Our Readers SPH Experiences 36

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader spent a day at a nudist club…

My wife and I had all over tans thanks to sun beds and wanted to maintain them but were worried by the stories of sun beds being dangerous. She persuaded me to visit a nudist club for a trial visit and we were having a great time with everyone greeting the newcomers so we decided to join permanently. When we got home my wife said she was surprised I had agreed to join.

I asked why and she said she had been keeping count and 18 guys definitely had bigger dicks than me, two were too close to call, and no one was smaller! She said we would definitely be having some fun at the club in future! She has embarrassed me on many occasions since but her favorite was when I won the club’s miniten trophy. She suggested the senior and junior champions should pose together with their trophies for the club newsletter.

I react badly to physical exertion and am holdings trophy sporting retracted testicles and a shriveled 2 inch dick. Next to me is a 14-year-old skinny boy with a fat 6 inch dick and huge low hanging balls!

My wife suggested the headline, “Senior gets the trophy, but Junior has the jewels.”


This reader has an active imagination…

My wife’s sister saw me nude one day and saw how small my penis was and the first thing she said was, “Wow, you’re so little! You do get bigger, right?”

I told her as my dick became a rock hard 4.8 inches that was it. She looked at me and said does my sister know about your little package. Yes she is real excited because she has never been with a guy my size.

“You’re smaller than her last boyfriend, he was about twice your size.”

Being nude and having my little dick visually inspected was a big turn on for me. I walked over to her and started kissing her and she responded the same without a second thought. We both ended up on the couch with her hand slowly stroking me.

I asked her if she was going to get naked and she said no she just wanted to watch me cum. She said she liked my little dick and would like to do this more often. She said maybe she would let me go down on her since her boyfriend didn’t, and knew that I liked to do that to her sister that way. Well she did make me cum twice that day and left before my wife came home. The next day we repeated the making me cum but this time she was naked and demanded me to go down on her. Without a second thought my tongue has licking her clit and she was moaning and having an orgasm.

With her thrusting back and forth she let me enter with my little dick. She told me do what you can and grabbed my back. Her breasts were like my wife’s same big nipples and about the same size. But her vagina was a little different her clit was bigger and so were her lips. Her body was beautiful and she loved to put my dick in her mouth after sex and suck on it. Her mouth was warm and she would always get me to cum especially when she would talk about her husband and how much bigger he was then me.

She told me that my wife and her husband had dated and had regular sex when they were in high school and college. She had told me about dating a guy in high school but little did I know it was her sister’s future husband. She told me they were still having sex and that once she found out how little you were compared to him she was back the week after you two were married. Your wife also has a girlfriend that she started seeing who really makes my sister have multiple orgasms.

My sister even let her finger her at the gym in the sauna around two of her close friends who watched and enjoyed seeing her cum. Bet you didn’t know you wife was so busy and had so many things in her vagina instead of you. I felt sorry for you so came over to get two things done one make you cum and let you go down on me. Your wife let everyone know about your size even my mom knows.

Well see you tomorrow going to bring a girlfriend and a video of your wife for you to watch. She is going to be with my friends husband and he is about three times your size and he is good in bed both your wife and I have done him numerous times. When you’re out of town he is doing your wife and his a very happy threesome minus you. Well see you tomorrow be ready she likes to be licked and don’t forget to be nude and waiting like we always do.


A reader decides to flaunt it publicly…

It was late and I had been home for about 30 minutes. I decided to go outside for a smoke, before going to bed like I usually do. I also strip down naked, I live on an always pretty busy highway. When I’m hard I am about 5″, but when I am soft it basically disappears and all you see is balls and just a tad tiny bit of the tip sometimes. I love SPH, CFNM, and anything public or voyeuristic involving them. This night I decided to do something I had been wanting to do for a while, but never got up the courage.

I started walking down the side of the highway with my dick flaccid and as small as I could possibly be. It was exhilarating, I let 7 cars pass by me before heading back to my house. About 10 mins later, I saw a Sheriff creeping down the road with his spotlight on. I called the sheriff’s Dept. to find out what was going on. They told me there had been a few calls about a naked man walking down the highway.


One reader found his package has a therapeutic effect…

As I have said in a previous post, my wife and I joined a nudist club and soon became fully active members making a full contribution to its maintenance etc., and fully enjoying the lifestyle.

My wife befriended a mid-30s woman with a 13-year-old son. We would picnic together, play games and go on walks together. After about a month my wife told me the husband would be joining is the next day and not to be embarrassed. She then explained the woman had asked if her and her son could hang round with us because her son was shy about his penis size and with me being small he would gain confidence. Apparently he used to wear shorts until they met me. The reason he previously lacked the confidence to go naked was his dad was so much bigger!

Anyway, we met for a picnic the next day and I could not help but notice that the dad was massive, bigger flaccid than I am erect! I them sneaked a look at the son and he was also bigger than me by about 2 inches, but definitely smaller than his dad.

My wife referred to the lad’s growing confidence (he stayed naked in front of his dad but made a point of being next to me) as our good deed.


One reader finds revenge is a dish best served cuckold…

I was incredibly insecure about my small penis in my teen years. Olive was totally infatuated with me and made it very obvious. She had the sexiest body imaginable with a large curvaceous behind, narrow waist and big, shapely firm breasts. Unfortunately her facial features were very sharp and she had a massive chin.

I could not dare be with Olive my dick size becoming common knowledge among our friends and so I pushed her away with cruel, cutting comments. She kept coming back for more and I gave her several nicknames that caught on and her life must have become a misery but my tiny dick secret was safe.

Twenty years later I felt awful about this episode of my life and had told my wife how much I regretted my terrible treatment of Olive.

One fine Summer day I am coming out of our nudist clubs freezing cold swimming pool after a half hour session and my wife is talking to a very shapely woman. As I approach she turns round and its Olive! She stared at my shriveled, disappeared junk and collapsed in hysterics. It turned out my wife had contacted her and explained everything.

“My life was a misery because of that pathetic excuse of a dick,” she said angrily.

We were then approached by a man carrying four drinks and it was impossible not to stare at the longest, thickest swinging cock I had ever seen. It was Olive’s boyfriend.

“You did me a favor in the end,” Olive said and smiled. “As I would have tolerated your little dick I liked you so much!”

My wife said, “My God, it’s literally ten times bigger than your shrunken dicklette at the moment!”

The rest of the day was spent humiliating me, comparing our two dicks and being the butt of cruel comments. My wife then decided we should continue the fun back at ours and so we all went home and got naked again. Olive said she knew how to get her revenge on me and thank my wife at the same time.

“Have you ever had a big cock before?” Olive asked my wife.

“Yes, but not that big” came the reply.

To let me know how it would feel to be a real man Olive had me holding her boyfriend’s cock and guide it into my wife’s wet welcoming cunt. Although I am not gay, I could not resist cupping his massive low hanging balls as I did so. Amazingly, all ten and a half fat inches slipped into my wife’s cunt really easily!

“That’s because I’ve never been so wet in my life.” she explained.

The boyfriend then proceeded to vigorously pump her with his massive cock for what seemed like forever. The noises from my wife were incredible as she seemed to have orgasm after orgasm being fucked really deep and loving the feeling of his balls slapping against her arse
Olive caressed my dick and whispered in my ears, “He’s over twice your length and three-times as thick. Your wife is taking about four of your tiny dicks at once!”

When he finally came I thought my wife was having a fit as she had one final massive orgasm. Olive told the boyfriend to slowly pull his dick out while I watched. My wife’s. It was like a wide open tunnel dripping juices. Olive then guided my cock into that gaping tunnel and managed to fit my balls in there too! I could feel no resistance just warmth and wetness and I shot my load instantly. This had them all in hysterics and they agreed justice had been done.

“Sex with your wife will never be the same again knowing that a shrimp like dick like yours can’t compete with a real man,” Olive said, as they left our house


One reader discovered his kink after a drunken night…

It was Friday night and my girlfriend asked if we could go to a college party her girlfriend told her about. We had all just turned 19. I said okay, kinda bummed because we usually went out with our friends to the local bar every Friday. We got to the party pretty early around 8:30 pm, I had already been pre drinking and was drinking consistently. The night was going pretty good until this random college guy whipped his cock out in front of everyone.

It’s easily 7″ flaccid. The guy is hung like a horse and thick too! From that point on I started drinking heavier and heavier since my girlfriend is flirting hard with the guy, no matter how many times I ask her to cool it.

Her response, “I’m just being nice.”

I knew right away why she’s talking to him. I got to the point of drunkenness where seeing and walking was limited to triple vision and crawling. I asked her if we could leave and she didn’t want to as it was only midnight. So I ended up passing out on a bed I randomly found and she carried on partying.

I woke up in the same bed in the morning and to find her passed out naked beside the guy with the huge cock. I snapped, woke her up and we left. She just had a big smile on her face the whole way home. I then grabbed my phone and was going to check for missed calls and messages while she drove.

I found picture messages one after another. She had come into the bedroom with every girl at the party and pulled my pants down and told the guy with the huge cock to lay beside me. They all took pictures of the cock comparison. His 9″ erect cock to my 4″ cock. Then all the girls took turns holding my dick with two little fingers and laughing for the pictures.

She had given them all my number to send them to my phone. I then received four more messages from her phone with pictures of the same guys cock inside her pussy stretching it out to the max!

And on the last picture was his huge load pouring out of her. This is when I realized I was into cuckolding and small penis humiliation! I was actually so turned on I still let her do it to this day!


This reader is burned by the Rod…

I first realized I was small when I saw the famous picture of Rod Stewart and Britt Ekland wearing the same underwear. Road completely fills what looks like Britt’s knickers and stretches them outgrown his body, revealing his pubic hair. I was transfixed and tried the same thing in front of the mirror with a tiny pair of my mum’s knickers only to discover they were a perfect fit!


This reader discovered a pitfall with peeing with a tiny todger…

I have to be truthful, I don’t mind having a small dick, just wonder why it took me until I was 40 to recognize why all those times it ‘fell out’ when I tried to get up proper pace in a fuck. I guess I got away with my 4.8 inches hard over all those years because it’s quite thick, but anyway that’s not the story.

When it’s soft it’s absolutely tiny, pretty much just the head (I’m cut) sticking out pointing forward. It’s actually quite good when I’m wearing panties they actually fit me really well (yes, I have a sissy side!).

That’s probably why I sat down to pee (sissy side coming out again) when I went during a movie at a friend’s place. We had already had a few drinks so I was quite relieved when my stream started. Then after a few seconds I heard a splashing sound in front of me and looked down.

There was my stream going straight through between the seat and the porcelain! A puddle was already on the floor but a puddle just as big was in the front part of my bikini underpants and my trousers! I guess that’s why I hadn’t heard it earlier as it soaked in.

Well this left me with a real problem!


Another reader tells us harmless jokes sometimes cut close to the boner…

I was once on a trip to NYC with a few friends of mine, including a few female friends, one of whom was very attractive and rather busty (and who I was rather into at the time). Our sense of humor that day was throwing friendly insults back and forth at each other, but one of hers really got me. We walked by a hot dog-cart advertising ‘Jumbo Weiner’s’. She pointed it out and said, “Jumbo Weiner’s, huh? Well I guess Captain Smallwang here doesn’t qualify to work there!”

This prompted giggles from her and the other two women in our group.


A reader has a humiliating shower experience at the gym…

It was roughly a year ago I was taking a course at a gym to become a trainer. The class had several guys and girls on it, there was one girl in particular that I liked we just clicked. Also on this course was a guy who I didn’t get on with so we had a bit of rivalry going on. One day as part of the training we had to go outside and run around in the mud and take part in various exercises. Of course afterwards I needed to shower I was nervous about this because I’m a grower and certainly not a shower.

I got undressed quickly under a towel and went in to the shower to the far end so my back was to the entrance. On my way through I noticed every guy in there was bigger than me, I thought it would be a good idea to fluff a bit while in the shower to make sure no one saw how small it was on my way out. To my horror when I hit the shower button nothing but cold water came out my penis just disappeared. Behind me I noticed one of the other guys get in the shower from my course he was hung, his flaccid cock was bigger than mine erect.

I got on well with this guy so when we were both out of the shower I asked him if he got any hot water and explained how I didn’t and that my shower was freezing. He said no his was fine and he told me that I should think of a better excuse for my penis being so small. My heart sank I didn’t realize he had seen, I thought to myself nothing could be more embarrassing than this until I realized next to me was my rival. I was pleased that at this point I had my boxers on but they were very tight, so when my rival looked down I may as well have had nothing on, my boxers were flat even my balls couldn’t make a bulge.

I just remember looking down at my non-existent package then looking up at my rivals face as he had realized there was something I could never beat him at, although this guy never did take a shower while we were there so I could never truly know for certain. To make matters worse later that day i noticed the well hung guy chatting up the girl I liked and her look over and snigger. I could not compete with him. That was a story of the most humiliating day I ever had however when I read it back to myself it does turn me on a bit. Especially the thought of the well hung guy with the girl I liked.


One reader says he was the high school jock with the tiny cock…

I was the man at my high-school all the girls wanted me, but for some reason the only girl I liked was this light skin ebony girl. She was short with thick big tits, fat ass, and she wanted me too. She was always flirting with me one day she came to my house with my twin sister, but my sis was doing homework and she was bored so she came to my room.

She bust open my door and she catches me jacking off, she gasps, saying “OMG, what are you doing?”
She closes the door behind her and I quickly pull up my pants she says “It’s okay don’t be shy, you know I think your hot she said don’t worry I won’t tell anyone what I saw if you let me pull down your pants so I can see that fat long dick.”

I blushed, but before I could say anything she yanked my pants down.

Not being able to believe her eyes, she burst out in laughter at my size, and said, “OMG, you have a little tiny baby dick.”

She started to tease me and repeatedly saying, “You have a little dick,” over and over again.

“You’re such a tiny little baby. Aww, look at my tiny little weenie boy.”

She looked down and saw my little guy was starting to get hard, and she said, “Aww, rise and shine little baby!”

She used her fingers and started rubbing up and down it slowly and she made me get down on my knees and beg her not to tell anyone, and she said she wouldn’t but only if I agreed to be her boyfriend. But really I was her little bitch she made me squirm like a worm and squeal like a pig. From then on, I was her little dick, bitch boy


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