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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


A female reader offers advice…

I know it’s hard to stop being self conscious about your body. I get it. But as a woman, who has honestly slept around a bit and encountered an arrangement of dick sizes and shapes, please know, the best sex I’ve had has been with average/below average guys. The sex with 7+ long dicks was awful because they didn’t even try because they figured the dick would do all the work. I’ve been with a guy for about a year now and he’s the smallest guy I’ve been with honestly, but he’s given me the best sexual experiences of my life. He knows how to fucking use it. If you’re self conscious about your dick, try improving your technique. It really bums me out to see that guys are beating themselves up over this (no pun intended) some girls might say size matters, and honestly it does, but that is never a defining factor unless it’s extreme. Like I could at least work something out with someone less than 4″ (maybe more foreplay and blowjobs and such) but I will refuse to have sex with someone with an 8 inch dick. No way, that is too much dick for me. Most girls I know agree with that. After 7.5″ it starts to get scary.

So, I understand if you don’t feel adequate and that really saddens me, but if you know how to use your dick and you don’t have a micropenis, than you are fine. (I think the qualification for micropenis is 2.8 inches?) (I do know a guy with probably a 2″ dick that pulls bitches left and right (which is weird because he’s a major douche-bag and super unattractive??) but yeah.) if a girl won’t sleep with you or breaks up with you simply because of your penis size, she’s a fucking bitch. And if a girl talks shit about how small you are, as a female, I can verify that at least 80% or so of the time they enjoyed your dick but you pissed them off in one way or another and women know that making fun of a guys dick is a great way to emotionally damage them. Girls are cruel and I don’t like them.


One reader is having problems at University…

School just started and so far my time at university hasn’t been the greatest. I’ve talked to a handful of people but no meaningful friendships. I do however have two friends from my old town who came to community college which is close to my school. Now I have a number of insecurities that probably won’t ever be resolved, I’ve contemplated suicide a number of times (not in the way that life is too hard, but as in if reincarnation was to exist I would just like to start over in a new body. Weird I know.) But perhaps the thing that scares me the most that I’ve never experienced elsewhere is the racism in this town. I’m probably the only brown man at my school of 95% white people, it’s so out of my element I can hardly believe it.

Me and my friends decided that we had enough of sitting in the patio and smoking pot, we wanted to get lit. Now I’m always nervous to do this as I don’t fit into a party scene at all. Even still, I knew it was the first week of school and not everyone knows each other so it can’t be that bad. We decide fuck it lets go. We roll three blunts, one for each, and decide to go with the old bring a girl with you to the back and smoke her up and (hopefully) have something come out of it. By the time we got to the party I had a few beers so I was feeling good and ready to go. I wore wallabies and sole inserts to make myself a little bit taller and more confident (lame as fuck I know).

I changed my walk to make myself give off way more confidence than I had regardless of being a little drunk and approaches a petite brunette girl. I was thinking small girl, she wouldn’t mind a 4 inch dick. We actually kicked things off pretty well to my surprise since I’m horrible with girls. I brought her to the back to smoke the blunt and I got to know a little bit about her dating life. She dated both the starting running back as well as the lacrosse captain. Turns out she went to a rival school of mine and I had seen pictures of the running back on Instagram in the past, 6’2 190 lb black guy.

At this point my confidence plummeted and I didn’t know how to continue talking with her. It got so awkward I wanted to scratch my eyes out. I just wanted to slam my head on a table and forget about this experience. Her friend came by and was talking to her quietly. I was eavesdropping and it was obviously about me, the girl seemed to be sober so I’m guessing she was the ‘designated driver’ for tonight. I heard something about my hand size and they both looked at my crotch for a second. The girl came back to me and said she had to get going for tonight and said she’ll see me around.

I couldn’t stay there anymore, I walked back to my apartment and left my friends there who were having a great time. I came back and looked in the mirror at myself naked… and just fucking broke down. I’ve got nothing right. Honestly speaking, I felt like a genetic failure.

It’s been a few days and I feel a bit better but I think I’m giving up on the opposite gender for now, I’ve got no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I’m just going to try and get rich and fuck anybody I want without caring what they think of me. That’s the one thing that you can always take control over my fellow dudes. Your success. I’m dedicating my college to becoming financially successful and if anyone has any tips I’d appreciate it. I’m not going to let my shortcomings that I have NO control over determine my worth as a person. If there’s a will there’s a way.


This reader shares how his fears are holding him back…

To start this off, I’m 20 years old and haven’t had a single girlfriend in my life. I’ve always been too embarrassed about my size to reciprocate whenever a girl was into me. I’ve only made out with a couple of girls when I was drunk, but that’s about the extent of it. It’s gotten to a point where most of my friends and family members think I’m gay, because they’ve rarely ever seen me with a girl.

I figured I’ve had enough and would go for the chance if it presented itself again. This fucking fear and insecurity straddling my shoulder has been there for the bigger part of my life and I wanted to get rid of it.

Yesterday, I went out to a bar with some friends and I got ‘lucky’ with this petite blonde girl. I figured this would be my best chance. (IDK, because she was small I was more secure of my size as it would contrast better I guess?) Anyway, we start dancing and kissing and during this entire time this fear is building up inside me like some background noise.

My friends take off to a different bar and I decided to stay with this girl, which is a big fucking step for me and this was for me practically doubling down on what I was about to do.

Eventually she says goodbye to her friends and she hooks her arm into mine as we walk to her apartment. The conversation turns sexual before we get there and she frequently says she likes big dick while she winks at me. I’m fucking freaking out, but I guess it didn’t show because she didn’t seem to notice.

As we get closer to her apartment I get more nervous, we start making out as we enter the elevator to go up. I’m into it and started to feel more comfortable as I seemed to be doing well.

When we get to her bedroom she cops a feel and gives me this quick look that just screams ‘Really?…’ and it is like getting fucking stabbed straight in the heart. The glance was really quick and she went back to making out. She eventually pulled down my pants, and sees my erect dick. She stares for a second and says ‘That’s it?’.

That sentence fucking levelled me man and I’m still fucking hurt by it. She continued by saying how she could have more fun by herself with her toys and how I should just leave. She stood up and sat behind her laptop and opened whatever the fuck, instagram or some shit who cares. I gathered my clothes and left without saying anything.

The walk home was one of the worst things I’ve ever done in my life. I had fucking tears in my eyes and almost still do. I’m so fucking depressed right now and fucking hate all of it. Fuck this. Why the fuck did I have to be born like this it’s fucking ridiculous. My friends are asking how the night went and I don’t know what to tell them. Fuck all of it.


This reader shares his difficult battle with depression…

I’ve been rejected over it before and it’s hurt majorly, I go into deep depression. I really have a small deformed penis, way below average. Things go well with women sometimes then she rejects me solely based on penis size but I don’t hate them for it I understand and it’s only natural, heck I even prefer bigger penis (porn fan ). But it sucks for me though, how do I get over the fact that I’m undesirable to a lot do women? This has become such a problem that I expect a woman to reject me over it, I feel not worthy and it’s true I can’t offer her what other guys can. Its become like a psychological problem, yeah, but then women would still fucking reject me over it and I’d still be depressed all over again so there’s that. Fuck my life .


One reader shares his experiences with female rejection…

Okay, maybe I get that feeling sometimes. I got rejected yet again, and sometimes I feel like it’s because I’m Asian and am expected to have a small penis size.

And to be completely honest, I do! 3.5 inches length, 4 inches girth. With so much sexual content dominated by men with huge penises in comparison to mine, I feel very insecure about myself. But considering that I have never even entered a relationship in my life, the sexual aspect of it doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me is my other aspects of my life, such as being significantly overweight, mental health issues, over focusing on video games, and perhaps just not being an interesting person in general.

I know this is a very different direction from what this sub usually talks about, but I’d like to talk about compensation. What do you all do for a girl to become interested in you? What would you suggest an overweight, boring Asian male that never goes outside to change about himself?


Another reader falls foul of a female vixen…

When I was 15 the girl I had been on a few dates with admitted she had also been simultaneously dating another lad of 14. I told her she had to choose as I would not share her and she promised a decision the next week A week later I was at her house and she went further than we had before and started masturbating me. She stopped midway and declared she was going to date the other guy exclusively as he was packing a cannon and I only had a peashooter! I told her the other lad was only a kid and she was being stupid but she then got out a tape and measured me. I was 4″” long with a 3.75″ girth while the “kid” had measured 7.5″ by 6″ girth! She promised not to tell him about me but the way he used to grin at me made me suspect she had.


This reader claims he was attacked at school…

A few months ago I was coming towards the end of my final exams in my UK school. At lunch I went to my normal place to hang out with my friends were there are no cameras or teachers. After messing around for a bit I took a rest by sitting down. After about 2 minutes of sitting down, someone (acquaintance) shouted, “Ew, wants that?”

Of course, this brought attention towards my way. I was unaware that all this time sitting down that my penis was on show (1.5″ flaccid 3.5″ erect). Somehow I had a tear in my trousers and underwear. My male friends were quick to point out how small it looked and with all this commotion it wasn’t long before this situation drew more and more attention. Eventually some of the more popular girls of my school grabbed my arms to stop me trying to cover up my penis. (They came from behind so I didn’t see them).

And another (who I later found out was my crush doing this to me) pulled my pants all the way down so everyone could clearly see my small penis (shaved into ‘the landing strip’, a girls pubic style haircut) and upon seeing my crush now in front of me, I quickly became erected. This gained even more laughter. Soon I was forced to be spanked and then were women’s panties (presumably lost and found panties) underneath my trousers after I was spanked very hard and was given back my clothes. This meant that instead of seeing just my penis underneath the year in my pants you could now see my penis just about through laced pink panties.

Needless to say, the rest of the day wasn’t fun. However later that day when walking home I was depantsed yet again and taken into a nearby woodland area. There, I was spanked again, blindfolded and my crotch suffered severe punches and some kicks. This made my penis area numb and I think I was touched on my penis a few times and then let free about 10 minutes later. To this day I still don’t know who did this to me but all I know is that the people who took me to the woodland area were most likely from my school as I heard childish girly laughter so I presume it was the same group of girls that pantsed me in front of my school earlier that day. Honestly, not too much has happened since then apart from some name calling as I have now left that school and start a new school soon.


A small dick gay man tells us his life is difficult…

Ok so let me start out by saying this: I have a smaller dick. I simply do, it may be closer to the average and I can say I am a bit more lucky for that, but at the end of the day it’s the truth.I refuse to bitch and sulk about it often because that just leads to extreme depression and self hatred.

I am a gay man though, and one of the biggest pieces of utter bullshit that gay men face is the stigma against (you guessed it): smaller penises. Since gay men seem to have larger penises apparently (I’m still waiting for that damn growth spurt), 65% of the community seems to be a size queen. I am verse, let me reiterate this statement: I AM FUCKING VERSE. Do I enjoy taking dick a up my booty?  You bet your ass (heh heh), but if you think for one fucking moment that I will be taking cocks up there 24/7 then you are off your rocker. I like topping, I love it actually, and it gets really fucking frustrating because these damn homosexuals seem to think that the smaller endowed man is supposed to be the bottom all the fucking time. Hell, no, no, no, no, no. I’ve met so many guys (me included sadly enough) that seem to be begrudgingly forced to bottom every time we have sex. It’s not fair AT ALL, but that’s how life works I guess.

you would think that life would at least be nice to me and give me a nice ass to compensate for my lack of front right? NOPE, genetics decided to give me some beautiful toothpick legs and an ass about as phat and round as a map. I know I can tone it before any you recommend I do that. I have done so, but there is still no getting over the fact that I have naturally thin legs.

At the end of the day my friends, I just needed a good rant. That was fun while it lasted. I know it sucks, but I like to be an optimist and believe that there is at least one compatible individual. Hell, if I myself have become anti-size queen, and prefer to go for average to smaller guys, odds are there is another one right? I’m dating a very sweet guy, we haven’t gotten to bedroom talk, and I’m scared, but all in due time. Wish you all the best. Thanks for reading.


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