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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader told us that revenge is a dish best served sticky…

There was this girl I wanted to date for a really long time to be honest I really wanted to have sex with her bad. I finally got my chance one day and we were back at her place we went into her room and I was hoping I would get hard before she saw my penis which is flaccid and an inny. She didn’t even start kissing me not even touching me she when straight for my pants she unbuttoned them and pulled them down before I can stop her. The look on her face made me want to die and she couldn’t help her self she started to laugh saying it’s so small the smallest I’ve ever seen I can barely even see it. I started to pull my pants back up I just wanted to get out of there she then proceeded to keep my pants down and said, “No. No I’m sorry, I’ll tell you what I’ll try anyway.”

Well I’ve waited so long to have sex with her I might as well. She then started to blow me until I reached a full erection (Bronze Member) and she laughed again, stating it’s still small. I inserted my penis into her pussy and continued to pound her until it was time for me to cum. So I quickly pulled out, picked her head up, and shot cum all over her face. Then I laughed at her, got dressed, and walked out


This reader had a cold water shrinkage problem…

I was very recently at a pool party hosted by a friend of my girlfriend. I had just been for a dip in the pool and had gone to the cooler to grab a beer. I was standing there talking to a couple of girls I know when some drunken guy (whom I didn’t know) came up and pulled my swim shorts down, saying, “Don’t just talk about it, show ‘em what you got, dude!”

He ran away laughing. Before I could pull them back up both the girl’s had a very good look at my tiny, baby-sized cock and I don’t know who blushed more but they had bigger grins on their faces. My girlfriend had seen what happened and thought it was very amusing as well. She told me later that both the girls had told her how surprised they were at how tiny my penis was. Normally it’s about only 2.5″ soft, but after that swim it was really small like an inch at best. On this occasion, it was shaven down there as well (I do that on occasion particularly in summer) so it truly would have looked baby-like.


This reader shows how guys really get anxious about their penis…

The only place I have ever heard size doesn’t matter is on the internet. In the real world it’s a negative. I’m not tiny or very far from internet average (I’m a Bronze Member 4.8″ hard), but I’ve seen a lot of there dudes and I was smaller than all of them. I was insecure before I knew that my size could possibly affect sexual experiences. I’ve posted on forums and read many posts, articles and videos about it but they don’t seem real. One comment in reality is greater than a hundred positive articles on the net. Reading about it hasn’t helped or calmed my nerves, the only thing left is to go out and find out my own truth and I can’t do that. I’m too scared, a negative experience will shatter me for life. I already have problems with gaining erections and enjoying masturbation because of size anxiety. Rejection or humiliation due to size would break me.


One reader got all tied up over his girlfriend…

My ex girlfriend once asked me if she could tie me to a chair naked, so I agreed, but what I didn’t know was that she had invited a male friend of our over, who was very good looking and had a 12″ cock. She forced me to watch her getting fucked,while he was fucking her she kept laughing and telling me that I was way too small for her and that I was tiny, small and pathetic and she wanted a real man to satisfy her. He made her cum several times in front if me. When he had cum, she forced his big cum covered cock into my face. She wanted him to fuck me, I begged her not too, but she just laughed. It was such a turn on watching her getting so much pleasure. Ever since then, I love being humiliated!


This reader wins one for the small dick community…

One night many years ago, I ran into a guy I’d played football with in high school. He had one of the bigger cocks on the team. His soft cock was easily three or four times longer than my soft dicklette (Silver Member here – my soft cock is 2″, hard 4″). He took me home to meet his girlfriend, whom he’d met at the University of Wisconsin. When we walked through the door, I was hooked at first site. She was standing at the ironing board, in shorts, wearing one of his long-sleeved dress shirts, a cute boyish figure, short dark hair, freckles. She must have liked what she saw, too, because within a month we were living together.

So why would she leave a guy with a big dick (she told me it was 9″ hard and thick as her wrist) for a silver member of the small dick club? She told me he was a great fuck, but his personality was boring and there’s more to life than five minutes of great sex a few times a week. It told me that there’s more to being with a woman than just your sexual prowess or how big your dick is. We ended up getting married and now have three great kids. Our sex life isn’t boring as I eat her and use toys on her to compensate for my small dick. She loves it and always makes me cum hard too.


One reader comes up short in the comparison stakes…

My 14 year old sister came into my room and saw my erect penis by accident because I was masturbating, she mocked me and said her boyfriend had a much bigger penis. She told me that her boyfriend’s penis was 6.5 inches and much thicker than my 4 inches (Silver Member), now I feel a mixture of humiliation and excitation that I’m smaller than a 15 year old boy, I’m 20.


Another reader with the pee blues reports…

Has any other small dick club member got to the point where they have to pee while sitting down? I have to now as I have put on weight, my flaccid penis is about half an inch long these days (I’m a silver member hard). It’s basically just a bigger belly button down there, and whenever I would try to pee standing up I get piss everywhere and make a huge mess. So I’ve accepted I have to pee sitting down like a girl. Obviously this isn’t normal, and it’s pretty tough for me to deal with. It’s slightly emasculating to say the least. When I’m at a public toilet and see the guys lined up at the urinal, I really wish I could do that. Just be a normal guy like everyone else, but I can’t because I have a small dick.


This reader’s wife is really getting into the spirit of SPH…

SPH has been a part of me and my wife’s bedroom play for months now. I often use big toys on her while she tells me how much more satisfying they are than me (I’m a Silver Member 3.5″ hard). But now my partner has started bring it out into normal life, and I’m loving it. The other day as I was getting ready for bed she looked at me in my boxers, and said to me, “I know why you love that chastity cage so much, it’s very flattering for you isn’t it? It makes it look like you’ve actually got a big dick in those pants. But we both know that’s just a lie.”

Last night she was talking to me as I walked in from the garage and I thought I heard her cuss me. So I jokingly asked, “What did I do?”

She replied, “Nothing, I wasn’t talking about you. I said ‘little dickhead’, not little dick.”


She sighed, and said, “This guy at work was being a little dickhead today. You’ve just got a little dick, so could he now I come to think of it.”

I’m loving this new exploration of SPH. I really hope she keeps it going.


This reader has developed a thing for small dick guys...

Hi I’m an average sized guy and guys with small dicks has been a long term fetish for me, and I LOVE watching guys with small cocks cum within seconds of penetrating my ass. I have a fuck buddy that’s got a small dick (Silver member at 3.5 inches hard) that cums within seconds of rubbing it around my asshole. Knowing that he’s so horny that he can’t help it but shoot all over my asshole is such a turn on, and makes me want to satisfy him even more. Seeing a guy with a small dick shoot cum uncontrollably turns me on so much. I guess if you guys are feeling kinda insecure about the size of your dicks, just keep in mind there’s always someone out there that’s going to turn anything into a fetish.


A reader tells us that public nudity isn’t always good for small dick club members…

I like to go to the racetrack and camp in the infield, as for days we have a Mardis Gras style party. Its fairly common for girls to pop their tops and flash their tits. One night my Girlfriend and I were walking past some campers, and we came across another couple. The guy shouted to my girlfriend as we passed, “Show me your boobs!”

She decided to call his bluff, and replied,”Show me your cock first.”

Before I could say a word, he dropped his shorts to the ground. We both froze in shock. His soft cock was thick and long, it must have been seven inches and pointed strait at the ground. The head was big like a mushroom. After a moment of us both staring at it, the guy said, “OK, Lets see those tits.”

Without breaking her stare, my Girlfriend slowly lifted her top to expose her D cup breasts. His Girlfriend did the same (she looked a C cup) and then they all turned toward me. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to show my cock. I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick club with an erect cock 4.9 inches, but soft it’s like two inches. What’s worse is my balls are pretty big, so it makes my soft dick look even smaller.

The guy was staring at my Girlfriends tits, and his cock started to grow right in front of us. It seemed like the longer I waited, the bigger he grew. Eventually looking about 9 inches long. So I thought, fuck it, and did it. I pulled down my shorts to expose my much smaller and soft cock in all its glory. His girlfriend laughed, and said, “Awww… It’s so cute. I want a picture.”

After a fair bit of persuasion from their part, I agreed to let her take a picture of our two dicks together, as long as my face wasn’t in the picture. My girlfriend also took a picture of our dicks together, big and small. When we eventually walked away we didn’t talk much about the incident, but I’m sure she shows the picture to all of her friends.


This reader found that visualising and comparing dicks leads to SPH…

For some years I lived in a small town in the North of England. While there I became good friends with an attractive and very busty woman whom I shall call W. She was slightly older than me, and rather more experienced. We had an on/off sexual relationship, which never got as far as actual sex. In fact, it mostly consisted of me sucking her magnificent tits, or licking her always juicy cunt. Sometimes W would play with my prick, but not for long as it seemed to bore her. Though she never said it openly, I assumed W`s lack of interest in my cock and in my cock was due to its smallness (Bronze Member 4.25″). However, she was happy to talk frankly about her former lovers, and would openly admit to preferring bigger cocks than mine. I found this a real turn on.

When I moved away, I stayed in touch with W by phone. Most of our conversations were the usual small talk about the weather and what was happening in our respective towns. But we also discussed our sex lives. I was pleased to hear that W was in a long term relationship with a man, and thrilled to learn that he had an eight and half inch cock. (Though not so thrilled as W was by it.) I would often try to get W to compare my cock to her lover`s, but she was always reluctant to do so because: “We were friends,” and, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

Oh, W, if only you knew.

Recently, I spoke to W on the phone and mentioned a website I’d found, The Visualiser, and I explained what it was about. W was genuinely intrigued. Later, she called me back obviously in a state of some excitement. Partly due to visiting the website, and partly due to having been drunk. Anyway, over the phone the two of us re-visited this website. I talked her through how to compare different sized cocks, which was fun and a turn on. Finally, W decided she wanted to compare her partner`s dick with mine.

Pulse racing, I gave her my measurements. She gave me her partner`s. We both keyed in the data to our respective computers and did the comparisons. I had such a hard-on knowing this old and dear female friend of mine was looking at a representation of my dicklette, and comparing it to her own partner`s huge prick. Suddenly, she said, “Oh-My-God, you really do have a tiny prick!”

I almost came there and then. Fortunately, I didn’t because it was like the flood gates had opened. W became positively insulting. My prick was: “Fucking useless,” and, “Not really a proper prick,” and, “More like a boy`s pee-pee than a man`s cock.” W seemed to be enjoying taking the piss out of my undersized cocklette, almost as much as I enjoyed her doing it.

Needless to say, I had one almighty jerk-off orgasm.

Thanks W.


A female reader shares an experience everyone should read…

One of my fondest sex memories is with the smallest guy I was with. Dwayne was about 4″ (Silver member) and maybe as big around as the average banana or pill bottle. Not girthy at all. But it was a very pleasant package to look at. Proportional and attractive.

OMG was he an amazing man. The sex was fantastic. The key was that he knew that sex is more than just PIV. And he did things that NO ONE else has ever done to me. It wasn’t oral and fingering. It was the whole deal. The whole way we had sex.

And he did something that was very memorable. He’d be thrusting away and then stop and thrust into me with two fingers at the same rate of speed that he had been going with his penis. He’d thrust that way maybe 5-6 times then back at me with his penis. Then repeat.

This was probably a compensatory behaviour for the small size of his penis, I don’t know. I didn’t ask him to do it and he was very polished at it so I’m sure it was a regular part of his routine. He was devastatingly handsome and I’m sure he got tail often. He was also the best kisser I’ve ever had.

When we were done I asked him why he did the things he did, and he said, “Because when I take someone into my bed, I want to be sure they want to come back again.”

And he had a good plan because I couldn’t get enough of him. There was nothing about him or the sex that was sub par or less than. I enjoyed him and I enjoyed his penis. And I LOVED blowing him. The relationship ended because he moved out of state, and it broke my heart when he left.


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