The Road To Repair

By Pinerosewriting.

Part 1…

Soren looked around the Tavern, his hair stood on end as he felt a swath of eyes fall over him. The smell of stale ale and sweat hung in the air, with a concerning hint of iron mixed in. He felt like prey at a watering hole meant for predators, as hungry eyes stared him down, undressing him with their lustful gaze. He knew this tavern’s reputation for catering to adventurers, but he never expected how many of them would be women. He eyed the female warriors warily, they seemed to be comparing their muscles, accentuating them, as if to intimidate or entice. Soren could not help but feel a mixture of both. Light chatter filled the air as the patrons went about their business, engaging in competitions of strength and comparing their ability to imbibe alcohol.

His lithe elven frame stood out against the rest of the patrons at the tavern. Standing at only 5’2″, Soren was used to feeling short around his companions, however, with the sheer presence these adventurers held, he somehow felt even smaller. He made his way to an empty booth, and sat down, resting his weary soles after a long day’s journey. He cursed the creaking floorboards, signaling his every step. Without companions, the number of contracts available was light, and their difficulty often exceeded a solo’s capacity. While he had come here hoping to find allies to work with, the brutish atmosphere made him feel weak, and he sunk further into his booth, unsure of what to do with himself. The wooden table felt rough to his smooth hands.

He sat restlessly for a few minutes, hands squirming uncomfortably between his legs, as he tried to make himself smaller, hoping not to draw any more attention to himself. His hopes were quickly dashed however by the sound of approaching boots, making their way across the stale wooden floor. Looking up, he caught the sight of a woman who made his heart pound swiftly, whether with fear or arousal he could not tell.

Above him stood Naz, a 6’4″ half-orc warrior. Worn leather armor clung to her frame, accentuating both her lean muscle and the fullness of her figure. “Well well well, what’s a little thing like you doing here?” She asks as she slides into the seat across from him. The booth creaks under her weight, the old wood feeling the burden of her tall muscular frame. Soren feels a boot playfully poke at his own under the table.

Soren sits up, straightening his back and failing to hide a blush from the forwardness of his new companion. “I am an adventurer Miss, my last party left me, so I am hoping to find a new one here”. His nervousness is apparent, mixed with a twinge of shame for being abandoned. He wrung his hands nervously under the table, shifting uncomfortably against the wooden bench.

“Please, call me Naz” she cocks an eyebrow at the small elf “or Ma’am if you’re trying to be polite. Now, tell me, why would your friends up and abandon you to the wolves out here?” She looks around the Tavern, gesturing to her fellow patrons.

“Well,” he starts a little flustered, clearly embarrassed, “they told me I was too weak. They wanted me up front, holding the line! I mean look at me, I’m quick with my fingers but I don’t have the stamina to take a pounding on the frontline.” Soren let out an exasperated sigh, for weeks he had tried to get his teammates to utilize his skills, instead of forcing him to fill their needs. Man up Soren. Take the front Soren. Why are you so pathetic? Their cruel words passed through his mind, as he quickly wiped away some water forming in his eyes.

“Well little one, you may be in luck,” Naz said, leaning forward on the table, inching her face closer and closer to Soren’s. She examined his delicate features, such a pretty boy, she thought to herself, I think I’ll take him. “My group is down a member as is, and as you can see,” she says, flexing her biceps “I’ve got the strength covered” she grins, noting the effect her physique is having on this little twink, “but I am gonna need to see some proof of these fast hands, and nimble fingers of yours before we make anything official”

Soren fidgetted in his chair. He couldn’t believe his luck that a party was approaching him so soon, yet he also worried, what if it was a trap? He eyed Naz, her lean muscles, accentuated by sleeves that looked a size too small, her confident smirk that betrayed two tiny tusks, and the eyes of a predator who stared at him like prey. He couldn’t deny that deep down, if this was a trap, maybe he wanted to fall into it.

The pair continued their conversation, drifting towards small talk as the two began to learn more about each other. Naz ensured plenty of ale was shared, as she regaled Soren with tales of her and her party’s heroics. He listened, enraptured by her, not only was she physically strong, but her strength of presence demanded his attention as well. They talked till last call, which shook Soren from his trance.

“Shit” he muttered, perking up like a prairie dog, looking towards where rooms were booked, and cursing his luck seeing They closed earlier than the bar. “I forgot to get a room for the night”, he bites his lip with concern, unsure of what he is going to do for the night.

“Not to worry, my little mouse, you can share mine for the night, besides, if we are going to be working together we might as well get used to it,” she said, standing up from their booth. She took his hand, not waiting for his response, and began dragging him towards the room she had rented. “My other partner is coming into town tomorrow, we can meet her in the morning, make this whole thing official”

“If you think that’s alright ma’am,” he said, being dragged along by the powerful arms of Naz.

“Of course it’s alright, what, should I be afraid of a little thing like you doing something improper, taking advantage of me?” She jested, feigning fright at the elf who was over a foot shorter than her, and lacking at least a hundred pounds of muscle. “Come now, we still have to finish your interview before the night is done.”

Soren felt his pulse quicken. An interview? What if he failed? Would he be kicked from her room and left to find a cold night sleeping in the stables? His focus was recaptured by the sound of the door closing behind him, as Naz pulled him into her room. It was littered with loose adventuring supplies, bits of armor, weapons, and clothes that looked as if they were in desperate need of a wash. Soren couldn’t help but feel a little bashful, alone in a girl’s room. He shook himself to his senses, while he was not the most experienced he wasn’t an awkward adolescent anymore, and besides, he was just here to sleep right?

“Alright, take your shirt off” Naz’s rough voice commanded. Soren looked at her, hesitating, unsure of what was going on. “I have to see who I’m adding to my party, now, don’t make me ask twice, strip.” The dominance of her voice struck Soren, and he immediately doffed his linen shirt, revealing his pale skin. She drank in his figure, lean, if not too lean, barely any meat on the bones, abs that poked through more from lack of fat than definition. Well, he isn’t rugged enough to be handsome, she mused, but holy shit is he pretty.

“Hmm… let me get a better look at you,” Naz said, stalking circles around the elf, enjoying his trembling under her scrutinizing gaze. She reached out, lifting his arms and feeling his muscles. Her powerful hands traced and teased him. A slight gasp escaped his lips as she would brush her hands along his nipples, teasing them while under the guise of feeling his pectorals. “A bit on the thin side ain’t ya?” She asked. Soren could only nod in affirmation, overwhelmed by a mixture of embarrassment and arousal, he shifted and fidgeted, trying to keep the small tent forming in his pants from being noticed. “Well…” Naz sighed, placing her hands on her hips, and looking down at the half-naked elf.

Soren looked up at her confused, had he done something wrong? Was he not good enough, one group had already cast him out for being weak, would his body fail him again? Fear and self-loathing filled his head, his lip trembled as he waited for the words he knew were coming, telling him to get out, that he was weak, that he didn’t deserve to be a member of her team.

“Take the rest off” Soren blinked, too stunned to move, of all the words he expected to hear, those were not even on the list. “What did I say about making me ask twice?” Soren snapped to his senses, her presence towered over him, and he dared not make her wait again, he pulled his trousers down, revealing his purple undergarment, his member pressing against the fabric. Despite his fears, he was unable to deny his arousal at being commanded by this muscular Half-orc. He could only hope his arousal did not anger her. “All of it”

“All of it?”

“All, of, it.”

Not wanting to be scolded again for hesitating, Soren pulled free his underwater, revealing his clean-shaven privates. His cock stood straight ahead. Even on his frame it looks a little small, can’t be more than 4 inches. Naz couldn’t hide her smirk. How lucky she has been, to pick up such a cute little toy. And oh how she could not wait to play with him. “Alright, let me feel your legs, come here,” she said, sitting down on the only bed in the room, something Soren had just now taken note of. He moved towards her. He felt incredibly vulnerable, here he was, naked, while a fully clothed woman who looked like she could crush him with ease examined his most intimate parts. The feeling was intoxicating.

He stopped about a foot away from her, unsure of how close to bring himself to her in his current condition, and all too aware of the height her head rests relevant to his member. Tired of waiting for the elf to overcome his shame, Naz reached out, and grabbed him, pulling him closer, so that his legs touched hers, taking great amusement in the yelp he released at the sudden movement. She dug her fingers into his legs, not enough to hurt, but he felt her vice-like grip holding him, and he knew even with all his strength, he would be unable to break free. She spun him around, admiring his rear, feeling the bounce of his cheeks with her thumbs. I will be spreading these later She thought to herself, before spinning him once again, so that he was facing her. His penis twitched just inches from her face. She watched and enjoyed how each breath she took upon this little thing made it jump and twitch. “Quite an energetic little thing you have here” she teased, looking up at Soren, whose breathing had become heavy, as he struggled to keep himself calm.

“I am sorry ma’am, I can’t help it.” Soren whimpered.

“Oh I know, little ones like yours are always so sensitive, and easily aroused” she placed a finger on the tip of his swollen head, measuring the meager thickness. Well, he certainly won’t be winning any prizes, but still workable, she pressed down, pushing his penis down till it faced the floor, then released it, watching it flick back to attention, a little soldier’s salute.

Hearing himself being called little made him wince. He knew, even for an elf, Soren had been on the smaller side in all regards physically. He worried his disappointing size would have him laughed out, discarded. But once again the worries that clouded his mind were swept away by the movements of Naz, as she weighed his balls in her hands, rolling them softly, and used her thumb to lightly stroke his length.

“Well, my little thief” her breath was hot, it teased him as he felt her warmth envelope him, “it’s time for your final exam” she slowly peeled the clothes from her body, revealing a figure built by a hundred battles, iron muscle, her beautiful green skin covered with slightly discolored scars from wounds taken defending her allies. Soren swallowed hard, a single drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock as he watches the divine form in front of him reveal herself. He looks at the floor, overwhelmed.

His gaze is redirected, as Naz places a single finger under his chin, and drags his vision along her body. She drew him up her long, powerful legs, over her thighs that were as thick as his head, her chiseled physique, abs glistening with sweat as her own lust was barely being contained. She lifted his eyes to her now exposed breast, now hanging freely as her bra dropped to the ground, and finally to her own eyes.

She held his gaze, he could see the lust burning in her eyes. She was a predator who had finally found her prey. “You told me you had nimble fingers Little Mouse,” she licked her lips as she fed off the timid boy’s arousal, the quivering of his lip, the trembling of his legs, and the twitching of his tiny cock, “it’s time for a demonstration, show me you are more than just your little member”.

She knew the jabs at his size were unneeded, but she couldn’t deny how lustful they made her. She could see it in his eyes, the eagerness to please, the desire to serve, fuck if it wasn’t fun. She spread her legs on the bed, inviting the thief forward, reclining on worn feather pillows. It’s been to fucking long, she watches with lustful anticipation as the elf crawls beside her. He begins working his hands down her body, tracing her muscles, just as she had done earlier, but while her large hands had only clumsily caressed him, his delicate fingers teased her with precision. You fucking teasing slut, was all she could think, as hands continued to explore her body.

Her own breathing began to grow heavy, she took deep breaths, trying to control her own growing lust. She growled hungrily as his hand finally made its way to her thighs. There was a focus on his brow she enjoyed, this little man was putting every effort of his being into pleasing her. While some of the bigger brutes may be fun to ride, they often cared more about their own meat than hers and left her pleasure up to their stamina. But while his little thing twitched and pulsed between his legs, he never dared touch it without her permission. No, in this moment, it was all about her, her body, her pleasure, where all his attention was focused on, the center of his little lustful world. “Fuck you’re adorable” she pulled him in for a kiss, invading him with her tongue, she held him there till the need to breathe separated them. Their eyes met as they panted, catching their breath. “Enough with the teasing brat” her voice was harsh, she tried to keep her tone steady, but she cracked, as a slight waver slipped through “I can’t wait any longer”.

“Ye-ye-yes ma’am” was all he could muster. Soren set upon the task before him. While his own member was painfully engorged, the woman who had given him a chance had requested relief. It was his pleasure, his duty, and his desire to gift it to her. He slipped two fingers beneath, aided by the slick texture of lubricated skin. His thumb lightly teased her clit, as he supported the pressure from within. Carefully he drew out long calculated strokes of his fingers. Naz purred as she ran her fingers through Soren’s hair, such a pretty boy she murmurs, her thoughts slipping through her low moans. She gently caresses his face with the back of her hand, self-conscious of hands calloused from years of fighting. How could such a pretty thing enjoy a beast like me? Waves of pleasure began to build between her thighs, heat radiating through her body. She felt herself tighten around him as her body shook as a wave of relief and ecstasy melted her stress away. Her movements rocked the bed, the old wood creaking as she moved her hips in tune with his rhythm.

“Oh fuck keep going” she demanded, digging her hands into the sheets, gripping them with enough force to cause tears to form. “more, Little Mouse, do not stop!” She cried out. Soren continued to work diligently, carefully applying just enough pressure in the right places, well-trained hands doing precise work. He himself on the verge of bursting from just her sounds. He began kissing her abs, licking the salty sweat from her muscular stomach. He was startled as a forceful hand shoved his head between Naz’s breasts. She clenched him tightly, as he felt her whole body shake. Naz pulled Soren’s hand from her, and held the small elf tightly as her once quickened breathing began to slow.

“I think…. you passed…” she said breathlessly as she softly stroked his back. He felt so small in her arms. Like a delicate flower, she had picked from the countryside.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP I’M TRYING TO SLEEP” a voice yelled through the wooden walls.

“Fuck off” came Naz’s reply. The pair paused and looked at each other, before breaking out into a quiet giggle. “You did very well Little Mouse, I think you will make an excellent member of our party.” Soren sighed with relief, and collapsed beside her. His small election twitching skyward. He longed for release, but did not want to ask for it, as he feared he may upset Naz, it was his interview after all, and previous relationships had not treated him well when he made selfish requests.

Naz pulled him in, spooning him gently. He felt her large breast pressing against his back, and her legs snake around his own. “Do not worry little one” she whispered into his ear, “I have not forgotten your pleasure, allow me to reward you for your efforts.” While one hand was under him and around his chest, the other made its way down to his twitching penis. She gently gripped the miniature member between two fingers and her thumb. “Your thing is very small Little Mouse” she teased into his ear. “And I think you like it when I tell you this”

Soren could only squirm, soft moans escaping through his lips. He muttered his approval. In the past, his size was the subject of ridicule, harsh words meant to wound, and cut. But here, from her, they were words of acceptance. She cradled his small penis in her calloused hands, giving it soft, gentle strokes. His moans grew until her finger touched his lips. ” Don’t want us getting kicked out now, be a good boy for me and keep those sweet sounds soft for me” her breath felt hot in his sensitive ears. He placed a pillow to his lips to muffle himself as she began teasing his ear with her tongue. She began to pick up speed, pumping his member with swift, short strokes. She could feel it pulse in her grasp, her two free fingers gently caressed his balls with each stroke, as the intensity built higher and higher. “Alright small one, you’ve earned your right to relief” her words were spurring him on, he gripped the pillow tightly as he muttered and moaned with each stroke, trying to hold out, to make this pleasure last just a moment longer. “Cum for me Soren, I want to see how much this little thing can spurt”.

Her words sent him over the edge. She felt his legs convulse as he shot out three thick streams of semen, splattering it against the floor. His muffled moans sounded beautiful to Naz’s ears. Such a small toy for her to play with, such a soft boy for her to protect. She raises her hand to her mouth, licking off the excess cum that had dribbled onto her. “Good boy Soren, good boy”.

She wrapped herself around him tightly, one powerful arm clutching his chest, the other held his entire package in her palm. Surrounded by green muscle, exhausted, and relieved, Soren felt a level of safety and comfort, both with his new companion, and with himself, that he had not felt in some time. For what felt like the first time since he left him, Soren drifted off into peaceful dreams.


Part 2…

The pair awoke as the sun drifted through the tattered curtains, specs of dust hovered in the air, swaying softly in the still silence of the room. “Good morning Mouse” Soren heard whispered softly into his ear as he began to stir. He found himself still wrapped tightly in Naz’s embrace. The room smelled heavily of last night’s activities, Soren reached down and touched his stomach, realizing he also was covered in evidence of their intimacy. He felt dirty, unclean, and wanted nothing more than to bathe himself.

“Good morning Naz, how did you sleep?” He asked, trying to pry himself free of the half-orc’s grip. He was not finding success as she snuggled him, increasing her hold.

“Mmmhmm, I do not want this comfort to end, you are the perfect size to warm my bed” she muttered groggily, rubbing her face into the back of Soren’s neck. She continued to grumble. Despite his desire to bathe, he could not bring himself, either physically, or mentally to force himself away after such a display.

“OK, ok,” he relented, “a few more minutes, but I must insist you allow me time to bathe before your companion arrives” he felt her breathing halt for a moment. Her eyes widen with remembrance of her responsibilities. Reluctantly she released the elf and rolled out of the bed, deciding to lay face up on the floor, staring at the ceiling. “Are… are you ok Naz?” Soren asked, a slight hint of concern in his voice. Hehe, cute Naz thinks, noticing his worry. She forces herself to stand.

“Uuuhh, I’m fine, I’m fine, but soon you will know why I wished to delay this part.” She wipes sand from her eyes, pointing at the closet door attached to their room. “This place has no running water to the rooms. The good news is I brought water up ahead of time, the bad news is, it’s going to be cold.”

“Oh… about we just go back to bed then,” Soren said, beginning to climb back underneath the covers. Naz walked up over to his side and tossed the covers off of him, a slight yelp escaping his lips at the sudden exposure.

“Not so fast you little rat, Yue is going to be here after breakfast, and we need to make a good impression.” She took this moment to admire him, stretched over the white cloth like an angelic painting, his blond hair messy and unkempt, his thin pale frame on display only for her. He looks more feminine than I do! She cursed to herself. She adored his figure, but silently wished hers could be as delicate as he was. “Now c’mon, we need to get you and your little thing cleaned up,” she said, lifting Soren off the bed in a bridal carry. His cheeks flushed as she carried him, his body pressed against her breast.

The intimate moment came to an abrupt end as she dumped him into a pile of towels with a slight chuckle. She extended a hand to Soren. Helping him fish himself out of the nest. “So… how cold do you think it’s going to be?” he asked hesitantly.

Naz grabbed a hand cloth from the pile, dunking it into the cold water, and began to wipe herself down. “Cold enough that these will harden,” she said, dragging the cloth over her nipples, quickly proving her statement correct, “and that will shrivel” pointing to Soren’s crotch, wiggling her pinky at it, then mimicking its shrinking.

The duo grit their teeth, and begin removing the evidence of last night’s escapades. “Get my back would you?” Naz asked. Soren wiped her down carefully, admiring her well-defined muscles. Brushing aside her long black hair, he scrubbed from top down, starting at her shoulders, and hesitating as he made his way towards her hips.

“I.. ummm. How far should I go down?” He asked sheepishly. While the cold has shrunken his statue, blood began flowing to his member, as he held the towel in front of himself hoping to hide his shame.

Naz looked behind her with amusement. As much as she would enjoy teasing the poor elf by making him wash from top to toe, she resisted the temptation of his touch, knowing the timid thing would spend far too much effort and take far too much time being thorough. “Just the back Little Mouse, though I like how eager you are, it’s adorable, but we have things to do.”

Soren turned his back to her, hiding his embarrassment. “Yes, of course, I am sorry, it’s my fault.” He muttered out a string of hurried apologies, feeling shame at his actions. Naz leaned down, pressing her breasts into his back, he felt her nipples, still erect from the cold on his skin, she wrapped her strong arms around the small elf, who was taken by a slight shiver due to the cold, giving him a comforting squeeze.

“You worry so easy little one, you have done nothing wrong, we just have an appointment to make, and I refuse to do so on an empty stomach”. The two changed into their armor. Naz gave Soren a curious look. “I did not notice last night, but where are your things? Did you leave them downstairs with the innkeeper?”

Soren rubbed his arm, sorrow in his eyes as he remembered the looks of disdain and disgust from his old traveling companions. “When…” he started, quickly wiping a tear forming, failing to hide his emotions from Naz, “when I was asked to leave my last group, they said my equipment had been earned by the group, and so it belonged to them. Thankfully they let me buy some clothes from them with the coin I had left… but not much else…” he trailed off. A frown formed on Naz’s brow. Anger rose inside of her. How could anyone take such advantage of this sweet soul? An awkward silence hung in the hall, which was thankfully broken by the sound of Soren’s rumbling stomach. Naz’s eyes softened, as she realized this poor boy probably hadn’t eaten in a few days.

“Come, let me treat us to breakfast, you are a member of my team now, I’ll pay from Yue’s share,” she said with a wink. They made their way to the inn’s main hall. Various adventurers were shaking off the previous night’s drink with greasy meats and stale eggs. “Go get us a booth. I’ll place an order for us.” Naz directed Soren towards an empty booth along the wall.

Soren made his way towards the booth when suddenly a hard shoulder knocked him to the ground. He landed hard, the soft sound of clashing and clinking metal slamming against the musty floorboard. He cringed at the feeling of old ale making him slightly stick to the wood as he tried to lift himself up. “Well, well well, what do we have here? Looks like this little knife eared prick ran into me, scuffed me shoes.” A rough-looking man proclaimed to his friends

“Oh no!” One of the stooges explained in false sincerity, “those shoes are new! And expensive, right boss? Say, how much were they?”

“Bout 10 gold if I recall,” the leader says, an obvious lie, as the rags on his feet barely could be defined as shoes to begin with. “Well elf, care to make this right”

“I’m sorry for bumping into you sir.” Soren apologized desperately, “but I have no coin to offer.” Soren looked around frantically for Naz, but he could not see her past the crowd of people. His eyes began to water.

“Well, if you can’t pay, then you are gonna have to clean them. Lick.” The man shoved his disgusting foot toward Soren’s face. Tears were welling up faster than he could blink them back. Why is this happening to me? Why did I have to be so clumsy, where is Naz? Did she leave me? I don’t blame her. Harmful thoughts flooded his mind. He sniffled, desperately to keep the tears from flowing down his cheeks. “What’s the hold-up bitch, I said lick!” The man shouted. Soren closed his eyes. What was one more humiliation, if he behaved maybe they wouldn’t hurt him, at least not physically.

He was startled by the sudden sound of a skull slamming against wood. Soren looked up to see Naz, seething with rage at the events unfolding before her. Her eyes saw red, her skin was illuminated by tattoos of glowing silver chains which appeared magically along her body. Soren’s would-be tormentor lay slumped on the table. His head resting in a newly made indent, coincidently of the same size and shape. The chatter of the inn had ceased, all eyes were on the female half-orc, and even her breathing sounded full of hatred. She turned her rage towards the unconscious man’s companions.

“Would someone care to explain what’s going on?” Her words were coated in venom. She loomed menacingly over the two remaining goons.

Soren scrambled to his feet. “I’m sorry. It was my fault. I tripped and fell, I ruined his shoes. I just… let’s eat, please Naz, I don’t want anyone getting hurt because of me.” He looked up at her with pleading eyes. “I’m sorry for the shoes” Soren said, bowing to the duo and their unconscious friend. “Let’s have breakfast, alright Naz?” He put a hand on her arm, trying to calm her down.

The glowing chains faded slowly, as her tattoos melded into her skin, slowly vanishing from sight. She spits once on the unconscious man. “Ok Soren, alright, let’s have breakfast,” she says, letting out a deep breath through pursed lips. Naz rubs the elf’s head, tussling his hair. “As long as you are good Mouse”

“Yes, I am, thank you.” He says, clutching her arm. They walk away to their table. The smell of cooking bacon, fresh eggs, and last night’s ale filled the tavern’s aroma. He clung tightly to her, afraid that in letting go he would find himself alone again. Naz felt him trembling. Poor thing is terrified, sadness filled her heart at how cruelly Soren had been treated. The poor boy was so easy to walk over he was practically throwing himself at people’s feet.

“Hey, Soren, could you do me a favor?” Naz asked as she scratched the back of her neck sheepishly. The elf could only nod his head while wiping a tear from his eyes. “I am a bit cold still this morning, sit on my side of the booth to keep me warm would ya?”

Soren managed finally to stiffen his upper lip. “Yes, um, yes anything you want Naz, I already owe you so much.” First she offers a nobody like him a space in her party. And now she also had just rescued him. My debt to her just keeps piling up. He thought to himself as he scootched into the booth’s bench beside Naz. She wraps an arm around his shoulders, and pulls him in tightly.

They sit in each other’s embrace for some time, till their moment is broken by the waitress bringing over their food. Soren hungrily devoured it, he had not eaten in the past two days, filling his plate with a mixture of eggs, bacon and other breakfast meats that had been slapped together by a cook who long ago decided that grease would be his main form of flavoring. Naz lets her anger subside for Soren’s sake, his distress was easy to read.

“So… what is Yue like?” Soren asked through a mouthful of eggs. He was curious what kind of company a woman like Naz would keep.

“Well, she is alright I guess, judgemental, self-righteous, overly energetic, massive tits,” Naz mused, “Just have to convince her to let me keep ya is all.” Soren looked up at her with concern. For the first time since they sat down he stopped shoveling food into his face.

“You…you mean…I.. I…thought you said” Soren’s fears began to well up.

“Hey, hey, no no no no, I was joking,” Naz said, wiping a tear from his eye, “You’re part of my team now ok, you’re not going anywhere” She squeezed him gently, cursing herself for her cruelty. His last group abandoned him, how could I be so stupid. “Now, let’s finish up, Yue should be here soon enough, let’s get some fresh air outside while we wait.”

Soren looked over to the waitress as they left, slipping a few gold coins on the table “For damages’ ‘ he says apologetically.

“I thought you didn’t have any coin?” Naz asked, tilting her head.

“Recently acquired” he said with a shrug, wiggling his finger. “I’m a Thief, right? Or did you think all my tricks had only one application?” Naz rolled her eyes and shook her head gently as they made their way outside.

“Who did you take it from?” Naz exaggerated checking her pockets.

“The guy you punched into a table”

“Alright, fair enough, now, be on the lookout for a redhead, one who would be dressed modestly if her clothes didn’t hug her so tightly. Taller than you, shorter than me.” Naz leaned against the tavern wall, idly scratching her face. They waited for around half an hour. Naz glanced down, amused by the sight of Soren, standing alert, straining on his toes to spot Yue.

Naz patted Soren on the head, giving it a slight rub. “What was that for?” He asked, a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Nothing” she replied, I just find you adorable. The moment of impromptu affection was broken by a voice calling from the crowded streets.

“Naaaaz! I’ve been looking for you.” The voice was soothing. The comforting tone came from a redheaded human woman of average height, she wore robes of some faith Soren did not recognize. They were cinched tightly around her figure, subverting the expected modesty these clothes would normally provide. Her full and voluminous hair bounced on her shoulders with each step.

Yue ran up to Naz, embracing her in a tight hug, the half-orc returned the hug awkwardly, her arms caught underneath Yue’s enthusiasm. “Oh the journey has been so long, I’m exhausted.” Yue leans back, feigning as if she might collapse, “hmmm… but you, you look positively glowing.” She raised an eyebrow, “what, did you meet some rugged handsome man while I was away? You are going to have to share all the details later!”

“No, no rugged man, but I did happen to find us a new member. A thief, quite skilled with their hands” Nas motioned to Soren who had been standing beside them nervously, waiting for his turn to speak.

Yue looked down at Sloren, something she was not used to doing when it came to elven men. She looked back to Naz, then down to Soren, then repeated the process a few more times before Naz gripped her head and held her face towards her own.

“He is so cute!” She squealed through pinched cheeks. “Where did you find him? Oh my lord, he is so small. Is this why you were glowing?” She bends over. Getting close to Soren’s face as she stares intently at him. “What did you do to her? How did you do it to her?” She moved her head to whisper in Naz’s ear “Are his looks really that deceiving huh?” She wiggled her eyebrows, giving Naz a slight elbow.

“Yue, enough, you are going to scare the poor boy.” Naz gently pushed Yue off of her, a movement that appeared to cause Yue to pout slightly at the separation.

“Fine, fine, we have work to do anyway, I found us a contract” Yue beams. “Shouldn’t be that hard, classic goods recovery, some merchant got robbed by goblins outside of town, wants us to go grab it before the local guards get around to it and all his goods get lost in ‘evidence’, and” she says, eyeing Soren, “should be the perfect testing ground for our latest member”

“I won’t let you down ma’am” Soren replies, his eyes filled with determination. Eager to impress Naz’s companion, and desperate to prove his worth.

The trio made their way through the town, purchasing general supplies such as rations and torches. Most of their items were loaded into a heavy sack which Naz was kind enough to carry. “Good workout” she claimed, neither Yue nor Soren were fit for the job. Once the basic necessities had been taken care of, they headed out towards their destination, a goblin camp 2 days travel out of town, dragging a small hand cart behind them. The journey was filled with idle conversation as the group began sharing stories from their pasts. Simple tales, ones carefully selected, safe stories, ones everyone likes, where you hide your vulnerabilities and weaknesses, show your strengths, and protect yourself through a thin mask to appear desirable.

Their approach to the camp was filled with the lackadaisical nature of overconfidence typical to adventurers. A goblin rushed towards Naz, who easily deflected its chipped shortsword with her axe. Soren slipped in behind, delivering a precise strike to its neck with a knife, taking it down with ease.

The trio continued to clear the camp out with ease, felling goblins one at a time with precision. As they entered the cave the cool damp air brushed against their skin. A shiver was sent down Soren’s spine. Standing in front of the stolen goods was a figure with rough red skin, and sharp features. It stood over 6 feet tall, and wore heavy metal armor. A hobgoblin was rare in these woods, and much more dangerous than its green skinned kin. The walking tank lumbered towards them, dragging a wicked looking axe behind it.

Naz took the lead, charging in and slamming into the creature’s armor, knocking it back as she swung her axe. The hobgoblin blocked the blow, and slashed at Naz with its cruel claws, scratching her arms. Naz growled.

Soren ran up behind the beast, trying to find an opening to strike at its neck. But the hobgoblin reacted quickly, delivering a swift kick to the elf’s stomach that sent him flying.

Dazed, he stumbled to his feet. Why am I so weak?” He cursed himself, trying to find his focus again.

“You are not alone, return and aid her” the soft words of Yue appeared magically in his ears, as her divine magic filled his body. His vision focused, and he saw that Naz was being pushed back. He leapt into action.

“Stay away from her!” He yelled, as he jumped at the warrior’s exposed neck, sinking his dagger deeply into it. Crimson blood coated his blade as he found a fatal wound. With an angry roar the hobgoblin surged with adrenaline, it shoved Naz backwards and turned slashing at its killer.

Time slowed for Naz as she fell backwards. She watched in horror as the Hobgoblin’s axe connected with Soren. The elf collapsed to the ground. Fury welled up inside her, as spectral chains erupted from her flesh, wrapping them around the assailant and locking it in place. She let loose an anguished wail as she brought her axe down hard into the warrior’s already wounded neck, and severed its head from its body.

She rushed to Soren, falling to her knees, tears welling in her eyes. “Yue, help!” She pleaded. Yue was already rushing over. Chanting a mantra to herself as her hands began to glow softly.

“Did I do good?” Soren asks softly, “are you alright Naz?” His consciousness was fading from the bloodloss.

“You idiot, I’m the one who is supposed to protect you.” Naz replied as she cradled the weakening elf. “You did well Little Mouse. Don’t worry, you did well. Now please, get some rest, you have earned it”

The last thing Soren felt as he slipped into unconsciousness was Yue’s soft hands on his wound, the pain fading as warmth filled his body. His eyes grew heavy, and as the gash upon his chest began to close, so did his eyes.

Soren awoke to the sound of gentle humming. It was a comforting melodic tune, which reminded him of his home. His head was resting on something warm and soft. He rubbed his legs together, shifting around and digging his face deeper into whatever pillow his head now rested upon.

He heard a light giggle from above him, “Well well well, look who’s finally awake” Soren looked skyward, and was greeted by Yue’s soft smile looking down upon him, backdrops by the worn canvas of their tent “You gave us quite the scare back there” Yue continued to gently stroke Soren’s hair, a calming motion as she held his head onto her lap. Her pillowy thighs felt warm and soft against his skin.

“Sorry…” Soren felt ashamed for causing worry, he just wanted to be helpful, but always kept getting in the way. He was distracted from his shame from a different feeling rising from his loins. The feeling of Yue’s fingers lightly scratching his scalp, combined with being pressed against her thighs was proving to be stimulating, as he felt his little member stiffening. Trying to quickly hide his erection, Soren moved to try and raise himself from Yue.

He found himself quickly pinned into place. “Ah ah ahhh,” she lightly scolded. “Your wound still needs to heal, no moving till the doctor says you can, now be a good patient and stay still.” Soren sheepishly settled back between her thighs, his cheeks reddening as he prayed that the smallness of his size might make his arousal less obvious. “There is no reason to be embarrassed dear” Yue’s voice came, quickly dashing his hopes.”it’s good to see that everything is working properly”

Yue adjusted some pillows within the tent. Allowing her to recline slightly. Her black robes clung tightly to her figure, the sweat from a day’s work making the ball cloth hug her breasts. Soren could swear he almost saw her nipples harden in response to noticing his own arousal.

“You know, it’s important to ensure solid blood flow to all parts of the body when recovering from a wound like this.” Her hands moved down Soren’s chest, tracing a path till she reached his waistband. “I can think of one way to increase your circulation…” She swiftly slipped his trousers down, revealing his hard 4 inch dick twitching at attention.

“Oh my,” she said, failing to suppress a giggle, Soren’s ears reddened, “I’m sorry, it’s just, well, with how Naz looked I thought maybe you were packing some heat, but I see this little thing is just as cute as you are!” she said, twirling her finger along the tip of his swollen head.

“I am sorry” was all Soren could muster, afraid of further disapproval.

“No no no,” Yue chided, “there is no need to apologize for something like this, it’s how you were made. And besides” she gave his small cock a slight flick, watching it wiggle before standing upright again, giggling to herself in amusement, “you somehow managed to satisfy Naz with that thing, so clearly it works well enough”

“I…um, I didn’t use my… thing, with Naz ” Soren replied, his cheeks tinting deeper with each comment about his diminutive stature. Soren gasped as Yue wrapped her delicate hands around his cock. Her hands were much softer than Naz’s, lacking both her strength and her calluses. She gave it a few inquisitive strokes.

“Then what did you use my dear?” Despite the attention now directed towards his cock, she still continued to softly run her fingers through his hair. His small stature in not only cock but height made him easy to manipulate in her hold. She held him with care

“I used my hands” This gave Yue some pause. For a brief moment she stopped stroking him, a look of surprise on her face. She giggled, then she laughed, heartily.

“My my, just your hands dear? That is quite impressive.” She resumed her gentle teasing of his member, “Well, I suppose with this thing being so little” she gave his penis a slight wag, “you had to pick up a few tricks here and there I suppose”

She continues to tease Soren till his member was throbbing angrily, the young elf could barely contain himself. Suddenly she let go, letting it twitch violently in the air. “Such a cute little thing” she mused “but I will have to leave it for now I’m afraid.”

“Oh, ok. Thank you for your help Yue” Soren tried to hide the desperation in his voice, he was not succeeding.

“My pleasure dear” Yue gently set Soren down off her lap, onto a makeshift pillow of cloth stuffed into a sack. It was not as comfortable as the cleric’s thighs, it would have to do. “Oh, and no playing with yourself ok? Too much movement could tear open the wound on your chest, and that would make me very disappointed” Yue got up and left him alone in the tent.

Soren nodded, wondering how he was going to sleep in his current state. His little cock throbbed, as a slight dribble of pre-cum leaked over the tip. “Don’t worry,” Yue said, sticking her head back through the flaps, “I’ll send my best nurse in to look after you.”

Outside Yue walked over to Naz, who had been waiting silently outside, nervously picking at her nails. “So how is he?” She asked approaching Yue with perhaps a tad too much speed.

“Relax Naz, he is going to be fine. The wound is healing up nicely, he just needs to relax and get some rest.”

“He got hurt because I fucked up Yue, please, is there anything I can do?” Yue could only sigh and shake her head. Both these children, so filled with guilt and self-doubt. She placed a hand on Naz’s shoulder, and squeezed lightly.

“Naz, no one was ready for a hobgoblin in there. But we all made it out ok alright? It’s no one’s fault.” Knowing her words alone would not be enough to satisfy her friend however, she enacted the second part of her plan. “However, if you do want to help, the poor boy accidently got erect while I was treating him.”

She traced a hand on Naz as she walked behind her, standing on her tiptoes to whisper into her ears. “We wouldn’t want poor Soren to get a tiny case of blue balls would we? Or heavens forbid he hurt himself trying to stroke his little thing” she giggled to herself, “Now go on Nurse, just make sure not to break the boy” Yue teased as she gave Naz an encouraging shove forward.

Naz gingerly approached the tent. She stuck her head through the flaps slowly, “Soren? Are you alright” she heard only the flustered reply of an elf who knew what state Naz was about to find him in. She pushed through, looking down at the naked elf, his tiny member waving hello with little twitches. Naz licked her lips at the delicious sight.

“I’m fine Naz, are you alright, how’s the arm?” Thanks to Yue the scratch had already become a fading scar.

“I am fine Little Mouse, though it pains me more to see you in such a state.” She flopped down on the pile of sleeping bags they had bunched together for their makeshift medical bed. She rests a hand on his chest, feeling the scar that had formed on his chest. Thanks to Yue’s magic it would fade, but the sight still pained her, a reminder of her failure to protect him. “Is there anything I can do to ease your suffering?” She eyed his cock greedily, already knowing the answer but wanting to make him say it.

Soren did not know what to do with himself Despite what Yue had said, despite the look of lust on Naz’s face, his head was filled with worry, I can’t pressure her, what if she is only here out of guilt? He looked around nervously, his feelings easily read on his face.

Naz shifted her body over, so that her head rests just below his little cock, her breast pressing against his legs. He felt each breath blow air gently over his penis. “Come now Soren, there is no shame in asking for help, letting someone take care of you” she pursed her lips together, blowing gently on his tiny cock, mesmerized as it danced wildly for her. She looked along his body, towards the soft green eyes. “You are allowed to care for yourself too”

Soren’s heart welled with emotion, the rampant teasing had already pushed him to the edge. He wanted to cum, he needed to cum, and to see such a beautiful woman lay before him, “Please, help me..” he whispered.

“Help you what Soren?”

“Please help my cum Naz”

“Good boy”, she extended her tongue as far as she could, pressing it flat against her chin, showing off its length. Moving forward she pressed it along the length of Soren’s shaft, slowly retracting it, curling the tip of her tongue up his length. He shuddered at the feeling. Naz leaned in, peppering the small penis with kisses, starting at the base, and making her way up to the head. “Tonight, your little penis is all we care about, you just focus on feeling Little Mouse. I am going to soothe your swollen member.” She planted a final kiss on his small balls, sucking them lightly for a moment before releasing them.

Naz took Soren’s member between two fingers, wiggling it in front of her. She waved he pinky at him, comparing their length, before giving him a wink and taking his cock into her mouth. She sucked gently, twirling her tongue along his short shaft, teasing where it connects to his pink head.

She bobbed slowly up and down his length. Not wanting to cause too much stimulation, as she attempted to savor the moment. She knew the elf was sensitive, and while he would build stamina with experience, she still wished to be with him for as long as his little member could hold out.

Soren released a song of soft moans, he bit his finger trying to restrain himself, but the pleasure was overwhelming. His sack began to twitch as he felt himself being taken within her mouth. He spurted his tiny cock down her throat. She held him in her mouth, drinking the down his cum, before releasing his softening cock with a *pop*, planting a final kiss on the head.

“Looks like someone enjoyed himself” Naz says playfully. She moves to get up “well, I will leave you to recover.”

“Wait!” Soren blurted out, “could I please make one more request?”

“And what is that Little Mouse?”

“Could you stay with me tonight? Just, hold me?”

“Of course”

The sound of Yue clearing her throat brought both of their attention to the front of the tent. “Well first we give you all our good sleeping bags, and now you steal my cuddle buddy!” Yue gave a false pout. “I’m staying too, someone has to make sure Naz can control herself, ” Yue bent over and delivered a sharp slap to Naz’s rear, causing the half-orc to yelp in surprise.

“C’mon, make room for mama” Yue stripped herself down to her underwear, revealing black panties and a missing bra. The two women settled themselves on either side of Soren. The three of them packed in close, their body heat warding off the cold night. Their mission completed, their companions safe, and many journeys yet to come.


Part 3…

While camping, mornings are always a bittersweet experience. The peaceful sounds of nature, the soft rays of sunlight peeking through your tent, coupled with sore backs, bug bites, and a thin layer of dirt on everything you own can lead to mixed feelings. Yue had been the first to wake, she ruffled her red hair, itching her scalp as she let out a stifled yawn. She looked down upon her companion with a warm smile. Despite how rough she is, Naz looks so cute while sleeping. Of course, their new companion was adorable as well. The way he would latch on to Naz, holding her arms as if he were afraid he would somehow lose her in his sleep. Such sweet children, she signed to herself, if only they could love themselves as much as they loved others.

“Alright, c’mon you two, time to get up” Yue nudged them both awake. She was met with grumbles and groans as the pair refused to rouse. “Welp, your fate has been sealed.” Yue went outside the tent, and began removing the supporting poles, collapsing it on top of her friends.

“Fine, fine, we’re up, gods above Yue I’m tired, Soren is hurt, couldn’t you just give us a few more minutes?” Naz whined.

“I’m alright, I’m sorry for not getting up faster, it’s my fault.” Soren crept out from the collapsed tarp, as filled with blame and self-doubt as ever. Yue shook her head, clicking her tongue at them both.

“Come now, we have things to do, if there was a hobgoblin in that cave, there might be more dangerous creatures around than usual.” Yue digs through her reagent bag. “Now due to the amount of magic I’ve expended, I can’t keep our wards up for another night, so we need to book it back town, double time!”

Naz took in a deep breath and nodded. While Yue has been a bit pushy in her methods, she was right, they had to get moving. The trio packed up their camp and began their journey back toward town.

It was a grueling hike, by the time they made it back the sun was beginning its descent. Their muscles ached, their legs burned, and they all were thick with the scent of sweat. The trio returned the goods to their contractor and collected a hefty payment. “Tomorrow, spa, go,” Yue declared as the three of them dragged themselves onto the bed in Naz’s room. “Then, we get a room at a good fucking inn”.

Naz agreed, they could afford a bit of luxury, Yue had raised a fuss about the hobgoblin being there and managed to convince the contractor that a bonus was required.

“Ok Yue, tomorrow, the bathhouse, a new inn, whatever you want” Naz agreed as she drifted off.

It was not till noon that the party woke. Their muscles were sore, their backs stiff, and the dirt thicker than the day before. It was time for warm water, soap, and massages. The party made their way through the bustling streets towards the service district. There, one could find restaurants, brothels, magical tattoo parlors, and most importantly, “The Sacred Rose” a large bathhouse that boasted medicinal waters, private massage chambers, mixed baths, and fantastic service, if that is, one can afford their fees.

The building’s interior was softly lit, and the shadows of candles danced across white marble floors. Floral scents drifted through the air, defused by enchanted flowers with unending petals that drifted from the ceiling, floating upon the water. “Wait here for a moment” Yue said, she then turned and left Soren and Naz to awkwardly wait for her return. From afar they witnessed her discuss something with the receptionist, before placing a large amount of gold on the counter.

“Alright, Soren,” Yue approached the small elf, “I booked you an hour in the medical bath, it should help make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Afterward, you can meet us in bath 6.”

The elf nodded meekly, uncomfortable with the amount of coin being spent for his leisure. “Thanks Yue” he whispered softly. “I guess I’ll see you guys later” the poor boy looked almost afraid to leave. He had been by Naz’s side for the past 4 days, and had perhaps grown too dependent on her company.

“Hey, look at me” Yue bent down, meeting his eyes. “It is just gonna be for an hour, ok, we won’t go anywhere. Trust us alright? Meet us at bath 6 when you are done.” She ruffled his hair. “Now go, the medical bath is for your own good, doctor’s orders.”

Yue was right, he should trust them. Soren felt guilty, as while he knew he was not worth much, he should trust Naz and Yue not to be cruel to him. Despite all his weaknesses and shortcoming they had been nice to him, he admonished himself for doubting them. “Ok, will do,” Soren said, trying to add some pep to his voice. He turned and left, being separated from the girls for the first time since meeting them.

The girls watched the elf walk away, admiring the way his hips moved as he strode.

“Elves…” Yue whistled.

“Elves.” Naz said, nodding in agreement.

Yue redirected her attention back to Naz as Soren rounded the corner. “Alright, come with me, I rented us a massage room!” She grabbed Naz’s hand and began dragging her down the marble halls, their boots clacking against the stone.

“Who did you get to massage us? Someone with strong hands I hope, I’ve got knots tighter than a monkey’s fist.” Naz complained, rolling her shoulders. Yue led her into their room. It featured a padded table in the center, a shelf containing various oils and scents, and a small side table with a collection of candles on it.

“I never rented a person, just the room,” Yue said as lit a few of the candles. “I’ll be taking care of you.”

“Why not just get a professional, that way we can both enjoy it?” Naz questioned. She did not mind the idea of Yue massaging her, the cleric was adept with her hands and medical anatomical knowledge, but she did not understand the purpose.

“Nuh-uh,” Yue walked up to Naz, pointing a finger at her chest. “You have been so busy playing with that new little toy of yours, that you have been neglecting me.” Yue had a pout on her face, one Naz had always found adorable, but now she felt guilt at the accusation.

“I’m sorry Yue, I did not…” Naz began, before being cut off mid sentence.

“Yes. Yes, I understand Naz, I’m not mad, I’m just getting my time back, now strip for me” Yue leered at Naz hungrily. “C’mon on now, don’t keep mama waiting, strip, get on the table, and let me take care of you.”

Naz couldn’t help but feel her cheeks flush. Despite being smaller in size, Yue had a presence about her that made sure she got her way. Naz felt Yue’s gaze trace over her as she removed her clothes.

“You have a lovely figure Naz, a killer rack, great abs, crushing thighs, uuuggghhh, girl I mean look at you” Yue exclaimed, she bit her lip as she looked the half-orc up and down. “Table. Now.”

Naz lay face down on the table. Being the only one naked in the room, she felt exposed as her vision was corralled by the floofy pillow her head now rested upon. She could make out Yue’s feet through the small cutout hole that allowed her to breathe comfortably. She watched as Yue paced up and down her side.

Yue loudly cracked her knuckles, before beginning to work on Naz’s back. She dug her fingers into the muscular form laid before her, taking great pleasure in any sound of satisfaction she could wring from Naz. Yue used her weight to the best of her ability, pressing hard into the tense muscles. She worked her way from the shoulders, down the back, rubbing the stress and strain from Naz’s body. Yue could not help but admire Naz’s form. She wished the half-orc wasn’t so conscious of her figure. The thought that someone had hurt her dear Naz in the past to give her such feelings both angered and saddened Yue.

She pulled Naz’s legs apart as she worked on each calf, spreading them to the sides of the table, allowing her to gaze upon the lips held between. “What are you doing back there?” Naz asked.

“Admiring the view”, Yue worked her way up the legs, moving from the calf to the thigh, where she slowly rubbed her hands higher and higher, brushing her hand closer and closer to Naz’s intimate area, while being careful not to touch. Yue delighted in hearing the warrior’s breath tense every time she drew near, and released as she drew away. So easy to play with, Yue smirked. She had been jealous of the attention Soren had been getting, but now that Naz was at her fingertips, she was going to take her time. The half-orc needed a little teasing as punishment for neglecting her. Despite how confident and cool Naz acted in front of Soren, Yue knew how to make her blush.

“Turn over.” Yue was not asking, she was commanding, her tone calm, but assertive. Naz followed directions without hesitation. Her green cheeks darkened as she made eye contact with Yue, seeing the lust in her eyes as the cleric admired her prize. ” You’re beautiful Naz”. The half-orc shifted in discomfort, unsure of how to handle herself being on the receiving end of such direct praise.

Yue was puzzled now, while she knew the basics of massage well enough to handle the back, chest massages were uncharted territory. At least, ones that served a practical nature. I guess I’ll just start playing with her, doubt she will know the difference. Yue began rubbing Naz’s arms, working her way down from the shoulder, ending by running her light green palm with her fingers. Yue then interlocked her fingers with Naz’s, and the two held their hands together. Yue locked her admiring gaze on Naz’s eyes.

Naz felt flustered. This wasn’t part of the massage right? Yue was now just holding her hand. Naz was used to being looked at with fear, anger, maybe a bit of interest, but, this was different. The warmth emanating from the small hand interlocked with her own provided a sense of intimacy she was not yet comfortable with. “Um, Yue, is this part of the massage?” Yue released her grip.

“Of course darling, now give me your other arm.” Yue’s poker face was unmatched. Naz reached her arm over towards Naz, turning into her side while doing so. Yue took this opportunity to grasp Naz’s hand, and pull her into a deep kiss. She explored Naz’s mouth with her tongue, rubbing over each tusk. Naz was caught off guard at first, it had been weeks since they last embraced. Yue was right, she had been neglecting her human companion. Naz’s tongue danced with Yue’s, but its advances were held down by the cleric’s invasion. Naz felt Yue’s tongue reach as far as it could into her, before being pulled away so they could breathe, a thin trail of saliva connected the two as they panted heavily.

“You are going to do as I say, and you are going to love it.” Yue said as she slipped her robes off. Her bust was around the same size as Nazs’ but appeared larger against her smaller frame. Her small pink nipples hardened as the cool air of the room touched them. Yue slipped a pair of white panties down her soft meaty thighs and stood in her knee-high white sock. She began to take them down slowly when she was interrupted.

“Could you keep the socks on? Naz asked sheepishly, she had rolled over to admire Yue’s disrobing. The way they hug her thighs… Naz thought lustfully.

“Could you keep the socks on…..” Yue prodded, awaiting the finishing touches.

“Please” Naz finished.

“For you my sweet, of course.” Yue moved towards the table, placing her crotch in front of Naz’s face, inches away. “Now lick”

“But my tusks…” Naz felt the tips of her tusks, Yue had told her to stop shaving them down, that she shouldn’t hide who she was. But she didn’t want them to dig into her partner.

“Your tusks are lovely, I wish to feel them as I feel you,” Yue said, as she moved forward, using her hand to press Naz into her. “And besides, a little pain makes the pleasure now doesn’t it.” She dug her fingers into the half-orc’s hair as she felt the warrior’s tongue begin to tease her. Yue ground her hips against Naz’s face, she wanted to feel the tusks poking her, she wanted Naz to know she felt it, and she wanted Naz to know she loved it. Yue moaned as Naz continued to worship her. “Fuck yes, keep going, show me how much you love me” Yue felt the heat radiate from her core. A slight pinch from Naz’s tusks only served to heighten her experience.

Naz licked hungrily. It has been too long since she had tasted Yue’s flesh, too long since she served her goddess. “Soren probably thinks you’re top dog, darling” Yue teased, her voice dripping with lust. “He doesn’t know how I have you wrapped around my fingers. The big strong half-orc, so eager to please me” Naz herself was dripping, Yue knew how to tease her just as she liked. Naz curled her tongue alongside Yue’s wall, dragging the pressure with a slow and steady movement. Her movements would bring her tongue closer and closer to Yue’s pink clit, before she would lower her head, and repeat the process. Naz could hear the pleasure in Yue’s moans build as she teased her way upward. She felt the muscles flex and grip at her tongue. Naz moved her upward, pulling back the hood and exposing the sensitive nub. Naz showed her gentle care and attention with her tongue. Yue quivered with pleasure as the half-orc licked her. “That’s a good girl Naz, keep going”.

Naz flashed back to her first time with Yue. She had been worried when she first revealed her preferences to Yue, while she loved controlling men, having a woman control her was just as enticing. She was afraid Yue would laugh, or judge her, but she simply asked for a safe word. “Chains” Naz responded, as Yue shoved her down onto the bed. Naz still sometimes thinks about that night when pleasuring herself.

Naz was brought back to the moment by the sensation of Yue’s fingers digging through her hair, encouraging her to continue playing with her folds. The half-orc’s luscious black hair held two braids on the side, which Yue would lightly scratch, as Naz was her pet. Yue gripped the table as her legs shook, her knees weakening as Naz teased the first orgasm from Yue’s lips.

“Ok, consider yourself forgiven,” Yue said through hot and ragged breaths. “Now get on your back” Yue staggered over to the side of the table, and then proceeded to bury her face between Naz’s breast. She haphazardly twirled a finger around a light green nipple, playing with it as she lay down on top of Naz. “Give me a moment to recover.”

Naz felt the warmth from her companion’s body against her own. Her nipples were sensitive, but she did her best to remain still as Yue played with her. Naz let slip a stifled moan, causing Yue to look up at her with a smirk. Yue wrapped her arms around Naz’s sides. “I love your body Naz, it’s perfect, it makes me feel safe”. They laid wrapped in each other’s embrace while Yue regained her strength. The half-orc had done well in pleasing her, and she had become weak in the knees.

Yue pushed herself up so she was sitting on Naz’s abs, “and now, I’m gonna make it mine” Yue began chanting softly, her lips began to glow with a divine hum. She planted a kiss on Naz’s nipple, giving it a brief lick before pulling away, leaving behind a spectral set of lips. Naz could feel the tongue continue to tease her, play with her.

Yue licked her own lips, the sight of Naz twisting with pleasure was one of her favorites. The half-orc’s movements and moans were erotic. Yue slid herself down to Naz’s hips, and pressed her pussy against Naz’s. Yue began to rhythmically grind herself against Naz, the two of them building their pleasure as she rocked. Yue wished she had a collar and leash to aid her control, she made a note to pick one up for a future date.

Yue gripped Naz with her thighs. “Put your hands on my hips, you can feel me” Yue placed Naz’s hands so that they could feel her ass. “I’ve worked so hard on my ass, I need you to appreciate it” Naz could not deny that Yue’s efforts had paid off. Naz used her hands to show her appreciation. She dug her fingers into Yue’s soft flesh, feeling the movements of their bodies together as Yue ground into her. Yue’s sweat dripped, giving her a sheen that glistened in the candlelight. Naz was entranced by her beauty, and captured sensual feelings of her flesh.

The magical lips Yue left behind continued to tease Naz’s nipple, sucking gently at her breast. Yue’s ability to please was magical in more ways than one. Yue leaned down, and kissed the half-orc passionately. The intensity of their movements built with their pleasure, the sturdy table beneath them creaked beneath their sway. Yue leaned back so Naz could admire her body, and she could return the favor in kind. Her delicate fingers rubbed Naz’s clit as they grinded together. Her soft hand brings waves of pleasure to her larger companion. She relished the feeling of control she held over her.

They moved in sync, responding to each other’s bodies. Their focus is set on their partner’s pleasure. “Oh fuck, cum with me!” Yue exclaimed. She felt Naz quiver beneath her as the pair shared their climax. They collapsed together, their bodies weak from orgasm.

“That was great Yue, fuck” Naz said through her labored breaths. “You’re great” she whispered, embarrassed by her sudden display of affection. Some people find it easier to share a bed than their heart, Naz was one of those people.

“I have a little treat for us,” Yue said as she lay on top of the half-orc, “I set up a little show for the two of us to enjoy”. She motioned over to a crystal orb she had set aside upon their arrival. She flicked her wrist and a pair of spectral hands carried it over to them. As the pair peeked into it they could see Soren, sitting naked in the medical bath, relaxed and unaware.

“What is this?” Naz questioned.

“I booked him an examination, and I paid extra to make sure it’s thorough,” Yue replied, raising her eyebrows up and down in a rapid fashion. “C’mon, this will be good.”

Soren had been relaxing in the medical bath for about half an hour. The water soothed his skin, and the slight itching around his scar had faded. The room had a nice herbal aroma that reminded him of his home forest.

“Hello, it is time for your exam” a smooth voice came from behind Soren, causing him to jump. His hands flew to his crotch, hiding his tiny package from whoever had arrived.

He turned around and saw a large oni woman wearing traditional robes. Her skin had a light tint of red, Soren blushed as his eyes were drawn to her ample cleavage. She was tall, at least 6 feet from Soren’s estimate, and she sported a singular horn growing from the center of her forehead. “I.. um.. hello, who are you?” Soren stammered out as he sunk himself into the water. Instinctually covering his chest with one arm.

“I am Jin, Yue has paid for me to record your medical measurements.” Jin walked over to the corner of the room, and withdrew a large box from underneath a table. “If at any point you want the procedure to stop, simply say the word ’employ’, are you ready to begin?” Jin had a professional air to her which helped Soran relax.

“If Yue set it up, I am sure it’s important. So, do what you need to do I guess.” Soren nodded nervously, since when did medical procedures come with a safe word? The oni opened the box and out rolled a purple slime. It was not uncommon for slimes to be employed in various services, and some of the more advanced ones had developed intelligence. The purple slime shook and stretched, till it took a short humanoid form.

The slime took its arms and sculpted its figure, rounding out its ass, and pushing together some breast, before standing proudly, 3 and a half feet tall in front of the Oni, giving her a salute. “Glimmer here is our medical slime. She is quite good at her job, and she is going to be analyzing you, and sending me her findings via telepathy” Jin explained.

Glimmer collapsed into a ball, rolling over towards Soren, before quickly reforming into her humanoid shape. She placed a hand on Soren’s scar. Hello there, I’ll be assisting you today! A cheery voice entered Soren’s mind. Soren felt the connection between himself, Glimmer, and Jin be formed through the slime’s magic. Jin moved a chair over so she could observe the check up, Soren could not help but notice she made sure to sit close enough that he could not hide his body in the water. He felt her cool gaze settle on him. I am sure she is just being professional, Soren thought to himself nervously. He was already feeling exposed being caught in the bath like this, but her new angle of attack made him feel like he was unable to hide his more embarrassing aspects from scrutiny.

The slime felt soothing against his skin, Glimmer continued to feel his chest, her body spreading over Soren’s front until his entire upper half was covered. Soren brought a hand to his mouth, trying to stifle a moan as the slime girl’s form teased his nipples. Nipple sensitivity is between 80 and 85th percentile, how dainty! Glimmer’s thoughts flashed through his mind. Everything that was being told to him was being relayed to Jin through the slime’s telepathy as well, his face reddened at the intimate details being revealed. Jin was seen writing something down in her notes, a slight smirk of amusement growing on her face. “Particularly high for a male” Jin remarked as she scratched away at her notes.

Soren squirmed as the slime continued to explore his body, she had pressed her breasts against his chest, and while she did not originally have nipples, he could feel her create them pressed against his own. His small penis grew as the slime girl toyed with him. “Ahh” Soren convulsed in pleasure as what felt like two warm mouths began to suckle on the tips of his ears.

Ear sensitivity above 90th percentile, quite common for Elves. Glimmer remarked, as two tentacles that had grown from her teased the tip of his ears. His face felt hot as his ears turned red.

From the other room Yue elbowed Naz “The ears, we have to remember that! Oh, but let’s pretend we don’t know. That will be fun!” Yue exclaimed. “We can just pretend to be curious about them or something, let’s work the details out later”

“What kind of medical procedure is this?” Naz asked. She couldn’t deny she was enjoying the show, as she one of her hands idly played with her clit.

“One for our benefit and pleasure,” Yue replied with a giggle.

“Ok Glimmer, enough with the ears” Jin called down. “Let’s work on those other measurements the client wanted.” The purple slime girl nodded enthusiastically. Her tentacles wrapped around Soren’s arms, and pulled them to the sides, exposing his tiny erection to both Glimmer and Jin. Jin failed to suppress her slight laughter with a cough. The small ones are always the most fun, Jin thought to herself with a grin.

Soren let out a slight yelp at the sudden movement, before he knew it his tiny penis was exposed to again, something Jin obviously found amusing. He was embarrassed to be laughed at, but the feeling of humiliation combined with the sensual sensations from Glimmer only served to heighten his arousal. Jin continued to giggle as Soren’s light struggling made his tiny member bounce around.

Subject is stimulated by humiliation. Soren heard Glimmer report, his cheeks felt hot as he was exposed so openly. The slime girl moved her head towards his crotch. The small twig between his legs twitched. Subject size is below average in both length and girth.

“Well that much was obvious at a glance” Jin replied with a snort. “I can see clear as day how tiny that little thing is, c’mon Glimmer, you have to do better than that.” Jin continued to write down her notes as Soren was melting under the attention his shortcomings were receiving.

Soren let out a gasp as a new tentacle engulfed his cock. It was warm, and he could feel it milking his shaft. Penile length is below the 10th percentile, in a room of 1000 men. Over 900 men would be larger. Soren felt a drop of precum be wicked away from his penis as her words brought him closer to the edge. Jin was openly laughing at this revelation.

“Ohhh, I knew it was small, but having the numbers to back it up makes quite the difference!”

In the other room Naz looked a little uncomfortable. “Are they being too mean? What if he doesn’t like it this intense?” Naz was concerned for her new companion, Yue found the worry adorable.

“Fret not my dear,” Yue put a hand on Naz’s shoulder. “Soren has a safe word, and Glimmer and Jin are professionals. Trust me, they are giving him exactly what he wants. I bet his little thing has been held on the edge of spurting for a while now!”

Soren’s face felt hot, his knees were weak from the constant teasing. He felt like he had been on the verge of cumming for too long, he never had much stamina, so he found his endurance surprising. Glimmer sensed his confusion. Orgasms are restricted till proper testing is conducted. I will not let you cum until it is time. Somehow the ooze had taken complete control of his cock, the sensation was overwhelming. He felt his balls twitch and shaft throb as he begged for release, but somehow the slime’s magic prevented his relief.

Beginning sensitivity testing. The slime tentacle milking Soren increased its intensity, rubbing faster and faster, secreting a natural lubricant that also served as a slight aphrodisiac. Soren had lost the ability to speak, as the only sounds he could make were moans and babbles of pleasure as the slime girl toyed with him. His legs gave out, but Glimmer held him aloft, continuing to pleasure the elf’s tiny penis. Permitting first emission. Soren erupted, spurting his cum into the slime girl, as she hungrily sucked it in for consumption. His body shook as he released shot after shot of cum, his mind going blank. He hung limply by his arms, as all the strength had left his body.

Sensitivity above 80th percentile. Stamina within 30th to 35th percentile. Semen production, 70th percentile. Cum, tastes sweet.

“My my my,” Jin applauded, ” looks like your little member put on quite the show. Better work on that stamina though! With your sensitivity and size, you’re gonna be hard pressed to please anyone before your tiny thing busts.” Jin proceeded to write down the information in her notes. Soren was concerned who would have access to this information, but he was both too aroused, and too tired to care. “Alright, we got one more test for you boy. You ready?”

Despite having one of the most intense orgasms of his life, Soren still felt aroused. He looked down and was surprised to see his little soldier remained at attention. Aphrodisiac administered during orgasm, final test beginning. Soren felt his legs get gripped by Glimmer’s pseudopod, as he was lifted fully from the bath. Jin giggled as his cock flopped around as he wobbled in the air. “Not much in the front, but the rear is nice I suppose” she called out.

Whatever test awaited him, if it brought pleasure like the previous one, he was more than willing to bear the comments and humiliation. Beginning anal sensitivity testing. The words flashed across his mind as he felt a small pseudopod slip between his cheeks, and press against his hole.

“No wait, it’s too embarrassing, I can’t” he struggled, trying to hide his face from the smug gaze of the oni. He felt the pressure subside.

“Would you like to use the safeword? It is employ if you forgot” Jin offered. Her tone had suddenly shifted. It felt professional, instead of the mocking tone she had kept throughout the exam. Soren was almost shocked by how suddenly everything came to a halt. He felt his cock drool and twitch as he hung in the air.

There was a momentary pause. “It’s just so embarrassing.” Soren whimpered. His little cock continued to throb. He didn’t want the experience to end, but he couldn’t just admit it openly, that was just too much for him.

“I understand,” Jin replied, “I would be embarrassed too if I had such a tiny penis” Jin had effortlessly shifted back into her role. She was concerned she had broken up the pacing, but he just looked so vulnerable she had to make sure. “It truly is one of the smallest we have ever had here” Jin pressed, eager to raise the elf’s humiliation. He was too fun to toy with.

“Look at you, you just love showing that tiny thing off, don’t you.” Jin pinched her fingers an inch apart. “I mean you had your chance to stop, but you just can’t resist. Glimmer, resume the test”

Soren let out a whorish moan as he felt Glimmer’s pseudopod slide into him. Its natural lubrication made its entry into him painless. The slime girl penetrated his hole, and pressed against his prostate. Soren arched his back as he was penetrated. His body tingled like never before as the slime girl changed her shape to fill him perfectly. His ass gripped at the tentacle as Glimmer began slowly thrusting into him. Soren’s eyes rolled back as he lost control of himself. He began shooting ropes of hot cum, splattering it over the slime’s breasts, where she absorbed it happily. Soren’s mouth was agape as a thin string of drool dripped from his tongue.

“Wow” Yue said through ragged breaths, the pair had been pleasuring themselves as they had watched. “That was incredible, did you see how much he came?”

Anal sensitivity is within the 95th percentile. Soren felt the words flashed through his mind. He knew Jin felt them as well. His face burned as he was lowered back into the medical bath.

“95…” Jin whistled. She thought about how this little elf was crafted by the gods to be a bottom. “Soren, you did very well. Your companions will be waiting for you in bath 6.” Jin took a slight bow, before taking one final moment to burn the image of the tiny elf into her mind as best she could, before promptly leaving. Jin was amazed at Soren’s measurements, with those stats there would be a very discerning client list looking for someone as specifically catered to their taste as he was. She hoped that perhaps in the future he would accept some work here as a “comforter” for those clients. Glimmer gave a slight bow to Soren, before returning to the padded crate she slept in while waiting for clients.

Soren was left collapsed in the shallow waters of the medical bath. He floated on his back, staring at the ceiling. He could not recall having as intense an orgasm as the two he just experienced. After 8 minutes of floating, he managed to collect himself enough to wrap his frame in a fluffy white robe, and make his way towards bath six, where food, drink, and friends awaited him. Despite all his efforts, Soren could not wipe, a dumb grin from his face.

“Thanks Yue”


Part 4…

Soren wrapped a towel around himself in the changing room. He noticed Yue and Naz’s clothes were in the laundry basket and threw his own on top of theirs. Steam rolled in from the bottom of the swinging doors that lead to the bath. His skin felt cool as the droplets of water evaporated from his shoulders. Soren was looking forward to returning to warm waters, and even more so to seeing his companions again. Like a dog eager to return to his masters, Soren entered the baths, looking around for Naz and Yue.

Soren perked up as he spotted them. They were both soaking in the warm water, and a tray of cheese and fruit floated delicately on the water between them. Yue’s smooth and soft skin shone under the lighting, her chest bounced as he laughed at something Naz was saying. Naz looked over and waved at Soren, calling him over to the group.

“Come here Little Mouse, we will provide the food if you provide the company,” Naz said with a grin, waggling a vine of grapes at the elf. Soren blushed as he realized neither of his companions had opted to wear towels in the bath. He made his way over and sheepishly lowered himself into the pool, giving some space between himself and his naked companions. He reclined in the warm water, closing his eyes and soaking in the safety provided by proximity to his companions.

He felt a short wave crash against his chest as movement disturbed the water. He felt the plump flesh of Yue press against his left side, pushing him towards Naz on his right. “Now now, don’t go getting all shy with us now” Yue scolded as she scooched Soren closer to Naz, sandwiching him between them. “Why so bashful Soren?” she whispered into his ear, her breath tickling his ears as she blew cooly on them.

“Y-Your both naked…” Soren rubbed his feet together, unsure of where to look. To the left, the soft skin of Yue, her thick curves and plump features all but pressed into his view. To the right was not any easier for him, Naz sat, her muscular body on full display, without a hint of modesty she reclined, giving Soren a complete view of her.

“Well, it’s not anything you haven’t seen before, silly boy.” Yue took Soren’s arm and placed it on her thigh, and moved it up and down along her skin. Soren felt himself stiffen under his towel. Part of him hoped neither of them would notice how embarrassingly easy it was to arouse him, but he also could not deny the thrill the attention brought him.

“Well, that was never at the same time…” Soren fidgeted with his legs as he spoke, “It’s just… it’s just a lot.” His face was bright red. Despite the intensity of care from his medical bath, being pinned between Naz and Yue made him even more flustered. He was almost at odds with the level of comfort he felt from them, as he doubted that such comfort and companionship was one he deserved.

Yue continued to tease the elf, pushing her breasts in front of him as she continued to press him. The show earlier had been fun, but it left Yue wanting for more. Yue had given up her last chance to play with Soren to Naz at the campsite, but this time, her prey was not getting away. “Aww, sweety, there is no need to be shy, you can stare all you want” Yue cooed. She pressed a finger against the tip of the tent forming underneath his towel, swirling it around. “Perhaps you might be more comfortable if we were all equally exposed. Naz, be a dear for me.”

Soren felt the towel around his waist get ripped away from him as Naz nonchalantly tore the cloth free. Soren was spun around by the sudden movements, and found himself landing in Yue’s arms, as she hugged him from behind. He felt her breast squeeze against him as she played with his chest, she blew cool air on the tips of his ears, causing him to fluster.

“A little birdie told me you like being teased,” Yue whispered in his ear. She was toying with his nipples, causing him to moan and wiggle with pleasure as she rubbed and flicked them. Soren wondered what else the little birdie told her, considering the measurements taken during the exam. “Don’t worry baby” Yue cooed, “mama’s gonna tease you just right.” One of her hands drifted beneath the water, grasping Soren’s cock, giving it a shake.

“But, someone might hear!” Soren protested. The baths were separated from each other by thin paper walls. They blocked sight well enough, but an outline or two could be seen if someone strayed too close to it.

“Well darling, I guess you will just have to try and contain yourself.” Yue gave a few strokes to Soren’s cock, he muffled his moans in his hands. “Now, Naz has gotten to play with you twice already,” Yue brought her lips to his ears and slowly whispered, “so now it’s my turn, and I’m enjoying playing with your teeny, tiny, little penis. Ok Soren?”

“Yes ma’am” Soren shuddered as she continued her short delicate strokes of his member.

“Naz, if you would please.” Yue motioned over to the side of the bath directly across from them. Naz made her way over to the side, she didn’t know what Yue was planning, but she knew better than to interrupt.

Naz sat down and admired the view. Yue positioned Soren so he was mostly out of the water, and she used her own legs to spread his, giving her a view of Soren’s mini member. Naz had an open view of Yue masturbating Soren’s teeny weeny.

“It’s embarrassing if she watches” Soren whined as Yue teased his nipples. His mind was melting under the stimulation.

“That’s the point darling, we know how you like to get embarrassed, almost as much as you enjoy showing off your tiny little thing.” Yue increased the pace of her stroking as she teased him. Soren’s moans were getting louder, and Yue decided to assist him, sticking two fingers in his mouth for him to suckle on. “Come now baby, let’s try to control ourselves, don’t want to disturb the other guests” She giggled as she waved Soren’s cock around.

Yue was enjoying herself, but she had one final task before she really could cut loose, she nuzzled Soren’s neck, and whispered to him, “I want us both to have fun sweety, if you want it to stop, your word is chains, ok baby?” She kissed the back of his neck repeatedly working her way along it.

Soren nodded in understanding, “I trust you” he felt safe in her arms, while Naz had provided a physical sense of protection, somehow Yue emanated an emotional one. Soren felt he could be vulnerable in her grasp.

Yue gave a nod to Naz, instructing her to begin playing with herself infront of Soren, a slight blush in her cheek. Her lower half was hidden beneath the water, but Soren could see her breathing change as she played with her nipples.

“Enjoying the show, little boy?” Yue whispered lustily in his ear. She snaked one hand down his front, grabbing and manipulating his sack as she milked his shaft. “I’m glad your balls are as small as your little cock, it would be too funny otherwise.” She fondled his balls, giving them a light squeeze, not enough to hurt, but certainly enough to exert her control over the moaning elf. “Your whole package is so cute, just like you are.” Yue continued to play with Soren’s nub, prodding it. “Don’t you agree Naz?”

The half-orc’s breathing was hot and heavy, watching Yue play with Soren was incredibly hot for her. The way Yue’s soft and plump figure wrapped itself around the frail elf, teasing his tiny member and wiggling it around for her. “Adorable, Soren you really have made me appreciate the little things” she said with a wink, emphasizing the word little as she waved her pinky finger at him.

“Alright Soren, sit on the edge of the bath for me”, Yue lifted the elf up with ease, placing him on the edge of the bath, his legs dangling in the water. Yue rested her large breasts on Soren’s legs, keeping them from touching his throbbing member. “Do you want to stick your little weeny between my tiddies? She asked, shaking her chest.

Soren nodded, a bead of precum formed at the tip of his cockhead as Yue lifted her breast up, positioning them over Soren’s cock. He tried to contain a gasp as he felt her soft pillowy breasts enveloped him. She squeezed them together gently, the pressure smothering his tiny penis, hiding it beneath her boobs. “Thrust those hips for me little boy” Yue taunted with a seductive tone. “Fuck my tits with that tiny cock of yours, see if you can make the tip poke out the top.”

Soren began pumping his hips as well as he could in his seated position. His eyes were locked on Yue’s breasts, each thrust causing them to jiggle as they rose and fell. His dick was throbbing from pleasure. He felt his shaft being pressed softly by her skin. His thrusts became increasingly desperate, as each movement brought him closer to climax. His trance was broken by Yue giggling. “I’m sorry Soren, but it looks like your little wee wee can’t reach the top, despite your cute little thrusts, it’s not big enough for the tip to poke through”

Yue’s teasing made his face burn red, he felt both humiliation from her words, and from how turned on they made him feel. His cock twitched between her breasts. “Yue, I’m gonna…” He could barely get the words out through ragged breathing. His desperate thrusts bounced her boobs, causing them to jiggle as they land. Yue continued to giggle at the display the elf was putting on for her.

“That’s ok baby, cum for me, let it all out.” Yue said, encouraging him to release his load. She felt the hot spurts of cum fill the space between her breasts, a small stream poking and glazing her chest. “That’s a good boy, cum for mama, such a good boy” She continued her encouragement, her tone soft and caring. She bathed in the feeling of control Soren offered her. This little elf was so easy to control, and so fun to tease. After he finished spurting his load onto her, Yue stood up from the water. “Help clean me up, would you darling?” she asked him.

Soren looked around for a towel, or some other cloth he could use to help wipe her down. She was amused at his confusion. “No, no, no, we can’t be dirting the bathwater. Lick” Soren hesitated. He had never been commanded to eat his own cum before. Seeing his seed coat Yue’s chest, her hard pink nipples erect, Soren’s lust pushed away any further doubts. He felt Yue place a hand at the back of his head, and guide him towards her cleavage. He began to taste his own cum, the salty and sweet flavors mixed with Yue’s sweat. She moaned as he lapped at her breast. “That’s a good boy, make mama clean.” She played with his hair as his tongue explored her chest.

When Yue was satisfied that Soren had licked his cum from her breasts, she grabbed his face with both her hands, forcing him to look her in the eyes. She stared at him with admiration, she had warm, smiling eyes. She brought him into a passionate kiss, her tongue searching for the taste of his seed still remaining in his mouth. She held the kiss for a few seconds, before pulling away, a satisfied look on her face.

“That was renewing,” Yue explained, stretching her back, “but we should think about what our next job is going to be!”

“Can’t we take a break?” Naz asked, “We just had a big payday, we should be good for at least a few weeks right?”

“Haha, about that…” Yue laughed, a hint of nervousness in her voice. “This place isn’t exactly cheap…”

“Yue…” Naz pressed, slight irritation in her voice, “how much money do we have left?:

“Enough for about 4 days at the Waif”

“I thought we were finally going to have a soft bed,” Naz sighed.

“We could afford 1 night at a nice inn, we would just have to share the bed” Yue offered, raising an eyebrow. Both women looked over to Soren, exhausted from the frequent orgasms today had offered, was not paying attention to the conversation.

“I think I can work with that,” Naz nodded. The trio found their clothes freshly laundered by the staff, and made their way out of the spa, towards the inner circle of the city. There awaited them a nice inn, a soft bed, and for Soren, what was going to be a long night.


The End.


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