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Our resident gold member small_dik just loves going on web cam and showing off what he hasn’t got. Sometimes he gets people who love his tiny manhood. Other times people are a bit shocked and ask all kinds of dumb questions. They just cannot believe a dick that small can be a real dick or function like a bigger dick. But some people give him some small penis humiliation which he secretly craves really. He kindly saved one such interaction between a couple of chatters who really knew how to do SPH properly.

Below we present a transcript of the chat that has been edited to exclude others that were not part of this particular conversation. Small_dik says it was one of the best sph experiences he has had on the web. He hopes you enjoy it.

anastygirl: wow is it hard?

small_dik: yes it’s hard

anastygirl: cute. how small is it when its soft?

small_dik: it disappears when I’m soft is about half an inch.

anastygirl: haha id love to strip you in front off my friends in a cold room and let them see it all soft and small 😉

small_dik: mmmm I’d love that too.

anastygirl: would you let me tie a pink bow around your ball sack

small_dik: oh yes it deserves it

anastygirl: then let us take turns sticking our fingers in your dick hole?

small_dik: lol you are nasty, I like that

anastygirl: the hole where dick should be…I wanna see it shrivel up inside you and then id finger it like it was a pussy

small_dik: mmmm finger my pussy eh?

anastygirl: yes I wanna see how many I can get in there and how deep they will go.

small_dik: oh god yes!

anastygirl: I wanna see my husbands cock laying on top of your tiny little dick

small_dik: yes make him feel like a real man.

anastygirl: he is like 8 inches hard and 5 inches soft.

small_dik: he’d really look huge next to my pathetic tiny cock.

anastygirl: would love to have a party where me and my friends got drunk and laughed at your little penis

small_dik: I could serve you all drinks in the nude

anastygirl: what about in a dress too short to cover your little dick

small_dik: hot

anastygirl: I would have to dress you up for them. I would squeeze your ball sack until your balls disappeared then tie a pink bow around your empty ball sack. Then rub your cock down with ice until it disappeared, then present it to the crowd.

small_dik: then they’d all laugh at me?

anastygirl: yeah… while they stuck their fingers inside your little man pussy.

small_dik: oh god!

anastygirl: have you ever been to a male strip club?

small_dik: no I haven’t

anastygirl: there are some guys with giant cocks there

small_dik: So I’ve heard.

anastygirl: I’d like to get drunk and take you. Make you get up on stage and dance with some giant cocked guy

small_dik: ha ha that’d look funny. A fat guy like me dancing next to a buff muscle guy. They’d boo me off.

anastygirl: I would put a dildo in your underwear so it looks like you’re hung too. Then let you reveal your little secret – your tiny, tiny cock.

small_dik: To all those horny women, they’d eat me alive!

masterorlando has joined the room.

anastygirl: He-he. A giant audience of women laughing at your tiny dick. You’d be blushing and your dick would shrivel up even more.

masterorlando: WOW is that really hard buddy?

small_dik: yep this is it, Master.

masterorlando: ???? is it 2 inches?

small_dik: 2½ now (hard)

masterorlando: it looks more like 1½

anastygirl: what does it look like soft can we see that? I wanna see it shrink away and make a man clit

small_dik: ok I will let it go soft for you, nasty.

masterorlando: I bet its a sweet clit

anastygirl: haha thanks. I’d treat it like a clit

masterorlando: me too

anastygirl: lick it like a pussy

anastygirl: almost no shaft now

masterorlando: I bet it looks good in lace panties

small_dik: it does lol

anastygirl: I bet it would look good with some lipstick on the head

anastygirl: some eye liner around the head

masterorlando: you wont even show a bulge in panties

anastygirl: blush on the balls

anastygirl: and eye shadow on the tiny shaft

masterorlando: LOLOL

anastygirl: just a nub now

small_dik: I look like a girl in panties, you’re right master.

masterorlando: push it in so it disappears

anastygirl: haha cute. I like that

masterorlando: holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

anastygirl: I’d make you lie on the floor with your knees up spread eagle

masterorlando: I could push it in deep and make you feel like a real girl

anastygirl: I could finger it or stick Orlando’s dick in it

masterorlando: yeah

small_dik: fuck my pussy

masterorlando: do you moan like a chick?

anastygirl: id like to jack orlando off while his dick head was buried in your dick hole small_dik

masterorlando: that would be sweet

masterorlando: turn him over and fuck that tight fat ass

masterorlando: while you finger the front

anastygirl: while I rubbed it like a clit

masterorlando: I can’t even call it a dick

anastygirl: it’s a man clit

masterorlando: LOLOLOL man clit

masterorlando: rub that man clit

anastygirl: wow it disappeared for a sec there…no it’s gone altogether!

small_dik: a ballgina?

masterorlando: PUT your fingers in that man clit like it was pussy

anastygirl: yea finger it for us

masterorlando: LOLOL she’s masturbating that man clit

small_dik: lol

anastygirl: I have seen a clit that big

small_dik: me too

masterorlando: I wonder how far I can get my 81/2 in cock in that

small_dik: have you ever seen a dick this small?

kybadboy173usa: NO NEVER

anastygirl: that is the smallest one I’ve ever seen

small_dik: cool I love that

anastygirl: it is so tiny

anastygirl: there are clits bigger than that

anastygirl: OMG! its gone again

anastygirl: send out a search party

small_dik: pepper and tweezers..grab it as it sneezes lol

masterorlando: LOLOL

anastygirl: I wanna finger it

masterorlando: I bet you have a tight ass

small_dik: I do indeed

masterorlando: would love to share u with my girl she needs a good laugh

small_dik: I have been providing girls with laughs my whole life lol

anastygirl: g2g later thanks for showing your amazing little dick.

small_dik: cya nasty, it’s been fun.

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