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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader found out that nude beaches are no picnic…

A few years back my girlfriend Beth and her sister Anne planned a picnic at a secluded local beach. We packed our food and many tasty beverages and were off for fun in the sun. As we were heading out, Anne’s boyfriend Brett met up with us and he came along. It was summer, and we were going to have fun. We hiked a ways through the woods, and finally found the perfect secluded beach cove. We set up to party in no time with Margaritas and more, feeling fine on the shore!

Beth and I were setting up some blankets and chairs as Anne and Brett went in for a dip. A moment later, I was struck from behind by a wet bikini bottom! We looked to see the carefree couple throwing their swim wear onto shore. As the two frolicked in the water, I turned to see my beautiful partner in crime strip off her bikini as well. This was the first time going nude in public for me, and I figured why not? Everyone else is who cares! I removed my Shorts and shirt grabbed a drink and kissed my girl who was impressed by the fact I was so carefree. I was not worried about my cock being on display for all to see. It was summer, I was drinking. My sexy sweetheart said, “We should join Anne and Brett.”

The happy pair was just coming out of the waist-high water and onto the shore. And that’s when I saw the swaying thickness of Brett’s long penis. It was massive and not even hard. I looked down at my own penis resting atop my small balls. Not hanging or swaying. A little acorn between my legs, standing next to A REAL COCK that hung past a huge set of balls! I felt like a toddler with nowhere to hide as I stood there and pretended not to care.

The girls had walked away a bit to get a better view of my babydick next to his huge hanging hose. When finally, Beth couldn’t hold it in any longer, and said out loud, “Oh honey, your dick is so tiny and Brett’s is so big!”

I was mortified. Anne was giggling as Beth teased me telling them her pet name for me! “I call him dicklette…” she said proudly, “When we are alone, but now the cats out of the bag!”

They were all laughing now. My face turned beat red as I looked down embarrassed by the peanut between my legs. My evil partner was feeling no pain from all tequila and beers we had. She came up to me and put her hand on my dicklette and stroked it to get it to grow. She shook her ass in my groin and I couldn’t hold back, my little dick was now rock hard.

She then had the boyfriend stand beside me again for another stare and compare. They roared with laughter, seeing how his flaccid cock was twice the size of my stiff 3 inches. I felt really humiliated.


One reader says a drunken prank has made his life hell…

I considered myself hopeless already when it came to women, relationships, and sex. Not being seen as a potential “mate” took me awhile to accept. The rejections I’ve had because of my penis size was understandable. Sure it “works” but it doesn’t work for women. I get it. I thought I could just keep this secret till the day I die to avoid ridicule. Guess not.

My buddy while drunk thinks it would be funny to pull down my pants since we were all drunk and wasted. He grabbed my pants and accidentally (I’m assuming) my boxer briefs too. He pulled it down hard. As soon as it happened the guys started laughing hysterically once they saw my penis. Followed by some more laughter from the women and some clearly disgusted and embarrassed faces.

I left to my dorm shortly afterwards. Every person that has passed me in the hall has made some snarky little remark about me being small for the past month. Mostly the girls just giggle and walk away while the guys just laugh loud and blatantly. Living with a small dick is hard enough, but now everyone knowing it and making fun me? My own friends seem to have distanced themselves from me. I’ll forever be the – “at least you aren’t that guy” – guy. I’m literally at the bottom of the barrel.


One reader has had his difficulties in life but he keeps trying…

I am in the absolute bottom percentage when it comes to genetics and health. I have an ugly face and that’s not even counting the scars from acne (which persists into my twenties). I have always been teased for this. Sometimes children point at me or say something about me as they pass me on the streets. That hurts. If they’re with their parents, sometimes the parents scold them. Other times, they just turn and stare at me to get a better look.

I also have a small penis, 3.5 inches long and 3.75 inches around when erect (Silver Member). When flaccid, it is maybe an inch long. Oddly enough, I never thought it was small until late college. Maybe I wasn’t thinking about it because I never considered myself to be within the sexual arena at all. When I was nearly done with college, I started dating a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen since I was in elementary school, and I realised that I was under-endowed.

My life has been an inner battle. I am able to sustain myself because I have always had the good fortune of having amazing friends. Without them my life would be so much worse. Without good people, all I would have are the bullies. All I would hear would be sneers. I wouldn’t have been able to cope without my friends. I strongly believe that one of the most important things to do in life is surround yourself with good people. And if you aren’t around good people, find some. It makes a huge difference.

I know a lot of it is because of me, as well. I know that I was born into an ugly body, but luckily it doesn’t keep my friends from hanging out with me. They keep my spirits up, and I grow hopeful about myself. Even though it’s unfair, life is still not hopeless. I have found good friends too many times after being relocated to a new position for me to forget that there are always good people somewhere. I just have to find them. I have to reach farther than most people to grab happiness, but it’s always somewhere out there.


Some guys just know how to embrace their small reality, and get on with life…

I never felt intimidated around good-looking women. However, when I was a teenager, although I dated a lot, I was always too self-conscious about the size of my cock to have sex with girls. Later on though, I’d find myself wondering what women would say if they knew about my small dick (Silver Member). It was a turn on wondering how she’d react to my small cock. Some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had was with women who probably preferred well-hung guys. I’m a pretty well-built guy, 6’3″, 190 lbs., so having a four-inch cock is usually a surprise for most chicks the first time they see it. Some of my girlfriends have teased me (in fun) about my size, and it’s pretty hot when they do. One girl I had an affair with over a summer once teased me in front of her girlfriends. When I later complained to her about it, she smiled, and said, “You love it!” I couldn’t disagree, deep down I did love it.


One reader got told some hard truths by his girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I were just talking about our sex life, or more specifically lack of a sex life. She said, “It’s like I want to have sex but I just don’t feel anything when we do. It’s like all of four minutes long, and it’s like the only way you can get me off is by anything other than actual sex. So it’s like you blame me, but anatomically it’s not my fault.”

I was like, “Um… What?”

She said, “I’m not being honest because I want to hurt your feelings, its like how do you tell a guy they don’t know how to fuck and that anatomically they aren’t average. I’m surprised no other girl gas told you this before. I do love you, and I think we can work through it.”

I said, “No one had ever said that to me before, my past girlfriends have been happy with my performance in bed.”

She goes on to say “I have an unusually tight pussy, so it’s impossible that your dick is too small for just for me.”

This conversation hurt.


One reader reveals that comparisons leads to revelations…

The first time I realised that I had an undersized cock was at the age of 18, using the showers at work. I soon noticed how much bigger, thicker, and longer every other guys cock was compared to mine. I even got caught staring and admiring the biggest ones. My wife has always told me that I have the tiniest cock she’s ever seen, and her first boyfriend as a teen girl had cock at least twice the size of mine. He was 14 at the time.


This reader got caught bird in hand…

I was sitting in a parking lot a few months ago waiting for a shop I was a regular at to open. The lot is secluded and I was parked facing the only entrance to the lot, so I felt safe to unzip and rub a little. I got hard and was stroking, while pretty focused on my phone when out of nowhere the store owner approached my car (he’d been in the store, which is why I never saw a car pull in). He had come out because he recognised my car and decided going to let me in.

He got within a few feet of my car before I saw him, I’m certain he saw what I was doing, and saw my small penis (Bronze Member). I quickly zipped, exchanged hellos, and told him I that I needed to run another errand. I pulled out and never returned.


For some readers, the locker room antics of friends is a hell of a thing…

I’ve always been embarrassed about the small size of my dick. At school, I always used to keep it hidden in the locker room after playing sports. However, one day after playing rugby, I’d just showered and was drying off. I was doing the usual thing of keeping the towel around me, covering my bits at all times. I know you’ve all seen guys doing this! Anyway, one of my ‘buddies’ came over to me and pulled away my towel, leaving me standing there stark naked. Whilst my dick is pretty small at the best of times, being cold, wet, naked, embarrassed, and after the physical exertions of the game, it was tiny. My ‘buddy’, seeing my shrunken and wrinkled member, then shouts out, “He’s got a little maggot between his legs!”

I was mortified!


One reader wishes to apologise…

I’m submitting this to describe an incident that happened when I was in my teens. My family went on a vacation to the beach and we had a good time. I was sixteen at the time, and my brother was nearly eighteen. We spent one day down the beach mucking around, throwing a Frisbee, and rough housing. At one point, when this cute girl walked by he tried to pants me, but I foiled his attempt deciding that it required revenge. A little later we were body surfing in the waves and I rode a cool wave in that left me in ankle deep water on the sand. I looked up and saw my brother standing with his back to me. Here’s my chance, I thought.

So I got up and pantsed him, running off to face him so I could laugh at him. The only problem was the guy was not my brother, he was a stranger in his twenties. This guys dick was so tiny that you could barely see it in his pubes. Once I realised my mistake I ran away, feeling embarrassed for myself and the poor guy I exposed. I reckon about fifty people – men, women, and children – saw his tiny wang. So I’m writing this in hope he reads this website. I want to apologise to him for being such a dick. Please forgive me, it was an honest mistake.


One reader says his ass does look good in his new bathers, but….

My wife bought us matching Speedo swimsuits for an upcoming holiday trip. When she came home with them she had us try them on and stand in front of a full length mirror to compare the fit. After standing side by side and turning in a variety of poses she commented, “Well, below the waist, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between us. We both have nice flat fronts, except your ass looks better in them than mine does”.

Gee, thanks wife.


Teasing just gets all too much for some members…

Well my afternoon was uneventful until my sister in law decided to chat with me via Facebook. We tell each other everything and she knows everything, including my silver membership status in this little club of ours. My step brother who she is married to is part of the 8 inch club and let me tell you does she love to rub his fat cock in my face. Oh boy do I love it though. After a half hour of hearing her size queen gossip, I did my usual explanation of how I need to go release in our office restroom. Not sooner then I am reading her antagonistic response on regarding my habit of premature ejaculation and her betting I wont last 60 seconds it happens. To my surprise my flaccid hidden mushroom tip which is in its usual spot when I’m sitting. Completely retracted. Begins to pump my usual table spoon of jizz into the front of my new black briefs. To complete my self humiliation I message her. “Dang it,” she says, ” You didn’t even make it to the restroom, your clit is so pathetic.” I hope she tells my brother.


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