Young Lovers! (Gay Themes)

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In 1972, a suburban drama played out that changed many lives…

Chapter One: Summer 1972

Leo Cassaro was a middle aged man who lived with his 19 year old son Alan in their suburban home. His wife – Alan’s mother – had left Leo four years earlier when she had discovered that her husband wasn’t faithful to her.

She wasn’t as upset about her husband’s cheating, Leo remembered, since she admitted to him in parting that she had a few flings of her own over the years. It was who she had caught her husband with that seemed to really tick her off.

Something about seeing her husband on his knees with a neighbour’s cock in mouth had really gotten her Irish blood boiling, Leo recalled about that fateful evening, when Maureen had suddenly appeared behind the garage while Leo had been sucking Ron Arnold’s skinny uncut dick.

It wasn’t the first time Leo and Ron had done it, but it was the last, since after Maureen pitched a fit at her husband she ran across the street to tell Ron’s wife about it. Ron tried to convince his wife that he was drunk, didn’t know what he was doing and it was Leo’s fault, but she didn’t buy it.

The end result was two divorces, but while Leo’s neighbour Ron was forced to hit the road, Leo’s wife had decided to leave herself, unable to live in that house any longer, and took all the money instead. She had left Leo the house, and left him their son as well, simply abandoning them both without so much as a word of explanation to Alan.

Alan found out the reason eventually, and to Leo’s great relief his son didn’t blow his top or tell him that he was disgusted that his father was gay, and for good reason.

“I am too, Dad,” Alan had told Leo.

The girls he dated all through high school were only to keep the illusion that he was just like the rest of the guys. In 1972, coming out of the closet was not easily done, and it was only after Alan had graduated from high school that he had his discussion with his father.

With his father’s blessing, Alan began to bring his male friends home with him. One morning, after Alan’s friend had left, Leo had casually mentioned that his friend was good looking, which explained all of the noises coming from his bedroom that previous night.

“Sorry,” Alan sheepishly replied.

“Don’t be sorry,” his father had responded. “As a matter-of-fact, it was very erotic listening to you two.”

“If you liked listening, maybe next time you would like to watch,” Alan suggested.

Alan brought his father over to his room and showed him the peep hole that he had created many years ago, and while the boy had originally done it to watch his Mom and Dad go at it, he had used it in later years on the rare occasions when his father brought home a friend of his own.

“That truck driver?” Alan had said, sighing as he confessed to watching his father with the burly, tattooed man. “I got myself off that night as much as both of you combined, so I know it’s fun to watch.”

It was left unsaid that Leo was free to peek in at his son any time he wanted. If his son really wanted privacy, all he had to do was cover the peep hole, but he never had.

Quite to the contrary, not only did his son seem to revel in knowing his father was watching him have sex, he would leave a light on and even bought a little baby monitor so that he could hear better.

Since then, Leo’s sex life had become mostly voyeuristic, and he took great pleasure in watching Alan with other young fellows. Their toned and trim bodies reminded Leo of his younger days, and he often fantasised about being in his son place as he watched.


Chapter Two: Alan’s new friend

“Alan,” I said when I intercepted my son in the hallway. “Your friend…”

“He’s great, isn’t he?” my son said excitedly, his face beaming as he stood dripping wet, naked except for the towel around his waist. “He’s in a couple of my classes.”

Alan had been out on the deck in the hot tub with his new friend, Timmy, where they had gone after dinner. I knew that because I had been watching them from the comfort of my bedroom.

I had watched them disrobe before hopping into the tub naked, and I had pleasured myself when I saw Alan’s friend standing there dipping his toe in the water before climbing in. It took me only seconds to cum. That was how cute Timmy was, but now after having ejaculated all over my bedroom floor, I was feeling guilt.

“Yes, he seems like a very nice young man,” I said. “That’s the problem.”

“I don’t understand,” Alan said, but then the confused expression disappeared as he realised what I was referring to.

“He’s older than I am,” Alan explained. “Really. He’s almost 20. Trust me. I may be insatiably horny but I’m not crazy.”

“Doesn’t look it,” I mumbled.

“But he’s incredible looking, isn’t he?” Alan said with a salacious grin, looking back down the hall to make sure his friend was still outside.

“Yes,” I admitted. “He’s quite… appealing.”

“Know what he said?” Alan asked. “He said that after meeting you, he knew where I got my good looks from.”

I shook my head at the compliment, knowing that at 47, I was no match for my son, who looked quite a bit like Johnny Depp, and me being mistaken for him would never have happened even in my best days. Still, even if the young man had been only kidding with my son when he told him that, the words did send a shiver through my body.

“Well, you two have fun,” I said.

“We will. Do you plan on…?”

“What do you think?” I said, feeling my face flush with embarrassment. “Have you two… you know?”

“No,” Alan admitted. “Matter of fact, tonight was the first time I’ve seen him naked. He’s so insecure and shy.”

I let Alan get into the bathroom, which was his reason for coming inside, and I went back to my bedroom to look at my son’s young friend, with a lot less guilt at how I was feeling.


Chapter Three: Watching them undress.

The young man was lounging in the tub, waiting for my son to rejoin him when I got back to the window, and it was moments like this that made me glad I had gone into the expense of having the tub installed back there in our isolated back yard deck. Clothes were optional, and Alan and his friend had chosen to go in naked.

As I looked out at the hot tub, my mind went back to a few moments earlier when Alan and Timmy had gone out to the deck. I wasn’t sure if Alan knew that I was fond of watching what went on in the tub, but I was certain that his friend Timmy didn’t have a clue he was being watched.

He was much more modest than Alan was and undressed more slowly, pretending not to watch as Alan shed his clothes quickly. While Timmy was still unbuckling his belt Alan was already naked, and the look on Timmy’s face as Alan stood there uninhibitedly made it clear that Timmy approved of what he was seeing.

And how could he not, I mused as I looked at my son. His body was lean and supple and his skin a deep olive in hue, with about 160 pounds packed solidly on his 5’10 frame. Alan’s hair was a deep shade of black, cut much shorter than his friend Timmy’s, and the rich blackness of his body hair even stood out against his dark skin.

Alan took after me in that way, with his legs thickly coated with hair and his armpits equally bushy. His chest was only modestly dusted with hair, but I recalled that I was much like his son when he was 19, and figured that eventually his chest would be just as bear-like as mine is now.

While Timmy had been impressed by Alan’s overall physique, it was clear where his attention was now focused on, mainly the long, flaccid cock that dangled between Alan’s legs. I had seen my son’s manhood many times before, but enjoyed seeing the look on his young friend’s face when Alan had taken his underwear off.

Even limp, Alan’s cock had to be close to 6″ long, and while I knew that it would only get a couple inches longer when fully erect, it usually made quite a first impression, and judging by the look on Timmy’s face that was definitely the case.

Alan didn’t flaunt his exceptional endowment, but simply submerged into the tub and waited for his friend to undress. My pants had already come off, and I was stroking away as Alan’s young friend took his time getting his pants off.

Timmy was a little more muscular than Alan, broader in the shoulders and chest and probably about ten pounds heavier than my son while a couple inches shorter. His hair was a light brown, worn almost shoulder length in the style of the day, and his skin was very pale.

Timmy was different than Alan in almost every way, I noted as the young man took off his jeans and folded them neatly. His body seemed almost hairless, a stark contrast to Alan’s hirsute torso. Timmy’s legs seemed smooth, and he only had little wisps of hair under his arms as well.

I would have been shocked at the little tuft of pubic hair Timmy had, if I wasn’t already stunned at seeing what rested below it. The pale little stem that wiggled nervously in the night air was nothing like I had expected, and I noticed that even Alan had done a double take when Timmy’s small unit was revealed.

His balls were tiny as well, although maybe it was nerves that made them seem no larger than cherry tomatoes in their taut, wrinkled sac. Timmy stood there nervously, almost as if he was being inspected, before Alan held out his hand to help him into the tub.

It was about then that I had cum, unable to stop the orgasm that had rushed through my loins at the sight of Alan’s friend, and shortly after my cock finally stopped spewing all over the floor I felt the inevitable rush of shame.

When Alan arrived back on the deck, his reappearance brought me back to reality. The boys were now sitting close to each other, kidding and jostling around for a bit before getting serious. Timmy was nuzzling into Alan’s neck, which seemed to strike the right chord with my son because Alan’s head rolled back onto the rail of the tub, his mouth open as he looked to the stars.

This Timmy was really going at my son now, nibbling his nipples while stroking his chest. Alan was writhing under Timmy’s affection, and it was having an effect on me as well, as I felt my own cock begin to firm up as I stroked it.

Timmy had grabbed Alan’s arm and held it behind my son’s head, and then buried his face under his arm, licking and chewing Alan’s armpit. I knew this drove my boy wild, and it was no surprise that when Alan stood up in the tub, his cock was erect and swaying in front of him.

Timmy went to his knees immediately, and after looking around to make sure no one was watching (and ironically staring right at the blinds I was peeking through) he grabbed Alan’s cock in his fist and let his mouth take it in.

The lad knew his way around a cock, and as his fist pumped the thick shaft his lips worked on the rest of it. Now Alan was running his hands through Timmy’s hair, and as his knees bent a little I saw my son looking in my direction.

Impulsively, I lifted a slat of the blinds, making it clear to Alan that I was indeed watching. His smile was proof that he had gotten my message, and reached down and pulled his cock out of Timmy’s mouth and lifted it, offering his balls to his friend.

Timmy ducked under Alan’s cock and started gobbling my son’s balls eagerly, while Alan slowly stroked his manhood and ground his hips toward Timmy. I was almost going to cum again when Alan reached down and, grabbing under his arms, pulled his young lover up to his feet.

Timmy’s dick was erect as he got to his feet, letting Alan take him in his arms and embrace him in the moonlight before they separated. Standing as they were facing each other, their stark differences were even more exaggerated than ever.

Their erections were pointing right at each other, and the extreme difference in the size of them was strangely erotic to me. Timmy’s pale slender penis was dwarfed by my son’s cock, which had to be twice as long and thick as his, but Timmy was not bothered my that at all.

Quite to the contrary. Timmy began to move himself so that their cocks were touching, and for a minute the boys just stood there with their hands on the hips while their cocks did a gentle duel of sorts. The duel ended when Alan reached down and grabbed both of the cocks in his hand and started stroking them together.

I came then, bumping my head on the blinds and sending them swaying as my orgasm blurred my vision. When I finally stopped cumming and looked out the blinds again, they were gone.

Chapter Four: To the bedroom.

I went to my bedroom door and listened as the boys made their way down the hall, passing my door on their way to Alan’s room. After I heard the click of the bedroom door I went over to the peep hole.

The room was fully lit, and Alan and Timmy were embracing, their wet bodies tangled as their hands slid over the glistening skin. Alan began to move them around as they caressed, until they were positioned right in front of the peep hole.

It was as if Alan was intentionally placing the two of them so I could see perfectly. The baby monitor was picking up every word – every groan -and it was so much like being in the room that it freaked me out for a moment.

Now Alan was moving behind Timmy, and they were both facing the peep hole. My son being behind Timmy, this gave me a totally unobstructed view of the sweet looking lad. Alan’s face was under Timmy’s long hair, nuzzling his neck while peeking over Timmy’s shoulder.

Was that a wink? I couldn’t tell and their was no time to wonder because there was so much to see and hear that I didn’t want to miss a thing. Timmy was reaching back over his head, grabbing at Alan’s head to pull him tighter to his neck as he groaned.

My son’s hands were sliding up and down Timmy’s smooth chest, pausing to pinch his nipples before letting his fingers scrape upward. Alan’s fingernails raked through Timmy’s exposed armpits, fluffing up the sparse wisps of golden hairs before pinching the hairs between his fingers and pulling them outward.

This got Timmy writhing back into Alan, and I had to imagine that Alan was grinding his cock into Timmy’s ass all that time. Looking down, I saw Timmy’s dick twitching, bobbing up and down a few times. His dick was so beautiful; it was fully erect, so much so that it had a little bit of upward curve to it, exposing his hairless little sac.

But it was Timmy’s cock that commanded all my attention. The pale tube couldn’t even be 5 inches long and no thicker than my thumb, but it looked so erotic as it sprang around. A rope of pre-cum had oozed out of the the acorn-shaped glans and was dangling from the tip for the longest time. I wished I could have fallen in front of Timmy and licked it off of him.

“Don’t,” Timmy said when Alan’s hands slid down toward his crotch. “I’ll cum.”

“I want you to cum,” Alan said. “I want to taste it.”

My son was now on his knees, his hands on Timmy’s hips as he brought his mouth close to Timmy’s dick and extended his tongue. The drool from Timmy’s dick must have fallen off, but the way Alan was caressing the underside of Timmy’s stem with his tongue was going to make it drool some more.

“Please,” Timmy whimpered, trying to get Alan to take his dick into his mouth.

I could sense the sweet agony in Timmy’s voice as he begged for release, wanting to cum so badly, and he knew – we all knew – that all it would take was for Alan to let his mouth envelope Timmy’s little stalk in order for that to happen.

Yet Alan kept teasing Timmy, just letting his tongue caress the cleft on the underside of Timmy’s glans, dabbing at the tender opening briefly before going back to his exquisite teasing.

I was on as emotional a roller coaster as poor Timmy was, yanking my limp dick and breathing just as heavy as he was too. I wanted to cum as well, even though I was spent already.

“Gonna cum!” Timmy cried out.

Alan looked up at Timmy, his tongue still stroking the underside of the pulsating dick, just as I saw the first jet of seed explode my Timmy’s member. Part of that first ejaculation landed on my son’s lip, but the rest of it went right into Alan’s open mouth.

Another spurt went right down Alan’s throat, and Timmy’s knees buckled from the force of his orgasm. Alan’s bronze hands were now on Timmy’s ass, clutching him – practically holding him up – as Alan finally let his mouth envelop Timmy’s cock.

Timmy cried out as he continued to cum, his hands in Alan’s hair as he finally enjoyed the release he had begged for.

“So good,” Timmy whimpered when Alan finally took his mouth off of the now-withered little stem, and as Alan rose I could see the semen still in his mouth as he smiled.

They kissed, probably exchanging Timmy’s nectar as they did so. I imagined it to be sweet, and wished so badly that it was me there instead of my son. That was a feeling that only grew stronger when they spoke.

“I want you,” Timmy said, his hands moving all over my son’s body. “I want you so bad.”

“I want you too babe,” Alan said, looking right over Timmy’s shoulder toward the peep hole as he spoke. “How do you want me, Timmy?”

“I want you in my ass,” Timmy gasped, and I saw my son’s big brown eyes widen, staring right at me as he savoured Timmy’s words. “Please.”

Chapter Five: Scared.

A shiver went down my spine as I heard Timmy’s words, which were almost a plea. I had only seen Alan taken one other lad anally, and it wasn’t very much fun to watch. Alan was simply too big for most fellows to handle.

I had experienced the same reluctance many times myself, because along with many similar features we had, we were much alike in that area as well. Faced with the thickness that came with the eight inches Alan had, most guys didn’t want to try it.

Timmy surely wasn’t sounding afraid, and coming from the young man who looked so boyish in many ways it seemed almost frightening, and I found myself being scared for him at first.

Then I remembered the way he went down on my son, and realised that Timmy knew what he was doing and knew what he wanted. Alan gave him every chance to change his mind.

“You sure, Timmy?” Alan asked.

“Yes. Every since I saw your cock I knew I had to have it,” Timmy said. “You’re so big, but I have to have you inside of me. I know you won’t hurt me.”

They moved to the bed, depriving me of my up close and personal view, but I could still see fine. Timmy was being put onto the bed, and as he rested on his stomach Alan went to his night table drawer and pulled out some lubricant.

Alan tossed the lube on the bed and got Timmy up on his knees, running his hands all over Timmy’s pale white bubble butt before spreading his cheeks wide. Alan kissed his way around the smooth flesh before moving his face into the crack of Timmy’s ass.

I couldn’t see it, but I could picture what Alan was seeing. I imagined that Alan could see the tiny pouch dangling between Timmy’s muscular legs, and maybe the tip of his dick as well. Timmy’s anus I pictured to be a dusty rose in hue, hairless of course, and looking like nothing had even come in or gone out of it.

When Timmy let out a loud moan, I fantasised that the tongue that was working around inside of Timmy’s ass was mine instead of my boy’s. Timmy groaned as Alan’s hand reached around as started to play with Timmy’s dick, which was hard again somehow.

“You like it?” Alan gasped when he came up for air for a second. “You like my tongue?”

“Omigod!” Timmy cried. “It feels so good. So deep. Oh man! I think I’m gonna cum again!”

Timmy’s back arched as he held up his body with his arms while Alan reamed him out with his tongue. A loud epitaph came from Timmy’s mouth as Alan’s hand worked furiously on his dick, and while I couldn’t see Alan’s hand or Timmy’s dick, I could see Timmy’s cum spraying the bedding below him.

“So good,” Timmy sobbed. “Your cock. Please.”

Alan reached over for the lube and squeezed out a healthy wad of it. With a gentle touch, Alan spun a greased finger into Timmy’s ass, causing Timmy to groan. A second finger followed, making Timmy groan even louder and more raggedly.

“You’re awful tight, Timmy,” Alan said as he tried to work the digits inside of Timmy.

“It’s okay,” Timmy said. “It’s gonna be so good to feel that big cock inside of me.”

Alan leaned back and took his fingers out of Timmy’s lubed anus and started to lather up his cock, which had never looked harder of bigger. As my son greased his massive organ, the glistening of the lubricant made his manhood look even more threatening.

I was sweating like a pig, my cock now almost hard hard as my son’s was, and now Alan was moving up right behind Timmy, who had his ass up high and his head down on the bedding.

Jealous. I was jealous of them both. Shamefully, not only did I want to be my son, as he brought the head of his cock up to Timmy’s anus and prepared to try and penetrate him, in a perverse way I also was envious of Timmy.

Instead, I was masturbating on the other side of the wall. Alan was leaning forward, the strain on his face clear to see as he tried the squeeze the bulbous head of his member into that tiny orifice. Timmy was crying out, but while he sounded like he was sobbing, his body was leaning back into my son.

Then Alan’s body lurched forward suddenly, not far, but judging by the loud scream that I would have heard loud and clear even without the baby monitor, I guessed that the flared ridge of my son’s cock had popped inside of Timmy’s anus.

“Don’t stop,” Timmy gasped.

Alan began making little thrusts of his hips, working a little bit more of his cock into his lover. He grabbed the lube and squirted some on the shaft of his cock before letting his cock venture deeper. It looked like he had about half of it in Timmy, who grunted with each little thrust but kept moving back into Alan.

Their bodies were wet, but with sweat now instead of water, and Alan started to move in and out of Timmy a little deeper and more forcefully.

“That’s it,” Timmy said. “Harder. Harder. I want it all.”

Soon Alan was thrusting into Timmy with such force that the bed was shaking, and was now in so deep that the sound of their bodies slapping together was like thunder.

Gone was any fear that Timmy was going to break, and with that Alan became unrecognisable. He was crouched over Timmy like he was a predator devouring its prey, his bronze body all over his pale muscular lover as he thrust deep and hard.

He was in Timmy all the way now, with every deep probe drawing a grunt from Timmy along with a plea for him to go harder – go deeper. Alan was humping Timmy so hard that his nuts were flying around violently, impaling him with every inch of his manhood.

Suddenly Alan straightened up and let out of a loud bellow as his body spasmed. Timmy let out a series of gasps, perhaps from the sensation of my son’s seed filling his bowels, while Alan groaned above him.

Then, Timmy sank to the bedding, with Alan riding down along with him.

“Leave it in Alan,” Timmy asked and Alan complied, keeping his cock inside of his lover until it slithered out on its own.

“That was unreal,” Alan said, kissing Timmy’s back. “Are you okay?”

“Of course,” Timmy replied, snuggling back into Alan, who started laughing.

“Did you cum again?” Alan asked, apparently having put his hand in a puddle of semen. “Or is from before we started?”

“That was when I came at the end, when you did.”

“How can you do that? Doesn’t the pain…”

“It only hurt in the beginning,” Timmy said. “After that… well maybe it still hurts but it hurts good, if that makes any sense.”

“You are incredible,” Alan chuckled, moving Timmy onto his back and taking his tiny dick between his thumb and index finger. “How can you do that? Cum so often I mean.”

“I dunno,” Timmy replied. “Maybe to make up for how little it is.”

“I love it,” Alan said, tugging on Timmy’s dick. “I could play with your cock all night.”

“Fine by me,” Timmy said, but added a warning. “Don’t be surprised if I end up making more of a mess though. We’re destroying this blanket.”

“That’s okay,” Alan said, and looked down at the Timmy’s dick, which seemed to be coming back to life. “What the?”

“Don’t stop,” Timmy grunted, and after Alan began jerking him off even harder, his toes curled and his body shivered.

Timmy’s cock hadn’t gotten erect yet, but that didn’t seem to mater, as a few strings of cum flew out of his dick, accompanied by Alan’s laughter.

“Insane,” Alan said after letting go of Timmy’s dick and bringing his cum-covered finger to his mouth and licking it off. “How many times can you cum in one night?”

“When we get close to my record, I’ll let you know,” Timmy said with a grin. “Hope your Dad didn’t hear us. I think I must have gotten really loud.”

“He’s cool with that stuff,” Alan said, and I smiled when she said that.

“I’d hate to have him get mad at me. He seems like a real cool guy,” Timmy said. “Must be great to have a father like him.”

“It is,” Alan said, looking up at the peep hole. “No way would he get mad at you, even if we happen to wake him up. He said that he liked you a lot. He doesn’t say that about everybody.”

I turned away from the peep hole then, leaning against the wall and sighing. Alan was right. I didn’t like some of the guys he brought around here. Timmy was one of the nice ones.

Too nice, I thought to myself. There were a couple of fellows Alan had been with that I wouldn’t have minded being with myself, but none of them moved me like Timmy did. Timmy was different, and to my shame I realised that I wanted him.

I wanted to do everything to Timmy that my son had done. I wanted to suck on that beautiful small dick, longed to experience his tight ass and wanted to savour the taste of his sweet cum so badly that I hated myself for even thinking of it.

I went to bed but sleep wouldn’t come. I heard some noises on the other side of the wall and found myself going back to the peep hole. The light was off, and the only illumination was the moonlight coming through the windows.

Even the shadows were erotic looking. It was Timmy’s voice imploring my son to keep sucking his cock, and it was Alan’s mouth making the slurping noises that had me stroking my cock again. I came just as Timmy did, even though my cock was sore from all of the stroking it had taken all night.

Back to bed I went, only to awaken a little later to more sounds from next door. I got up and went back to my station, and even though it was nearly dark I could tell what was going on. Alan was taking Timmy’s ass again. I clicked off the baby monitor and went back to bed, my imagination replacing the audio as I slept fitfully until morning.


I finally gave up trying to sleep and went out to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. I knew that the boys would probably be sleeping until noon, because they were still going at it when the sun was coming up.

The morning was warm and the tub looked inviting, so I took my mug of coffee and went out on the deck. I was wearing pyjama bottoms, and while I usually didn’t skinny dip, especially when Alan had company, I knew that there wasn’t any chance of being caught out there at 6:30 in the morning.

So imagine my surprise when after shedding my pyjama bottoms and setting my mug on the rail, I happened to glance toward the kitchen window and saw Timmy, and from his startled reaction when our eyes met, he had definitely seen me. All of me.

“Hi Tim!” I called out, settling down onto the tub after letting the lad get a long look through the screen. “Sorry about my lack of attire. Didn’t think you boys would be up this early.”

“Uh – couldn’t sleep,” Timmy said nervously. “Mind if I have a cup of coffee?”

“Help yourself,” I said. “If you want to, you can hop in the tub with it.”

“Uh, didn’t bring any trunks,” Tim said sheepishly, pulling on the sweats he was wearing.

I wanted to tell him that was okay, but decided to keep quiet. We exchanged some small talk, with Tim trying not to look at me in the tub, and when I finally got up and went back into the house he spun around and pretended to look at the bird feeder.

Back in the safety of my bedroom, I looked down at my cock, which was half hard. Thankfully I had managed to keep my state of arousal under control until I was safely out of sight. While I pondered what to do with my semi, I heard footsteps going past the door.

I clicked on the baby monitor and went back to the peep hole, where I had spent so much time lately. Timmy’s arrival in the room had woke up Alan, and as my son stretched Timmy offered to get him a cup of coffee, which Alan refused.

“Did you make the coffee or is my father awake?”

“He’s awake,” Timmy said. “I don’t think he expected to see me. He was getting into the tub, naked.”

“Really?” Alan said. “That’s not like him.”

“That’s what he said,” Timmy said. “He’s got a great body for an older guy.”

“I suppose.”

“Don’t take this wrong, but his cock might be bigger than yours,” Timmy said with a giggle. “He’s hung like a horse.”

“Is that so?” Alan said with amusement. “Looks like I’ve got competition for your affection.”

“I’m just playing with you,” Timmy said with a laugh. “But if you ever dump me, maybe I’ll give him a call.”

“My father?”

“Sure, I like older guys,” Timmy said. “My first time was with a older guy, and it was awesome. Way older than your Dad, and he was uncut like your pop too.”

“Have you got a little hard-on again?” Alan asked, looking at the little tent in Timmy’s sweats.

“Can’t help it,” Timmy said. Looking at you laying there naked – what do you expect?”

“Bring it over here,” Alan said with a sigh, swinging his legs off the side of the bed and getting into a sitting position while Timmy stood up and dropped his bottoms, his stem pointing straight out at my son.

“Yes sir,” Timmy had, saluting and coming to attention in front of Alan.

“One thing first,” Alan said, holding Timmy’s dick in hand as he prepared to make it disappear into his mouth. “Did you get this boner from looking at me, or was it from looking at my Dad?”

“This is for the record,” Timmy said, ignoring his question as he pulled Alan’s face close to his dick. “Make it good for me.”

Timmy came about a minute later, and as I watched I wondered what the answer to that question would have been, as well as wondering who he was thinking of as he came.

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