Smaller Than Average Part 2

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By runtz4 (edited)

This is part two of Smaller than Average , you might want to read part one first.

Part 2 begins….


I am not really sure what happened next, but I woke up to find all four of us on the floor of Amy’s room. The two mattress’s had been laid out and pushed together. Amy’s head was up against my chest as I lay on my side. I could feel a warm body against my back. I rose up slightly to see who was beside me, it was Beth and beside her she held Jenny in a spooning position. We had blankets over us but I could tell I was naked. I rubbed my eyes and looked for the clock, it was just past 6am, I lifted the blanket slightly and glanced down at my exposed dick, it had been punished hard yesterday, and was obviously in hiding as the head had completely disappeared under the fold of my foreskin. I was circumcised but from time to time my dick would retract into my abdomen leaving just a small floppy circle of flesh where my dick should be. It was uncomfortable when this happened, and certainly embarrassing,.

As I slid my hand down to pinch it and pull the head out Amy spoke, “Hey.”

“Good morning,” I replied.

Stretching she leaned back creating a void between our bodies, she looked down with squinting morning eyes which quickly opened wide.

“God, are you okay?” she said looking at my hidden member

“Um… yeah this happens sometimes,” I said feeling a blush of embarrassment come across me.

“Does it hurt?”

“It’s uncomfortable. I was just about to fix it.”

“How often does this happen?” she asked in her naturally curious way.

“A few times a week. Usually right after working out it just crawls up inside me. That’s one of the reasons I never shower in the gym.”

I shared with an openness I have never experienced with anyone before.

“May I?” she asked sitting up and reaching for the ruler on her desk, not really waiting for an answer.

“Okay, but make it quick I really don’t want the others to see me like this,” I said softly trying to keep from waking Beth and Jenny.

I laid back but couldn’t help but lift my head as I watched Amy press the ruler against my sunken ship. An audible “Oh!” escaped her lips. It was small but I couldn’t see the numbers. Then laying the ruler down she placed a warm finger on my flesh and made a small spiral as she circled around the flimsy foreskin.

“How does it do this?” she whispered amazed.

“I don’t know, it just pulls into my body I guess,” I said realising she was truly examining me.

Amy lowered herself down to get a better look, then slowly placing her tongue against me she licked around the flap of protruding skin, and then sank her tongue inside my hole. I felt her moist gentle touch slide inside my cylinder of skin, landing with marksmen precision on the slit of my dick head. Using her finger and thumb, she gently pushed the flesh down till my head was barely seen. Then taking the whole thing in her mouth she sucked it out of hiding, like sucking a pimento out of an olive.

“Better?” she asked.

“Better,” I assured her.

“Are you sure you don’t want them to see it?” she pressed.

I hesitated, opening my mouth but saying nothing spoke more truthfully than any words I could have said. “It’s okay you know,” she interrupted my speechless sentence. “I know you like us teasing your little dick. It gets you excited and I want you to know that it’s okay that it does. The other day when I was researching small penis sex on the internet I discovered a whole community of people with this fetish. It’s called small penis humiliation or SPH for short.” She continued, “Do you have any idea how crazy it’s been making us feel?” She then added with raspy excitement. “We have never done anything like this before. Teasing you and watching you squirm under us has put a lust spell on us. I can’t get enough!” she said almost crying. “So if not for you, then for me. Let us fulfil your unspoken fantasies and push you beyond your imagination.”

My heart was pounding in my chest with fear and excitement. Amy was breathing heavy too and looking at me longing for me to respond. I could tell she was frightened too. I could read her fears, had she said too much? Would I think her a sick pervert and storm out the door? Or would I echo her longing and lust and trust her with my secret fantasies.

Speechless, I pulled her on top of me plunging my tongue into her awaiting mouth. My cock now fully extended, met her wet embrace as I pushed past her lips I thrust my excitement as deep as I could inside her. She sat up and grinding herself on top of my pole she rubbed her clit against my pelvic bone. With tears rolling down her cotton white cheeks and a moan escaping her pouty pink lips, she shuddered in ecstasy as she released on my lap. My balls tightened and I exploded. She fell down on top of me and we held each other tight. All I could hear was Amy breathing in my ear and the sound of my own heart desperately attempting to keep my body alive.

“GOD DAMN!” Beth exclaimed stealing the silence from the room.

Amy raised herself and declared, “Half an inch.”

Expanding the playground

I stood up, grabbed my toiletry bag and headed to the bathroom to clean up. As the water in the sink was running I could hear Amy talking with Beth and Jenny but couldn’t hear what they were saying. I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I began to lather up my face to shave, looking down at my hairless withering dick I couldn’t believe all that had happened in the past two days as a feeling of complete satisfaction consumed me.

I stepped out of the bathroom and Beth and Jenny slid by me to go to their room. Amy was dressed in shorts and a sports bra, and was tying her workout shoes. With her leg perched on the desk chair her shorts hugged her frame revealing her shapely thighs.

“Get dressed,” she insisted. “Jenny is taking us to the athletes gym to work out.”

As it turns out Jenny is a volleyball player and all university athletes get access to an exclusive workout facility. They can bring up to three guests which worked perfectly for us.

“I didn’t bring any clothes to work out in,” I told her.

“Guys,” Amy yelled, “Do you have anything for him to wear?”

“Um, I might,” I heard a voice call back not sure which one it was.

Jenny came in with some shorts and t-shirt in hand. “Here, these are some old clothes that will probably work.” She said handing the bundle to me.

I slipped on the shorts, and though they had a slight feminine cut to them, they were fairly gender neutral. Taking the t-shirt, and pulling it over my head, I realised it was a practice jersey for the volleyball team. The heather grey shirt fit a bit tight, but again seemed fine.

“Ready?” Jenny said in an obnoxiously chipper way for such an early time in the morning.

We made our way across campus to the Athletic Department gym. Not being an athlete I had never been inside. Oddly, I realised that Amy was leading the way. “Have you been here before?” I asked.

“Yep, Marlin brought me a few times when we were dating and then I’ve been a few times with Jen,” She said casually.

As we walked through the doors of the workout room we were met by a fitness instructor at the front desk. She was also overly chipper, obviously a morning person. “Hey Jen, are these guys with you today?” She asked super excited. “Be sure to sign in and sign out when you leave,” She instructed Amy and me. “If you need any help just call. My name is Becky.”

Of course her name was Becky, could there be a perkier name to suit this hyper terrier of a girl, I thought as we signed in. There weren’t many people at the gym, maybe three or four others. In fact the only other guy in the place was way over on the side, working his legs on the heavy weights.

The gym was in the shape of a U, so if you’re on one side you can’t see around to the other with the welcome desk right at the front or bottom of the U. The other people were weight training on the left side of the U, but we went to the cardio equipment on the right hand side. I climbed up on the elliptical machine and set out for an hour of cardio. Amy set up right next to me while Beth hit the step trainer right in front of me. No wonder she has such a great ass, I thought as she set it to the highest setting. Jenny hit the treadmill a little ways away from us.

My focus was divided between the TV on the wall just in front of Beth and Beth’s ass increasingly covered with sweat. Amy disappeared for a moment, and then I saw her walking out of the dressing room that separated the two halves of the gym. Pointing her finger at me she waved me over. “What do you want?” I asked.

“Just listen,” her voice took a serious tone. “We came here for a reason today. And if you play along with us we have all agreed that tonight you call the shots. Whatever you want to do we’ll do it. However you want to do it, and to whomever you want to do it too. Do you agree?” she asked as if making hostage negotiations.

“I… OK I agree,” I said, my pulse racing from the workout but more from the thought of what was about to happen.

“Great, how’s your equipment doing? All shrunk up like before?”

“Yeah it is.”

“I need you to go take a shower, but no covering it up. Just go take a shower like you would as if no one could see you,” she said with a wicked smile.

Knowing there wasn’t really anyone else in the gym this early I figured I better go quickly before other people started coming in. As I headed to the locker room Amy grabbed my arm and said, “One last thing you must stay in there for 30 minutes.”

She let go and I headed in with a shrug.

I could hear a shower running but figured I could get undressed and slip into the shower stall without anyone seeing me. I stopped at the last locker next to the showers, looking around I pulled my shirt off and put it in the locker. Then looking around again, I slipped out of my shorts and underwear. I stood there holding my clothes in front of my dick that had hidden itself inside me. Looking down I threw the clothes in the locker and walked through the shower room door.

“Oh shit!” I said to myself out loud.

It was just one big room with three shower heads on each of the three walls and two wooden benches in the middle. As horrifying as that was it paled in comparison to what I saw next. Over on the left hand side of the shower room was a huge and muscular guy facing the wall in front of him. I quickly went to the far right shower head and turned it on. “Thank God,” I said as I felt that the water was instantly hot.

I stood facing my wall hoping that this would be the worst of it.

My heart was pounding and my knees were shaking. This did nothing for my collapsed dick. I looked over and saw that there was a soap dispenser in between every other shower head. Reaching over and taking a palm full of soap I began washing off, as my hand slid over my dick I started pulling it out, hoping to resuscitate the little fella before anyone could see me like this.

“Hey faggot! Stop jerking off in the shower,” I heard a deep masculine voice say.

My heart sank.

I thought I was going to throw up. Lifting my hands in the air like a criminal with the drop on him I squeaked back, “I was just washing dude, take it easy eh.”

“No, I saw you. You were jerking that… thing,” he looked angry.

“I swear I wasn’t,” I was in full panic

“Dude, you turn around. And if your dick is hard I am throwing you a beating,” he ordered.

I slowly turned around, and as I did I looked over at the giant standing not 15 feet away from me. I wish I could say I looked him in the face, but I didn’t. In fact I couldn’t because when I turned what I saw and locked my eyes on was the largest cock I’d ever seen. This guy was built, so when I tell you his dick made the rest of him seem small you’ll understand that this thing was massive. I could tell he was flaccid by the way it hung, and I do mean HUNG. His head was just above his knee and looked to be the size of a racquet ball. His shaft was thick and reminded me of a section of fire hose, and I was so taken by his dick I totally forgot to be embarrassed about my own.

“What the HELL!” he suddenly wailed. “Is that you dick?”

Now I looked up and saw his face.

FUCK, I thought to myself because attached to that log between his legs was none other than Marlin.

“I said is that your dick?” he asked again more forcefully.

“Ye… yeah… it is” I stammered.

Marlin stepped over the bench and walked closer to me, his giant bologna log swaying with every step. “What the hell happened to you?” He asked somewhat with genuine concern.

“Nothing, it just gets kinda small after working out.” I said timidly hoping he would just turn around and leave me alone.

“So it gets bigger right?” he asked.

Shit he shares the same curiosity that Amy has. “Yes, but it’s nothing like yours,” I said motioning to his giant dong.

“Well, of course not,” he said nonchalantly. “I’ve never met any guy even close to my size,” he continued.

I was staring at his dick the whole time he spoke.

“What does it feel like?” I said meaning what is it like to have such a large dick.

“You can feel it if you want to, most guys do,” he said calmly. “It’s not a fag thing, it’s just everyone wants to touch it. So who am I to say no?”

And with that Marlin lifted up his man meet, and pointed it right at me. It nearly touched my chest as he held it out. Without thinking, I just reached out and took hold of it like a hotdog. My hand reached around his soft dick, and I realised my hand couldn’t close around it. Marlin let go, and let me feel the weight of it,

“Damn it’s heavy,” I breathed aloud.

Then taking my other hand I placed it at the base of his cock. My arm, from hand to elbow was touching his long thick pole. I gently wrapped my left hand around him and stroked it toward me. Not jerking him off, just feeling every inch, every bump and every vein. My mouth dropped open as I realised just how big he really was. My own dick twitched, and jumped and sprang to life.

“Hey it did get bigger.” Marlin said with sarcasm and hint of pity in his voice.

He turned and stood beside me holding his cock out in front of him, my own dick needed no support as it jutted straight out. “Damn, you’re still small,” he said as if I hadn’t noticed. Instinctively I reached over and grabbed his dick again, he didn’t even flinch as if knowing that I would do it. I started stroking his massive tool, and was relieved to note he was a ‘shower’ not a ‘grower’. But even still he grew at least another two or three inches. Reaching over I pumped some soap in my hand and began working his deadly weapon. Something was stirring inside me; I grabbed his dick and pulled him over to the bench.

I told him to lie down as if speaking to a dog. And to my surprise he obeyed. Lying on his back, I threw a leg over him and stood over his stomach. His dick was now between my legs and as I looked down I realised this is what he sees every time he gets naked. I put my hands around him and began jerking him as best as I could. He was just huge. Using my right hand to hold him still, I used my left to make swirling motions around the underside of his fat head.

“That’s it,” he shivered.

I kept working his giant dick in my soapy hands, I felt his stomach tighten and his cock jerked, as a rope of cum shot from his cannon. “Keep going!” He insisted.

Pump after pump he shot his loads, all over the shower room floor. Finally reaching around me and grabbing my hands Marlin pleaded, “No more, no more.”

I stepped off him walking forward allowing his dick to rub against mine. I walked over to the still running shower head and cleaned his jism off. Marlin stood up and walked out of the shower room saying nothing.

A Sticky Situation

I continued to wash in the shower trying desperately to scrub the thick sticky cum off my hands, arms, chest, dick and ass. Finally satisfied that I had got it all off, I realised my dick was still hard. The only thing worse than being caught in the shower room with a small dick, is being caught with a hard small dick. I better get out of here, I thought to myself but then I realised I had no towel. Nothing to dry myself off with I had only a few options, stand around and drip dry, get dressed wet, or use my shirt to dry off with and leave without it on. Having a pretty nice body, I opted for plan C. I hurried out the shower room, and grabbed the locker door.

“Sir?” I heard the undeniable perky voice of Becky call out, “Sir, are you alright?” She added

“Um yeah everything is fine,” I yelled back.

“Well your friends were worried about you. They said you’ve been in there a long time. I would have sent a guy in to check on you, but we’re the only ones here this morning?”

“No, I just lost track of time, I’ll be out in a bit”

“Do you need anything?”

“Um well, if you have towel I could use one” I requested

“Oh yeah, hang on I’ll get you one.” The perky voice declared. A few moments past, then she called out again. “Okay sir, I am just going to leave the towel on the bench closest to the entrance.”

“Alright” I said

“Okay you can come get it now, I am out” Becky shouted as I heard the door close.

I walked down to the end of the row of lockers, turned to walk toward the first row near the entrance. My pace was quick, and I could feel my hard little bud bouncing all around. I was just about to the bench, when I heard, “Gotcha!”

All four of the girls came darting around the corner of the entrance. I tried to cover up but Jen and Beth were on me like ninjas. Jen is extremely fit and strong, much stronger than I would’ve guessed and stronger than me I was learning. She held my arms back fully exposing me to Becky. I didn’t care that the others saw me after all we had already done together. But Becky had nothing to do with our little group.

“Oh my God!” Becky said in her high pitched voice. “You’re right it’s soooooo small, it’s cute.”

“Come on, please let me go,” I begged but Amy just looked me up and down.

“Remember our deal,” she said directly.

I stopped fighting against them and acquiesced to their will.

“Now what?” I asked.

Becky walked over, bent down and flicked my dick with her finger.

“Ouch,” I whimpered.

“It’s just so funny” she exclaimed. “How big is it?”

“4 and half inches” I said as if she might be impressed.

“Um… no it isn’t,” Amy said. “That’s your all time biggest number. You’re more like, three inches right now I would guess.”

Becky flicking it again said, “Yeah I think she’s right, I don’t even think its 4 inches right now.”

“Do you have a tape measure or ruler we could use?” Jenny asked.

“Sure, I have one on the desk,” Becky said, and with that Beth scrambled to go get it. “Here…” she said handing the tape measure to Becky.

Becky held it against my dick, “No peaking.”

Beth insisted, and covered my eyes with her hands.

“It’s…” Becky started.

“NO!” the three yelled in unison.

“It doesn’t work that way,” Amy explained. “Before he gets to know, he has to cum.”

Jenny, still holding my arms reached around and grabbed my little guy. She began pumping furiously looking over my shoulder as she jacked me off. “Damn, it looks even smaller from this angle” she said loud enough for all to hear.

“Look at that…” Becky squawked, “…she isn’t even using her whole hand.”

Looking down I realised it was true. Jen had me by her thumb and two fingers as she rapidly stroked my loose dick skin over the head of my dick and back down again. This movement was creating a jiggle in my balls, a fact not missed by Becky as she reached out and opened her palm, allowing my hairless sack to rub against her. “His balls are small too,” Becky snickered as she wrapped her hand around them easily concealing them in her closed hand. “It’s like two gum balls in a baggy,” She joked. “He’s cumming” Becky said, feeling the tightness in my balls.

“Now!” Amy shouted.

Becky leapt up, throwing her arms in the air as if I had made a touchdown, “TWO AND three quarters,” She shouted as cum flew out of my little dick and hit her square in the crotch. Jen kept pumping till there was nothing left, but a tiny, spent, soft dick in her hand.

“Get dressed,” Amy said.

I did exactly that, and we left. We got to the door and I saw they had locked it, and placed a sign on the door. “Back in 15 minutes” it read. Had Amy planned this all along, I wondered.

The Suite Life

As we headed back to the dorms, we silently walked as I tried to piece together what just happened. Amy knew that Marlin would be there, she just must’ve, I thought to myself. She knew Marlin’s workout schedule, and had gone with him on Sunday mornings knowing it was always dead in there at that time. I was working the puzzle. She knew Jen could get us in, and then she knew Marlin would be in the showers. Did she know what would happen? Does she have any clue what happened in there today, I wondered.

“So how was the shower?” Amy asked.

“You knew he’d be there,” I proclaimed.

“Yes, I did. I just thought you really seemed excited about comparing your dick to his yesterday, so why not push the fantasy into reality?” She posed. “So, did you see it?” She grinned with lusty eyes


“So, did he see you?” She baited

“When we get back to the dorm, I’ll tell you everything,” I assured lifting an eyebrow punctuating an allusion of things to come.

The three of us walked into the dorm. Amy was in front of me and turned sharply just as we stepped through the door, “Tell me,” she demanded clutching my arm

I instructed the three to sit down as I told them about the shower room incident with Marlin. As I spoke they were visibly aroused, hard nipples, flushed cheeks, panting breaths, and Beth looked as if she had spilled a glass of water on her shorts. Amy had her hand in her lap gently pinching at her clit as I shared my story.

“He made you jack him off?” Jen boomed.

“No,” I contradicted “He didn’t FORCE me to do anything but turn around.”

“So he asked you to jerk him?” Amy posed with disbelief.

“No, I just… did it,” I explained.

“And he let you,” Amy countered.

“Well, I guess so. He just did as I said,” I replied.

“So let me get this straight…” Beth contended, “…Marlin is much bigger than you in every way? You are standing there naked in the shower with his giant schlong staring you down and you’re the one who dominated the situation?”

I stood silently running through everything in my head. Could Beth be right? Did I make Marlin cum against his will? Was I the one in control? That’s why he left so quickly, he was ashamed that a small guy like me could dominate him, and humiliate him by sitting on him and making him shoot his load.

“You know, I saw Marlin leave the shower room and he was beet red and looking down almost sad as he scurried out of the gym,” Amy broke in.

“You little BULL,” Beth cheered. “You made that big dick your bitch!”

It was right then that I had the epiphany, my little dick really WAS powerful. How else could it be explained? How else could I have dominated Marlin like that or these three hot girls writhing in front of me?

“God I’m so hot” Beth cajoled as she ripped off her shorts and panties exposing her glistening clit poking out from her lips.

The Little Bull

Beth began feverishly polishing her button, “Gawd oh Gawd,” she echoed in ever increasingly higher pitches. SLAP!! I slapped her hand away,

“NOT yet,” I decreed in my lowest register.

I slapped her hard and she jerked back with a cry. All three of them obediently waiting for what came next.”This is how it’s going to work today.” I grunted “Today I’m in charge remember? So none of you gets to cum without me saying so.”

“Yes,” they mumbled like chastised school girls.

“I want you clean so this is what you’ll do. You will all go take a shower but no one is allowed to touch themselves. And no one is allowed to cum,” I ordered.

Amy stood and began to undress, “Hey! No one is to touch themselves.” I recounted.

Looking over at Jen and Beth they stepped closer and began to peel her sweat soaked sports bra off. Her full, paste white breasts bounced free.

“Slower,” I mused.

Amy stood still with her arms over her head, but swivelled side to side creating the slightest jiggle in her luscious flesh. Jen stood in front of her with Amy’s bra in hand, and slowly – as instructed — bent down to help remove Amy’s shorts. Jen brushed her face gently down Amy’s body, stopping between her playful globes. Amy pressed her nipple against Jenny’s lips, and found a kind recipient to her bubble gum pink peak. Jen lowered Amy’s shorts and Beth gingerly slipped them over Amy’s hips, down her creamy thighs, and past her powerful calves that reminded everyone of her years in dance. Beth tilted her head and parted her lips licking Amy’s ass and leg as she helped her undress, tasting her salty flesh against her tongue.

With Amy fully exposed, she turned her attention to Jen. Taking her by the face and lifting her from her suckling, Amy lightly kissed her lips as she placed her hands up Jenny’s shirt. Lifting it over Jen’s head, she pulled her arms down and out. She was too tall for Amy to lift it over her arms. Jen towered over Amy at least six inches maybe more. Her long dark hair swayed against her back like the mane of a wild horse. Jen is crazy buff, and having just worked out she looked ripped. Her stomach was firm and rippled, her tight small breasts almost disappeared with her arms overhead, nothing more than the blossoming deep red nipples to suggest their place. Beth came around behind her, and their height difference was almost comical. At just 5 feet tall, if that, Beth looked like a child next to Jen, just her overtly womanly form demanding her maturity.

Beth took hold of Jenny’s tight shorts and unhurriedly slid them down Jen’s powerful legs, stopping briefly just below her ass, Beth’s hands slithered in front and caressed her velvet cleft just enough to make Jen twitch and gasp. Jen gradually turned around, Amy still exploring her muscular stomach with her hands and lifted Beth’s top off with ease. Then kneeling in front of her spun Beth around and attacked her ass with her mouth.

I was revelling in the show in front of me loving my new position of power more and more. “To the showers,” I barked.

Reluctantly they moved to the bathroom.

The shower curtain was clear, and with the water running you could see straight through it. I turned on the shower, and instructed Beth to get her IPHONE. Handing it to me I set it to record, and had them step in.

“No one touches themselves, and no one cums,” I restated the rules.

As much as I wanted to watch the show I had other plans in mind. So stepping out of the shower I left the camera running on Beth’s phone, to be enjoyed later.

Compromising Situations

I began my scavenger hunt of the two rooms looking for the resources I needed. I had a plan and if I could execute it well this would be the night I become god of their sexual beings.

As I scurried around I heard the most exciting exclamations from the shower. “Oooh”

“Too much too much!”

“Stop touching!”

“Gawd you feel great!”

“More, yeah more … stop!”

I could tell they were pushing each other’s buttons to the breaking point, and if I didn’t stop them soon, they would spoil my fun.

“Okay,” I ordered “Hands off. Time to get out.” They begrudgingly obeyed, as they stepped out I hand each a towel. “Dry off and come to Amy’s room when you’re ready,” I charged.

The lights were off, and the candles Amy had set around her room lit the dorm. I had them sit on the mattresses still on the floor in front of the desk. Instructing them to lock their arms together, I used the scarves and nylons Amy had tied me up with and linked them together, Amy in the middle , Beth on the left and Jenny on the right. Tying their wrists together behind their backs, their arms interlocked like a chain. They couldn’t put their hands in front of them, after binding them together I secured them to the desk and bed frames. Though they had dried off, they were definitely wet, obviously excited by my tease.

“Now what?” Amy challenged as if I lacked a plan.

“Now you sit and wait. I’ll be back in awhile. But before I go let me turn the TV on for you.”

Pressing play on the DVD player, the movie I had gotten the day before started to play.

As I closed the door behind me Beth’s voice grew faint “You can’t just lea…” and with that I was off.

Amy’s story

What I am sharing with you next was told to me by Amy a few days later. As I walked out the door they were torn between lust, frustration and anger. “Why did he leave?” Beth asked confused.

“He’s coming back right?” Jen was bemused.

“Now what do we do?” Beth asked.

“I think we’re just supposed to watch the movie,” Amy finally blurted.

They sat eyes glued to the TV. It was dark in the room with only the light from the candles and the glow of the TV to focus their eyes on. It had turned into a grey and rainy day so no sun shone through the blinds.

The porn displayed in front of them spurred their lust filled bodies to crave release. Their bodies shaking with desire, their breathing growing heavy and their laps getting wetter, they tried to find deliverance from their compromising position. Unable to escape their bindings, they hoped to ease their pain.

Amy told me, “I was so fucking horny I was trying anything to get off. The mattress was too soft so any grinding on it was just infuriating. I tried to roll over just a bit hoping to dry hump Jenny’s leg. But the way you tied them to the bed frame made it impossible.”

She continued, “Beth and Jenny where trying everything they could think of too. Beth is really flexible, and was able to contort her body just enough to rub her big clit on the bed frame her legs were tied to. But she just wasn’t strong enough to keep it up long enough to do much good. My gut or womb or something was hurting I was so horny. I guess it was the female equivalent to blue balls. After a few minutes we just stopped trying and hoped you’d soon be back.”

To my Delight

I was walking down the hall, and saw two freshman girls pressed against Amy’s door, they saw me coming and ran to their room across from Amy’s giggling and screaming as they ran. I approached the door and realised that I had left the TV on kind of loud. You could easily hear the unmistakable sounds of low grade porn fucking going on behind the closed door.

The smell of lust was thick as I opened the door. And I have never been more frightened and turned on in my life by a look, but the look these girls were giving me told me they had had enough. Stewing in their own essence and shimmering with sweat they gazed at me like a starving lion, and drool ran down Jen’s chin.

“Fuck me!” Amy sneered in her lusty voice.

“Not yet,” I calmly scoffed taking delight in their position. Then opening the bag that I brought in with me, I shared my new purchase. “I got something for us,” I smiled and held it up for them to see.

“Is that a strap-on cock,” Beth blurted.

It was in deed.

I held in my hands the most realistic strap-on cock the sex shop just off campus sold. It was 10 huge plastic inches of synthetic man meat.

“So you’re just going to sit back and have us fuck each other?” Amy ventured.

“No,” I want to know what it’s like to fuck with a big cock. As I stripped down, and pulled the harness on I positioned my dick inside the hollow dong and cinched the base against my groin. “The only question is who gets to be first?” I taunted. Walking towards them I stroked my big cock, it felt powerful. I watched as they glared at my cock in my hands. Pointing it at each of them in turn I began, “Eenie meenie miney moe…”

I laughed as they continued to beg me with their eyes to fuck them hard.

Leaning into Beth she took my false member in her mouth and gorged herself on the meal I provided. Slurping and sucking, she lubed it with her saliva and I reached down and cut the binds around her feet with a pair of scissors from Amy’s desk. Then freed her arms from behind her back. Turning over she placed her ass high in the air, “Put it in,” she cried.

Taking her from behind I stared at the huge head as it parted her pussy lips. She moaned in ecstasy and pushed back impaling herself on the giant dick taking less than half of the giant cock inside her.

“Holy Fuck!” she bellowed. “HOLY FUCK!’ she gushed again,and with it she quivered and bucked finally finding release for her pent-up lust.

Pulling out she cried a tender whimper and fell on her face.

Turning around I looked right at Amy. “Not yet,” I gloated stepping over her and reaching out to cut Jenny loose.

Jenny sprang up, and pushed me against the bathroom door. Shoving her tongue in my mouth, she reached down and grabbed my new big friend. Hiking her left leg up on the bed, she thrust the cock inside her. Jenny wrapped her arms around, and dug her nails in my back. I looked down to see she was only taking about six of the ten inches of the monster cock.

“Shit yeah, shit yeah, shit yeah!” she blubbered in my ear.

Then squeezing me with all her might she rode the cock faster and faster, throwing me against the wall she howled, “Shit YEAH!”

Suddenly she convulsed as she exploded on my plastic rod.

Looking over at Amy still tied up I cut her free, and gently laid down beside her. Holding her head, I slowed her hurried kisses, and leisurely kissed her lips.

“How do you want it?” I asked

Reaching over she grabbed the giant dick sticking out and guided me to lie down on the mattress. Climbing on top she placed herself above my massive dick, and gently slid down taking about half she momentarily stopped and gently worked herself up and down, before slowly working the rest of the cock inside her stretched cunt. I couldn’t believe she took it up to the hilt sitting just for a moment adjusting to the size before slowly proceeding to ride it.

Her pace quickly picked up, her breathing intensified, and she gripped my shoulders harder. Biting her bottom lip she groaned, and yelped in bliss. A blush flooded her chest and face and I could see her stomach tighten as she erupted. She rested on top of me filled with my giant fake cock. Amy slowly lifted herself off the giant cock as I got a front row view of just how stretched out she was. And as she peeled completely away her pussy was absolutely gaping. She fell on her stomach beside me breathless, sweaty and a look of complete satisfaction across her face. I quickly took the harness off to free my small hard dick, I had to fuck her and fuck her now.

I patted her butt and asked her to lift up so I could fuck her doggie style as I have with Beth, but this time with my real dick. She pulled her knees up raising her rear in the air. “Go ahead, have your way with me,” She said light-heartedly.

I positioned my self and pushed right in. “You don’t have to use your finger babe I am pretty wet already, just stick it in.”

I rammed her harder figuring she would at least realize I was fucking her.

“Honey, seriously I am so tired and worn out I just want to take a nap, just put it in me already!” She snapped.

“I am doing it Amy! I’m fucking you. You’re just so lose now,” I cried and suddenly I was struck with the fear that I might have ruined everything.

My desire to feel powerful was actually making me feel weak. “Oh, um… just keep going then… it feels … nice” she said looking for something encouraging to say. I kept sticking it in her, but the more I did the less I felt. I was still horny as hell, but I just couldn’t create enough friction to feel good.

Beth laughed out loud, “After taking that giant cock did you really think she’d be tight enough for your widdle pee pee?”

“Well, can you squeeze any tighter?” I shamefully asked.

“Babe, I am sorry but I’m just so stretched out by that big cock. Maybe we just need to rest until I snap back to normal,” She yawned.

“Yeah, like a year from now,” Beth continued to joke but it wasn’t funny at all.

I pulled out and began to push into her ass hoping to find her receptive. But, Amy swatted me away and told me to stop as she rolled over on her side and quickly fell asleep. I looked over to Beth and Jen and pleaded for one of them to let me fuck them but they just rubbed their stretched pussies and said they needed more time. Closing her eyes and laying down next to Amy, Jen said with a laugh, “Looks like you’ve fucked yourself already.”

Frustrated, I started jerking my dick, it felt good but a little numb. I knew I was going to need something more to get off. I looked around and found the massager we had played with yesterday. Lubing it up, I slowly inserted it in my ass looking for the spot that Jen had massaged. It didn’t take long to find, and I was instantly brought back to a place of pleasure. I held the massager in place and lightly rubbed my little dick till I finally hit the point of relief, I clinched down on the massager as I came with a little dribble of cum.

“I liked that,” Amy said revealing that she was watching and invited me to come lie down with her.

How Rude

About an hour later, we started to stir again and were all famished, so we ordered pizza and spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the room watching TV. We had become so accustom to each other we were barely dressed. Amy had on an old t-shirt you could virtually see straight through and nothing else. Beth had thrown on a robe. While Jenny who is extremely confident and proud of her fit body and I, stayed completely nude.

Suddenly the door to Amy’s dorm room cracked and opened wide, “I’m BA…” the voice began to call, “…What the HELL?” Dana, Amy’s room mate, rudely interrupted obviously not prepared for what she saw.

Dana was a bitch of a room mate. Amy always seemed to walk on eggshells to keep her OCD, germaphobe, stick up the ass room mate happy. Dana was also very conservative, wore her hair long and straight and always wore long skirts. I don’t even think she owned a pair of pants. She had a pretty face but her body always struck me as odd. She seemed to carry a lot of weight around her stomach, while her ass and hips looked rather slim.

“Get out of my room,” Dana ordered. “What’s wrong with you people?”

Jen sprang into action like an Amazon warrior grabbed Dana by the face and pushed her against the door.

“This is what’s going to happen,” the Amazonian announced. “You are going to get whatever the hell you need and take it to my room. Then you’re going to sit yourself down, shut the fuck up and leave us alone,” Jenny advised.

Dana did exactly that saying not one word she gathered her things took them to the adjoining suite and closed the door.

“God, baby that was hot!” Beth exclaimed walking over to Jen and placing a passionate kiss between her breasts.

Jen lowered her head and took Beth’s face in her hands and kissed her with eyes wide open staring into each other. “I want you to fuck me.” Beth implored, reaching over and handing Jenny the strap-on.

Jen slipped the device on, and tightened it against her. Damn she looked good. Tall, tan, a femininely muscular figure with a 10 inch dick standing before me with lust her in her eyes. Jen’s dark nipples were erect and gorgeous. Beth laid down right between Amy and I and began sucking her fingers. Then awaiting Jen’s approach prepared her pussy.

Jen knelt down between Beth’s short firm legs, and grabbing her dick rubbed it against the length of Beth’s opening. Beth was wriggling with anticipation, as Jen continued to tease her placing the head on Beth’s engorged clit and rubbing her in delight. Beth reached behind her, her hands over head, and gripped the mattress. I couldn’t help myself; so reaching over I grabbed Jen’s dick and guided her inside Beth’s steaming passage. Her entrance stretched over the head of Jen’s dick, and swallowed half in one big thrust. A sigh escaped Beth’s mouth in delight, and Jen began fucking. Amy leaned over and sucked Beth’s nipple into her mouth and suckled her while Jen fed her pussy her fat dick. Moving down her body, I placed my head on Beth’s stomach and got a front row seat to one of them most erotic things I’ve ever seen.

Beth’s clit was fully extended, as I inched forward taking it in my mouth. Beth lost herself in the pleasure, and shouted in elation. Half fucking Jenny’s dick and half fucking my mouth with her clit, Beth writhed and screamed in pleasure as she violently came, bucking and thrusting and screaming and clawing. We pealed ourselves from Beth’s embrace and looking over I found Dana standing in the bathroom light, a hand down her skirt and another covering her mouth trying not scream. Dana fell to her knees as she brought herself to climax, clutching her breasts with her left hand, her right finished the job.

An Awkward Moment

The three of us just gawked as Dana sat on the floor her right hand still inside her as she shivered and twitched and began to quietly sob. We looked at each other unsure of what to say or do. “Are you alright hun? Sweetie? Are you okay?” She asked.

Through sobbing breaths Dana finally spoke “I’ve… well it’s… well it’s just I’ve never… done that before.”

“Honey don’t be embarrassed, I know having people see you masturbating is a hard thing to…” Amy sbegan.

“NO!” Dana cried, “No, you don’t understand, I’ve never touched myself like that EVER!” She sobbed.

“Are you fucking serious?” Beth exclaimed in her usual blunt way.

“Excuse me, but some people around here still have moral values?” Dana quipped

“No excuse me,” Beth added always ready for verbal throw down “But maybe that’s why you’re always such a bitch!”

“You think I’m a bitch?” Dana asked with a surprised hurt look on her face

Amy sensing that Beth’s job was done picked up the conversation, “Dana, you’re high strung… moody… difficult to live with. And yes, sometimes you’re a bitch.”

“Well I just like things to be done in a certain way. I guess maybe I can be a bit opinionated,” Dana conceded

“No, you’re repressed. What you need is a good fucking,” Beth broke back in.

“Lord, no!” Dana squealed. “I could never take something like that in me,” she said pointing at the giant dick attached to Jenny. “I don’t understand why anyone would want a big penis shoved in them.”

“Not everyone does like a big dick. But not all guys have big dicks either,” Amy explained.

Sensing this was my cue I stood up and let her see my small hard dick.

“See, that’s not big. Is it?” Amy said pointing at my small cock.

“No… not really I suppose… it is pretty small,” Dana confessed

“Would you like to touch it?” Amy suggested more than asked. “Go ahead he doesn’t mind and he’ll be gentle.”

Dana reached out and touched my dick with the palm of her hand. Then rubbing the length of it she slowly closed her hand around me.

“It’s so small” Dana said sounding relieved.

“Dana, would you like to see how it works?” Amy asked realising Dana had no clue.

Not waiting for an answer Amy came over beside me and replacing Dan’s hand for her own began to gently stroke me. “Like this… see…” Amy explained.

Then putting Dana’s hand back on me Amy gripped her hand around Dana’s showing her how to grip my dick. Amy began to stroke me using Dana’s hand saying, “See just be gentle but direct. Now using your other hand, you can add more pleasure. You can tickle his balls, rub his ass, and you can even be a little firm cupping his balls and squeezing just a bit,” Amy demonstrated.

“Now you” Amy guided and Dana reached up and cupped my balls while continuing her stroke. Amy reached over and unbuttoned Dana’s shirt, “Do you mind?” she smiled.

Dana let go and leaned back allowing Amy full access. Unbuttoning her shirt Amy revealed Dana’s chest. “What is that?!” Jenny uttered. Dana was wearing what appeared to be a straight jacket of sorts under her clothes, and for a moment I was embarrassed for her thinking it might be a girdle holding in her unusually shaped torso.

“It’s a minimiser” Dana replied.

“A what?” Jenny looked amused.

“I wear a special garment called a minimiser. It’s like a girdle to hide my breasts under my clothes better,” Dana snapped. “They’re quite large and embarrassing.”

Amy removed Dana’s shirt and then helped remove her undergarment. Dana exhaled as her giant breasts met the air. They were huge, porn star huge and hung down low. Amy had nice full breasts but these were off the chart. And they were also capped by the largest areolas I’d ever seen.

“Shit fuck!” Beth exclaimed. “I can’t believe you’ve been hiding those things.”

“They’re disgusting,” Dana stated, trying to cover them up

“Please don’t,” I panted. “Please don’t cover them up. I want to see them while you stroke me.”

With growing confidence Dana continued jerking my rod. “Is this good?” She asked. I assured her she was doing a great job. Then Amy poured some baby oil on me and Dana’s hand suggesting it might help.

Not only did the oil get on me and Dana’s hand but on her chest too. Jenny obviously awestruck by Dana’s utter endowment reached over and massaged her breasts. Dana jumped but seemed to like it. Holding them up, Jenny created the biggest cleavage any of us had ever seen before. I pushed Dana’s hand away, stepping only slightly to thrust my dick between her giant mountains. I fucked her oiled flesh, watching as my dick completely disappeared inside her soft embrace.

“Hold it” Jenny cried, and jiggled the globes surrounding my dick. They were heavy as I watched the muscles in Jenny’s arms shake under their weight. And at just that moment with little warning I came. I came hard, all over Dana’s monsters.

A Matter of Facts

Dana sat rubbing my cum around her alabaster globes. My dick still laying on her right breast with intermittent spasms, as the last bit of cum dribbled out.

“HA!” Beth laughed. “It looks like a peanut on a beanbag chair.”

I saw her point.

My shrinking dick was getting small and compared to Dana’s giant tits, it was somewhat shocking.

“Is that normal?” Dana asked. “I mean, I’ve only seen my step brothers and theirs all seemed so much … bigger,” a blush came over her face.

“No it’s not ‘normal’, he’s just really, really small,” Amy’s words were like a cold ice-pick in my chest but it made my little penis jump. “In fact I think it may be time for another measure.”

Amy took the ruler from off the desk and motioned for me to come to her. My spent little penis wiggled as I walked. Amy made her measure and wrote it down, then took her calculator out and started pounding buttons. “You see Dana, not all guys are the same. Just like breast size on women. How big are yours?”

“I wear a 32 double F,” Dana mumbled.

“DAMN! Well your breats are huge. Mine are slightly bigger than average, Beth’s are about average though uneven, and Jen’s are… well Jen has really pretty nipples but no tits to speak of,” Amy said with a polite grin. “An average guy is around 6 inches hard, an enormous one is 10 inches and over, and this one… is only…” looking at her calculations, “…2.65 inches which is fucking tiny.”

“Hey! I am four and half inches!” I objected.

“Um… no you’re not honey,” Amy corrected. “Four and a half is you biggest number but you don’t always get that big… do you?” she said.

“No, I guess not,” I shamefully acknowledged.

“Okay then, so you can’t go around telling people you have a four and a half inches. Also you don’t always walk around with a hard on so you can’t just figure in the erect measurements.”

“Well then Marlin isn’t 11 inches,” I testified pleading my case.

“Of course not,” Amy conceded. “I could never measure him hard, he hung off the end of the ruler. Eleven inches is his flaccid measurement. Didn’t you notice,” Amy gloated.

I just hung my head looking at my dick that looked even smaller than ever before. But she was right Marlin’s cock was huge, even when flaccid it probably was at least 11 inches.

“So wait a second,” Beth blurted. “How much did he hang over the ruler?”

“Umm…” Amy said looking at the ruler. “I guess about two inches”

“Fourteen inches!” Beth was truly amazed. “Ten full inches bigger than your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, that seems about right” Amy shared rubbing her crotch and making a pained expression.

“Holy Shit!” Beth and Jen screamed simultaneously

“I can’t lie his cock was huge, and at first it was very painful but once I got used to the size it was the best fuck I ever had,” Amy looked at me with an odd little smile that conveyed she was sorry if it hurt me but it was the truth. “Size isn’t everything, but with Marlin size was all I needed.”

Dana Does

“So have you all been… doing it… this whole weekend?” Dana asked timidly unsure if she really wanted to hear the truth.

“It just sort of happened,” Amy explained. “I know it may seem weird but it has just happened so naturally it just seemed…”

“Right,” Beth and Jen said completing Amy’s sentence

“Do you think… I could try?” Dana asked shyly

“I think we can arrange that but you’ll need to wait,” Amy said. “His little peanut is looking spent.”

“No not his, I want to try a big one. I want to have a guy like Marlin. Do you think you could set me up with him?” Dana almost begged.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, not for your first time. It took me several times to get stretched out enough for him to fit.”

Dana looked totally dejected “But…” Amy spoke up, “…try his little one a few times and maybe the strap-on and then maybe we could invite him over.”

The three girls looked like hungry wolves imagining Marlins giant cock. I on the other hand was feeling scared. How did this happen so quickly? Just hours ago my little dick was the king cock and now I am back to feeling small, pathetic and out of control.

“While we wait for the peanut to rise..” Beth stated looking at Dana, “…why don’t you let us give you a bit of a makeover?”

“Yeah, stand up and let’s see what we have to work with,” Jen added

Dana stood up, her skirt still on, her long stringy hair and her small arms trying to conceal her giant breasts, and obviously feeling embarrassed.

“Don’t do that,” Amy said. “Don’t be ashamed of your body, you’re so Hot.”

Amy reached over and moved Dana’s arms away from her breasts, and brushed her hair over her shoulders. Then reaching down she unzipped the long denim skirt, and pulled it down around Dan’s ankles. She had nice legs and nice if not somewhat flat ass. Amy then removed Dana’s underwear that reminded me of something my mother would wear. Her body on full display revealed a porn star in the making; she just needed a little grooming.

Beth took Dana’s hand and led her to the bathroom, and closed the door. The rest of us got dressed and went to get something to eat.

The Reveal

About an hour later we headed back to the dorm, our conversation had been laden with sexual jokes, personal disclosure of past experiences and how much we had all really enjoyed this weekend. I was really feeling better about my position, and the size of my dick as I realised that it was true size isn’t everything. Jenny and Amy were emotionally charged by the intimacy we had shared. And both shared how much they have enjoyed my “peanut.”

As we entered the dorm room we could here Dana and Beth in the suite next door. They were talking but we couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. After a few minutes Beth opened the shared bathroom door,

“Ladies and gentleman, I am honoured to present to you the new and much improved Dana,” She announced like a ring leader at a circus

Dana stepped out of the bathroom and my jaw dropped. Beth had been busy. Dana’s hair was cut and styled in a shaggy intentionally messy way which made her seem much softer and easy going. Her make up was sort of retro with bright eye shadow and Cleopatra inspired eye liner, and deep red lipstick. But where my eyes fell was directly at her body.

Beth had managed to find a sexy yet supportive bra that almost fit but left her looking like she was smuggling two large sacks of flower. With her large breasts hoisted up Dana revealed a very tone stomach I am sure from years of carrying such a heavy set on her chest. And she sported a pair of boy short panties that seemed to flatter her particular curves quite well. But I think the biggest change was her attitude, Dana was confident standing in front of us, and grateful to Beth for helping her.

“Amy, if he’s willing would you let me borrow your boyfriend? I really want to feel a man inside me,” She asked respectfully, “…and I think you’re right, I need to start off small.”

“You want to give him your virginity?” Amy gasped

“Well, not exactly” Dana shared. “I technically had sex in high school. But I am not sure it really counts.”

“Why not?” asked Beth

“Because it was with my step-brother.”

“You fucked your brother?” Beth reacted in her naturally brash way.

“No, not my real brother my mom got remarried when I was in 8th grade and my step-dad has three sons. Two of them are older than me, and one is my age, in fact we were born in the same month.”

“So which one did… you know?” Amy asked

“Jason, he’s the one my age,” Dana revealed. “You see we lived in a small house. The three of them shared a room and all four of us had to share a bathroom. And at first they were really careful to guard my privacy, but once we were all in high school and trying to get ready all at the same time, it just became natural to leave the bathroom open, so we could all come and go as needed.”

She continued, “One day I got up early so decided to go take my shower. I was in the shower, when I realised I was out of shampoo. I opened the shower curtain to step out and get a new bottle from under the sink but as soon as I moved the curtain back I saw Jason my youngest brother sitting on the toilet with his dick in his hand. His eyes were closed as he rubbed his cock up and down so he didn’t notice me watching. I looked over and saw he had closed and locked the door. So I pulled the curtain back closed, well almost closed. I left it open just enough to watch him. I’d never seen anything like it before. His eyes were clinched tight he sat there completely naked. Now I had seen him in his underwear and with just a towel, but never naked. His hand was moving faster and faster up and down his dick. I knew what he was doing, but had never seen a guy masturbate before; in fact I’d never seen a penis before.”

Dana’s panted a little as she recalled, “He just kept jerking it with his right hand and had his balls cupped in his left, a bead of sweat dripped down his smooth chest to his flat stomach. Then his breathing became heavy, the top of his dick was turning purple. He gasped for air, straitened his legs out, pointed his toes and shot his cum all over his hands. I just stood there watching as he cleaned himself up. And then he looked over and saw me peaking around the curtain. I quickly moved and pretended to be bathing. ‘What are you doing?’ Jason asked

‘Just finishing up, I’ll be out in a second,’ Dana lied. He open and closed the bathroom door so I decided to grab the shampoo really quick and get done as soon as possible. But as soon as I stepped out I saw him. Jason was still in the bathroom and still naked. ‘What the hell’ I shrieked and took cover back in the shower.”

“God… what happened next?” Beth asked looking aroused.

“Well he said to me, ‘I thought it only fair, you got to see me naked now I get to see you naked.’ I told him i was sorry for watching him in theat most private moment. However he wasn’t done with me and with that he pulled the shower curtain open and stepped inside the shower with me. I just stood there trying my best to cover up with a wash cloth, and failing miserably. ‘What do you want?’ I wimpered as he leered at me.

He looked me up and down and said, ‘Just now, when you were watching me jerk off do you know what I was thinking about? I was thinking about you. For the past year you are the only one I’ve thought about while jerking off. I know it seems sick, but we aren’t really related.’

Well I was shocked and I said, ‘You think about me… when you do… that?’ You see I was an early bloomer, but had only experienced the down side of being different than other girls. I was always being teased about my breasts. I asked him why he was so keen on me and he told me, ‘You have the biggest tits at school and not just the other girls, but the teachers too. Maybe if we were blood relatives I wouldn’t notice or care, but I do notice Dana you’re the girl every guy jerks off thinking about. The only difference is I can actually be in the same room with you when I do it. This wasn’t my first time but maybe I’ve been getting more and more brazen hoping you would catch me. Hoping you would see how much you turn me on.’

He then reached down and started stroking his cock to life right in front of me. ‘Please let me watch you shower while I jerk off that’s all I am asking for.'”

“Holy fuck I’m getting so turned by this story. Please tell us more…” Amy said.

So Dana Continued, “I told him it was OK as long as that’s all. This continued several more times that week. I would shower and Jason would watch jerking off as he did. I have to admit it kinda turned me on too. I no longer felt weird having an overdeveloped body but instead began to feel sexy. Over time it wasn’t enough to just watch and Jason began to touch me as well, rubbing my back, and washing my hair. Then slowly reaching around and massaging my large breasts. After several weeks of him fondling me and groping me things began to get even more out of control.”

I looked down and my cock was hard again listening to Dana recount her first time.

Dana continued, “It started like any other time, I was showering and Jason was watching. He washed my hair and as the sudsy water lubed up my back and ran between my butt cheeks. Jason slowly placed his cock against my ass and began sliding his cock up and down my slick ass crack. He was in heaven watching his thick dick sliding up and down my ass. I liked it too and bent over arching my back to give him greater access. He began thrusting up and down humping her cheeks, while I reached down and worked her clit. Between the soap and my juices they were both slick and one misdirected stroke was all that was needed for Jason to thrust his cock inside my vagina. It felt so good but he was terrified at what had just happened, and pulled out quickly.

‘No… keep doing that… please…’ I begged I was so horny. Jason found the spot again and entered me intentionally and slowly. Calming himself to make the moment last. I sighed and panted as Jason’s took my virginity. There was a mix of pain and pleasure deep inside me. But the pleasure was too much for Jason and only after a brief time he pulled out and came all over my ass. He quickly washed off and left the shower leaving me feeling frustrated and confused.”

“Wow. that’s kinda hot,” Jen said.

“It happened several more times, but each time ended the same. Jason would cum, and would leave. I just kind of assumed that’s how sex was. So I’ve never really been interested in sex ever since.” Dana finished.

Just a little tenderness

“Well honey, sex should be great for both of you and it can be. You just need a guy who will be attentive to your needs more than his own. In fact that’s what I like most about him…” Amy said pointing to me. “…he’s always attentive. Maybe because he has a small dick he knows he has to be. But whatever the reason, he’s a good lover.”

“Do you think I’ll have a real orgasm?” Dana asked

“I can’t guarantee that of course, but I’m confident he will be a gentle lover for you to experiment with,” Amy assured.

Beth took Jenny’s hand and led her back to their suite, leaving the three of us alone.

“So how do we start?” Dana asked looking down at her feet

Taking her by the hand and pulling her gently to me I took her face in my hands and brushed her hair behind her ear kissing her cheek and working my way up to her earlobe. I embraced her understanding the sensitivity of the moment.

“She’s beautiful,” Amy shared breaking the silence

“You really are beautiful Dana,” I whispered in her ear and kissed her softly on the lips.

Dana reached over and lifted my shirt off, and kissed my neck and shoulders. Sliding her hands down my sides she found waist band of my pants, then moving her hands to the centre unbuttoned my jeans. I slid them off and stood there naked in front of her. She pressed her body into mine, as I looked down all I could see were her face and her breasts straining to be released. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and slid it off her shoulders stepping back to take her in completely.

“Damn,” I panted looking over I could see Amy with her mouth open wide and eyes planted on the giant twins in front of me. My dick was hard, and ready for action. But after hearing about Dana’s shower experience I was turned on.

I guided Dana to lie down with me on the mattresses still on the floor. She on her back and I on my side, I slid her panties off and placed a kiss just above her freshly shorn passage. Then placing my head between her legs I slowly planted gentle kisses to her silky skin. Then spreading her open slightly with my hands I licked her clit, which was met with a happy little yelp and quiver.

I embraced her with my mouth and prepared her for entry. I teased and pleased her pussy and clit and took time to ensure her pleasure. I felt her tensing as I took her to the edge and then positioned myself to traverse her holy land. Amy stepped over and rolled a condom down my shaft. And with a tender touch I entered her warm moist centre.

She pressed her breasts together and I licked and sucked at her large nipples as I continued to deliberately invade her body. I managed to control myself but I was building to a climax, and the passion of the moment was stealing my attention. I began increasing my pace, and started fucking her. She responded in kind by thrusting into me as well. Soon we found our rhythm and let the moment take us. Without thought, without caution with no holding back we fucked each other, I lowered my hand to her clit and rubbed it softly with my thumb till I felt her quivering hold around my dick. Dana grabbed me and thrust hard into me and with a lustful cry she erupted into an intense orgasm. Had I not cum so many times already I am sure I would’ve enjoyed it greatly, but as it was I was just happy to help her out.

I lay down beside Dana and was immediately pinned to the mattress by Amy. She shoved her tongue down my throat and biting my lip. “You’ve got to fuck me,” she ordered and grabbed the strap-on dick and quickly helped me put it on.

Amy was back on top of me before I could ready myself. She was so turned on she just pointed the cock toward her slit and took it in. Amy fucked that cock hard sitting up pinching her nipples. It didn’t take long for her to cum and she howled like an animal as she pounded herself on the cock. She just kept going and as I watched her she looked down at her cunt swallowing the python strapped to me. Then with a quivering cry her juices let loose as she began squirting all over me.

I had seen this before in porn, but didn’t it would happen to me.

Amy pried herself off the large cock, and nearly past out beside me.

Another interesting day for a small dick man.


To Part 3


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