The Last Groundhog Day (Gay SPH)

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by quipogo


Note: This story is about a man trapped in the routine of his small world, from which he is not able to escape. I use the term “Groundhog Day” in reference to the film of the same name, in which a man was literally trapped in that precise day, so every time he woke up it was Groundhog Day again. Thank you for reading, I hope you like it.

* * *

[Alarm buzzing]

‘No way!’ That was the first conscious thought that crossed my mind. After a few seconds, I reacted and stopped the alarm clock. Little by little I came back to reality. My wife was there, next to me. She turned around, like she was trying to prevent the new day from happening.

Suddenly, the memories of all the things I had to do before going to work came to my mind, as well as the little time that I had to do them. That woke me up quickly. Before leaving bed, I looked at my wife. ‘She is still so beautiful,’ I thought. I could not help remembering the old times, when the first thing that we thought about when we woke up was sex. They seemed so far now…

Finally, I stood up with a ‘morning hard-on’. I looked at it and thought ‘I know, yesterday neither it was our day’, like I was talking to my dick. Clumsily, I went to the bathroom to pee. I looked at myself in the mirror while I waited for my cock to go down. My face did not look bad, but I found a gray hair in my head. ‘Another step to the old age,’ I told to myself.

I looked at my cock again and it was already soft. I talked to it again: ‘Ok, I get it, we are getting old and that’s not exciting, but if you were a little bigger, things would be easier’.

While I was going back to the bedroom to wake up my wife, I had an anguished feeling of ‘deja vu’ (the feeling of ‘I’ve already lived this exact moment in the past’). I calmed down myself with irony. ‘great, Groundhog Day again,’ I told to myself. I could not imagine that the incoming 24 hours would change my life forever.

The daily ritual included having breakfast with my wife and two children. Then, I brought my sons to the school and then went to work. Every day the same routine.

I used to worked in the sales department of a big company. For the last ten years, I had owned the best numbers in my department, but lately there was a guy who had surpassed me by a narrow margin. His name was Bob. He was younger than me, very competitive and, to be fair, very good at his job. I was not so competitive, but I had got used to be the best in my job, and now, that boy had arrived to my place with his arrogance, his blonde hair and his gym body to do better numbers than me, and that pissed me off a lot.

That day, however, things changed. I was able to close a deal, a big one, with an important client. It was my chance to recover my proud, to send “Mr. Perfect” the message that I was still at the top. But before claiming victory, I needed the deal to be signed. Business is tough, and a deal without a sign means nothing. My boss knew this, and he wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong in the last-minute, so he decided that his two best men would go to the client’s offices as soon as possible to ensure that the contract is signed according to the terms agreed.

So, two hours later there I was, in an airplane with my ‘archenemy’ (so to say), who supposedly was going to help me to do something that would relegate him to the second place for a long time. I knew that he would not do anything to ruin the deal, but obviously he neither was going to help me too much. Fortunately, there was not many real chances that things went wrong, so despite of the fact that Bob did not open his big mouth in the whole flight, I enjoyed every second of awkward silence.

It was a long trip, and we needed to stay there for the night. There was an event in the town, and with so little time it was impossible to find enough available rooms in the hotels there. Our company was only able to find a single room, in one of the most expensive hotels. That meant that we were going to share room. That made me feel uncomfortable, but I was too happy about my victory to really care about that.

When we arrived, we went directly to the client’s offices. They received us as expected, and then we started to discuss the details of the contract. Everything seemed right, but when we were about to finish, suddenly the client told us that he wanted include an additional clause. That clause was unacceptable for our company. I tried everything to convince them to remove it, but nothing worked.

Just when I was about to throw the towel, Bob, who had stayed in silence all the meeting, started talking. With truly mastery, he was able to convince our client to sign the contract without that clause.

Although it was the best for all, it was totally unexpected to me. He was not the kind of guy that put the company above his personal interest, or at least that was what I thought. I felt bad with myself for being so severe judging him. Maybe he was not so selfish after all.

“I owe you one, Bob,” I told him with low voice when we leaved the meeting room.

“No problem. Anyway, it would have been a problem for both of us if we go back empty-handed.”

“That’s right, but… it was my deal, I’m impressed. The least thing that I can do is to invite you to have a drink to celebrate it.”

“Fair enough,” he responded with a smile.

We found a nice bar near the hotel. We took there several drinks. At the beginning, we had the typical superficial talk: women, sports, cars, etc., but after some time, I got more sincere:

“Listen, Bob, I owe you an apology. I thought you were selfish and arrogant, and today I have realized that I was wrong, you saved my ass today.”

“It’s ok, you’ve just described my normal behavior. To be honest, I’m very competitive. I like to win, to conquer, more than anything. And I am damn good; I know it and I don’t hide that I know it, you can call arrogance to that. But it would not be exciting if I let you fail today, I don’t want to beat you that way, old man,” he told me with a smile while he offered me a toast.

“I toast for that,” I replied, and we toasted.

“So you love to compete,” I asked him.

“It’s not the competition, but the challenge. I must admit that beating you is a great challenge. You are very good at your job, but I know I can do it better. Today things just got more interesting.”

“Maybe you are better or maybe this old man kick your ass, we’ll see,” I replied with a friendly tone.

“That’s the reason why I like so much to push you, you always fight back.”

“I see, he he. But I still don’t understand, I mean, you have everything: you are young, tall, smart… for god sake, I see you every time with a different beautiful woman!, don’t you have enough with that? Why do you always want more?”

“Well, that… yes, I suppose that I have been with many women, I’m good at seducing them, but then… I mean… they don’t usually want a second date.”

“What do you mean, why not?”

“Well, I’m ashamed… I can trust you, right?”

“Absolutely, you can tell me anything,” I responded firmly.

“Ok, here it goes: my cock is quite small.”

“Come on! It can’t be so bad.”

“In fact, it is. I like hot women, and I know how to seduce them. The problem is that they expect a big man, in all the senses. Most of them don’t say a word, but I can feel their disappointment. Unfortunately, I’m good at guessing thoughts and feelings of people, and I know when a woman is faking. Some of them don’t even try, and a few even make jokes about my manliness.”

“I’m sorry, Bob, that must be hard. If you want my advise, I would look for someone who likes you as you are, not as a piece of meat. Let me tell you that I understand you, my cock is not big either, but I found someone who wanted to be with me, and we’ve been married for 10 years.”

“I envy you. You have all you need: love, family, good sex…”

“Well, nothing is perfect. I love my wife and she loves me, but the sex is no longer what it was. It’s like she does not want to have sex with me any more. When we got married, I could feel her desire for me. We had a lot of sex, it was almost like a drug. But now, we barely have any sex at all.”

Normally, I would not talk so much about intimate things, but taken into account the circumstances I felt free to speak, and that was something that I needed.

He responded: “It’s a pity, have you spoken with her about this? I’m sure that she loves you, you two seem to fit so well…”

“Yes, several times. Every time we talk about this, things go back to where they were for a couple of weeks. But then, little by little, things go back again to the starting point. I feel like I am not capable to satisfy my wife. Nowadays, I am not sure if I ever was, or it was just that she faked it to make me feel good, I’m afraid that I’m not as good as you at guessing what a woman feels.”

“So it seems that we are both in the same boat but with different rowing. How do you manage it? You look so calmed and balanced.”

“I gave up hope sometime ago. It’s embarrassing, but what I do to calm my urges is to watch porn, tons of it. I do it when I’m alone, I don’t want my wife to find out. I feel bad, like I was cheating on her, but this way at least I can bear it.”

“I also watch a lot of porn. In fact, lately I have realized that my favorite scenes are those with guys with really big cocks,” he told me in a confidential tone.

“Exactly! I feel so envy about those guys, I would like so much to own one of those magnificent cocks that, when I realize, I’m focusing more in the cock than in the woman,” I told him.

“I know what you mean, It’s like they are from another world.”

“Yes, those guys are really lucky.”

“And those girls too!” he said, and we both laugh.

That chat made me feel better. I had never spoken about those things with anybody, and I felt relieved. For the first time in many years, I did not feel alone with my problems, I was able to talk about them and I found someone with similar issues.

We finished our drink and went to the hotel. Now the fact of sharing room with Bob felt less awkward, even when we realized that there was a single king size bed.

“I really need a shower,” he told me.

“Me too. You can go first, I will take out a couple of things from my baggage in the meantime.”

Some minutes later, I saw Bob getting out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He had a great body, heavily muscled and no fat. My first reaction was to feel envy of him once more, but then I remembered his ‘little problem’ and I felt sorry for him, because all the effort that he had invested in his body would be ruined when he takes off the towel.

I tried to avoid it, but to some point, knowing Bob’s issue made me feel like ‘the man in the room’. It did not matter his pectorals or his perfect blonde hair, after what he told me, I was pretty sure that I could finally beat him in one point, THE point.

So, I went to have a shower in a good mood. When I finished, I felt really good. So good and so self-confident that I went out totally nude. I usually try to avoid showing up myself that way, but I thought that, after all, I was not the one who had something to hide there.

When I saw him, he was still in his towel, looking something in his cellphone. When he saw me, he stared at me a little.

After a while, I thought that it was time to act as an adult, and I told him: “Hey, Bob, I’ve realized that you are avoiding to show yourself in front of me. I only wanted to tell you that you have nothing to hide. You have a great body, and if what you have between your legs is not ‘as powerful’, it’s not your fault. There is nothing to be ashamed.”

“Thanks, buddy. You are right, it’s hard for me let others see me nude, you know, the comparisons are odious,” he responded.

“You can do it here, with me. It might help you. Anyway, as you can see, I’m not a porn star,” I joked.

“Maybe you are right. What the hell, I should be proud of myself!”

Then, he approached me, still with the towel around his waist. He went right in front of me. I was sitting in the bed, so I was about to have a close-up view. That was not exactly what I had in mind, and I felt uncomfortable with the situation, but I did not want to do anything that could ruin his moment.

In slow motion, he started to take off the towel. At that point, I was a little curious. ‘How small will it be?’ I thought to myself.

“Are you ready?” he asked me.

“Yes buddy, don’t worry, free yourself,” I responded.

“Ok, here we go.”

He took off completely the towel. My mind was not prepared for what it came next. It was like when you see a picture and you do not recognize it until several seconds, and then it comes to you suddenly.

“You are a bastard!” it was the only thing I was able to say. The mother fucker hung like a horse. I could not believe it, he had tricked me all the night just to humiliate me.

“Oh, came on! don’t be so rude. This is my surprise for you.”

“What do you mean with ‘surprise’? This is humiliating.”

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry, I have played with you, but after all now we know each other.”

“I know shit about you!” I told him with angry voice.

“Easy, guy. Let me change a little my story and you will get the full picture. Those gorgeous women that I am with? they melt when I show them my cock. You cannot imagine what is like to be desired in such a way. But as I told you, I like challenges, and I love to seduce them and being able to see that look in their faces the first time that they see it, I’m addicted to that.”

He was right about one thing, I could not imagine it. I felt devastated. I looked at his cock, it was so different to mine… It was totally soft and it looked like a low hanging fruit. I finally told him: “if you get all that you want, why doing this to me?”

“I’m not doing anything. I just wanted to have a little fun, after all we are in this hotel room because of you, and don’t forget that you will take credit of what I did today.”

“Yes, that’s right, but…”

“BUT, it was you who told me that you stare at big cocks like mine. Listen, you wanted to help me to feel better when you thought that I was… like you. That was very kind of you, now I just want to do the same thing for you.”

I had no answer for that, so I simply said: “and how do you plan to do it?”

“I know exactly what to do to stop your anguish, but I need you to trust me.”

“Trust you? How could I? I know you, you want to trick me again to humiliate me even more.”

“I won’t trick you, I swear to God. Please, let me help you to feel better.”

“Ok, you win.” I reluctantly responded.

“Good. I want you to look at my cock carefully.”

“I don’t want…” I started to protest.

“Come on! It won’t harm you, just a little.”

“Ok, I’m doing so.”

“Now, this is the key: You have stared at big cocks for too long, we both know that. You need to trespass the screen, be part of the scene. Now it’s your chance to do it, and deep inside you know you want it, otherwise you would not stare at them in the first place. This is the real thing, touch it, feel it. That way you will know if you really like it or not. I swear that no one will ever know. Don’t say anything, don’t think about anything, just do it,” he told me in a commanding voice.



And I did it. I took it in my hand. It was soft, heavy, warm. What I felt had nothing to do with touching my own dick. It was like a different gender than mine.

“How do you feel?” he asked me.

“I don’t know, nervous,” I responded.

“I would say that something more than nervous. Look at your little dick.”

I did it. “It’s hard,” I told him with surprise.

“It’s ok, no regrets. You want to see mine hard, right?”

“Oh yes.”

“Great! do it for me, baby, get it hard. Use both hands,” he told me with a soft voice.

He came closer to me. I took it with both hands and I started to move them up and down. Soon enough, it started to get bigger. I could feel it growing from the inside. His skin tensed, his veins came to view and the tip of his mushroom started to show up.

When he was full mast, I could clearly see his hanging balls. I felt the urge to touch them, and I did it. He had no hair in his body, they were soft, rounded and big.

“Hmm, I love when they caress my balls. You are really getting into it. Do you want more?”


“Tell me what you want.”

“I want… to suck it.”

“And that makes you…”

“A faggot! I’m a faggot who want to suck your beautiful big cock!”

“That’s it, embrace it. There is nothing wrong with being a fag. Come on, get on your knees, you will enjoy more that way,” he said and took a step back.

I kneeled down without complaining. I was about to take it with my hands, but he stopped me.

“No hands for now, just stay where you are, let me guide you,” he told me.

Then he took it and move it around my nose. “Smell it,” he ordered me.

I took a deep breath. His smell was stunning. I wanted to feel it again in my hands, but I obeyed him.

“Can you feel it? A dense smell, the heat in the air around it?”

“Yes, I can.”

“These are my male pheromones, feel them penetrating your body.”

I did not know if he was bluffing or what, but I felt like I was high on something. I wanted desperately to taste it.

“I think you are now prepared to be my personal cocksucker, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, please let me be your cocksucker.”

“Ok, tiger, go for it, it’s all yours. Just take care of your teeth, and follow your instinct.”

I took it immediately with both hands. I pushed back the skin, so his splendid mushroom showed up. Then I did it. I opened my mouth and softly I put my lips around it. At the same time, I explored the tip with my tongue. I could taste a salty thing there and I realized that it was precum. I liked it very much, and I started sucking. At first, only the tip, but then I wanted more, I wanted to feel it fulfilling my mouth. I opened up as much as I could and I put it inside.

“Oh yes, you are doing very well. You are a natural, do what you were born to do.”

I started moving back and forth while keeping the suction. I had no idea if that was doing right, but as he told me, I was following my instinct. After a while, he started moaning and I had a stronger precum taste. That excited me even more, and I sped up.

“Such a good cocksucker, I’m really loving it! You want to make me cum, right?”

“Hmm,” I responded.

“And you want me to cum in your mouth, don’t you?”


“I want to hear it.”

I took it out and said: “yes, I want your cum in my mouth, I want taste your seed and I want to swallow everything.”

“Like the good bitch you are, but you will really need to try hard if you want your reward, I don’t usually come from sucking alone.”

I started sucking avidly. I licked his shaft, his balls, and then back to sucking. At some point, he put his hands in the back of my head and started pushing. He almost made me gag, but I liked it. I realized that I loved the submissive role.

“Here it comes, baby. After you taste it you will be a faggot forever. It’s your last chance, if you stop now, you still can redeem yourself and be straight. But nobody goes back after tasting my seed.”

I only could thought about making him come, so I increased the tempo.

“That’s what I thought, you will be a proud cocksucker. Here it comes, princess!”

I felt his cock pulsating and his cum invading my mouth. It was different from anything that I had tasted before, but it was not bad. I swallowed everything.

I took conscience that I had the semen of a man inside my body. There was not turning back, like he said. I would not be able to forget that in my entire life, but I was so hot that it did not matter to me.

It’s not easy to explain, but I was so horny that I got nervous and started to tremble. I could not stop touching and tasting his dick, although it started to get soft. He let me do it while he caressed my head like I was a good dog.

“It’s ok, you are hooked now. Tell me, did you enjoy taking real man’s seed in your mouth?”

“Oh yes, the sensation is overwhelming. I can barely stand.”

“I see. But you still want more, right?” he asked me.

“Yes, I’ve never been this hot. I cannot explain, it’s like now my excitement comes from the inside.”

“That’s because your little thing has nothing to do with your arousal, you need another way to get pleasure, and I can give it to you.”

I knew what he was suggesting. I had never had anything inside my ass, and there was no chance that his member would fit inside me, or at least that was what I thought. Thinking about it, I felt a strange discomfort in my anus.

“But… it won’t fit, it’s impossible,” I told him.

“Don’t be scared, I know how to handle that. The important thing is: do you want it or not?”

“I’ve never wanted anything so bad in my life. I just need to be fucked by your manly cock,” I told him mindlessly.

“That’s what I wanted to hear! But if you want me to do that for you, you need to do first something for me.”

“Whatever,” I quickly responded.

“I like my bitches to be smooth and clean, so I want you to get rid of your body hair and I want you to clean your inside.”

“But… how… I mean, I’ve never…”

“Use your imagination, I’m sure that you will figure out the way. Go, go, my cock is waiting. In the mean time I will watch some porn to get ready for your little ass.”

I went to the bathroom and proceeded to do what he had told me. I felt dirty doing that, but it did not stop me, just the opposite. The thought of how I was going to explain that I had shaved my body crossed my mind, but I was too horny to really care about it.

It took a while to take all my hair off. I was specially careful with the zone around my ass, my pubis and my ball sacks. For the other thing… I used my imagination, like he told me.

Timidly, I went back to the room. He was playing with his dick while he watched a porn film from the pay-per-view X channel of the hotel. He looked at me and said: “mm, that’s much better. Come to bed.”

I did. I went directly to his cock, which was now semi-hard. I started to suck it while he watched a blonde girl being fucked in the ass by a big guy.

“Ok, turn around. Show me that ass,” he told me.

I did. He started to caress it. “You have a girly ass, you knew it?”

“No, I didn’t,” I answered with a kind of proud.

“Oh yes, very nice and soft. Good job, there is no hair.”

Then he put his hand between my legs. I did not saw it coming and I startled. “And your clit is soft, I like it,” he said.

He spread my buttocks, and continued: “look at that pinky little hole. We are gonna enjoy this,” and slapped my left buttock.

Then, He told me to take a bottle of lube from his suitcase. I could not help to ask: “Do you always take that with you?”

“Yes, with my size this is a must. Besides, something told me that I would need it in this trip.”

I felt something cold and wet in the entry of my ass. Then he pushed it with his finger. The lube did its job, and he penetrated me with no much effort. That did not hurt, it simply felt strange. He started to move it back and forth. He knew how to do it, because I started to feel good inside me.

Then, he added a second finger. It hurt a little, but also made the feeling more intense. After a while, he added a third finger. I felt my ass really stretched, but surprisingly I could handle it.

“You are enjoying this, don’t you?”

“Yes, it feels strange, but I like it.”

“Do you want the real thing?”

“Hmm yes, I cannot wait to feel your big cock in my girly ass.”

I blushed immediately after saying that, but I had not too much time to think about it. I felt the head of his cock pushing against the entrance of my ass. It was partially dilated, so I could feel my ass stretching to his pressure.

“Relax, princess. It’s going to hurt a little, it’s normal. Now I need you to be brave,” he told me while he softly caressed my buttocks.

Then, he pushed further, and that was when the pain begun. I’m good at dealing with hurt, but I thought he was going to injure me, and I told him. He was kind and took it out. Then he tried again. He told me to warn him when pain turned really bad. Each time it happened, he took it out.

On each thrust, I could feel my inner ring stretching a little more before the pain turned unmanageable. Finally, after a while, his tip overcame the resistance, and his cock entered. That final thrust hurt like hell.

“Very well! You are not virgin any more,” he told me.

“It hurts, I don’t know if I will able to stay this way,” I responded.

“Trust me, the worst part is over. Now I won’t move until the pain fades, ok?”


After some seconds, the pain had decreased enough to let me realize what just happened. I had a cock inside my ass! Not any cock, a huge one. I could feel all his girth stretching my ass. I was submitting to a guy that I detested, and I loved it.

“I think now I can handle it,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“That I want to feel more of your cock inside me, please.”

“As you wish.”

I felt it entering me inch by inch, until I felt his hips touching mine.

“Oh my god,” I said.

“How do you feel?” he asked me.

“Full,” I answered without thinking.

“And now that you are full, what do you want?”

“I want to be fucked!”

He started moving back and forth. While I was trying to get used to it, I looked at the TV (which I had forgotten it completely), and I saw a woman in the same position as me, also being fucked by a big cock.

“Hmm,” I moaned like a girl.

“How does it feel, baby?”

“More intense than anything that I have sensed in my entire life.”

“Now you understand why girls want big cocks, right?”

“Oh, yes!” I responded between moans.

“And know that you know it, what side do you prefer?”

“The woman side, I love to be pounded the way you do more than anything.”

“But I thought you were straight.”

“Me too, but I’m not, I’m a faggot. I’m your whore, I need your cock more than anything.”

“I love to hear you saying that. You’ve been a good girl, and I’m gonna reward you for that.”

He increased the speed. He also changed a little the angle of his thrusts, and now I had an intense pleasure feeling, so intense that I barely was able to handle it, as absurd as it may sound. I felt weak, so weak that I ended up falling on the bed.

He took me hard by the hips and kept fucking me like there was not tomorrow. My hard cock was bouncing while he fucked me, and it was leaking all the time.

“I will make you cum like the girl you are, just from being fucked. This is my gift for you. Do you like it?”

“Yes, make me come from my pussy!”

“Do you want me to come inside you?”

“I’d love that!”

Then he went ‘full-speed mode’. His balls were now hitting hard against mine. I felt I was about to cum, but the moment was approaching very slowly. Finally, he made a single thrust, penetrating me as hard as he could. The pressure against my prostate made me cum instantly. My seed spurted out in a way I had never experienced. At the same time, he also came, and I could feel his cock convulsing inside me. That was the most powerful orgasm in my life by far.

Finally, he took it out. I then felt empty. At first, I was terribly ashamed about what I had just done, but I could not hide to myself a peaceful feeling of total satisfaction. After that, he did not say a word, and neither did I.

I was so exhausted that I fell sleep that way, totally nude and full of cum. Hours later, the morning sun woke me up. For several seconds I did not know where I was, but what I knew is that it was no more Groundhog Day.





  • bambiegirl

    Fantastic story. I loved it. Thanks so much. Love the whole seduction. Would love to hear more. . Like how does it affect his job and his marriage?

  • sissy-glenda Walker

    Oh my!! i LOVED this Sexy story!! If this sissy could get hard, i would be hard NOW!! i want MORE!!
    i live in Alabama and am a sissy/sub/cuckold

  • Trent5

    Great story. I especially like the way Bob tricked you ( the main character) into thinking he too had a small cock. I also think that it was awesome that you gained this confidence thinking you were bigger and then had the balls to come out nude and even convince Bob he should not feel so intimidated around you the bigger guy. Then the reveal that took away all your confidence, that was so hot.


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