True Story: Co-Worker Humiliation!

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By Anon.

Let me tell you about one of the most humiliating and simultaneously hilarious moments of my life. Some of the names have been changed to protect my identity…

My name is Jack. The following happened a few years ago while I was working at a retail store which I shall not name, and occasionally going to one of our friends Erica’s place and drinking after closing shift mostly in the garage. This was one such night during a chilly December and Erica, Maria, Jenn, Sabrina, Michael, and all of whom we worked with were there.

Also, my best friend Tony, who we didn’t work with as well as two others, Tiffany and Jacob, both Erica and Maria’s friends had come to hang out and drink with us on this particular night. I’ve known Erica and Maria and since high school, and Tony even longer.

We had been drinking mostly beer but also whiskey and tequila. I had at this point drank about 5 beers and done 3 shots of whiskey. I was not super-drunk but I was definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol. Most of the others were relatively buzzed too though some were lightweights and hadn’t actually drank much. Michael rolled and passed around two consecutive blunts full of OG kush (very strong weed) as well and everyone smoked some.

At some point in the night after the blunts were passed around Erica, Maria and Jenn, decided to play a prank on me. Jenn’s brother was a cop and he had given her a set of real handcuffs with the key. Jenn had given them to Maria and when I came back from using the restroom,Erica and Jenn rushed up on either side of me and held my arms behind my back.

Jenn was kind of a chubbier girl (with gigantic boobs) and was really strong and Erica had a smaller body structure but very curvy as well as surprisingly strong. Maria cuffed me and then the others let go, thrilled with their accomplishment. Maria, a short skinny latino with an amazing ass who had downed 5 shots of tequila and several beers at this point, yelled, “We caught a man!”, and there were high fives and loud cheers from all the girls and laughs from everyone.

Sabrina, who was usually pretty quiet but who being something of a lightweight, was apparently quite drunk from her three beers and one shot of whiskey, or the blunt had hit her very hard. She yelled, “Let’s see what he’s packing!”

I was shocked but all the girls expressed their agreement and none of the guys objected, except me that is. Erica, Maria and Jenn especially seemed to be excited by the idea of depantsing me. They all looked at one another and grinned widely and drunkly. By the time I had said, “Hey, this isn’t cool… Leave my pants on!” Maria was already undoing my belt buckle and pulling my jeans down.

My tighty-whiteys were suddenly the only thing separating my genitals from their view.

This might be a good time to mention that my penis is sadly pretty small, especially when soft. Soft it’s about an inch long or shorter and kind of resembles an acorn with the head poking forward surrounded by a little fold of loose skin. It is true that I am a “grower” not a “shower” as they say, but even fully erect I’m under average just under four inches long and fairly thin as well except a mushroom head.

At this point I had already had several instances where my small penis had been a source of embarrassment for me (but those are separate stories in their own right).

I was still really nervous about the idea of these people, my friends, coworkers and even some strangers getting a glimpse of my small member and it was kind of cold so I could only imagine my little cock had shrunk at this point beyond even my usually soft size. They were all staring at my underwear.

I tried to crouch and hide my package between my legs but Jenn just laughed and pulled me up. Erica pointed at my crotch and said, “Aww, it doesn’t look like you have much of a bulge at all! Is that why you’re being so shy, Jack?”

I laughed nervously a little and blushed not sure how to respond. I had a feeling that I would be debriefed soon so I didn’t bother denying it. Sabrina laughed and blurted out, “Haha when my ten year old brother is laying around the house in his underwear, he has a more noticeable bulge than that!”

Erica still had a huge grin all the way across her face. She said, “Alright Jack, we’ll be merciful. I’ll flip a coin. If I win, we pull down your undies and check out what’s between your legs, but If you win, Jenn will let you go.” Jenn looked disappointed but nodded.

“Alright,” I agreed, realising this was my only way out.

“So heads or tails?”, Erica goaded me.

“Heads,” I responded quickly, “But, I want Tony to flip the coin.”

This was my usual first choice in a coin toss. It always seemed like coins were more likely to land on heads in my experience. And I picked Tony since I knew I could trust him not to fudge the results and he was a designated driver so he was sober enough to properly toss a coin. Tony grinned mischievously at me and shook his head a little and said, “Good luck, bro…” and flipped a quarter up in the air, caught it and slapped it onto his arm.

Tony looked at me apologetically (we had been friends for years, and he had seen me naked, so he’d probably noticed I was on the smaller side), and said, “Sorry, Jack. Tails!”

“Shit!”, I exclaimed immediately.

I gulped in terror, and everyone else cheered triumphantly. Erica, Jenn, Maria and Sabrina all gave each other a series of high fives. Erica looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t hurt it!”

Then Sabrina walked over, and yanked down my briefs.

Immediately, there was lots of laughter.

Then Sabrina walked over, and yanked down my briefs.

Immediately, there was lots of laughter.

I tried to turn away, but was held in place by the rest of them. They all stared at my small, exposed, shrunken dick and balls.

[singlepic id=362 w=320 h=240 float=left]Erica made a sign with her hands her index finger and thumb held close together to indicate how small I was. Sabrina spoke first, “Wow, you’ve got a baby dick, like on Scary Movie.”

She laughed hysterically and the rest of them laughed with her.

I looked down. It must have been cold because it looked even smaller than usual. I was blushing very red by this point but managed to respond, “It’s fucking cold!”

Tiffany, who had been mostly silent up until this point responded, “Not THAT fucking cold. It IS a baby dick. Hahaha! You’re making me squint. My little two year old nephew’s penis is bigger than that!”

Maria said, “Sorry Jack, I gotta admit that is the smallest I’ve ever seen on a grown man, but it is true that they shrink when they’re cold.” Jenn smiled. “I wanna see how big it gets hard!”

In my mind I was already dreading this since at least soft I could deny that I was at my full potential. When they saw that it was small even hard there would be no denying how small my ‘manhood’ was. “Wait!”, said Sabrina, “I want to take pictures of it like this. No one is ever going to believe how little your little button is!”

I called out, “Wait, no!”

But it was too late. Sabrina had her phone out taking pictures of my little dick already, while Jenn and Erica held me in place, legs apart. I looked down. I think it had shrunk even more, between the combination of cold temperature, alcohol and my being nervous.

After Sabrina had taken the pictures, Jenn started rubbing my balls, while Maria cupped her hand around my minuscule member and smiled at me. She gripped her fingers around it and started stroking my little pink pecker with her slim brown fingers, up and down until I was rock hard and at my full almost-four-inch glory. Maria looked me right in the eye and smiled and said, “Aww, it’s so cute. It’s such an itsy bitsy teenie weenie peenie.” Erica said, “Hold on just a sec!”, and she suddenly ran out of the garage and into the house for a couple minutes.

While Erica was inside Maria posed with my little boner for a few more pictures with Sabrina. Maria held my balls and said, “Wow, it looks like a vienna sausage and two grapes!”

Sabrina replied, “Yeah, that blunt we smoked earlier was longer than this!”

I was redder than I’d ever been, but extremely turned on also which was weird.

When I saw Erica return she had a ruler in her hand.

My heart sunk.

My erection, however, was harder than ever standing stiff and dripping slightly while Maria still rubbed underneath my mushroom head. I squirmed but Jenn and this time even Tiffany held me in place and Maria held firmly me by the balls while Erica held the ruler up to my throbbing hard on with one hand and rubbed gently along my shaft with the other.

She laughed a little.”Three and three quarters inches! Not even four! And he’s really hard too! This is as big as it gets!”, she said as she grasped her hand around my shaft.

Everyone laughed and Sabrina snapped even more pictures of my hard cock next to the ruler, clearly and undeniably displaying my modest size.

I could only hope that these pictures wouldn’t be texted to nearly everyone at my work. But at that moment I could already just imagine lots of people coming up to me making subtle small penis references or calling me nicknames. Or perhaps even worse find their way to the internet. I’m kind of distinctive looking, and have several very unique tattoos. I definitely don’t want people coming up to me on the street saying, “Hey, aren’t you that guy from the internet with the tiny dick?”

Both seemed distinct possibilities already…

After about a half hour of being cuffed and exposed the girls finally agreed to release me. Even then they only let me go because I had to piss like a horse and they may have just humiliated me but luckily they weren’t quite cruel enough to let me pee all over myself. After being freed my wrists were still a little sore from the cuffs but finally I was able to put my pants back on, and empty my bladder.

When I came back out, they were still teasing me, calling me shrimpdick, tiny tool, clitdick, micropenis, etc., but I just laughed it off. My sense of humour thankfully is a lot bigger than my genitals. I begged with Sabrina to delete the pictures she’d taken, but apparently while I was in the restroom she had already sent them to a few people including some more girls that I worked with.

When I went back to work of course I was greeted with a lot of small dick jokes, nicknames and subtle references for about a week, and then only the occasional jab. I still keep in touch with most of my friends from that job though,and most of those who were there that night are prone to laughing their asses off any time that night or my tiny penis are brought up.

But thankfully I still have not come across them on the internet.

The End.


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