Wife Outs Husband

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By Anon.

I married Anne a year ago when she was nineteen. Anne is five feet nine with long legs, firm 34 inch breasts and dark, curly hair which hangs well down her back. I’m twenty two and five feet seven. Anne and I have a good sex life most of the time. Although Anne is normally a quiet girl, not shy though, she is very lively and dominant in the bedroom. She loves sex and can be very noisy during our encounters. Anne likes to tease me about the size of my penis. When erect I’m four inches long, and ever since the first time she saw my cock she has laughed about its size. Even with these shortcomings, she fell in love with me and we ended up married.

Having such a small penis has made it very difficult for me to satisfy Anne. It wasn’t long after we first began having sex that she started asking me to perform oral sex on her after I had fucked her. I don’t think I have ever been able to make her cum by only using my penis, although we do try very hard with Anne yells at me during our fucking to stuff my little prick up her, and on several occasions bemoaning, quite loudly, the fact that my cock is too small for her to feel and that she wished I had a big one. I’m always able to finish her off however by using my mouth afterwards and have got quite used to the taste of my cum.

Anne loves to quiz me about my male friends, personal things like what they are like without their clothes, have they any perversions, all those sorts of things. She also loves to hear about the size of their cocks. I don’t mind telling her these sorts of things as it turns her on so much. She always wants to hear about my mate Ben after I told her one night that I thought he had a very large penis, as I’d noticed it while standing beside him in the toilets in the pub. Quite often when I’m fucking her, Anne will tease me by saying that she wished I had a cock like Ben’s to really fill her up.

Luckily, considering Anne is so vocal during sex, our house is quite well soundproofed. If we had lived in a flat with neighbours on all sides, it could have been quite embarrassing. However, we weren’t so fortunate when we went on holiday this year. We had booked the holiday along with five other male friends, two of whom were due to bring their girlfriends along. By the time the holiday came around both other girls had dropped out, one because of family commitments and the other because the couple had split up. That left Anne as the only girl with six blokes, including myself.

I asked Anne if she still wanted to go and she said yes, so off we went for two weeks in the sun. The hotel was a modern block and we had three adjoining rooms, Anne and me in the centre one, the other guys sharing the two rooms. On our first night I tried keeping Anne quiet when we had sex in the night as all the windows were open and I didn’t really want all my mates hearing my wife screaming as I fucked and sucked her. There were no sounds from the other rooms so I thought things would be alright.

It was after our third night at the hotel that things got a bit out of hand. Anne was very noisy in bed that night, but I didn’t bother to keep her quiet as I thought that as there were no sounds from next door then they wouldn’t hear us either. Unfortunately, while I was fucking Anne she was telling me, once again, that my cock was too small, that I only had a boy’s cock and that she wished she could be fucked by a man with a real cock. She would say all these things to tease me, knowing that I loved it and that it turned us both on. After I had cum in her, she pushed my face down to her pussy telling me to eat my cum out of her and to lick the spunk from her cunt. I know that I must have spent about twenty minutes lapping at her pussy while she told me that I was only good for licking her clean.

It was after Anne had come for perhaps the third time on my now very tired tongue that she finally released my head from between her thighs and I crawled up the bed with my spunk drying on my face to cuddle her. I was mortified to hear clapping and cheering from my friends in one of the rooms next to us. The guys on the other side joined in and I could hear them shouting to me about the size of my cock and the fact that I liked licking spunk from Anne’s pussy.

Anne took it very well and even called back to them, saying that they were only jealous. This only encouraged the guys and they started off again, shouting to Anne that they could give her what she was obviously messing with me, a good fucking.

I wished the ground would open up for me. It was bad enough having all your mates hear your wife having an orgasm, but for them all to know now that I only had a tiny penis and that I had a fetish for sucking my spunk from her freshly fucked pussy was almost too much to bear.

When we all met up by the pool the following day they were all there ready with their comments, calling me pencil prick, stubby and such like. It was also joked that I might be a sissy faggot, because of my liking for spunk. I laughed most of it off, as there wasn’t much else I could do. Anne wasn’t a lot of help as she seemed to find it amusing too. She joked with them that she could still be, technically, a virgin as I hadn’t got it that far up her. Even I laughed at that one. Anne had had plenty of cock before she met me. If she hadn’t I could have lied to her and told her that mine was average size, but unfortunately she knew better. She told me on several occasions that mine was the smallest she’d ever seen. She used to call it cute, but I think that was just to make me feel better.

By evening I had got used to the banter and the fact that I was from now on going to be the butt of all my friends’ jokes. It’s strange how you can get used to humiliation. We all went to a club after eating and it was there that I noticed all the guys taking an extra interest in Anne. I never got a dance with her, but had to endure each of them taking her onto the dance floor and grinding themselves up against her. It was as if Anne was suddenly available to them, all because they had learned that I couldn’t fuck her properly with my little dick. Anne revelled in the attention she was getting, suddenly going from off limits as my wife to being openly lusted after by my friends was heady stuff for her, and she loved it.

When we left the club we headed back to the hotel. As we went to our rooms there were the predictable comments with more than one of the lads saying that if Anne needed a hand, or anything else, just to give them a call. We said Goodnight and went inside.

I knew that all my friends would be listening for a repeat performance of the previous night, but I had already decided that it would be better to give sex a miss that night and let things die down. Unfortunately, Anne had other ideas. We were in bed with only a sheet covering us when she began to run her hand down my stomach and then, lightly, to stroke my cock. She whispered to me not to be upset about my friend’s comments, that they were only jealous of me and that any one of them would love to be where I was now, in bed with her. As she told me this she was stroking my cock more forcefully and my resolve was weakening all the time.

So much for good intentions. It seemed like within minutes Anne was pulling me on top of her, my cock hard and already leaking from the end. As I began to move inside her she began to taunt me saying she couldn’t feel me, and was I in her yet, and telling me to fuck her with my little boy’s cock.

I was ramming it up her hard and fast by now, too fast because suddenly I was cumming inside her. Anne held me tight as I shot a big load up her pussy hole. I relaxed for a few minutes before Anne whispered to me that she needed to cum. I tried to get away with using my fingers on her clit, but she was soon urging me to go down on her, saying she wanted to feel my tongue in her. A voice came from next door, agreeing with her, telling me to eat that cum and to clean up my mess.

Laughter followed this, from both rooms. There was also a little giggle from Anne as she placed her hands either side of my head and guided my face down to the sticky mess that was her pussy. Do it for me, Anne was saying. Do it for me if you love me, and then she pulled my face up against her sex and I was rubbing my nose and face in the dripping wetness.

As I licked and sucked at her pussy Anne was working herself towards orgasm, all the time speaking to me, telling me to lick harder or faster, or asking me if I liked the taste of spunk. As she came she yelled out loud, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming, suck me, lick me, suck all the spunk from me. We went to sleep shortly afterwards, I didn’t even bother to get up and wash my face, I just let all our juices dry there.

The next day followed the same pattern. I was getting used to all the jibes now. I could hardly refute their comments as they heard Anne and me each evening as we went through the same routine in the bedroom. Anne was also starting to flirt more openly with my friends, probably because of their obvious advances towards her. She would touch or rub up against them at the slightest opportunity and had started to let the straps on her swimming costume drop as she sunbathed leaving her breasts exposed almost down to the nipples. The guys couldn’t take their eyes off her.

It was Ben who asked her to rub some lotion on his back. He stood facing the pool as she worked the lotion into him and when she had done his back she asked if he wanted the backs of his legs doing too. Ben obviously didn’t refuse the offer and we all watched as my wife knelt behind him and ran her hands up and down his legs, the lotion making her hands glide over his tanned skin.

Anne seemed to take an eternity to perform this simple task and spent a long time on the backs of his thighs even moving her hands to his inner thighs right up his trunks. Ben moved his legs further apart as my wife rubbed the sun lotion at the tops of his thighs and I’m sure that a few times her fingers grazed against his balls.

When she was done Ben turned around and as Anne was still kneeling she was literally about six inches away from his body and even from where I was lying I could see a massive swelling in his trunks. Neither of them spoke for several moments, Anne at first just stared as if transfixed by the sight in front of her. Ben, hands on hips, looked down at my wife as she knelt before him, a smile on his face. The cheeky bastard then reached down and stroked his huge bulge and actually pulled the material of his trunks down slightly so that we all had a view of his swelling cock. This broke the ice, Anne looked up at Ben and said, simply, ‘that looks good, Ben’. We all laughed at this, but there was a different atmosphere amongst us now, a sexually charged atmosphere.

Anne had to apply sun lotion to all my friends after that. I was the only one who had to apply his own, as she was too busy to attend to me. She was asked to rub it into their backs, their legs, they even got her rubbing the lotion onto their chests and stomachs. After the episode with Ben all my mates took liberties with my wife. They would keep gradually lowering their trunks and shorts to make her rub lower and lower and I think she had a good look at all their cocks, if not a feel of some of them.

When she had done all five of my friends it was Anne’s turn. Normally, and up till now, it would have been me that she turned to for help in spreading the lotion on herself, but things had changed now. I was out of it, left on my own, and Anne had five helpers all keen to get their hands on her.

Anne lay back as the men decided who was going to do what. Andy started on one leg, beginning with her foot while Jack took the other leg.

Ben said that she would need to make sure that the straps on her costume were out of the way or they would get oil on them. Anne fixed this by slipping her arms out of the straps. Her costume was dangerously loose now, it was only her firm breasts keeping it up. Ben then took more liberties by gently lowering the top of the costume so that once again it rested just above her nipples. He then poured some lotion into his hands and placed them on her naked shoulders. Anne actually sighed as Ben began working it in with a circular motion. Andy and Jack were by this time stroking her thighs and she spread them slightly to let my friends have access to her inner thighs.

Ben worked his hands further down until they were just running across the top of her chest where her cleavage began. Anne had her eyes shut now as she gave herself up to these men, three of them with their hands on her, the other two watching intently as their friends played with my wife. Both Jack and Andy had given up all pretence of rubbing lotion in, they were now simply caressing the tops of my wife’s thighs, getting their fingers as close as they dared to her pussy.

Ben looked over to me as if to gauge my reaction before he moved his hands onto Anne’s breasts. When I didn’t say or do anything to stop him, he began to squeeze them gently, moving the flesh around with his fingers. Anne had her mouth open now and her tongue was running along her top lip as Ben slid his hands further down, pushing the top of her costume as he went. The whole of my wife’s breasts was now exposed in front of my friends as Ben pinched her nipples between his thumb and finger making her squeal.

Having her nipples played with was not the only reason Anne had squealed. Andy had slid the crotch of her costume to one side and was obviously running a finger along her slit. Her hips were making jerking movements as he found her clit and I could tell she was near to cumming. I was a bit worried how far they were going to take this as we were in a very public place, by the hotel swimming pool.

I think Ben realised this too, because he suddenly said he thought that we should retire to the bedroom. No one argued about this, least of all me as I had found the episode strangely exciting. Anne was helped from her prone position and led away towards the hotel entrance, I followed at a distance, my mind in turmoil at the events. We probably looked quite a sight as we made our way through the lobby, my wife supported by five men with her tits almost falling out of her costume and each of the guys trying to get a feel of her as we went, and me with an erection poking at the front of my shorts.

As soon as we arrived at our room, Anne insisted we used our bedroom, and my friends all moved in on her. In no time at all they had her costume off and she was stark naked. I sat on a seat by the door, what was later to be called my wanking seat, as she was helped onto the bed. There were hands all over her body as all the guys tried to get a feel of my hot wife. Her long legs were spread apart and her pussy was opened up for them all to see. Two of the guys were jamming their fingers up her tight sex hole as she squirmed around, while others were mauling her tits.

It was Jack who I noticed first taking his shorts off. He moved to Anne’s face and began rubbing his cock over her mouth and cheeks. The others followed and soon they were all naked. Anne seemed like a woman possessed, her hips were bucking up and down and she was reaching out as if she were trying to feel all their cocks at the same time.

At one time she had a cock in each hand, one in her mouth and the other two being rubbed over her tits and swollen nipples.

It was Ben who moved between her thighs first. His erection looked massive. I reckoned it must have been over nine inches long and very thick. There were veins up the length of it and the head was a deep purple and seemed enormous. I wondered if Anne would be able to take this monster inside her. My other mates had erections of varying proportions. One of them, Andy, was probably longer than Ben but not so thick. The smallest was about seven inches I guessed, still vastly bigger than the tiddler that I was now wanking as I sat in the chair.

Ben ran the end of his thick cock up and down my wife’s slit, from the entrance of her pussy to her throbbing little clit. He did this several times until she cried out for him to put his cock in her. He teased her further, asking her to beg for it. She was begging for it, she pleaded with him to fuck her and to fill him with his big, fat cock. He smiled down at her as she begged him to fuck her and then gradually began to push his enormous cock into her. He only had the head in her when she came for the first time, her hips gyrating. Inch after inch sank into her, and it seemed to never end.

With a couple of inches still to go Ben asked Anne if she was enjoying it.

She was crying out again, this time that she loved him and she loved his big cock. He gave her the full length after that and really began ramming into her. I could see the lips of her pussy stretched around his cock as his body went at her like a piston. Anne seemed to be cumming continually now as he took her quite violently. Suddenly his buttocks were clenching and I knew that Ben was cumming inside my wife. She was screaming that she could feel his cum and I think she had one final orgasm on his cock at that time.

Ben slowly withdrew his cock from her and it seemed to go on forever, even though it was losing its hardness now. When he pulled away from her he sat back and we were treated to the sight of my wife’s cunt stretched obscenely open. As I stared at it the first dribble of Ben’s cum ran from her hole and dripped onto the sheet. I was fascinated and I guess Ben noticed this because he called me over to the bed. I had to step out of my shorts and my erection stood out in front of me as I went over to him.

It’s your turn now, he said to me. I was certainly ready for a fuck, but as I went to climb onto my wife, he pulled me back saying that wasn’t what he meant and pointed to her gaping sex hole. My other friends laughed as I realised what Ben wanted me to do. He wanted me to clean her up after he had fucked her. I glanced down at her stretched pussy and saw that there was more spunk running from her.

Anne had run a hand down and was gently fingering what was probably a very sore and tender pussy and she was looking at me too with just the hint of a smile on her face. Ben gave me a gentle push forward and that was enough. I knelt between my wife’s open thighs and lowered my head towards her sloppy cunt. I noticed that the smile that was on her face turned to a smirk and then she was giggling as I ran my tongue along her sticky slit.

Some of my friends groaned and others cheered as I started lapping at her wide open hole. Ben’s sperm was running freely from her now and I licked and sucked it from her. It tasted similar to my own, so I was happy to swallow it all down.

I’m not sure how long I was down there, but eventually I was pushed away as Jack took his turn fucking my wife. I’m not ashamed to say that I needed no persuasion to get my mouth back down to her pussy after he had finished with her and I sucked Jack’s spunk from her too.
As each of my friends took turns with her I was allowed to clean her. At one time I lay on the bed, my face against Anne’s pussy as she was fucked doggy style above me. Her cunt was so loose by this time that the spunk ran straight out of her afterwards, I just lay there with my mouth open and swallowed the lot.

My behaviour disgusted a couple of my friends, Mike and Andy, but they were still glad that I was there so that she wasn’t quite so sloppy the next time they fucked her. I think they felt that I was degrading myself and this was probably true to an extent. I wouldn’t have considered doing this a week ago, but things had changed since then. I had been shown how another man fucks a woman and I accepted now that I was never going to be able to match them. I knew that I could never hope to fully please a woman with what Anne still calls my little boy’s cock.

For the rest of the holiday all my friends had her as many times as they liked and this continued after we got home too. It’s not unusual for one or two of them to stop over at weekends or to come round during the week to fuck her. I’m still allowed to clean her out after they’ve finished with her and I have come to treasure these moments.

Anne’s cunt is stretched beyond belief now, her hole is wide open all the time and her pussy lips have become long and full which isn’t really surprising after the battering they’ve taken. I’m glad though that she is now getting the satisfaction that she deserves and that I couldn’t give her. Our relationship has changed dramatically, Anne is much more domineering and forceful towards me. She used to be like this just in the bedroom, but now it’s all the time. Anne gets enormous pleasure from seeing me being humiliated in front of my friends and she always has a superior smile on her face as I move between her thighs to begin lapping at her freshly fucked pussy. The strange thing is, I wouldn’t change any of it.

This whole episode has really worked well for both of us. I get to eat pussy even more than I used to, my wife is way more satisfied than she ever was, and we have the added bonus of involving quite a few other people in our sex life. I may have a small dick but I’m having the time of my (sex) life.

The End.



  • vici

    very nice hot story well written, I have also come to an understanding that I have never and now unable to satisfy my wife either . I am very small 3 inches and can not get hard she seeks other men, real men to satisfy her. but if i am available i do get to lick he freshly sexed pussy. and would not change a thing

  • Sam

    Loved your story…I my self am 1″soft and 3″on a good day hard…we actually came together because she needs multiple men and I love to watch and serve…we do get amazing at eating pussy… Lol… You should have children…we have 3… All from breeding parties…

  • Tobecucked

    Love the story
    Just wish my wife was like your as I have a very small dick and I know she would enjoy her self once she’s tried a real man and would won’t more after it’s just taken that first step


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