True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences 40

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


The reader found out he was just a big fish in a small pond…

I used to love the thought of my cock and how much it must excite the ladies. When I was in high school, I was The Man! Varsity. Captain. Homecoming King. They nicknamed me “Big Brad”. I had girls lining up to go out with me. It didn’t take long to figure out how many them like to talk about penis size. In high school, I figured it was because they’re all loose bitches. I knew I had a big cock! Sooo, I told everyone that they were loose whores and it MUST be their problem because I had a big cock. In high school, everyone believed “Big Brad”. Problem solved. BUT in college, things changed. It was almost immediately confirmed for me that I had a very small cock. I dated a girl for a few weeks before we hooked up.

The first night we hooked up, she smiled right before she went down on me. I asked “what’s up?” and she said “Don’t worry, I’ll pleasure you until you’re HARD”. I immediately FROZE…. I was already erect and ready to go. I practically kneed her in the face as I got up and ran out. I thought I ran away from the situation but she knew exactly what was “UP”. She told everyone in her sorority (which was affiliated with my fraternity) what had happened. It didn’t take long before I was nicknamed “BB” for the next four years. Everyone would say “hey BB”. I wished they were calling me Big Brad but really meant I was as big as a BB.


Another reader found his ultrasound ultra-embarrassing….

I am a bronze member of the club and I am extremely small when flaccid. (1 ¼) Fortunately, I enjoy small penis humiliation and teasing so this poses no problem for me. Over the years I have had several minor small penis experiences but recently I had the opportunity to actually experience the “foundation” for a great story. I was having a problem with one of my testicles and after having examining me my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound. It may sound hard to believe but the young lady technician could not have been a day over twenty-eight and was a real beauty. She escorted me into the room and gave me instruction on how to get started. I had to remove my pants and underwear (obviously) after that I should take the towel they had provide to cover my penis. I must have had a puzzled look on my face because she gave further instruction including gestures. This would have been simple if I did not have such a small penis.

Simply lay my penis pointing upward on my stomach and cover it with the towel. I however, am not able to do that. My little member points due north when I am laying down. I lack the shaft to “lay” any direction. I did not say anything to her I simply did the best I could. When she stepped out of the room I got undressed and positioned the towel to cover as much of the tip of my penis as I could while still leaving my testicles exposed. Now the kicker, I also have small testicles and a tight sack. Each testicle is roughly the size of a small pecan and together they might equal a single walnut. When she returned she took the device in hand ready to go, only something gave her a reason to pause. She observed my tiny package for what seemed like a very long time. (Probably only a minute, but we all know how awkward situations can freeze time.) From her angle she could see the entire length my penis because I would not be able to cover it without covering my testicles.

Without saying anything she began the procedure. As it progressed she had to reach the up region of my testicles and when she did this my little penis “popped” out from under it. At first she tried to cover it back up with her other hand but realized it was pointless, she would need to run the ultrasound across the top of my testicles. Therefore, without any shaft to place under the towel my tiny member had to be exposed. Honestly the most awkward moment was not being exposed but rather her failed attempt at covering it. After giving up she looked me with a smile and spoke to me as if I was a little boy saying, “It’s ok,” I remained flaccid for the entire procedure, my manhood nothing more than a little “head” protruding from my child like testicles.

For fifteen minutes this beautiful young lady was not only in the room, she was looking directly at it the entire time. Nothing else about it was said, she simply went about her work. But, once it was over and I had a chance to get dressed she returned to the room to say goodbye. When she did she place her hand on my shoulder in a very nurturing way and said, “I am sure everything will be ok, you should hear from your doctor soon regarding the results.” She smiled at me, someone fifteen years her senior the way a mother would her son. It turned out that everything was fine. Now the only problem is figuring out how I might need another one soon.


While this reader gets put in his place by his wife….

My wife loves to make fun of my small friend she calls him ‘Little Petey’, which is very embarrassing for me. She tells her sisters and friends all about it, even the men she works with. She puts me in my place, and knows how to keep me there, and I love her for that. I can only satisfy her with my oral mastery, it seems like all other penises are a ‘big’ threat to me, and indeed they are. She can have anyone of those ‘big’ boys – and she makes that very clear.


This reader got caught in the bathroom…

One night me & my friend was in town riding doing what high school guys do and my buddy wanted to stop at some mutual friends of ours house for a minute. Well one of these mutual friends was our buddies younger sister Kaycee, this night she had one of her friends over spending the night with her. We pulled up and our friend was at their neighbors house next door to them, I had been in some kind of a hurry for whatever reason so I waited for him to talk to our buddy in the car. But while I was waiting here comes the front door open and it was his hot sister and her friend, a cute red headed girl whom I was not familiar with. I waved and said hey but she said something obviously wanting to talk so I got out of the car and talked to her for a min, Kaycee had always had a crush on me and I knew that. They offered me to come in but I said we would be leaving soon so I’d wait. Then not a minute went by and I felt the urge to piss.

So I asked her if I could come in and use their bathroom. I’ve never had much down there, though now a bronze member at 4 & 3/4 inches erect. Though back then I was lucky to have had an earnest 4 and a half inches erect. And totally non existent flaccid. I was standing there in their bathroom taking a leak, to make matters worse I had noticed the door didn’t lock. Just my luck. As I’m standing there relieving myself I could hear them outside talking, and thinking to myself the whole time that I hoped they didn’t get frisky and barge in on me. Nervous, I was almost finished, and out of nowhere I heard the door swing open and all I hear is, “oh my god! It’s so tiny! Oh my god he has such a small dick! Look!” And as I begrudgingly look over I see my buddies younger sister and her friend standing there with her camera phone out snapping pictures and poking fun at my tiny shriveled up barely there shrimp dick. I felt my face turn red hot and in an excited panic actually turn around to face them with my tiny penis between my fingers.

I heard the super cute red headed friend of hers say “oh my god! I’ve got some really good pictures of it too! Though you can hardly tell with such a microscopically tiny dick like his.” She said smiling and smirking while I zipped up and looked up to see my buddies hot little sister wide eyed covering her mouth trying to keep her laughter stifled enough I wouldn’t hear it.

I started to walk out but her little red head friend stopping me asked between laughs “wait can we see it just one more time? I didn’t know guys in high school your age could have such a tiny penis. I just want to get a close up shot of it.”

My friends sister kaycee then piped in saying, “I’ll get her to delete them later.”

Seeing how embarrassed I was. “I’d like to see it again myself.” She said smirking. “I’d like to see what one that small feels like.”

Then the red haired girl pressed her palm flat against the crotch of my pants going, “probably feels like nothing, I can’t feel one little thing.”

Looking at me grinning from ear to ear & belly laughing. Well fuck me, they’ve already seen it now, “You girls better delete those after I leave or at least promise me and swear you won’t show anybody those pictures and I’ll let you take another look.” I said.

“We promise.” They said.

I knew I had gotten in too deep at this point. But I caved thinking I might get some release out of the situation. Plus why not? They’ve already seen it at this point, what have I got to lose I thought. I had just finished unzipping when both girls on either side of me with both hands grabbed each pant leg and pulled down then finished sliding my boxers the rest of the way as well to reveal my now even smaller tiny flaccid penis. It didn’t help that they kept there A/C on full blast. It had shrank so small from the cold room and my nervousness that all you could see was the tiny little head poking out towards the two teenage girls now on their knees in front of me.

“I can’t believe how tiny you are. ” the redhead said reaching & taking my penis between her tiny thumb & forefinger.

They both were maybe 5″2′ and petite. So it didn’t make me feel any better when she noticed the obvious. “I have really small hands and feet, she said and the head is the exact same size as the end of my thumb. And holding her bare foot up to my crotch she totally hid my little pecker underneath her tiny big toe”

She giggled. Holding her thumb up next to it while Kaycee laughed holding her little pinky up on the other side whilst the cute redhead snapped a few more photos. It was definitely my first time experiencing small penis humiliation. And I have to admit It really did turn me on and as humiliating as it was, I liked it. Right then as they took turns snapping pictures of them holding it between their fingers & simultaneously making the tiny symbol with their small hands. Giggling uncontrollably, Kaycee felt my tiny head twitch between her finger and thumb.

Thoroughly Enjoying my embarrassment, and in unison, they said, “Aw, is Mr. baby dick enjoying our soft little fingertips on his little head? Hmm? He looks, and, definitely feels like he is, I felt it twitch.”

Laughing soaking up my embarrassment Kaycee pinches my head and looks up at me. “it’s getting bigger now I may be able to get two or maybe even three fingers and a thumb on it.”

I could hear the smug sarcasm in her voice. She began to stroke me with her fingers, short strokes on what two or three inches of shaft I had and then messaged on my now purple head. “Uh oh I can see his head getting pretty purple!”

The redhead said in excitement, “here switch with me it’s my turn, I don’t think he’s gonna last much longer.”

She shot me a grin, looking at me her grin turned to a fake frown as if mocking my obvious lack of experience. “Look how tiny his balls are! They’re so tight.”

Kaycee said cupping her fingers under my sack. My breathing had grown labored, breathing deeply I gasped and let out a low whimper, “I’m about to cum.” I said.

Giggling between them the redhead piped up, “I’m not even ‘stroking’ you and your about to lose it?. Doesn’t take much to get you excited huh little guy? I’m just holding it between my thumb & finger! Kaycee cup your hand out in front of his little head I wanna see what a pathetic little mini dick loser looks like when he cums. Ha!” Mmmph! Gahhh! Right then I swallowed hard and climaxed harder than I think I’d ever had before then. “Look at it pumping I can feel it jump every time he squirts! Wow, that’s a decent little amount.”

She laughed and turn to Kaycee who was now watching her redhead friend milk the last of my premature load out into the palm of her hand. “Well that was. . Disappointing among other things.” I heard the redhead say, and totally humiliated by what just happened and who all might find out, I jerked my pants and boxer shorts up and fled out of there like I had a flame under my ass.

“Bye baby dick!” I heard them yell behind me.

Feeling the hot red flush fill my face with humiliating embarrassment. I was gone before I could go back to make sure they deleted the photos and from then on every time I seen them at school or out with friends they would tease me about it and hold their thumb and index finger up close together and grin that devilish smirk they gave me just as the first time they saw my tiny dick. (I have to say, I enjoy it a lot more now that I look back on it. But back then, it was still pretty humiliating. The image of these two younger super cute girls standing in the flung open doorway, one froze and the other literally snapping photos on her old school flip phone and laughing and making fun of how tiny i was will forever be seared into my mind. And I have to say if I could relive it all over again, I probably would.


One reader rummages for his true identity….

Just recently my beautiful girlfriend you left me. She says that my cock was way too small for her. I knew that I was on the smaller side but I never knew that it was really Tiny. Fully erect my cock is 4.1 inches long and about 5.5 inches around. The coming on the internet I saw that I am in the 2.28% of men in the world that have a 4 inch cock or less. Anyway my girlfriend is not enjoying sex with young men with concert at least twice the size of mine thanks and above the size of mine and a half more in girth. Recently a beautiful young woman about 20 years old moved into our neighborhood. We struck up a conversation one day we became friends. She started staying over at my place on the weekends since it was convenient for her and that I was living here alone and she could meet her new friends over here and they go out and have fun. Normally after she leaves a rummage through her clothing bag find the sexiest panties and imagine her wearing them.

Times I put them on and jack off cumming hard in her panties. Later I pick them up and let them dry out and put them back in her bag. A few times I noticed you’re wearing those panties after I had come in them. One day she was looking through my phone and I think she saw photos of me jacking off with panties. Later that evening she brought up the topic of our conversation penis size. She told me that she really enjoys having sex with men with very large penises. She said she had sex once with a man with a 4 inch penis and it was so disappointing should be here laughing and saying that men with 4 inch penises are really women with big clits and that they deserve to wear panties. I remember when she said that she glanced up towards my crotch and she smiled.

Later in the evening she asked me how big I was and I told her that I was 4 inches long and she laughed so hard. She said she would never have sex with me I wanted to I could have her panties to wear because I was a sissy faggot and I would never be able to please a woman like her. The whole time she was cutting me down I was hard and my pants in pre-come started to drip. She noticed a wet spot on my shorts and laughed and said oh my god I didn’t even know you were hard. After seeing that she left to herself and went out with her friends that night I fell asleep remember hearing a voice telling me to wake up and put on my shorts. When I did wake up I found myself standing naked in front of my new friend. I look down and I saw that she was staring at my flaccid penis which was about an inch long and she was giggling.

She said that I got up in the middle of the night took my clothes off when you put on a pair of her panties and went into the bathroom. She said that when I came out ahead or panties on and she stopped me and told me to take them off. I when I took them off she said she couldn’t believe how tiny my car close and that she would never ever even touch my dick. I was so embarrassed. She has never told anybody this story thank goodness but she always looks at me with contempt as if I would never be a complete man. She said that if she were going out with me and she saw how small my penis was she would leave me immediately because she knows little boys was longer and thicker cocks than I have.


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