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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is a classic example of how many men feel about their penises…

I am grossly overweight, wear thick glasses, have ugly crooked front teeth and ugly skin. None of this really bothers me at all. I am not shy about any of this and do not feel embarrassed by it. It does not make me feel insecure or as if it made me worth any less as a man. My penis is below average; very tiny when flaccid and I’m a Bronze Member erect (4.5 inches). This makes me feel highly insecure and greatly embarrassed. It makes me feel unmanly and worthless as a man. I can only achieve an erection when I am alone, because I feel so shy about this.

The thought of anybody seeing my small penis makes me shake with embarrassment. Yet, I have no choice but getting medical some medical examinations which will include a testicular examination and full frontal nudity in front of my doctor and probably her assistants in about two weeks from now. I need to get over the embarrassment somehow.

So first of all, I would like to understand, why my small penis makes me feel so embarrassed when my other flaws don’t bother me. I realize my small penis is not my fault. I realize I am probably not the only one and after seeing this site not the smallest by a long shot. Why does it make me only angry when somebody is making fun of my other flaws, but it doesn’t hurt in the slightest. The mere thought of somebody making fun of my penis makes me want to hide myself and cry?

**Editors Note: Any guys suffering this kind of anxiety about their penis should seek psychological counselling as it’s unhealthy


One reader had to face his fear to get over it…

I’m a silver member of the Small Dick Club (4″ hard) and recently I had to have an inguinal hernia repair done. The first time I went to my GP about this lump in my groin I was so nervous about him seeing my small cock. It’s not even 2″ soft. When he looked at my groin I swear I closed my eyes tight like a truck was about to hit me. He didn’t say anything about my cock, didn’t even seem to care. But it didn’t stop there. He sent for an ultrasound, so that woman spent twenty minutes looking at it. Then I got a referral to a surgeon, and he seen my small cock. Then I was admitted to Hospital, and a female nurse shaved the area before surgery. In the operation theatre the whole team of Doctor’s and Nurses saw my small dick. Post operative, Doctors and Nurse were checking my wound frequently and by extension looking at my tiny cock. After I was discharged from hospital I had several follow-up appointments with my GP and the surgeon and again my small dick was exposed. The weird thing is not one of these people even commented on my dick (at least not to my face) or acted like it was a big deal.

So after feeling so scared of people seeing my small dick, and then having all these people look at it, I have to say I don’t feel frightened anymore.


This reader learned the pitfall of partying hard if your a member of the small dick club…

I was staying over at my friends house recently, it was after a party and I got really drunk so I just passed out. Then the next day when I woke up and went downstairs everyone else that had stayed over started laughing at me and I didn’t know why, so after a while I asked my friend why this was and he told me that while I was asleep a couple of girl’s were messing about with me, and seeing that I was totally passed out they decided to pull down my trousers and boxers, and take a few pictures of my dick using the camera on my phone. Then they sent the picture’s to everyone on my phone. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the thing is I have a small penis (Bronze Member 4.5″ hard, 2″ soft) and now everyone I know has now seen it and they keep teasing me about it


One reader shows that nightshift workers need to be cautious…

My most embarrassing experience occurred last year. After a nightshift, I got home about half seven tired as hell. I jumped in the shower and afterward collapsed asleep on top of my bed with just my towel wrapped around my waist. I didn’t mean to fall asleep at that point and only someone who works nights can understand how that can happen. I also fell asleep with my room door open.

I woke at six O’clock that night to find myself naked on the bed, realising that as I tossed and turned the towel had come off. I jumped out of bed and shut the door feeling so embarrassed. At the time I was living in a shared apartment with another guy and his girlfriend. As I held the door shut I listened and heard people talking in the living room. I dressed and walked out, trying to pretend nothing had happened.

When I reached the living room the guy and his girlfriend had other friends over (another couple) and they all cheered as I walked in the room. Clapping and laughing not in a good way. The girls waggled their little fingers at me. The guy I was sharing the apartment said, “Dude, if you don’t want people to see your tiny wang then shut the door when you’re asleep.”

I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club (hard 4.75″, soft 2.5″), and I have never felt so embarrassed in my life.


This reader understands that being a cuckold can be a precarious arrangement…

My relationship with my wife has changed a great deal recently. For the last two years, I’ve received only handjobs and half-hearted birthday blowjobs from her, while her lover fucks her at least once a week. Sex for me has been a weekly handjobs after she got home from one of her dates. She would tell me all the details of how HE made her feel like a woman, and how much bigger his cock is compared to mine (I’m a Silver Member at 4″ erect, he’s apparently 9″ hard). She also intentionally went off birth control for a month, just to see what would happen.

Thankfully she never got pregnant, otherwise I would have lost her for sure. I later learned that her lover freaked out when he found out, and she went back on the pill soon after. The only thing that is keeping us together is that her lover is married, and won’t leave his wife for her. But I’m scared that if she ever meets a guy who has no ties and can satisfy her needs like I can’t, she’ll leave me. I wish I wasn’t such a wimp.


One reader discovered that airport security is very thorough these day…

I was going through security at the airport last week, when I got pulled to the side for a feel down. The TSA guy checked my waistband and then literally groped me. He turned to another security guy and said, “This one can go through, he’s not packing anything significant.

The other guy looked at me and then my crotch and smiled. I realised these guys were playing games with the travellers as they went through, probably knowing that us small dick guys probably aren’t going to complain to their bosses about it, as that would be admitting we do have a small dick. I was then allowed to go on through. That was a really humiliating moment I have to say, and it happened so unexpectedly.


This small dick reader found out he was the bull…

I went out with a girl in college for a very long time, on and off. Then we sort of broke it off before I transferred to another university. We had many good times together, but I think it was an overall negative experience for me. We fought a lot, and she brought out the “small dick” insult whenever we did (I’m a Bronze Member 4.5″). Anyway, after we finally broke up for good she eventually got a new boyfriend, with whom I knew she had cheated on with me when we were together. But a friend told me he never knew that she was fucking me too when they started hooking up, and he still doesn’t. At the time I was like, WTF, her new boyfriend is tall and has a big penis (I had heard), and she’s been cheating on him with me who’s short and has a small penis?

So the moral of the story is fuck bitches, and get money. Your small penis is not preventing you from getting laid, so if you get naked with a chick you better at least fuck her right there, then you can toot it and boot it.


This reader feels his small dick is really holding him back…

So I’m 25yo, and I suppose I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t small. Fully erect, I’m just over 4″ (Bronze Member). Worse, I’m a grower, not a shower, and flaccid I’m below 1″, and on cold days I have problems with it literally disappearing inside me. My sex life is basically non-existent courtesy of my problem. I have been with a total of 6 girls. When I say been with, I’m referring to us having become physically romantic, but not having sex. I have only ever had sex with one girl. The others have, quite literally, seized in any romantic feeling immediately upon seeing my penis.

It’s not a lack of stimulation mind you. One of the ways in which I decided I would compensate is I would become very, very good at foreplay. My teenage years consisted largely of me reading and researching about various methodologies. I have never gotten past second base with a girl that I didn’t give at least two orgasms. However, when it becomes my turn it usually ruins it. One time she laughed out of the room and went to tell her friends, other times she wasn’t sure how to react to it, sort of gave me an handjob and left. The one girl I ever actually had sex with was a good sport, but to my own dismay I learned that I’m a ‘minuteman’. So I’ve got that to add to the pile too. Anyway, I never really saw her again.

Its depressing as hell, and I don’t like to think about it. I have many other things going well. I’ve got a a masters in engineering, and a great job that pays very well. I’m pretty intelligent, and I’m still young. But really that’s all I have… things… and the means to get things.

I just worry that the fairytale story of a happy marriage just isn’t cut out for someone like me. Even if someone manages to get over it… its a simple part of human nature that sexuality needs to be satisfied. Foreplay isn’t enough for the same reason masturbation isn’t enough. So even If I were to become happily married one day it would be purely temporary. The years would erode our happiness, replacing it with unsatisfied sexual desire, which would manifest in resentment.

I try to be a very good sport when it comes to ‘little dick’ jokes. I just hope people understand how much of a handicap it is to men and their lifestyle. I would literally rather lose and arm and a leg than live the loveless life I seem to be destined for.


One reader claims his story isn’t a fantasy, but we doubt that…

So I’m here to give you my opinion about this small dick problem. First I have a penis that is 4.5 ~ 5 inch in erection (Bronze Member) and I’m going to to tell you a story of mine about this obsession . I’m 23 years old, and I had my first sex around 19 when I was in university. To be honest, I wasn’t down (or you can say interested) with in this kind of thing (the flesh,sex etc.) because I’m kind of a simple minded, patient person. Anyway, my first time I had sex with a girl that was interested in me and I accepted her offer of going out with her after 2 weeks. She invited me to her house, which tells the whole story that she wanted sex.

After I arrived at her house, we had some beer and eventually went to her room. When she saw me naked, she said “Eww… It’s so small!”

You don’t know how heart breaking that sentence was to me, and how I was crushed from the inside. Of course, we had sex but neither her nor I felt satisfied that night. She didn’t feel my dick in her pussy, and I swear to god that I didn’t feel any pleasure from her vagina. After that, I said, “Let’s just break up,” and she was okay with that.

That night I swore that I won’t have any relation ships with any girl again. Time passed, during my last year at university and for the first time I had my eyes on a girl (my fiancée right now). She wasn’t that pretty, but she was kind and pure hearted, and I wanted her to be my partner for the rest of my life. After asking her out, we had many conversations about our past and all and I told her my story about my first time. She told me, “Size doesn’t matter to me. I prefer a kind and gentle heart in a man, and everything else falls into place.”

We slept together, and she wasn’t bothered by my size and she said that if felt really good for her. She was really happy and that day I finally recovered my manhood. I don’t really like the guys here who are misery guts, and fear their size . TRUST ME, SIZE DOESN’T MATTER because when you have a lover that cares about you it doesn’t matter what’s beneath your clothes. Many of you might not believe this story of mine, and call it fantasy that’s up to you. I can say that it’s real, and you should get a life forgot about your penis for a moment and try to improve things that can be changed (health, intelligence, your looks) and have faith in yourself and don’t let bitches/sluts make you suffer for your size.


This reader is getting fed up with small dick men being made out to be monsters…

So today while watching TV, a episode of SVU was on. The story was about a rich paedophile who would pay young girls to massage him nude. After they finally get evidence of him in the act, they started viewing it on the tv in the office, while he was made to watch it too in the jail cell. At one point the camera pulls away and all the cops were laughing at him. Seems the joke was that the guy had a small penis in the video. The cops started to make fun of the guy, saying that’s why he must like young girls, since they don’t have anyone to compare him too. Even the other prisoner in the cell started making the pinky sign for a small penis. So now I guess if you have a small penis you are considered a paedophile too.

My whole point for this is I read about people saying to, “Just get over it, it’s not that important.” Etc.

How is anyone supposed to get over “it” when it is in every form of entertainment we view. To the point that some even use it as a way to turn a small penis person into a monster.


This Silver Member says rock what you got…

I’m 23, 6′, 220 lbs, and my dick is 3.5-4″ (Silver Member).

I’ve had penetrative sex with 12 different girls. Not a single one ever made a complaint, or even a comment about my size. These women were of varying experience, some much more than I, and some virgins. They all enjoyed it, and only two of those girls were one time things. Three or four of them even had purely vaginal or anal orgasms from my cock. The second girl I ever had sex with I had to be careful because I could bottom out in her really easily. The most recent one could only handle one round. (Long and vigorous round thanks to alcohol, but still only one round.)

The only real advice I have is to not be insecure. Rock what you got. Insecurity is a turnoff for women. If a woman isn’t interested after seeing your dick, then she wasn’t worth your time to begin with. She should want to fuck YOU, not your dick. If you worry about not pleasing your partner, get fucking good at oral/fingers. I’ve practised enough that I’m confident in my oral skills. I find that an orgasm or two before real sex only makes my partner want it that much more. And who doesn’t like to eat pussy anyways? I fucking love it.


Another reader discovered he was pathetic on his wedding night…

I discovered just how inadequate my (Silver Member) pee-pee was on my wedding night. Patti and I were virgins when we married. After a nice wedding and reception we went to our rented room and got undressed and saw each other entirely naked for the first time. She got under the covers in bed and I joined her. We cuddled and kissed and after a while I got on top of her. I tried to find her cunt with my pee-pee and couldn’t. I pumped and pumped and only felt air, soft skin and furry hair. I couldn’t find a “hole” to insert my pee-pee and she didn’t try to guide me into her cunt. After a couple of frustrating minutes, I reached underneath me and took my pee-pee in hand. I started stroking my pee-pee on her inner thigh. I removed my hand and kept “fucking” her inner thigh, shortly squirting my little load. Well, she got all hissy and bitchy and demanded I get a wet cloth and clean up the cum dribble on her thigh and the semen stained bed sheet where she was lying. After doing so, she then made me switch sides on the bed so that I was now lying in the area of the dampened semen stained bed sheet!

What a disastrous wedding night. But importantly, I consequently realised:

  1. My pee-pee was too tiny to independently penetrate a cunt. How pathetic!
  2. I really got turned on by my failure to fuck Patti properly and got turned on by her chastising me for my inadequacy. It really made my little pee-pee all hard and throbbing. How pathetic!
  3. I had thoroughly enjoyed “masturbating” on her thigh. I had for so long fantasised about rubbing my little nub and cumming on the huge thighs of a body builder woman or man. Though Patti’s thighs were neither muscular nor thick, I had done it and loved it! I realised then and there that I loved masturbating more than fucking! How pathetic!
  4. My permanent sex life as a pathetic chronic masturbator had begun from that day on.


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