Shrinkage: Part 1

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By runtz4


Strawberries, my wife always smelled of strawberries and this morning was no exception. She dragged her dark wavy hair across my face, down my firm hairless chest and planted sensual kisses around the base of my dick; the weight of her 32 DD breasts resting on my thighs. I loved watching her shapely ass sticking up in the air as she licked my balls, and I was fully aroused by the time her lips pressed against the head of my three inch dick. At only five feet tall Angie’s petite frame looked barely capable of supporting her playmate curves, but even her small mouth is able to fully engulf my tiny penis, and it felt great.

It was less than a year ago that Angie became aware that I was smaller than average, and since then our sex lives had taken a less than normal turn. Over the past year she finally realized (with the help of my ex-girlfriend, Amy) that she was missing out on being fully satisfied and what she needed was a bigger thicker dick. Things started pretty rough for us – particularly for me, but Angie and I found a happy compromise and she learned the difference between playful teasing and cruelty. Our sex life was full of small penis humiliation, femdom role playing, and big toys. And yes Amy and her giant cocked husband Marlin joined us occasionally; at first, several times a week, but now maybe once or twice a month.

God she felt great sucking my small dick.

Contrary to conventional thought having a small dick has some advantages, like being able to fit completely inside a mouth. I’ve also found that women are much more likely to have anal sex with a smaller dick, and honestly some women like to feel powerful in bed and having a small penis makes them feel dominant. Sure I’d love to have a huge cock, even an average sized dick, but that’s just not in the cards for me, so I make the most of it. I know most people don’t understand why I love being humiliated and teased about my small dick, but it’s raw and honest and I’d much rather be teased for what’s true, than to have women pretend that I’m normal and never say anything about it.

Sure Angie liked big dick, just like I like her big tits, but she never stopped expressing her love to me and I know she loved my little dick. She loved teasing me and turning me on, and she loved sucking me into her mouth and rubbing her tongue over all three inches. So starting the day off with a blow job wasn’t unusual for us, and you’ll never hear me complain about it.

“Come on honey, cum in my mouth,” She pleaded with her big brown eyes and wiggled her ass. I couldn’t have denied her if I wanted to, and quickly erupted inside her warm mouth. God I love her. She lay down beside me rubbing my muscular stomach and thighs allowing me to enjoy coming down from my sexual high.

We didn’t have much time to lounge around today. We were going to spend three days at a secluded cabin with three other couples we met at the gym this past year. We had gotten together a few times for dinner and drinks, but this was our first trip and extended time with them. For sake of the story I am going to change their names to make it easier to remember what couples belong together. There was Bill, the tallest of us guys at 6’3 he’s slim with dark hair which was prematurely graying. Bill is a coach at a small high school and was evidently quite the basketball star in college before blowing his knee out. His wife Jill, a lawyer, went to school on cheer leading and pageant scholarships. Jill has shoulder length blond hair with long legs and slim pretty face. But her voice shrieks and she’s a bit of a bitch especially towards Bill.

The last couple was Kevin and Karen who have been dating for a little over a year. Kevin, Bill and Jill are a bit older than the rest of us. Kevin’s a mechanic and owns his own shop but judging from the dirt under his nails he’s still doing the hard work. He’s a bit of a “bad boy” with lots of tattoos, and looks like a young Gerard Butler. Karen is about my height, with long bottle blond hair. Her skin always has a glowing tan and is always well made up and smells incredible. She says she’s an actress and dancer, but I’ve always wondered if that was code for stripper. At just 22 she’s also the youngest in the group. I like Karen; she’s a lot of fun, flirtatious and dirty sexy, but a bit ditsy. Jill always makes fun of Karen, and she either doesn’t mind or she really doesn’t know she’s being made fun of.

Finally there’s Shane and Shannon. Shane’s an engineer and obviously the least ‘in shape’ of the group, pale and a bit overweight but we have a lot in common and he’s easy to talk to. Shannon is proof that opposites attract, she’s a really cute and outgoing dark skinned Latina and maybe three inches taller than Angie, she has a runners build, slim with slight curves. Honestly, if Shane and Shannon weren’t going we probably wouldn’t go either.

We all met up at Jill and Bill’s house to load up. We were told that driving assignments had already been decided. Bill and Kevin had been friends since kids and so Jill drove the SUV they rode in, leaving us with Shane and Shannon, which worked out perfectly. It took about five hours to get to the cabin allowing us to get to know Shane and Shannon even better; but by the end of the long weekend we would know them intimately. In fact we agreed that the trip really consisted of two groups, us and “The Others” Shane and I joked making references to LOST.

Being early January it was no surprise that snow began to fall as we drove closer to the cabin and it was clear it had been snowing for a while when we arrived. “Team Jill” as she was calling it, being ultra-competitive about everything had arrived first – therefore making them the “winners” in a race she made up in her head. As soon as we got out of the car we could hear Jill yelling about something but couldn’t quite figure out what had set her off this time. Bill had setup the trip and got the cabin from one of the booster club donors at the high school. However, he must have misunderstood the accommodations; the cabin was nice, big and open – very open, in fact there was one bedroom without a door, a loft area with a futon, and two sleeper sofas and a love-seat in the middle living area. Upon further inspection we found only one bathroom with a large open shower that also had no doors.

“What kind of dump is this?” Jill kept screeching, “We can’t stay here like this!”

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch!” Kevin chimed in, always willing to go toe to toe with Jill. “We’re grownups and we can make this work, after all the sun is going down now and I don’t think any of us should be going anywhere in this snow.”

After about an hour Kevin had a fire going in the fireplace and we had rigged up a curtain to the bathroom and to the bedroom which Jill had claimed for them, Kevin and Karen took the loft; once again leaving Shane, Shannon, Angie and I together on the sleeper sofas. By the time we got all that settled Angie and Shannon announced dinner was ready. We had brought food with us, and alcohol lots of alcohol, knowing the cabin wasn’t fully stocked. The women did a great job cooking and even remembered the wine. Having set the long table nicely there was just enough room for all of us to crowd around, though elbow room was a little tight. Pretty soon the mood lifted as we talked and shared stories of how we met our partners.

“What’s the first thing about your partner that caught your attention?” Shannon asked the group. Shannon is a couple’s therapist, and was always getting the group talking.

“That’s easy,” Shane announced, “It was our senior year in college, we both had a minor in communications and we had a class together. I remember you asking a question that stumped the professor; I was taken by how articulate and passionate you were. And still are I might add.”

“Boo!” Kevin yelled “I don’t buy it you mean to tell me that the first thing you noticed about this hot Mexican chica was her articulation?” He said making air quotes around articulation.

“Well…” Shane stammered, “…maybe I did notice her thick lips first.” He blushed, revealing it wasn’t just her lips but the thought of what she could do with them.

“Now THAT I believe,” Kevin said.

“You perverted little boy,” Shannon teased her husband. “I didn’t know that, but it does make sense,” She added poking her lips out, making Shane blush even more.

“Well the first thing I noticed about Bill…” Jill started in, “…was his legs. The first time he caught my eye he was playing basketball, and he had these powerful calves. He wasn’t the tallest player out there but he jumped higher than the other guys and was dominating the game. He just seemed so confident on the court. I really loved that about you,” She ended looking right at Bill with a slight frown implying that he wasn’t confident anymore.

Bill, having had his fill of wine and catching the backhanded compliment stood and cleared his throat, “The first thing I noticed about you, my dear, was that you forgot your panties when you came out to cheer for the team that one time.”

“BILL!” Jill yelled cutting off her husband and showing her disapproval of his over share.

“And everyone got an eyeful of your well-trimmed snatch,” he continued ignoring Jill.

The group burst into laughter at Bill’s tipsy confession and the thought of Miss Prim and Proper flashing everyone in the stands. Jill sat down red from the neck up, partly embarrassed but mostly pissed.

“What about you Kevin?” Shannon asked moving the conversation along, “What did you notice about Karen?”

“Hell, I am a simple guy. You know I didn’t go to college, always been good with my hands. The first thing I noticed about this little honey were the curves, that supple body, flawless beauty, as soon as I saw her I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her and really make her scream! And that was just that pretty little Porsche her rich daddy bought her,” he laughed. “But seriously, when I first saw her I thought she was one of those spoiled-rotten-rich-bitches, hair all did up and makeup that costs more than my tools. But she was so genuine… and has the sweetest pussy,” he rumbled and laughed.

“Thank you honey,” Karen gushed truly touched by Kevin’s kind words. “The first thing I noticed about you were those powerful hands. I just wanted you to rip my top off and rub my tits with those rock hard hands of yours.”

Kevin stood up and groped his girls perky set jiggling them roughly.

“There ya go baby,” Kevin hooted.

Karen didn’t even flinch, but Jill looked like she was going to throw up.

Angie stood up and took a big gulp of wine, trying to compose herself from all the laughter. “Okay, honey. What I noticed about you first, was your smile… and I loved that you were willing to be patient with me and wait till we got married.” The room got quiet, as she finished, “You sir are a gentleman.”

“Wait a second…” Bill burst out even tipsier than earlier. “…You two didn’t fuck till you were married?”

“That’s right…” Angie slurred, “…I was pure as snow on my wedding day.”

It was then that I notice just how much she had to drink.

“You mean you haven’t had sex with anyone but David?” Karen marveled.

Angie began to answer her very bluntly, “No, I…”

I had to cut her off and stood up quickly. “What I noticed first about Angie was her gorgeous brown eyes,” I shouted trying to overpower Angie’s voice.

“Bullshit!” Kevin interjected again. “Angie is five foot nothin’ with tits out to here…” he gestured with his arms out in front of him like he was carrying two beach balls, “…and you noticed her eye’s first? Bullshit I say! What say you all?” He sounded like Russell Crow in Gladiator.

“Bullshit!” everyone yelled in unison and broke into laughter again; even Jill was loosening up at this point.

“Damn…” Jill shouted, “…What else do we have to drink around here?”

Shane went to the kitchen and pulled out two bottles of Jack Daniels.

“That’ll do!” Jill snorted. “Let’s say we clean up a bit and come back to this game in a more comfortable place. I gotta pee anyway.”

“I think she’s drunk,” Angie whispered in my ear.

“I think you’re drunk,” I whispered back, but she just gave me a little smile.

We all began to shuffle about cleaning up, but the area was small so most of us just moved over to the couches and waited their turn for the bathroom. Kevin took the trash outback to a trash can, and came back in shouting, “Hey, they have a huge covered hot tub out here, and the water is already hot!”

“They didn’t say anything about a hot tub…” Bill voiced, “…but hell let’s use it.”

“Did anyone bring swimsuits?” I stammered.

“Come on; don’t be like that we can get in without this being weird,” Kevin said taking control of the situation. “Keep your panties on if it bothers you,” he taunted challenging my masculinity.

I never showered or changed at the gym so Kevin didn’t know that my underwear looked very much like panties. The girls all agreed to wear their underwear, to keep things ‘decent’. So we all grabbed our towels and took turns in the bedroom and bathroom getting ready. Angie and I went in to the bedroom to slip out of our clothes.

“Angie…” I whispered low, “…please we really need some friends. I don’t want these guys… you know?”

“I know,” she responded not needing me to finish my sentence. “I’ll be the loving wife to a wonderful man.”

She let her hand move down my chest past my stomach and gave my little guy a playful pinch. She had taken off everything but her beige bra and red panties, which she covered up with a towel. Ever since Amy and I dated in college I have warn tight designer ‘man panties’ as Angie called them. I left them on and put the towel around my waist and headed out. The rest of the group was huddled by the door waiting for us.

“Okay it stopped snowing but it’s still cold as hell out there,” Kevin said. “The water is warm so just get in as quickly as possible.”

He threw open the door and Jill dashed out, trying to win the imaginary race again, with Bill in hand followed by a heard of cold, barely covered, and slightly drunk friends. The hot tub was recessed into the deck, so you stepped down to get in. With the jets going you couldn’t see much below the water line. By the time I made it out the door Jill was already in the hot tub up to her neck, and Bill had just sat down. I got a quick glance at Shannon in her bra and panties before she was covered in the water, Shane and Kevin had their backs to the group and simultaneously dropped their towels giving everyone a quick peek at their bare bottoms, which got a thunderous applause and cheers.

I held Angie’s hand as she stepped into the hot tub and pulling her towel off, all eyes were on her large natural breasts spilling over her bra as she sat down. Her breasts were so tightly packed in her bra she looked like she was smuggling giant bagels. I moved to the far side of the hot tub – stepped in, turned, dropped the towel and sat down. Seeing that I had on my underwear the group booed wanting a better show.

“Sorry, I’m just more modest than you animals,” I joked back, torn between my love for humiliation and wanting to keep this friendly.

Sitting down in the hot tub, Jill’s bra covered breasts were completely out of the water, barely revealing her hard quarter sized nips straining against the damp material. Shannon’s tits were just barely out of the water and if they were bigger probably would have hit the water. She was wearing a black bra that kept her the most concealed. Angie, being the shortest and having the largest breasts were almost covered by the water, just the tops sticking out.

Looking around I realized we were missing someone, “Where’s Karen?” I asked to know one in particular.

“She’s coming,” Kevin shrugged, “She just likes to take her own sweet time with everything.”

Just then the back door opened again, Karen had on what was obviously one of Kevin’s well-worn undershirts, and in each hand she had a bottle of Jack. She handed the bottles to Jill and Bill who were closest to her as she took her towel off her shoulder and placed it on a dry chair under the awning of the deck.

“What are you wearing?” Jill scolded sharply, seeming impatient with Karen.

“I don’t actually wear underwear” she said, “so I thought I’d just throw on a shirt.”

Jill tried to warn her but it was too late Karen had submerged herself in the water and was now sitting up with a completely see-through white shirt. Jill just shook her head; I read her lips as she mouthed the word ‘Idiot’. Karen’s shirt was useless at this point as it revealed her perky and visibly pierced tits.

The water was very warm, and felt great, the contrast of the brisk air and the steam from the hot tub created a nice balance. After some more chit chat and passing around the whiskey a few times Shannon got the groups attention by clearing her throat, “Let’s play I never. We each take turns saying something we have never done; if someone in the group has done it they take a swig. If you’re caught lying you have to take two swigs.”

“I’ll start and we’ll go around the circle,” She added. “I never had sex in high school.”

Everyone but Angie and I took a swig of Jack.

“Really?” Karen asked looking at me. They already knew Angie was a virgin when we got married but my sexual past was still a mystery. “Did you guys lose your virginity to each other?” Karen asked.

Angie spoke up, “No he had some small flings before we dated and one serious relationship. But they let the little things get in the way.”

I blushed knowing what she was saying and hoped everyone else was too drunk to catch on.

It was Shane’s turn but his eyes kept locking on to Karen’s mostly exposed tits. “Ahem, it’s your turn,” Shannon huffed and we all realized where his attention was. All of us except for Karen who seemed oblivious to what was going on. We all got a laugh as he stuttered trying to pretend he wasn’t just caught gawking.

“Okay, I got one” He finally said. “I’ve never had sex outdoors.”

Everyone including Angie and I took a swig, “Really?” Shane said looking at his wife.

“What? It was with someone else before we got together,” Shannon defended herself.

Not needing any encouragement Jill spoke up. “I’ve never been arrested.”

Kevin grabbed the Jack and took a big swig. “I was arrested for DUI,” he snorted.

Karen, for whatever reason stood up revealing everything through her soaked sheer t-shirt. Just then Angie interrupted. “Liar!” She yelled and pointed at me. “You told me you were arrested in college for public indecency.”

Damn she was right. How could that have slipped my mind? When Amy and I were together she and her roommates locked me out of their dorm naked. The campus police came and they handed me over to the real police. I was technically arrested, though didn’t spend any time in jail. They thought it would be humiliating, but never thought anyone would call the cops. I grabbed the bottle and took two big swigs, and told my story, leaving out the most embarrassing details; like how small and hard my cock was at the time, and how they had written 3 inches across my stomach with an arrow pointing to my dick or how my arms were tied behind my back.

Then Angie grabbed the bottle and took a big swig too, “Oops, I forgot what we were doing,” she snickered which got another laugh from the group.

“Bill!” Jill yelled snapping his attention away from Karen who was still standing up. “Seriously if you’re going to stare at tits then stare at these tits,” she snorted as she stood up and unclasped her bra letting her slightly droopy C cup breasts fall free.

I guess it was a combination of her competitive streak and the booze taking over. This caused a wave of gawking and cheering that freed Shannon to take off her bra too. “Hey…” she shouted grabbing her husband’s face, “…these are the ones for your eyes.” She giggled as she revealed her sexy dark nipples that crowned her little A cups.

Karen was already virtually naked but pulled off her t-shirt throwing it aside still inexplicably standing up in the cold air, she threw her arms up and waved them shaking her little ass and jiggling her firm B cups and showing off her well-trimmed landing strip before finally sitting down.

Again all eyes were on Angie, “What?” She snapped.

The group erupted in a chant, “TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!”

“Come on Angie, take it off. Your boobs are huge… you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. If anything I should be the one embarrassed seeing how much smaller I am,” Shannon said.

“Fine!” She slurred as she stood up, turned around unclasping her bra. She slowly turned around holding her soaked bra to her breasts. “Is this what you wanted?” She teased before dropping her hands and exposing her massive breasts and pink tits to the group.

But instead of the hoots and hollers that the other girls got the group was dead silent. Every guy wanted to touch her and every woman wanted to be her. In that moment I felt a great sense of pride knowing she had the best set of tits in this bunch of hot women. Then it struck me that must be why Amy loves showing her giant cocked husband off. Angie sat back down, this time sitting up on her knees, her nipples just barely out of the water.

“Damn! Ladies I think we just lost the attention of our guys,” Shannon joked unable to take her own eyes off my wife.

“Holy shit we have the first four letters of the alphabet!” Kevin joked. The confused expression on Karen’s face was priceless indicating she didn’t understand his joke.

“Hey ditz, A, B, C, D,” Jill screeched pointing at the girls in order.

“Or is that double D?” Bill observed looking at Angie sitting next to me.

“Yep,” Angie gloated taking her giant melons in her hands holding them up and pressing them together. Between the cool air and the titillating attention her nipples were big and hard.

“Now that’s not fair…” Bill mocked, “…when I get cold my dick shrinks up. When your tits get cold they get bigger. That’s just not fair.”

“I know man…” Kevin agreed, “…my dick shrinks up so bad you would think it was hiding from the IRS.”

“I guarantee none of you shrinks up more than Shane,” Shannon interjected throwing her husband a jab.

I think she was getting even at him for gawking at all the fine tits on display. Angie and I stayed silent, but she gave me a devilish smile and let her hand drop between my legs finding my rock hard dick she slowly began rubbing circles around the head with her finger.

Jill couldn’t take it any longer, this was beginning to sound like a competition and she can’t leave a challenge alone. “Okay men, we’re going to settle this.”

“What have you got cooking in that head of yours?” Kevin asked for all of us.

“A shrinkage contest. the smallest dick wins,” She shouted.

Angie just looked at me and I could read her thoughts, this was a dick contest I could win. And I wondered if she would feel proud of me the way I was of her showing off her big tits.

“Go on?” Angie insisted.

“Okay, you guys jump out of the hot tub one by one, run down to the lake, jump in and come back. We measure you and whoever is the smallest is the winner,” She explained.

“Okay, but what do we get?” Kevin asked.

“Um… I don’t know.” She gestured to the girls to come over to her and began collaborating, making us guys move over to the opposite side while they talked. We could hear a lot of whispers, giggles and few “no’s” and “oh my god’s.” Finally they turned around; it was quite erotic to see them all standing there with their tits pointing at us. “Okay, the winner will get the bedroom for all three nights,” Jill announced.

“Boo!” Kevin shouted, “I am not freezing my nuts off for just a room with a sheet door.”

The girls turned back around and convened again for what felt like 10 minutes, there was a lot of back and forth but it was obvious Jill was determined to make this happen. Angie occasionally looked over at me; wide eyed communicating things were getting out of hand.

“Okay…” Jill spoke up turning back around, “…we’re changing the rules. So there’s something in it for each of you. The winner is the smallest dick, and the couple that wins gets the room, and the man that wins gets a blow job from each girl. The runner up gets blown by two girls. The second runner up gets one BJ and a hand job. And finally the looser, gets one hand job from the girl of his choice.”

In theory I should have been ecstatic at the prospect of getting my dick sucked from all four women, after all I was certain I would “win” this contest. But, then all the girls would also have to see my fully erect dick, all three inches of throbbing man meat. I was also certain Angie would be sucking and jerking every guy there by the way they all ogled her luscious tits. But Shannon does have those great lips, any guy would love to have those wrapped around his dick. That was it, I knew the risks, but I was in.

“How are we going to measure?” Shane asked.

“I have a small sewing kit in my bag, I am certain there’s a tape measure,” Shannon piped up as she stepped out of the hot tub and quickly shuffled inside feeling the chill from the cold night air.

A few moments later she came shuffling back not wanting to slip on the wood deck shivering with her tits hard as rocks.

“Here…” she said handing it to Jill with a giggle, “…it’s only a six inch tape, but we are looking for the short stick.”

“Just so we’re clear guys, you run to the lake, jump in and come back. Your girl will measure you using this tape measure from the top of your… ahem…member,” She choked out. “We will all be watching to keep everyone honest. This might be the first time any guy is tempted to lie about being smaller than he really is. After all, you’ve all been staring at our boobs, it’s just fair that we get to see your shriveled up peckers.” The girls all cheered standing up showing off their bodies.

“So who wants to be first?” Jill asked acting as the ring leader and spokeswoman.

“I’ll go,” Bill shouted jumping out of the tub. Jill looked proud to have a competitive husband as he darted into the darkness. The lake was just down the hill from us and we could see his silhouette as he ran.

He let out a painful scream as he hit the icy water; we laughed as he yelled all the way back. As he got closer all attention was on his dick flapping freely in the cold air. He stopped right in front of us, and Jill quickly reached out and measured his dick. I have been hairless below the waist for years now (Amy and Angie like to take Marlin and I to get waxed together as part of my humiliation) and it catches me off guard to see hairy guys.

“Two inches even!” she shouted sounding happy about the number.

Bill jumped in the hot tub to warm up and began rubbing his crotch, “I don’t want to lose anything to frost bite” he chuckled.

“Next?” Jill railed, and as soon as the words came out Kevin gave a manly shout and took off running.

He cursed all the way to the lake, “Shit, shit, shit!” The cold water seemed to knock the wind out of him as he stopped yelling, and made almost no noise on his way back. He stopped and Karen stepped forward with the tape measure. “Umm… I think that’s three and a half” she bubbled.

“Holy shit, give me that!” Jill huffed taking the tape measure, and all too willingly grabbed Kevin’s cold cock. “It’s two and a half. You were holding it backwards, you bimbo.”

“How could I have held his cock backwards?” She asked genuinely unsure how she messed up.

I was certain I was going to win; rock hard I’m three inches, flaccid I am under two, and Angie knew it too by the way she grabbed my arm and looked at me when Jill read the measurement.

“I don’t want to be last,” Shane yelled and without any prompting took off running.

Shane was the only one to cover his junk with his hands the entire time, but as he dropped them we were shocked, his dick hadn’t shrunk much at all. In fact it looked quite normal. Shannon stepped forward as we all watched. “Three inches,” she read and shared a look and smile with her husband.

“Okay Dave, time to drop trou and take a jog,” Kevin snapped.

I sat down in the warm water and pulled my briefs off, then in one leap jumped out of the hot tub and started running. I looked down and was already pretty cold, but I was also turned on. That didn’t last though as I hit the painfully cold water. I knelt down making sure my dick was fully submerged and started running back. I don’t remember making any noise but I was told later I screamed like a bitch when I hit the water. As I approached the light on the deck it was clear I was the winner.

“Shit, you’re bald!” Jill yelped

“Oh my god he looks like a little boy!” Shannon laughed.

Angie met me at the steps of the hot tub. Her warm hand was a nice change from the piercing cold, as she placed the measuring tape on my nub sticking out. Everyone gathered closer to get a better look at my short, hairless dick.

“3/4 of an inch,” Angie gasped looking at me in the eyes with a mix of pride for winning but embarrassment knowing I was the smallest dick there.

She knew I was small, but other than mine she had really only seen Marlin’s giant dick in the flesh. I quickly jumped in the hot tub and started rubbing my junk like the other guys did.

“I think it’s too late dude, your dick fell off somewhere,” Kevin said.

Jill was obviously pissed off for losing. But Angie came right to me and threw her arms around my neck and pulled me between her tits and kissed me deeply.

“Time to move into my new room,” I mused and stepped out of the hot tub quickly tying a towel around my waist. The rest of the group reluctantly followed suit.


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