The Wings of a Son’s Love 2 (Gay SPH)

By Babydicklover.

Read Part 1 Here.


Part 2: Extending Our Familial Wings to Fly…

Luke and I have chatted on Twitter for a couple of weeks now. He reached out because he appreciated how my account was utterly dedicated to men with small cocks. I created my account because I wanted smaller men to feel desired and wanted.

At this point, I am only attracted to men with smaller pee-pees, and I just love how beautiful they are. As we chatted more, we discovered that we coincidentally lived in the same state, so we decided to meet.

I heard a quiet knock at the door. I could feel butterflies swarming through my stomach as I got up. As I answered the door, the beautiful man with whom we’ve shared many online conversations appeared. His handsome and debonair demeanor entranced me. I couldn’t have imagined a more delicate specimen of masculinity. His pictures could have done him more justice.

“Hi Mike, it’s wonderful to meet you.” He said as we shook hands.

I smiled at him and said softly, “Nice to meet you, too, Luke.”

I wrapped him around my arms for a quick hug. Afterward, I gave him a quick tour of the house, which ended serendipitously in my dimly lit bedroom with nature-scented candles.

“Your place is really nice. And your room is so romantic.”

“I always try to make a cozy atmosphere for my guests. And I remember specifically your love for camping, so I thought these candles would be perfect.”

“They are.” He held the candle and smelled it. “The aroma reminds me of my childhood. We always went to a beach or lake, so I loved being around water.”

I walked to my bed and lay on my back, which was my way of faintly inviting him to join me.

“I hope that’s a good thing.”

“Oh yeah. I had a very nice childhood. I had a great mother.” He smiled to himself and said, “And an amazing father.”

“That’s really nice. Why don’t you join me, Luke?”

“Yeah, okay,” he said as he bit his lip.

I could tell he was nervous, but I wanted him to feel comfortable and open. He climbed into bed and kept his distance at first. We had many online conversations, and it felt like we had known each other for years. But there’s always a sense of magic when you experience someone’s energy. I looked at him and rubbed his stomach.

“Can I take your shirt off?” I asked him.

“Yes, of course you can.”

I took his shirt off and rubbed his bare tummy. He had a beautiful, chubby build, and I really wanted to see him naked. He took off my shirt, and he started to kiss me. He then slowly nibbled on my neck. Each kiss left an imprint on my body, and I felt more desired when he sucked my nipples. He traveled down my slightly hairy stomach, and I gradually became more aroused as he came close to my cock.

I held his masculine face and felt his soft beard. I slowly kissed him and closed my eyes, feeling the euphoric taste as our lips connected. With every article of clothing I removed, he kissed and devoured my body even more intensely.

I need to see his naked body first before he sees mine.

I rubbed his soft hair and sensually pulled down his underwear until they were completely off. Now, this man was mine and utterly naked, like the day he was born. I looked down and smirked at his very small little boy boner. Subconsciously, I licked my lips at what little he owned.

It couldn’t have been longer than my pinky finger, but it was thick like my thumb. I pushed down on his FUPA and gave his little boy boner a quick lick. He gasped and grabbed my back. I just wanted to give him a little mouth tour. I didn’t want to say anything right away about how I felt about his beautiful little penis. I always let these men take the lead on diving any deeper; they decide what we will further explore.

“So, what do you think of my naked body?” he asked.

“Oh, I think it is just magnificent. You are gorgeous.”

“Thank you. Sometimes, I don’t always feel comfortable in the gay community as a bigger guy.”

“I get what you mean. I didn’t always like my body. But you shouldn’t feel that way, and
I’m sorry if anyone made it so. You should feel proud of your body.”

“For the most part, I am. But on the rare occasion, I will feel undeserving.”

“I think that’s something we all think. It’s an entirely normal thought, but it’s not true. You must learn to recognize but also combat it.”

“Hmm. How do you combat it?”

“By looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how beautiful your body is.”

“Oh. I’ve never tried that before. That’s great advice.”

I rubbed his hair and said, “I try. You’ll be okay, kiddo.”

I looked down, and his excitement eased during our short conversation. Between his legs nested a little sewn-on button behind a mound of dark pubic hair. I had to look closely even to make out his small penis in the dark room—even his balls didn’t appear to have descended.

I stopped myself from chuckling. I wouldn’t chuckle out of humiliation but sincere lust over how small he was. There was a pool of pre-cum, and I watched it drip down the little head of his penis. I touched the little tip with my index finger and brought the long strand to my mouth.

“Mmmm,” I moaned at the little treat. I kissed him, giving him a little taste of his cum. “You are so delicious.” I moved my way toward his neck. While I was preoccupied, he took off my underwear, and my big cock of six inches sprung out.

“Wow. Yours is amazing. It’s pretty big.”

Without any formal decorum, he began licking my cock and tasted the big head. He made his way down the long shaft, and I was overwhelmed with cave-man-like pleasure.

“I love how perfect it is. It’s not too big or small.”

After about five minutes of a fantastic blow job from this little-dicked boy, he kissed me all over my face. So, I grabbed him and kissed his chest.

“I love your chubby body. So beautiful.” As I continued to kiss him, he licked my ear and whispered, “I know you like my body, but what do you think of my small penis?”

I didn’t stop eating his neck and said, “I think it’s just wonderful.”

“No, but what do you honestly think of the size?”

This made me stop. “Oh, well, to be honest with you, it’s really tiny,” I confessed.

“Hehe, yeah, it kind of is.”

“Luke, my boy. I’ve seen many cocks in person and online, and yours has to be one of the smallest. I think that’s an impressive feat. I don’t normally come across boys with such small penises. That’s partly why I wanted to meet with you in the first place. I couldn’t believe how small your soft penis was, and your boner is also quite beautifully small.”

“Wow. That’s so sweet of you to say.”

“Your body is beautiful, and I love a confident man. You approached me, and I was captivated by your story.”

He said disbelievingly, “C’mon. Are you telling me the truth?”

“Yes, I never lie. I truly love your tiny little boy-sized penis.”

“Oh, okay.”

“What is it, Luke.”

It’s just… you seem to be the first person actually to appreciate the smaller size of my dick. I’ve never had a problem being tiny, but with the other men I’ve hooked up with, it just felt like they were using me for my hole. They didn’t necessarily care about my cock.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m different. You knew that from the start. You reached out because you knew I loved men with baby dicks, like yours. I’m sorry you never felt desired for your tiny little penis.”

“Well, I have before. On my Twitter, I’ve had people reach out, but they only wanted to talk about how tiny it was. And some were mean about it. I’ve felt degraded, which made me feel badly about it.”

“That’s just awful. I’m sorry. No one should feel bad about something they can’t control.” I came close to his little cock and spoke, “Especially one that is so small and adorable like that.”

“I know it’s super small. I’m not in denial. It really is such a little nubbin.”

My eyes widened after he spoke those words.

Did he enjoy more names like that? I wonder…

“So, Luke, do you like cute nicknames like that?”

“Hehe, I think I do.”

“Aww. Well, it is just a silly little boy button.”

He blushed, but his little wee-wee rose from my honest description.

“It looks to me like you enjoy that. Do you, little ding-a-ling boy?”

“I do. It makes me feel better than someone saying I am a loser for being so small.”

“Screw them. You aren’t a loser. You’re a champion with an adorable little penis.”

“You know, I’m curious how long it is. I’ve never measured it.” I immediately got a ruler out of my nightstand. “Wow, you just had that ready right away, huh?”

“Yep, I love measuring teenier weenies.” I immediately placed the ruler next to his little softie. It was an innie, so I had to pull it out. “Damn, your little soft weenie is half an inch. Let’s see the little guy hard now, shall we?”

I grabbed his tiny dicklette with two fingers and jerked him until he was hard. I measured again and couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Wow. You are hard at 2.8 inches. That’s amazing. It was a lot smaller than I thought.
It’s smaller than my index finger. Here, let’s compare.”

We stood up and compared the vastly different sizes of our cocks.

“Mine is so much smaller than yours.”

“Yeah, your entire hard cock is like 30% of mine. It’s kind of like a toddler’s undeveloped penis. That’s so hot.”

“I’m so embarrassed.”

“Is that a good or bad thing?”

“A good thing. I love your honesty and knowing you love my little cock.”

“How big is yours?”

“I am exactly six inches.”

“Wow. You have more than three inches on me.”

“You don’t need to care about my size. You don’t ever have to worry about how small your little, diminutive cock is here.” I kissed the little head of his boner and giggled. “He’s safe with me. I’ll protect his fragile exterior.” We both returned to bed and continued kissing each other. “You know, I’m curious. Since you are so small, have you ever tried topping before?”

“Oh, yes. I have on, well, another man before.”

“Oh really? How did that go?”

“We both really enjoyed it.”

In a skeptical tone, I said, “Okay? Do you want to try topping me?”

His eyes lit up in the darkness, and he said, “I would love to.”

“Hehe, get going then.”

I laid down on my stomach, showing off my chubby, bubble butt. Knowing how deep Mike needed to enter my fat buttocks, there was no way his little ding-a-ling was going to reach any depth worth remembering. But I was optimistic and wanted him to have this memorable moment. He spanked me a few times. In a stationary position, I slowly felt a little tickle touch my anus. He pumped and groaned like a masculine man, but I couldn’t feel his attempt to fill me up.

“How is that? You enjoying my little cock?”

“I know you are trying your best, my poor boy. But I really can’t feel anything with your little penis.”

“Argh. I’m sorry. I’m trying my best.”

“I know you are, sexy boy. And you need to keep going.”

He asked disappointingly, “Are you sure?”

I shouted, “Of course! You are quite different from other men. You won’t normally get the opportunity to top like this, so I want you to enjoy it. Fuck my big old butt cheeks with your really small cock.”

That was his cue to continue allowing my cheeks to swallow his tiny penis. In a matter of minutes, he came all over the tip of my anus without ever reaching inside.

“Now, you know what to…”

Before I could even finish, he was already cleaning the mess he had made by swirling his tongue deep into my anus. The sad thing was I felt more from his tongue than his adorable little cock.

“You are such a good boy. Thank you.”

He surprisingly became aggressive and flipped my chubby body over with his manly strength.

“Gimme your giant cock, Daddy.”

He looked at my big boner and started viciously draining the life out of it. The way he swallowed my entire cock in his mouth and allowed his tongue to ride it was the best feeling. I held the back of his beautiful head and guided him.

As my cock disappeared in this boy’s mouth, I knew I couldn’t last very long. The failure of his genuine efforts to properly fuck me turned me on so much. I just watched his small penis. I grabbed onto his micro-sized willy while I fucked his mouth.

“Oh, my boy, I’m about to cum.”

I felt my penis stiffen and release clumps of cum into his mouth. He swallowed it and continued to suck my penis until it became a small softie. He hugged me and laid his head on my hairy chest. I wrapped my body around his.

“Thank you so much, Daddy. That was amazing.”

“I’m just glad you enjoyed yourself.”

“I did.”

We hugged, and I said, “And I’m sorry your pee-pee is too small to satisfy me from behind.”

We both giggled and just let the moment transcend in silence.

After a few minutes, he broke the peaceful silence by asking me, “What is your secret fantasy? And don’t be a cliché and say this, haha.”

I smiled and responded, “I’m not sure. I really love a young guy and an older man together.”

He smirked and claimed, “Yeah. Dad and son can be hot.”

After a pause, I said, “Some real dad-son stuff is pretty hot.”


“Yes. I’ve always wanted to invite a biological father and son over and have them play with each toner while I watched. Then, I would join in when they got comfortable with each other.”

“Wait, are you serious?”

“Oh yeah. I don’t know why, but I’ve always wanted that.” He looked concerned, so I asked him, “Is that a problem?”

“No, not at all. I’m just thinking…”

“Thinking about what?”

“I didn’t tell you this, but my father and I hooked up for the first time a few months ago.
And we’ve had a romantic and sexual relationship since.”

What? This can’t be possible. There was no way this was real.

“Are you serious?” What was that like?” I asked him. He told me the entire story. “That’s simply beautiful. Wow. You’re an amazing son for helping your father through his insecurities.”

“I tried my best. He’s still accepting himself—I mean, as we all are, but he is very comfortable with me.”

Should I ask him to invite his father over the next time we meet? I may never get this chance in my life.

“Do you think you can invite him over, and we can all play together?”

He pondered my question and said, “I would love to. Honestly, I will try. He’s timid and is slowly getting used to being a bisexual man. He doesn’t easily open up to others.”

“Okay. Thank you. I just can’t imagine having you both here. It’s one thing to have a father and son, but for both of you to have very small penises, I can’t even imagine that reality.”

He chuckled and said, “I will let you know.”

I won’t be able to think like a rational human until I get those two amazing men in my bed.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms. The following day, I made him breakfast, and we continued chatting.

“So, I will see you this Friday?”

“I will be here. I’ll try my best to have my father come, too.”

I would love to see his father cum from his little urethra.

He kissed me goodbye. I knew I would see him again; hopefully, he wouldn’t be alone.

The Time to Ask the Big—Er—Little Question Has Arrived

I sat on my father’s little cock and ground on it. The head of his tiny penis barely kissed the tip of my anus, but I knew he was enjoying himself “fucking” my buttocks. He came, and I felt his hot, steamy juices dribble down. We rolled around and kissed one another. I walked away to get my dad a beer. I knew he had quite the view seeing my bare butt jiggle.

How was I going to bring this up to him?

I handed it to him and enjoyed watching him drink it.

He pointed at my tired small penis and claimed, “I love it when your little penis bounces around like that. It’s so cute, hehe.”

“Thank you, dad. You’re so, umm, sweet.”

“Haha, why did you hesitate?”

“I didn’t. I just have a few things on my mind.”

“Well, what’s going on? You’ve been in a weird mood since he spent the night at Nikki’s place.”

I looked guilty and said, “Okay, Dad. The truth is, I wasn’t with Nikki. I was with another man.”

He seemed a little shocked and asked, “You were? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I know we are open, but you’ve always been overprotective of me.”

“Why would I be overprotective of you? You’ve been with other people before.”

“Because he’s only a year older than you. He’s 58.”

“What? I don’t want some older man taking advantage of you. You’re too naive.”

“I know, Dad. But I can take care of myself.”

“So, who is this guy?”

“His name is Mike, and he’s really nice.”

“How did you meet him?”

“I met him on Twitter. His account is all about showcasing men with small penises.”

“Okay, so I’m guessing he has a small one then?”

“Umm, no. He’s actually pretty big.”

He frustratedly growled, “So, you’re going to leave me for a bigger man? I don’t measure up to your standards anymore.”

I know my father when something really bothers him. I could tell he was getting jealous of the attention I gave Mike.

“Dad, please understand. I would never leave you for anyone else. You are my kindred spirit, and that will never change.”

“Okay? What else?”

“We just had a nice time together. And he said his fantasy is to connect with a father and son.”

He looked annoyed and asked, “And you expect me to just go along with that?”

“No, but I think it can be great for us.”

“I don’t want you fooling around with another man before me. What am I supposed to do?”

“Well, he said he would watch us first as we connected so we could feel more comfortable.”

“I don’t think it could work.” My dad looked frightened and sad. I came close to him and kissed him. “I just don’t want to lose my beautiful boy.”

“That will never happen. You are my best friend. And I love you more than anyone. That will never change.”

He looked at me with sad puppy-dog eyes, and I felt sorry for him.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked me.

“Yes, he’s a great guy, and I think it can even help us explore more about each other.”

“Did you learn something about yourself?”

“He just made me feel really confident over my body. I don’t always appreciate it.”

“You know, you can come to me when you feel that way.”

“I know, but it’s nice when it comes from someone you don’t really know.”

He nodded and said, “I understand that. I just don’t think I’m ready for that.”

“Well, I am seeing him Friday at six. I will send you the address if you decide to come.”

He didn’t respond and threw the covers over his sexy body away from me.

I hope I made the right decision to tell him. I really hope he isn’t upset with me.

The night fell peacefully, but I prayed everything would be okay.

The Union of Destiny Was Nigh

“I am so happy you came.” I ecstatically opened the door to Luke, smiling at me. I hugged him romantically and kissed him on the nose. “Where is your father?”

“I have some bad news.” I wrinkled my nose at his more negative demeanor. “I asked him a few days ago, but I don’t think he is coming. He was angry with what we did. I knew he would be upset, but I didn’t think it would affect him so much. I’m sorry for disappointing you.”

This is so annoying. The only chance I had was gone. Well, at least I had his son to comfort me.

I rubbed his back and said, “It’s okay, Luke. I really appreciate you trying. That means everything to me.” I led him to the family room, where I played romantic music. “Are you doing okay?”

“I don’t know if I made the right decision. I’m worried I hurt him. We haven’t talked in a few days.”

“This is my fault. I am really sorry for pressuring you to ask him.”

“No. It was my choice. I wanted to do it. I didn’t feel pressured. I love him so much and feel so broken without him.

I hugged him, kissed him on the cheek, and whispered, “I’m sorry. You don’t deserve to feel that way.”

We comforted each other for a few minutes until we heard a shy knock on the door. We both looked at each other. I walked to the door and answered it.

It was an older, beautiful, chubby man who looked worried and slightly frightened.

He gently greeted me and asked, “Hi, are you Mike?”

“Yes, and who might you be” —

Luke shouted, “Dad!” This startled me, and I looked behind me. “What are you doing here?”

“I really thought about what you said, and this may be a good opportunity to broaden our horizons.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening, but here they both were — beautiful and ravenous as ever. What a mystical father-and-son duo.

Looking back at Luke’s wonderfully shaped father, I said, “Oh, you are Luke’s father. It’s nice to meet you.”

He was even more beautiful and masculine than I thought possible. I thought Luke was special, but his father was something else. He was the descendant of a fallen angel — perfectly designed to fruition. “It’s nice to meet you, too. My name is Brandon.”

Luke hugged his father and kissed his cheek. When Luke told me he was intimate with his father, I never would have believed their connection was this electric. Their touch made the room feel alive.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mention anything, Dad.”

“And I’m so sorry I got so angry. I just can’t afford to lose you. I need you in my life, Lucas.”

“Dad, I am so proud of you for coming. I know this will be good for us. And it will be exciting.”

I looked at both and said, “Well, come in. Why don’t we talk first before we do anything?” We sat down on the couch in the family room. Luke looked more enthusiastic than a child with ice cream.

“Brandon, I’m curious. Tell me about yourself.”

“Well, I’m 58 years old. I grew up on a farm in Connecticut. I moved to Massachusetts when I attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Engineering many years ago. Then, eventually, I came to Florida.”

This man attended MIT?! How does he just say that like it’s no big deal?

He held Luke’s hand and grinned. “I met Luke’s mom after I graduated, and the rest is history. She passed away recently, and it’s been hard. I’m sure Luke told you what we shared. It’s been quite the evolution. I never knew I could be romantic or sexual with another man until Luke, well, was pretty insistent.” He winked at Luke.

“Dad, haha.” Luke cried out of embarrassment.

“I grew up when being gay wasn’t something you could just be.” He looked at me. “I’m sure you understand more than anyone.”

I nodded my head and said, “I do. It is different now, though. It’s hard, but times are different. I’m glad you are learning about your attraction to men. But I have a question for you. How was your childhood?”

“I didn’t have the best childhood. I never met my mother, and my father didn’t know how to raise me alone. He wasn’t abusive, but he was strict and hard on me. He always criticized me, and that’s why I still have severe self-esteem issues.”

I could feel this man was kind and wanted to be there for him.

“Thank you for sharing that with me. You both are truly beautiful men, and I can’t wait to explore one another. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

We walked to the bedroom, and they both held hands, which was a beautiful sight.

“Well, I want you both to be comfortable to start with each other. I can leave or sit and watch.”

Luke said, “I don’t mind if you stay and watch.” His father nodded. “This will be so nice, Dad.”

I stripped down to just wearing a white undershirt and underwear. Luke didn’t wait at all to undress completely, which was amusing to see. His father took his time to strip down, and I almost couldn’t handle myself. My boner was engorged in my underwear, and I desperately needed to touch it.

Brandon stayed in his underwear. His son wrapped his arms around him, and he romantically kissed his father. They fell on the bed and touched each other. Luke was more dominant than Brandon, which was an interesting awakening. The unexpected dynamic between the two was arousing and stirred the feelings in my penis. Luke kissed his father’s beautiful hairy stomach, and without thinking, he aggressively tore off his underwear, taking away the only cover he had. He immediately covered his little soft button cock so that I couldn’t witness his very small penis.

The father’s face blemished a bright red exterior, almost like a ripe strawberry. He was clearly embarrassed being completely naked and exposed to a man he’d never met before. And honestly, I can’t imagine how he felt. No matter what, he would always have people questioning the small size of his little penis.

Even members of the tiny phallus adoration club, like me, still will acutely question how a man’s penis can be so tiny. The glimpse of his manhood pressed between his legs with a perfect tease. I just wanted to lick the invisible, buried cock and feel it grow in my mouth. His son removed his hands, exposing his shaftless little weenie. I loved seeing how it barely poked out from his beefy thighs. The less I could see, the more I craved this man. They continued to embrace each other, but no matter how hard the father tried, he couldn’t produce an erection. He looked down at his lifeless penis and covered it again out of this embarrassing situation.

He looked mortified and said, “I’m so sorry. This is not how I normally am.”

His son kissed him on the cheek. He said, “It’s okay, Dad. I know you normally have a tiny, little boner with me around.”

“I don’t know why nothing is happening.”

“Just pretend I’m not here.” I finally chimed in.

“Okay,” and he took a deep breath.

They continued to kiss, and his father began sucking his son’s little penis, which looked more appropriate on a little boy. He felt more comfortable and repeated how much he loved his son. I just wanted to press it and push it into his FUPA like the harmless little penis it was. I just rubbed and touched the boner in my pants at the unbelievable scene of pure intimacy. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

After they became more comfortable, Luke asked, “Mike, do you want to join us?”

Brandon said apprehensively, “Yeah.”

I could tell he was still afraid of being intimate with another man. Still, I wanted him to explore this new sexual territory. Now that I was closer, I couldn’t believe how small he was. Since he was chubbier than his son, he looked even smaller, which I didn’t think was possible. I thought Luke had the most minimal size, but his father proved me wrong. I had to carefully look at his little nub occasionally. I just wanted to look at the intriguing teeny nub all day. I didn’t want him to think I only wanted him for his small penis, but the fairy-tale king bewitched me. I was about to devote my horny energy.

I took off all my clothes and was naked like they were. They both looked at my big dick and chubby body. Brandon looked a little intimidated by my larger cock. I wasn’t necessarily big, but compared to these two, I was massively endowed. The provocative nature of his father’s very tiny little micropenis was a huge turn-on.

I almost couldn’t focus on anything else besides the thimble he called his penis. I’ve never been thirstier for a small cock than I was at that moment. I moved to his son and kissed him. I felt very comfortable touching his son. Brandon kissed his son while I watched for a second. After a while, Brandon and I looked at each other.

He said to me, “You are so beautiful, Mike. You have a nice cock. Honestly, why do you like small ones?”

I smiled and said, “I don’t have a clear answer. I just think they are beautiful. I really only like men with small ones, like you both.”

He blushed a little but uttered, “I appreciate that. If it weren’t for my son, I would still be angry over my poor endowment.”

“You mean your beautiful, generous endowment?”

He looked at me with an innocent sparkle, “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, I really do, sweetie.”

“I don’t have the words.”

“Brandon, you have a beautiful tiny penis. I’ve never seen one smaller than that. I thought Luke was the smallest, but you are the chosen one.”

“I just can’t believe that you,” and he couldn’t finish his sentence.

I could hear the melancholy in his voice. I don’t know if this man has ever heard encouraging words about his body except from his son. I can’t imagine going through life without feeling appreciated or physically loved.

I could feel his spirit’s gentleness, and I wanted to erase the pain he experienced. He showed this by how he carried himself with poise but sadness. It couldn’t be easy embracing your true sexuality into your late adulthood and also being ashamed of your really tiny penis. I’m happy his boy taught him to love his beautiful endowment.

He looked into my eyes like we were the only ones in the room and said, “I’m just, I’m so happy you love my little penis. My son appreciating my small dicklette makes sense.” He rubbed his tear-filled eyes. “But for someone like you to actually have an interest in it makes me sad, but it’s a very nice feeling. I thought my son was special in his attraction to my little guy. I really am happy.” He started to whimper. He never experienced genuine attraction and appreciation for his small penis. He couldn’t handle his emotions, and it turned him on. “I can’t believe how happy you’ve made me.” He started crying even more. “This is a lot, and I’m sorry I’m ruining the moment.”

The room fell quiet to allow him to feel his emotions respectfully. Luke rubbed his strong back and gingerly rocked him back and forth like a small child. I couldn’t say anything because I was starstruck by this father’s honest vulnerability. I’ve never been more attracted to any man in my life. It didn’t feel right for me to say anything and potentially interrupt his epiphany. I sat right next to him, so our warm, naked legs touched. I leaned in, allowing him to open in a new, profound way.

A man with such prowess in sheltering his emotional vulnerability stood before me. I could sense his apprehension, but I didn’t want to pressure him. I was about to become more enraptured by his beautiful son’s charismatic confidence until he gently kissed me right on the lips. I leaned back, surprised by this man’s bravery. No words were exchanged, just the passing of time and a magnetic attraction no one could understand.

I grabbed his bare shoulders and kissed him back, and we continued kissing passionately. His son smiled and rubbed the back of his head as we engaged romantically. We gave each other sloppy, wet kisses, and I could easily see his little baby softie grow to a measly boner. It barely extended past 2.5-minute inches. I needed to push on his FUPA to see his entire three-inch little wee-wee.

I looked at his significantly tiny boy boner and said, “I really like what I’m seeing.”

He looked down at his firm cock pulsating and stretching to the ceiling. He moaned in excitement.

“Yes, I’ve never been more turned on in my life.” I caressed his entire jaw as our lips made love. I felt his tongue reach deeply into my throat. And then, I grabbed his little boner and flicked it back and forth. I watched in awe over his tiny, diminutive member dancing around. “Yes, Mike, that feels amazing.”

“You are so amazing and sexy, Brandon. You really have no idea how desirable you are.”

While Luke was beautiful, his father was truly who I fantasized about. Brandon fell to his knees and started sucking my large boner. I gasped with pleasure, and his extraordinary son kissed me all over my body. I held this father’s head and lay there like royalty, being served by two beautiful men. He swirled my cock with his tongue deep in his mouth, devouring every inch like it was his last meal.

I closed my eyes, hoping this wasn’t a dream, and it wasn’t. This was really happening, as real as the beautiful love we were all making together. I just thought about how much I’ve craved this, what I thought to be a fictional fantasy. From the image of two burly, chubby, masculine men with very short, tiny cocks obeying my every wish, eventually, my large cock exploded like a nuclear bomb. Brandon’s mouth drowned with my dragon-hot semen. He swallowed my entire savory load and kissed me on the lips.

He cuddled with me and his son. To my surprise, each one started feasting on my man boobs, and I felt even more titillated by their drastic efforts to please me. It would usually take me a long time during this refractory period to become hard and ready to cum, but I was ripe and ready. Brandon jumped right onto my lap and rode my big cock. It felt amazing to feel my cock up his big, plump ass.

I grabbed Luke’s little newborn boner and played with it while his father rode me like a horse. It did not take me long to breed another impressive, fruitful load in his father. Brandon truly had every taste of me, and I was amazed at how much his attitude changed. He just needed a little encouragement and love. That’s it. It was so simple, yet life-changing. I began to feel emotional over this moment.

“Thank you for breeding me with your big cock, Mike.” He noticed I looked sad. He wiped away my tears before they could fall. “What is wrong?” he asked.

“You both are just incredible men. I’ve met with different guys in the past, but it has never been anything like this. Truly remarkable.”

They both looked at each other and kissed like the Earth stood still.

Brandon held my hand and said, “We just love each other very much. And you made us feel even better about ourselves. Luke’s always been such a unique boy, but you’ve brought out the best in us. I never thought I would explore this with another man.”

I saw their little cocks about to emit the juices of harmony, so I sucked each of them for a little bit until they took it upon themselves to finish each other. I helped by pushing in their FUPAs and licking their small peanut-sized balls. Pleasuring two incapably undeveloped men was a beautiful string of events. Each one achieved an unbelievable orgasm. I could hear the pleasure in their voices each time they came. After everyone was relieved and emptied, we all cuddled with one another.

After a few minutes, Luke got up to get us something to drink, which left me and his father alone. He looked up and kissed me.

“You’re like the father I always wanted — gentle, kind, trustworthy, and warm.”

“I’ve always wanted a father like that, too. From what Luke told me, you are that to him.
You are very special to him. Don’t ever forget that. You’re a beautiful soul, and if I might add, you have a very cute little weenie.”

“I won’t. I can’t. Sometimes, I cry myself to sleep because I think I’m the luckiest man alive. I’m blessed with the smartest, hottest, and the most special son.

“He is something else — a real hidden gem.”

“And you’ve seen how tiny his penis is. Could he be even more adorable?” I gently massaged and rubbed what now was a little prepubescent nub and giggled. “Well, you passed that on to him. You should be proud of how small you both are. Smaller men are just more aesthetically pleasing to me.” I looked at his little, tiny penis. “Wow. You are very small now, huh?”

“Well, after everything we did, we are all tiny, even you.”

I looked down to see a little knob between my legs. It just poked from underneath my pubic hair.

I laughed and said, “True. Damn. I’m small now.”

“It is so sexy.” He kissed my little ding-ding. “And I’m happy with my really small penis. Look how cute it is.” He flicked it back and forth with his pinky.

I was slowly becoming more aroused from his innocent antics, but after everything we did, no growth was going to happen.

“Yes, it really is.”

I was proud of Brandon. After what took some time, he was boastful about his incredibly small penis. That is exactly how I wanted him to feel. I know many would argue a man with such a small penis shouldn’t feel proud of it, but they are entirely wrong and ignorant. His glorious body deserved every ounce of love and respect. And I was going to give it to him perpetually.

“I appreciate you being so vulnerable before. I’ve never been with a man like you.”

“I wasn’t always like that. I used to hide my emotions from everyone. But everything I’ve been through has made me the man I am today. I am happy you are now part of my journey. I will never forget this.” He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. We looked at each other in the stars of our eyes. I felt compelled by this unspoken familiarity. I know he felt it, too, but we couldn’t articulate what was beyond our comprehension. I felt like I really knew who this man was. And he understood me more than anyone ever could.

Luke returned with some beers, and we both looked at each other and giggled at his little bobble like it was an inside joke. But Luke knew what we were laughing about, like giddy, immature schoolboys. I wiggled my pinky at him, Brandon gave him the small penis sign, and he playfully chuckled along. The night wasn’t nearly over, and we had more time to travel beyond the consciousness and further regions of experience.

After hours of pleasuring each other in ways one can only dream, we all held each other in bed and drifted to a solemn sleep. We felt so connected and inseparable. I didn’t know what the future held. I wasn’t afraid of it, and after tonight, anything was possible. I didn’t know if I would ever see these micro-dicked bear-like angels again, but I learned one thing from this: how powerful this love was. A love I’ve never experienced until then. It was tender love from the patriarch.


The End.


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