. A trail of pre-cum follows my hand, and I lick it up like a good slave before returning my gaze to my Mistress.

“If you cum now,” Says my wife warningly, “You may get some of that disgusting loser jism on either me, our guest, or our couch. We need a better way for you to explode…” She trails off, thoughtful.

She turns to her friend, and leans over to whisper something in her ear. The other woman laughs, and then whispers something back. I don’t catch what they are saying, and frankly I don’t care. I just want to wank and cum! They could say anything at this point and I would agree. I know that’s pathetic, but I am just such a loser and a jerk-off addict…

“Okay, we have decided,” Says my Mistress at last. “Turn around and lie down,” She commands.

“Yes, Mistress,” I say and immediately obey.

“Now…” Says our guest, eyes alive with mischief, “Raise your legs towards us…”

I know at once what they want, but I am so desperate to cum that I don’t care. I roll my body, lifting my legs up over my head and resting my feet on the edge of the couch behind me. The girls adjust themselves to get a better look, and they can see me staring at my pathetic cock, hovering barely six inches from my face.

“Now!” Announces my Mistress triumphantly, “You may resume wanking!”

“And when you make that tiny thing cum,” Adds our guest, “Make sure it is aimed squarely at your open mouth!”

“Yes! Yes Mistresses!” I say, the plural slipping out simply because I have no other term of reference for another woman in this situation. My words only cause them to laugh more, and the sound only turns me on more!

I am upside down and awkward but the touch of my hand on my four-inch erection is just so good! I am wanking immediately and it feels so fucking good! I wasn’t told to, but my free hand returns to thrusting the butt plug in and out of my ass, and my Mistress and her friend laugh anew to see it so clearly (my ass is sticking in the air after all).

I am moaning incoherently now, utterly lost. I couldn’t stop from cumming if I wanted to and I really don’t want to! I know how utterly fucked up I am to enjoy this so much, but I am so hot for humiliation and getting off on it! I can hear my Mistress and her friend laughing and saying things, but I only catch the odd word. “Wanker! Loser! Jerk-off addict!” Each one gets me more and more excited, and finally my body begins to shake with the approach of orgasm.

“Oh fuck! Oh, fuck yes!” I cry out, as my cock begins to twitch in my hand. I thrust the plug deep into my ass and struggle to keep my upside-down balance as I begin to spasm. I abandon the last of my dignity and surrender myself to being a humiliated loser as my tiny cock begins to spurt all over myself. The orgasmic rush is so great, my mind goes blank and my eyes damn-near roll back in my head! This is the intense climax to which I am helplessly addicted!

“Wow!” Gasps my wife, she and her friend in hysterics as I moan in mindless pleasure and cum rains down on my face. It feels hot and sticky gross, and my aim is off so only half lands in my open mouth. The taste is disgusting, but I am broken and utterly dominated, so I run my tongue around to get what extra jism I can and eagerly lick it up. I taste and swallow, feeling so low and pathetic.

“What a fucked-up loser!” Says her friend, amazed by the display.

“I know,” Says my Mistress, her voice a mixture of amusement and disgust. “Now, slave, get up and go wash the rest of that filth off your face.”

“Yes… yes, Mistress…” As I flop my legs to the floor and begin to stand up, wobbling as I do so, lost in a post-orgasmic daze. I feel some of the cum running down my face, and I stick my tongue out to catch it.

“Eww!” Exclaims our guest. “He really likes the taste of his own cum, doesn’t he!”

“He has no choice in the matter!” Replies my Mistress. “He won’t be cumming unless he eats it from now on!”

Their laughter follows me to the bathroom where I clean my face, and I stare at myself in the mirror. I have given in to my craving for being degraded and it shows, for I look pathetic.

I return to the living room, making no effort to cover my nudity before our guest (not that I have anything she would deem worth looking at). In my brief time away, my wife has gotten dressed in a sexy black dress with a plunging neckline. Indeed, now that I look closely, I see her friend is also dressed to go out.

“Put this on, slave,” Says my Mistress, tossing me my cock-cage.

“Yes, Mistress,” I reply at once, and begin to stick my tiny dick in the chastity device (which is literally the smallest size they make). Once done I lock myself in and hand my wife the key.

“Good slave,” She says, taking the key and placing it on her necklace. “Now, we ladies are heading out for the evening! You can stay here, naked and locked-up, and clean the apartment like a good bitch. Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I say, offering no resistance. I am her slave.

“If our evening goes well,” Says her friend, “We might pick up some hot guys! We might even see some real cocks tonight after all!”

The two laugh at that as they head out, leaving me alone to carry out my chores while they have fun.


And with that my fantasy is done. What, did you expect me to end up in a threesome or something? Nah, jerking for hot women who mock me is what I want.

Sadly, it will never happen. I can dream though.

The End.


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