True Stories: Meet Small_dik

Is small_dik the smallest dick in the world?

In all truth there is no official record holder for the smallest dick in the world because those poor guys with the really tiny cocks have them due to medical conditions like micropenis or congenital penile hypoplasia (CPH). The smallest reported dick we could find was one such man who born with CPH had essentially no shaft just a head (glans penis). This was supposedly measured at 1cm. However no picture evidence exists of this man so we can’t confirm or deny the validity of the claim.

We here at The Small Dick Club also believe that an adult man cannot use a flaccid penis size to determine cock length as some men who are average size (5.0 – 6.0 inches erect) can have small-looking flaccid penises. The best way to measure is in an erect state where the guys cannot try to trick you and believe us when we say some guys will try and pass themselves off as smaller than they really are for some weird reason.

The smallest guy we could find who was willing to show us all his extra small penis (and allow us to measure him to verify its length) is an Australian man known on the internet as small_dik. So we decided to interview him about living life in a world where size matters and men like him are open to ridicule and social rejection because of it. So ladies & Gents we give you the amazing small_dik

small_dik’s Stats

Subject: Male Caucasian.

Age: 55

Origin: Australia

Cock flaccid size: it’s an innie

Cock Erect Size: 7.0cm (2.8 inches)

Testicles: small.

Cut/uncut: Cut

Q: Hi small_dik and thanks for sharing your amazing cock with the world. Does it embarrass you at all because most guys I know would never do this.

A: My penis has been a source of embarrassment my whole life but I have reached an age where I think fuck it. I can’t help the way I was born just because some arsehole has decided that only a certain dick size is cool. So fuck them here is my tiny cock in your face!

Q: Does it work properly?

A: Of course it works just like any dick. It pisses and it gets hard, and it ejaculates semen on orgasm. Dumb question.

Q: Do you have to sit down to piss?

A: This is one of those things that people always want to know about small dick men. The truth is that my penis isn’t really suited for sitting to pee. My dick points out at ninety-degrees when I sit, not down into the bowl. Having a small dick is not like having a vagina. Women don’t piss out of their clitoris, if they did they’d have the same problem as us small dick guys. A woman’s urethra is near her vaginal opening, so when she sits (or squats) it points the stream downward, not out. So for a micropenis man, whether you sit or stand, you still have to try to point your dick down into the bowl, and both methods can make you piss all over the place other than where you want. Sitting can make you piss under the seat, making it run down the front onto your pants which you think are safe. Standing can make you piss on your underpants, pants, or the floor, too.

Both methods can see you piss on your balls. It’s a bloody pain in the arse to be honest. A reason why most small dick men won’t use a public urinal, more than other men seeing their dick. Only a small dick man can understand just how frustrating this can be. The larger your dick gets, the easier it becomes. So micropenis men (gold members) have the most problems with this. Guys who are silver or bronze members of the small dick club have less trouble, but still may have some.

Q: So can you or have you penetrated anyone with it?

A: Another dumb question I get. I have had sex with men and women with my tiny cock, and penetrating is hardly difficult. I’d say a guy with a humongous cock would be more likely to have problems penetrating than me. I may not penetrate far but I do get in there. Another thing I get said to me often by people claiming to have small dicks that theirs slip out all the time during coitus. I personally have never had that problem and I don’t understand how men do, and just have to put it down to bad technique.

Q: Do they feel it when you’re inside?

A: No.

Q: Do you get picked on?

A: Where I live it’s not common knowledge so people don’t randomly bully or tease me on the streets. I know for some guys this is not the case, and they cop it everywhere, which is sad. When I play with it on web cam, some people come in and make rude comments about its size. But you’d be surprised at how many people I get saying how much they love it too.

Q: How did you cope in school? Must have been hell?

A: I somehow got through High School without anyone really knowing about it. We didn’t have communal showers at my school gym and I learnt how to keep myself covered when having to change in front of others. It wasn’t common practise to shower after a PE class in my school like I see on US TV & Movies in schools. None of the other boys ever cared that much to try to look at my cock anyway. But I looked at theirs, that’s for sure. Also , as I was a fat kid I never played team sports where undressing in locker rooms and public showers was an issue either. That’s why nobody really knew about it at school.

Q: How does it feel to know your erect cock size is equivalent to the size of a 5yo boy?

A: Weird isn’t it, when you think about it. Mine was always small, then it never grew when I hit puberty except for getting a bit thicker. It certainly didn’t get longer, and that’s a pretty shitty thing for a teen to go through. I wish I had the internet back then as I would have been more informed and maybe spoke to someone about it. But now puberty is long gone, I am stuck with it. So teens should speak to someone if they have concerns.

Q: Didn’t your parents ever say anything about it or take you to a Doctor when you were a kid?

A: No, they didn’t say anything about it. They were both busy people running a business. My siblings knew about me as we bathed together like young kids do. They sometimes teased me about it when I was in my teens. My parents never discussed it with me, or acted like it was a problem. I would never have gone to them about it either to be honest because I didn’t know any better. They did take me to a doctor a few times who examined my dick, but I never really understood why at the time.

Later when I was a grown man, my mother told me that I was diagnosed with a micropenis when I was a baby, and had some treatment that made it grow a little at the time. She told me the Doctor said prior to me going into puberty that the treatments won’t really work as my testosterone level was normal at the time. So it was left to see how I fared in puberty. I didn’t fare too well but there was nothing that could be done about it.

I think my parents should have talked to me about it, and maybe I would’ve suffered less for it in my late teens and early twenties. But I think it was just one of those things swept under the carpet because it was embarrassing to discuss. I don’t advise that for parents today.

Q: What about girls? Did you have a girlfriend as young man?

A: I suffered terrible crushes on girls as a young man, but I never tried to pick up women or pursue anyone I was interested in. That was because my fear of being exposed or rejected for my small cock was stronger than any feeling of attraction I had at the time. But I was always fat too so that in itself meant that chicks never really dug me (which worked to help me keep my secret). So I never had any experience with a woman until my early twenties and even then she was the one that made the moves on me as I never encouraged anything.

Q: How did that go?

A: Badly! She sure did regret that decision the poor woman! Another horrible aspect of having such a small wang was that it is over sensitive. That means premature ejaculation, and that was the most frustrating thing more than my size back then. I always knew this was a bit of a problem for me, but boy did it ever come to the fore when I was having vaginal sex. The first time we had sex I had no idea what I was doing. The condom came off inside her because I was too small for it, and she had to dig it out with her finger. Talk about embarrassing. In the end she dumped me for another guy because what good is sex if your partner only lasts ten seconds, and you can’t feel him anyway. I’m better today as I have found edging during masturbation has given me better control now, and I can last about normal. But back then it was a very frustrating aspect of having a small dick.

Q: So what about sex then, if your first woman was when you were in your twenties?

A: I jerked off a lot! But when I was about 16 I discovered anonymous sex with guys when I went to the toilet for a dump and there was this hole in the wall. I looked into it and this guy was jerking off for me to watch. I was hooked from that moment on. But what I like about being with guys sexually was that I could pleasure them without my cock (especially given that lots of guys liked being tops) and so from that age onwards I tended to be with guys and avoid girls. Although I’m probably bisexual more than Gay, as I do like females. Certainly If I watch porn I always prefer straight porn to gay porn

Q: So let me get this straight, you started having sex with men because of your fear of women?

A: My fear of having my small cock ridiculed during the sex part wasn’t the thing that worried me so much, it was all the potential gossiping about it to their friends that scared the shit out of me. That shit can get very nasty and I seen it happen to another guy who eventually tried to commit suicide because of it. This is the dark side of females, and those that do it can be very nasty. So there was no way I was going to let them do that to me so I made sure nobody knew about it, or even cared enough to wonder. It worked too.

Q: Surely guys could have ratted you out too?

A: The best thing about gay anonymous sex was that even if a guy rejected me because of my penis size, who was he going to tell? To do so would implicate himself, and most guys who cruise beats don’t want that. I knew this as I was one of them, leading a double life so my family and friends thought I was straight, but sneaking off to have sex with men. It’s called being in the closet. That’s why I knew they’d never rat me out. It was win win for me because I really love giving head, and most of the time the guys I did it with let me blow them and then they left me. So there isn’t any pressure on me to perform. I would then jerk off and have a real nice orgasm. No one would find out about me.

Q: But you did get married? Right?

A: Yeah, I was going through a bit of a religious thing when I met my ex-wife, and the no sex before marriage rule worked in my favour that’s for sure. It meant she had a chance to get to know me before my penis size and lack of sexual prowess spoiled everything.

Q: You did try to tell her though?

A: I did, in a letter. We were living some distance apart for a while during our engagement, and I felt I needed to come clean with her about my gay past, and my penis. But she refused to read it for some reason. She told me she read the start of the letter, and when I indicated it was a confessional letter she stopped. I told her lots of shit about me in that letter, good and bad. She never read it. I don’t know why to this day.

Q: So what was your sex life like during your marriage?

A: It began badly. I sucked at sex, and she was virgin, so she sucked at it too. So we both didn’t know what we were doing. It got better, but only after I introduced cunnilingus into our sexual repertoire. She liked that, she liked that lots. Then I stepped up to toys, and she liked that even more. So eventually our sex life was quite good. It really showed me that you don’t really even need a dick to make a female have powerful orgasms. Guys just really have no clue about such things. Most of them think it’s only about dick size and sexual intercourse, it’s sad really.

Q: How did you discuss it? Did she tell you your dick is too small, and we need to do something different?

A: I remember it well. She told me during a fight that she thought sex was overrated anyway, and that she only did it for me. When we married she was a virgin so she had no point of reference, whereas I wasn’t. I realised that her lack of enthusiasm for sex was due to a lack of pleasure from it, and probably because all we did was intercourse. So as a small dick man I knew the problem was me straight away, I’d been there before. So I took it upon myself to try to change things up, rather than feel sorry for myself. She wasn’t keen on the idea of receiving oral sex to start off with, but once she tried it she grew to really love it. I remember the first orgasm she had with me was a wonderful experience for both of us. A memory I will cherish forever.

Q: Why did you divorce?

A: Given the kind of SPH stories on this site I’m sure most of the readers will be expecting to hear that she dumped me for a big dick man. Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but that’s just not the case. The fact I liked cock a great deal is the reason why we separated. Yes, I was unfaithful to her with a guy, got caught, and I feel like an asshole for it too. You could say I dumped her for a big dick man. My ex-wife is a nice person, and I wish her all the best.

Q: In your experience, do you think the perfect woman who likes small dicks exists? Many small dick guys seem to be looking for her.

A: No! There’s no mythical woman that will love you unconditionally, or craves nothing but small penises. If you want unconditional love then get a dog, because that’s the closest you’ll ever get to it. Men who think like this really have no idea how things work in the real world. Women can be just as bad at relationships as men, and it can be hard to find one that can put up with your flaws, while you can tolerate hers. That’s really what love is.

Guys who think like this really don’t get the point. They want to find someone who’ll love them in such a way that they’ll never have to change. They can suck at relationships and sex, but that woman will love him anyway. That’s loser thinking right there. Real relationships take work, acknowledging each others faults and changing yourself to be a better person for your partner. Sometimes its like hard, thankless work, with arguments galore. But for the men and women who can get through it, they have great relationships.

Women crave more than just a good fuck out of a man, as does a man for a woman. There’s more to a relationship than sex, but sex is important glue that helps bind all the other bits together. Small dick guys don’t have to be bad at sex, but most of them still don’t get this simple fact, or accept it because they’re too scared to try.

Q: Some people would say if you lost weight your cock would be bigger as you are a very fat man. What do you say to that?

A: Yeah like I always say, “There’s a 12 inch penis under all this fat (not)!” If I lost weight then it would get a bit bigger, true. But not that much. It’s not like I started out with an average penis to begin with. I was diagnosed with a micropenis at birth.

Q: Why do you think some people make nasty comments when they see a small dick? It’s only a dick, after all.

A: I’m not sure really. Maybe for some guys it makes them feel superior because they have a bigger dick. The alpha male exerting his dominance. Maybe their just douche bags who like to pick on people with obvious flaws to hide their not so obvious flaws. I know who I am, and I am happy with myself as a person. So when someone is being particularly nasty to me over my tiny cock (or being fat) it somehow says more about them, and their hang ups, than it does about me.

In fact, one of the best outcomes I’ve found showing myself to people on the web is that I’ve faced my fears about what people may say about my dick, and have realised that having a tiny penis does not really define me, the person inside this body, and my soul. My physical attributes do not make me the person I am on the inside. I hope that makes sense.

Once you realise this, you begin to see that the people who abuse you for such an irrelevant thing are the ones that are messed up. It’s their own fears and hang ups they are expressing or projecting onto you.

Q: We’ve seen women get really nasty to small dick guys. Why do you think that is?

A: I think it’s more an internet thing than a real life thing. I often read guys into SPH complaining the women in their lives are reluctant to be nasty about their small dicks. Let’s remember that most of the SPH stories on your website are written by men, not women. SPH is very much a male fantasy. Being rude and mean to someone else for something they can’t help is a pretty low act, and I think most women are decent people, even though they do have their dark side.

Q: But some women will say a small cock can’t satisfy her as well as a big dick?

A: Look, there are millions of Lesbians out there that don’t even have dicks, and they’re doing just fine it seems. If your cock cannot get a woman to orgasm then you have to use other means to get her there. That’s what I did with my ex-wife and it helped us no end. Lesbians do it all time and have normal relationships. It doesn’t make you less of a man to acknowledge your sexual limitations, it makes you more of one that you’re willing to put her pleasure as your first priority. To do what needs to be done, rather than sulking about your dick size.

However, if we’re to look at it from the other side of the coin we should acknowledge that some women are dud fucks too. I mean they just lay there with their legs open, and expect multiple orgasms to just happen. I think many women blame dick size rather than acknowledge they’re bad at sex, and do something about it. It’s always easy to blame someone else, and the small dick guy is an easy target. So you can’t always blame the guy for a bad experience, but the guy is always blamed it seems. Bad sex happens because one or both participants have no idea what they’re doing, there’s a lack of honest communication, they’re lazy, and they don’t put the others sexual pleasure above their own (selfishness).

Q: Have you seen the proliferation of women speaking out about small dick experiences like they were abducted by aliens or something?

A: I find this kind of men bashing as distasteful as if it were racial stuff. I don’t understand why some women feel the need to rubbish small dick guys in the media, like we have done something wrong just because they liked us but we didn’t live up to their expectations. If guys started criticising women for having small breasts then there’d be an absolute media outrage. Yet, it seems OK for us guys to be singled out and humiliated in public. It’s all a big joke to these people.

But it hurts men. Young men dealing with their insecurities, and older men reinforcing their negative beliefs about themselves. It leads to depression and anxiety, and this can lead to suicide. To me, the women who do this just for some media attention are shit people. Like I said earlier, this kind of behaviour is the dark side of the female personality.

Q: But lots of men seem to be so insecure about their penis size, even when you can see they have an average sized dick. What do you say to that?

A: You’re talking about Small Penis Syndrome (SPS). For guys with SPS, the emotions they experience are real, even if their condition is purely psychological. You can show them they don’t have a small dick and instead of feeling relieved and thankful, they get angry at you and start being mean to you. I have experienced this on internet forums. So I’ve learned (the hard way) it’s better to keep my mouth shut with them. Personally, I’d love it if someone said to me, “Hey, you don’t really have a small dick, it’s average size!” But it ain’t gonna happen.

Also, I’ve heard women friends talk about partners who just go on and on, whining about their dick size, when she doesn’t have an issue with it. Sometimes they’ve told me they’ve dumped the guy not because of the sex, but because he couldn’t stop whining about his penis size all the time. I think if you have such insecurity about it, that’s often the deal breaker with women. They like their men to be strong and confident, and not have to stroke their ego about their cock size all the time.

Q: That might be easier said than done for some men. How can they change? Any tips?

A: If you have Small Penis Syndrome then you should get some professional counselling, as the problems with your brain, not your dick.

However, for us real small dick guys the answer is as simple (and as hard) as just embracing it. Self Acceptance is the key to getting on with your life. Whether you come to that alone through life experiences, or with professional counselling, it’s important to achieve. I’ve met small dick guys on internet forums who have never achieved it, and never will, because their fears, bitterness, and self loathing have become so ingrained in them. No matter what you say to them they can never move past it, and even resent you for suggesting it.

The biggest fears we all grapple with is that we’ll be rejected, ridiculed, humiliated, and socially ostracised for having a small dick. The truth I have found is that these feelings for the most part are just fears. Sure, I’ve had sexual partners who have dumped me due to my size, but I’ve also been dumped for other reasons too. I’ve met people who say size doesn’t matter, until they see my size, then it seems to matter. In my experience, you cannot control how other people will perceive you, so stop it. Just concentrate on yourself. Happiness comes from within first, before the without really works.

The other thing is that you need to take your ‘Small Dick Goggles’ off. Stop seeing everything in life that happens to you is because you have a small dick. We are all so much more than just that.

Q: The biggest fear we see with small dick guys is failure in the bedroom equals failure at life. What do you say to that?

A: I say that’s garbage. Sex is not something any man (regardless of dick size) is born good at. It takes time and practice to learn sexual techniques, get good at them, and increase sexual stamina. Just like it takes time to learn and become good at a sport. The problem is small dick guys have a bad experience early on and blame their dick, then they go into their shell. I’m talking from experience here. Like I said earlier I sucked at sex when I first started having it. But I learned to get around my limitations, and eventually became confident that I could pleasure most partners willing to go past second base with me.

Traditionally, small dicks guys are expected to be bad at sex, so if you’re good that really shocks your partner in a nice way. If your bad, then it’s expected, so in some ways having such poor expectations of guys like us works in our favour. The reason most guys suck at sex is that they don’t really know how to pleasure a woman, or they don’t really care if she feels pleasure at all. I found my mojo in bed when I decided to stop worrying about my myself, and concentrate on pleasuring her/him as much as I could.

Q: This is what you learned with your wife?

A: Yes, thankfully she loved me, and that gave me a chance to develop my sexual abilities with women. I’m not saying that means I’m the greatest at sex, I just know how to get the job done. However, I think what I have said is true. Stop focussing on your dick size and just be an attentive lover. Then I think you will find things go better for you. If you’re straight then learn how to eat pussy, give a nice massage, use toys and your imagination. If you’re gay, then give him a blowjob, a rim job, or let him fuck you up the ass. It’s all good. I mean if a guy with a 2.7″ erect penis can make someone orgasm hard, then all of you have no excuse.

Q: Must be harder to get action with the Gays though? They love big dicks don’t they?

A: Ironically, as a bisexual man I’m a size queen. Before you scream hypocrite, let me explain. I like receiving anal sex, it feels good. But I groan (in a bad way) if I meet a guy and he has a huge cock 7″+. I find being fucked by a large cock hurts like hell, I don’t like it, and I refuse them entry into my back-door. I’d rather be with a guy who has an average or smaller size. That feels good to me, my goldilocks zone. So by not being with big dick guys makes me a size queen too.

Getting action from Gay guys is not hard at all for the most part. In fact, many Gays have sex before the first date, during it, and after it. But, yes, there will be guys who only want huge cocks, just as there are women like that. If that’s the case, just move on to the next potential partner. Getting laid is a numbers game, the more people you engage with the more likely you’ll find someone who’ll want to have sex with.

Q: There seems to be a fetish for small dick humiliation, are you into that?

A: SPH can be a turn on I have to admit, if I’m in the mood for it. I really enjoy a good small dick put down if its well constructed. I like it when it’s in a situation I can control. I don’t live for it though, and in my experience not every small dick guy likes it either. Some people see me on webcam and think I’m there because I want SPH, no I’m an exhibitionist, there’s a difference. To me, the SPH is just a by-product rather than the goal.

It’s hard to find real life sexual partners who’ll actually willingly participate in SPH, despite all the stories you read. I think most people realise the silliness of degrading someone for a physical flaw, especially when they have ones of their own, and when for the most part it is something they were born with. You actually feel bad doing things like that, or at least you should if you’re a decent person.

SPH is a sexual fetish, I think we must remember that. It’s not a way of life.

Q: Should you be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records? I mean are you really the smallest dick in the world?

A: Truth be told, no, but as I often say: ‘I’m in the top 10’. I have run across some guys who claim they’re smaller than me in web cam chats, or internet forums, but usually they aren’t, or they’re not willing to prove it. I’m consistently told I’m the smallest people have ever seen. Does it really matter? I have seen some guys on Reddit who are smaller than me though. I think the smallest in the world would be that guy from France. You have pictures of him on this website I think. He does a lot of outdoor shots. I think he’d be an 1.5 inches hard and flaccid inny soft. That is the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. But is he the smallest in the world? Who knows.

Q: So what about now?

A: Once I divorced, I came out of the closet at long last. The upside of being gay is that I have enjoyed some great friendships with women as a result, without the pressure of sex hanging over my head. This suits me so much better, to be honest. As a gay man I don’t have anyone pressuring me about getting married, or who I’m dating. I can have as much or as little sex as I want.

Q: Is there anyone special in your life?

A: No, I still prefer casual sex with like-minded discrete kinky people, and just have the freedom to live my life the way I want to. I remember back in my religious days I read a Bible passage where Jesus says, “Some men are born eunuchs, some are made eunuchs, and some choose to live that way.” To me, being a eunuch has two meanings. It means a small or no dick, and a man who’s not fit for traditional marriage/relationships. That’s how I see myself now. I was born a eunuch, and now I also choose to live that way.

Q: You say you like to keep it private but your dick is certainly available to see on the web. I have seen pictures of it on a number of sites and videos of yourself jerking off on xtube for example. Don’t you worry someone will recognise you?

A: There’s always a risk I guess, but as I said earlier I never show my face on the internet. Thankfully, the people who have seen me nude in the flesh either haven’t seen my pictures/videos on the internet, haven’t made the connection, or are nice enough to respect my privacy. But millions of people have seen my tiny cock on the web, and I love that. It’s my little mission to take it to the world, and let them all see it. Crazy I know!

Q: What about those guys that show their faces as well, what do you think of them?

A: If that floats your boat then who am I to stop them. Some people just love humiliation so much that they take it to extremes. Personally, I wouldn’t want some douche bag sending a nude picture of me to my mum, or my boss. That’s why I will never show my face. I really want to advise anyone reading this that if they are thinking of posting nude images with your face showing, then just stop and think of the consequences. Once it is out there you cannot get it back, even if you delete it off sites afterwards it still exists in caches, and on peoples computers. People may later post your image all over again where you cannot have it deleted.

Q: Well thanks for your time and allowing us to show your amazing cock even though we know it gets you off thinking about people looking at your tiny penis. The world needs to see it that’s for sure!

A: No worries. I hope the surfers enjoy looking at it, and maybe get something out of my life experiences as small dick man.


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  • Anonymous

    I’m really happy to see how others have learned to cope with their small dicks it shows me that mine is not really that small i also get turned on by the thought of other people who are seeing my own small dick thanks a lot

  • Great pictures of your tiny penis. I don’t have a great deal more ( 3.5″ max. ). Love seeing us small cocks on full view. We do exist.

  • Yeah, I’m somewhat bigger at 3″ (sometimes 3.5″) and I really enjoy SPH. Like you say it’s “just” a sexual fetish and not a way of life; I agree…!


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