True Story: Steve thought he was the only small dick man in the world for 60 years

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A MAN with a severe genital defect spent 60 years believing that he was the only person with his condition, until he discovered The Small Dick Club and found out he wasn’t alone after all.

Essex-born Steve Baker, 62, suffers from hypospadias, a congenital defect that affects the size and function of the penis.

During his childhood, his parents were too embarrassed about the taboo subject, which meant that Steve suffered in silence until recently.

In an interview with the Daily mail, he stated that even though his condition wasn’t discussed, he realised a problem because his penis only measured one inch while flaccid. Flaccid size is not the true indicator of size, only “erect length” or “stretched penile length” is, and Steve didn’t say what his erect length was.

He commented: “Apart from the size of my penis, the opening is not right either. It comes out on the side of the head and not at the tip.”

A symptom commonly associated with penile hypospadias.

At school, he was a keen swimmer, but avoided pursuing his hobby because he was reluctant to be seen in swimwear in front of others.

For decades, he struggled to form close relationships with women because his penis is no more than four inches long when erect.

After finally seeking help from a specialist in 1976, Steve was dealt another setback after the doctor failed to make the correct diagnosis.

The urologist carried out a botched circumcision procedure which mutilated the penis further and made orgasm extremely difficult.

Steve explains that he was “left with no feeling at the tip or much sensation of any kind”, despite having the sex drive of an average person.

Thankfully, his condition didn’t stop him finding love in his best friend’s sister, who he had two sons with, who are now aged 28 and 30.

In 2001, Steve’s marriage broke down and he believes that the couple’s difficult sex life was a major contributing factor.

Even though Steve is now alone, he is able to find some comfort on the internet where he can communicate with other people suffering from hypospadias.

Although new research hasn’t yet revealed the cause of hypospadias, the condition is estimated to affect up to one in 125 men.

Steve is now raising awareness for genital deformities, and believes that more information should be taught in medical schools.

Simon Kenny, a specialist paediatric urologist at Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool, blames “prudish” parents for the lack of discussion about genital defects.

He comments that awareness has increased since Steve was born and that “the problem nowadays, is usually, but not always, picked up by post-natal checks”.

If you’re concerned about the size of your penis then we strongly recommend you seek proper medical advice.


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