Ron’s Wild Ride 1 (Gay SPH)

By hiddenexhib.

It was Ron’s first frat party tonight, and he couldn’t believe he got the invite. He wasn’t the most appealing to women because he was skinny and five-foot-five tall with thick glasses. The last time he tried to sleep with a girl, she laughed when he pulled down his pants to show off his four-inch member rock-hard.

She said, “What am I supposed to do with that?” as she got up and left the room, leaving him standing butt naked with his hard dicklette pointing straight ahead.

That night he jerked off to the memory of her covering her mouth in shock and laughing at how little his dick was.

Ron grew up in a small country town with seventy-five people. He hadn’t been with many people, so he didn’t know how little he was. He would compare his dick to men’s in porn videos and know that he didn’t compare, but he didn’t see it as an issue.

Moving to the biggest college in the state was an experience of the ages for him, freshly eighteen and going in at the bottom of the totem pole. Ron was a little nervous going into this party as it was an ‘Anything But Clothes’ party, so you could only cover yourself if you had something that wasn’t clothing. Ron figured he would dress as a present as he had a gift bag that his parents gave him with the ‘college essentials.’ He put his underwear on since he cut off the bottom of the bag, which was completely open from the bottom. He also put in a tank top to cover his skinny torso.

Once arriving at the party, Ron was let it and noticed many people wearing even less clothing than he had on. He scanned his head to the right and saw the gym hunks. Muscles and very defined bulges are all around, almost leaving no room for imagination. He walked by them, laughing and joking around each other, and two of the six friends looked at Ron. He wasn’t sure what to do, so he smiled slightly and smirked. As he continued to observe the room, he saw a stage with people dancing on it, some making out in darker corners and dry-humping each other throughout the house.

As he passed a table, one of the frat boys from the group of six came over to Ron. He placed his hand on Ron’s shoulder, and the grip was so strong. His hand was so big it could cover Ron’s face. Ron looked up at the six-foot-three frat boy.

“Hi, I’m Pat. You are?”

“Ron,” he said, slightly interrupting Pat. “So sorry,” Ron said.

“Not a problem, as long as you grab a drink, Ron.” Pat passes a drink to Ron as he says this.

“Thanks,” Ron says.

“No problem,” Pat replies. The silence lasted a second before Pat looked Ron in the eyes and said, “Dude, this is an ABC party, and you have a shirt on. Come here with me.”

Pat takes Ron to a door alongside the stage, and as they walk in, Ron sees the other five guys from the group in the room.

“Hey, bitches, this is Ron.”

Everyone replies with a nod or a ‘Wassup.’ Ron awkwardly smiles and waves.

“So Ronald, you’re a freshie?” Pat asked as the guys started to form a circle around him.

“Yes,” Ron replied, noticing the circle enclosing.

“Makes sense that you have a shirt on at an ABC party. Let’s take that off.”

“What?” Ron asked, surprised.

“You’ll have to leave if you can’t follow the rules,” one of the other frat boys chimes in.

“That means I’ll have to take off the gift bag,” Ron says nervously.

“Would it help if I did it too? We can put back the gift bag after,” Pat replies

Ron was now really nervous about having the underwear on now that this attention was drawn to him. Ron looked around and figured he wanted to please these guys if he was spending some time with them at other parties. Ron nodded, and Pat slid off his leaf ‘belt’ to reveal his six-inch soft cock. Ron started getting hard, realizing that Pat’s soft cock was already twice the size of his hard dick. Ron slowly takes his arms out of the bag handles and holds the bag with one hand while trying to remove his shirt.

“We’ll help you with that,” a different frat boy said. “Just hold the bag.”

Ron did as he was told, but he had to let go of the gift bag as the shirt was coming off. While his hands were above his head, the bag fell to the ground revealing the smallest pitched tent in Ron’s underwear. As the shirt was removed from his head, one of the frat dudes grabbed his arms and held him still.

“Well, well, well. Would you look at this? The freshie clearly can’t read,” Pat says.

With a quick swift, Ron can finally see his shirt off and his underwear at his ankles with his tiny dick pointing straight out. Pat and the other frat boys roar with laughter, making Ron instantly blush.

“Look at his babydick,” Pat said.

“No wonder the nerd was wearing clothes,” the third frat boy said.

“OK, guys, can I be let go now,” Ron says, his voice breaking a little.

“It looks like you like this clitty boy,” Pat said with a bit more stern tone in his voice while the other frat boys cackled. “You didn’t follow the rules, so now we must teach them. Come here,” Pat motions as he makes Ron take a step up onto the tiny platform in the room. “Brett over here will let you go, but you must listen to us and promise to follow our rules.”

“Yes, sir,” Ron pleads.

“You will start by dropping to your knees when Brett lets you go and will not stand up or remove your hands from behind your head until we way so.”

Ron nods and follows the order. Each frat boy takes their phone off the table and takes a few pictures of Ron while he’s helplessly exposed on his knees.

“Please, no. Stop taking pictures,” Ron says as he puts his hands up to cover his crotch.

“What did we say?” Pat said with evil in his voice.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Ron said, resting his hands behind his head.

Pat snapped his fingers, and Brett walked over to the table, picked up handcuffs, and talked behind Ron. Ron turned red from head to toe, and a million thoughts rushed through his head. His hands were handcuffed behind his back before he could land on what was happening.

“This is what happens when you break the rules,” Pat said while the boys continued to take pictures. “Now state your name, age, and where you’re from. Make sure to say your little dick likes this, as it’s hard to deny from the pre-cum dripping from your babydick.”

Ron did everything Pat said.

“Not good enough. Make sure to say you have a babydick and deserve to please a man like me,” Pat says, rubbing his semi-hard cock. Pat walks over to Ron and puts his hand on his shoulder. “You’re going to say it with me and my real cock next to you.”

Ron couldn’t believe what was happening. He hated what he was going through but was so turned on that he could see his hard tiny four-inch cock bouncing up and down. Ron said everything exactly the way Pat wanted, but as he finished, Pat grabbed Ron’s head, shoved his seven-inch semi in Ron’s mouth, and started pumping it in and out of his mouth.

Ron started choking immediately, making Pat shove his thick dick down Ron’s throat even further. After about a minute of Pat brutally face-fucking Ron, he finally pulled his hard nine-inch cock. Ron’s glasses fell off, and he was gagging and catching his breath.

“You won’t need these for now,” Brett said, picking up his glasses and bringing them to his clothes. Brett then walked out of the room with his clothes and glasses.

“Wait, I need those. I need all of those to leave,” Ron said with a terrified tone.

“It’s fine, babydick boy. You won’t need them until you leave,” Pat said with a smile. “Now, we will use you as a cum rag, and then you can leave. That sounds OK?”

Ron was already so embarrassed, but he could just run to the bathroom after, so he shook his head in acknowledgment.

“You will be jerking that babydick while we show you what a real cock looks like,” Pat said as he wiped his precum across Ron’s forehead.

It did not take long for the five frat boys to cum all over Ron’s face, body, and hair. The cum that landed on the floor was locked up by Ron when Pat grabbed the back of his neck and shoved his face into it.

“Feel better, babydick boy?” Pat said to the cum covered fag.

“Yes, sir,” Ron said, looking defeated.

“Good,” he heard Pat say as he looked up to see each guy taking a picture of his cum covered body. “Now stand up and follow me.” Ron stood up behind Pat. “We will unlock your hands, and you will cum for us. You do not get anything back until you cum, is that understood?”

Ron nodded.

“Good, now the rules still apply. You will listen and follow our rules.” Pat says, unlocking one hand from the cuffs. “This one stays on until that little hard clit cums.

Out of nowhere, a beanie gets put over Ron’s head, and he hears the door open with the music playing loud. He gets pushed along and then stops walking after about twenty steps.

“Make sure to smile for us,” Pat whispers in his ear.

The beanie gets ripped off, and Ron is standing stark naked on the stage in front of everyone at the party. He sees Pat turn on the microphone and welcome everyone. Once reality sinks in, Ron goes to cover his dick but is stopped by Brett locking on hand to a pole and the other frat boy holding his free arm.

“Everyone welcome Ronnie here. He wanted to show everyone what it looks like when you need to follow the rules. Say hi, Ronnie.”

Brett makes a waving motion with Ron’s hand. Ron sees flashing lights from the phones of people taking pictures and recording this moment. Let’s turn him around so you can see all of him. Brett pushes Ron to turn around, and as he looks at the back wall in embarrassment, he sees the picture of himself completely naked and covered in cum on the projector wall.

“Give him a round of applause for being a good sport,” Pat says through the mic while Brett turns him around to face the crowd. “He is going to put on a little show for us. Are you ready?”

The audience cheers so loudly that Ron gets red with embarrassment.

“Oh, don’t get too shy, Ron. You love this remember?”

Ron then hears the video of him confessing he has a small dick with his full name and where he’s from and hears himself gag on Pat’s huge cock.

“Ronnie, why don’t you start jerking that little babydick?”

Ron is frozen with embarrassment.

Brett now kneels next to Ron’s tiny little dick dripping pre-cum. He starts jerking Ron’s cock with just his thumb and index finger. He gestures with his free hand to show how little Ron’s dick is.

The audience loves it.

“Tell us what you are and jerk that babydick,” Pat says as he’s putting the microphone in Ron’s face.

Ron gets kicked behind the knees by Brett and is now fallen to his knees in front of everyone. Ron jerks his little dick with two fingers and says, “My name is Ronald Miller, and I’m a little dick bitch. I get off on showing who the real men are.”

Ron felt heat consume his body. What was he saying, and why did he like it?

“Keep going,” Pat says

“I have a little babydick that is good for nothing but being laughed at and covered in cum.”

Ron’s stroking gets increasingly faster as he hears himself speaking through the microphone and the gagging video repeatedly playing behind him.

Pat grabs a girl’s and a guy’s hand from the audience and brings them next to Ron. “I didn’t stay stop, Ron.”

Ron jerks his little dick while the girl and guy stand beside him. Pat tells the other guy to whip out his cock and have the girl choose whom she would suck.

“This guy’s cock is completely flaccid and still bigger than Ron’s tiny dick,” Pat says while examining the guy.

The girl starts laughing and starts touching the random guy’s soft cock.

“How does this make you feel?” Pat asked.

“Like a loser with a little dick,” Ron responded with roaring laughter from the crowd to follow.

Pat brings the guy from the audience over and has him smack Ron in the face with his cock.

“Who is the real man here, Ron?”

Ron starts to feel himself getting ready to explode. He turns red while cumming seven huge lines of cum across the stage, “Not meeeeee,” he says.

While exhausted and sitting defeatedly on his knees, he sees Brett come over and push his face into his cum and makes him lick it off the stage. Once Ron came up for air, the guy from the audience stood before Ron and unleashed his load all over Ron’s face and mouth.

“All right, everyone, as we promised, little dick Ron over here can have his clothes back. Make room,” Pat says as he clears a path for Ron to talk through. Ron sees the front door open with all his clothes folded and glasses on the table on the porch.

“Well, go get them if you want them,” Pat says as he’s making hand expressions to go outside.

Ron makes a B-line to the door, but as he’s about to get to the porch, Brett’s leg comes out of nowhere and trips Ron. Ron falls to the ground and rolls out the door. As he gets up, he sees Brett smiling, takes everything but his glasses inside, and slams the door shut. Ron stood up to try and block it, but Brett was too fast.

Now Ron, who is covered in cum is locked outside without anything but his glasses. He turned to see a street of people staring at him, pointing and laughing.

What does he do next?


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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