My Sister In-Law!

By Anon.

It had become something of a routine, the thing I most looked forward to every morning, a gift that kept on giving. I would wait until the front door clicked shut before excitedly rushing from my bed like a child on Christmas Day.

But this was not the kind of present that Santa would leave for a child. No, this was strictly for adults. And more importantly, she had left the gift just for me, or so I liked to think.

Sometimes, she made work me work hard for it. Her gift was not always left in plain sight, leading me on some kind of treasure hunt, searching high and low for my prize. But I was never disappointed. I always found that trinket of her secret affection for me, and she had always made it worth my while.

Somedays, I had to wait longer than others, and this morning was one of those days. But the waiting only ever made the reward even greater, extra spice added to the gift to compensate me for my unrelenting patience. I always knew when a special treat was in store. Her morning routine was different on those days.

First would be the sound of her alarm going off. Several times it would try to arouse her from her sleep for an hour, an audible sigh between each press of the snooze button. Even though she is in another room, my ears are erect to every sound she makes, and I picture her wriggling around impatiently like a moody teenager, desperate for just five more minutes of sleep before she starts her day. Eventually, she gives in to the alarm’s call, and I picture her stretching her arms above her head, her whole body tightly pulled as she releases a dramatic yawn. I can not see her, but I can imagine the sight. Her tiny nylon nightie creeps up her body as she stretches, revealing the prize she will be presenting me with any moment now.

She has worn them all day the day before. A tireless day at work in a local kitchen. The heat of the ovens causes her to sweat as she speeds around the restaurant, following Chef’s orders. The perfect, but unknowing accomplice, he works Katie hard every day. She is so exhausted when she arrives home so late. All she wants to do is to shed her grease-stained clothes. But a shower would take too much energy, and a bath would only cause her to fall asleep. No, all she can do is give in to the exhaustion, and she removes all except the prize, pulling her nightie over her head to cover her undoubtedly delicious breasts and jumping into bed.

She has slept in them all night, too, though her sleep is rarely uninterrupted. She tosses and turns, constantly flitting between too hot and too cold. Sweating constantly. She is up out of bed every few hours. She still remembers when she used to wet the bed, and she had to relieve herself in fear that she could still be that girl. That dirty, smelly girl that was so teased while still a teenager. It is no wonder that she needs more sleep each morning and is so exhausted every night. But it was all part of a master plan, and such were the sacrifices she seemed so willing to make to present me with her ultimate prize.

Her yawning over with, I hear her door creaking as she steps into the day. She passes by my bedroom door as I pretend to be still sleeping. I see her look through to check the coast is clear, spying her with my eyelids just slightly open, her nightie sticking against her sweat-covered skin. She turns away from me, presenting her perfectly rounded ass as she prepares to descend the creaking staircase.

I stay in my hiding place, listening for other signals of what today has in store. First, the sweet sound of golden liquid trickling from her well-lubed cunt. Next, the sound of crockery banging against one another, kettles boiling, and tea being sipped as she prepares herself breakfast.

Then comes the intexcitingrt. Will I soon hear the sound of hot running water ravishing her naked body as she soaps herself clean from 24 hours of physical exertion? Or will this be the morning when I get something extra special when the showering is intentionally delayed to ensure my gift is even more special? If I hear her returning up the stairs before the torrent of water has been unleashed, I will have my answer.

Sure enough, this morning is going to be a special one. Having finished her breakfast, Katie has chosen to return to her room, again passing by the crack in my door, giving me a fabulous view of her nipples erect from the cold of the kitchen and pushing against the fabric of her nightie, demanding to be set free. She returns to her room and, leaving my prize in my place, discards the nightgown, pulling it loose from her hot sticky skin that seems reluctant to let go. She pulls on her sports bra, a vest top, and jogging bottoms without skipping a beat. She grabs her pink and white trainers and sings as she bounces past me again, down the stairs, and off to the gym.

Had this not been the case this morning, the sound of the front door slamming shut would have been enough for me to be bounding quickly down the stairs after her, desperately searching through the laundry basket for the gift she had left me. Today though, I would have to wait a bit longer, but I was not dismayed. She had gone to the gym to perfect her gift to me. When she returns, my routine will be able to resume, and I will be even more grateful for it.

She was gone for about an hour, as is usually the case. The door swings open beneath me, allowing her scent to rush up the stairs announcing her return. Sitting up in bed, I could see her. Her dark brown hair was tied up on her head, glistening with sweat. Her face is beaming with warmth, her vest top almost see-through with fluids, rendering her sports bra visible beneath.

She sings always. Her voice was as good as any pop star, happiness exuding from every open pore.

“Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?”

“Don’t I just?” I think to myself as she jiggles down the corridor, her breasts bouncing and her ass quaking.

I imagine what she has been up to at the gym. Her damp crotch slides against her pungent panties as she squats and thrusts. My cock is so hard by this point. The moment is so near already.

The showerhead is now shooting rapid bursts of hot water all over her naked body as she continues to sing. I can visualize her in there, soapy fingers roaming all over her breasts, dripping through the curls of dark brown that frame her mouth-watering cunt. She is giving herself a magnificent show, spanking her ass as she looks over her shoulder into the mirror, winking at herself, oozing sex.

Like any young woman of 19, she does not care about leaving the place in a mess. Her clothes are regularly strewn over the bathroom floor as she dances over them and heads back upstairs to change. Other times, they are hastily bundled together and thrown into the laundry basket. Or maybe she will hide them in some other place today to keep me on my toes.

I need her to be fast now. Every moment the prize sits unclaimed, its quality is reduced in value. I would be there if there had been a way to get to them as soon as they were removed from her perspiring body without raising suspicion. But for now, I must wait with bated breath.

She sings now as I hear the rush of hot air powered against her flowing locks. Again I can picture her, a devilish grin on her face as she looks into my eyes, knowing how hard I am, but still forcing me to wait for her blissful treasure.

Finally, she exits her bedroom for the last time. Again I spy the magnificent sight of her luscious body as she passes by my room. Her tight white blouse and short black skirt hide another installment of her endless supply of gifts. But that was for tomorrow. For now, I just needed to hear that click of the door, and I would be set for the rest of the morning.

“Can’t read my—can’t read my—no, he can’t read my poker face—poker face,” she sings as she heads out of the door.

‘Can’t wait to—can’t wait to—no, I can’t wait to fuck your face—fuck your face, more like,’ I sing in my head, as I jump to my feet and rush down the stairs naked, my cock leading the way.

It is at this point the games begin. I have to find the prize Katie has left for me as quickly as possible. I barge into the bathroom, still hot and steamy from the show she has provided to the lotions and potions gathered on the windowsill. With no sign of her discarded garments here, I rush back to the hallway and raise the lid of the laundry basket. The scent of sweat awakens my senses immediately as I seize the damp sports bra and pull it up to my waiting nostrils.

But that isn’t the top prize in this raffle. And I continue my hunt, pulling more and more clothes out from the basket. Only one thing is missing, and frustrated, I concede that she must have taken them upstairs to her bedroom.

This was happening more and more regularly of late, and it didn’t make much sense. Why would Katie place all her dirty clothes in the laundry basket, except her soaked panties? Regardless, I was undeterred, and my swollen cock pulled me onwards up the stairs and into her room.

The prize I so hungered for was laid out alluringly on the freshly-made bed.

Immediately, I grasped them and, turning them inside out, held the damp yet still warm crotch to my anxious nose. I could only groan, “Oh fuck yes,” as I inhaled Katie’s perfume, my cock twitching and aching to be touched.

I knew it was wrong to be doing what I was about to do. Hell, after all, these were my sister-in-law’s panties. Imagine what would happen if my wife, Saffron, caught me.

It had been going on for six months since Saffron’s little sister first moved in with us after dropping out of university. Saffron was always so disappointed with Katie. She was not the sensible, career-minded young woman she had been, and she didn’t understand why. Katie had always done better at everything than Saffron, getting better results at school, getting major parts in school plays, and winning talent competitions. The thing was, Katie made it look so effortless too, she just seemed to turn up, and success would come to her. Saffron had to work at it, so I guess she felt Katie was wasting her talents, and maybe she was even a little bit jealous.

I had met Katie a few times before Saffron landed me with the news that her turbulent baby sister was coming to stay. She was apologetic, knowing the whirlwind that would follow Katie into our home. She needn’t have apologized. I already had a soft spot for Katie, and her carefree attitude to life, not to mention that she was utterly gorgeous. Of course, I acted the hard-done-by husband, having to put up with the wife’s crazy family coming to stay – that was the role she was expecting me to play after all.

When Katie wasn’t working, she pranced around the house wearing next to nothing, singing, getting trashed on vodka Redbulls, staggering in drunk singing, or sleeping. She left a trail of disaster all over the house constantly, refusing to do any housework or clean up after herself, thoroughly pissing Saffron off, but amusing me no end. She would regularly walk around the house in just a towel, and when I wasn’t hunting down her panties, I was trying to think up ways either for her to catch me naked or for me to catch her.

She didn’t look after her body the way my wife did. My wife was always so pristine, clean, and elegant. Katie, on the other hand, didn’t care. A fuzzy patch of hair regularly adorned her armpits, and I had once glimpsed a treasure trail of light brown reaching up from beneath her jogging pants and up to her navel. But it didn’t matter. A girl like her was just so hot all of the time. Her eyes sculpted like a true temptress, always begging to get laid. She needed no make-up or fancy clothes. Her beauty was such that she was never short of attention, something else for Saffron to be jealous about.

She had the dirtiest mouth I had ever heard on a girl. Always on the phone with someone, uttering “fucks,” or “shits,” and “cunts.”

Saffron was always telling her to mind her language, taking on the role of mother, but that only made Katie more vulgar. She didn’t care. And she was always flirting with me. Saffron knew it too, but we both assumed it was just another way of Katie trying to get under her skin like she always did. Of course, I liked to fantasize that it was more than that. In reality, she had moved in with us as part of a well-laid plan to steal me away from her sister. After all, she had sculpted herself more and more into the image of my perverted desires in many ways.

I enjoyed having Katie here. Even if she was beginning to make me doubt my feelings for my wife, she just seemed so old when Katie was around, so devoid of fun and life. Was this where my future was headed?

And so it was I found myself sniffing Katie’s dirty panties once again.

Every morning it was the same. My wife would go out to work, followed shortly after by Katie, and then I would spend the morning enjoying myself, embracing my sister-in-law’s intoxicating odor as I stroked my cock to a powerful orgasm. Being a writer and not conforming to the nine-to-five rat race certainly had its perks.

Before I long, I was spread-eagled on Katie’s bed, strangling my cock with one hand as the other pressed her unmistakable flavor to my face. Her cunt smelt so good. I wondered one day if I might do this for real, her ass hole pressing against my nose as I probed her dripping vulva with my eager tongue.

I was free to make as much noise as I liked, uttering obscenities about my sexy sister-in-law and her exquisite ass with no one in the house.

“Oh fuck, Katie, you are such fucking filthy whore!” I uttered as I felt my balls tighten.

Today, they were baby pink cotton panties, the crotch of which was slightly stained and moist. The aroma was so unbelievably rich. The scent of her wet hairy cunt and sweaty asshole was shaken and stirred to provide me with the nose candy I craved.

“Oh god, I love your fucking dirty ass!” I shouted.

“I want to lick your tight little asshole, Katie.”

“Oh Katie, fuck. I am gonna stick my dick deep in your ass and then make you suck it clean. Mmmmm”

Every time I uttered words like this, it made me so hot. The thought that someone would hear made me slightly shiver as I did so, the danger intoxicating.

“Shit. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum all over your fucking face, you slut.”

It wasn’t on her face. But it was the next best thing, as I held her pink panties like a cup, allowing my sticky white cum to invade them, mixing with the juices she had deposited there for me.

“Oh fuck.” I sighed again. Having enjoyed my morning treat from her thoroughly.

It is at this point I feel guilty. Scared of being caught. I could decide to bury the evidence at the bottom of the laundry basket. She’s so messy that she will never know, and they will be dry by the time she gets to them. Luckily, she would just toss them in the washing machine in a big pile and not even notice the dried white powder coating them. Part of me, though, wants her to find them still wet and sticky, knowing I have cum in them, but I bury them as planned and turn my attention to the more mundane things in life.

This was pretty much the only action I was getting right now. Saffron and I had long since stopped having any sort of sex life. She just wasn’t a very sexual person, unlike her sister. Saffron didn’t even think about sex when she had told me. She never masturbated and had only a few partners before me. She seemed to enjoy it when she eventually did allow me to have my way with her, but it was becoming rarer.

She had a variety of excuses for why ‘we can’t tonight,’ and the arrival of Katie in our home was yet another of these. She couldn’t possibly have sex while her sister was in the house. Or even if Katie was out somewhere, the risk of her coming back was too high. The usual headaches, time of the month, too tired and not in the mood excuses abounded the rest of the time, and to be honest, after nine months of enforced celibacy, I had stopped even trying.

Instead, I fantasized about her sister, engaging in this daily ritual of panty-sniffing and masturbation as I imagined everything I would do to her.

Other times, I would deliberately allow Katie to see me naked accidentally. Leaving our bedroom door open and pretending to be sleeping naked on top of the duvet, she would get a perfect view of my hard, even if somewhat a tiny dick.

I had always known I was small. I had even measured it to verify that fact. It was three and a half inches at its peak, pulsating and begging to be stroked. Well below average. That had nothing to do with Saffron’s aversion to sex. She just was into sex full stop. But I guess it didn’t help.

Even before Katie arrived in our home, I found ways to sate my appetite for sex without Saffron. The internet had become my fuck buddy then, allowing me to experiment with desire and kink. I had found a particular interest in something called ‘Small Penis Humiliation,’ grasping my tiny dick with thumb and finger and beaming my inadequacies onto the world wide web through a webcam.

I loved the feeling of being abused by strangers, laughing about my lack of length and girth, as they watched me stroke myself to orgasm. I loved being given instructions to follow and orders to obey, dressing in Saffron’s lingerie, and being called a sissy. I loved the lust that built inside me as they unveiled the supposed truth about Saffron’s affairs, fucking everything that moves, having every hole filled with huge cocks, as she complained about her pathetic husband.

I still loved this part of my life too, but more recently, my attention had shifted to Katie and her pungent panties. Knowing that Saffron would never understand my kinky desires to be humiliated or cuckolded, Katie became the main protagonist in my naughty dreams.

That is why I wanted her to see me naked. To see how tiny my dick was. The thought of her seeing it was hot, but now that I knew she had seen it, I wanted a reaction. I wanted her to see it and exclaim something like, ‘Oh my God, that is the tiniest dick I have seen in my entire life!’ To hear her utter those words, I thought, would be heavenly. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from cumming on the spot.

The closest I got was Saffron telling me, “You need to stop sleeping naked or leaving the door open because Katie got an eyeful last night, and no one wants to see that.”

Of course, that was enough to give me something else to jerk off, but it still wasn’t the holy grail of humiliation I so desired.

The thing is, I guess I was too worried to go any further than this. If I wanted this reaction, I could deliberately flash Katie in a way that left no doubt that this was intentional. But I couldn’t commit to that. It had to seem accidental, or I would be in big trouble.

Being such a heavy drinker, Katie also tempted me in another way. With Saffron fast asleep upstairs, Katie would often stumble through the front door, bouncing from wall to wall but still looking delicious. She always drank to excess and could never seem to remember anything the following day, which only served to prompt fantasies of me taking advantage of her. She gives me a real show, struggling to take her high-heeled shoes off and giving me a fantastic view right up her skirt to the panties I know I will be sniffing on the following day. She falls asleep on the couch, utterly dead to the world, and I know I could do anything to her there.

Instead, I run off the bathroom to stroke my tiny cock, refusing to cross that particular line, except in my head, and enjoying the dreams and fantasies she generates within me. I knew it would never be any more than this.

Until one morning, same as any other, as I explored the perfume of her wet panties, and my balls were tightening. I again allowed myself to exclaim my depraved fantasies about her loudly.

“Oh God, Katie, you are such a little cocktease!” I whined as the powerful thrust of impending orgasm began to take me.

“I want to fuck your dirty little asshole, Katie, you fucking little whore!” my words were slowing as I felt cum rushing to the tip of my dick.

“Oh my god, you fucking perv,” I heard someone say.

It was too late. I couldn’t stop myself as my eyes shot open to see Katie standing in the doorway.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned as cum began to fly from my cock onto my belly.

I quickly grabbed the panties from my nose and tried to use them to shield my embarrassment, my cum oozing onto her panties as I did so.

“You fucking little pervert. You wait till my sister hears about this!” she stated before storming out of the room.

I jumped to my feet and chased after her, her cum-soiled panties still in my hand, leaking on the floor as I ran.

“Please, Katie, don’t. I’m so sorry.”

“I honestly don’t think sorry is going to cut it. I mean, how dare you invade my privacy like this? It’s probably even illegal. Maybe I’ll call the police too, and we can find out?”

“No, no. Please. I’m sorry. I’ll do anything you want to make this up to you. Anything at all.” I begged as I followed her down the stairs, still naked.

She turned to look back up at me. “Mickey, you broke into my room and started playing with your tiny little dick while perving over my dirty panties. What makes you think there is anything you can do to make that right?”

“Please, Katie. I know I was wrong. It will never happen again. Let me make it up to you.”

I was so desperate now. Katie had continued down the stairs and opened the front door, and I was standing naked in front of her, pleading her not to leave, not ruin my life. I grabbed her wrist to stop her from going.

“Get off me, Mickey,” she said forcefully.

“Not until we sort this out,” I said as I squeezed tightly and dragged her back into the hallway.

“I mean it, Mickey, let go of me now. I don’t want your dirty, grubby hands anywhere near me, you sick pervert!”

“Just calm down, please, and we can talk about this,” I tried to reason, but without any further warning, she raised her knee, connecting sharply with my naked balls, and I collapsed to the floor in agony, releasing her wrist.

She turned towards the door and began to march towards it with purpose. I grabbed her ankle, holding her firmly in place as she already had one foot in the cold winter air. She pulled her other forward, trying to free herself from my grasp, but only succeeding in dragging my naked body along on the floor behind her.

“Get the fuck off me, Mickey!” she shouted. “Do you want the whole neighborhood to know how you broke into my room and spent the morning jerking your tiny fucking penis over my panties? Well, do you?”.

She was loud enough that people could hear. If anyone was around, they could hear. Now I was getting mad.

I jumped back to my feet and grabbed her hair, pulling her back inside before slamming the door behind me and pushing her to the floor. She landed on her butt, looking up at me, my cock still dangling in front of her.

“OK, now you just assaulted me,” she said. “You’re in so much fucking trouble.”

“I just want to talk and sort this out.” I pleaded again. “This is all your fault anyway. You do it on purpose.”

“What? What do I do on purpose? Oh, I know…” she grabbed the cum-soaked panties from the floor and rammed them into my face coating me all over with my cum. “This what I do, isn’t it. I take off my dirty panties and rub them all over your fucking face.”

I groaned in surprise, my cock suddenly standing fully to attention from the humiliation of having my sister-in-law smear my sticky residue all over my nose, cheeks, and lips. Before I knew it, she had forcefully grabbed hold of my cock with her fingers.

“Then I fucking grab your tiny dick with my fingers, don’t I? And jerk your little dick off until you fucking cum? Yeah, that’s what I do, isn’t it?”

I was so close to cumming from the shock of all this. I leaned forward and pressed my cum-stained lips to hers.

“Fuck off!” she shouted, releasing her grip on my cock and spitting at me, right in my face.

“Don’t you dare try to kiss me again?” she shouted. She turned around and bent down to collect her handbag. “You better be gone when I get home cause I know my sister will do worse to you than I have.”

I stood my ground between her and the door, my three-inch cock standing fully to attention.

“Get out of the way!” she demanded.

“No. Not until you admit some responsibility in all this.”

“OK, go on, enlighten me. I’d love to hear your theory,” Katie said sarcastically.

“Well, your just a constant prick tease, aren’t you. You’re always walking around the house with virtually nothing on. And you’re always flirting with me, constantly. Trying to make Saffron jealous! And why do you have to be so fucking hot all the time?”

“OK, right, so it’s my fault for being ‘hot’? Why don’t you just fucking rape me right here in the hallway? I’m sure you will be able to convince a jury it was all my fault with that story.” She crashes backward against the wall, imaginary hands pressing her wrists above her head. “Come on, you cunt. This is what you want, isn’t it? Come on, fuck me, take me against my will.”

I stand there shocked at what I see as she rips her blouse open, buttons flying everywhere.

“That’s it, isn’t it. You want to tear my clothes off and fuck me hard. Come on, do it, rip my panties off and fuck me. Well, come on, rip them off, and fucking rape me. That’s what you want. I deserve it, after all. I want it so bad, and I’ve been begging you to take me every day since we met. Come on, fuck me, you prick.”

I didn’t move, just stood there, open-mouthed, unsure how to act.

“Oh, right, I see. Can’t you fuck a real woman, Mickey? Not with a tiny little dick like that. You know that’s why Saffron doesn’t fuck you anymore, right? You know that’s why she’s probably fucking her boss right now? Cause you have a pathetic little penis that does shit all for her?”

“She wouldn’t do that,” I said.

“Oh yes, she fucking would. She’s a fucking slut. Just like me, right, Mickey? We’re both cut from the same cloth. Both making eyes at men all the time and begging to get laid. So come on, your wife is fucking some guy right now. Doesn’t that make you mad? Don’t you want to fuck her little sister real rough to get your own back? Just rip my panties off and rape me as I deserve. Come on!”

While I remained frozen in place, she ripped her panties off, tearing them in half. She pushed towards me and pinned me to the front door, thrusting the ripped panties in my face.

“Here, come on, smell how wet I am for you. That’s what you like to do, isn’t it? You like smelling my cunt on these, don’t you? Smelling them, and how wet you make me, all day, every day?”

They were wet or was it my mind playing tricks on me. Whatever, I was still throbbing hard, and Katie knew it.

“Well, why stop with my panties, Mickey?” she questioned.”Why not just pin me down and force your face into my sopping cunt?”

She slowly dropped to the floor, her face brushing past my cock.

She lay down and spread her legs. There it was for the first time. Her perfectly hirsute cunt, curly dark hairs are snaking down from her belly button into a dark forest that slightly obscured her wet opening.

“Look how wet you make me, Mickey. Look how fucking hot I am all day thinking about your little dick.” She continued to joke, or did she? After all, she was now laid out in front of me, her legs spread, pulling her cunt lips apart to reveal her dripping vulva.

“Oh fuck..” I sighed as I looked down at this amazing sight.

“Yes, Mickey. This is what you do to me. All I think of all day is you burying your face in my cunt. Don’t you want to smell it, taste it?”

I couldn’t take it any longer. I did as Katie asked exactly and dove headfirst into her womanhood, lapping enthusiastically at her clit, and inhaling her sweet perfume, even more, potent than I had imagined.

“Oh yes, Mickey. Lick your sister-in-law’s cunt. That’s all your wife says your good for. Licking cunts. Mmmm. You have a talented tongue, my brother. Oh yes. I have dreamt about this for so long.” There was still a hint of sarcasm, but I knew she loved it. I could tell from the way her body responded, how her breathing changed, and the slight contortions of her face as I continued to stimulate her clit with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh fuck, no. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. No, we shouldn’t do this. Fuck!” but she couldn’t stop me licking her, and Katie didn’t try. She was going to cum. But as I continued to lap away, I wasn’t expecting what happened next, as a stream of warm liquid rose from her pussy into my face.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she cried out as the fountain erupted from her, and I began to rub her clit with my fingers, my face soaked already from her juices. “Fuck, yes. Fuck,” she screamed as her whole body tightened up, her back arched, quivering slightly, till eventually it seemed to give out on her, and she fell limp to the floor.

As I looked down upon her, I marveled at the sight of this gorgeous creature, panting and sweating, her clothes ripped from her body, and my little cock throbbed for release.

“Fuck me, Mickey,” she said, a softer tone from before now. “Fuck me, please.”

I didn’t need any more prompting as I slid my unsheathed dick into her wetness. Her moistness enveloped my cock.

“I can’t feel it. Push harder.” She sighed, still breathless.

I strained as hard as I could as I pushed my little cock up inside her.

“Can you feel it?” I grunted as I pushed harder than ever before.

“Not really. Sorry!” Katie said, “Maybe a little.”

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed, excited by her admission.

“Damn, you like that, don’t you, you perv? You like it when I tell you how tiny it is?”

“Oh God, yes.”

“No wonder my sister fucks around Mickey. Your cock is no good to anyone. It’s not even touching the sides.”

“Oh fuck!” I cried out as I began to cum inside my sister-in-law’s dripping wet cunt.

“Shit, no, don’t cum inside me!” Katie protested as she tried to push me off her, but it was too late, and I collapsed on top of her.

“This never happened!” she said as she finally got the energy to get to her feet and ran off upstairs to get changed.

I sat there for a while, still naked, contemplating how life would be different, covering up what had happened between us and trying to act normal.

Eventually, Katie reappeared, still slightly red in the face, but now decent again, wearing a new blouse and make-up.

“Saffron’s away this weekend on business, isn’t she?” Katie said as she reached the front door again.

“Yeah, some boring conference apparently,” I replied.

“Well, that’s what she told you anyway.” She smirked. “Listen, I think we should spend some time together this weekend. Get to know each other a bit better. What do you think?”

“Definitely!” I said, perhaps a little too eagerly.

“Great. I look forward to it.” She said, looking down at me, smiling. I could have sworn she looked right at my now flaccid cock. “Catch you later.”

She closed the door behind her and sang her way into the distance.

“Saturday night, and the air is getting hot, pretty baby. Saturday night, and I like the way you move, pretty baby.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.


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    are there any follow ups to this story!! it crys for more chapters!! thanks for a great story

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