The Tiniest Stones that Float

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by jthserra

Hal squinted, pausing a moment while his eyes adjusted to the bright light. After a few moments he continued, “Well, I’ll never forget what an old friend once told me, ‘It’s only the tiniest stones that float.’”

I scratched my head, began to reply, paused, started to reply again, but then thought better of it and waited. I waited for Hal to explain what he just said, expand on the point, or at least shrug his shoulders and laugh, but he just stood there, looking out over the horizon. Finally, unable to bite my tongue any more, I asked, “Who told you that?”

“An old and wise friend, not smart mind you, wise.”

“Wise,” I repeated.

“Wise,” he said again, seemingly satisfied.

“But…” I stopped, seeing Hal hold up his index finger and wag it from side to side.

He crossed his arms and said, “It was a stupid thing to say, or if you want to be polite, a Monty Pythonesque thing to say. You remember, the moronic peasant saying…”

“That very small stones would float, yes I remember, but why…”

“Why would my friend ever say that? Good question, it took me some time to truly figure out what he was saying. Actually, to be honest, I never really figured it out, I just liked the statement, it seemed so poetic.”

“Okay, so we write a poem to your tiny dick,” I said.

“Well, to quote my last girlfriend, ‘Miniscule cock.’ You see the play on the hard “C” sound? The ka… ka… repeated, minis K ule – K ock. She said it just like that as she left me.”


“Ah… I probably deserved it, I mean I was in bed with her best friend at the time.”

“Oh damn, how…”

“It’s a long story,” Hal replied.

“A long story…”

“A long story about a short dick, okay.”

“You’ve got to tell me now.”

“Yeah, I figured as much. It’s really not too bad, sad maybe, in a happy sort of way.”

“Sad in a happy sort of way. Hal, exactly how small is your dick?”

“Well, to quote an old girlfriend, it is ‘miniscule,’” he said with a grin. “Okay, okay, you get the whole story, but you’re paying for lunch today.”

“Lunch it is, but you better make it worthwhile.”

“Yeah, it is pretty good, better than you would expect for a ‘miniscule cocked’ guy such as me. You see, I had it pretty well figured out, I mean my first few gym classes convinced me of my most obvious shortcoming. I quickly transferred out of gym and joined the band.”

“Wait, you’re telling me that if it wasn’t for your tiny cock, you would never have taken up the clarinet?”

“Ironic isn’t it.”

“Well, for a soloist for the city symphony, yes I have to admit it is ironic.”

“Anyway, I moved to band, hoping it might grow as I did, but unfortunately, it remained the same. I mean I got a foot and a half taller, but it stayed the same. I was fairly popular with my music. I mean it wasn’t like the jocks, but I had my moments. Sure, the cheerleaders weren’t real interested; most of my female friends were the smart ones with glasses. This continued through high school and on into college, where, in an inspiring fete of intellect, I figured out a way to capitalize on my music following, without fear of humiliation.”

“In other words, you decided to make a move on some of your groupies.”

“Not really groupies, just girls who liked my music, but more importantly, smart girls with glasses who liked my music.”

“Yeah, smart girls with glasses and?”

“Here’s the part, smart girls with glasses who have never… who have never…”


He nodded and as his face lit up with a sly smile he replied, “Virgins. You see, I figured if I was with a woman who was completely inexperienced, she simply wouldn’t know any better.”

“But surely they had brothers, or saw pictures or something.”

“Yeah, but I figured it would be like those pictures we looked at, of women with gargantuan breasts, I figured they might think the same about the pictures they saw. For at least a while, the big cocked guys were the freaks.”

“Surely they figured it out.”

“Yeah, but for a while it would be good. You know, I even had some, who quickly figured out that the average man was much larger than me, come back and thank me.”

“Even after figuring out how small…”

“Yes, look at it from the woman’s perspective. They want to do it, their body drives them, but there is a fear. Imagine an inexperienced woman, who has had nothing larger than a tampon inside her, suddenly looking down the barrel of a fully engorged cock, attached to a hormone crazed male wanting nothing more than to shove his monstrosity into her tiny, little opening.

“Well, with me, they avoided all that. I mean, even with the one who called my dick miniscule…”

“The bitch you mean.”

“Look, it was really nice with her. I mean, when we finally got together, I took her out to eat, she had some wine and invited me back to her place. She was not my first, so I had some confidence.

“Her best friend and roommate was gone, so we had the place to ourselves. We started kissing, chastely at first, but then it grew more passionate. I moved my hand to her breast and just held it there as we continued kissing. Gently squeezing, I could feel her body tremble, I’m sure in a combination of desire and fear.

“Moving my hand to her blouse, I slowly, one by one, unbuttoned it, letting my hand reach in and touch her skin as each button released. Proceeding down the blouse, my fingertips touched the soft skin at her neck, then down to her cleavage, further to her belly and then, just above her pants.

“I opened her blouse and placed both hands on her breasts, noting that they seemed perfectly proportioned for my hands, not too big and not too small. Her eyes were closed, but they opened as I moved my hands up and removed her glasses. The thick lenses felt heavy as I gently placed them on a side table.

“She squinted a bit, but I quickly moved in and kissed her, reaching my hands behind her back and working on her bra. It took a bit of fumbling, but when I finally got it unfastened, she gasped slightly.

“She helped me pull the bra off and then began unbuttoning my shirt, opening it when she finished and pushing her bare breasts against my naked chest. I kissed her mouth a bit more, but then I kissed down her neck and onto her breasts. They moved back and forth before me as she breathed. The slight bounce in them as she took each breath was invigorating and I dove in face first, feasting on her nipples, first the right one and then the left.

“While I consumed her boobs, I moved my hand down to her pants, awkwardly working my hand beneath the waistband and under her panties. She gasped when I slipped a finger into her wet, wet opening. Moving my finger around inside her, I could feel the hymen and lightly pressed against it before pushing my finger deep into her cunt.

“She moaned a bit and then timidly moved her hand onto my thigh, sliding it slowly toward my crotch. I opened my legs a bit, giving her better access to my dick. Finally finding it, she gently squeezed it, as if afraid she might break it. I reached my free hand down and placed it over hers, squeezing her hand over my hard dick.

“I quickly removed my hand from her pants and helped her out of them. I stood up and watched her pull off her panties as I let my pants fall to the floor. Working my jockey shorts over my small erection, I dropped them to the floor as well.

“Kneeling between her legs, I held my tiny dick and moved closer to her. Even as wet as she was, it was a little hard to get inside her because with my hand guiding my cock, my forearm was between us preventing me from getting enough penetration. After some difficult maneuvering, I pulled my hand from between us and slowly pushed myself into her.

“She winced just a bit, but as I felt myself slip quickly inside her, her face seemed to ease and she relaxed. I began moving, pulling out a bit and then thrusting, slowly at first, but picking up the pace. I expected her to get more involved as she relaxed, but her response surprised me as she began moving, pushing up to meet my thrusts, moaning as we came together.

“In moments I realized she was coming, something that had not happened with the few virgins I had been with before. The thought of her climaxing fired me up and quickly I came too, shooting inside her.

“Realizing we didn’t put a towel beneath us I pulled myself out of her expecting a dark stain in the carpet beneath us. I looked at my cock, but didn’t see any blood and looked down at her pussy, still opened a bit, I saw no blood.

“I moved my hand down, pushed my finger back into her and discovered that, although I stretched the band of tissue there, it had not broken. My cock had been small enough to slip inside without tearing the hymen.”

“You didn’t even break it?” I asked.

“No, just stretched it a bit. Maybe that’s why she came, it didn’t hurt her all that much.”

“Did you ever…”

“Well, we did it a number of times after the first one. There was a bit of blood the second time we did it and a little more one time after that, but there was never a earth shattering break, just a bit of stretching and a few minor tears. We went on, making love just about every day for a couple of weeks. During that time I met her best friend, another smart girl virgin type.”

“The one you ended up in bed with?”

“Yes, but that my friend is another story.”

“Another story? Awww…”

“Another story and another lunch.”


Hal smiled as he squeezed a lemon over his trout almondine, “So you wanted to hear more did you?”

“Now Hal,” I said, “You left me hanging with your last story, I had to find out how you ended up in bed with your girlfriend’s roommate.”

“Well, and the fish is mighty tasty by the way, thank you Jim, well, anyway, how I ended up in bed with the roommate. Would you believe me if I told you I didn’t plan to do it? That I actually told her no, over and over again.”

“You trying to tell me the girl raped you? Even better, did you try and tell your girlfriend that you were raped by her roommate?”

“Well, she didn’t buy it, said something along the lines of, ‘Your cock’s so small you’ve got to work your ass off just to get it in anything and you expect me to believe that you tried to stop her?'”

“She seemed to have a point there Hal.”

“Hey, pass me a bit of that tartar sauce,” he said. I handed him the sauce and waited silently while he carefully dipped his spoon and evenly spread it over his fish. He then took a small bite and spent the next two minutes chewing it.

“Are you going to tell me the story? I mean, you do seem to be enjoying this lunch I bought you,” I finally burst out.

“Okay, okay, let me explain how it happened. I stopped over, hoping to catch my girlfriend, but she had just left with a load of laundry. Her roommate Lisa, invited me in to wait.

“Well, I hadn’t been there long before Lisa sat down beside me on the couch and whispered, ‘She told me about you, you know.'”

“I asked, ‘What about me?'”

“‘About your size, how small it is,’ she said, resting her arm on the couch behind me. ‘You know, it kind of turned me on.'”

“Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I eased away from her a bit, ‘Oh, okay,’ was all I could think of to say.”

“‘I’ve been with guys before… no, I’m still a virgin, but I’ve done other things, in their cars,’ she said and then, I guess trying to shock me or something she continued, ‘I suck their cocks, their big cocks.'”

“I squirmed a bit and asked about how much longer she expected my girlfriend to be gone. She ignored my questions and continued, saying, ‘I’ve read about deep throat in an article once. It said with some practice a girl could do it with even large cocks.'”

“I moved to get up from the couch, but she pulled me back down, ‘Oh, come on, you want it, every guy wants it.'”

“I said, ‘No, I have a girlfriend,’ but I didn’t move. I did want it, my girlfriend wouldn’t consider it with me, so I wanted it.”

“She began messing with my belt and pants, trying to unfasten it. ‘Come on,’ she said, ‘you aren’t going to make me beg are you?'”

“‘No!’ I said, moving her hands, ‘She’ll be home soon anyway.'”

“‘She had a big load to wash, we have plenty of time.'”

“She kept on and on, pawing at my pants until I finally leaned back and let her go. She unfastened my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and reached into my jockey shorts. I was hard, the thought of her deep throating me had me turned on big time. My cock stood out more than it ever has before. Unfortunately, as she wrapped her fist around it, it was still small enough to disappear into her palm.”

“‘Oh, it’s so cute,’ she said, holding it tight in her hand. I just closed my eyes, waiting for her mouth.”

“She called it cute,” I said, “damn, what a ball buster.”

“Hey, I’ve heard it before, hell, after a while you realize it’s part of the appeal. Anyway, the cute remark didn’t bother me because she immediately moved her head down and took me in her mouth. It was beautiful, her lips closed around me and slid down my short length, banging into my pubic area. She took the entire length of me and had room to spare. She nuzzled against me, trying to find more of me somehow.

“She then began moving up and down on me, sucking and moving her tongue around, all the while making wet slurping noises. I looked down and realized she had a hand in her panties, bringing herself off.

“It must have done something for her, because she came almost immediately. She removed her mouth from me and rested her head in my lap, catching her breath. I looked down at my throbbing cock… it was enormous.”

“Enormous?” I asked.

“Well, it’s all relative. It was the biggest I had ever seen it, curving up to what had to be at least two and a half inches.”

“Two and a half?”

“I told you it was enormous. Unfortunately she was done with what she wanted to do and appeared to have every intention of leaving me hanging there. Besides, although that blow job was feeling incredible, I wanted something different.”


“Yeah, call me nuts, but I wanted to pop her cherry. It had become a thing of pride for me.”

“But you told me you usually don’t even really pop them.”

“Yeah, but just knowing I was first in, I could care less who actually popped her, I wanted to be first in. So I asked if I could fuck her instead.”

“What did she say?”

“She made me swear I’d do her like I did my girlfriend, so it didn’t break it. I figured sure, I just wanted in. She leaned back on the sofa, pulled off her shorts and panties and opened her legs. I pulled my pants and underwear off and leaned in between her legs.

“‘You better not break it,’ she warned, squeezing her hand around my rod. I shook my head until she slowly guided me between her wet lips.

“It was nice, I slipped easily beneath the hymen, she must have stretched it or something, because I didn’t even feel it. Anyway, I gently moved in and out of her, pressing myself to the hilt and then gently withdrawing. Though it wasn’t as good as the blow job, just the thought that I was the first into another woman fired me up.

“I lost myself in the sensation as I got closer and closer, feeling the surge in my balls I closed my eyes, and pushed deep…

“‘What the fuck?’ I heard screamed from the doorway, ‘What the fuck is going on?'”

“I was on my backstroke and I felt Lisa pull out from under me. I turned and looked up at my girlfriend just as I came, my cock spurting its pathetic load onto Lisa and my thighs.

“Lisa wrestled out from beneath me and ran into her room, leaving me, with my cock still oozing cum, to face my girlfriend.”

“Damn, talk about terrible timing,” I said, shaking my head.

“Tell me about it, hell at one point she had a hold of my cock shaking it as she was cussing me out, I thought she’d pull it off. I grabbed my pants and stepped into them as soon as I could. I ended up running out of her apartment with a huge cum stain on my pant leg. Funny thing.”


“Yeah, the cum had pooled well down my thigh, so when the pants absorbed it, it made it look like I had a nine inch cock or something. I got a couple of strange looks as I climbed on the bus, one proposition, but it was from some guy. Anyway, it was a while before I could face either of those two women again.”

“What happened between them?”

“Best I can tell, they both laughed their asses off. I guess I didn’t have much to fight over, but I can’t complain. Besides, you know what they always say?”


“It’s only the tiniest stones that float.”

“Nobody says that,” I said.

“Well, they should, they should. Hey, did I tell you about how I had several guys ask me to do their girlfriends?”

“No, I haven’t heard about that.”

“Hmmm, say how about lunch tomorrow?”

Curious, I replied, “Sure, lunch tomorrow.”


Hal took his steak knife, deliberately cut into his prime rib, dipped the blood red meat into the horseradish sauce and slipped it into his mouth. Chewing slowly, his face contorted as he savored the food. He should savor the food, I made the mistake of letting him pick the restaurant and he picked the most expensive steak house in town.

I watched him cut another piece of the twenty dollar prime rib, slowly process it into his mouth and then begin chewing once again. When he swallowed, I quickly stopped him, placing my hand on his before he could start cutting again and said impatiently, “Well.”

“Well what?”

“As enjoyable as your company is, I didn’t agree to buy you lunch at the most expensive restaurant in town to simply watch you eat. You were going to tell me about the guys and their girlfriends.”

“Oh yeah, right. Well, you know what I always say…”

“Yeah I do, so please spare me and just get into the story.”

“Well, after my girlfriend and her roommate both dumped me, they mentioned how tiny I was to a friend of theirs and well, word trickled down to a few more people until I was approached by a couple of guys… some ex-jocks from high school.

“It was a bit awkward at first, but after some mumbling and a lot of silent pauses, they finally admitted to me that they weren’t the well hung studs everyone assumed them to be, being jocks and all.”

“You telling me a couple of jocks approached you about the size of their dicks?”

“More or less – yeah. Apparently not all jocks were created equal and these two came out on the short end. Anyway, they wanted to set up a threesome thing where I could whip out my three-incher…”

“I thought you said…”

“Okay, okay, my two and a half-incher. I was to let the girlfriend see what I had, maybe give her a taste of my action and then the boyfriend would whip out his massive five inch cock and drive this ignorant innocent into an erotic frenzy.

“The guys drew straws and the winner set up a date. Now how he went about convincing his girlfriend to try a three-way, especially with another guy, I certainly don’t know, but in just a few days the three of us met at a bar.

“The jock introduced me to Julie, a petite brunette small enough, I thought, to appreciate my most diminutive attribute. Though her tiny breasts left only slight curves in her blouse, her nipples stretched the fabric begging release.

“Julie had several drinks, building her courage I guess and when we headed out to our cars, she did stagger a bit. I followed the jock and Julie back to his apartment where we quickly moved back to his king size bed.

“Julie ducked into the bathroom, to undress, leaving the jock and I alone together to size each other up. We were both ready for the kinky festivities, so I was in my full glory when the jock smiled smugly and uncovered his gigantic five inch cock.

“Mind you, I am guessing at the size, it could have been four and three-quarters or even less, I just know he was impressive. He whispered to me, ‘Look, I am gonna sit down over here while you start with her, after she gets used to you, I’ll step in.’

“I nodded and moved onto the bed while he sat in a nearby chair and crossed his legs at the knees. Julie entered and wow, my cock went so hard. She had a tight little body, very firm with small breasts and enormous nipples. I ran my cock over those nipples after she climbed on the bed amazed at how small I looked against her dark firm nubs.

“Moving my hand down between her legs, I slipped my finger into her, finding her wet and ready. I guess this was an incredible turn on for her too. She opened her legs and I gazed at the beautiful asymmetrical blossom of her pussy. The lips blushed bright pink and soon glistened as my wet fingers ran up and down through them as I moved between her clit and cunt.

“Her hips moved, as I continued fingering her and I realized she was getting close to coming. I quickly moved between her legs, leaned my cock into her and began thrusting. Julie responded immediately, moving up to meet each of my thrusts and though it was obvious she wanted something bigger inside her, she quickly came, moaning as she pressed hard against me.

“Having promised not to come inside Julie, I thrust twice more and then quickly withdrew from her as I came. She reached her hands down and grasped my cock, holding it tightly as my cum spurted onto her stomach.

“Suddenly we both noticed that the jock stood above us, his cock arching upward in its long, magnificent glory. I moved off Julie and watched as he pounced, driving inch after inch after inch into her wet, hungry pussy.

“I could see her desire reignite as he reached depths I could only dream about as he gave her all five inches of himself with each plunge. I noticed Julie wince a bit as the jock shoved himself to the hilt and though in a few minutes, she arched her back and came again, she simply seemed slightly disappointed.”

“Disappointed?” I asked.

“Yeah, although she initially devoured his cock with her pussy, as they moved, they seemed out of synch, as if he wasn’t quite doing her right or something. Shortly after she came, the jock also came, this time the cum splashed inside her. She seemed satisfied, but as we lay together, she whispered to me, quiet enough so the jock wouldn’t hear and asked me to call her sometime.”

“She wanted you to call her?”

“Yeah, wanted me to call her.”

“Well, did you call her?”

He shook his head, “No, after I got dressed and headed out to my car, the jock caught my arm and whispered something to me. He basically told me to ‘…keep that tiny thing away from her or I’ll make it even shorter.’ The look in his eyes as he said that convince me to be tiny elsewhere.”

“Sounds like a good idea, but tell me, what happened with the other jock?”

“Ah, you mean my second trio?”

“Yeah, what happened there?”

“Oh my, just look at the time. I’d love to tell you the story, but I got to get back to work. Perhaps if you’re not too busy tomorrow, we can try lunch again.”

“Lunch again?” I moaned, shaking my head. “Yeah, well tomorrow I pick where we go.”

“Sounds good to me,” he replied, pointing at me as the waitress appeared carrying the check.

“Fucking tiny floating stones,” I whispered as I watched the waitress recede carrying my credit card.

“Just remember, tiny is good, tiny is good.”


Noticing the chagrined look in Hal’s face as he sat down with two small hamburgers, a small box of fries and a small drink, I quoted him from the day before, “Just remember, tiny is good, tiny is good.”

“I was talking about sex, not lunch,” he replied sourly. “I have a notion not to tell you about my escapade with the other jock and his girlfriend.”

“Hey, I can’t afford any more after our seventy five dollar lunch yesterday.”

“Yeah, that was a nice lunch, I guess I can force myself to eat this fast food stuff.”


“Yes, and continue my story,” he answered, squeezing the ketchup out of several tiny packets onto his small hamburger. He looked up at me, shook his head and said, “Small hamburgers even, such a pal.”

Smiling I shrugged, “Hey just like those tiny stones.”

“Just like those tiny stones. Anyway, the other jock and his girlfriend… her name is Jill. Well, they both heard about the threesome between Julie, her jock boyfriend and I, so they had some thoughts of their own. The guy called me and told me to cancel the whole thing, he told me he was confident enough in his cock size that he didn’t need me to make him look bigger.

“I was a bit disappointed, but remembering Julie’s surprising response to the threesome, I couldn’t really blame him. Giving up on the second threesome, I grabbed the TV guide and researched the evening’s entertainment. Finding only reruns and a few movies I had already seen listed I decided to just spend the night reading when my phone rang again.

“Damned if it wasn’t Jill, asking if I could come by her apartment that evening. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I went over. She met me at the door in a skimpy, see-through gown.

“She was a bit larger than Julie, and through the gown, her breasts were stunning. The nipples were nothing like Julie’s but overall, she was still damn sexy. I slipped my hands up under the gown and grabbed both breasts in my hands. They felt soft, but definitely firm.

“We came together in a kiss as she moved her leg between mine, pushing her thigh up against me. She seemed to enjoy the feel of my cock on her leg, because she continued grinding against me. After a few minutes of kissing, she practically tore my pants off and then knelt and took me in her mouth. My cock was enormous as she took it into her mouth, sucking all three inches deep into her mouth…”


“Yeah, yeah, well it seemed like three inches as it slid in there. Okay, she sucked all two and a half inches into her mouth… are you happy now?”

I nodded, “Just want to keep the facts straight.”

“Right, well my cock was straight and feeling good when she let it slip from her lips and she whispered, ‘I always wanted to take an entire hard cock into my mouth.’ She then continued, ‘I want you to do something to me.’

“I asked her, ‘What’s that?’ and she told me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. She wanted to try it, but… well, when she heard of my infinitesimal erection she decided it was time.

“Anyway, she moved back on the bed, but instead of reclining on her back, she moved onto her stomach, raising her ass into the air. Her ass was wider and softer than Julie’s and my fingers indented into her flesh as I grabbed her and moved forward. She asked me to use a condom, so I tore open the wrapper and…”

“Wait a minute,” I said, “How do you keep a condom on, I mean they just aren’t…”

“Look, I order them special, you know you can get those extra large ones, well you can get extra small too. They just don’t advertise.

“Anyway, I slipped it on and she handed me a tube of lubricant, which I squeezed over me and worked the greasy fluid around. I then pushed forward and guided my cock into her tight hole. It slid in fairly easily, feeling wonderfully snug. I began pumping away into her while she reached up between her legs and began diddling her clit.

“Well, the tight squeeze on me sent pulses of pleasure through me and in no time I felt my balls tense and I came, shooting my load into the tiny receptacle of the condom. She came shortly after that, the contractions in her pussy also pinched my softening cock out of her ass.

“I spend the night with her and after we showered she let me fuck her pussy, where I showed her that size wasn’t the only thing she needed. She came twice before I finally exploded inside her. Her pussy was nice, but nothing like her ass, it was simply incredible.

“Her boyfriend woke us up that morning when he called her and told her he was stopping by. I dressed quickly and after a quick kiss, I rushed out, wondering if I would ever feel that tight ass again.”

“Amazing where those tiny stones can take you.”

“Yeah, those tiny floating stones, it’s amazing where a mere two and a half inches can take you.”


I invited Hal over for a few beers because, quite frankly, I was completely fascinated in the sexual situations he and his tiny cock penetrated. I had seen some guys with the reputation of being larger than normal squeeze themselves into women’s beds, but I was amazed that Hal’s reputation for being tiny opened the doors, and legs, of just as many women.

“Hey Hal, I’m glad I was able to slip into your evening schedule,” I said holding the screen door open for him. “The beer’s in the fridge and the pizza is on the coffee table.”

“Thanks, but Andy, my schedule is not that full.”

“Come on, with the stories you told me, I wonder when you have time to sleep.”

Hal smiled, shook his head a bit, walked into the den and sat down on the couch. He reached for a piece of pizza and took a bit, still without uttering a word.

“So you’re gonna make me drag it out of you,” I said.

“Well, perhaps over a beer,” he replied.

I quickly headed into the kitchen, grabbed a couple of bottles and returned. I handed him a bottle and opened mine, taking a long sip. Swallowing, I continued pumping him for information, “You have to admit you get a lot of women, especially considering how small you are.”

“I don’t get that much more than you, it’s just that because of my size, I get into more odd situations. I just tell you about them, I get into more odd situations than say a more normal sized guy would, but I don’t get more women.”

“It sure seems that way, I mean apparently word gets around to the women.”

“Look, sure they talk, but it’s nothing different for us, I mean we compare breast size, they talk about cock size. Sure there is some curiosity, but again, we get curious about tits, no big difference.”

“No, but because you are so small, you’ve found a… a niche to stick your cock into.”

“Just a few situations where being small is an advantage.”

“It is amazing how you can, ah, work small to an advantage,” I said.

“Like I always said…”

“Yeah, yeah, the tiniest stones that float. You know that’s a load of crap, no matter how small the stones are…”

“Hey, you are looking for logic in a Monty Python skit? That’s the whole point, the tiny stones don’t float.”

“Look, just how tiny are we talking?”

“Hell, I’ve told you, two and one half inches.”


“Fully hard.”

I held up my fingers trying to comprehend it. I mean I’m a pretty average size, say almost six inches fully hard, but two and one half inches.

“Look, do you want to see it?”

“Well, ah…”

“Hell, we’ve been in the restroom at the same time before, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

“Okay, okay, yeah I want to see it. Maybe then I can figure out what has the women lining up.”

Standing up he said, “Like I said, they are not lining up, well a few of the freaks maybe, but that’s it.” I watched as he unfastened his belt and unzipped his shorts. He opened them, grabbed the elastic band of his shorts and hooked it under his balls.

Beneath a curly patch of pubic hair I saw the smallish head of his cock barely protruding above a normal size scrotum. It was small but nothing outrageously small for being limp, there’s been plenty of cold mornings that mine was not much more than what I was looking at now.

“Damn Hal, it’s not that small, hell mine is not much more than that. Mine just grows a bit more when I get turned on I guess. I wonder… ah no, I don’t….”

“What it looks like hard?”

“Well,” I said, wincing a bit.

“Watch,” he whispered, unbuttoning his shirt.

I watched as he moved the palms of his hands over his bare chest, moving them up and then in circles around his nipples, touching them lightly. His chest had only a bit of hair, running in dark lines down the very center. My eyes moved downward spotting a touch of hair at his navel before they descended over his curly pubic hair down to his tiny, twitching cock.

Staring intently, I saw the purplish head move outward and upward in short twitching motions until it stretched out in its full glory, the tip rigidly standing about two inches out from his body. His cock had a uniform curve to it, with one thick blue vein running along the top that seemed to throb. Though small, the purple mushroom head was wonderfully smooth and symmetrical, with a tiny hole that oozed a clear drop of precum.

“Well, was it what you expected?”

Snapped out of my trance I looked up at his face, but said nothing.


“Well what?” I mumbled.

“Was it what you expected?”

I looked back down at his erection and realized my cock was also hard. “It’s… ah, well, it is small, but…”

“But what?”

“I didn’t expect it to be so well proportioned, I mean it’s just like a smaller version of mine.”

“What did you expect?” he asked.

I noticed his cock softening a little and quickly replied, “I expected it to be short, but much thicker, something oddly shaped, not something so… ah, something so, well so nicely shaped.”

His cock seemed to stiffen a bit and the precum ran down the head a bit, leaving a tiny, glistening trail. I felt my hands tremble a bit so I grabbed my knees hoping he didn’t notice. Looking back up at his face, I noticed him looking not back at my face, but down at my crotch, where my cock strained against my shorts.

An uncomfortable silence hung over us until finally Hal spoke, “Would you like to touch it?”

Before I could think, my head was nodding and I whispered, “Yes”

“Go ahead,” he whispered back.

I reached out and wrapped my fingers over his small shaft, slowly sliding them up, then down the length. Gripping it a bit firmer I slid the skin back and forth over the length of his shaft, noticing the precum welling up in his tiny hole and then running down the head. I let my thumb run over the warm liquid and then slid it over the soft skin of the head. The slippery precum soon glistened over the entire purple knob and I stopped moving my hand so I could look closely at him.

Squeezing my hand and drawing it up the length of his shaft I milked some more precum from him until it welled in his, now gaping hole. I leaned forward and dipped my tongue into it, stating the faint bitter, salty taste of him. Taking a deep breath, I could smell the odor of his crotch, a musky odor that made me shiver.

“Can I see yours?” he asked.

I stood up, unfastened my shorts and let them and my jockey shorts fall to the floor. Feeling his hand reach to my hard cock, I could feel him trembling some as he took a hold of me and stroked me some. Looking up to his eyes I saw the uncertainty there.

“I’ve never…”

“Neither have I,” I replied as I thrust my hips forward presenting my cock to him.

He moved closer and removed his hand. I wondered what he was doing when I felt something soft, but hard brush against my erection. Immediately knowing what it was, I looked down to see his cock gently bumping mine as Hal turned slightly from side to side. I reached down, and taking his shaft against mine, I began stroking both cocks with both hands.

The feel of his small cock against mine was invigorating, his soft skin nestling against mine as my hands moved. Next to his cock, mine did look enormous, but all I could think of was what his small cock might feel like in my mouth. I knelt down in front of him and began to stroke him between my index finger and my thumb. Holding him this daintily, I took him into my mouth, closing it softly over him.

Tasting his precum again excited me and I quickly began sucking vigorously as my fingers slid back and forth. Wanting to feel all of him, I moved my hands to his ass, and while I kneaded his firm cheeks, I pulled him to me, sucking his entire length into my mouth.

The sensation was incredible as my tongue circled over the head and I tasted the precum. My tongue then curled to the soft, soft skin along the underside and then I moved it back onto the subtle textured skin of the head. His hips moved as he responded to my tongue and began withdrawing and thrusting his small cock in and out of my mouth. I continued to knead his ass, as his motion became more and more urgent.

I felt his hands running through my hair, as he held my head pulling it tight to him and I felt the muscles in his ass tighten as he groaned loudly. The shaft of the cock seemed to suddenly expand in girth and then I felt it release, pulsing in my mouth as he came. Hot cum flooded my mouth and I fought to keep from choking as I swallowed and tried not to bite him. My mouth filled, and I felt some of his jism dribble out onto my chin when I pulled back just a bit and swallowed hard.

The bland taste was not unpleasant, but the thick texture caught me by surprise and I winced a bit as the gooey liquid oozed down my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth, but stopped sucking, afraid it might cause discomfort on his highly sensitized head. Not sure if it was the same for all guys, I did to him what I would want done at this moment, I simply wrapped my arms around his ass and held his cock deep in my mouth as the last drops of his come slid out of him.

Breathing hard through my nose, I could smell his cum, a smell something like Comet cleanser, a bit metallic, much stronger than its taste. After a few moments, I felt Hal’s hands gently pull on my head and I back off, letting his cock slip out of my mouth. I swallowed, savoring the taste of him as he took my shoulders and guided me up onto the couch.

Still a bit overwhelmed, I sat silently as he unbuttoned and removed my shirt. I then felt his hand gently grasp my cock as his head moved to my chest. Feeling the slight scratch of his whiskers, I gasped as his tongue found my nipple and I felt the sensation run straight to my cock.

Closing my eyes, I gave into the sensation as his hand did incredible things up and down my shaft as his lips, tongue and teeth worked on my nipples, first one and then the other. My hips rose and fell as I drove my cock into his hands and my breathing increased as his mouth suckled my nipples.

Feeling myself building, I thrust my hips upward, when suddenly his hands were gone. I flailed my cock from side to side seeking contact, searching for his body to grind onto, but he held back, licking my nipples, but avoiding any contact with my cock. Moaning I cried out, “Please,” but he shook his head, “No.”

The urgency calmed and I eased back down onto the couch, but then his hands found me again, stroking softly when I needed it and yes, yes, more firmly when I ached for it. He teased my cock and my nipples as I got closer and closer, sure this time he’d take me… he’d take me all the way, but dammit, his hands withdrew.

Grabbing him, I squeezed his shoulders hard and screamed, “Oh god now, please now.”

His head descended and my cock was enveloped in his wet, sucking mouth. I lost any control as my hips bucked and I dove into his mouth, the pure, white light of pleasure between his lips. His hand cupped and then squeezed my balls lightly and then I came, in a complete and uninhibited release. I felt him all over me, hands, mouth, chin, whiskers, hair, him… him… him… I felt him. My cock spurted and spurted as my cum shot into his mouth , while one hand caressed my balls and the other kneaded my ass. The room spun as I held his shoulders and moaned his name, “Haaal…”

Collapsing back down on the couch, I felt my cock fall from his mouth into the cold air. He quickly grabbed it, holding it gently as it softened, oozing the last of my cum onto his hand. Hal then moved his hand to my mouth and I licked my cum off him as I kissed his hand.

Feeling his head rest comfortably on my thigh, I leaned my head back against the back of the couch and closed my eyes. I must have dozed off, because when I opened my eyes it was dark outside. Hal must have gone and taken a shower because I noticed him walk naked into the den, drying his hair.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said.

“Oh no, that’s fine,” I said, letting my eyes fall down his body and focus on his cock, his tiny cock, his beautiful tiny cock. I wasn’t sure if I would get to enjoy that cock again, but I began to understand. I whispered, “The tiniest stones that float.”

Noticing my smile, Hal tilted his head and asked, “Whaaaaat?” drawing the syllable out in an extended drawl.

“Oh nothing, just thinking about the tiny stones,” I replied.

“The ones that…”

“…float,” we said together.

“The ones that float,” I echoed. Looking back at his cock I wondered whether he could go again.

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