A Facesitting Story

By devoutmalesu.

After a long day of taking care of everything and everybody, a hardworking wife went down to the basement of their home and climbed upon the elliptical, plugged in her headphones and started working up a sweat. Her husband finished putting the kids down for bed and went in search of his hot but tired wife. She was wearing black spandex, after all, and he couldn’t bear to not be in her presence when that happened. He found her, twenty minutes into a workout, watching her move up and down for a few moments, the juicy ass globes moving up and down. He had decided that was how he wanted to die, being smothered with her ass.

Of course, that’s hyperbole but nonetheless a testament to her fabulous posterior.

As of late, he had been enjoying catching glimpses from other men at her ass in the grocery store, a big box store or even the local hardware store. Strong thighs, perfect hips and a plush ass, she was completely oblivious to how fucking hot she really was. How many men truly wanted to mount her and make her scream was an unknown, but the stirring in her husband’s pants as he thought of it gave his small four-inch cock more than a few pulses. It tweaked his brain in a way he would never be able to escape. It dawned on him that his wife was a MILF.

He snuck up behind her and gave her spandex covered as a nice kiss and a light spank. She wasn’t shocked, or surprised, her husband was always addicted to her behind no matter where they were. He loved spooning next to her, his cock poking through his boxers into her ass-cheeks, his fingers curled around her panties each morning. He couldn’t get enough, and that was just the feel. She was intoxicating to him, especially her smell and taste. One lick of her hot pussy or ass cheeks was never enough. She never let him lick her cute little rosebud, her anus. But he always held out hope. He stroked her thigh, squeezed her butt once, pointed upstairs, and made the sleepy motion with his hands. She blew him a kiss, and he was off.

He figured she’d be down there a while and he lay himself down in bed with images of her running through his head. She’s tying her shoes or lifting a bag of groceries. His small cock stirred as he closed his eyes. His actions got the better of him, though, as he rummaged through her dirty linen and came up with some Lycra panties. He climbed back into bed thinking he had won the lottery. He inhaled deeply, and he lay and stroked himself slow and firm as he thought of her, first devouring her pussy and then the thought of something hard and erect entering her pussy.

He was hard, bulging with balls full of cum for the last week. But he too was tired and slowly, with his aching schlong and panties (one in each hand) drifted off to sleep.

Of course, she caught him. The light was still on for fuck sakes, his boxers peeled down to his mid ass, his fist around his small dick and another fist near his nose clenching her panties from several days ago. She was dripping with sweat, thinking she’d take a shower, but exercise always got the blood rushing. She was a little sore from her workout but wide awake.

Her spandex and panties having pulled and tugged on her clit through her movement. She wanted the small dick man’s tongue.

She knew he liked being bossed around. Something she knew but never knew how much. She knew he was addicted to her, evident by what she had just found. She eyed his dick, it’s so small, only her vibrator gets her off and hits her spots, but she loved it when they’d play with her bigger strap-on dildo. This is when he felt like a real man.

She pretended to act incredulous. “What’s this?” she said with a raised, alarmed voice.

His groggy eyes opened slowly, as he slowly realized the situation. He blushed immediately and started stammering with nothing really coming out of his mouth.

“You little panty stealing shit!” she hissed, a playful gleam in her eye.

“I’m sorry, dear, I … I…”

She finished his sentence. “Couldn’t get enough? Couldn’t get enough of my scent? Or are you some panty wearing sissy, too?”

He blushed harder at the insult; his dick grew harder, still not tucked back where it should have been.

“With all I do around here, you just have to act like a little pervert,” she chided.

She pulled off her shirt and then turned away from him slowly pulling down her spandex and panties. One at a time, he stared at her thighs; he could see the sweat dripping from her cheeks and legs. He always had enjoyed how firm and strong she was there.

“I need something, sissy pervert. Then I’ll decide what to do with you.”

She crawled onto the bed, slowly placing a knee on either side of his head.

“Can’t get enough of this scent is it?”

Her thighs were hot, covered in sweat, a little clammy, but his dick had never been harder.

“Mmm, you look like my prey from this angle,” she said.

Her eyes bore down at him with need, lust, and power, she was going to take what she wanted, and that was for sure. She needed to cum, to orgasm. After all, she did day in and out for the family, it was her right to cum when, where and however she wanted. Just like any other Goddess.

Here she had her tool, her utensil, her devoted husband trapped as she lowered her hot cunt down to his face. He didn’t fight, she knew he wouldn’t fight. He acquiesced so easily, so quickly, he wanted her to use him.

She first smeared his face in her salty, sweaty pussy. Rubbing his nose in it.

“Close enough for you?” she teased. “Use that magic tongue of yours.”

And he did.

Obediently, gratefully, he licked her slow, and teased her up and slit and bit lightly on her full lips before circling her clit. She rode his face as he licked. She was getting off on holding his head in place, her fingers grasped in his short hair and her thighs now tight by his head.

She liked looking down at him, his eyes rolled back into his head and then opened. The power and want in his Goddesses eyes. He was in his version of heaven as he lapped at her twat. She came hard first as he jabbed his tongue into her deeply, her hunger now elsewhere. The outside of her yearning, her want had been satiated, but each time her clit caused her to orgasm, her pussy became hungry for a slab of meat in her tight pussy. She decided there that she’d punish him, he wasn’t going to cum tonight, no. This was just for her.

“Stay there while I get something.”

He didn’t move, just lay there, licking his lips and sucking in the remains of her juices.

From their closet, she threw a heavy sock at him. It hit him in the belly with a thud. He knew what it was as he eyed it, then looked up at her with her devilish grin. His wife wanted something bigger tonight. He liked knowing that.

His throbbing dick now ready to burst and leaking just from the mental aspect of tonight’s game. He slowly took the sock off the big, heavy dildo. It was 10″ long, two and a half times longer than his dick, and twice as thick. It’s rich chocolate color.

“Like holding that equipment? Must make you feel so small.”

She winked at him as his stomach dropped. She crawled back to the bed, stroking his thigh.

“You’re going to fuck me with that nice and slow until I want it hard.”

She spread her thighs and rested back on the pillow, allowing him to do all the work. He slowly eased the dildo’s bulbous head up and down her slit knowing it would cause her to moan and make her more wanting if that was indeed possible. He circled her clit with it and then brought it down to her entrance, slowly easing it in, she was tight, and it took time no matter how wet she was. It was just so much bigger than what he had between his legs. It makes him feel so inadequate and unmanly.

He eased the head in, then out and soon had several inches buried in her and she had a quick, mini-orgasm. He stopped and waited for her to regain her composure. She looked down at him with her eager eyes, signaling she was ready and wanting more of the big fake cock.

“Mmm, yes,” she hissed. “Just what Momma needs…”

He had started to build a good rhythm, her horny cunt now accustomed to the girth as he kept pushing it in and out, half an inch at a time.

“Oh yes, fuck me, panty-sniffer. Fuck me with this big cock you only wish you had.” She purred at him, looking down as he intently concentrated on fucking her with the toy.

“You like watching, don’t you, slut?” She said to him. “You like watching the thick, black cock enter me, don’t you? Your little baby dick hard, is it leaking precum yet?” She teased as he groaned with her words.

He looked up at her, as he rested his head on her thighs and then watched as her pussy gripped the big cock. It was now covered with her girly cum as he worked the thick dong into her deeper and deeper. She was twisting her nipples as he buried it all the way and pushed on the based of the dildo hard, one… two… three times – and she came, squirting a little right into his face. He slowly pulled it out and gave her clit a few licks as she trembled again.

She slapped his face hard. “I didn’t say to do that. Now, clean the toy.”

He started to get up and head to the bathroom.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” she waved her finger at him. “That’s not how we clean up my lovers,” she said with that same mischievous grin. He was a little dumbfounded but figured it out. Just as he was about to show some initiative, she said, “Lick my cum from that superior cock, sissy man.”

As he tongued the silicone toy, she purred. After he had engulfed all her cream from the dildo, she let him wash it. He put it away and cuddled up, spooning her with his hard dick between her cheeks.

“Next time I catch you with my panties in your hand, or on your body,” she chided, “I’m going to fuck your ass with that cock as punishment.”

His cock pulsed against her ass, still not having had a release.

“No, not tonight,” she whispered, “Maybe your baby dick can cum tomorrow.”

As she drifted off to sleep, he lay with his thoughts keeping him awake.

What would happen next, he wondered. But he knew it was up to her.


The End.


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