The Journey of Self-Love

By Babydicklover.

*This story includes themes of small penis humiliation, small penis appreciation, spanking, accidental exposure, family nudity, straight sex, and body positivity.*


In a world where streaming is becoming a more sought-after career, Alex Brown decided to pursue this route. As a child, he always loved gaming, especially horror games. Alex is a 27-year-old tall black man with a hot, masculine face with solid muscles. He always took care of himself and admired how he looked.

At first, he was self-conscious as a streamer, but after some time, he embraced his brand and message. Eventually, he discovered himself to be a charismatic streamer known for his witty banter, over-the-top reactions, and inviting inclusive aura. He was a level-headed commentator until he realized his streams weren’t gaining any traction he would have hoped for.

He was still reaching just over 5,000 people and wouldn’t see a positive trajectory if he didn’t act soon. He realized he needed to be more controversial, which was the significant correlation of being unsuccessful. His wholesome content wasn’t going to land any new viewers.

The internet celebrated and gravitated to provocative influencers. He needed to do something about his low success and decided to share the political views he usually wouldn’t. He became explicitly racist and expressed his views on how much he hated white people. He didn’t have any respect for white people, but it was something to be unspoken for. This was a strategic decision, and he didn’t really believe the nonsense he was spewing.

He lost many followers but gained hundreds of thousands in less than a year. He learned just how valuable it was to speak on topics you are “passionate” about. Hate really does sell. He received well-deserved backlash for inciting and spewing hatred on the internet. Predominantly far-left liberal streamers defended him, so he never considered his statements problematic, and the people who stayed fostered his echo chamber.

During one of his usual streams, after hours of nonstop gaming and nonsensical claims, he needed to shower because his family was visiting soon. He turned off his camera and left for a break. Around 15 minutes later, he came back wearing nothing but a white towel. Unbeknownst to Alex, his mother went in, looking for something, accidentally turning on the camera. Alex should have thought about checking if his camera was off coming back.

Due to Alex’s selfish adoration for his beautiful body, he installed several full-body mirrors. Women in the comments section worshiped what they saw — a sexy man with a fit, ripped body. After several cringeworthy moments of Alex admiring his body, he removed his towel, exposing his light-skinned black naked body to his stream of 70,000 people. Alex never necessarily acted uber-masculine, but he was arrogant in treating others who disagreed with his abhorrent views. He constantly degraded anyone who disagreed with anything he said.

Surprised to everyone in the comments Alex was packing a very small penis. His tight little balls bounced after being revealed. But his unnoticeable penis was practically inside him, hiding from the scary world. This image was a real-life baby dick exposed to a much larger audience. He looked at himself in the mirror, clearly frustrated with how small his penis had developed. He pulled it out of the little shell it was hiding in, flicked it with his index finger, and grabbed it, trying to fluff it out so it wouldn’t be as small. It looked like it only fluffed to a one-inch push pin.

Comments flooded through about his little penis from disappointed girls and men who found hilarity in seeing a mature black man with an exceedingly tiny boy weenie.

“OMG, I called it. I knew Alex was packing that tiny, little thing.”

“I guess the stereotypes aren’t true at all. 🤎👍🏾”

“Poor guy, I can’t help but feel sorry for him, but I can’t quit laughing. 😂”

“Oooh. I want that tiny thing in me! That is hot.”

“Poor baby 👶🏾 has a baby dick. What can he even do with it?”

“My nine-month-old son has a bigger winkie than that. 😆”

“That’s what you get for being a racist jerk.”

“Why must the beautiful ones always pack a capsule-sized teeny gherkin in their
bulgeless pants?”

“Small and immature man, small and immature penis.🤏🏼”

“The little ding-dong is like a doorbell. 🤭”

“We need a microbiologist 🔍 to see it, haha.”

“Who knew a black man could be so small? It’s like he’s Asian, haha.”

“What a little acorn, LMAO.”

“Is that a second belly button? I want to fuck it!”

“Hahaha, what a disappointment. 🥺😠🤣”

He flexed his muscles to the mirror, clearly showing a contrast between how big his overcompensating muscles were with the microscopic, remote dicklette sticking out. He massaged his chest, and slowly, his little ding-a-ling grew to a measly 3.5 inches. He fell on his bed, beginning to stroke his little brown sausage as it stood straight up, trying to reach more inches, but it wouldn’t happen.

“Is he actually touching his little guy right now? 😜”

“Damn thing barely grew at all. What a waste.”

“I guess he can’t claim he’s a ‘grower.'”

“That has to be the smallest boner I have ever seen. Is that considered a micropenis? 🧐”

“I knew this guy in university, and he was the worst. It makes me smile knowing he has a baby dee-dee.”

“I know I’m in the minority here, but his little boner is turning me on.”

While Alex slowly stroked his little erect tee-tee, his father knocked on the door to help him move the couch. He got up and was about to put clothes on when he realized he couldn’t see his stream; the screen was minimized, and the light on his camera was on. He looked straight into it, giving everyone a detailed view of his shrunken winkie dancing as he walked closer.

As the realization slowly dawned upon him, Alex rushed to his computer and swiftly turned off the camera, his face brightening crimson. He read through each comment, his cheeks burned with embarrassment, and with each comment, many pointed out how daringly short his penis was. A good chunk found Alex desirable, especially his tiny pinky rocking between his legs, flipping like a light switch.

Each comment made Alex feel sick, and his undersized, smallish shaftless head sank further inside him, almost like his little wee-wee fell off into the void. He couldn’t do anything to salvage his remaining dignity. He was scarred and marked for life as the streamer with a little pre-teen cock, already spreading rapidly among the streaming community. Clips and screenshots of his baby boy penis would circulate to thousands.

Since he was a teenager, he always hid his little nub of a penis after noticing he wasn’t growing in the love-making department as he dreamed. It pained him that it never grew longer than a few unfortunate inches.

He covered his naked body with a towel and aggressively screamed for his mother. He noticed his parents were moving something close to the front door.

“Mom, what the hell did you do?”

She looked at him, startled, “What is the problem? We are just moving something. Why are you so angry?”

He pointed his finger at her, “You went into my room and turned my streaming camera on.”

“I wouldn’t even know how to work that. I was looking for an iPad charger by your desk. I may have accidentally turned on your camera. What is the big deal, anyway?”

Alex’s face became even redder as his insides boiled with supreme anger. Drowning in the pool of relentless vexation made him lash out like never before. His little outburst
was worse than any of his tantrums.

“You fucking fat bitch. I am so sick of you going into my room without asking. Everyone in my stream saw my naked body because you turned on the damn camera”—

Alex’s father immediately intervened, “Hey, son, what the fuck is wrong with you? You never talk to us like that, especially your mother.”

“I don’t care. She’s the one acting like a clueless bimbo incapable of using her fucking brain. No wonder you were a useless stay-at-home mom. You couldn’t do anything else.”

“You have no right to criticize anyone until you get your shit together. You are 29 years old, dropped out of university, and playing video games full-time. Get a real job first and move out before you judge anyone else.”
“Just shut up. I am not done with this. She needs to own up for her stupidity. I can’t deal with this anymore. I should move out now because I can’t live in the house with that enormous pig anymore.”

His mother looked horrified and defeated by her son’s horrible remarks.

His father looked sternly at him, “You better quit it because you have no right to judge your mother’s body.”

“Same goes for you. You are also a nasty fat lard, and it makes me sick. Your ass is so disgustingly fat.”

“Shut up, son. How would you like it if I made fun of your body?”

“You have nothing on me, you old fat fart.”

“Oh really? Just get out of here. I don’t want to see your disrespectful face. You know what, better yet…”

With that, Alex’s father grabbed his towel and yanked it off, leaving him completely naked in front of his mother and father.

His mother gasped, and his father pointed at his very small, shriveled-up, acorn-shaped penis with satisfying joy painted all over his face.

“What about that really tiny penis you’ve got down there?”

Alex immediately covered his little guy.

“Boy, why are you covering it? We have already seen how embarrassingly tiny it is. Uncover your hands, boy, or I will break your computer.”

He uncovered his hands without a choice, revealing his baby-like micropenis to his parents.

“You walk around with a stupid grin on your cocky face. You have this oversized chip on your damn shoulder as you look down on others, sitting on a pedestal. In reality, you’ve got that little wood chip down there. There’s nothing to be cocky about.”

His mother giggled innocently, slowly growing into menacing cackles, “I can’t believe my son has the smallest penis of all time. I have never seen any that small before—no wonder you’ve been single this whole time. You are too scared to show a girl your little thing.”

Defensively, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Shut up. You both are fat losers.”

They looked at each other, then his inverted toddler dick, and laughed together in unison.

“Baby, how did you know our son was lacking in the manly department?”

“Oh, I caught him skinny dipping in our pool one time. He didn’t realize I was home. I didn’t want to embarrass him, but could you imagine my shock seeing our son naked with absolutely no dick to boot. And he also had shrinkage, so I couldn’t see anything, haha.”

He pointed at my dick, and both couldn’t take their eyes off it, “Can you imagine that thing getting even smaller?”

“At least I am not fat!”

“Haha, we can work off this chub. You will always have that little boy cock, no matter what you do. You look down at your little teeny weeny and tell us it isn’t tiny.”

He looked down and saw how small it was. Lord have mercy, it was so tiny, and he was ashamed of it. He didn’t want to admit it.

“I don’t need to do anything for you after you humiliated me like this.”

His father looked disappointed, “You haven’t changed—mentally, or you know, physically. I guess I have to treat you how your penis looks.”

His father grabbed and dragged him to the couch. He sat down and threw his son over his big, burly knee. He tried to fight his father, but his strength was overpowering.

His mother shouted, “Boy, you let your daddy punish you, or I am smacking your little dick off.”

He gave up and lay on his father’s knee with his big ass sticking up.
“I am sick of your attitude. You deserve to be spanked for acting like a damn fool.”

His father held his butt and slowly rubbed it. He began spanking his bubble buns with a spoon, terrorizing Alex as he winced in pain. As a fully-grown man, Alex felt horrible being spanked like a little boy over his father’s knee. He felt his little penis graze his father’s lap, which was the worst feeling of his life.

His first exposure was one thing, but this took it to another level. After about ten minutes of severe corporal licks, his ass was blistering with pain. After the spanking, his father got up, and Alex rubbed his steaming behind. After a few minutes, the door rang.

His father perked his head up, “Alex, go answer the door.”

“I am not doing that.”

He picked up the spoon, threatening Alex with it, knowing what it would mean if he ignored his father’s request.

He covered his little penis and walked to the front door. He opened the door with a couple of his cousins, aunts, and uncles at the door.

They looked shocked and started laughing. Alex’s father explained the situation to their delight.

“Alex is being punished for treating us like crap, and we have just put up with it for all these years.”

He cupped his little sparkle with all his might until his father spanked him on the butt, and he let go of his hands from the sheer-including pain. His little penis hopped as he let go, leaving everyone with a delightful, bite-sized surprise. Everyone began laughing and pointing at his really small penis. Comment after comment, he couldn’t take it anymore but was trapped. Each got their phones out and took several closeups of his small ding-a-ling.

“This is fun, but son, I need you to get the mail.”

“What? Like this, I could get in huge trouble.”

“You will be in even more trouble with me. No go, little boy, and you better not cover yourself.”
Alex walked outside without covering his half-inch nub, constantly bobbing around as he trodded to the mailbox in broad daylight. Luckily, no one was out. He walked back quickly and, to his astonishment—a locked door.

He pounded and slammed on the door, “Let me back in! This isn’t funny. Open the door now.”

On the other end, his father laughed, “You said you wanted to move out. You can see what that’s like for today.”

“But, I am naked. Where am I going to go?”

“Not my problem. Make sure you cover that little micropenis from the girls on this street, or you’ll never have a chance, haha.”

In a panic, Alex looked around to see if there was anything he could use to cover himself but found nothing. He decided to run a few houses down to Ms. Swan’s place. He loved spending time at her place growing up.

He sprinted but came across a group of young college-aged women.

“Look what’s coming by.”

“Where are your clothes, sweetie.”

“I want to see what he’s hiding.”

They surrounded him, laughing at his horrifying predicament. They all slapped his hands away from his penis and exploded in laughter at his little black pee-pee. Alex could have easily fought them off, but he was just mentally defeated.

“Where is it, I can barely see it?”

“Poor guy, I knew a big black cock was a thing, not a small black cock.”

Each girl squealed and got a turn to flick his little thing, take selfies with him, and compare his pee-wee to very small objects like a Chapstick tube.

Mr. Johnson, a grumpy old man, came outside from the loud laughter.

He looked upset and said, “What is going on here?”

He saw a naked Alex surrounded by sorority-looking college girls. He walked up to them.

“What is the meaning of this? What’s with all the ruckus?”

He saw Alex’s big ass and asked, “Alex, why are you butt-ass naked?”

He walked to the front area, immediately looked downward at his baby cock, and like clockwork, began bursting with bundles of laughter. He was always a grumpy man, and nothing made him joyful, but apparently, Alex’s little grape did. He pointed at his small ding-a-ling swinging to and fro between his legs.

“Look at the little weenie you got down there. I can see how that tiny thing caused so much commotion.”

This elicits even more laughter from the women and any onlookers. His little one-inch pee-pee may have been cruelly small, but it received all the attention. He gave Alex the small penis symbol and each woman wiggled their pinkies.

Eventually he broke free and ran off to Ms. Swan’s house. He could hear their laughter reverberating through the whole neighborhood.

He knocked on the door, and Ms. Swan opened it, shocked at the young naked man she knew when he was a boy. She is a beautiful woman in her late forties with the most voluminous curves any man would desire. Ms. Swan stood there in a rather revealing black nightgown, seeing her smooth thighs slightly exposed. She stared in awe at Alex’s body.

She composed herself and muttered, “Alex, what in the world are you doing here at my doorstep completely naked?”

“I can explain. Please let me in. I will tell you the whole story.”

He clenched his hands over his adorable little grape, protecting what little manhood he had left. He knew better than to let this experienced divine goddess see it. Her eyes drifted toward his meaty, sweaty hands, working tirelessly to cover up the piece of manhood she wanted to see. He noticed her gaze and blushed from the awkwardness of his neighbor checking him out.

His midsection piqued her interest, and she couldn’t help but ponder what this little darling was packing. She could easily overpower his slippery grasp and get a good look at his beautiful nether regions. She didn’t realize, but she would find out sooner than later. Alex was in the right place at the right time for her.

“Alright, you can come in.”

He walked in with her behind him. He felt humiliated knowing she had a full scenic view of his bare butt. She licked her lips, watching his big round behind jiggle as he skedaddled into her house.

He turned and asked, “Can you please get me something to cover myself with.”

She smirked and walked to her couch, “Oh, we will get to that later. Come sit here.”

“But, I am naked.”

“Yes, I can see you are. You’re butt-ass naked, indeed. That must have been quite embarrassing for you. I would feel awful if I were in your shoes, well, if you were wearing any.”

He sat down on her couch while she sat right next to him.

“Before I do anything, explain to me what happened.”

He told her the entire story without mentioning how small his genitalia was. She looked at him with concern, a dazzling sparkle glistening from her big hazel eyes.

“Oh, you poor thing. And you ran here completely naked with the other neighbors giggling at you. That must have been so terrible. There’s just one thing that doesn’t add up.”

He look worried, “Umm, and what is that?”

“Looking at your body right now, I don’t understand what upset you so much. You have an amazing body.”

“Because I’m naked! It’s humiliating despite how your body looks.”

“But it is truly gorgeous. Tell me what caused you so much agony to scream at your mother.”

Alex always felt safe with Ms. Swan, even as a boy. He harbored a school-boy crush on her when he was a teenager. For some reason, he felt comfortable telling her the unbearable truth about his teeny weenie problem. She always had such a lovely presence in how she carried herself. She, indeed, was a beautiful specimen of a woman, walking across the planet with seductive grace.

“I was just so angry, and I exploded. I didn’t mean to. Do you actually like my body?”

“Goodness, of course, I do. You were always the cutest boy, but seeing you mature into your body was a heartfelt delight.”

Alex acted confidently, but he really had severe insecurity issues. He never felt comfortable in his body.

“Okay, you promise not to laugh.”

“Oh, honey, I promise you, I will never laugh at you.”

“Okay, you know what, never mind.”

She massaged and rubbed his naked thigh, whispering, “Let me see it.”

She saw his hesitation and held his hands.

“Don’t worry, Alex, you are safe with me.”

She gently pulled his hands away, revealing his little black nub. Her eyes widened, and she unintentionally licked her puffy cherry-red lips. She let out a soft giggle.

“Hehe, oh my…”

He looked at her in dismay and covered his baby dick again.

“See, I knew you would make fun of me.”

Alex got up, walking to the door.”

“What are you talking about? I never made fun of you.”

“You laughed at me.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just natural. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it wasn’t that.”

“What were you expecting?”

“Honestly, I didn’t think you’d be so tiny. I mean, your sweet little package is so small.”

“Stop saying my package is small.”

“Isn’t it?”

He looked away, “It is not. It is just cold.”

“Let’s not make any excuses. It’s really tiny.”

“Quit it. I hate it, okay.”

“I don’t understand. What do you hate?”

“You are a woman. You would never understand.”

“Understand what?”

“You don’t understand having a penis and a smaller one at that.”

“I mean, I have a clit, so I think I somewhat understand how you feel.”

Alex became utterly ruby-colored as she simply compared her pussy to his retracting baby weenie.

She noticed her grave mistake and rushed to comfort him, “Oh Alex, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, I also have private parts constantly judged on their shape and size. I wasn’t saying your penis is smaller than my clit.”

He fumed with anger, “Yes, you did! I’m out of here.”

He was about to leave when she hurriedly blocked him.

“You can’t leave like that. You need to relax. Don’t be so angry. It’s not good for your health. What happened to the sweet boy who used to visit me?”

“He grew up and realized he would never be desired or useful.”

“You can’t truthfully believe something so ridiculous.”

“I do. I hate my body. I practically don’t have anything between my legs. My penis is so much smaller and thinner than most men my age. I’m just pathetic.”

Alex covered his face with his hands and began to break down emotionally. Here he was, completely naked, exposing his extremely diminutive penis to Ms. Swan — a woman he frequently visited as a young boy, weeping like there was no tomorrow.

She rubbed his back as he cried, simultaneously looking down at his wildly short teenie weenie. Her mind wandered to his itty bitty package and how desirable it was. She thought he was the most beautiful man she ever met, and his micropenis made him even more attractive. She walked him to the couch. He looked at her with tears in his eyes.

“I’m sorry for crying like that. I don’t know what came over me. You must think I’m a sissy loser.”

“There’s no need to apologize. And because you cried? We all cry, and men like yourself should feel comfortable, too. It’s beautiful, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. You’ve been carrying so much insecurity and anger.”

“I just hate how small my package is.”

“Well, I don’t. I may have involuntarily giggled, but you might if you saw me naked. Trust me, it’s just an innate reaction from the awkwardness or embarrassment. Small doesn’t mean bad or useless. I think it’s so hot and sexy.”

“You are just being nice. It’s so embarrassing. I probably can’t penetrate.”

“Don’t get too hung up on what you see online. As women, we care a lot about our own looks, so I understand you think we would care about trivial, petite things like that. But you shouldn’t care about frivolous things like your dick size. Most women don’t care. They care more about this.”

She placed her hand over his chest, holding his heart, and she could feel it beating rapidly.

“I don’t believe that. Everyone was saying horrible stuff about mine during the stream.”

“Let me tell you something. People online do what they do for clicks, laughs, or anything. Many women prefer smaller men. My deceased husband was relatively large, and sex was often painful for me.”

“I don’t think that is true. Women say ‘size does not matter’ to be nice.

“Where have you been reading that nonsense?”

“Online because I see men with small dicks are always the butt of many jokes.”

“And people who make those types of jokes are entirely idiotic, immature losers. The people shaming men for their bodies are horrible and need to stop. No one should be body-shamed, especially for something you can’t control. Using stupid terms like small dick energy and big dick energy — at the end of the day, are about shaming men’s bodies. I think yours is stunning and beautiful.”

“I don’t know. I am ashamed of mine, especially as a black man.”

“Don’t be ashamed. I’m sorry that stereotype oppresses you, but you being black and miniscule, I think that makes you even hotter.”

“Does my small penis make me less of a man or masculine?”

“Where are you reading this stuff? It does not at all, cutie pie.”

“Okay, thanks.”

She gently brushed her warm hand over his hair. She was now directly looking at his little cocklette.

“I want you to look down.”

He did, and his face wrinkled up.

“Stop looking at it negatively. Look at the beauty of it. It’s your body, only yours; you should be happy with it. I know accepting your body is difficult, but try.” He looked down this time more confidently, and she said, “There’s the little guy. I think it is so cute. There is nothing sexier than a masculine man with a small penis.”

He stroked her back, and they gazed into each other’s eyes. He then proceeded to tell her the whole story with his family.

“I don’t blame them for being angry with you because you had no right to speak to your mom that way. But what they did was horrible, too. It sounds like you all need a fresh start.”

“Yeah, I feel terrible for screaming at my family. I am thinking about moving out. I don’t know where I would go in this economy.”

“Let’s worry about that later. One thing at a time.”

She wasn’t going to let this opportunity leave her.

“I want you to tell me how you feel.”

“I feel a little better. I always felt doomed for the size of my penis. I didn’t think it could be a source of erotic fascination.”

“You are choosing to believe that. You said so yourself that many people complimented you in your stream, even after seeing you naked.”

“I guess that’s true.”

“No, it is true. Here…”

She lowered herself and caressed his little penis with two fingers. His tiny cockle didn’t take long to extend to a whopping 3.5 inches.

“The little thing barely grew but looks thick and juicy.”

She slowly swallowed his little boner without any trouble and sucked on it. He gasped, as this was the first time a woman advanced him like this.

She stopped and asked, “How was that? Are you okay?”

“Yes, I just, this is the first time I’ve been with a woman sexually.”

She nodded, “I understand.”

He just looked at her, brushing her hair, and they plunged into a deep, sensual kiss, enveloping themselves together. Alex remained speechless that someone was interested in his little, tiny micropenis.

He confessed, “I always thought finding a woman with such a small penis would be almost impossible.”

She winked at him, “I don’t think you would find a woman with a small penis unless you were into that.”

They both giggled, which put a corny smile on his face, knowing she wasn’t judging his body. She created a space where he felt vulnerable, desirable, and ultimately wanted.

His baby boner still pulsated. She noticed his throbbing cock, extended her index finger — bigger than his little man, and touched the tip of his thumb-sized prick. It was leaking with enchanting pre-cum. She flicked it back and forth, rubbed down the tiny tip, pulled a long sliver of his baby juice, and licked her finger.

She closed her eyes in sanctuary, “Mmm. That is tasty. C’mon, this isn’t the best place for this.”

“For what, exactly?”

She placed her finger on his warm lips, “Shh. You ask too many questions. I know you are nervous but just go with the flow. You’ll be okay with me. I promise.”

She held his hand and guided him to her bedroom. She laid him down on his back, with his little baby boner sticking straight up with a longing for her wet pussy.

“Come here, you.”

She grabbed and kissed him all over his beautiful body as he moaned in complete pleasure. He never felt more stimulated and longed for in his life. His erect penis felt like it was going to launch like a missile.

She began to suck his little guy, and he massively groaned; he still couldn’t believe a woman’s warm, passionate mouth consuming his bald, little ding-a-ling. He touched her breast and took her dress off her, presenting her naked body.

She stood up and asked, “You like what you see?”

Lost in astonishment, he murmured, “Yes, you are gorgeous. Give me a little twirl, please.”

She blushed and spun around with arousal. The dress flew above her private parts, and she brought it down, red in the face, pretending to be embarrassed. He met her voluptuous boobs bouncing, and a little drool fell to his chin.

“What a lucky man your husband was.”

“And now, you are the lucky one, and so am I. It’s not every day a young stud like yourself shows up completely naked at my doorstep. It’s like a gift from God. It’s been so lonely since he passed away seven years ago.”

“I could never be like your husband.”

“Why would you want to be? Be yourself, and don’t compare yourself to anyone.”

“I guess we found each other when we needed each other.”

She sniffled, and he hugged her soothingly. She kissed his neck while he touched her big boobs.

“You are magnificent.”

“So, are you. And I could stare at your little penis all day. It is such an aphrodisiac. A grown man hung like a child exponentially increases my libido.”

He felt the stirrings increase in his penis.

“You know, I honestly think I like it when you tease me like that. Cause I know you are coming from a loving place.”

“If you want me to tease you further, I can.”

“We can explore it. Let’s take it slow because I’m still pretty insecure and embarrassed by it.”

“As you should be, it’s so freaking tiny.”

He looked at her, and she winked at him.

“You know, your pinky finger contributes over 50% of your hand’s overall strength, so your little pinky can do some serious damage.”

“Hehe, you think?”

“Oh, absolutely; there may be some faking from me, but just know you did some serious damage tickling my insides with your baby penis.”

“Is it really like a baby?”

“I mean, my friend just had a baby, and I could have sworn your softie is smaller than his.”

He looked mortified and turned on as his teeny weenie stretched to the ceiling.

“No way.”

“Alex, I’ve seen you grow up. You used to always go in the pool naked, and I would giggle at that happy boy running around with his soft little willy bouncing around. You used to be so innocent, and your little virgin penis still is, with those wrinkly miniature testicles. It hasn’t changed much — that thing is ridiculously tiny, and I don’t even know if it constitutes a penis. I might be bigger than you, after all, hehe.”

She pointed at her scrunched-up nightgown on the floor.

“Put that on. I think you will look quite lovely and dashing in it.”

Like an obedient boy, he did what she said.

“Oh wow. You look so pretty in it. It suits your little nub quite nicely. Wouldn’t you agree?”

He looked down and lifted his dress to get a good look at his shameful, inadequate secret.

“Hehe, I guess so. It makes me feel womanly and kind of dirty.”

He whirled around for her, and she chuckled at the salacious sight of a big masculine man wearing her dress.”

“Don’t guess. Be confident.”

“Okay, my little peanut niblet looks sexy in this dress. It looks fabulous on me.”

“Attaboy! You are getting it. What a naughty little boy. You’ll do anything I say, won’t you?”

“But this doesn’t mean you have power over me, right?”

“Oh, I have a lot of psychological power over you.”

“But, can I try being dominant? I always imagined being the dominant one.”

“Well, we can always switch because you also seem to enjoy being a little submissive servant for me.”

“Haha, I do, actually. It just feels weird.”

“Goodness, don’t worry about all those traditional gender roles nonsense. It’s just between us and what we can explore. There are no expectations here.” She tapped his incredibly miniscule, microscopic dingy and said, “I can’t have high expectations with your little thing.”

She kneeled, “Tell me, what does daddy want his girl to do for him?”

He felt her hot breath kiss his exposed penis and smirked, “Come suck my big dick, you little whore.”

“Mmm. I will suck your big daddy cock for you.”

She sucked his pacifier like an Olympic champion.

He asked Ms. Swan, “You like daddy’s dick, right?”


“You seem to like it when I degrade you. Do you like that, you dirty slut?”

“I do. You must punish me for being wet for daddy’s gigantic cock.”

“There’s plenty of more where that came from.”

He spanked her bubble butt as she gobbled his little pinky with lustful devotion. Her pining for his little boy prick was a carnal journey she never experienced before. She lost sight of her mind and surrendered to the smallest penis she had ever witnessed on a grown man. She bobbed her head on it with a primitive sexual appetite — succumbing to his little cock.

He held her head, and he longed for this to last forever. But he lost himself in the pleasurable sensations in his small wee-wee, and in a matter of seconds, he felt it explode, filling her mouth with his white-hot semen. He fell back, panting for air, and he closed his eyes. Ms. Swan swallowed his entire load.

She laid on his chest, “Jesus, that little thing seriously packs a punch.”

“Well, big things come in small packages.”

She looked at his deflating penis, shrinking even further than she could have imagined.

She laughed and pointed at the nothingness between his legs. It was like a vacuum sucked his little nub, causing it to disappear physically.

“I certainly can see that now. More like giant things come in very small packages.”

He looked at his little dicklette and couldn’t believe she was laughing that loudly. He saw it shrunk to presumably less than half an inch, almost flattened.

He covered his toddler-sized ding-a-ling, “Stop, it isn’t that funny.”

“Oh, it is extremely amusing.” He looked super embarrassed. She expressed, “I’m sorry, honey. I may have gone a little too far. Just because it’s really small right now doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing. It has a nice texture when soft and hard as a rock when fully stretched with all its might. It has an aesthetically beautiful circumcision and releases gobs of gooey rewards. You should be so proud of the little guy.”

He smiled at her, “Yeah, thanks to you. Now, it’s my turn.”

He got on top of her and rubbed his soft dick on her clit, almost like they were scissoring. He approached her succulent center and ate her out. She held his head and pushed him in deeply to reach every corner with his long tongue. His tongue, without a doubt, was longer than his penis. It didn’t take long for him to get another pinky-like boner.

“Wow. How in the world are you this good?”

“I don’t need experience when I’m making love to the most wonderful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

She blushed, and he kissed her. Then, he inserted several fingers into her wet pussy. She screamed with ecstasy as he drilled her. He couldn’t believe he was pleasing a woman — what felt like authentically pleasuring her. He was always worried about a woman faking it, but he didn’t need to worry about that.

She was on the brink of an orgasm, “Get over here and fuck me with that little, tiny penis.”

“Okay, let me”—

“No, I need to get on top. I will feel it more.”

She slowly scooted over his teeny-weeny groin and ground on top of him. She groaned as his erect, dinky winky entered her. She exuberantly bounced on his sexy, small member.

“Yes, fuck me hard with your little, tiny cock! Fill me up with your little boy cream.”

After they exchanged audible moans, he exploded his second load into her, pounding her until she climaxed and screamed loud enough for the entire street to hear.

“Clean me up, baby.”

He licked her wet center, sucking up his fruitful seed. They both fell back, almost entirely out of breath. Alex needed to use the bathroom. After he returned and they composed themselves, she wrapped him in her arms and kissed his forehead.

“I know it will take some time for you to accept and appreciate your body, but I love it, and confidence and technique are more important than the size. You’ve clearly proved that right now. That was some of the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.”

“Wow, really? Are you just saying that?”

“Absolutely not. You took the time and effort to pleasure me — more than any man has before. And I have a confession to make. I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to feel your cock in me. I was hesitant, but you hit my G-Spot perfectly. Small cocks are superior.”

“I didn’t think this would be possible. The internet has warped my self-esteem from the negative stereotypes about men’s bodies.”

“Unfortunately, women body shame men, men body shame, and it happens from every angle. And it’s not only men who shame dick size; women also problematically shame them. Small cocks are incredibly sexy. It’s sad to see because all bodies are beautiful, just for existing. Body shaming will always exist, and you need just to pave the course and be proud of what you have. Confidence is incredibly sexy. I mean, after you came back from the bathroom, I just ogled your little thing springing back and forth, similar to when you were a boy. That sheer level of confidence that you exuded was inspiring, and dare I say, it made me horny again.”

“Thank you, Ms. Swan.”

“Don’t call me that anymore. My name is Enya Swan. Ms. Swan was for when you were a little boy. You may be hung like one, but you are now a sexy, masculine man — a true gem among dull, colorless rocks. Just accept yourself, let go of your anger, and be independent. You will go far.”

They held each other naked without any worries, talked for hours, and drifted into a magical dream of paradise. They woke up and exchanged love for each other.

As they were talking, Alex had an idea. He whispered it to her.

Gleefully, she nodded and exclaimed, “Yes, yes, yes. Oh my god, that would be wonderful. This can work.”

He left for his parents’ place, wearing one of Enya’s pink robes, almost exposing his little package to the world. He received several stares, but he knew better at this point to care. He held his head high and with conviction. His family let him in, and they continued to laugh at him. He apologized for his behavior the day before and confidently walked to his room — without emotion and packed his belongings.

He informed his parents he would be moving into Enya’s place. They tried to talk him out of it, but he had already decided, as that was where he needed to be. He walked to Enya’s place with his stuff. Afterward, they enjoyed each other every single day. He learned how to pleasure her in different ways, and she did the same for him. She always slurped up his little penis in her mouth.

With time, he accepted his small penis. He became more pleasant, learning not to believe what people say online and listening to a real woman who didn’t care for the size of a man’s penis, where his pure, big heart was more important than anything. He was banned from streaming, which was a blessing in disguise. Photos of his little show circulated across the internet, but he didn’t allow people to have power over how he felt about himself. If he didn’t care, surely, no one would either, and eventually, it just simmered away. In a few years, he enrolled in university and finally found joy in his life.

He didn’t know it yet, but his life with Enya was just the beginning. His confidence radiated, and he became an attractive, sexy, and kind gentleman. This happened because he accepted his body and opened himself up for love from sweet and lovely Enya Swan. He became an attractive, sexy, and kind gentleman. He became a huge success; his genuine kindness, unique attitude, and commitment to charity were his legacy.


The End.


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