She Sleeps

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By tinasbuttfanfiction


I tentatively ran my fingers over the wooden bar, my eyes quickly sweeping the room. I had never done anything like this before and was feeling restless. I decided to go to the bathroom and freshen up before it was time to meet with my date. I examined myself in the mirror with a measure of detachment. The black silk dress I wore fit me like a slip; it was not something I would usually pick out for myself. My dark black hair curled around my face making my fair skin look even lighter, but my cheeks were beginning to redden as I imagined what I would do that evening. I juddered myself out of my reverie and adjusted the lingerie under my dress, pushing my breasts up to make my cleavage appear even more extreme…if I wasn’t careful, it would go all the way up to my chin. I put on another coat of red lipstick, nodded at myself in the mirror, and breathed a long cleansing breath.

After exiting the bathroom, I uncertainly looked around and wondered, “Should I order a drink to calm my nerves or would that be unwise? I probably shouldn’t drink. A fuzzy brain wouldn’t be wise…”

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a hand gently lay on my shoulder. I turned and felt relief wash over me. Miss Glover smiled warmly at me looking down into my eyes; she was a good head taller than me and extremely beautiful. I paled in comparison to her braided hair that fell down to her waist and her dark skin that made her green eyes all the more striking. Her frame was thin and delicate; though she was tall, she was not gangly. Miss Glover was easily the most poised woman I had ever seen.

“Good evening, Holly, did you find the place okay,” her velvety voice lingered in the air for a moment; my eyes were transfixed on her juicy lips. I shook myself and met her gaze.

“Good evening, Madame. Yes, I’ve been here before,” I paused, “Do I look the part?”

She surveyed me carefully, squinting her eyes, and motioned for me to do a spin. After scrupulously looking over my attire she nodded, “Yes. That dress is very handsome on you. And I assume you’ve met the client’s specifications I sent you?”

I blushed and nodded.

Miss Glover gave me a reassuring pat on the back before shoving a key into my hand and said, “Good. Off you go. Room 213.”

I turned deliberately. This was it. My first client. I was really doing it. The elevator ride up to room 213 was filled with second thoughts and unease, but once I reached the room a calm rushed over me and I pushed open the door.

It was a swanky room and I gasped as I looked out at the view over the city. There were candles around the room, but I wasn’t going to light them. This wasn’t going to be a romantic date. I was glad to see that the clock read 9:30 PM; I still had 30 minutes to prepare before my client arrived. As instructed, I removed my shoes and dress so I was just in my sheer red teddy. I unmade the bed and turned on the bedside table lamp before reaching into my bag and pulling out a copy of a random romance novel I had picked up at the drugstore as well as a black satin sleeping mask. I slipped under the silk covers and my body relaxed into the luxurious fabric. I remembered my instructions and opened the book to a random page, then placed it page-side down next to me in the bed. I put on the sleeping mask and then I waited.

I had begun to doze when I heard the knock on the door and a voice say, “Room service!” It took me a moment to bring myself back into the moment and I quickly remembered I was not supposed to answer or even act awake. I laid still. Eyes shut behind my sleeping mask and mouth softly parted, I waited.

When the hotel room’s door creaked open, I settled into my part of the client’s fantasy. I was a woman who was knocked out from taking sleeping pills and had forgotten she had ordered room service. That’s when the horny room attendant slips in and uses her body to pleasure himself.

I felt his weight settle on the bed next to me, and as I realized that this was actually going to happen, I sensed horror setting in; I was getting wet. I wanted him to use me and that made me feel guilty. As if reading my thoughts, the faux room attendant peeled the covers off of my body and I heard an intake of breath. I wondered if it was a positive or negative reaction, but was reassured when I felt a feathery touch over my lace-covered crotch.

As if deciding I wouldn’t wake up, he pressed harder and his hand began massaging my pussy through my panties. I moaned quietly, as if lost in a wet dream. This seemed to please him and he whispered, “I’m going to use this hole.” He pulled away and I felt him move off of the bed and I heard a zipper being undone. I assumed he had used that moment to remove his pants. I wondered if he was going to just fuck me or if he would do anything else to me beforehand.

My question was answered when he grabbed my breasts and began rubbing his thumbs over my nipples. He got on top of me and straddled my chest. I could smell him, his cologne was strong but there was also the underlying smell of sweat. He roughly pulled down the top of my teddy and he immediately spat onto my exposed breasts, “Perfect tits.” He bent down and began sucking on my nipples roughly; his chin stubble brushed my smooth skin harshly and I felt my pussy getting wetter at the sensation. I moaned again and wiggled a little, pretending to wake slightly and fall back asleep. He bit down on my nipple and then sat up quickly.

My client scooted forward and began rubbing the head of his cock against my parted lips. I felt precum oozing onto my bottom lip, just as he reached up and held my nose. I opened my mouth wider and he shoved his dick into my mouth without ceremony. His cock was small and tasted disgusting, like he had just gone for a run and did not shower. Shame washed over me when I realized I liked that. Actually, I loved it. Finding him repulsive made this act even sexier and my nipples hardened as he fucked my mouth. He began whispering, “You look so beautiful with a dick in your mouth…I can’t wait to see what your pussy looks like with my cock in you.”

He got up and I heard something that sounded like a wrapper. A condom. The bed moved again as he positioned himself between my legs and pulled my panties to the side. He prodded my pussy with his finger and whispered, “You’re soaked. You need this big cock in you right now.” I held back a snort, but immediately got back into my role when he stuck his finger into my cunt and began rubbing my clit. With his finger still inside of me, he slid his small prick into my pussy and began whispering again, “I love this tight pussy. I love filling you up, baby.”

I had never felt a sensation like that before, a finger and a cock inside of me at once. His finger was on top of his cock and he began to curl it as he fucked me, hitting my g-spot effortlessly. I groaned again, this time because I felt pleasure not just because I was playing my part. He began ramming his cock into me harder and added a second finger, both curling and uncurling over my g-spot. I wanted to respond to his rhythm and meet his thrusts with my own, but I had to lie there and take it like a ragdoll. His thrusts got faster and faster and he began cumming as he squeezed my tit awkwardly and whispered, “Take my cum, baby. Take it.” After collapsing on me, his sweat moistening my naked flesh, he clumsily got off of the bed, zipped himself back up, and left.

After lying there for a few minutes, I removed my sleeping mask and reached down to finish myself off. My cunt was slick with my own juices and I slid two fingers inside, curling them just as my client had…imagining I was being used like a helpless fuck toy all over again. I came within minutes and bucked wildly against my hand before getting up, dressing, and heading downstairs to collect my payment from Miss Glover. I eagerly speculated what the rest of my clients had in store for me and I bit my lip hungrily at the thought.

The End.



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