Blackout Drunk

By brokenbrain83. It’s hard to find a job that pays enough to live on anymore, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find an affordable apartment, so when my friend told me his sister needed a roommate, I was very interested. I went and checked out the place. It was pretty nice! Rent was cheap too, and on top of all that, his sister turned out to be nice. She was just a couple of years older than me and had a beautiful

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Our Readers SPH Experiences 20

By Our Readers Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.   This reader is a classic example of how many men feel about their penises… I am grossly overweight, wear thick glasses, have ugly crooked front teeth and ugly skin. None of this really bothers me at all. I am not shy about any of this and do not feel embarrassed by it. It does not make me feel insecure or as if it made me worth any

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