True Stories: Some Latina Women Rip On Small Dicks



*Warning: If reading negative things about small penises is upsetting for you then don’t read this article.


Small penises get a bad rap. There’s even an Sex and the City episode dedicated to women who date men who have everything — except a big penis.

It seems no mujer in their right mind wants a small penis, so we decided to ask five real women about their opinions. Do you give a small man a chance to rock you with the motion in his ocean, or are big thrusts and smooth swaying hips not enough? I asked a few brave Latinas to dish on their love (or hate) for small penises, and they shared their true feelings:


Melissa, 26, Long Beach

Melissa doesn’t need a turbo penis, but it shouldn’t be microscopic. Unfortunately, she had a less-than-pleasant experience with a small penis after meeting a guy at a bar. “He couldn’t get hard at all, and it was like a gummy worm the size of a thumb. No joke,” she recalled. “I literally thought it might have been a legit micropenis, but it ended up getting bigger later. But it was still the smallest I’ve ever had!” How small is small? “4 inches — hard.” Santo Dios!


Tanya, 35, Miami

Tanya loathes small penises so much that she’s dumped men if she’s not satisfied with their size. “I just can’t — little is not cute for me,” the Nicaraguan admitted. “I do “the check,” and if it’s small, I just don’t pursue him.”

FYI: “the check” consists of dry humping the guy when you’re getting hot and heavy, or simply grabbing his penis when he’s hard underneath his underwear. So next time you want to know if he’s packing, check!


Melissa, 29, New York

“You can have sex for longer without pain,” said Melissa. Yes, guys, there are Latinas who don’t mind a smaller-than-average penis. This Domincan from the Bronx has experienced her fair share, and she prefers a low-key pecker.


Lola, 34, Boston

Lola had an issue with one man’s three-inch erect penis. “I have big hands for a woman,” she told us. “So when I tried to hold his tiny baby weeny, I was like, ‘WTF am I gonna do with this thing?!’”

Still, this Dominicana did the deed, and admitted that she “could never tell if he was in.” Even worse, he didn’t know what to do with his willy when she was giving him a blow job. “I’m a giver, so this became too much for me to deal with. And, for me, being in a relationship is all encompassing, which means there is communication, mutual admiration and sex,” Lola shared. “But when the sex is just hideous, I can’t stay!” And so she bid him adios.


Veronica, 39, New Jersey

Veronica didn’t want to talk about small penises, because she thinks they are pitiful. “A small penis is God’s joke!” the Argentine yelled. Her outrage might have something to do with an ex-boyfriend, who was about five-inches while erect. “Every time we argued, I’d bring up his small penis size,” she said defiantly. She knows it was the wrong thing to do, but she just wasn’t happy with their sex life. “He was good at oral, but it wasn’t enough,” she added. “Just thinking about it makes me upset!”

The End.



  • huttotxguy

    For all the guys out there with a small cock, believe me, there are more of us out there that like small cock than those that don’t. Keep looking! You won’t have to look far to find a guy that will enjoy your small cock and everything it brings! Small cock rocks!

  • vici

    very nice insight as a small (micro penis) 3 inch uncut guy i have experienced quite of bit of laughter and humiliation from both women and men. And now I am unable to get an erection so I can def. relate to the true Latina women responses.

    But I do enjoy the laughter and humiliation (SPH) is def for me

    • huttotxguy

      I wished I would have been able to help rebuild your confidence. Small cocks are hot!

  • somenobody

    as an asian man with less than 4inches(about 3.8~3.9′) reading this kinda made me sad but hot as the same time i won’t mind to be humiliated by a big booty latina though.

  • Jeg liker det trenger det (I like it, need it.)


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