True Stories: Wax On – Wax Off

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By lilchris (edited version)

Hi, I’m a silver member of The Small Dick Club, and my pics – soft and hard – are on here as proof. My wife and I are both accepting of my small penis (well a she calls it at willy as a dick or cock needs to be over 6 inches to be called that according to her). So I wanted to share one of our moments in which she and myself enjoyed having my willy exposed to others at work of all places. Even if it was humiliating at the time, it still gets me rock hard thinking about it years later, and it pops up in the odd conversation at work too

So first off me and my wife own our own hair and beauty salon and back then had a small team of three other girls all ages between 19 -24. I’m 30 now, but was 26 at the time of this story, and luckily we have a big team now and a great busy salon. We do a lot of in-house training to keep up with the times and trends. And this sometimes involves getting models and therapist in to demo new techniques.

I’ve had everything from a spray tan to full back wax etc. Other than hairdressing and nails, the third biggest earner for our salon is waxing, from legs to full Hollywood waxing. But with the trend for men’s grooming growing, the team decided to add a full list of men’s waxing to the treatment menu. One of which is the back, sack, and crack wax. So the models were arranged and a top therapist booked to take the four girls through the treatment step by step. As the day neared the team got more and more excited mainly because they would get to see a few cocks, and inflict pain on a man

So the day before, one of the male models cancels but my wife says not to worry as she will arrange another. So we will still have two models. Well, that night my wife rings any male friends she can think of to help out and as you can guess no one would help. So I won’t bore you with all the pleading and what not. But eventually I agree to step in somewhat nervously

At work, the day goes as normal as possible, with the girls all excited and winding me up about what to expect pain wise. My wife is as nice as pie to me, trying to keep me on board as she knows I’m not keen on showing my penis to the girls at work. When the model and therapist arrive, after some tea and a chat, the girls are in one of the treatment rooms with a model on his front in just his boxers ready to start. As I was curious about how much I’d be on show later, I stayed out the way but able to see. Well, let’s just say it’s a treatment where there’s no way to hide, and even if the model looked awkward being naked at the end. Even when I saw he had a normal sized dick (3-4 inch soft) and what I’d say where balls on the larger side of what I’ve seen on men in the locker room. But he looked happy when it was all over.

So after a quick smoke break, with the team in which I’ve never craved nicotine so much in my life to calm the fear inside, I’m then stripping off in the room down to my boxers and laid on the table. I’ve had a back wax many times before, that bit was easy, if not a bit painful. Plus, I like an arm and shoulder wax every summer to show off my tattoos because I’m in good shape. I hit the gym three times a week.

So I get a minute to relax after the first part of the treatment, while the therapist talks to the girls about different aspects of the treatment. My wife asks if I’m ready, and I’m instructed to kneel on the table, and relax my body and shoulders down to where I’m comfortable. The therapist pulls my boxers down at the back a few inches to apply the wax to the ‘V’ at the top of my butt cheeks and swiftly remove the wax and any hairs with a fabric strip.

This is more painful than expected, but I try not to show the girls or my wife this. Next, the therapist pulls the back of my boxers down over my ass cheeks and instructs me to spread my knees a little bit. As I do, I’m more than aware that most of my balls are on display. After seeing the first models largish balls hanging free and low, I’m sure mine looked half the size in comparison. I’m just hoping they can’t see my willy hanging down past them.

As the therapist waxes the inside of my ass cheeks, the pain is far worse than I expected, and it’s more than a bit humiliating too. I can feel my balls start to tighten, and I’m acutely aware that my already small balls now have no hang whatsoever. I can feel my face burning red with the shame, knowing the four girls can see my lack of manliness, and must be thinking how tiny they are compared to the last model. I can see my wife with a smirk on her face, knowing that I’m being completely shamed.

The final strip is applied and the last few hairs are ripped out. The therapist applies some anti-bacterial cream to the freshly waxed area, and tells the girls to avoid getting cream on the scrotal area to allow the wax to stick better for the last bit of the treatment. I pull my boxers back up over my ass cheeks and lie on my back. Every bit of me wants to have a quick rearrange to put some life back into my willy before the big reveal.

The chance never happens. The therapist explains that you can do the last step of the treatment by pulling the fabric of the boxers from side to side. If the model don’t mind they can be removed completely as access will be quicker and easier I start to say side to side will be fine, when my wife says, “Come on, don’t be shy. It’s better for the team to see it all happen in the open.”

I can see the girls’ excitement grow. So, in a moment which seems like forever, I pull my boxers down and kick them off. I don’t need to look down to know how bad I must look, now I’m completely naked. The girl’s faces say it all. Constrained smirks, looks of shock and amusement. My wife has that grin that says I’m loving your shame, and trying really hard not to laugh loudly.

As the therapist try’s to compose herself and finish the treatment. My wife says, “Did you want me to pass the smaller thinner strips, to make it easier for you?”

The girls can no longer contain themselves, and giggles and chuckling start. As my face burns red, I just want to get up and leave. As the giggles stop, the therapist starts to apply the wax around my balls and taint. I take a quick peek and let me tell you it’s bad, my willy must be barely two inches and my balls are bunched up.

Then, the pain hits as the hair and wax start to get removed one small, thin strip at a time in quick rhythm. I couldn’t help but look to where the pain is coming from. I can see my willy has shrunk to a little over an inch, and poking straight up. Too small to flop or hang, and as I’m still intact and uncut it looks shrivelled like a cocktail sausage. At this point I just want to die.

The therapist says loudly to the girls, “As he has smaller balls (more giggles), they’re much easier to wax as the skin is tort.” She applies more wax to my now child-sized balls, she instructs the girls, “If the penis is large enough to flat palm, do that to hold it out the way for this last bit of waxing. Like I showed you on the last model.”

One of the girls asked, “What about if it’s small like…”

She left the question hanging in the air, but I knew she meant me. The therapist nodded, and said. “As our model here is on the small side, get him to hold it. He’ll be able to get a better hold of it, and it’s more professional.”

Well, my willy looked even smaller in my large hand and fingers as I tried to hold it while the hair was removed from my balls. After another two minutes of physical, rather than verbal, pain it was all over. As the team inspected the therapists work, I have to admit I felt and look-like a child at the doctors all over again. But that’s another story if anyone wants to hear it.

I’ve been reliving that day with my wife and team ever since. I have a nearly constant hard on while they talk about my willy like I’m not in the room. Not that you can see it, because it’s less than 4 inches. But my wife always enjoys reminding me, while giggling away, telling me how small it got that day on the waxing table.

Thanks for reading.


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