The Hallway Incident!

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by anon

“Can you see anything?” Sammi asked giggling

“No, nothing.” I said.

“Not even a little bit of light?”

“No its pitch black.”

“Ok, good.” Sammi tightened the blindfold around my eyes anyway for good measure and slapped my naked butt firmly. She spoke to her room-mate Jenna, “Ok we’re gonna turn the slut around 10 times so he has no idea where he is.”

My name is Brian, but Sammi says that I’m too weak of a person to be deserving of a real identity. My world started spinning around, faster and faster. I heard Sammi and Jenna giggling as the spinning caused my butt to jiggle and my dick to bounce. I’m in great shape; I have a lean but muscular, athletic build and am slightly over six feet tall.

Unfortunately I have a very small penis, something Sammi and her friends would never let me live down. I do have a great ass though, one that all the women in my life have loved although none as much as Sammi. She never would let me forget that it was a little on the large side, however, always telling me that it was phat with a P-H.

Sammi and Jenna took turns spinning me and throwing me violently around the room while grabbing at my ass and dick every chance they got. Within moments I had no idea where I was. What I didn’t realize was that while they were spinning me Sammi had opened the door to her dorm room and casually put me out into the hall way of her all female dorm building.

She had thought it out so well that she had allowed me to wear one piece of clothing: socks. I had thought at the time that she was trying to be nice, allowing me that one piece of clothing to keep warm in the frigid air conditioning in the dorm but I would soon find out that she had done so to make sure that I couldn’t tell the difference between the floor of her dorm room and the one in the hall.

Unaware that I was standing in the hall way of an all girls dorm completely naked and blindfolded I waited patiently for an order. All I heard was a door slam right in front of me.

“Sammi?” I called out trying to grab for something to hold onto as my head still spun.

“You can take off the blindfold now my slutty little boy toy,” her voice sounded muffled for some reason.

I took off the blindfold and looked around. Oh shit I was standing naked in the hallway of the dorm, the all girl dorm! I tried the door handle to Sammi’s room to find I was locked out. My heart pounded but thankfully nobody had entered the hallway as yet but I knew it wouldn’t take long before I would be sprung.

I knocked on the door saying, “Sammi! You have to let me in! You can’t do this to me, anyone could see me here, I could get in trouble!”

The only response my pleas got out of the girls was constant shrieks of laughter.

A door opened down the hall. ‘Fuck!’ I thought. “Sammi! Let me in,” I pleaded!

“Is that you little dick?” a female voice said behind me. I recognised the girl’s voice from down the hall, it was Becky Jones a fiend of Sammi’s I had met at a few parties. Sammi had made me show her my tiny cock a few weeks ago in a moment of meanness, and as Sammi’s sub I had to show her. Becky laughed her arse off looking at my boy dick at the time and I remember feeling very humiliated.

So at least she had already seen me naked before and was unlikely to call the cops or anything like that. But there was like 100 teen women in this dorm and I knew the odds were against me. “Sammi! Sammi!” I said louder banging on the locked door.

“What the fuck are you doing, Little Dick?” she called me by one of the most humiliating of all my nicknames.

I turned towards her raising my arms in a gesture of apology but Becky was looking straight at my cock with a wicked grin on her face. Fuck me why are women so cruel! “Hey Megan you have to come see this. Remember the shrimp dick I was telling you about? Well he’s right here!” Becky said back into her room.

A girl who I did not know (presumably Megan) emerged from Becky’s room and said to Becky, “What are you talking about?”

Becky just pointed and as Megan turned to look at me I quickly put my hands over my cock to cover it up. Megan looked me over, “He’s cute! One of Sammi’s hunks?”

Becky shook her head negatively, “Looks are deceptive at the moment. Remove your hands, Brian. NOW!”

I swallowed nervously but something inside me was compelling me. A real man could withstand this but I am not a man I am a boy in a man’s body. So my compulsion to obey was crushing me and so shakily I moved my hands away exposing my genitals to the two of them.

Megan guffawed, “Oh my god, that is the smallest cock I have ever seen!”

The two girls starting walking towards me and a feeling of dread ran through me I turned and and banged on the door again. “Sammi for gods sake, let me in! Please!”

More laughter, this time from both inside Sammi’s room and directly behind me in the hallway. “Oh I wouldn’t expect Sammi to be doing YOU any favors, little dick. Here meet my friend from back home. Megan this is little dick, little dick-Megan.”

I turned and faced them as both looked straight at my cock I turned bright red in embarrassment.

Megan gave me a a huge grin and started speaking to me in a patronizing tone, “Why hello there little dick!”

She spoke to me like I was a three-year old, “Eell I’ve heard so much about you little dick, I’m just glad to see for myself how true the story is. I have to say I have seen larger cocks on a ten-year old. It must suck to be you eh?”

“Well it’s a little cold in the hallway,” I tried to defend myself.

“It’s not that cold needle dick!” Becky exclaimed and slapped my bare ass.

“How big is it? I mean when it is hard?” Megan asked me.

Before I could answer Becky said, “Sammi says its 3 inches hard!”

They both laughed hard making me turn red.

“I am glad she makes you keep it shaved, makes it look like a little boys dick,” Megan said.

Becky looked at her watch, “Oh shit Megan, we have to get going. Todd and Mark will be waiting for us.”

“Oh OK! Nice to meet you little dick!” Megan said giving my cock a little squeeze and she walked off.

Becky looked at me in contempt, “You’re fun little dick, I might ask Sammi if she will lend you to me for a night. Cya!”

She turned and followed Megan back down the corridor.

I turned and knocked on the door again but Sammi was still showing no interest in letting me back into the room. This was insane, it was getting late and on a school night, I needed to go back to my dorm!

I heard speaking from inside her room. “Hello? Oh Rosemary, I’m so glad I caught a hold of you.”

Rosemary is a slightly overweight blonde southern woman in her 40’s who works for the campus police, patrolling the dorms and class buildings late at night. She was very friendly person generally. Sammi was on the phone with her, “Yes there is a problem…. oh you’re in my building?….. Great…. Yes, there is a naked boy outside my door and I can’t get him to leave…….. Can you come take care of it?…….. No, don’t worry about back up, you won’t need it…….. He has a tiny dick, its impossible to be intimidated by him…….thanks, cya!”

Oh fuck what was Sammi doing now! I turned and looked along the hallway and decided maybe the best thing would be to make a run for it. I thought about it and with all the bushes between here and my dorm I should be able to get back without being seen.

I turned and began to creep down the hallway and to my utter horror as I rounded the corner to the stairs I ran straight into Rosemary who was brandishing a nightstick in one hand and pepper spray in the other with the obvious intent of using them on me. I ducked quickly out-of-the-way of the nightstick as she swung at me and backed off out of range of the pepper spray.

“Rosie, it’s me Brian please stop it!” I cowered.

Rosie looked at me for a moment and then recognition came over her face, “Brian? Brian Pendlebury? What the hell you playing at boy?”

“I am the victim of a prank. Please I just want to get out of here!”

She was looking at me now, looking at my body first and then her eyes locked on my cock. “Jesus son, a shrimp dick like you shouldn’t be running around nude in a girls dorm. They’ll eat you alive in here with that tiny cock like that!”

“Tell me about it!” I said looking back at Sammi’s door.

“Come here boy and let Rosie get a closer look at that little pee pee of yours!”

“Rosie please….”

“Come on, if you don’t want to go on report you’ll do as I say!”

A wicked look came over her and once again I realised my small cock had unleashed her inner beast all women harbour. I didn’t understand how small cocks triggered this in women. After all it was just a penis no different to anyone other male except in size. What was it with women and how they responded to a small cock? So I walked up to her as she put her weapons away and fiddled in her pockets watching my cock the whole time.

Then in a flash she had her phone in her hand and was taking my picture. “Hey what are you doing?” I said covering up.

Rosie just stood there suddenly looking meanly at me. “Remover your hands, pin dick or I call the cops!”

There was a moment of defiance between us but I knew she literally had me by the balls. So I moved my hands and she started snapping away again. After a few minutes she said, “Now make it hard for me!”

I was going to argue but I knew it was futile. She had complete control over me so I began to jerk myself off. Within minutes my little 3 inch boner was sticking out and it made her laugh and smile. She ordered me to stop and took pictures of it hard as well.

“Now come with me Brian before any other poor young girl sees this spectacle of unmanhood!” she laughed at her own joke.

We walked down the stairs and I followed her into her office which was attached to this dorm. As I followed her in she went through another door which was to her quarters. Rosie lived on campus during the semesters like all of the security guards who also acted as dorm supervisors. As she was walking along I realised she was now undressing and I began to feel sick.

We walked into her bedroom and Rosie swung around whipping her shirt off and pulling her bra off to reveal her 38DD breasts. I stared and my cock grew hard again. Silently she took all her clothes off and then laid on the bed her legs spread open revealing her huge and hairy pussy to me. It was too much for me and so I jumped her trying to push my small cock inside that enormous looking pussy.

But Rosie pushed me off her like I was little girl!

“What the fuck you doing, boy?” she snarled at me.

Sitting on the floor of her bedroom feeling confused I replied, “I thought you wanted to have sex with me?”

Rosie laughed, and laughed hard.

Finally she got herself under control and said, “Hunny, your dick is too little to please this pussy. Dang it wont please any pussy let’s face it!”

“But why are you….why are we here?”

“Small penis men like you only good for pussy eating hunny and that’s why you are here. Now get to work I have rounds to get too!” Rosie said triumphantly.

I stood thinking this has changed things. I could walk out now and Rosie couldn’t dob me in to the cops for being nude in the hallway anymore. “I think I better get going actually!”

“Sure you can go! But I have pictures of you I could put up all over campus. You don’t want that now do you?” Rosies shit eating grin rankled me to the core.

I looked at her and knew she was serious. Fuck that Sammi and her meanness! So I knelt down between her legs and lowered my mouth onto her stinky pussy. It did smell bad like rotten fish and as my tongue tasted her salty juices for the first time I fought back the impulse to vomit.

“Ohhhhh Good babydick man! Eat momma’s pussy real good as it’s nice and dirty for you. It needs to be cleaned real gooood!” she moaned grabbing my head and shoving it into her awful cunt.

My tongue darted inside her moist cunt and along her meaty labia, over clit and back around again. I ate her just like Sammi had shown me with nibbles, sucking, long licks, teeth raking and nose rubbing. But on Rosie it was sheer torture as not only did she taste foul but she was so fucking hairy that I felt like I had a furball in my throat.

But what was worse was that after about five minutes I tasted cum, that’s right Rosies pussy needed cleaning because she had been fucking another guy tonight. I tried to back off but Rosie held me tightly to her pussy. I really need to go tot he gym more these women just overpower me.

“Ha ha can you taste Ol’ Buck yet? Ohh bet you can he has a proper man’s cock, not like you with your pinky winky!” she moaned.

Ol’ Buck? Christ I think she means the Supervisor from my dorm but he’s like 60 or something? I gagged thinking I was now swallowing the remnants of Buck Larsons cum how could I look him in the eye ever again.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah babydick…..MMMMMMMM…..Oh Momma likes it…..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Rosie was moaning like a two dollar whore.

Eventually she came with a squeal of pleasure and a hearty squirt of foul tasting juices into my mouth. God this was horrible and so she pushed me away from her and started to climb off her bed. “You did good babydick, now let me take you back to your dorm before you get into anymore mischief!”

She threw me a towel so I could firstly wipe her fouls juices which covered my face. One thousand showers would probably not remove the stench of her. Then I wrapped it around my waist and we exited the building getting into her campus patrol vehicle which was just a golf cart of sorts. When we reached my dorm she turned and looked at me with that same wicked shit eating grin I seen her with a few hours ago.

“Tell me your cell number!” she ordered so I did.

“Good babydick. Now there are gonna be more times in the future when ol Rosie needs a clean up and when I call I expect to see you pretty shortly afterwards ready to do your duty. Do we understand babydick?”

“But what about my classes?”

“But what about your little secret getting out?” she smiled.

I turned beet red and then said, “Ok Rosie, you win!”

“Good boy! Now run along and get some sleep!”

I climbed out of her cart and walked to the backdoor of my dorm feeling utterly defeated.

the end

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