Smaller and Smaller 2 (Gay SPH)


By degrbi


Smaller & Smaller: Part 1 – Click Here to read.


Smaller and Smaller 2…

I slept horribly that night, regretting my decision. How could I have been so reckless? Well, it was done and there was nothing to be done about it. I decided to take the day off work as I would have probably been useless with so little rest. I think in twenty years I may have called in twice. Just curious, I popped into my office and fired up my computer. They had responded.

Dear Andy, Thank you for your response and your candor. We are pleased to annoyance you acceptance as a member in ‘the little Morleys’. Our next meeting, which you will, by the way, be required to attend will be this Monday night at 8pm. Please follow the link at the bottom of the page for directions. There is a small initiation planned for you, so don’t be late. Phillip.

I wondered what this initiation entailed. Required to attend? Was this something that I would indeed live to regret? I hoped not. The idea of being in a room of tiny penises thrilled me to no end. I had visions of touching them and even sucking them. This was something that I had never even dreamed of doing before now. With my wife downstairs vacuuming, I got myself off, my pants gathered around my ankles and no image in front of me but the one inside my head. My day on Monday was a blur. A new employee, Liam, had started with the firm, and I was in charge of showing him the ropes, if you will. All I could think about all day, was my upcoming initiation. Liam seemed like an intelligent man, and quickly caught on to what his responsibilities would be. I sort of left him to own devices, settling into my office. It was then that I noticed that it was already 5pm. I slipped out of the office and headed out. I had lied to Lisa about my activities that evening. I said that I would be out with some friends from work and to not expect me home early.

I felt a slight pang of guilt, but it was soon overwhelmed by the butterflies in my stomach. I once again, stopped at the local tavern to have a few drinks, my nerves completely frazzled. Soon it was time to go so I nervously fired up the GPS and drove to the specified location. As I pulled up, there was an unmarked building with nothing but the address above the door. I locked my car and approached the door, finding it locked. “Name?” there was a buzz, followed by a scratchy voice that emanated from a small speaker over my head. “Andrew, Andrew Will.” I stammered. There was a click that released the door allowing me to enter. My heart was in my throat. As I walked down the dimly lit hallway, the sound of male voices became louder until I was faced with a roomful of men, perhaps twenty in all. Suddenly the room became silent as all eyes had fallen upon me. I quickly scanned the room. It was appointed quite lavishly, with leather upholstered chairs and sofas, lining the walls. In the middle of the room was a table, but no chairs surrounding it. A well stocked bar formed a semi circle at the far end of the room, but there was no one behind it. A stocky older man came out from behind a wall and noticed me, at once striding over and offering me his hand.

“Phillip, Phillip Borden. You must be Andy.” Seeming to lose the ability to speak, I nodded. “Good! good. Everybody, this Andy, our newest inductee.”

Slowly the silence broke, as I was welcomed one at a time by each member. After the introductions were over I was invited to the bar, where I downed a couple of shots of scotch. I could see more members entering the room, as they arrived. Phillip made his way to the center of the room.

“Now, as we all know, every new inductee must be initiated. Andy doesn’t know what to expect so the time has come to show him.”

He motioned to the table, asking me to join him there. I left the relative comfort of the bar and made my way to the center of the room, and everyone’s attention. Once I was there, two appointed members came up and began undressing me. Everyone else in the room was fully clothed and I was being stripped, completely. Now wanting to make a fuss I complied with the involuntary stripping. Within a minute I was stripped completely naked, even down to my socks. I was more than a little embarrassed. The carpet felt strange under my feet and to my surprise, my penis was standing fully erect in all of its 2 inches of glory. My clothing was placed in a box, which quickly disappeared into the crowd. I was then instructed to lie, face up on the table. As soon as I was settled, several members surrounded the table. Some held cordless shavers and the rest, safety razors.

“Let the initiation begin!”

Phillip seemed as excited as all the rest as the clippers began crisscrossing my body. Everything would go, I would find out. I could feel my legs lifted as they too were shaved. At the same time my arms and underarms were shaved too. Finally they settled on my chest stomach and pubes, eventually leaving me completely hairless. Inside, my sensible mind wanted to object, but my penis remained hard throughout, pointed stiffly at the ceiling. When they were done, the only hair remaining on my body was on my head. Phillip then stepped forward and carefully examined my penis. He moved it from side to side, up and down until her was satisfied. It was the first time I had ever been touched that way by another man.

“Micropenis!” He shouted, which brought a small chuckle from the other members.

My legs were then brought down over each side of the table, my arms being firmly held over my head. A quite rotund man then took a station between my legs, wiping the area above my penis with what must have been alcohol, because it stung like crazy. It was only then that I realized why I was being held immobile. A loud buzzing began down there and I was quick to know its sting as well. I tried to look down, but even my head was being held down firmly. During all this I began to notice that other members had begun to undress themselves. It wasn’t long before I was completely surrounded by naked men, all sporting small penises. What was really a shock though was that all of them were completely shaved as I now was and every one sported a tattoo. 3″, 4″ and there was even a 3 1/2″ marking. None that I could see was over four inches. So I was expecting a tattoo of a 2″ when I was finally allowed to sit up. What I saw shocked me to my core. There, stretched across my entire pubis was the word ‘MICROPENIS‘, all upper case. Holy Shit!

“Welcome, Andy, to the little Morleys!”

There was a cheer and a round of applause from the membership. Still in shock over my shaving and rather overwhelming tattoo, Phillip shook may hand congratulating me. How on earth would I ever explain this to Lisa? Phillip explained that the only requirements from then on were that I had to remain clean shaven at all times, and never remove or alter the tattoo. As hard as I searched through the other members, I was the only one with a micropenis.

“Am I the only one?” I asked.

Micropenis? Yes, you’re it! We once had another member, but he moved away before we started with the tattoo requirement.” Phillip began to lead me to the bar, and I was hoping for another scotch. “There’s a few people over here that came in after the introductions earlier.”

As we approached the bar, I could feel Phillip push down on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees. The naked buttocks that faced me spun around on the stool until my mouth was inches away from a 4″ cock. Without prompting, I leaned forward and took the hairless member into my mouth. It was my first cock, and I was loving it. I loved everything about it, the smooth shaft, the mushroom cap head and even the way it smelled. He leaned forward off the stool and began fucking my mouth in earnest, his balls slapping against my chin, ever and over. If Lisa could see me now, she’d be out the door before I could speak. In a final lunge, he came in great spurts that coated my tongue and throat. For a moment I didn’t know what to do, until I was told to swallow, which did without question.

“Nice to meet you ‘micropenis’.” The voice sounded vaguely familiar. “Or should I say, nice to see you again so soon, Mr Will.”

I forced my gaze upwards, his penis flopping out of my flaccid mouth. A spindle of cum dribbled down my chin as I responded.

“Hello, Liam.”


To be continued…



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  • Wolf

    Great story, love the humiliation of his tiny dicklet. Looking forward to part three or to experience it myself


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