Livestream Humiliation

By TooSmallDave. Teased and humiliated by my twenty-year-old daughter. May was sitting on my lap, showing me a game on her phone. She seemed unaware of anything but the game. I tried to concentrate on what she was showing me, but there was too much to distract me: her sweet frown, her plump pert lips, her cheeks against my face, her breath on my neck. Her young, firm, round tits pressed against me. The view down her top to her

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Gymnasts From Hell

By MildmanInVa. After kissing my wife goodbye for the weekend, I grabbed the morning paper and headed back into the house, dressed only in my robe and briefs. She was off to check on her ailing mother, which left me to fend for myself with my new stepdaughter. This was the second marriage for both of us, and 18-year-old Traci was part of the package my wife brought with her when we married two months ago. Traci was an incredibly

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The Devil Wears Pigtails

By MildmanInVa Who in the Hell said girls are easier to raise than boys hasn’t met my 18-year-old tomboy daughter. I drove on, staring straight ahead with a scowl on my face, with my daughter sitting next to me. We were on the way home since she had been suspended for beating up David Williams and putting him in the hospital with a broken nose and dislocated jaw. The principal, Mr. Templeton, was not pleased, and neither was I since

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The Sleepover

By MildmanInVa. My wife had gone away for a weekend naturalists convention, but I refused ever to attend them because although at 38 years old, 5’5″ and 132 pounds, I am not in horrible shape, I am lacking and very, very self-conscious in one area. Flaccid, my poor pink penis stands at only ¾ of an inch and has the circumference of a Vienna Sausage. I was constantly taunted in gym class as I was growing up, so I vowed

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