The Rush (Gay SPH)

By zhorvath.

Roddy couldn’t think straight. Every nerve in his body was on fire with pure, unadulterated arousal. His little nub was as erect as it could get in its flat, pink cage, painfully straining against the plastic. His colon felt horrifically empty without Christian’s massive cock inside of it, and he yearned for someone — anyone — to bend him over and finish the job. Roddy had never reached such levels of blue balls before; he was ready to blow.

Suddenly, he found himself back downstairs — his feet had mindlessly taken him back from Christian’s room. Kevan, Tony, and Lance huddled in the living room corner, whispering frantically. Roddy sidled up next to them; his friends consciously tried not to look down at his obvious, albeit restrained, boner.

“Lance was just debriefing us,” Tony explained.

“Christian came down here with his big ol’ cock at full mast,” Kevan recounted, “and asked if anyone wanted to come to watch him ‘split the houseboy in half.'”

Roddy felt himself grow red. Looking down, he saw that his chest and part of his belly were blushing, too. Full-body humiliation. His impossibly hard cock pulsed. “He offered to fuck me. I said yes, because…”

He trailed off. Why had he said yes? It wasn’t necessarily about getting to climax, as the alternative was to get his cage removed. Roddy began to realize the dark genius behind Christian’s latest mind game. There was no good reason for Roddy to have accepted. But his mind — and libido — had become warped from his days in chastity, with a vibrating butt plug edging him every night. Of course, he had come to crave cock.

But he still had no idea what to say to his friends.

“Hey, man…” Tony broke the silence, shuffling awkwardly. “It’s okay if you just wanted to get dicked down by some horse-hung weirdo. You don’t have to justify yourself to us.”

Roddy felt a rush of emotions — Tony’s words almost made tears well in his eyes.

“Yeah, so you like dudes,” Lance rolled his eyes. “No one cares.”

“But it’s more than liking dudes,” Roddy pressed. “I liked… all this! Everything that’s happening to me has made me hornier and hornier.”

Tony shrugged. “If I was forced to discover and live out my kinks in public…”

“We’d all be doomed,” Kevan joked, getting a big laugh from the other guys.

“Tony’s right, for once,” Lance added. “You’re into whatever you’re into; it’s not your fault you have to share it with the rest of us. But it is Christian’s fault, and now we must take him down tonight.”

Roddy nodded. “Christian said he would take my cage off at the party tonight. You can make your move whenever he and I go off to do that.”

“But we have to time it right,” Kevan reiterated. “He has to see it for this to work.”

“If this even works,” Lance muttered.

“Sigma Rho Eta! Sigma Rho Eta! SPH! SPH!” a voice boomed through the first floor. “Brothers! It’s time to move out and get some hot Kappa Delta ass!”

Roddy turned to face his friends, “Well, I guess it’s now or never.”

He darted off to grab his clothes from the entryway and get dressed before he left. On his way there, he bumped into Oliver. Oliver was wearing a tight, graphic tee and baggy cargo shorts that hung delectably below his waist, revealing the plaid waistband of his boxers.

Roddy felt a well of sadness wash over him. He’d had real chemistry with Oliver, but Christian had used his power as the class Alpha to ban Roddy from fucking Oliver. Christian’s rule over their fellow pledges only lasted for their freshman year, but Oliver was a senior. He’d never get the chance to pursue things there.

“Heard you put on quite the show,” Oliver said with a grin, without any jealousy or criticism in his voice. “I can’t believe you took a cock that big!”

“Well,” Roddy retorted, “I learned from the best.” Roddy noticed Oliver’s chest hair poking out from his shirt collar, further strengthening Roddy’s never-ending erection as he pictured Oliver’s strong, hairy little naked body.

Suddenly, Oliver’s expression became more serious. “I just want to remind you… quitting is an option, you know? You could drop the frat, get your dick unlocked, escape Christian… maybe even come by and fuck me again…”

Roddy was surprised — Oliver had always seemed rather committed to SPH and its rules. After all, he’d been an eager participant the day Roddy was locked in chastity. He mumbled a half-baked excuse to Oliver, but internally, he made a decision. If their plan didn’t work tonight, he would drop the frat, even though it meant dishonoring his family’s male legacy and losing out on all the benefits and connections afforded by SPH.

Back in the foyer, Roddy went towards the nook where his clothes were stashed — only to find them missing. Next to his phone, wallet, and keys were a ribbed white tank top and a classic white cotton jockstrap. Roddy’s heart began to race. It could have been any of the brothers who’d done this, but the message was clear: this was the outfit he would have to wear to the sorority party.

The tank top was at least two sizes too small — it didn’t even reach his belly button and caused his midsection to pudge out beneath the hem. The jock fit fine around the waist, but he didn’t come close to filling out the pouch; the extra fabric hung limply, clearly revealing his lack of manhood. The outfit had the added humiliation of highlighting how every inch of his body had been shaved bare.

The other brothers started filtering into the foyer as the group headed for the party. Roddy was greeted with whoops, hollers, and more than a few sharp slaps to his bare bottom.

“Dude, what are you wearing?” Tony asked once Roddy’s friends had caught up with him. They exited the frat house, the brisk fall air making Roddy’s nipples stand at full attention and tent his tank top’s thin, tight fabric.

Roddy was shuffling uncomfortably, the pain of the impossibly small cage against his unwavering hard-on making it difficult to walk confidently.

“Hey, look,” someone called from behind them, “Masters fucked the houseboy so hard he’s walking funny!”

Roddy didn’t bother to protest — in fact, he felt fine after taking Christian’s enormous tool, as if he’d been riding cock for years. But the jeers did have the effect of strengthening his little boner, serving to make him walk even more stiltedly.

“My guy,” Kevan insisted, “are you going to the party like this?”

Roddy shrugged. “The plan only works if I’m there to distract him. If we do it right…”

“I’ll never have to see that blindingly pale ass of yours again,” Kevan finished.


The Kappa Delta sorority house was newer and nicer than the SPH mansion. However, it lacked the grand and historic aura of some other Greek Row buildings. It was also considerably cleaner and smelled nicer. However, Roddy figured that would not last after a night with his frat brothers wreaking havoc.

The frat boys filtered in like a tidal wave, most making a beeline for the folding table with the drinks while others quickly began flirting with the KD girls. Roddy made quite a splash with the women, who giggled at his skimpy outfit and ambushed him with candid photos. Unable to change his predicament, he decided to be a good sport, posing and flexing for the pictures with the girls.

As Roddy returned from the kitchen with a beer, he felt someone grab the back of his waistband before he could reenter the living room. He hadn’t noticed anyone else in the dark, narrow hallway. Roddy froze, aware that any false moves would end with the last of his modesty slipping away.

“Have you seen her?” a voice lowed. It was Christian, his baritone unmistakable.

Roddy felt a finger forced its way between his ass cheeks, slipping easily into his still-loosened hole. Roddy retreated deeper into the hallway to get out of view of the living room, Christian’s bony finger sliding ever further inside him.

“Who?” Roddy asked.

As if angered, Christian slid another finger inside, vigorously thrusting against the walnut of Roddy’s prostate. “Caroline,” he hissed.

Of course. The woman who started it all — if Roddy hadn’t hooked up with Caroline (never mind that he wasn’t even able to get it up at the time), he’d never have provoked Christian’s jealousy and the subsequent sex games.

“No, I haven’t,” he answered, panting from the stimulation.

Christian made a frustrated grunt. “She can’t be here!”

He increased the intensity of his probing; Roddy’s eyes went starry.

“If you see her,” he hissed, “call me and over and say, ‘I hear you went to high school with my friend, Christian.'”

Roddy’s mind was racing. “Why not just talk to her yourself?”

“I need an in. If she thinks I’m friends with someone like you…” Christian trailed off. Roddy didn’t need him to say it — Christian wanted to shed his reputation as an isolated weirdo and start fresh for a chance at wooing his longtime crush. He’d said as much before.

Christian pressed firmly against Roddy’s P-spot, leading Roddy to let out a high-pitched whine. With that, Christian removed his fingers and huffed back out into the main room.

Roddy looked down and saw that precum had wet the front of his jock, creating a small but semi-transparent window. Christian never wasted an opportunity to fuel his humiliation.

He returned to the living room, where everyone danced, flirted, and sometimes made out more. Tony and Kevan played beer pong with Zach and Bobby; Lance stood by himself, scanning the crowd. He caught Roddy’s eye and gestured around the room quizzically and concernedly. Roddy only shrugged and shook his head, unable to help Lance find who or what he was looking for.

To Roddy’s surprise, Christian leaned against a wall chatting up two very pretty KD girls. His demeanor had completely changed from a moment ago, with an easy smile gracing his strong jaw. In the party lights, with that grin and a twinkle in his eyes, Christian looked like your run-of-the-mill hot frat boy instead of the dour menace Roddy had come to know.

Roddy watched as one of the girls placed a hand on Christian’s chest — Christian almost recoiled at her touch. Roddy wondered how many chances at sex and romance Christian had passed up thanks to his obsession with Caroline Hunter.

Just then, Christian turned and met Roddy’s gaze, beckoning him over. Roddy’s stomach sank, but his dicklet rose, wondering what Christian had in store for him next.

He approached Christian and his new friends, a short, slight blonde and a busty redhead.

“Do you girls know Higgins?”

The redhead responded, “Only by reputation,” casting her gaze at the poorly filled-out front of Roddy’s jockstrap.

“This is Lily,” Christian introduced, gesturing towards the redhead, “and this is Alyssa. They just told me they’re bored and want to play a game.”

“A game?” Roddy asked.

Lily nodded, “I wanted to play stack cup.”

“And I want to play strip poker!” Alyssa added.

“So we all agreed on strip poker,” Christian summarized. “A classic frat-srat mixer game.”

“Uh,” Roddy grew redder, “I think I’m okay, guys. I’m already pretty ‘stripped’ as it is.”

“Oh, come on, man,” Christian responded, “you have to play!”

To an innocent bystander, it sounded like Christian was friendlily encouraging Roddy to join them. But Roddy knew he had just received an order he couldn’t refuse.

He offered a weak smile in response to the cheers of encouragement from the girls. The SPH brothers had finished their beer pong game, so Lily went over to claim the plastic table, clearing the cups and wiping off the sticky beer residue. Meanwhile, Christian grabbed some folding chairs to arrange around the table. Alyssa disappeared and came back with a deck of playing cards.

As the group settled around the table, Kevan asked, “What are you guys doing?”

“We’re playing strip poker!” Alyssa told him cheerfully. “You should join us!”

“You should join us,” Lily agreed, eyeing Kevan up and down greedily.

Kevan met Roddy’s gaze; Roddy just shrugged. “Up to you.”

“Sure,” he decided, still hesitant. Kevan pulled up a stool and sat between Roddy and Lily.

“So,” Alyssa explained, shuffling the cards like a seasoned dealer. “Here’s house rules. No need to bet, no need to fold. Whoever has the worst hand each round has to remove an item of clothing. Socks and shoes go first, then your top, bottoms, and underwear. For Lily and I, that’ll be our bras and our panties. The last person not to be naked wins the game.”

“What happens if you’re already naked and lose a round?” Kevan asked.

Alyssa grinned. “You’ll have to do a forfeit! The dealer of the hand decides what exactly the forfeit is.”

“Wait,” Roddy protested. “I don’t have enough clothes to keep up — I have no pants.”

“We can just do your socks and shoes separately,” Alyssa shrugged.

” I think you have a fourth item to take off,” Christian countered. Then he leaned into Roddy’s ear and whispered, “You better hope you lose because this is your chance to get your cage off. Otherwise, it’s four more weeks.”

Roddy’s heart rate soared. “Oh, Christian’s right. Never mind.”

Kevan turned to look at Roddy, a small horror in his eyes. Roddy didn’t know whether to throw the game and liberate his cock, or fight against yet another public humiliation. Initially, he wasn’t great at poker; ultimately, his fate lay in the cards.

“We’re playing Texas Hold ’em,” Alyssa told them.

They tossed in their “antes” while Alyssa dealt the first hand with blinding speed and precision. She was an experienced card player. Roddy looked at his hand: two sevens off to a good start.

Kevin lost the first round with a king high. He peeled off his socks and sneakers, revealing his size-14s. Everyone was relatively quiet, anxious to get into the late game.

After a few more rounds, everyone had lost their shoes, and Christian had lost his shirt, his ghostly skin, and thick, dark body hair on display under the flashing colored lights. He looked almost statuesque in this lighting, the sharp angles of his chin and collarbone pleasingly accentuated.

A small crowd had gathered to watch the game unfold, an equal mix of men and women. Roddy started feeling uneasy but was on a solid streak of good hands. If his luck held out, he could preserve some modesty yet.

And indeed, it seemed like things were going his way — Lily and Alyssa lost the next two rounds, losing their tops. The frat brothers in the crowd whooped as they removed their shirts, eliciting eye rolls from the girls.

The women had their turn to reciprocate as Kevan lost his shirt next, cheering as he stripped to reveal his well-defined pecs and abs. The neon pink waistband of Kevan’s underwear was peeking out of his jeans. Roddy clenched his fists, begging his little pecker not to stiffen.

It was Roddy’s turn to deal. He shuffled the cards a little clumsily, but all the same, dealt out around the table. He looked at his cards — the two of spades and the three of hearts. Not a great start, but he figured he could catch a straight.

He revealed the flop: two sevens and the four of diamonds. He needed the turn and river to be a five and a six, but Roddy felt lucky.

“So I have to ask,” said Lily. “What’s your mystery fourth piece of clothing?”

Roddy paused, unsure of how to answer. Before Christian could speak, Kevan mercifully cut in: “You’ll have to wait and see.”

“If we’re lucky,” assed Alyssa with a wink.

And indeed, luck wasn’t on Roddy’s side after all. The next two rounds revealed a queen and a third seven, leaving Roddy with a queen high to his name. He was dead last by far; Christian won the round with a four-of-a-kind, somehow holding the final seven in his hand. Roddy shod his shirt, leaving him with no margin for error. One more round lost would result in his exposure.

Now, everyone was tied, bare-chested all. Roddy felt embarrassed by the contrast of his smooth, definition-less figure next to Kevan’s etched musculature and Christian’s mane of coarse, manly body hair. His bare ass in the jockstrap began to sweat, his cheeks sticking to the chair’s plastic.

Fortunately, Christian lost the next round, along with his pants. The crowd was treated to his pale, skinny legs and his plaid boxer shorts — his monstrous cock shamelessly poking out through the bottom of the left leg hole.

There were scattered gasps through the crowd; Lily’s jaw dropped open. Christian sat back down with a smirk. “A sneak peek,” he smarmed.

Roddy scanned the crowd but didn’t see Tony or Lance: a good sign. He turned his attention back to the game and was surprised to find himself winning with a full house. When everyone revealed their hands, Kevan came up short and was made to peel his joggers off. There was wolf-whistling in the crowd as his tight pink boxer briefs came into view, his enormous hog barely concealed by the thin fabric. Roddy’s pulse began to quicken, beginning to fear the worst.

Thankfully, he was safe again the next round, and Christian became the first at the table to wind up nude. He stood, smirking and hamming it up for the crowd. Slowly, he worked his thumbs into the worn waistband of his shorts and began to tug gently.

Finally, in a fell swoop, he dropped his underwear to his ankles and presented his manhood proudly to the crowd. There was awe among both sexes. Some brothers had not seen Christian’s massive cock staring agog with wonder and envy. He seemed to like the attention, his dick swelling just slightly as he took in the crowd’s admiration.

Roddy’s dicklet began to stir too, well-trained by now at the sight of Christian’s schlong. He prayed he’d be able to keep his modesty now, chastity be damned.

And fortunately, Roddy survived another hand: Kevan was next to reveal the family jewels, his girthy cock impressing the crowd in equal measure.

“SPH boys sure are well-hung,” Alyssa remarked. Roddy cringed.

It was Roddy’s turn to deal again. He had gotten in the groove by now, shuffling and slinging the cards more smoothly. The only hindrances were his sweaty palms causing cards to stick to them, but his nerves only got worse the longer the game went on.

Kevan lost again, coming up short with a pair of twos. He was already naked and thus owed a forfeit, and it was up to Roddy as the dealer to decide what it would be. Roddy’s instinct was to go for something banal and gentle — a silly little dance or a few bars of a song –, but lust took over, his mind clouded from his days of teasing and denial.

“Your forfeit,” Roddy announced, “is to play with yourself and make yourself hard in front of the crowd.”

The audience was electrified. Kevan turned to his friend in disbelief. “Seriously?” he said.

Roddy shrugged, “Sorry, I panicked!”

Kevan stood up and faced the crowd, his meat swinging before his heavy balls. He grasped his cock, barely able to reach his fingers around his soft form, and began tugging. Soon Kevan’s dick began to grow; he leaned back, thrusting his hips forward and letting his left hand dangling by his side. His knees bent as he began to moan, gently caressing his hand across his enormous pecs. The women in the audience were aflutter, and the room was bouncing with echoes of “he’s so hot!” “so sexy!” “so big!”

Finally, Kevan reached full mast, his erection standing rigid and virile. To prove it to the crowd, he pulled his cock back against his stomach and let it rebound, bouncing temptingly as it returned to position. He sat back down in his stool, the height of which, coupled with the angle he had to sit at to accommodate his boner, made him present himself rather crudely to the crowd.

“I hate you,” he muttered to Roddy.

It was Alyssa’s turn to deal next. Roddy felt uneasy with his hand — the six of hearts and jack of clubs. Luckily he was spared with two jacks on the table, putting him in second for the round. Christian lost, and Alyssa’s turn to think up a forfeit.

“I say,” she said, pausing and pondering her options for a second, “your forfeit is to give Higgins a handjob!”

Roddy immediately began to freak out. “Wait, that’s not fair. I’ll be technically totally stripped without actually losing!”

But his protests went ignored as everyone else in the room became more and more excited by the idea. Christian asked, “How long do I have to do it? Until he, like, cums?”

“Ew, no,” said Alyssa, “how about just one minute?”

“Well, Roddy,” said Christian with a malicious grin, rising from his chair. “Today’s your lucky day.”

He lifted the chain from the back of his neck, undoing the clasp and releasing the key from its hiding spot among Christian’s dense carpet of chest hair. Roddy’s body pulsed with adrenaline, dreading the thought of exposure but yearning for freedom from his cage. The sight of the key made his cock ache, only amplified by the visage of Kevan’s throbbing boner barely inches from his face. He accepted his fate and milked whatever pleasure he could from this mess.

Roddy stood, facing Christian. “Care to do the honors?” Christian asked, gesturing at the jockstrap.

Roddy took a deep breath and stripped completely nude, revealing his boy-sized, caged-up cocklet to a sea of his friends and classmates. There was a beat of awkward silence followed by immediate chatter and stifled laughter. “What the fuck is that?” someone asked their friend too loudly. Roddy felt himself turn bright red.

Christian inserted the key into the lock that held his cage on. “What is he doing?” someone again asked in the crowd.

Roddy was almost trembling with anticipation. Finally — release!

Christian peeled off the front plate of the cage, the tormenter that had kept his dick pushed up inside him all this time. Roddy immediately sprang to his full glory, his hard-on a little shrunken for the moment thanks to its time in chastity. He was probably down a quarter inch to three inches flat, its distinctive upward curve accentuating the shortness.

Alyssa reached over and flicked his penis with her ring finger. “He is fully, one-hundred-percent rock hard and still that small!” she announced.

There was gleeful laughter from the crowd, with some people holding their thumb and forefinger to further shame Roddy. “Look, he’s dripping precum!” someone pointed out.

At this newest humiliation, Roddy’s little cock throbbed wildly, bouncing about with a mind of its own. This delighted the crowd, resulting in a feedback loop of humiliation and arousal. Roddy didn’t know whether to hate Christian or to thank him. He had never felt so erotic before.

Finally, Christian sauntered back over to Roddy and unceremoniously spat a fat wad into his palm. He gracelessly slathered Roddy’s prick with a flat hand. Once it was sufficiently lubed up, Christian grabbed it with his index finger and thumb and began stroking up and down the short length of Roddy’s shaft with amazing speed.

With everything Roddy had been through — the cage, the vibrator, the edging, the denial — not to mention Kevan and Christian fully nude right in front of him — he knew he didn’t have it in him to last. A full minute was out of the question.

Hardly ten seconds had passed before Roddy’s knees buckled, his legs trembling, primal moans squeaking out of his throat. His nuts squeezed up tightly against him, his dick tautly erect and ready to shoot. Roddy tensed up, grunting and thrusting himself into Christian’s grip.

“Oh my god,” Alyssa observed, “is he going to cum?”

Christian sneered. “Oh, hell no!” and recoiled from Roddy with exaggerated disgust.

Roddy could only stare in dismay as his cock bobbed, shooting thick loads of everything he had built up over so many hours of misery and arousal that past week. Despite everything, he couldn’t bring himself to stroke himself in front of the crowd and was left with another ruined orgasm. The surge of adrenaline and lust gave way to abject horror — his humiliation had been for naught; Christian had once again stolen another climax from him.

“Dude,” Kevan announced, rather loudly, making pointed eye contact, “you didn’t even last thirty seconds!” Small revenge for his forfeit, Roddy knew.

More laughter from the crowd, but this time, Roddy’s soft little cock sat limp. Christian came back over to Roddy, holding up the cage.

“What are you doing?” Roddy asked, stifling a stammer.

Christian grinned devilishly. “You still have two rounds left before you have to get naked! You said so yourself just a minute ago.”

Roddy knew better than to protest as Christian pulled his junk through the base ring of the cock cage again. He watched as the Barbie-pink disk that kept his dick pinned down met flush with the channel for the lock and took a deep breath as Christian sealed him in once again. He was determined to lose two more hands and win back his penis. He slid his jockstrap back on and rejoined the table, wiping up the cum he’d splattered in front of himself with his discarded tank top.

“I have so many questions,” said Alyssa. “How long have you been in that thing?”

“Too long,” Roddy quipped. “It’s Christian’s turn to deal.”

Of course, the “bets” in this game were entirely symbolic — the real stakes were their clothes — so Roddy had no way to throw the game. He could only watch the cards on the table turn over each round, hoping he’d come out with the worst hand.

Unfortunately, this time Alyssa lost, shedding her jeans and giving the eager boys in the crowd a good look at her ass. She also lost the round after that, becoming the third fully-stripped player of the night and revealing her small, milky-white boobs. Kevan’s erection, which had settled to half-mast, perked back up again as Alyssa settled in across from him.

“Looks like it’s between you two,” said Christian, gesturing towards Roddy and Lily.

Lily smirked and bantered, “You’re going down, baby-dick.” This elicited ‘oohs’ from around the room, but they didn’t know Roddy was on her side.

And, to Roddy’s delight, he came dead last in the next hand. This time, it didn’t bother him to strip off his jockstrap and flash his caged nub to the crowd again. He’d learned from his experiences these past few weeks that it was often best to own his humiliations. He grabbed his bundled-up package and shook it at the crowd with bravado, oscillating to give everyone a good look, daring them to comment more.

It was Roddy’s turn to deal once more, his heart pounding out of his chest. His manhood was in these cards. He was so focused on his hand and the mental calculus of estimating his odds of losing that he was wholly unprepared for Christian to lose the hand. Roddy, as the dealer, had to think up a forfeit.

On the one hand, this was like a gift from above: Roddy knew the social pressure of the situation would outweigh their internal frat dynamics. He could finally exact on Christian a fraction of the humiliation he had wrought on Roddy. But on the other hand, if things went south tonight, he knew Christian would exact punishment for a forfeit he felt was unfair.

But Roddy had an idea in the back of his mind that he couldn’t shake. “All right, Christian,” he decided, “your forfeit is to eat me out. Rim me, right here, right now.”

The crowd immediately lit up. “Oh ho!” someone called out. “Damn!” said another. It was the perfect power reversal: Christian serving Roddy for once.

Christian stood, a stern and foreboding expression on his face. “You sure you want to do this?” he asked threateningly.

Roddy just nodded eagerly.

“Well, get up on the table then.”

Roddy did as he was told and climbed onto the plastic tabletop. He was perpendicular to the crowd, giving them a view in profile of the impending anilingus. Kevan and the girls cleared off the cards as Christian positioned himself behind Roddy, staring point-blank at his ready asshole.

“For how long?” Christian asked.

“For as long as I say,” Roddy snapped, becoming impatient.

Christian set to work, initially hesitant. The tip of his tongue made a few cautious dips into Roddy’s colon before he finally relented and slid the whole of it in. Christian’s tongue was thick and stiff, lashing its way up inside Roddy arrhythmically. Soon, he settled into a groove, working Roddy’s guts with gusto.

For his part, Roddy was ecstatic. Waves of warm pleasure radiated throughout his undercarriage. He relished Christian’s eager lapping; the more Christian seemed to get into it, the more Roddy got turned on. The crowd was eating it all up, egging them both on and whooping each time Roddy moaned, or Christian slurped greedily.

The pleasure grew; this time, with Christian out of command, there was no one to cut the stimulation short. Roddy felt that familiar welling sensation deep inside him, the pressure on his prostate making him feel like he needed to pee. But he pushed past it, saying nothing and letting Christian continue his handiwork.

Roddy was lost in the bass’s low thud, the lights’ soothing rhythm, and Christian’s tongue’s warm and wet feeling. He let himself fall into the rising feeling of intense arousal that seemed to be overtaking him completely.

All at once, Roddy began to tremble, his joints becoming like jelly. An orgasm unlike anything he’d ever experienced ripped through his body. He cried out and crumpled onto the table, shaking with raw, fiery pleasure as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss seized his entire body. To his surprise, there was no wetness down below; he hadn’t ejaculated at all, and in fact, his cocklet was completely soft. He’d had a completely dry, full-body orgasm.

As Roddy returned to reality, he was painfully aware of the crowd staring at him with gaping, shocked expressions. No one had expected to end up watching someone writhe in uncontrollable pleasure when the game started.

“Greek life rules!” cried out one lad, but no one joined in with him.

Awkwardly, Roddy slid off the table and back onto the ground. He grabbed the deck of cards and passed it to Alyssa. “Anyway, next round!”

Lily lost the next two rounds in a row, stripping to reveal her hourglass figure and enormous tits and melting every frat boy’s mind. Under different circumstances, Roddy would have been dismayed. He’d won the poker game — but he’d lost the chance at his cock’s release. He’d be locked up for another month.

But instead, he remained in a daze, still shaken and light-headed from the experience of his first prostate orgasm. He couldn’t find it to care that it had all gone wrong. He finally had what he’d been desperate for, non-stop, for days on end: relief.

The crowd cheered and dissolved as people returned to chatting and dancing. The players gathered the cards and started putting the folding chairs away. Lily and Alyssa began redressing, but the boys were surprised to find someone had nicked all their clothes when they weren’t looking.

“It was probably one of our brothers,” grumbled Kevan. “Getting real sick of these friendly pranks.”

“You get used to it,” Roddy shrugged, once again trapped in a Greek house, nude and in a cock cage. Only this time, Christian and Kevan would remain naked, as well as a constant comparison. Roddy sighed, lamenting his meager manhood as much as he had come to accept himself over these past few weeks.

Christian strode over to where Roddy and Kevan were standing. “Bet you’re feeling proud of yourself, huh?”

“I’m feeling pretty good, yeah,” he replied.

“I’ve already devised three ways to punish you for that,” Christian sneered. “A few hours hooked up to a milking machine will teach you a lesson.”

“What the fuck is a milking machine?” Kevan asked.

Before Christian could describe the apparatus, Tony burst out from the throng and waddled up to the three nude men. For his part, he was wrapped in a toga and covered in glitter and lipstick smears.

“Where have you been?” asked Roddy.

Tony beamed. “Having the time of my fucking life with these chicks. Everyone loves the funny fat guy in a toga!”

“Fucking hell,” groaned Christian. “This slob gets more action than me? It’s not fair.”

“It’s not just me,” Tony said, pointing at Kevan and Roddy. “Lance just headed upstairs with one of the hottest girls at this party. Beautiful shiny brown hair, rocking body — Rod, I think it’s the same girl you hooked up with during O-week!”

In Christian’s undressed form, Roddy could watch as every muscle in his body tensed up in anger and jealousy. “Caroline?” Christian asked through a snarl.

“Yeah!” Tony exclaimed. “That’s exactly right, thank you. Caroline.”

“Upstairs, you said?” Christian muttered, but he didn’t wait around for confirmation. With a forceful shove, he moved Tony out of the way and started pushing through the crown toward the hallway.

Roddy swiftly turned to huddle up with his friends. “I can’t believe it’s happening. I can’t believe Lance pulled it off!”

“I can’t believe she went for him,” Kevan agreed.

“All right,” Roddy continued. “Kevan, come with me upstairs. We need to make sure Christian doesn’t do too much damage. Tony, you go round up Kyle and as many upperclassmen as you can convince to come up.”

“Um, what about your clothes?” Tony blushed as he stared at Kevan’s cock and Roddy’s cage.

Roddy shrugged. “We’ll deal with that later. We have to capitalize on this.”

With that, Roddy led the way as he maneuvered through the crowd. He pushed past friends chatting in tight circles, around random pairs making out or dry humping, and through at least one brewing fight between two over-served SPH boys.

Finally, he emerged into the hallway and maneuvered to the base of the stairs. He turned around but didn’t see Kevan behind him; after a few beats, his friend burst out from the living room, his big cock a little swollen.

“Sorry,” he panted, “I ran into a very eager KD sister who was making a very convincing argument of why I should sneak off with her.”

Roddy grinned. “You’re getting used to the forced-nudist lifestyle.”

“Listen, I’ve never had any qualms about being seen naked,” said Kevan, a rare boast. “But I do prefer to have some control over it.”

“I think it’s the lack of control that I find so exciting,” Roddy admitted.

Kevan shrugged. “Different strokes.”

“Sometimes literally,” he agreed. “All right, it’s time.”

They made their way up the stairs — the KD house was only two stories but had a much more efficient use of space than the centuries-old SPH manor. The bedrooms were all furnished like dorms and accommodated far more students.

However, the dense dorm-style living made it difficult to find the room Lance and Caroline had snuck off to. Roddy and Kevan interrupted two couples mid-fuck as they poked their heads into occupied rooms.

But they didn’t have to poke around in the dark for long — they heard a loud thud from a room at the end of the hallway and around a small bend. It would have been the last place they looked. The boys ran down the hall around the corner and found one room with its door open and light blaring out into the corridor.

Framed by the doorway was a scene that wouldn’t have been out of place on Greek pottery or in a Renaissance painting. On the ground were Christian and Lance, their long bodies tortuously intertwined, Christian’s large mitt holding Lance’s gonads in a vice grip. Caroline was on the bed, still fully clothed, her hands clasping her mouth.

“You motherfucker,” Christian yelled, sounding unhinged. “I’m going to fucking sterilize you right here, right now.”

Kevan moved to intervene, but Roddy held up a hand to stop him. It wasn’t that he wanted to see Lance receive some cock and ball torture — although it was a little satisfying after how smug Lance had been about Roddy’s houseboy status all semester. But he knew the other brothers had to see Christian in this unhinged state.

“We weren’t–” whined Lance, the pain palpable in his voice, “we hadn’t even started fucking!”

“Then why was your pencil dick stiff as a board?” shot back Christian.

“I know you’ve never fucked a girl before,” Lance goaded, “but there’s this thing called foreplay–YEOW!” Christian employed a wicked-looking twist on Lance’s scrotum, cutting him off.

“Lance, he has you by the balls,” Kevan called out, “shut the fuck up.”

Christian whipped his head around. “Well, if it isn’t the whole damn gang. Come to see your friend’s voice go up an octave?”

Lance began crying in pain again; he curled up as tight as he could under the weight of Christian pinning him down. Lance was so smooth and slinky compared to Christian that it looked like an otter trying to wrestle a fish from the river. Roddy’s stomach began to sink, afraid they would have to intervene if Tony couldn’t get the upperclassmen together in time.

“All right, Kev,” Roddy said in a low voice, “I think we have to–”

“Guys?” a familiar voice echoed down the hallway. It was Tony, just in time.

Roddy called out to let him know where they were, and a few seconds later, Tony rounded the corner with Kyle McLeod and a few of the other elected frat officers in tow. A few others had caught on to the fracas and came to watch as well, SPH brothers and KD sisters alike.

The small crowd filtered into what must have been Caroline’s room, Christian and Lance still locked in their naked struggle on the floor. The newcomers mostly watched dumbstruck, all a little drunk and unsure how to process what they saw.

After a few beats had passed, a woman’s voice came through from the hall: “All right, what the fuck is going on?”

A tall, willowy blonde strode in effortlessly past the bumbling crowd. She had to have been at least six-foot-two, standing easily above most of the men in the room.

Kyle McLeod, interestingly, looked immediately sheepish and nervous around her. It was unlike the cocky, boisterous frat president Roddy had come to know.

“Hi, Mia,” Kyle stuttered, casting his gaze down.

“Kyle, care to explain why two of your pledges are fighting naked on the floor?”

Kyle huffed to the boys and delivered a sharp, decisive blow to Christian’s nuts with his sneaker. Christian’s vice-like grip on Lance slipped as he crumpled and cradled his crotch; Lance scurried away and stood sheepishly behind Roddy and Kevan, likewise nursing his aching cajones.

“Masters,” barked Kyle, “explain yourself.”

Christian straightened and stood up, seething and still slightly hunched from the pain in his groin. “Kennedy was about to fuck her,” he gestured at Caroline, looking in equal measure traumatized and annoyed on the bed.

“And?” Kyle pressed.

“She’s… she’s…” Christian stammered. “I’ve had a crush on her since high school, and I know he knows it! I know Higgins must have told him or something.” Christian was beet red. He just admitted his longest-held and deepest secret to a sizeable and growing group of bystanders. Roddy craned his neck to see several familiar faces in the hallway listening in, including Zach, Bobby, and Matty.

“So you called dibs?” asked one of the other SPH officers.

Christian nodded. “Yes…”

“Well,” said Kyle, his voice cheerier. “that settles that, then! I knew there would have been a simple explanation. Kennedy, you violated dibs, and I think Masters’ reaction was pretty fair. But we’ll have to put you on probation for breaking the rules. You cannot come to the house or any frat-sponsored events for the rest of the semester. Including this one, so… get the fuck out of here.”

Roddy turned to look at Lance, who wore a devastated look on his face. Lance would never admit it, but as much as he complained about SPH, Lance did care deeply about his friends and brothers.

It all made Roddy feel so guilty — this wouldn’t have happened if Lance weren’t just trying to help him, putting his balls on the line to protect his friend’s dignity and freedom. Roddy thought back to the promise he had made to himself earlier in the night: the plan seemed to be failing, and he would have to quit the frat anyway to be free of Christian.

Roddy began to speak, prepared to take full responsibility and ask Lance to be spared probation. “Wait, Kyl–”

“He’s lying!” Tony cut him off, pointing at Christian accusatorially with an indignant look. “Christian never formally called dibs on her.”

“Yeah,” Kevan agreed. “This is the first I’m hearing of it.”

Christian was turning red with anger. “What’s it matter? If I called dibs while walking into this room, he would still have to listen!”

“But you didn’t,” Lance protested. “You just barged in, threw me to the ground, and started wailing on my nuts!”

Christian turned and punched the wall angrily; his hand bounced off, and he howled as the walls were made of cinderblock. Instead, to channel his rage, he ripped the pile of Lance’s clothes off the ground and threw them out the window into the dark landscaping below.

“What the hell?” Lance cried. “Those jeans cost like five hundred dollars!”

“Of course, his friends are defending him!” Christian was accused frantically. “It’s not like Roddy and Kevan have any reason to stick up for me.”

“Fine,” said Kyle, turning to the treasurer. “Go round up a few freshmen.”

“Wait!” called a voice from the group still in the hall. “A few freshmen are here!”

Into the room spilled Zach Wu, Bobby Lee, and Matty Carlisle. As the crowd shifted, Roddy saw that Oliver and Quinn were also in the hallway.

“Definitely can confirm that Christian never announced dibs to the class,” Zach Wu announced to the room.

“Seconded,” said Bobby.

Kyle was looking annoyed. “All right, so it was just roughhousing between brothers. Boys being boys.”

Simultaneously, all the women in earshot recoiled. Mia stood silently observing, but this seemed to pull her back in. “Kyle, you always try to explain away your guys’ bad behavior. ‘Boys will be boys’ does not fly in my house.”

“Who the fuck are you, anyway?” asked Christian, dripping with malice.

She smirked. “Mia Marseilles, president of Kappa Delta.”

Christian turned white. “Oh.”

“All right, fine,” Kyle conceded, exasperated, “Masters, you went berserk on your brother even though you didn’t call formal dibs. You’re on kitchen clean-up duty for the next month.”

“But wait,” Kevan continued. “Christian broke another rule tonight.”

“The fuck are you on about?” Christian protested.

Kevan took a deep breath, stepping forward to address the ever-growing crowd. “On the night we were inducted, Kyle told us we would never reveal another brother’s rank or cock size. He told us it was grounds for immediate expulsion and ‘further penalty.’ As most of you saw, Christian forced Roddy to play strip poker and reveal his size to non-SPH members.”

“What do you mean ‘forced?'” asked Mia. Based on the very rule Kevan had just cited, the brothers were still waiting to answer her question. “Kyle — what do they mean by ‘forced?'”

Kyle shuffled uncomfortably. “I don’t ask you about secret KD traditions.”

“You’ll notice that none of my girls are naked or in pain,” Mia countered. “So you have no real reason to.”

Scanning around the room, Roddy was struck for the first time by how it all must look to an outsider. Kevan, Christian, Lance, and himself were all buck naked, Roddy in a cock cage, and Christian and Lance with visibly swollen testicles. Thinking back on the semester’s events, it had always been Kyle being a hard-liner for the rules, dismissing valid concerns as a lack of dedication to the frat. Maybe Mia had the right idea — this was a breakdown in leadership.

“Christian is the Alpha of the frat,” spoke Roddy. It was the first time he’d participated in the discussion, drawing everyone’s surprised attention. “Because he has the biggest dick in the freshman pledge class. And I’m the Omega because, well, look at mine. So SPH rules are that I must do whatever he says, including play strip poker.”

“Fucking Higgins,” growled Kyle. “You want to be tossed out too?”

“Kyle…” began Mia, uncharacteristically quiet. She turned to face him, but he would not meet her gaze. “Freshman year…”

He began frantically shaking his head. “No, it’s not what you’re thinking.”

“Did you break up with me because some guy with a bigger dick told you to?” she practically shouted. “Is that what this ‘dibs’ shit is about?”

“You two?” asked Lance in disbelief, unable to stop being a smartass even in his current state.

Though Roddy felt the same, Mia looked like a supermodel and was unquestionably out of Kyle’s league.

“Childhood sweethearts,” Mia explained. “We had been together since seventh grade. And then he dumped me out of the blue, not one week after he got inducted into SPH.”

“This dibs stuff is fucked up,” agreed Caroline, still a little shell-shocked on the bed.

“It’s a century of tradition! Everyone loves the letter system,” Kyle insisted. “It helps us become better, stronger, more successful men!”

“I hate the letter system,” Kevan asserted. “And I benefit from it!”

“I do not benefit from it,” added Zach, “but also do not love it.”

Mia nodded as others chimed in, expressing their displeasure with the ranking system. “Look, we play along when you do your little underwear march and stuff, but this is all too far.”

“You can’t report us,” pleaded Kyle.

“I can, but I won’t,” Mia promised. “But, if you don’t knock off the Alpha/Omega stuff, we’ll make our own rule at KD to never, ever, ever again fuck an SPH brother. Maybe even their boyfriends since you don’t care about that either!”

There was an immediate din of protest from the boys who heard Mia’s threat. Without even using her hands, she had Kyle’s balls in a tighter grip than Christian had used on Lance.

“Fucking fine!” Kyle cried out, exasperated beyond the limit. “Masters, tomorrow we’ll begin removing you from SPH, and next week we’ll figure out your penalty.”

“This is ridiculous! How do you know this wasn’t some scheme Roddy and his friends cooked up? He was the only one who knew about Caroline.”

“That’s bullshit.” The speaker was Zach Wu, his one-time enemy. “Roddy has been the most dedicated houseboy. He might not always be happy about it, but he plays by the frat rules. Look at everything he’s done to stay in SPH.”

“Agreed,” added Bobby sheepishly. “He’s always gone… above and beyond.”

Quinn called out from the hallway, “He’s way more fun to have around than Masters is. Guy gave me the creeps from Day One.”

“Can confirm that he is very fun,” echoed Oliver.

This show of support from his brothers made Roddy feel emotional. He stood a little taller and fought back a tear.

Mia concluded, “Well, it sounds like we have our answer. Christian, please leave the house and know you’re no longer welcome at KD events.”

“The hell I will,” Christian protested. “I only joined this frat in the first place to be cooler and get Caroline to notice me. None of this is even my fault — if you all hadn’t given me so much power, this never would have happened!”

“You could have just been normal and hung out,” Roddy told him softly. “But you were so hell-bent on getting revenge on me for hooking up with Caroline — also, hi, Caroline, great to see you again — that you’ve thrown away your chance.”

“There never was a chance!” Caroline emphasized. “I always saw you watching me in the halls in high school, Christian. I knew who you were. I knew you had a crush on me. Joining some dumb frat wouldn’t make up for making me feel so uncomfortable.”

“Girl, you and I are going to talk restraining orders in the morning,” Mia added.

Christian looked like a man whose whole world had collapsed. “You fuckers will have to drag me out of here!”

And so they did. Two upperclassman linemen picked Christian up under either armpit. They began marching him out of the room and down the stairs. The hallway was packed — clearly, word had spread throughout the party of the bizarre confrontation upstairs. Everybody began filtering back downstairs, filling into the foyer and living room.

The men carrying Christian reached the front door, which Kyle opened for them. “One last thing,” he said. Kyle walked behind Christian and undid the chain clasp around his neck. “You won’t be needing this anymore.”

And with that, they threw the still-nude Christian out into the chill autumn night, big cock and all.

There were cheers as the door slammed shut. None were more hyped than Roddy’s friends: Kevan, Tony, and Lance leaped and whooped with joy.

“It worked, it fucking worked!” Kevan hissed, lest the others hear that it had been a scheme.

Kyle had approached Roddy’s group, holding the small key with a hesitant grin. “May I do the honors?” he asked.

Roddy just nodded. Kyle knelt in front of Roddy’s crotch and fiddled with the cheap, plastic lock for a moment before — click! It was the sweetest sound Roddy had ever heard.

“I, uh, should apologize,” said Kyle. “I guess I felt so guilty about Mia that I became a bit of a… frat fundamentalist.”

Roddy nodded; he couldn’t help but feel sympathetic. “You had to justify to yourself that the rules were there for a reason.”

“Yeah, exactly,” Kyle said, his head hanging low.

“Well,” Roddy conceded, “I did learn a lot about myself and grow as a person.”

“Just not as a penis,” Lance added.

“Anyway,” finished Kyle. “Glad we’ll still have you around, Rodger.”

Rodger. Hearing his full man’s name sent a tingle down his spine. He was back; he was no longer the houseboy, no longer the Omega, no longer a chastity slave. He was just Rodger.

Tony ran upstairs to grab extra bedsheets for his friends. He helped them fashion togas to match his own and reclaim some modesty. They returned to the living room to rejoin the party and finally cut loose. Before they made it in, though, they got intercepted by Lily.

“You guys are so cute! We love a matching outfits moment.” she cooed. “Let me take a picture.”

So the boys posed, arms slung around each other, grinning from ear to ear. When Lily showed them the picture, you couldn’t even tell the ordeal they had been through that night or that semester. It just looked like four great, normal friends.

“I love you guys,” said Rodger once Lily wandered away. “Thank you for everything.”

They all smiled, taking in the moment before Lance punched Rodger in the arm. “Just because you like dick now doesn’t mean you can get soft on us.”

“I just got out of my cock cage,” Rodger countered. “There won’t be anything soft about me for a while!”



Oliver couldn’t help but giggle as he thrust his meat deep into Rodger’s bowels. “I love that your body hair is growing back in,” he said, “but all this new growth tickles.”

Rodger was stroking his diamond-hard dick and relishing in the waves of pleasure washing over him with each stroke of Oliver’s thick cock. “Tickling can be sexy.”

“You’re going to regret saying that,” Oliver grinned before setting immediately to Rodger’s armpits.

Rodger was screaming in pleasure, laughter, and pain as Oliver tickled him when there was a knock on the double French doors. “Come in?” called Oliver.

It was Tony. “Sorry to interrupt the lovers,” he said. “But Rodger, we’re all waiting for you downstairs.”

Some weeks had passed since the night of the Kappa Delta mixer. Christian, as promised, had been formally expelled from the frat. As for his “additional penalty,” some brothers were eager to see Christian locked in his chastity device. But the fraternity decided instead to levy a fine and use the proceeds for beer, which was an even more popular idea.

Kyle offered the master bedroom at the SPH house to Rodger as something of a repayment. But he declined, preferring to be closer to his dorm friends. “But,” Rodger had suggested, “if you give it to Oliver, I’m sure I’ll get some good use out of it.”

Indeed, Rodger and Oliver resumed their affair immediately after Christian was expelled. They spent long, sweaty nights together most weeks and, after some time, began officially dating. Rodger’s brother, Aaron, was ecstatic to hear that his brother was dating one of his best friends. Oliver had gotten early acceptance into a grad program at the university, which meant they would still get to be together even after Oliver graduated. Rodger couldn’t be happier with how life was going.

“We’re kind of in the middle of something, Tone,” Rodger said with a good-natured laugh.

“Well, you guys fuck every day, but your birthday only comes once a year.”

“Fair enough!” he conceded, sliding out of bed and throwing his clothes back on.

“I’ll meet you down there,” said Oliver. “I have to hit the head.”

Rodger and Tony made their way down the third-floor hallway. The house was more lively these days, the cold weather driving folks to spend more time together inside. Rodger and his friends swung by almost every day but still made time to hang out at their spot in the lounge, just the four of them.

They curled past the second-floor landing, and Rodger caught a glimpse of the avocado-green bathroom where so much had transpired. Sometimes, he and Oliver still snuck down there to shower together, even though they had the ensuite now.

When they reached the first-floor foyer, Rodger stopped dead in his tracks, unable to process what he was looking at below him.


Packed in throughout the main vestibule were his frat brothers from all class years, each completely butt-ass naked. One hundred naked men, hairy and smooth; cocks and balls both big and small; buff, fat, skinny, lean; some rock hard, others shriveled and shy — Rodger was in heaven.

“You spent so much time naked in front of all of us,” said Tony, stripping down the stairs, “we figured for your birthday, we’d flip it around for once.”

Oliver appeared as well, fully naked and still boned up from their session, and gave Rodger a sweet kiss. “Happy birthday, buddy.”

Rodger and his brothers spent the rest of the evening drinking, playing games, and bonding with each other. It wasn’t long before Rodger couldn’t resist and stripped off to join in on the fun. Rumor has it that early in the morning, an orgy broke out among certain brothers, to which all were sworn to secrecy. Rodger, however, didn’t get to join in. After a few hours, he had sneaked back up to the third floor with Oliver and spent the rest of the night getting his brains fucked out, logging three full-body orgasms by sunrise.


Back at the dorm, Rodger slept through most of the afternoon. He awoke at dusk and checked his phone. There was a new message from Christian. His stomach sank; he had not seen or heard from Christian since the mixer’s night and preferred it that way.

There were no words, just a single video attachment. Rodger opened it. The video opened with a top-down shot of the SPH house primary suite bed as if a camera had been mounted to one of the canopy posts. Rodger watched himself jump up onto the bed; watched Christian pull a purple vibrator out of his ass; watched an audience of brothers filter into the room; watched himself beg to be fucked harder and call his member a “clit;” watched himself call Christian “daddy” and plead to cum in a pathetic scream.

His phone buzzed again. This is a follow-up from Christian. Just two words:

“Remember me?”

Slowly, unsurely, Roddy slid his hand under the sheets and into the waistband of his boxers. With two fingers and a thumb, he gripped his needle dick. He opened the video back up, rewinding to the point when Christian finally put his impossibly giant cock inside him and thought about just how otherworldly it had felt.

As was always the case when Christian was involved, he didn’t even last a minute.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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