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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader got a bad review from an ex…

An ex-girlfriend wrote my Mom a letter and told her to stop setting me up with girls, because I had a small dick and couldn’t keep a girlfriend. My mom didn’t believe it and demanded proof, stating my dad wasn’t small, so she didn’t think I was either. My mom made me show her my dick, and then stopped setting me up. I’ve had some humiliating experiences over my life, but this one takes the cake. Totally embarrassed, forever.


This reader got cuckolded by his crush in college…

My best friend at university was called Janette. We met in the first week and quickly developed a strong friendship based on a shared sense of humour and a kind of connection that gave us this ability to talk about anything. We became soul mates I suppose. But we were an odd couple, Janette was very beautiful and had this confident grace that underlined her sexuality. I on the other hand was nerdish and fundamentally very shy with little self-confidence, I was still a virgin.

During one of our drunken late night discussions she asked why I never had a girlfriend and why I was so lacking in confidence with women. She said it puzzled her because I was so at ease with her. With alcohol lowering any inhibitions I confessed to her that I wasn’t well blessed and that made me nervous about meeting women. She giggled and said that all boys think that and asked how big I was. I was too ashamed to answer but she was persistent and I knew that having gone this far, she wouldn’t let me off without telling. Shamefully I confessed, “It’s only 4 inches…. Well it’s really less, …it’s 3 ¾ inches”.

She laughed, and said that really it wasn’t that small, and I shouldn’t be worried as that was around average. She said her boyfriend’s was big, as he had 6 inches. I felt happy with her response but then she said, “Anyway, what does it grow to? My boyfriends 6 inches grows to over 9 inches when I play with it.” She said this with a very sexy grin and was doing her best to boost my confidence.

I was devastated, I felt intensely embarrassed. She sensed something was wrong and I had to sheepishly explain that 3 ¾ inches was my ERECT size.

She too became very embarrassed, apologising for her mistake, and saying she was so sorry she had mentioned her boyfriend’s measurements. A long silence ensued, then she couldn’t resist a giggle and said cheekily, “It is small, isn’t it?” then kissed me on my cheek and said, “Never mind, it doesn’t matter to some women.”

However, as she left my room, the suppressed giggling I heard from her as she walked down the corridor left me with no doubt that it mattered to her.

As our friendship continued I realised I loved Janette, I wanted her so much. But I hid it and never told her. I knew that I could never have her and telling would only destroy our friendship and take her out of my life altogether. One day she told me that one of the girls at her house was moving out, and she asked if I wanted the room. I said I would like to look at it, and played along casually. Inside I was overjoyed at the thought of moving into her house. The other girls knew me, and were happy for me to move in.

On the day I took the room, Janette was away with her boyfriend. I unpacked my things, settled in, then went into town for the evening. When I came back I went to bed, but I always find it difficult to sleep in new surroundings. I was restless and couldn’t sleep. After 2am I heard the front door bang and footsteps came up the stairs. It was Janette and Tom coming home from a disco.

There was a series of noises as they moved around their room and I heard a few drunken giggles from Janette. Then it went quiet. I was drifting off to sleep but I heard a soft moan, and then a giggle then I clearly heard Janette say, “Tom, let me take these knickers off! Tom, don’t be silly, don’t… Ahhhhh!”

I was suddenly wide awake, adrenaline pumping, my senses becoming more acute.

“Yes,… Tom, come on… …Aaaaaaagh! …Aaah!”

My head started to spin I couldn’t believe how plainly I could hear what was happening next door. Then I realised that the room had probably been divided up from a larger one into two, to get more students in. They had obviously just done it with cheap plasterboard. The effect was that apart from being able to see them I might as well have been in the same room as Janette and Tom.

It then hit me. The woman I loved was going to be fucked. There was nothing I could do but lie there and hear every detail of Tom taking my Janette.

Tom started to pound into her and her gasps became heavier. He was fucking her and fucking her hard. I couldn’t stand it any longer I grabbed my dick and started to pull in time with their rhythms. As I pulled my dick I remembered that he was nearly 3 times my size. That thought made my spunk fly and I lay there worthless and spent as Tom thrust on relentlessly, pushing harder until my Janette cried out in ecstasy and abandon. I felt ashamed that I had wanked whilst listening to her cries. I fell asleep feeling pathetic, knowing why I was a virgin. I fell asleep after hearing Tom pounding into her for a second time.

For the next two nights, I put up with this torture. The agony of knowing what a real man was doing to my dear Janette. A week later Tom was to stay the night again. I was talking to Janette in my room that day, when she told me jokingly that she might just let him have his way with her. I made an off the cuff remark “Yes, and then again for a second time.”

She froze, looked at me, spent a few seconds her mind racing. I could not look her in the eye. “You listen to us……? You dirty bastard, you listen to us?”

She stormed out, and I couldn’t follow. I tried to say, “But it isn’t my fault…,” but I knew that I had wanked listening to them, and that was a betrayal of her.

She left the house without saying any more. I had a miserable day, thoughts going through my head as to what I should say to her, how I could explain.

That night they came back from the disco early. I was in bed reading. The same general moving around noises were happening. I was thinking how I had denied her pleasure. They would not make love now or would be very restrained, very quiet. Then it started.

“Tom…… Ahhhh…ohhhh!” she moaned in pleasure.

They seemed as loud as before. I was surprised but then thought that she must have forgotten in her drunkenness. I was to hear the torture again. I resisted touching my dick now, I felt so guilty.

Then I heard, “Tom…, god… its so BIG… …Ohh yeah I love it.”

The pounding began, Janette never stopped talking, moaning, screaming as Tom fucked her. She encouraged him, coaxed him, and praised him. She was louder than before, more vocal. By the time I had heard her plead for his ‘BIG FAT COCK’ I knew that my torture was now deliberate. Every other moan seemed to end with her saying he was so big. I wanked again, but came in seconds.

I lay there destroyed. my little 3 ¾ inches shrinking whilst hearing Janette fucking wildly next door. She was punishing me in the way she knew would have maximum effect.

She was punishing me in the way she would have the most fun. She wasn’t even suppressing her giggles now.

I look back on this incident now with some hilarity. My first `wife watching’ experience involved neither a wife nor a girlfriend, and
unfortunately I didn’t get to watch.


One reader tells us that breaking up is hard to do…

I was in high school the first time I was humiliated for having a small dick. I was dating a girl who like me was a virgin. After our senior prom we went to a hotel that I had rented earlier. She took a shower while I got everything ready. I had a bottle of wine that my older brother had bought for me. When she got out she was wearing some lacy black panties and underwear. We made out for a little while and drank some wine, then she suggested that I take a shower. I showered quickly then came out of the bathroom naked. This was the first time I had ever been naked in front of any woman. When she saw me she giggled a little bit. So I asked her, “What’s so funny?”

She said, “I thought men’s ‘thingies’ were much bigger than that.”

I was pretty embarrassed, but shrugged it off. When she took off her bra, I couldn’t believe how beautiful her breasts were. I quickly got into bed with her and she immediately began playing with my dick. I came in her hand after about ten seconds. She laughed again, but did not seem in the least bit upset. We started making out some more and we did end up having sex that night, however, we broke up a short time later.

She started dating another guy in my class; who had at least an eight inch dick, about a month after the break up. I was pretty upset about the break up and started some nasty rumours about her. She confronted me about it in the lunch room, and called me a ‘teenie weenie’ in front of a group of freshman girls that I was trying to pick up. They all laughed at me, then my ex went on to tell them how I was just pissed cause her new boyfriend was a real man, with a cock twice the size of my little nub. Ouch!


One reader tells how he was humiliated by a street hooker…

Last year on my birthday, me and a group of friends decided to go out clubbing. We ended up getting pretty drunk and decided to walk home. Now the club we were at is a total dive, (the sort where you wipe your feet on the way out) but all my friends had managed to grab girls of differing degrees of attractiveness. I, predictably, hadn’t. To get back to the station, you have to work through what we call ‘the borders’, a really rough area, which is also the red light district.

After passing loads of burnt out cars, we were approached by a prostitute. She was about my age (21), and really skinny. She was wearing a tracksuit top and a miniskirt which barely covered her pussy. And this was all in December. She asked my friend (6’1, well built) if any of us wanted a fuck or a blowjob. My friends all huddled, blocking me out, then organised a collection, for me! I was secretly overjoyed, but had to put on a disapproving tone and try to deny I wanted to fuck her.

Eventually, I was ‘persuaded’ and my friends pushed me at her and walked off laughing, saying they would see me in the morning. I was left with this anorexic prostitute in a very dodgy part of the city. She sensed my nervousness, and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards a row of boarded up houses. When we got around the back, she pushed me against the wall, then opened her top. Her tits would have fallen out of her crop top, if she had any. She put her hands on her hips.

“Right then, you sad fucker, what do you want?” she asked me.

I mumbled ‘blowjob’, as I could give myself a handjob anytime and I wanted my first fuck to be a bit more than a screw in an alley with a whore. She tutted, and went to start undoing my jeans. I reached down and tried to push down her top to expose her breasts, but she stopped me: “Do you know how fucking cold it is? Tits out’ll cost you another fiver, cunt”

I handed her some change, and she reluctantly exposed her tiny boobs and erect nipples. I tried to fondle them, but she pushed my hands away. She was now on her knees, and expertly pulling down my flies. Her hand snaked inside my pants, and I heard her giggle. She looked up, smiling. “Is there anything in here?” she asked.

Then she pulled open my button and wrenched down my trousers. I tried to hold up my boxers but she got them too. As my tiny little dick bobbed out, she screamed with laughter, pointing. “What?” I asked.

“ITS FUCKING TINY!” she replied.

“Well, it’s quite cold,” I retorted.

At this, another girl came storming around the corner, having heard the scream. I desperately covered my tiny part. “Are you alright Kerry?” the new
prostitute asked.

Kerry nodded, her hand over her mouth, pointing at my groin, “He’s… ha ha, his… cock…”

The new girl was bigger and older, so she wrestled my hands away easily, again exposing my penis to the two girls. Kerry fell over, she was laughing so hard, while the new girl (I found out she was called Janice) burst out laughing too. After a few minutes, Kerry calmed down, and went to touch my dick. “Sorry baby-cock, you’ll have to get it hard or I cant even wank it.”

I felt so ashamed, because it was already hard. I told them this, and they laughed again, harder than ever. both were saluting with their little fingers, but even they were bigger than my wiener. After a while, Kerry composed herself enough to wank me off, but did it with thumb and forefinger, as if holding a tea cup, while Janice watched and laughed. I had the last laugh though, when she made me climax, I came on her tracksuit top. Of course, it was only a dribble, barely a teaspoonful, but it was the most I managed before or since.


One reader’s life as a stripper ended quickly…

When I was 19 years old and living in an apartment off campus with three male friends: one straight and two gay. Tommy, the other straight room-mate had a huge cock, about 9&1/2 inches. He didn’t have a great body but he would make lots of money as a male stripper/waiter. I had a job working on campus at the registrar’s office at the time. There were these older women, in their late fifties that worked right next to me. They were throwing a second marriage shower for one of their friends, and were looking for a gag male stripper, just to go down to boxer shorts. So I told her my room mate would do it.

So I told Tommy, I got him this job and they would pay him fifty-dollars for a half hour. He told me I should do it, since it was just a gag and I could really use the money. So I told Margaret I would do it and she said fine. I confirmed that I would just go down to my boxers. In the meantime, Tommy has pulled out some of his stripper clothes for me to wear that night, and made me try them on when I got home that afternoon.

He said even though they say just to your boxers, its best to be prepared. So he has me put on one of his G-strings. My other two room-mates are watching with Tommy as I try to fit in to this thing. As soon as I pull it up they all start laughing cause there is so much space in it and as I start to walk my little weenie slides right out of the side of it. When my dick is at it’s hardest, I’m only about 4 inches long. When it’s soft, I’m usually about ¾ of an inch to 1 & ½ inches.

Then Tommy tells me I need to trim up. Apparently that’s what he calls shaving your balls. I told him I had never done this before and he said he could tell, when I put the Speedo on I had all this dark hair sticking out the sides by my legs. So we go into the bathroom and I stand in the tub. Tommy pulls out these hair clippers and totally scalps me clean except for a tiny little patch just above my dick and at that time my balls really didn’t have any hair on them
yet. He said it would make my dick look bigger, but in my case it just made me look juvenile.

I tell him this will never work and he says not to worry it probably will never get that far. So my whole outfit will be the G-string, under a Speedo, with boxers on top of that, all under my pants, with a tank top under a t-shirt. So that night I get to the town about an hour earlier than I am supposed to arrive at the house and I am very nervous. I find the house and just a couple of blocks away is the centre of town. So I park my car by the house and I walk to this small local bar.

I am half excited and half nervous. I sit down and I order a beer. Before I know it I am at the bottom of the glass. I am only 19 and hardly ever drink so I start to fell the effects right away. I start up a conversation with this old guy sitting next to me. He asks why such a young guy like me is in a bar like this. So I go shooting off my mouth and tell him what I am going to do later that night.

But I tell him I’m not going all the way. So he calls the bar maid over and buys me another drink which I down right away. He says, “Like hell your not, there are going to be ten horny old ladies there, they will tear your clothes off of you.”

He than laid fifty bucks on the bar and said, “There’ll be a woman there in a blue flowered dress, that’s my wife. I want you to stick your pecker right in her face.” Then he laughed, and said, “That’s worth 50 bucks alone.”

This was the first time I really faced the fact that these women might get to see me bare ass and I started to get excited. It was just a fantasy but the more I thought about it the harder my dick got until I finally had to get up and go to the Men’s room.

So there I am standing in a two urinal, one stalled men’s room with my pants down to my ankles jerking off when the guy pulls the door wide open and looks down at my willy and says he just wanted to get a preview of the show I was going to be giving later. Just then my little dick starts to spurt as he calls out to the two other guys in the bar and the bar maid “he’s wasting it all, he’s not gonna have anything left for those old broads.

He went back to his bar stool and left the door wide open as I shook off my dick and quickly tried to pull my pants back up. Then the bar maid comes walking in the men’s room to get a better look. She asked, “How much are they paying you?”

“Fifty dollars,” I said

She said with a smirk, “With that little thing, you should be getting fifty cents!”

I quick got out of there and took the fifty dollars the guy promised me, and he said “Don’t let me down,” as I stumbled out the door.

Walking back up the street to the house I had to perform at, I felt quite tipsy.

Well sure enough when I got there I entered a room full of ten drunken women all around sixty, two of which I worked with. Once they announced me and started playing the music I knew I was in trouble. The ladies kept grabbing me by my balls and squeezing pretty hard. The women who the wedding shower was for sat at the end of the room and the other ladies kept pushing me towards her. It was then I noticed the two girls beside her, they were in their teens. I then breathed a sigh of relief.

These ladies weren’t going to try anything in front of these girls. So the music has played for a while and I am now down to my boxers. I’m in the middle of the floor dancing with two ladies, one in front of me and one in back of me. I’m feeling a bit dizzy from the two drinks I had earlier and I’m thinking someone is trying to pull on my pants. That’s when I hear all the ladies scream. The women who was in back of me pulled down my boxers, my Speedo and the g-string. There I was with all my business showing. At first I was horrified and tried to pull them back up but the woman had her foot on them.

So I stepped out of them and tried to look for my other clothes, but someone had taken them. That’s when I realized I should just give in. But I look down and all I can see is about half of the head of my little dickie sticking out, the rest of it has disappeared. I am filled with embarrassment and I can feel my whole body blushing. When one of the ladies I work with pulls me over and I see a flash go off. They actually starting taking pictures of my
baby pee-pee.

Each one of the women had something demeaning to say to me like: does that little thing ever wake up, come back when you grow some hair on your balls, or come back when you grow some balls. But the worst were the two young girls. Their grand mother was telling them to look at it. She told them it was like their baby
cousin’s willie except about half the size and the girls giggled as their grandmother started tugging on my balls. She looked at me and said haven’t they dropped yet.

There was nothing I could do but take this abuse. I stayed for about another half hour so each of the women could use up all their Polaroid film by taking pictures with me. Most of them touched my dick and tried pushing back the skin so the head would stick out more. There I stood in the middle of the living room with all these women around me and I couldn’t even get it hard. So I tried playing with it. But after about a minute I realised how ridiculous I looked and I
picked up the clothes I could find headed towards the bathroom.

Three of the ladies followed me while I could still hear the others laughing at me. Now I was in the bathroom with these three ladies. It was a very small space and one lady said, “Well go ahead, and finish it.”

They made me jerk off for them. I must have worked on it for about two minutes. It never got any bigger or harder but I did come. I barely shot a load and when I did my weenie totally retracted just leaving my foreskin to pucker up and totally cover the head. I just picked up my clothes and ran out of the house naked and quickly jumped in my car.

When I went back to work on Monday I could see that Margaret had brought the pictures in to show some of the girls she worked with. I never said another word to her again, but that didn’t stop her from teasing me. Whenever I would walk in or out of the office I could hear her or one on the other girls say, “Has anyone seen Dickey, or has he disappeared again?”

I guess that was supposed to be a reference to the size of my dick.


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