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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader knows what he likes…

I’ve been dreaming and hoping to find a woman turned on by a small penis. Mostly a older 40-45 year old woman cause of my huge fetish of my 36dd mom. I dream of her slowly sliding my pants off and touching my little soft penis over my boxers. Then I want her to pull them down slowly and just look at my little penis. I want her to tell me what she thinks about it and touch it and look at it till I’m rock hard. I would love to show her my little cock. I really want to find a site full of woman that love little cocks and want to see pictures of it. I’d love to have a huge cock but my little penis turns me on like nothing else. I love being naked and showing it off. I love my small cock!


This reader claims he was assaulted at his corner store…

I am 22 years old, and last week I was walking to the corner store like I do everyday. When I was half way there I really needed to Pee and I didn’t want to walk back home. So I kept going. I didn’t want to risk someone seeing my small penis driving by, so I just held it to I got to the store. The store is really busy, but I didn’t care I really needed to pee, so I ran to the bathroom (a one person bathroom). After I pull my pants down my penis looked even smaller than it was normally. So I decided to sit down to pee. At this point my penis looked smaller than half-an-inch.

When I sit a guy walks in and I froze, just sitting there stunned. I looked up at him while he looked down at my crotch. Suddenly, he starts screaming in laughter. I felt so embarrassed I blushed. His friend’s came in to see what’s happening and they started roaring in laughter as they saw my tiny flaccid dick. They pulled their phones out and took pictures. At this point I was stuck in the toilet. If I stood they would see it better. So the first guy asked me my age and of course out of embarrassment I answered.

After I told them they started laughing harder, calling me baby dick and teeny-weeny. I tried to stand at this point and the guys held me while another takes my shorts completely off, and then let me go. They told me if I listened they would give them back . So with no Choice I said ok. As I was standing there somehow my tiny penis got even smaller and they started laughing more while taking photos. They had me guess there ages which was from eighteen to twenty-three. They where saying that it was funny because I am smaller then all of them.

Moments later I guess they called for some girls to come in. As soon as they stepped in they burst into laughter and was saying that they didn’t even know they got that small. So at this point I tried covering myself and they grabbed me and pulled me out the bathroom and outside by the busy road and tied me to the post. People were slowing down yelling out the window and taking pictures. So they said they wanted to see how a teenie-weenie gets hard. So they start by putting their pinkie on my dick and rubbing it. I was so embarrassed and red-faced.

I wasn’t getting hard then some of the guys pulled out their huge dicks (about 5 to 6 inches soft) and the most embarrassing part I started to get hard. But since I was still embarrassed my dick only was got to three inches (a girl pulled out measuring tape). After they had their fun they let me go and I went back in store to the bathroom to get my shorts. I was so embarrassed, and I still had to get everything I needed. I stayed in bathroom waiting to make sure they where gone, then I went to get everything that I needed.

When I was in line I saw the cashier guy still laughing. I tried to act like I didn’t know what he was laughing at, then all of a sudden someone pantsed me again, and this big black guy burst out laughing. So I just pulled my shorts and left. to much. I have not gone back to the store since.


This reader has been forced to confess his deception….

Well, I never thought I would be sitting here on my computer with a women standing over me to make sure every word is told correctly and honestly, and telling all you readers I’m sitting here in red lace panties, garter belt stockings and a lace bra. My tiny three-inch cock in my hand as I type with my other hand. Kathy says that’s the way I will type this whole story, and I have been told I had better not cum until I have admitted the truth.

I have hidden my condition for years. First of all she wants my real name and e-mail address shown on this story. So in no way can I ever deny the truth again. My name is Bruce, and my email is knight7013 @verizon .net to be used by any reader that wishes to email me to humiliate or make me admit to them that this is true. To include pictures to be sent to the reader that Kathy has now made me pose for, and also pictures she has found. So in hopes by her I’ll quickly be outed and exposed all over the internet as a tiny dick man. I will start by saying I worked at a bar in Beverly as a bartender, and have always bragged what a big tough guy I am and I had a ten-inch cock.

Especially to the women members of the club, this I now admit was done to hide the fact that I really have a tiny three-inch cock, and would wear women’s panties and garterbelt’s under my pants as I bartended. I really am a sissy cocksucker who has worn women’s clothes since I was a kid and sucked cocks since I was fourteen years old. I admit I would flirt and make dates with women at the bar to cover my secret, but never let it get far enough for them to get sexual or see my cock in anyway. I would always find a way to drop them before they could find out about the real me.

Until a week ago, when I had been seeing this girl Kathy, would see me come over to her house for drinks and a few times make a few tries at having sex. I now admit I would steel panties and bras from their homes when ever I could, and take them home and wear them. Well one day I somehow lost my extra set of keys to my apartment, as I found out later the hard way I dropped them in Kathy’s apartment. Well on Wednesdays, my day off from the bar, I had a stand or should I say a on my knees appointment with my gay neighbour to dress up for him and give him a blow job. This usually ended up with me on my stomach being fucked up my sissy-ass by David’s big cock.

Unfortunately Kathy found my keys on Tuesday night after I left, and knowing I was off on Wednesdays, though it would be fun to surprise me the next day by coming over. Well, it wasn’t just me that was surprised, but Kathy as she opened the door with my key and heard moaning coming from my bedroom. So Kathy being smart enough, snuck up to my bedroom door way and looked in. What she saw was me not only on my knees, but wearing her red lace panties, red lace garter belt, and some black lace stocking.

Naturally I had David’s big cock in my mouth, sucking on it, and making the moaning noise she heard from David enjoying the blowjob he was getting. She again was smart enough to take out her cell phone and get pictures of me sucking David’s big cock, and a few of my tiny three-inch cock in my hand as I masturbated while sucking David off. She even waited till I got David off so she could get pictures of me swallowing David’s cum, and she got even more as David loved saving some to cum on my face and make me eat it off.

With me on my knees in Kathy’s panties, garter-belt, and cum on my face, in walked Kathy laughing. David almost fell over. I was in shock as she said pointing to my little cock, “So that’s big bad Bruce Burkes big ten-inch cock I’ve heard so much about? Well, I guess someone didn’t measure right. You must go to the same store for your panties and garter-belts as me, because those look just like mine. Your going to love the pictures I just took of the big women’s man Bruce Burke with a man’s cock in his mouth and swallowing cum just like a slut would, or as I call them – sissy cocksuckers!”

She said, “Now tell your big cock girlfriend to pull up her pants and leave, because we have a few things to discuss.”

David has never moved so fast, and was out the door. Kathy walked over to me and looked down at me and gave me a big slap across my face, saying, “That’s for using me and lying, I dont appreciate that. I now have thoughts of kissing those lips of yours that’ve been on… I dont know how many queers cocks. I’m going to give you a choice. You can get on the computer and I’ll find the best site for you to admit that you, Bruce Burke, do not have a ten-inch cock, but a tiny… How big is it?”

I said, “Three-inches.”

She laughed again, and said, “You will tell the site the real size of your little sissy cock, and that you wear women’s clothes especially panties and garter-belts. But most importantly that you are not a women’s man, but a small dick sissy cocksucking fag that really loves sucking big cocks, and probably taking them up your ass too. Now you can do that as I stand right next to you to see it done, and hope no one you know sees it. But I will have proof of it anytime I want something from you, such as cleaning my apartment ,or sucking someone’s cock when I tell you to, or I can take these pictures down to the bar and show everyone the real Bruce Burke. Its your choice, but either way you will not lie to another women again, and you’ll either be exposed as a tiny dick panty wearing sissy cocksucker to all your friends, and all over Beverly, or you’ll now be my little sissy fag doing what ever I tell you to do.

So here I am on the computer confessing the truth and when I am done I will be cleaning Kathy’s house and what ever else she tells me to do. Bruce Burke has been caught and exposed as tiny dick sissy cocksucker.


This reader finds the truth hard to take…

I was recently talking to a co-worker about washing hands after using the bathroom, and he said, “I don’t have to [wash my hands]. My dick is so small I don’t have to touch it.” I immediately felt awkward, let the remark fall to the ground, and changed the subject.


One reader recounts a story from his past…

Several years back after I had graduated law school, I started working for law firm in New York City. One of the partners who lived on a posh estate in Westchester County invited the first year associates to his house for pool party. The party was pretty stiff and reserved. However I did meet his 19-year-old daughter who was a sophomore at NYU. She gave me her number and we started dating.

Several months later we were still dating and she had just finished finals. She arranged for us to go on a white-water rafting trip in Idaho. I was very much looking forward to my first week off in almost a year. I was also looking forward to sleeping under the stars with Ashley. She was a petite girl, but she had a perfect body, and long blonde hair and blue eyes that were mesmerising.

That first night was heaven. I am not well endowed, in fact, my penis is quite small. Not even 4 inches when fully erect. Ashley never made me feel self-conscious about my inadequate size, and I compensated for my lack of manhood by becoming quite accomplished using my tongue to provide pleasure. I would eat her out and tease her for hours, and she would use her petite shapely feet to masturbate me while I did so. In truth, I had never actually put my penis inside her. She had never let me fuck her, and she had never even given me a blow job.

After rafting on the second day, we set up camp and sat down for dinner. After dinner everyone sat around the fire telling stories. There was this one fella from California, Jason, who was tall, handsome, and very athletic. This was in contrast to my size, 5’9”, 135 pounds. I was a scrawny geeky nerd. Jason was hitting on Ashley even though it was clear we were a couple. He was leaning very close to her, whispering in her ear, and she seemed to enjoy it. Giggling and laughing at whatever he said.

After a while, Jason said he had to use the restroom. There actually wasn’t any, so he just walked a few paces away, pulled out his Johnson, and started pissing into a bush. He was in plain sight of everyone as it was twilight. His cock was huge, and looked three times the size of mine easily. When he finished, he walked over to Ashley, held out his hand and said, “let’s take a walk.”

Ashley took his hand and got up. I was about to get up as well, but Ashley turned to me, motioned for me to stop, and said, “hey Danny, why don’t you stay here and tell everyone how you won your first case.” She made it quite clear she did not want me to go with them.

After a few hours, the campfire talk broke up, and everyone started heading off to bed. I waited for quite a while and then I walked over to the campsite Ashley and I had set up. I got in my sleeping bag and waited.

An hour or so later Ashley returned. She looked exhausted. I turned to her and said, “Ashley, I think we should talk.”

“Danny, shut up! I love you. You are wonderful to me. My dad says you are going to be very successful. You are perfect for me. Well, almost perfect. I’ve never said anything to you, but of course you already know that your cocklette is the size of a fourth grader. That doesn’t matter to me, as long as I get what I need when I crave it. We both know you can’t possibly provide for me when I crave it. Like I said, I love you. What I want from you, is for you to continue to become a big success, make lots of money, and keep me happy. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy? Because if you are, you can have me, as long as you keep me happy. Now why don’t you go down on me and make me shiver with delight!” Ashley said this, all the while teasing my cock with her foot. Ashley started pushing me down, and I slid down her body until her bald mound was right in front of me. I was shocked by what I saw. Her pussy was swollen and covered in sticky goop. Ashley grabbed my hair, pulled me into her sex, and said again, “lick me Danny, make me shiver with delight as only you can do!”

Ashley continued to press my face into her sticky, cum covered pussy. Involuntarily, I began to lick the slimy goo, and Ashley contracted her inner pussy muscles, squeezing out a massive quantity of Jason’s cum onto my trapped tongue. She grabbed hold of my hair even tighter, pulling me into her and leaving me no choice but to swallow his load. I felt sick, but worshiping Ashley’s pussy never failed to excite me more than anything. I could not stop, and Ashley’s petite shapely perfect foot snaked its way to find my throbbing penis. Causing me to feel delight coursing through me.

I tried to prolong her pleasure, teasing her pleasure button, but she seemed excited beyond belief. Soon she was writhing and shivering in ecstasy. She seemed to be cumming harder than she ever had. After the intensity of her orgasm started to subside, I started rubbing my throbbing little dicklette against her foot. Ashley pulled her foot away and said to me, “not tonight Danny. I think it will be much better for you if you wait a little longer for your pleasure. You will do that for me, won’t you Danny?”

“But why Princess?” I moaned in disappointment.

“Because that’s what Princess Ashley wants,” she said giggling. “Oh, I like that, you should call me Princess Ashley all the time!”

“But I’m so excited, so horny princess, please,” I said, in utter disappointment.

“Remember, it’s Princess Ashley, and yes, I know you’re horny, but Princess wants you to wait. So you will wait as long as Princess wants. If you keep princess happy, maybe it won’t be so long.” Ashley said giggling in delight.

“Yes Princess Ashley, I will wait until you say so. Thank you,” I replied, wondering why I was thanking her for leaving me so utterly frustrated after providing her with the best orgasm she ever had.

“Sleep tight my frustrated little man!” Ashley giggled.


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