Tables Turned

By hkholin262.

“Kevin? Hello?”

Kevin started, pulling out of his nap, and looked up at Mr. Levinson, who was staring at him expectantly. Glancing around, he saw the rest of the class turning to look at him too. The guys around him began to snicker. Ah, crap, what had he missed?

He sat up properly and cleared his throat. “Sorry, sir, what was the question?”

Mr. Levinson quickly became impatient. “Kevin, we’ve been over this many times before. How many times have I told you I will not tolerate any more napping in my class.” He jammed his finger against his desk. “Come here.”

He always went from zero to one hundred. Kevin sighed, internally rolling his eyes. Mr. Levinson took everything seriously and would not respond well to disrespect. The guy seriously needed to lighten up. Any little thing would set him off, disrupting the class for a rant or telling off a student for hours. He’d waste class time, then assign complicated projects and assignments going over things he should have taught in his lessons. And here we were in senior year, and he was still just the same old grumpy man. He is only quite young for his age – too young to have a stick up his ass.

Kevin finally relented. “Fine.” H

e got out of his chair, mumbling to himself. Whatever it took to make this as quick and as painless as possible. He went to the front of the classroom and stood beside Mr. Levinson’s desk, awaiting his fate.

“What you need,” Mr. Levinson said, walking around the desk and standing before Kevin, “is a reality check. Has anyone held you accountable? Ever? Furthermore, have you ever worked hard a day in your life?”

Kevin scowled. “That’s complete—” he began.

“So!” Mr. Levinson interrupted firmly. “Why don’t we fix that? You will help me teach this lesson and whatever tasks I give you for the rest of the day. Understood?”

Kevin could barely contain his rage. “Seriously? That’s fucking—”

“Language,” Mr. Levinson said coolly.

Kevin gave him a cold stare. “Fucking ridiculous.”

Mr. Levinson gave a tight smile, irony dripping from his face. “Tough. That’s life, kid. Get used to it.”

Kevin’s eyes narrowed, zeroing in on him. He stood there, arms crossed, looking like nothing would get him to move. The class seemed restless, waiting to see how this turned out.

Mr. Levinson took it in stride. “Now, if you would grab the chalk. Please write down what I tell you as I speak. Understood?”

Kevin glanced over and then back at him. There was a moment of silence as the two stared each other down. Finally, he relented and grabbed the chalk. His face was starting to burn red.

“Good. Glad we understand each other.” Mr. Levinson turned to the class. “Now, according to Newton’s second law of motion, the force can be expressed by the product of mass and acceleration of the body. We would express that using the following formula.” He turned to Kevin. “Ready?”

Kevin gave him a blank stare.

“Write an F,” Mr. Levinson said firmly.

Kevin still needs to respond.

Mr. Levinson jammed his finger onto the desk. “Now, Kevin. Or you fail my class.”

Seething with barely contained rage, Kevin turned to the board and scratched out an F for him.

“Good.” He turned to the class. “The F here represents force.”

More letters were thrown out for Kevin to write, and Kevin followed them, a dull look on his face. The truth was, his thoughts were far from what Mr. Levinson was trying to teach. No, what was on his mind was all the best ways he’d get back at his teacher.

It wasn’t a matter of if, just a matter of when.

Mr. Levinson quickly hit a rhythm, giving instructions to Kevin occasionally but slowly paying less and less attention to him and more to his lesson. Kevin could use this. He had an advantage. Do you know what to do with it?

What Mr. Levinson needed was someone to bring him down to size. He was one of the worst teachers Kevin had ever had, yet Mr. Levinson had an arrogance that didn’t suit him. He needed to know how it felt to be on the receiving end of his treatment. Kevin didn’t need to learn a lesson. Mr. Levinson did.

Kevin looked him up and down, sizing him up. Mr. Levinson was taller than him by a few inches. He didn’t appear in good shape, not sloppy, but he was not a gym rat. Compared to some of the other teachers at their school, Mr. Levinson was young, probably in his mid-twenties. He wore a white button-down with a thin tie and black slacks. The standard professional teacher look. Except …

No belt?

And then an idea hit Kevin all at once.

Mr. Levinson had never felt better.

Finally, he had found a way to get that snotty-nosed kid out of his way. Finally, someone stood up to him and held him accountable. Hopefully, this would be the lesson he needed. It could finally knock some sense into him. Doubtful, but a man could dream.

Kevin needed help understanding the way the world worked. Some people gave orders, and some people followed orders. As a student and someone younger than him, he needed to follow every order exactly as he said. Maybe Kevin would give those orders someday, but he needed to put in the hours before he was given that privilege.

In the meantime, a lesson was at hand here, and Mr. Levinson needed to focus on that. He had the entire room’s attention and intended to ensure they took something away from this experience. If not the lesson, then perhaps they’d see Kevin knocked down and held accountable.

He’d known too many Kevins when he was in school. They were always the type to push him around and make themselves feel big, and he felt small. It was almost cathartic to finally stand up to them, if not literally, then figuratively.

The class suddenly seemed to shift in their seats as if reacting to something he couldn’t see. They began to laugh, something he didn’t expect. It gave him pause. Was Kevin writing something inappropriate on the board? He turned to look but was stopped by the sudden feeling he had around his waist.

The feeling of hands around his waistband.

There was little time to react. Just time to realize in an instant what was happening to him. He hadn’t felt this sensation in a long while, but it awakened a deep fear.

His eyes widened.


But it was too late. Despite his best efforts, Mr. Levinson couldn’t reach his hand down in time before—Whoosh!

His trousers were around his ankles.

It was all happening so fast. One second, Mr. Levinson’s pants were around his waist. The next, they were gone. In a split second, the class saw his loose shirttails come into view, revealing only pale hairy thighs and little else.

It couldn’t be happening.

He responded quickly, reaching down to pull them back up, but not quickly enough. As he bent over, he saw Kevin stepping down onto his pants. Too slow.

He tried to yank them back up, but Kevin’s shoe kept them in place. He pulled on them again, but as he leaned over, he bumped into Kevin’s knee and felt himself trip on his pants. He tipped forward and landed hard on his face, letting out a defeated groan.

Behind him, he heard Kevin chuckle loudly, then felt him pull his foot back, dragging his pants along. To his horror, he felt his pants begin to pull free of his feet. Hands reached down and pulled them off, and his shoes pulled free in the tangle.

In front of his students, he was lying face down in his classroom, wearing no pants.

And they were all laughing at him.

By this point, most of the class was standing and moving around to see him on the floor better. So it was clear to everyone in the room what Mr. Levinson wore under his trousers. His small tighty whities poked out from underneath his shirttails, more clearly visible than before. The laughter was overwhelming. It was coming from all angles. They were bursting at the seams, roaring with laughter at seeing their mighty teacher reduced to this.

“Where’re your boxers, sir?”

“Why are you still wearing tighty whities?”

“Look how pathetic he looks down there!”

All this in barely an instant. Mr. Levinson’s whole world crumbled down in a mere instant. Trying to act quickly, he sat up and pulled his shirt around him, hoping to hide as much as possible. He spun around to see Kevin holding his pants up in the air.

“Give those back,” he hissed.

“What? These?” Kevin grinned at him.

“You hand them over this instant.” His voice had turned icy cold. “This has gone on far enough.”

“Ah, ah, ah,” Kevin said. “Say it nicely.”

The class seemed to enjoy this, laughing at the situation’s absurdity.

“I’m not asking nicely. I’m ordering you now!”

Kevin shook his head. “I don’t think you’ll order me around anymore.”

“Give them over, you little shit.” Mr. Levinson’s face was beet red, and he held his arm up expectantly.

“Language!” Kevin said, smiling sweetly.

Mr. Levinson lunged for his pants, but Kevin held them higher. He’d have to stand to get them. Not thinking twice, Mr. Levinson jumped up, causing more whooping and hollering from the class. Blushing, he quickly pulled his shirt down over his ass and tried to grab them again, but Kevin pulled them out of reach. He lunged again, but Kevin pulled them further away.

“You hand them over now!”

He practically shouted at this point but sounded less commanding and more petulant.

Kevin shook his head. “You still haven’t learned your lesson, have you? You need to learn some humility.”

Face still searing red, Mr. Levinson desperately grabbed his pants but was shocked when Kevin reached out and grabbed his arm. Using the force of his body against him, Kevin pulled him down over his knee, bending him over so his ass was in the air. His shirt rattled up, revealing his white briefs to the class. He tried to cry out, but before he could even get a peep out, Kevin landed a hard blow against his ass.

Mr. Levinson let out a loud gasp of air, completely shocked because his student was spanking him! It was beyond incredible! Kevin spanked him hard.

Over and over.

And over again.

With each spank, Mr. Levinson let out a loud cry. Slowly the cry began to crumble down and become a whimper. He’d never received so much abuse before in his life. The sensation was unbelievable! It stung like nothing he had ever experienced before.

“You need…” Whack! “to learn….” Whack! “Not to be….” Whack! “Such an asshole!” Kevin said between each spank.

Mr. Levinson let out a groan. This needed to be corrected. Kevin was a selfish little prick who deserved this, not him. He had done everything correctly!


He hadn’t!


He hadn’t!




“I didn’t….”


“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Mr. Levinson cried out.


“Then why is everyone here laughing at you?” Kevin asked.

He glanced up at the class as he was spanked again. Their eyes looked eager, happy to see him like this. They were pulling out their cell phones and recording this. Memorializing the absolute worst moment of his life.

Why didn’t they respect him?






No! It was insane! He needed to pull free and-


He let out another long groan. It was never going to end.

Maybe he was an asshole.


Fuck! Maybe –


Maybe he did deserve this.

Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes.

He pushed these kids too hard. He showed them no mercy. He let my anger get the better of him. And what did it lead to?


It is what he deserved.

The spanking continued long after this revelation. But finally, he stopped resisting it. He stopped fighting back or yelling. He took the punishment quietly. It took a few minutes, but soon Kevin began noticing the change in his demeanor. He raised his hand to spank him again but stopped mid-air. He let it hang there for a few seconds, waiting to see what Mr. Levinson did.

Mr. Levinson looked up and gave Kevin a pitiful look. A look seen only in domesticated animals. A look of complete subservience. A sly grin grew across his face. He reached down and grabbed a tuft of Mr. Levinson’s hair and pulled him up to his feet. Watching him wince in pain was satisfying to watch. But more satisfying was the look he gave Kevin when he finally stood upright.

“So we understand each other then?” Kevin said.

Mr. Levinson scrunched up his face but gave a small nod.

Kevin grinned before pushing Mr. Levinson forward. “Apologize to the class.”

Mr. Levinson felt light-headed and disoriented as he found his balance. Looking out over the class, their eager eyes looking him up and down, he found he couldn’t look them in the eyes. Hanging his head and subconsciously cupping his hands over his groin, he finally said, “I’m sorry how I treated you guys. It was wrong of me.”

The class laughed and cheered at this. “Serves you right!”

“Apologize for giving me detention after I missed class because my cat died!”

“Apologize for yelling at us for being too loud!”

“Apologize for acting like you were better than us!”

“Yeah, come on, he still wears tighty whities.”

Mr. Levinson squeezed his eyes shut, blushing deeply. “I’m sorry.” He muttered. “I’m sorry for everything.”

“I think it’s time we knock him off his throne completely,” Kevin declared. He grabbed Mr. Levinson by the collar roughly, causing Mr. Levinson to wince.

“Let’s take it all away from him.” Standing just behind him, Kevin wrapped his arms around his chest and grabbed the front of his shirt. “Make him completely pitiful.”

Mr. Levinson’s eyes grew wide. “No! Don’t…”

“Do it!” The room cried.

In one strong pull, Kevin ripped open the front of his shirt.

The room cheered.

Mr. Levinson gasped as he took in the sight, feeling less like a person and more like a prop with every second. All these boys were pointing and laughing at him. It made him feel just like he did when he was their age.

“What’s your first name?” Kevin whispered in his ear.

Mr. Levinson started, absolutely confused. “T-Tyler?”

“He’ll no longer be known as Mr. Levinson,” Kevin said loud enough for the class. He grabbed the back of his shirt and roughly pulled it off his shoulders. He felt his shirt pulled off his shoulders, and his tie began to become undone, following suit. It was all yanked away; all he was left in were his underpants and socks.

Kevin pushed him forward towards the class. “Everyone say hello to Tyler.”

There he stood. His freshly pressed white cotton briefs were in public, in front of a laughing audience. A red and a blue line went around his waistband, a very old style of underpants. His hairy chest, his slightly chubby belly, his treasure trail. His white socks are on his feet. All on display to a room full of his students.

And they were laughing at him.

All of them were pointing and laughing at him and calling him names. Taking pictures of him. Mocking him.

“Hey Tyler, ever heard of a gym?”

“You don’t have a bulge, do you, Tyler?”

“Why are you so utterly pathetic, Tyler?

Tyler. Not Mr. Levinson. Tyler.

It was what he had been hiding from his whole life.

His last name had been a barrier, a way to portion off who he wanted to present as instead of who he was. A way to stave off who he was deep, deep down. When you peeled back the layers and the fake confidence, he was just a pathetic loser through and through. It’s what everyone had always said he was. They all had. His past lovers. His mommy. His old bullies.

It was like he was back in school when he was the age of his students. Memories surfaced then – of being pantsed outside the schoolyard and cornered in the locker room. A sea of faces peered down at him, laughing and pointing.

Just like now.

Tyler fell to his knees in front of them all. He couldn’t turn away from how they looked down at him like he was inferior. It was intoxicating in a way Tyler couldn’t understand. He felt he should be running away in fear. Instead, he took in wave after wave of verbal abuse.

“Are you still a virgin, too, Tyler?”

“This is all it took to get you to shut up? If we knew it was this easy, we’d do it sooner!”

“You know you deserve this, right Tyler?”

“Tyler,” Kevin said, causing the others to quiet down, if only temporarily. Tyler turned around to look at him. “Why do you still wear tighty whities?”

“Because…” His mouth felt completely dry. His words were failing.

“Because?” Kevin said.

“Because.” He closed his eyes. “Because my mommy still buys them for me.”

The laughter was somehow louder than before. They were absolutely beside themselves. He knew they’d have a field day.

But there it was. The truth. The bare truth.

“He’s getting hard!” Someone suddenly shouted out.

The crowd began to all speak over each other.

“How can you tell?”

“He is!”

“You can barely see it, but he is!”

Tyler himself looked down at himself and closed his eyes. Fuck.

Kevin came around to see him better. “Why are you getting hard, Tyler?” he asked, a laugh escaping his mouth.

“I…” Oh fuck. “I’m turned on by being humiliated.”

A grin grew across Kevin’s face as the class roared with laughter behind him. “Makes sense. There’s a lot to make fun of.”

“Did his dick just twitch?”

“I mean…” Kevin continued. “It’s not as if you’d be any good at sex. Might as well be turned on by failing, huh?”

Tyler’s dick twitched again as he felt himself nod. “Yes. God, yes.”

“You’re bad at sex, aren’t you?”

“I’m terrible,” he admitted. A bit of pre-cum began to stain the front of his briefs, something not lost on the running class commentary.

“It probably just falls right out,” Kevin said.

Tyler nodded. “And I’m terrible at eating them out.”

“You’re sexually pointless,” Kevin said.

“Good for nothing,” Tyler agreed. “Impotent.”

Kevin shook his head. “You’re pathetic. You know that?”

Tyler felt himself instinctively grab his dick and tug on it.

A disgusted look fell across Kevin’s face. “You gonna masturbate in front of us all?”

Tyler glanced around. All his students are looking at him in his underpants. Knowing they knew he has a tiny dick. It was a perfect storm. He turned back to Kevin and nodded. “If I could, sir?”

“Jesus,” Kevin said, stepping back from him. “Just keep it in your hand.”

Tyler began to reach into his briefs, but Kevin cried out before he could get started. “Stop!

He stopped and looked up.

“You don’t even get that dignity,” he said. He turned and nodded to another student, Ian. Ian was extremely tall and built like a linebacker. He stood up and walked around Tyler before locking his arms around Tyler’s armpits and pulling him up into the air.

There he dangled for a few seconds before Kevin walked up. Wrapping his fingers around Tyler’s waist, Kevin quickly yanked his underpants down to his ankles. His small dick, barely bigger than an acorn, and balls, somehow smaller than his dick, flopped into view.

Kevin also pulled his socks off with his underpants to finish the deal. Then he held his briefs up into the air and spun them around his finger as the class cheered. And there Tyler stood. Completely naked. Starkers. In front of his students. He watched as his erection pulsed and pulsed, slowly rising until it pointed directly at the crowd.

He looked back in time to see his clothes thrown into the crowd. Students grabbed his shirt, tie, pants, briefs, and socks. They all had his clothes. The most basic and intimate thing a person can have taken away from him. He had no dignity any longer. No power. No control. It was all over.

He slipped out of Ian’s grasp and fell back onto his knees, completely defeated. And as that dread began to sink in, he felt himself wrap his fingers around his dick and rub it up and down. He jerked off as they yelled. As they pointed at him and as they mocked him.

“Rip them!” Kevin suddenly ordered.

Tyler turned to him, confused. What did he mean? Then he heard a loud ripping noise. Turning back to the crowd, he watched as every article of clothing he owned was ripped apart. His shirt, in pieces. His pants were torn to shreds. His underpants ripped in two. And as he watched them toss them to the ground and step on them, he felt himself begin to cum.

It happened without a long build-up or a big satisfying climax. Just a few clear droplets of cum oozed out of Mr. Levinson’s tiny dick. Small, but still enough to spread across his left thigh. His breathing came in short bursts before he finally moaned, and everything stopped.


Then more laughing. More mocking. More catcalling.

“Took him five seconds!”

“That was nothing!”

“You call that an orgasm?”

Oh shit.

His eyes flew open.

What was he doing? Why did he let this happen? He covered himself up and scooted backward onto his ass and away from the crowd of ravenous students. Fuck! They weren’t supposed to see him like this! But it was too late. Mr. Levinson couldn’t take any of it back. They all saw. And they all knew the truth.

Laughing gleefully, Ian picked him up again to the class for them to further admire his naked body. He squirmed and pushed, trying to break free but to no avail. He was trapped there, completely naked and unable to get his clothes back.

“To the hallway!” Kevin called.

The door to the classroom was flung open, and a few seconds later, a naked Tyler Levinson was tossed onto the ground. He landed in a heap, out of breath and exhausted. Mr. Levinson tried to get up as quickly as possible, but the door was slammed shut behind him. He jumped to his feet, pounding on the door.

“Let me in!” he cried.

Through the window on the door, he could see the faces of all the guys in his class, peering out at him and laughing wildly. It was absolute torture.

“Mr. Levinson?”

His blood turned cold at the sound of that voice. Was that?

He turned around and came face to face with Principal Stockholm.

“Principal Stockholm!” he exclaimed. “I-”

He watched as the principal’s eyes went down his body. He felt his cheeks turn red.

“I’m sorry!” he cried before rushing down the hall, away from that classroom and the school.

Never to return.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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