Running into an Ex-GF

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by thinboy (edited)

It started innocuously, I ran into her at the grocery store. She still looked pretty, and vibrant . It had been over three years since I had last seen her. My heart beat faster when my eyes caught hers. I stopped and thought to myself should I turn around and walk away or say hello. She had hurt me, but I decided it was too late to not say anything.

“So how have you been?” I asked her with a smile.

“Wow, It is …I have been good,” She responded. “Wow, look good.”

We chatted for a few minutes catching up on what we were doing now. Turns out we were working on the same block next week so a plan for lunch was made.

The plan turned to drinks after work when she could not make lunch. I choose a dark bar with a secluded booth in the corner, one where we could talk with some privacy.

One drink led to two. Two to three. Three to a confession. “You were the best lay I ever had,” I told her. “The sex we had was so open and fun, and so kinky.”

“Yes, yes it was.” She agreed shaking her head as though she knew this was the inevitable direction of the conversation. “I told you when we dated you were the best I ever had too.”

“I bet I still am.” I smirked confidently.

“You..I …I remember those times very fondly,” She slurred in a tipsy voice. As if to take back control of the conversation she interjected, “Do you still like to be… teased.”

“Yeah so what?” I blushed as I remembered all the exciting times we had.

“Such a big guy with such a little dick…,” She whispered with a smile teasing me with the phrase she used when we were together.

My cock got hard as a rock right away.

“Aww you remembered” I said dripping with mock sarcasm.

“Well how could I forget such a cute…little…dick” She pointedly accentuated every word teasingly while looking me straight in the eye as she did.

Slightly drunk and emboldened by the direction of the conversation I asked, “Tell me about the guy you left me for. Is he bigger than me?”

She stopped smiling and turned away as her face turned red. She hesitated and finally said “Yes, but that is not why I broke up with you.”

“I know. How much bigger is he?”

“Why do you want to know?” She asked flustered, embarrassed and a little angry.

I looked her straight in the eye and said, “Because it turns me on. Because you turn me on talking about it. And because right now I think you want to turn me on more. Because getting me hot always got you soaking wet. I can tell right now the way you have been squirming in your seat across from me your pussy is getting wet, I can smell the horniness on you. I also think that is why you came tonight. You missed me, and they way I made you feel. So tell me, how much bigger is his dick compared to mine?”

She looked down, she knew I was right about her being turned on by our discussion and why she was there, so eventually she replied, “A lot bigger.”

“Show me with your hands,” I said.

My cock had not felt this hard in ages but truth be told I had fantasised about this moment for a long time.

Her hand formed a circle like gripping a thick cucumber. “He is thick, much thicker than you,” her voice quivered.

“You should touch yourself. Tell me more.”

She looked at me and I smiled. She squirmed in the booth and started to rub her pussy through her jeans, resigned to what was happening. “He gags me, when I suck him off. You never really could. His cock fills my throat all the way in and there is more I can’t fit in. Your dick could barely reach the back of my throat. My jaw hurts After I go down on him. His cock is just that big.”

“Come sit next to me,” I order her.

She hesitates thinking for a moment, then gets up and walks around to my side of the booth. I carefully slide my cock out of my pants and whisper. “Grab mine, are you sure he is that much bigger?”

With one hand on my cock and another between her legs, she honestly reacted and said “Oh my god yours is so small by comparison. It just feels so thin and short. His cock just fills my hand not like this little cock. I need to use two hands to jerk his cock off.”

She started to jerk me faster and rub her pussy harder.

“He fucks me with that big dick all the time while your little dick would just slip out of me now, you’re such a big guy with such a little dick…. such a big guy with such a little dick…. are you gonna cum for me?” she asked in a sweet voice.

I was so turned on I started to cum, shooting all over the underside of the table and her hand.

She was still touching herself when I finished so I leaned in close and whispered in her ear, “Does he call you a whore like I used to? Because I am pretty sure that is what jerking a guy off in a bar makes you… a dirty little whore. Now stick that hand in your mouth and taste my cum like a good whore.”

She closed her eyes and brought her hand up without thinking and licked her fingers as her body started to twitch, letting out a small yelp as the orgasm embraced her.

“Good whore….now eat all that cum…don’t want to leave a mess for the bar staff to clean up.”

She scooped up any blobs of cum she found with her fingers and stuffed them greedily into her mouth. Then she wiped me and the table with napkins to clean up all the gooey mess that remained.

We both sat there for a moment, resting from our respective releases.

Finally she said, “God that felt good. But dammit, I knew this was a bad idea. You just… You bring that side out in me. It is so intoxicating. But I can’t do this… I can’t see you.” She stammered. “I am … married now.”

“I thought you might be,” I said nonchalantly. “I had fun though catching up. It was good to see you again. But I won’t tell if you don’t.”

We stood up and I hugged her and kissed her on the head and said to her, “I am still the best aren’t I?”

“Yes” she smiled.

“That is all I wanted to know,” I said.

Then I walked out the door leaving her to contemplate just what happened.

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