Roommates (Gay SPH)

By Manhattan_At_Arms.

It had only been two weeks as college roommates at the on-campus dorms, but the two young men got along well. Jasper was kind, with an easy laugh and a welcoming presence. He had long golden hair that grew to the middle of his back and expressive deep green eyes. He was in basketball, so his frame was muscular and lean. The other man, Clark, had short brown hair that paired nicely with his light amber eyes. He was as tall as Jasper and skinny but not boney. Their schedules were pretty lined up: they each had two classes in the morning, they ate lunch together, and Jasper came back from basketball practice just as Clark was getting ready for bed. The only difference was that Clark didn’t have class in the afternoon, but Jasper did.

One night, about another week in, Jasper asked Clark if it would be okay if his best friend swung by, and Clark said he didn’t mind. He had finished most of his homework, and he was curious about the company Jasper kept. He didn’t have anything major planned, just reading, and he could still do that if he didn’t get along with his roommate’s friend. Around 9:30 p.m., Jasper’s friend Demetrius arrived. He was a very tall, broadly muscular, handsome African American, with hazel eyes and short locks that framed his face well. He came in with a dazzling smile, a case of beer, and a bottle of rum. After introductions, he invited Clark to drink.

The three of them sat on the floor talking and laughing. Demetrius was just as warm as Jasper, but he was a bit more playful. There was something about the easygoingness of it all and maybe even a little bit of the alcohol flowing, but Clark began to really look at Jasper. He knew he was attractive, but tonight he noticed him just a little bit more. Like just how graceful his movements were, how deep his laugh would drop if the joke were raunchy, how his eyes widened when he was excited. The curve of his neck and the tanned smoothness of his skin. He ran his fingers through his hair a lot, and when he did, it showed off the contours of his face, the perfect sculpt of his eyebrows, and his naturally tinted pink lips.

Jasper wasn’t just attractive; he was fucking gorgeous. After a time, Clark couldn’t look at Jasper without blushing. He feared he would stumble and say something embarrassing. He tried to engage a bit longer, but the moment Jasper caught his eye and smirked at him, he realized he was at his limit, and he needed to excuse himself. He said he had to get ready for bed, thanked Demetrius for the alcohol, and then began gathering his things to take a shower. Even though he had already taken one that afternoon, he needed an excuse to get away from Jasper and maybe even rub one out real quick.

After Clark had left, Demetrius grinned, “Well, damn, Jazz,” at Jasper’s confused cocked eyebrow, he explained, “he’s pretty cute, you get his number yet?”

“He’s my roommate, Dee. I’m not going to make it weird,” Jasper answered easily, “I’ve got to live with this guy for a whole semester. I’m not going to make it uncomfortable for him,” he scooted closer like he had a secret to tell. “You’re right, though. He’s cute.” He gave his friend a grin. “Every once in a while, he’ll come in shirtless, and I get some eye candy out of it. He’s cut under that tee shirt. Hairless, with these nice-sized suckable nipples…” he trailed off thinking about just how badly he wanted to nibble on them, “but, uh…anyway…”

“Sure you don’t want that number?” Demetrius chuckled.

“Nah, I really don’t want to mess up the vibe, you know. He’s a damn good roommate.”

Demetrius scratched his nose, a sign he was about to ask something that might not be received well. “So, you’re not going to get mad if I try to…”

Jasper shook his head but still felt a twinge of something deep in his belly he didn’t like. Nevertheless, he had no real reason to stop his friend, so he said, “No, I’m not going to get mad, but what about Sheila? Are you not talking to her anymore?”

“We’re still talkin’. We’re open. I told you that.”

“Well, you kept saying you guys were, but I’d never seen it. You two are glued at the hip.”

Demetrius laughed. “That’s just because the opportunity never came up. But you been holding out on me, didn’t tell me about your friend Clark!”

Jasper shook his head, eyes twinkling. “Look, bro, do whatever you need to do. I won’t get in your way,” he forced a crooked grin as that twinge came back.

When Clark returned, he saw Demetrius and Jasper leaning on the foot of Jasper’s bed shoulder to shoulder, looking at memes and videos on Jasper’s tablet. Jasper looked up at him and, for some reason, winked. It made his cheeks flame, and he was glad of the dimness of the room.

Demetrius looked up and asked, “Sure, you don’t want to stay up a little later with us? We were thinking about getting some more alcohol and watching a movie.”

“No, I should probably go to bed, but thanks for thinking of me,” Clark glanced over at Jasper and nodded his chin at him, “he knows I’m a deep sleeper. Y’all won’t disturb me.”

“Alright, man, if you’re sure,” Demetrius looked back at the tablet.

Clark smiled at Jasper, then settled into his bed for the night, tucking the comforter under his chin.


The next day, Clark’s phone alarm woke him, but there was a piece of paper on it when he went to press snooze. He grumbled, hit snooze, then lifted the paper and saw that it had a phone number on it. Just then, Jasper walked into the room. He was clearly coming back from the cafeteria. He had a to-go bowl of oatmeal in his hand and a piece of toast between his teeth.

Clark lifted the paper and waved it, “What’s this about?” he asked.

Jasper spits the toast out, and it landed on his bed. “Demetrius wanted me to give you his number.”

“Oh, I’m glad he wants to keep in touch. I was nervous meeting your friend,” Clark looked at the floor. “I was afraid he wouldn’t like me.”

“What would make you think that? Demetrius likes everyone!” Jasper picked up his toast and took a big bite, watching Clark with his emerald eyes.

“I don’t know,” said Clark as he looked back at Jasper. “I thought he was just polite because he’s your friend, and I’m your roommate.”

Jasper tilted his head, looking silly with the toast he had almost finished in his mouth. He realized Clark didn’t understand, so he clarified. “Yeah, well, if you swing that way, there’s his number.”

“Oh!” Clark’s eyebrows rose. “I didn’t realize you meant he wanted to be more than friends.”

Jasper cocked a brow. “I know you’re not offended. Your sister came up two days ago with that pride pin on her backpack. So you’re either an ally, if not in the community yourself.”

Clark blinked. “So, what, two days ago, you just decided I was gay?”

Jasper chuckled. “Oh no! I had my suspicion since I first met you. Seeing your sister just confirmed it.”

“Just because my sister had an Ace pin on doesn’t mean that I’m gay.”

Jasper stuffed the rest of his toast into his mouth. “Okay, true, true. You got me there.” He swallowed and gave him a devastatingly handsome smile. “But the two of you are very close. It was cute. Anyway, clearly, you’re not scared of us or anything.”

“Us?” Clark lifted a brow again.

Jasper smirked. “Yeah, us. Me, Demetrius, your sister, and…maybe you?”

Clark laughed and waved his hand. “Yeah, yeah, us,” he confirmed.

Jasper snapped suddenly and gave him finger guns. “I knew it! So, going to call him?”

“Probably not for anything other than friendship.” Clark shrugged. “He’s a nice guy, and I enjoyed his company a lot, but I didn’t feel an attraction to him or anything like that.”

“That’s cool,” Jasper was only mildly surprised by the relief he felt.

He actually wasn’t sure what he would do if Clark had been excited about getting the number. Leaving the dorm so they could fuck would be awkward as hell. How could he hang out with them if they were dating? That thought gave birth to another one.

“Damn man, I mean, I never even thought to ask if you were already taken before I started wingmaning.”

“No, I’m not, but I’m not really looking though either. I mean, if it happens, it happens, but I’m not one of those people who doesn’t know how to be alone. I don’t need to be part of a pair.”

“Oh shit, that reminds me, Demetrius has a girlfriend. They’re open and all, but if that’s not your scene, then…”

“Thanks for the heads up, but as I said, I’m not interested in him anyway,” Clark looked away. He wasn’t sure what to say after. He hoped Jasper wouldn’t be upset and think the rejection meant Clark thought Demetrius wasn’t good enough or something.

His worry was on his face, and Jasper was suddenly in front of him. He pulled the lid off his oatmeal then squat down. He looked up at him with a serious expression, “Hey, like, if you’re uncomfortable that he’s crushin’ on you, I can meet him at the mall or Starbucks or something. He doesn’t have to come back here, you know,” he took a bite of his oatmeal.

“I’m not uncomfortable. I just don’t want you to think ill of me for not giving him a chance. I just don’t feel anything like that, that’s all. I figure we can all be adults about it. Demetrius is free to come whenever. Like I said before, I enjoyed my time with him.”

“Alright,” Jasper reached out and clasped Clark’s knee and squeezed, “well anyway, that’s settled,” he gave him a grin, then stood and turned away.

Clark, with his heart thundering, asked, “Well, since we’re on the subject…are you seeing anyone?”

Jasper looked over his shoulder, pushing his hope way down, “Nope, mostly just don’t have time. Between basketball practice and classes, it’s too hard to date.”

“I’m surprised,” said Clark softly.

Jasper flopped onto his bed and scraped the last of his oatmeal out of the cardboard container, not looking at Clark, and asked, “Really? Why?”

Clark just shrugged, looking at the floor again, “You know, the usual…you’re a nice guy, smart, handsome…yadda, yadda, yadda,” he glanced up, and he was met by Jasper’s beautiful eyes looking at him over the rim of his cardboard bowl. Spoon in midair, the man frozen but smirking. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity before Jasper dropped his eyes and finally ate the last of his oatmeal. He threw the empty container into the trash, then leaned back on his hands and smiled at Clark.

Jasper looks sexy, Clark thought. He wanted to know why he wasn’t speaking. Had he said something wrong? Stupid? But there was an atmosphere building in the air, and he was too afraid to break it to ask why his roommate was just looking at him. He couldn’t pinpoint Jasper’s expression, but he looked almost smug like he had won something. But Clark had no idea what in their conversation made Jasper feel victorious.

Finally, the blonde spoke, “Thanks, but yeah, it’s not a lack of confidence. It truly is a lack of time.”

They looked at each other for a few minutes longer, and Clark knew something had changed between them, but it wouldn’t be for a while that he would realize what it was.

As the days passed, Clark and Jasper began hanging out more often. Anytime they found themselves with unexpected free time, they would text the other to see if they happened to be free. More than a couple of times, it was clear the other man was ditching a class or study time to hang out, though neither of them acknowledged it. There was something about both of them acknowledging their sexual orientation and Clark’s disinterest in Demetrius that seems to bring them closer together. At first, in a friendly way, but as the days progressed, they became a little flirtatious with one another.

They began to use innuendo and double-entendres in their speech to one another. More than once, Jasper had gotten Clark to blush, and Clark had gotten Jasper to lose his train of thought. Then began the touching—nothing sexual in nature, just a hand on the shoulder or a steadying grip on an elbow. Clark began to use Jasper’s thigh as leverage whenever he stood up. Jasper would touch the small of Clark’s back when they were side by side, speaking to others. Clark would study on the floor next to Jasper’s bed and enjoy his friend’s fingers carding through his hair now and again.

So Clark, using their study habits as justification, rustled up the courage one night to ask Jasper if he could comb his hair. Jasper had agreed, and it had led to him sitting on the ground between Clark’s legs while they watched Alien 3. Clark had combed his hair, then braided it, and was pleased that Jasper didn’t move until the movie was over. Once ended, the two friends said goodnight to one another and went to their respective beds, neither one pushing for anything more. Still, though, Clark was fairly sure he had felt a charge between, and he really really hoped it wasn’t one-sided.

The next day Demetrius came over, and he brought Sasha his girlfriend. She was cute and kind, and Clark liked her immediately. Her skin was a lighter shade of brown than Demetrius’s, and she was short, plump, and very curvy. She wasn’t dressed provocatively, but she did look sexy in her tight black skinny jeans and a low-cut red t-shirt. They decided to go out for lunch instead of the campus cafeteria.

They found a small diner that served breakfast food all day, and the four of them spoke easily and laughed often. Demetrius had started watching Clark and Jasper, they seemed to be flirting a bit, and he was intrigued. When Clark announced he needed to use the restroom, Demetrius asked Jasper what was up, but Sasha spoke first.

“You two are adorable together,” she said with a smile, “how long have you been dating?”

Jasper looked surprised, and his eyes darted over to Demetrius quickly, then back to Sasha, “Uh, we’re not.”

“Maybe y’all should then…” she smirked.

“He’s just a good roommate, that’s all. He’s my friend, so we’re close.”

Demetrius laughed, “We’re close, Jazz, and I’ve never seen you look at me like you wanna climb me like a tree!”

Sasha chuckled, “Yeah, and I’m pretty sure Clark would spread his branches for you too,” that line just made her boyfriend laugh louder, and Jasper blushes up to his ears. She reached forward and touched Jasper’s hand, “make a move. I’m pretty sure he likes you.”

“Yeah, bro,” Demetrius nodded, “plus, it’s near the end of the semester, if we’re wrong, then request for a transfer to another dorm. J building is always open because it’s close to the train.”

Jasper nodded, then took a deep breath, “Maybe…I’ll think about it though,” he glanced at Demetrius, “Hey, uh, thanks for being understanding.”

Demetrius waved his hand with a grin. He had long ago given up on Clark when the man never called him. Clark came back and slid into the booth, closer to Jasper this time. After a while, Demetrius noticed a strand of Jasper’s hair closest to Clark was moving while they ate, and he realized that Clark must be whirling it underneath the table. He kicked Jasper’s boot, and when the man looked up, he gave him a smirk. Just then, Clark looked up, and both men blushed then looked back at their food. The hair movement stopped.

After eating, Demetrius suggested they walk around the outside mall of outlet stores. It wasn’t too cold, but they each still needed a hoodie. Well, Sasha was wearing an adorable black denim jacket. They decided to get coffees as they shopped, and after leaving the third store, Jasper, not saying a word, reached over and took Clark’s hand into his. Sasha glanced over at the movement, then smiled to herself and nudged Demetrius to look over too. He caught Jasper’s eye and gave him a wink, but that was the last it was acknowledged.

Clark nor Jasper brought up the hand-holding, which didn’t stop until they piled into Demetrius’ car to go back on campus. Back at the dorm, Jasper said he would take a shower, and Clark, still nervous about what had happened that afternoon, just pulled on his pajamas and went to bed. He would shower tomorrow after lunch since he didn’t have an afternoon class.

The next day things went as normal. Clark and Jasper got up, shuffled around the room, getting ready then left for morning classes. During class, Clark made up an excuse not to meet Jasper for lunch and texted his apology. The morning had been difficult for Clark. He was hyper-aware of every move his roommate made. The hand Jasper had held still had the subtle scent of his cologne on it. His heart had been beating wildly, and he knew they should probably have a proper discussion, but all he could think about was just how cute Jasper looked sleep mussed and yawning. So he would address the ramping up of their flirtations later. Right now, he wanted time to get his thoughts in order.


Jasper huffed and placed his hands on his hips as he stood outside his classroom door after lunch. He wished his professor had sent an email to cancel the class, not just put a sign on the door after he’s run across campus not to be late. Marigold, a woman in his class, stepped up then let out of growl of frustration.

She spoke, “I mean, I know I should be happy for him, pretty sure this means his wife is finally giving birth, but also, I had to pay for bus fare to get here. Feel like I should get reimbursed or something,” she pursed her lips in aggravation.

Jasper chuckled, “Yeah,” he glanced down at her, “not a fan.”

He clapped his hands, then turned and left. He didn’t know what he was going to do now that he had all this free time. He should go to the library to study, but he knew Clark didn’t have afternoon classes, and the thought of spending time with him was far more appealing. Jasper was slowly getting used to the fact that it made him a little giddy anytime he thought about Clark. He was 95% sure Clark felt the same way seeing as he hadn’t pulled his hand away at the outlet mall. He didn’t know how to bring it up, though. It had been years since he actively pursued someone. He figured he’d just play it by ear as he had thus far.

Jasper already had his card key out when he approached his dorm room door and threw it open. He heard a yelp and things falling to the ground, and his eyes grew wide when he saw Clark. Clark was standing in the center of the room completely naked, hands over his crotch, but he hadn’t been fast enough, and Jasper had gotten a clear view of his body.

“Oh,” Jasper whispered.

“Did you see?!” Clark cried, looking horrified.

Jasper knew what he was talking about. There was no reason lying to him about it, so he simply said, “Yeah.”

Clark groaned and turned his back to Jasper, “Why are you here?” he whispered.

“Class was canceled. Guess Mr. Steven’s wife is finally in labor,” he shrugged.

It was silent for a while as Clark rummaged through his drawer. Jasper didn’t like the awkward feeling in the air. He didn’t want Clark to think he was judging his body negatively, so he felt like he should say something.

“Like, I don’t care, you know. I mean…about your body,” he shut and locked the door. “It is what it is…”

Clark quickly pulled up a pair of boxer briefs then looked over his shoulder. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he snapped.

“You don’t have to, just listen,” Jasper sighed, “like it’s not a deal-breaker or anything.”

Clark lifted a brow, “What?” he chuckled with no mirth as he turned around. “Am I auditioning for something?”

Jasper shrugged, his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He licked his lips then decided to be a bit more obvious. “Nah, I’m just saying I’m not a size queen or anything.”

Clark blinked, stunned. He knew what Jasper’s words were implying, but he didn’t know if that was Jasper’s true intent. He realized he’d have to pick his next words carefully. “So, you had experience with this before then?”


“Then how do you know it won’t be a problem?” Clark demanded.

Jasper took a few steps further into the room and threw his backpack to the floor by the foot of his bed. He never took his eyes off Clark. “Because you’re still you,” he said softly, sincerely.

Clark didn’t speak, and Jasper looked genuine, but still, the man could have only gotten just a glimpse. Could he really be so confident if he didn’t have the full picture? So, Clark decided to give Jasper that chance. He reached down and pulled his boxer briefs down, it pooled around his ankles, and he started to blush when he saw Jasper’s green eyes immediately drop to gaze upon him.

Clark’s body was rigid with nerves as he allowed Jasper to get a good view. His cock was cut and painted with faint blue veins beneath the surface, but it was small, much smaller than average. As he was now, Flaccid was barely two inches, and when he was erect, he didn’t get much bigger. He had looked it up once and realized that while having a three-inch erect penis was rare.

It wasn’t unheard of. Knowing that had helped him a little with his self-esteem growing up, but he was still aware that it wasn’t expected. Most of his past encounters had been quick, most men finding excuses to leave the moment they had their orgasms, which left Clark finishing off himself alone. The longer he stood there, being scrutinized by Jasper, the more his embarrassment rose, and to his surprise, he found that the feeling was arousing to him.

Jasper looked back up at him. “What? So it’s not the size of the average penis. Still not a deal-breaker.”

“It’s tiny,” Clark leveled him with a glare, “don’t placate me.”

“I’m not,” Jasper smiled. “It really isn’t that bad! I like it,” he shrugged. “I don’t know. There’s something sexy about it,” he stepped a bit closer, still smiling, “it’s cute, like you.”

Clark shook his head. “I don’t believe you.”

Jasper’s eyes flickered. He felt as though he had just been slapped, “Fine, whatever,” Jasper looked away, hurt.

Clark realized he took his last sentence as a rejection. He had to try to fix it, “Jasper wait,” he said softly, “you really don’t mind?”

Jasper glanced back, “No, I don’t, because I like you, Clark.”

Clark stepped closer, “Jasper…I…I like you too, but…” he noticed that his friend was looking at him earnestly. He was still a bit nervous. He tilted his head back a bit, trying to call forth courage, “you have to understand…no one’s ever liked it. I don’t like it. How am I supposed to believe you when you say it’s not a big deal?”

Jasper also took a step. He felt heat roll through his body. And while he understood that this was a delicate situation, he thought Clark looked so handsome, “Because I’ve never lied to you before.”

Clark was still standing there naked, and Jasper hadn’t left the room or teased him. Maybe he could trust him. He walked closer to him. Now they were so close he could hear Jasper’s quick breaths. He swallowed hard, “Prove it.”

“How?” Jasper asked breathlessly. His eyes slid down to look at Clark’s lips.

“Show me that it doesn’t matter,” Clark whispered, looking down at Jasper’s lips now too.

Their heads leaned closer, tilting a bit as if to kiss, but neither man closed the gap. But they both looked into each other’s eyes as Jasper’s middle finger stroked the spongy tip of Clark’s small penis.

Jasper licked his lips, “I’ll stroke you off. I want to make you come.”

Clark took a sharp intake of breath, “Well, aren’t you forward,” he chuckled nervously.

“You’re the one that told me to prove it,” Jasper smirked, “besides, I know what I won’t. I’ve known for quite some time,” he wrapped his whole hand around Clark, and the cock disappeared completely within his grasp. He stroked him slowly, never taking his eyes off of him, watching as his breath quickened. Soon the below-average cock began to swell, and even then, it didn’t peek out from the fist.

Jasper glanced down and opened his hand. The little cock was hard and had pinked up cutely, the tip shiny. He rubbed his thumb over the head and felt that it was already wet, “Are you always this sensitive? Or is it just because it’s me?”

“Oh, it’s definitely because of you.”

Jasper smiled, then continue to stroke him. He actually did find the cock intriguing; he hadn’t lied when he said it was cute. He couldn’t take his eyes off of it, opening his fist now and again so he could see the erect dick.

“You leak so much,” he said in awe.

Clark bit his lower lip. Jasper’s voice was different now that he was aroused. The volume was softer, but the timbre was deeper. It tingled along his nerve endings and made his body warm.

Jasper pulled his hand away and lifted it, “Look at that, are you always going to do this for me? Get this wet? Coat my hand?” Jasper licked his palm, and Clark moaned, “If you’re this wet now, what is it like when you come? Does it get all over the place…”

“Think it’s the same as everyone else’s,” Clark said weakly, “but I know it’s not as thick, so it goes far,” he took a deep breath, “You said you wanted to see, so just make me come and answer your own question.”

That got a groan out of Jasper, “Fuck, I wanna put it in my mouth,” he leaned in finally and kissed Clark.

Clark gasped, surprised, and Jasper took that moment to slip his tongue inside. He resumed stroking Clark as they kissed. Jasper moaned. Clark was a great kisser. He wondered if it was a skill he picked up to compensate for his small member. Maybe he wanted to make sure he could please his lovers in other ways. The thought of Clark using his mouth on other parts of his body made Jasper shiver.

He ended the kiss and quickly removed his clothes. He wanted to be just as naked as Clark was. When he looked up, he saw Clark staring at his erection. He reached down and gripped himself in hand and gave it one long stroke, “God, look what you do to me.”

Clark felt butterflies at the compliment and bit his bottom lip before he could speak again, “You look so good,” his eyes raked over Jasper. His cock was thick, long, and already dripping at the tip. His body was lean, his basketball playing paying off. His muscles were well defined, hard under smooth skin, begging to be touched. So Clark obliged. He reached out and placed his hands on Jasper’s chest, and squeezed. He felt his nipples pebble up to hard points, and he drew his fingers down to pinch them.

Jasper grunted, “Clark,” he whispered and took him by the shoulder and pushed him until they were at Clark’s bed. He guided him down gently and straddled him, moaning as Clark continued to play with his nipples. He looked down as he began to rub his cock along Clark’s. The size difference was striking and turned Jasper on all the more, “Look at that,” he groaned as his precum smeared all over his roommate’s tiny stiff dick, “it’s so cute. So little,” his eyes grew wide as he realized the head of his cock was wider than the width of Clark’s shaft. The image dazzled him. It made him even harder than he had ever been. It was obscene how much his cock dwarfed Clark’s. His heart was beating frantically, and he quickened the speed of his hips. He wanted to make Clark wetter, drench his cock with his precum and sweat.

“Jasper!” Clark gasped out, “Slow down!” He pinched Japer’s nipples hard.

“Shit,” Jasper shivered, “not so rough, baby!”

Clark’s eyes went wide. He knew it was probably just something Jasper always said in bed, but the term ‘baby’ still made him flush. He pushed through the feeling of warmth and whispered, “I’m sorry…let me make it better,” he leaned up and flicked his tongue over one of the nipples, then pulled it between his lips and sucked.

“Jesus,” Jasper let out a long moan and dropped his head. His body responded, and tingles of pleasure made his nipples even harder, and the one between Clark’s lips throbbed pleasantly, “please, oh fuck!”

Clark pulled off the pink tip with a smack, “I love that you’re sensitive here,” he licked his lips and dove in to suckle the other one.

“Ah!” Jasper was breathing hard. His cock was twitching, leaking like a faucet onto Clark’s little dick, “S-stop…I want…oh!” He crooned when he felt Clark’s tongue rapidly flicking over his nipple while this index finger flicked over the other one, “Baby, sheesh,” he shivered and doubled over, effectively releasing Clark’s contact on him. He glanced up through his bangs, his eyes blown wide with desire. He let out a sexy growl, then slid down Clark’s body and, without preamble, sucked his small penis into his mouth.

Clark’s back arched, and he cried out. No one had ever put their mouth on him there. His thighs tensed as he felt all the space Jasper still had in his mouth due to his size. But Jasper used that to his advantage, using the extra area to swipe his tongue all around the erection in his mouth. He could flick the tip without pulling back, and if he pressed forward, he could just get the head into the opening of his throat. It wasn’t deep, obviously, but when he swallowed, it still squeezed down on the tip strongly enough to cause Clark’s body to ripple with arousal.

He pulled off, “Oh fuck yeah,” he looked up at a panting Clark, “this is sexy as hell,” he didn’t take his eyes off of Clark as he opened his mouth and let his tongue drool all over the head. He got him nice and wet, then lowered his face to Clark’s sac. It was of average size, but it didn’t look out of place on him. Jasper pushed Clark’s legs apart, wider than he needed to, as he rolled the balls around with his tongue. He pressed them against his inner cheek and moaned around the skin. He opened his mouth wider, unthinking and slurped in his roommate’s erection.

Clark almost screamed. The sensation of having all of his groins sucked at once was almost too overwhelming for him. He had tears in his eyes as he looked down. Jasper was moaning freely around his cock and balls. He seemed to be enjoying what he had stuffed in his mouth. When Jasper’s green eyes flicked up to look at him, Clark bit his bottom lip. His friend looked so fucking attractive. Jasper opened his mouth and pulled away. Clark was absolutely drenched in Jasper’s spit, and his friend’s open mouth allowed for more to dribble onto his lap. He felt utterly debauched, and he drew his knees up in invitation.

“Fuck don’t do that,” Jasper grinned wickedly, “you look like a ready whore.”

Clark felt his chest tighten pleasantly. A wave of heat flashed through his body, making his nipples tingle and his cock jump. He licked his lips then smirked, “Yeah.”
Jasper groaned, “Fuckin’ A,” then he took Clark back into his mouth, sucking strongly.

“Ah,” Clark breathed, settling into the feelings Jasper’s suction and licking gave him. He closed his eyes and trembled when Jasper pulled off his privates slowly, swallowing the mess he had made along the way. By the time Jasper released him, he was just slightly moist.

“I could suck this little dick all day,” he reached up and took it between his thumb and forefinger and started to stroke, “it really is fun to play with,” he glanced up at Clark, and when their eyes met, he couldn’t help but notice that Clark was just into this as he was. He decided to push his luck and see how far he could take this, “your pathetic little dick. How many times did you jerk off wishing it was bigger?”

Clark’s face flamed. He wanted to pull into himself. ‘Pathetic’? But he thought Jasper liked it. He furrowed his brow and gazed into Jasper’s eyes. His roommate didn’t look malicious. Then he remembered how he had used the word whore before. Was Jasper into that sort of talk? He would test it and see.

He took a deep breath then said softly, “Yes, I’d try to pull it, see if it would grow.”

Jasper pushed a bit more, “So you knew this was a worthless little thing?”

Clark shivered, unexpectedly getting turned on by the degradation, “I tried to hide it from you…”

“I saw it anyway,” Jasper licked the bead of precum off the tip, “this cute, pitiful tiny thing. I wouldn’t even feel you in my ass, would I?”

“I don’t know,” Clark was tense with pleasure, his breath coming in puffs, “let me try.”

Jasper let out a chuckle then sucked on the head hard, holding the suction until he heard Clark cry out. Then he let him go and looked up, “You think I’d let this laughable dick near me? You should feel honored I’ll even put it in my mouth!” He swirled his tongue around the cockhead.

“I am!” Clark gasped, surprised that his pleasure was still ratcheting up despite Jasper’s words. Fuck! It’s because of them! he thought, shame and arousal coloring his cheeks, “Please, fuck! Jasper, please!”

Jasper pulled away long enough to suck on two of his fingers. Then he lowered them and teased Clark’s entrance, “Got lube?”

Clark reached underneath his pillow and pulled out a bottle, and handed it down.

“The good stuff!” Jasper licked a line from the base of Clark’s dick to the tip, “You think this teeny thing deserves something this expensive?” Still, though, he opened the cap and poured some onto the two fingers that were already pressing into his roommate’s ass. Jasper worked slowly, and when he got to the second knuckle, he leaned up and looked down at Clark.

Clark wrapped his arms around Jasper’s neck then gave him a chase kiss before he whispered against his lips, “Please…go deeper.”

Jasper did, pushing in his two fingers until they were nestled as deep as they would go into Clark’s hot ass. He felt him clench down, and he smirked, “Damn, you’re tight. This is gonna feel so good on my cock. Do you want that? To feel my cock tonight?” He was asking as much for consent as he was dirty talking in bed.

“Yes,” Clark blinked his wide brown eyes up at him, “please fuck me.”

Jasper closed his eyes and picked up his pace. He went faster and faster until he had Clark arched and screaming. He wiggled in another finger and pried him apart then went down to view his work, “Oh yeah baby,” he smiled as he pulled against his opening, spreading him, “you’ll take me just fine,” he licked beside his fingers and could taste the lube and the soap Clark used and feel the heat of his pink rim. He heard Clark let out a soft whimper and he groaned against his skin then spit into his hole.

Jasper trailed his tongue upward and sucked the balls again before he let them drop from his mouth. He eyed the twitching dick before him. It was so wet, dribbling clear precum over the side, “Fuck, you’re messy,” he lapped at a prominent vein along the side, then took it completely into his mouth once more. He really couldn’t get enough of it. He loved the way it throbbed against his tongue as he rubbed the underside of it. He had enough room that he could feel it drip precum, and he could lap it up and swallow without having to pull away. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked him strongly, closing his eyes to feel every three inches of him better.

Jasper still had his fingers inside of him, and when he scissored them, he was delighted to feel the small cock pulsate against the soft roof of his mouth. He kept sucking and finger fucking Clark until the man was gasping for air and begging. A little more, he thought, then he pulled away until just the tip was in his mouth. He held it there, letting the precum and his saliva build up before he pulled away, leaving a string of mixed juices between his kissable lips and the shiny cockhead.

He licked his lips, breaking the contact, then shifted position. He removed his fingers from Clark’s hole and watched as it stayed splayed open for a moment before twitching closed. He pushed Clark’s legs out and down, spread eagle before him, and lined up his throbbing, leaking cock. He made eye contact and realized they were both panting as he pressed in. Clark threw a hand over his face and bit his palm as he sobbed and arched his back. Jasper looked down and watched the last of his thickness burrow into Clark’s willing hole. He let out a deep breath, then gripped Clark’s hips and started to move.

He was slow at first, enjoying the give and pull of Clark’s heated insides. He watched his dick as it sawed in and out, watched how much he had stretched his roommate and how wonderfully rosy the rim was. He looked up just in time to see Clark slide his hand away and blink up at him.

Jasper gave him a soft smile, “We good?”

“Yeah,” Clark was panting, resisting the urge just to tell Jasper to fuck him already, “it doesn’t burn. Go faster.”

Jasper shook his head, “No, no,” he reached up and pushed Clark’s brown hair back, “I meant…all the words…I didn’t mean them…”

Clark was confused for a moment, but when he felt Jasper’s fingertips ghost along with his erection, he understood. He gave him a shy smile, “I knew, that’s why I played along,” he lifted his hand and touched Jasper’s lips, “I liked it…” he blushed.

“I did too,” Jasper kissed the fingers at his lips, “your reactions were amazing,” he rolled his hips.

Clark gasped, “Please don’t make me wait…go faster.”

Jasper nodded then started to rock his hips. He thought Clark felt great inside. He loved how strongly he would squeeze and flutter around his cock. He began to pick up speed, gripping his hips again to slam into him. Jasper licked his top lip with a snarl and grunted as he thrust into his handsome roommate with no mercy. He looked down and saw Clark’s member swaying, flinging precum onto their pubic hair. The tiny thing was soaked with precum and sweat. It was utterly stunning. Jasper reached down and crooked his finger under the cockhead and began to rub it quickly. That got a long moan to escape his lover’s throat, and Jasper thought it was a beautiful sound.

Clark looked down, watching as Jasper’s finger fiddled with his bulbous tip, the action forcing his cock to leak profusely. He reached up and tweaked Jasper’s nipples, and he felt the cock twitch against the walls of his ass. He pulled them and rubbed his thumbs over the stiff nubs until Jasper threw his head back and panted out a guttural ‘more.’ Clark was more than happy to please his new lover, so he got up on his elbows and licked Jasper’s right nipple. Jasper’s whole body shook. His cock bounced and spurted a bit of precum down the shaft of Clark’s stuffed asshole. Clark puckered his lips and began to suckle on the teat, causing tendrils of heat and desire to snake all along Jasper’s body.

Jasper sped up, feeling his climax on his heels. He groaned and dropped his head so he could watch Clark’s mouth on him. He ran his hands through the brown hair and whispered, “Baby, if you keep that up, I’m gonna come,” he saw Clark’s eyes shift to look up at him and felt him suck harder, “Sheesh,” he groaned and snapped his hips faster.

It was there, right there, so when Clark bit his nipple, Jasper’s climax reached him. He let his first spurt land inside of Clark, but then he pulled out, gripped his cock, and aimed. He watched with wide eyes and clenched teeth as he coated Clark’s hard, tiny little dick with the rest of his cum. He heard Clark moan ‘oh God,’ then watched in amazement as the small cock began to ejaculate. And Clark wasn’t wrong, his cum wasn’t as thick as others that Jasper has experienced, but he didn’t care because the money shot was glorious. Clark’s cum covered cock shot long streams of his seed all over his body. Some flew past his head and hit the wall behind him. It hit his chin and chest, his abdomen and arms.

When the balls were drained, Jasper touched the small dick and smiled, “That was so fucking sexy, hot damn.”

Clark was breathing hard as he looked up at Jasper, “I’m soaked.”

Jasper looked lascivious, “Yeah, you are.”

Clark rolled his eyes, “I need my towel.”

Jasper chuckled but reached down and picked it up off the floor, “Here, babe.”

Clark took it slowly and just stared at Jasper curiously.

His roommate chuckled nervously, “Putting the cart before the horse, eh?” He rubbed the back of his neck.

Clark thought about it for only a split second, “No, I was just wondering when you were going to ask me properly.”

Jasper’s eyes lit up, and he leaned down and rested his forehead on Clark’s, “Hey…will you date me?”

Clark laughed, “Yes,” then he kissed him.

Jasper kissed him back, pleased beyond measure. He hadn’t planned it, but dammit, Clark was a great kisser, so he deepened the kiss. He groaned against his lips and licked all the places he could reach. He pressed his whole body onto him, uncaring that Clark hadn’t wiped away their spent seed yet. He could feel Clark’s member twitching with interest, and he rolled his hips. He felt so lucky, kissing his attractive partner as he felt the little cock swelling once more. He couldn’t wait to taste it again.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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